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Wakeup Call: Time for people to pipe up

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Brief and to the Point …

>> The Friday column takes the Navy SEALS issue to the next stage, thanks to much, much more information from many, many more people.

Some of that comes in the form of a Kyle Stark email from June that was obtained by the Trib from within the organization. Its full text is featured only on this blog, in the post just before this one.

>> I appreciate all the input from the people coming to me. Really do. As I note in the column, every shred of everything I’ve gotten for the two columns on this topic have come unsolicited, including from people I didn’t previously know.

But it’s about time for people to pipe up.

I don’t mind taking the bullets, as longtime readers know. But nothing I write is nearly as powerful as someone with direct knowledge of what the Pirates are doing with their developmental system — however you happen to feel about it — speaking on the record. That means current people in the system, former players, alumni, anyone. I don’t care how you do it. Call me. Email. Put a comment in the blog. Whatever. But stand up. And put your name on it.

>> When people can’t come up with a reasonable counter to something written, one common reaction is to get personal. And I don’t necessarily mean nasty, though there’s a lot of that. I mean they try to figure out if there are any personal motives, agendas, whatever.

I’ve been tough on the Pirates’ top baseball people in the past week. A big part of my job is asking questions, accumulating information and trying to bring you an accurate — though always debatable — viewpoint. I suppose I could climb up to some ivory tower and sprinkle down some things that I think. That’s not my style. I’m looking for real stuff to back a real viewpoint.

I have zero personal issue with any of Neal Huntington, Kyle Stark or Greg Smith. I just don’t feel they’ve done their jobs well.

>> Want more of this garbage?

Here’s the Pirates’ official player development site, which I’m not even sure if they know it’s public. Take a look before it’s gone.

>> Lawrence Timmons was fined $21,000 for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Mark Sanchez, and that sounds about right.

Timmons told me after the game he didn’t feel he deserved even a flag, on the grounds that Sanchez lowered his helmet as Timmons approached. That’s true. But intentional or not, Timmons led with the crown of the helmet for the hit, and the NFL won’t — and shouldn’t — give the benefit of the doubt in that circumstance.

>> Here’s yesterday’s wide-ranging chat transcript.

>> I’ll be out of commission today on a family matter, then off to Oakland — the other Oakland — for the Steelers’ game this weekend.

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