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Pittsburgh sports talk with the Trib columnist


  1. Leefoo says:

    love the jacket!
    where’d you get it?

    Well Dressed Foo

    DK: Burlington.

  2. Leefoo says:

    you look and sound a little like Ray Romano

    Or is that just me?

    :) :)

  3. PetroSteel says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch it. I’m sure it was great…I just hope (for the love of god) he at least combed his hair…:)

    Love you man!!! Best of luck with the show!

  4. Milo Hamilton says:

    Tony Kornheiser is jealous that your podcast is up already.

    Told you that hour would just fly. One thing I was taught long ago. Always over-prepare. You can always use the stuff you don’t get to another time.

  5. RobertoForever says:

    So who had the best listener call? TC? Milo? NMR?

  6. madturk says:

    Watching the video I notice a few things,

    You were instructed not to look at the camera
    You wanted to prove you don’t use a teleprompter
    you wanted to show us your Stevie Wonder impersonation.

    Information was good though.


    DK: Uh, thanks?

    Actually, I completely forgot the video camera was even in there. And no, not a syllable of what I said was written down. Or even rehearsed. Just blabbed for 14 minutes.

  7. gonfalon says:

    Listening to the podcast isn’t an option right now, but I liked your opening rant. (and the DK bumper music was a nice touch!)

    The 2009 draft could indeed be a disaster unless Tony Sanchez becomes a starting-caliber MLB catcher — 2013 will likely be the make or break year for him — but Victor Black was lights out last year, and could yet prove valuable.

    DK: Thanks. Drafts overall have been awful.

  8. madturk says:


    Just having some fun with you and the video.
    The rant was good and your made your points.

  9. Deb says:



    If Mark Madden is wondering what that breeze was, it was you passing him as top radio host in Pittsburgh.

    Jacket was very nice as well.

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