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Final: Brewers 6, Pirates 0

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (74-72) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (74-72)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here is the live box score.

And here is the Pirates’ lineup vs. Milwaukee RHP Yovani Gallardo

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Jose Tabata, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Clint Barmes, SS
  8. Rod Barajas, C
  9. A.J. Burnett, RHP


  1. Just saw this quote from Huntington on protecting Cutch in the line up and Cutch having to trust that the guys behind him can get it done. “If our guys aren’t capable of doing that, then we’re going to scuffle,” Huntington said. “That’s on me for not doing what we needed to do at the trade deadline.”

    Not exactly running from responsibility or blame. For what it is worth I still believe it starts with pitching and not giving up outs by playing the right way. Both have failed miserably these last 45 games.

  2. Looks like the pitcher is Yovani. That leaves Marco going tomorrow for the Brewers.

    Back to Clint’s A team. Hoping the rain move’s out so its not another late game for the guys.

  3. Weather looking OK for game. AJ needs to give the malted hops-men the business.

  4. DK, would like to hear more about NHL lockout on next radio show. Would like to hear your thoughts and reasons as to why CBA’s are always done last minute. I’m sure it probably all boils down to $$. But why on Earth when both sides know an agreement expires in, say, a year, do they wait until 2 days before expiration to hammer stuff out?! Other than money, makes no sense to me. Great show!

  5. Re – NH’s comments

    I hope he “briefed” his loved ones on what he was saying so they don’t “worry” about him getting canned.

    Neal, so you are saying you should have gotten a stick at the trade deadline?

    No crap!!!!!

    The guy simply amazes me

  6. I hate these guys………more than any other team.

  7. I’ll admit though, if you told me during ST that at this time the Pirates and Brewers would have the same record, fighting for a WC slot, I would’ve told ya that you were crazy….

    This should be fun. I feel it will be a heartbreaker. Don’t need a sweep, need a series win.

  8. Great way to start with AJ on the hill…..

    Does anybody know what the rest of the rotation should be for this series? I don’t have enough time to look it up.


  9. Kyle McPherson tomorrow in place of J-Mac.

    Wandy on Thursday.

  10. I get that pitching is the key, but it seems like we stayed around .500 the first two months almost solely based on pitching. Then the next two months, the pitching fell off some from the early lofty heights, and we made the push in June and July, which was largely based on hitting. At the end of May we were 25-25. On August 1st we were 60-44. Since, it seems like all 3 (pitching, defense, hitting) have all failed us. Hard to pin it just on pitching, or even pitching and defense.

  11. Whoops, unnecessary “a” in McPherson’s name.

    At least I can spell McCutchen.

  12. Toronto shortstop Yunel Escobar has been suspended 3 games for writing an anti-gay slur on his eye black in Spanish and wearing it in Saturday’s game.

    Brandon Phillips is leading off at 2nd base tonight for Cincinnati.

  13. Major League Baseball on Escobar, “Blue Jays SS Yunel Escobar is suspended 3 games for displaying an unacceptable message while participating in an MLB game.”

    The only thing I can deduce from that is that MLB found Brandon Phillips actions acceptable.

  14. Milo,

    Keep preaching. Maybe sometime, someday, someone will respond to your cries in the wilderness. You are carrying the ball that someone paid to report on this should be carrying.

    Phillips should be sitting and should have to read one of those fake apologies to a camera. (We already know he will rescind it in the next interview)

    DK: Yes. Because it’s inherently obvious that the reporter would share those views, so the reporter should then follow through.

    You are amusing when bitter, RF.

  15. I’d rather not see McP start against the Brewers. But, throw him to the wolves. Sink or swim!

  16. @Ryan

    If you had told me on August 1, “the Pirates and Brewers would have the same record, fighting for a WC slot, I would’ve told ya that you were crazy…”

  17. that’s true too

  18. “ Three games isn’t a lot of time, but Escobar will be forced to think about what he’s done while a strong message is sent to the league’s other players: Homophobic messages aren’t acceptable on or around the diamond.”. This was a quote from a reporter, but it seems like using that logic the message is its cool to falsely accuse other players of racially insensitive statements,

    Roberto—so, the fault in not pursuing this is DK’s fault? Haven’t seen one comment from the FO criticizing Phillips or suggesting any punishment.

  19. In an odd way, the weather underscored perhaps the Pirates biggest problem: dependency upon rookies. Suppose McPherson had been our starter last night — do you suppose he would have kicked back and watched the NFL and then gone out and wiped out anxious/about to be sleep deprived batters? Doubt it, very much. Hope AJ is on tonight and pray for good weather Wednesday.

  20. Does anybody know if they sent McP to Milwaukee early?

  21. Roberto,

    Thank you for the support. You echoed my sentiments exactly in post #14. Sorry you had to take the heat for my rant.

  22. I do think MLB should’ve stepped in on the Phillips thing. The FO could’ve taken this to their attention further.

    I do not think it is a reporters responsibility, especially one that showed the video a couple of times and proved that there wasn’t any racial slur slung….

    MLB dropped the ball on this. It was 100% MLB’s responsibility to take action on that issue.

  23. “Sorry you had to take the heat for my rant.”. Milo, did you read #18?

  24. Wilver,

    I did & I agree with you. I was referring to DK taking a good natured jab at the dear Roberto.

    DK: There’s no heat, Milo. Come on, we’ve been over this. You and I disagree. We could have the same argument every day and still not agree on this. It happens.

  25. Can’t we all just get along?

  26. DK,

    Do you think MLB should’ve done something about this though?

  27. DK,

    Absolutely. All good natured on my part. And believe me, I wouldn’t have even brought it up if the Escobar thing hadn’t come up. Right in my wheelhouse. The hypocrisy from MLB kills me.

  28. I should have thrown one of these :) at the end of my response to Roberto, but I was afraid Drew was lurking.

  29. @Milo

    Did you read an article about the Escobar thing? He and other latino’s spoke out saying that what he wrote wasn’t that big of a deal, more of a joking thing than anything.

    MLB blew that one up! Oh well…..

  30. “DK: There’s no heat, Milo. Come on, we’ve been over this. You and I disagree. We could have the same argument every day and still not agree on this. It happens.”

    You talkin’ to me?

  31. Ryan—so you bought Escobar’s explanation? Really? Phillips said all was good after his conversation with Lurch.

  32. Check out the hats ! Like Clint says, puts me in a good place.

  33. Love the ’71 throwback hats! Awesome!

  34. Why did I think this game was in Milwaukee???

    I wonder sometimes………

  35. That last WP reminded me of Doumit.

  36. I think this would count as an imponderable – could Cutch steal a base against the Pirates ?

  37. After dude got to third, I’m thinking walk Braun to set up a DP. Didn’t factor in our inability to throw out a guy stealing. DP foiled.

  38. STFD Lucroy!!!!

  39. AJ doing his part.

  40. Definitely a STFD moment there.

    And I’ve got my STFD shirt on just to watch AJ throw. Sure would be nice to score a few early tonight.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  41. Was there a throw down on Braun’s steal?

  42. Yup. Easily safe.

  43. What’s all this “shut the front door” talk for?


  44. So, could Tabby steal?

  45. I’m hoping Cutch gets 30 HR’s in the series.

    STarting with #29 right here

  46. @Ryan Post 43

    No, its not “shut the front door”. It’s “Sit the f*** down”. AJ yelled that at Hanley when the Dodgers where in town a few weeks ago after striking him out after Hanley showboated around the bases when hitting a HR earlier in the game.

  47. or not

  48. Ryan,

    Yes, there was a throw.

    I did see Escobar’s explanation. I’m going to let people fluent in Spanish sort that one out. I’m inclined not to buy anything that comes out of that clown’s mouth.

  49. @tdb #46

    I am well aware of what that stands for and where it came from…

  50. @Milo

    I agree…..but I don’t know spanish and didn’t see what it actually said.

  51. The Pirates have performed over 13,000 hours of community service in the last 5 years. We’ve been very lucky here. With the exception of Frank Coonelly, none of it was mandated by a judge.

  52. Come on, A.J. You nee dto turn it around quickly or this game will be over.

  53. Do they make them perform community service on off days….. Ah never mind.

  54. AJ doing his Hanny impersonation?

  55. Braun with the weak roller. Better get JMac up since AJ is at around 100 pitches so far.

  56. Nice recovery, but AJ’s Ball/Strike count is worrisome. 22 vs 29

  57. Aj over 50 pitches. Karstens was up.

  58. Walker can’t take that pitch with 2strikes, even if it was close/borderline.

  59. And Barmes increases his .801 September OPS.

  60. Escobar was suspended by the team, and actually was insulting a group of people. Phillips did no such thing. He only heard something incorrectly. Apples and oranges if I have ever seen it.

  61. Nate–that’s a valid point.

  62. nate–The only thing that confused me was Selig did issue a statement on it, which did give it MLB approval, at least.

  63. Escobar was suspended by the team during a meeting with the Commissioner & the Players Association. Phillips heard something incorrectly ? Please.

  64. Batting average is exactly what it was before and after all star break. Era has went up an entire run and wandy is definitely not the problem. They are losing because of underperforming pitching, running into outs and not getting timely hitting from guys who showed they are capable of better.

  65. DK,

    I thought you were a columnist and not a reporter. Funny you took that personally.

    You are amusing when you are reactionary. Dare I say knee-jerk?

  66. Too bad, Pedro made a good stop, had time to set up, but missed the throw.

  67. Milo the only person Phillips affected was Hughes. Last time I checked that is not 10% of the population. Phillis should apologize but if he truly believes he heard that why back down.

  68. Escobar deserves suspension. Phillips (if he had some dignity) should issue a formal personal apology for reckless and serious accusations instead of blowing it off with “He know’s what he said. Ask him.” Well, Brandon, they did ask him and he didn’t say what you thought. How about grow up and apologize for the misunderstanding- not that you will.

  69. Roberto–you really expect anyone who isn’t in a coma to believe you weren’t referring to DK, at least in part, in #14?

    @RF– “Keep preaching. Maybe sometime, someday, someone will respond to your cries in the wilderness. You are carrying the ball that someone paid to report on this should be carrying.”.

    So DK isn’t getting paid?

  70. Milo, 52

    Ha! That was hilarious!

  71. STFD Scabata!!

  72. Wait, I must have missed something. When did we stop putting emoticons after fake cheering AGAINST our own players.

  73. Milo

    Do you know anything about Phillips? Do you honestly think he was sitting at home and decided to make up a story about another baseball player making a racial slur at him? Do you think he is capable of such a horrible thing? I know a little bit about him and he does more good then probably 95% of players in this league. The league would be much better off having more players like him that give back. I know he would never do what Escobar did in a million years.

  74. Does anybody know if they have announced why the Bucs are wearing the mustard yellow hats? Very nice look.

    Just to chime in on the Phillips talk, I certainly hope someone on our club would step up and plunk Phillips when we see him again for that reckless accusation he threw out on Hughes. But after seeing how many guys joined AJ the last time that happened I will not hold my breath.

    Looks like the bats are sleep walking through this one.

  75. Roberto –who are you referring to in #73. I know you like the drive by, but seems fair to at least point out what you are referring to.

  76. JRay

    I believe in honor of Roberto Clemente Day throughout MLB.

  77. This one, to state the obvious is not looking good. #offensiveineptitude

  78. @ Reading – thanks.

    2-0 Brewers looks almost like insurmountable lead with the way this group is working their AB’s tonight.

  79. Why don’t I feel confident now that AJ is 100% of the way to a quality start?

  80. Anyone who wants to criticize Hurdle for taking AJ out should speak up now.

  81. Milo

    Thanks for the link but I don’t know how this supports your argument. If you think he should apologize man to man to Hughes I fully agree but I don’t know on what grounds major league baseball should get involved.

  82. Brewers getting about one line drive hit per inning. Pirates getting 3 plate appearances.

  83. One hit and three walks for the offense tonight – doesn’t get it done in any league you play in.

  84. No. 32 Lincoln on the hill.

  85. Maybe we should just balk guys to second.

  86. This is looking more and more like a fourth place team….just unfathomable how far we have fallen.

  87. Thanks NH for Chad Qualls he has really stabilized the bullpen with his shutdown performances…awful.

  88. Pirates holding base runners is a joke. Barajas lollipop throws aren’t going to throw anybody out, but the pitchers make no attempt to hold runners and it just cost them a run.

  89. At least were talking baseball.

  90. The bats are sleeping tonight. Hurdle looks like a beaten man.

  91. TBMTIB needs to pony up for a T. Emanski catcher skills video. Just sad.

  92. Why does any team just not run every single time off of us? No one can throw anyone out and it is getting us beat time and time again. 5 SB and still 2 and a third innings left in this sleepwalking game. Barajas had all day to throw out Braun and threw it to left field.

  93. Also,forgot to mention, this catching situation is deplorable

  94. Barajas is an embarrassment at the plate and even more of an embarrassment in attempting to throw out a runner.

  95. Nate,

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I just feel bad for Hughes that’s all.

  96. Braun may have had the season ending hit.

  97. Get Manny from behind the batter’s eye. I guarantee he could throw better at age 70 or so.

  98. Barmes is the best defensive SS in the NL over the last 3 years. Isn’t that what NH claims?

  99. Don’t look now but the game is definitely over at 4-0. Gallardo is 8-2 against us, and we have 1 freakin’ hit off him tonight. Lucroy will be the next to steal second and come around to score. Just sad.

  100. Definitely leave Lincoln in to absorb as many runs as possible.

  101. Let Eric Fryer play it can’t get any worse

  102. That’s 136 steals against the Pirates – 14 caught stealing.

  103. Milo

    We do agree on Hughes I feel horrible for the guy. No one deserves to be wrongly accused but MLB can’t force Phillips to apologize and I just don’t see how it is something he could be suspended for.

  104. Hurdle needs to jack somebody up in the dugout. Team totally going through the motions.

  105. Hey! An actual line drive! Yes!

  106. Let’s get this guy out of there.

  107. Sit down you over officious jerk!

  108. Clement, for his patented K, in a situation calling for a blast.

  109. Why is it that managers never thank the umpire the 999 times out of a thousand they’re given that call ?

  110. Going through the motions?
    Two games, two cities, 16 hours.

  111. Come on Hot Rod! This is why you were signed.

  112. DFA’d obviously. My bad. Come on Gaby!

  113. Why does Clement continue to pinch hit in important situations. He has yet to put good wood on one ball in any at bat with runners on.

  114. We need something epic NOW!!!! GRANNY TIME!!! COME ON MAN!!!”

  115. Lets go Fort!!! One big hit and the season stays alive. Not like this is important or anything….

  116. C’mon Fort!

  117. Radio

    It’s baseball. Not combat. The team is doing nothing. In other words, going through the motions. Mailing it in. A classic malaise game.

    That said, the Fort needs to hit one out and tie this up.

  118. Reading,

    You just described the last 2 months.

  119. Oh good, the Bucs stranded 3 more baserunners. These guys are doing everything except waving the white flag.

    Weak, very weak.

  120. That’s 7 stolen bases.

  121. @pattonbb

    Does a spork work? All the forks are dirty already :D

  122. Who is this guy at short? Oh yeah, he left town . . . Must have been an awesome labor for his wife! Seriously, wasn’t he looking decent before the leave?

  123. 4th place.

    Downright depressing.

    4th place.

  124. Anyone know the record for steals in a game or even a three game series? I think one or both will be broken this series. And now 5-0 since the catching corps can’t seem to throw anyone out and not catch a throw from the outfield. I think we need a bench clearing brawl to wake this team up and put it’s foot down on the Brewers – who are yet again having their way with the Bucs.

  125. One of the weaknesses of this team despite expanded rosters is they don’t have anyone better to pinch hit.

  126. @Milo

    At the risk of taking the heat again, was there a throw from McKenry on that SB?

  127. Patrick,

    Ciriaco update ?

  128. The stolen bases are beyond embarrassing.

    Down 2 runs the Bucs were in trouble. The bullpen continues to bring a gas can nightly and destroys any chance to win.

  129. @Roberto, yes there was a throw, but not even close as the ball was tailing again to right.

  130. Astros stole 9 against bucs may 1990.

  131. There have been so many lows in the past 20 years of Pirates baseball and following this franchise. this epic failure to compete in the past two months is going to rank among the worst of them.

    No heart, no will, no fight to compete, just effortless and that is the shame of it all. And that is a total organizational failure.

  132. Looks like our bevy of major league triple a pitchers were pitching AAA for a reason. Maybe not so ready for prime time after all.

  133. @Milo

    I have beaten that horse enough, but he is 1 for 4 with a run scored (294 ba), still filling in at 3rd.

  134. The NL record for stolen bases in a game is 17, on 05-23-1890, by New York.

    You’ll never guess who they were playing…

  135. Thanks Boise. Crazy stats there.

  136. This team overachieved for 2 months. Now they are playing to their talent level: can’t pitch, can’t hit, can’t throw, can’t catch, can’t steal a base. 20 in a row, here they come. I wonder how Cutch feels knowing that he’s doomed to be surrounded by such an extreme lack of talent for several years?

  137. Another discusting performance by our Buccos. Can’t even hit mediocre pitchers.
    Looks like they don’t want to be in the playoffs. Can’t our catchers throw out any
    base stealers? I’m 84 years old, and I bet I could steal a base on them. What a lousy
    end to a season!! TERRIBLE TEAM!!!

  138. Suppose we can exhume Jason K.? Just read Blass’s book where he claimed to have a “live” arm at the age of 63. JK is only 38 — bet he could throw out more than 14 by mid-Sept.

  139. I don’t believe a team can overachieve for 2 and a half months. 2 and a half weeks? Yea, I’d buy that, but this team was playing good baseball for quite a while.

  140. How much bigger is the Cincinnati market compared to Pittsburgh?

    Their attendance numbers aren’t that much better than ours.

    Do they get more TV revenue?

    They seem to be able to field a winning team.

  141. We stink.

  142. DK: Stay up for the column tonight, guys.

  143. DK, how can I purchase ad space on the wall behind you during your broadcasts?

  144. Another ultra-pathetic performance.
    This team couldn’t catch an old turtle in a pond (out in Plum) trying to steal a chicken dinner from someone’s frying pan.
    A note to GM Huntington…..Thanks for all your help in a supposed pennant race.
    You succeeded in failing…..

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