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  1. This concerns Andrew McCutchen’s less than great finish to the season. Melky’s
    disqualification does not automatically give the batting championship to Andrew. He has to win it himself over the onrushing Buster Posey, but if he doesn’t get his a– in gear, that’s not going to happen. GO, STEELERS!!

  2. Posey, onrushing-hit .278 last 7 days. A bit better than Cutch but not moving fast

  3. Dejan, enjoyed the interview with Jack.

  4. Great interview with Wilson… would love to see him coaching someday, but sounds like fatherhood is treating him very well…

    Good stuff Dejan.

    DK: Thanks, 21 and Naje. That was a LOT of fun, much more so than the first week where I was just figuring stuff out.

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