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  1. love the jacket!
    where’d you get it?

    Well Dressed Foo

    DK: Burlington.

  2. you look and sound a little like Ray Romano

    Or is that just me?
    :) :)

  3. I didn’t get a chance to watch it. I’m sure it was great…I just hope (for the love of god) he at least combed his hair…:)

    Love you man!!! Best of luck with the show!

  4. Tony Kornheiser is jealous that your podcast is up already.

    Told you that hour would just fly. One thing I was taught long ago. Always over-prepare. You can always use the stuff you don’t get to another time.

  5. So who had the best listener call? TC? Milo? NMR?

  6. Watching the video I notice a few things,

    You were instructed not to look at the camera
    You wanted to prove you don’t use a teleprompter
    you wanted to show us your Stevie Wonder impersonation.

    Information was good though.


    DK: Uh, thanks?

    Actually, I completely forgot the video camera was even in there. And no, not a syllable of what I said was written down. Or even rehearsed. Just blabbed for 14 minutes.

  7. Listening to the podcast isn’t an option right now, but I liked your opening rant. (and the DK bumper music was a nice touch!)

    The 2009 draft could indeed be a disaster unless Tony Sanchez becomes a starting-caliber MLB catcher — 2013 will likely be the make or break year for him — but Victor Black was lights out last year, and could yet prove valuable.

    DK: Thanks. Drafts overall have been awful.

  8. DK

    Just having some fun with you and the video.
    The rant was good and your made your points.

  9. Dejan,


    If Mark Madden is wondering what that breeze was, it was you passing him as top radio host in Pittsburgh.

    Jacket was very nice as well.

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