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Your thoughts on Pirates being no-hit

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

I’ve got nothing for you tonight.

Stopped being a fan long ago. It takes one hell of a win or loss to move me in the slightest. But this goes back to childhood for so many Pittsburghers, including those born and bred like myself. You could brag to buddies that your team would never get no-hit, and you’d always be right. Even amid the 20 worst seasons any franchise in any sport had put together, this lived on.

This is sickening. Disgraceful. Lowest point for the franchise since 20-0.

It would be one thing if it’s one night. It isn’t. It’s two months. It’s 20 years. Shame on everyone who led the franchise of Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell and Honus Wagner to this low.

I encourage your thoughts down below in the comments.

But first, I offer without comment this quote from Neal Huntington last Sunday on his radio show: “There are a lot of really good baseball people in the industry that feel very differently than our fans do about what we’re accomplishing and how we’re accomplishing it.”

The stage is yours …

UPDATE 11:35 p.m.: Here’s the audio clip. The quote above is halfway in, so you get full context.


  1. The Truth says:

    The time I’ve invested in the Pirates for springs and summers that I’ll never get back. I honestly hope it burns when Nutting pees.

  2. UnclScrewtape says:

    How about the catchphrase for this season being “Career High in Strikeouts”? How many times have we heard that this year?

  3. Fat Jimmy says:

    It’s so fitting. Truthfully, I’m a little happy about it. If the hero is going to die, die with style and drama. If you wrote a movie script about a moribund baseball franchise, a no hitter to clinch the 20th straight losing season would definitely be a part of the script.

  4. aglebagel says:

    Poetic justice, on the night we secure our 20th straight non-winning season. Pure poetic justice.

  5. Tim Bowers says:

    Does it really matter that the Pirates got no-hit? They have lost for 20 years so this game is just the cherry on top of all the losses. I can’t get mad anymore because my expectations are that low.

    Hoka Hey

  6. Matt says:

    I really just want to see this franchise go. This is disgusting to watch what’s been done to it. Embarrassing for this city. They don’t deserve to play in that tax funded stadium. They don’t even deserve a sandlot. I want this team to be sold or sent away.

  7. mvela says:

    It was kind of fitting by putting a nail in the coffin with a no-no to make sure the Pirates don’t get a winning season this year.

  8. Adam says:

    The last seven weeks have been as slow and painful as watching Sid Bream rounding 3rd in 1992. I knew better than to buy into this team. I did it anyways and I got burnt, again. This is the last time.

  9. Ryan G says:

    It’s a fitting way for the Pirates to go. After an amazing fort half which had us all talking playoffs to a losing season. Drastic changes must be made. If this happens for three years in a row I don’t know if ill come back as a true fan again.

  10. mattyreformer says:

    NUMB…..Flat line….Waving the white towel as a fan now. I don’t think there is any more anger or sadness to be felt. All my negative emotions toward the PBC have been exhausted. I just don’t care anymore. In a strange way, thank you, TBMTIB, for curing me of my sadness over the Bucs’ futility.
    Hoka hey, everyone.

  11. UnclScrewtape says:

    After Verlander and Cain’s near-misses, you had to know something like this was coming. Doesn’t make it hurt or suck any less. But wow, just wow.

  12. Mike says:

    The good news is the streak can legally drink next year. I’m done, I relocated years ago but made at least one game home and away a year. I won’t watch them live again or spend a dime on merchandise until the front office is cleared out. I know it means nothing to them but I’d be a hypocrite to support them. I hope cutch gets traded bc he deserves better. We all do.

  13. pr9000 says:

    As long as any Nutting family member is in control of this team, this is the kind of result you’ll get.

    I don’t want to be one of those “Nutting bashers” but look at the businesses this family runs – newspapers, magazines, resorts, baseball teams. Is there any one of them, in any field, that is seen as a well-run, high-class organization?

    As long as this is the ownership the team has, this is the result we fans will get. It matters not who is in the front office or on the field.

  14. Fat Jimmy says:

    Clearly, this is a team rallying around their president, GM, and head of development.

  15. John says:

    My first day home from the hospital was the night of Game 7 against the Braves in ’92. I turn 20 in 3 days and have yet to be alive for a winning season. My dad has jokingly been saying for the last 10 years or so that me being born cursed the Pirates. After this season and everything that has happened, I’m starting to believe that he may be onto something.

  16. JMB says:

    This night was building over the last two months of the season: Putridness

  17. Sam says:

    I think it would’ve been more fitting if the game was loss #82 to clinch the losing season. This is just another in a long line of pitchers who suddenly look incredible when facing this terrible lineup. And R.A. DIckey is supposed to be this year’s Cy Young? He gave up 3 runs to this crew, which may have to eliminate him from consideration.

  18. Steve Necaster says:

    So what can be said about this 2012 season as it winds down? Just when you think it can’t get any worse…it does! I’m so very down right now. What makes it worse, is that my son and grandson were at the game tonight after traveling across the state to see their beloved Pirates. Earlier this season, you could finally hold your head up high and say that you were a Pirates’ fan. Now, you get needled from all of your friends about ANOTHER losing season.

    The Pittsburgh Pirates will ALWAYS be my favorite team, but right now, I’m just left with a hollow feeling in the pit of my gut.

  19. aglebagel says:

    Let’s hope this serves as the same “straw that broke the camel’s back” that the Monday Night Football call made on ref negotiations, when it comes to Nutting deciding the fate of Coonelly and Co.

  20. Baty says:

    Not really. You still have a better team, better prospects, and a better organization. It just hurts that much…

  21. Adam says:

    Twenty years. Twenty. Two. zero. 20…. Arghhhhhh. Everyone always has joked as long as I can remember about how bad the pirates were, and even as a fan you’d have to laugh because it was true. Not anymore, It’s not even funny. It just hurts.

  22. Pete D. says:

    Hopelessness. I was born in 1987. My earliest Pirates memory was Sid Bream sliding into home plate. I’ve only only junk memories of losing and despair about this team and I really wondered why I still supported them. Has it ever been fun? A few times here or there, but never for 162 straight games. Don’t know why I’ve supported a loser for so long, but now I’m not sure I’ll be able to anymore. There’s really no sense in watching this team. I think the Pirates is a dog chasing its tail. Doubtful it will ever catch it. It’s a hopeless day for me.

  23. Sean O'Donnell says:

    Remember the first 18 years of this streak when the Pirates had TERRIBLE regular seasons & would have gateway Septembers? Management fed us the Kool-Aid that it was a sign of things to come. Now, the past two years they are in the mix and they can’t buy a win. The management is still feeding the Kool-aid, but it’s the opposite of the past 18 years. It’s “look at how long we were in it. We’re close.” We haven’t been close since Sid Bream in ’92. Sad.

  24. Matt says:

    I am 30 years old. I love baseball. From the dirt fields of T-Ball to days wearing my high school uniform, it’s a part of my core. This… Season just encapsulates my fandom ofmy favorite team. Highest of highs and now… I gave up my season tickets. Tuesday is my last as a ticket holder. I cannot take this embarrassment (and two straight increases after horrible finishes). Mr. Nutting, show us this embarrassment cannot be tolerated. This is THE lowest of lows and that we will not have to tolerate another Collapse, and will not have Twitter full of friends and national media “sympathizing” with our misery…

  25. Ace McTasty says:

    Gee whiz guys, when’s this bad luck gonna end?

  26. MGR says:

    well, i just googled “Does Charlie Brown ever kick the football”

  27. Sandip Jain says:

    The utter collapse of this team is remarkable. It went from making all the right plays to win games over two months to figuring out anyway possible to lose them over the next two months, including now getting no hit. Injuries to Walker and Karstens were factors, but Collapse II is mind-boggling. A great season turned into a complete waste. That is the sadness of this team.

  28. Skeff says:

    The Pirates have just hit an all-time low. A no-no against them and another losing season. A cherry on top of a pile of excrement.

  29. UnclScrewtape says:

    I’ve been saying for awhile the Pirates have been playing what I call Connie Mack Baseball (contend early, decline gracefully late). I have to re-visit. This deserves its own category. Bob Nutting Baseball. Play halfway decent early, plummet into oblivion late.

  30. RobertoForever says:

    In the year of the pitcher, again, no-hitters and perfect games have become regular appearances. It was bound to happen to a team whose offense disappeared this month.

    Doesn’t make it any less painful. Sat in a bar with Reds fans watching the Pirates get no-hit by Verlander earlier this season. The relief I felt when J-hay banged out that hit was amazing. But on the eve of my final trip to Pittsburgh for Pirates games this year, the weight of this no-hitter, (with a pouring, drenching rain outside while being stuck in a hotel next to the Providence airport) is crushing.


    Doesn’t mean I won’t be in my season ticket seats tomorrow. With cowbell in hand. Hoping beyond hope we can somehow get McPherson his first career win.

    Sorry for the long post, but one more thing. I was in the stands as a season-ticket holder for a triple-A team that was no-hit late in the season just like this. It was a losing season, and the home team seemed marching to the end like it was the end of everything. It was a Yankee minor-leaguer who no-hit the team. Couldn’t bring myself to cheer for the no-hitter even though it would have been a first time to see in person. But at the end, I stood up and cheered the pitcher. Ironicly, he ended up on the home team next year. Strange how the baseball merry-go-round works.

    Wonder what its like in the locker room tonight.

  31. Fat Jimmy says:

    At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Pirates have to forfeit tomorrow after their bus gets lost on the way from the hotel.

  32. Reading says:

    Pirates have been skirting this all year. Too many games to count where Pirates had no hits through 4, 5, 6 innings. J-Hay, our resident no-hitter averter, was not pinch hit tonight (I think). Pirates not all in.

  33. Fred says:

    I was in attendance for Gibson’s no-hitter back in 1971. That was a lot more special to watch than this one. This team truly disappoints me.

    Now, how many people weren in attendance for both of these no-hitters?

  34. Eric66F says:

    Reminiscing tonight about last Pirates playoff game in Pittsburgh back in October 1992. Sat in 2nd to last row at the top of Three Rivers Stadium. Bob Walk pitched a shut-out in Game 5 of the NLCS and the Bucs headed to Atlanta with a 3-2 series lead. Exciting night, one I’ll never forget. Sure would like to forget tonight…

  35. JUCOFan says:

    What’s to say this doesn’t happen again tomorrow night. It would probably be some sort of record, and this franchise makes that kind of history.

  36. Ryan says:

    A 7 error game and getting no hit all in one month. Even in 20 straight losing seasons there was never a team who did either one, let alone both. Sigh

  37. Mario L says:

    as long as #NUTTING owns this team I will not step foot inside PNC Park again this organization is ROTTEN 2 the core #Nutting #FC #NH #Stark #Smith every single worthless scout I don’t live in pittsburgh anymore thanks i’ll never have 2 pay for the #Extra Innings package from Directv again

  38. R.J. says:

    I’m just sad.

    I can’t explain the unexplainable, but the last month and a half just makes me sad because I can’t stop being a fan.

    I just wish they showed some element that they care. I wish Hurdle would “raise hell in September”. I wish I could see that this mattered to them. As opposed to the normal status quo.

  39. Soleless Shoes says:

    I’m so angry that they allowed that team – who threw at McCutchen without retaliating – to celebrate on their field while they reach a new low of 20 straight losing seasons. Totally disgraceful and MLB baseball should step in a force a sale of the team to Mario and Burkle.

  40. Doug says:

    As a long-suffering fan born and raised in Pittsburgh, who grew up watching Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell and then the “We Are Family” gang, this is definitely a low point. I now live in California, but still root for the woeful Bucs and am used to getting ribbed by my friends and colleagues about their haplessness. But to see these players flail at balls over their heads, throw away at-bats and hang Burnett (who pitched his heart out) out to dry, it’s just shameless. When there is no accountability at the top of the organization, that trickles all the way down to the bottom. Everyone knows there are no consequences for gross incompetence or failure. No organization with such low standards can be successful.

  41. hankpsu says:

    The events of the past 2 months have essentially rendered me numb. As others have expressed, I do have regrets over having invested so much of myself (emotionally and financially) in this team, only to be rewarded with this nightmarish experience culminating in the game tonight. The last 20 years have been hell, and tonight the fire burns hotter than ever.

    I suppose this is the risk we all take as sports fans, and frankly I believe that for my own sanity I need to remove myself from the experience of being a fan of this team. Count me out when it comes to attending games when back home or on the road, the MLBTV package and everything else.

    The Pirates are Pittsburgh’s team, not Bob Nutting’s or anyone else, and frankly we as Pittsburghers deserve better than this

  42. James R says:

    FINISH…….the season already.

  43. Fat Jimmy says:

    BTW, all the people claiming that they’re “done” will be back again for more punishment next year. We haven’t had a legit reason to hope for 20 years. If you’re still here, you ain’t leavin’.

  44. Shawn DC says:

    It’s horribly depressing. This season is like riding a rollercoaster and finding out the ride is broken halfway through it…in other words, this Pirates season is like the opening of a Final Destination film. The ending is inevitable, but you keep having little moments that make you think that maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll be able to survive and then…well, you know.

  45. radio wave says:

    If the Pirates were a Broadway show they would close in one night.

  46. Dan1283 says:

    I think that it’s no coincidence that as this blog piece was thrown up, this was what was playing across my TV set – Skip to 1:20.

    If you’ve never watched The Wire, it doesn’t matter. I think Waylan knows what it feels like to be a Pirates fan.

    Waylan talks about addiction. He wants to be clean. His disease wants him dead. We’re all addicted to this team. We want to be cleaned of the Streak. But the Streak keeps beating us back.

    “(The Streak) is out there in that parking lot, on steroids, doing push-ups, waiting to kick my a** up and down that street again.”

  47. Dogfish9 says:

    Like Dejan said, there is really nothing to say at this point. But that doesn’t make this any less frustrating. As fans, our hearts were ripped out weeks ago… but tonight is just plain cruel.

    Our PBC let us down… again.

  48. Mike Hudock says:

    I am truly at a loss for words. I just hope that Pirates fans come to their senses and realize that by going to the games and supporting this organization that they are only perpetuating the problem. John Steigerwald has been saying it for about 10 years now. Anyone who continues to spend their hard earned money on this team has NO right complaining ANYMORE. So sick of hearing the “die-hards” talk about how they’ll support this team no matter what. THAT is the main reason we get this product every year and those fans deserve every bit of it. It’s become acceptable and expected. Imagine if the Steelers had losing seasons for only 5 years or more. There would be riots in Pittsburgh. Being 34 years old and living and dying with this team for 24 years has made me tired and cynical. I’m with you Dejan, I am no longer a fan!

  49. Reading says:

    Interestingly, I’m really not feeling anything right now. I guess seeing that the 1971 team got no-hit shows that being no-hit is not really that big of a deal. Now, if we lost the Wild Card tonight, then it might be a different story.

    I do, however, want Cutch to win the batting title. I hope he can get hot the last 5 games.

  50. JoeBucco says:

    Bailey only had 10 K’s tonight. This was one of our better performances this season.

    I guess it sucks from an historic perspective. But this team mailed it in quite a while ago now. Little fire, less fight. Tonight was the epitome of what this team is made of. They showed it on August 3 against the Reds. They showed it even more tonight.

  51. Bob W. says:

    Have followed both Brewers and Pirates for years. I can only tell you what a difference a good owner has made to the fortunes of the Brewers.

  52. Dan1283 says:

    Every time we think we see that bottom comin up at us, it just leads us down further.

    This may not be bottom. But it’s the lowest point so far for sure. This is just so awful…awful that I’m completely apathetic about it after the last 3 weeks. Like Jimmy, I’m almost glad. Screw em. They want to quit on us? Makes it easy to quit on them. This is what a team looks like when it’s playing to get everyone fired.

    Seeya next year, Pirates. But only if the single remaining trace of this front office left is the scar tissue in Jameson Taillon’s knee.

    Hoka Hey-Don’t-Let-The-Door-Hit-Ya-Where-The-Good-Lord-Split-Ya.

  53. Bjm says:

    All is well, just some bad luck tonight.

  54. Nancy52 says:

    Numb, that’s how I feel. And like Charlie Brown I’ll probably come back next
    year only to have that darn football pulled away again. BUT, I think I’m done
    for this year. 50 years after I saw my first Pirate game at Forbes Field with
    my dad I’ll do like he would do and not turn them on. I’ve got better things to
    do than watch a sorry excuse for a major league baseball team.

  55. someone who just doesn't care says:

    From the sign of Zoltan to the sign of loser. It’s time to clean house. If this horrible management team is in place no good free agents will want to come here. The Pirates will be stuck with more crappy players like Barajas, Barmes and Qualls, and the city will complain and suffer. It’s time to clean house, time to retool the team, and time to add some impact free agents that will turn this team around, and prevent number 21.
    Sadly I don’t see any of this happening thanks to 2 collapses in a row. No player will want to come here, and we will be forced to put up with more crappy baseball. I’m done. I haven’t gone to a Pirate game in 3 years, and even when they were winning I barely watched them. They don’t deserve a dime of my money until I see some true commitment.

  56. Angry Joe says:

    I almost wish the #Pirates were contracted 20 years ago instead of having a once proud franchise destroyed like this..

  57. Nicole says:

    It’s a good day to get no hit!! And die.

  58. Bman says:

    How embarrassing. If this doesn’t cause a shakeup in the front office, nothing will.

  59. Mosca says:

    @Sam, #17; but you know, nothing sayin’ it couldn’t happen tomorrow.

    Who cares. My first game was 1962. My family had season tickets since the 1920s, until 1998, when the last of us to live in Pittsburgh moved. I still tried to make it back a couple times a year.

    The problem isn’t now. This is actually easy. The problem is going to be next spring. And I just don’t think I’ll be able to get all up for it all over again.

    My next prediction: Cole is going to be the pitching version of Pedro. Already you can see it: unbelievable power, but he gets hit all over the place half the time, when his fastball goes flat. 100 doesn’t matter if it isn’t moving. Why do I think this? No reason, except for that big P on the hat.

  60. SteveA says:

    How fitting that they clinch a 20th non winning season in this fashion. Amazing thru all these years it’s not happened. Being 27 years old I haven’t really witnessed a winning team as I was too young to remember much from the last time they were good. This team and management just keeps giving me more and more reasons to give up on the pirates and to root for the team local to me(washington nationals).

  61. Reading says:

    Unfortunately, there is a fine line between supporting the players by showing up at games and in the process appearing to tacitly or impliedly support the ownership by doing so. By boycotting games though, you create an atmosphere that tells potential free agents that this is not the place to come, that this is a bad baseball town, etc. It’s a tough problem with no real solution.

  62. DocJeanO says:

    Trade Andrew McCutchen to put him out of this misery. I mean it. Unless there are some very positive moves in this off season, and who among us can trust NH to do that, I’m fearful that Cutch will soon be so demoralized on this team that he will no longer want to be here. Like Bay, like Giles, like Kendall, like so many other ex Pirates who moved on to better teams, teams that wanted to win. I just feel so sad…..

  63. Matt C says:

    I’m a sad panda.

  64. Tony says:

    Dejan, just because Bob Nutting grasps enough reality to convince you that he’s not happy about the state of of his (in truth, his daddy’s) baseball team doesn’t mean anything resembling a fix of the situation will be forthcoming.

    If you wrote as poorly as the Pirates are run you would have lost your job a long time ago. In fact you’d have never been hired.

    I know you consider it poor taste, those who conflate their disdain with invective…so do I, but it’s not inappropriate to unequivocally state that the Nutting ownership group along with Huntington and Coonelly are baseball loser’s. These last two months are not part of a process, a stepping stone to improvement, but a paean to delusional thinking.

  65. Wintermute says:

    [re-posted from last thread]

    Today is a good day to cry.

  66. Mosca says:

    @Fat Jimmy #43, yeah, but there’s degrees of caring. There’s hanging onto every Bucco word in Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America through the winter, there’s “can’t wait for spring training” in early February, there’s seeing who’s doing what in the split squad games, there’s the excitement of early April when anything can happen.

    This was different. I saw real baseball in June and July. I saw the same stuff I saw in the ’70s. If the Pirates were losing 6-3 in the 4th inning it didn’t feel like the game was over, it didn’t feel like it was going to take a miracle to win. And now that I remember what it feels like to feel that, I’m not so sure I can take the double crossing that I got in August and September and still come back with all that same fervor and hope and promise. Fool me once, fool me twice… What about the third time?

    I can’t root for another team. My local minor league teams are Yankees or Phillies, blech. I hate NASCAR. Pro basketball is predictable (home team wins, unless they suck).

    For the past few years I’ve followed the Bucs on MLB At Bat, or XM, or Root. Simple: save $20 by not renewing At Bat for ’13. Save $100 by letting XM run out in June. Cut the DirecTV back a level. Read about the Pirates online.

    And the next time it’s August 6th and I realize that they have TWO MONTHS to win TWENTY GAMES, ill wait until they win them before I get all excited.

    Sorry for dumping here.

  67. Yatch says:

    Would the boycott matter? What free agents want to play for this owner, this GM, this director of player development. We can talk about the boycott all we want, but there will always be people who crawl back. We are powerless. This is Nutting’s team not Pittsburgh’s team and until there is a grassroots movement to force a change we will be stuck with these results. Until the commissioner himself realizes Pittsburghers are serious about turning our backs on the ownership nothing will change.

    My brother became a Phillies fan in 2002. He could no longer support a franchise that won’t field a competitive product. I could never root for another franchise. I would sooner stop following the game and only focus on coaching and following local varsity ball teams

  68. T.S. says:

    After that asinine comment, Neal Huntington not only deserves to be fired, he needs to have a boot planted squarely on his asinine.

  69. wally says:

    “There are a lot of really good baseball people in the industry that feel very differently than our fans do about what we’re accomplishing and how we’re accomplishing it.”

    Name one.

    Hoka Hey, m***** f*****

  70. Emmet Mahon says:

    I texted, emailed, blogged, whatever to all my, dwindling, circle of friends and family that care about this drowning entity, I hope this is the nadir, but I know better. 20 plus years of losing is unreal, but I had that no-hit card up my sleeve. Kudos to Homer Bailey, he was point on, but some of those Bucco’s looked like they were swinging because they knew they were double parked on the way to the off season.

    I live in Central PA, so I get a lot of exposure to the Phils, O’s (will be) and Nats. They are all in the playoffs or have recently been so. You know what helps them get there? If a prospect dominates a level, they move them up. None of this Jedi mind crap to see if we leave them there, how will they respond? Manny Machado is 20 and will be a star in Baltimore for 15 years. Dylan Bundy is spending quality time learning what it is like to be around winning.

    The Pens are like this. If a player has a good season, they let them be around for the run and expose them to success. They don’t beat them down for being good.

    If we are lucky, we’ll see Josh Bell a week before his 28th birthday. Arbitration eligible and all.

    And very few of the media report on this bizarre, and I’m guessing, Pirate exclusive “development” technique.

  71. Mike says:

    August 3rd changed the psyche of this team. Theyre now a beaten bunch in a losing franchise with absolutely no hope in sight. We’re doomed.

  72. Thundercrack says:

    When the loss that guarantees that your team will have 20 consecutive non-winning seasons is a No-Hitter, that can’t be good for job security. Right?

  73. Bob says:

    MARIO! come to our rescue. Make him an offer again.

  74. JoeBucco says:

    Would it surprise anyone – ANYONE – if this team was no hit again tomorrow night?

    I think I’d almost be more surprised if we weren’t.

  75. Thundercrack says:

    I was at the game tonight and I took the loss a lot better than DK.
    I didn’t think it was sickening or disgraceful.

    It was exciting going into the bottom of the 9th and all the fans were waving their gold t-shirts just like terrible towels. Quite a sight at PNC Park. And I thought it was classy that the Pirate fans stayed and gave Homer Bailey a standing ovation. A long ovation.

  76. Dan1283 says:

    Special column tomorrow from either DK or Joe tomorrow, I hope, on this mess.

  77. Thundercrack says:

    At the top of the ninth I turned to my friend and said “If Cutch could steal a base this game would be tied”.

    By the way, this is the third no-hitter I’ve seen in person.

  78. Ron says:

    Manny Acta got fired for a collapse this season in Cleveland after an 80-win season. Terry Francona was essentially ousted in Boston after a calamitous finish, even though he brought two world titles to New England. Two disastrous finishes in Pittsburgh merit unconditional support from the team president. And the Pirates ensure their 20th straight season without a winning record in a no-hit loss, a fitting, frustrating finish.
    Perspective: Four major league teams didn’t exist the last time the apirates had a winning season. All four have been to the World Series. Two of these teams – Arizona and the Marlins – have won it all, and Miami has two titles!
    Neal Huntington has to go.

  79. wally says:

    If it truly is a good day to die- and the days events seem to parallel that general theme- then I suggest the ownership and front office do a good thing….

  80. Patrick says:

    Dejan: If you’ve stopped being a fan, you would not be sickened. Maybe, say, the NFL bounty scandal is sickening, or Jerry Sandusky is sickening. But what you’re talking about here is just the inverse of boosterism. No problem with that, but you should at least acknowledge it. Baseball is a game, and a no-hitter is a possible and repeatedly-occurring outcome. Moral outrage in such a situation is not really a response available to Those Who Are Competely and Entirely Objective, as you claim to be. I enjoy your work, other than this irritating tendency. Patrick

    DK: In the columnist’s role, at our news outlet or any other, opinion is not just part of the job. It’s a requirement. Some opinions, like this, are strong. Others, like Lawrence Timmons having a bad game, aren’t. Again, that’s the job.

    Also, I don’t think any of us, professional or otherwise, should be held to the Sandusky standard of what constitutes a PC adjective to use. That was — mercifully — an extraordinary case. There’s no point handcuffing ourselves from using terms that were used for Sandusky, school shootings, even 9/11.

    We don’t become androids. I love my city with a passion, and I do my job with a passion. I’ll never apologize for that. If you don’t want that, you have options.

  81. UnclScrewtape says:

    Cincinnati has Mike Brown and the Bungles, we’ve got Bob Nutting and the Pirates.

  82. Ronald McCloskey says:

    My grandson said to me tonight, “We love the Pittsburgh Pirates, right, Grandpa?” I said, “Yes, we do.”

  83. therealBrianC says:

    I remember following baseball closely as a junior in high school in 1992. Following the pennant races. Tracking the progress of the likes of Bonds, Bonilla, Van Slyke, and Drabek. Hopeful of finally seeing the Pirates in the World Series… something that I had never experienced, but was sure that I would, especially with the talent I was witnessing daily.
    Then came the multiple NLCS losses to Atlanta. Gut-wrenching losses. Painful to watch.
    But even after the defeats, I was confident the Pirates would return and be victorious.
    The persistant futility in the years that followed left me confused, frustrated, then just numb. I joined the legions of Pirates fans wandering the desert of mediocrity, eyes glazed over after 19 years. 2011 awakened us…. made us aware of our surroundings and to the possibility that the Pirates could contend. Collapse I returned us to our stupor.
    I really enjoyed the summer of 2012. It was fun to follow baseball again…. to scoreboard watch for Reds and Cardinals results…. to see the Pirates in first place! To have meaningful games in August! To make the trip from Erie to PNC Park with my wife and kids to watch the place go nuts during the Barmes Grand Slam game against the Padres.
    Then came August 27. A pivotal loss 4-3 loss to the Cardinals, exposing the futility of the Pirates offense, with STFD on the mound. Utterly frustrated, I tweeted that night that “I should be happy with the Pirates still probably shaking the 20-year monkey off its back… but this great summer has been a striptease.”
    Now, as Collapse II ends with a sickening thud with a historic no-hitter, I realize I was foolish in making that statement. A Striptease is something that is tangible…. something that holds the promise of excitement, and leaves the audience anxious for more.
    This season was a mirage.
    The leagon of Pirates fans wandering in the desert of mediocrity caught a shimmering glimpse of an oasis… Dominant pitching. Hitters leading the majors in offense output. A legit batting title contender. We ran to the oasis and dove in the water to drink deeply…. only to find that we had mouthfuls of sand, and the scene that our senses told us was there in front of us, disappeared. We are bewildered, perplexed, but very much aware of our surroundings now. For the moment. But the heat and the scene of endless desert in all directions is going to cause our eyes to glaze over again.
    In the far distance, we can see images… Gerrit Cole. Jameson Taillon. Luis Heredia. We begin our long walk towards them. They shimmer a little in the hot sun.

  84. Thundercrack says:

    April 22, 2010. The Pirates lose to the Brewers, 20-0.
    That was a MUCH lower point than this tonight.

  85. Reading says:


    Living about a thousand miles from Pittsburgh, my thoughts on whether there should be a boycott really carries no weight. I’m just saying that it is a dilemma for people that live close and have the opportunity to attend games all the time because there are aspects of this team that I like and I assume other fans may also like. Guys like Walker, Cutch, Burnett, Alvarez, Marte, Jones, Hanrahan deserve support from the fans and form a decent nucleus for next year at least. I think if (heavy emphasis on “if”) free agents got paid what they were worth in the market, they would come here regardless of who owns the team. When PNC Park is packed, it looks like a great place to play, and I have heard players from other teams say that also when the place is full as opposed to when they are playing in front of a sea of empty seats. Again, though, would a boycott cause the current owners to sell the team? Would a boycott preclude other viable owners from wanting to buy the team? I don’t think anybody really knows the answer to those questions.

  86. bpn8pitt says:

    DK, any chance Benedict would replace Searage? What about Greg Ritchie?… For the record, I dont think coaching is the issue, its more on the lines of a lack of talent with the Pirates. But I cant ignore it anymore, with the hitters. They are 3rd in K’s, 27th in Walks, and Indy had strike out issues too. A different approach needs taken. They chase to many balls out of the strikezone.

  87. Yinsguys says:

    It is hard to put into words my disappointment from afar. Do not live in Tristate area and refuse to get Baseball package. So I sat by the computer all season long just to get drilled in the jewels at the end again. Clutch and Middle relief if you could give back you last two months Salary that would be great.Let’s see the tickets boost again this year…. for what another 4 month’s? A long while back Steelers had shirt that said “60 minute men”. Buccos let’s see “6 month men”!

  88. Steve J. Smith says:

    I was at the game tonight. My first no hitter ever, and I am mad as hell that it wasn’t from a Pirates pitcher. Back in the early 90’s my dad and I were there for the 8 and 2/3 and 2 strikes of a Paul Wagner almost no hitter.

    I have to add my own impression from this no hitter. Barmes hit a hard ball at the “all-worldly” Scott Rolen, and it went into left field. They threw up a hit, but then later changed it to an error. This wouldn’t have made a difference, but that takes away the no hitter. Later in the game, Phillips hit a ball that Barmes fielded deep in the hole. He threw into the dirt at first base that if Jones would have picked it would have resulted in an out to my eye. The scorer called that a hit, and not an error. I call BS on the scorer for those two calls.

    This offense really helped out Bailey a lot in the game. Either just watching pitches go by or swinging at stuff above their heads. It really is coming along like they just don’t care at this point. I really hope they can find some way to win out, but I don’t feel strong about that with the way they are sleepwalking through these last two months.

    I’ll see you at the game tomorrow night Roberto.

    Finally, on a non Pirates note, I saw “Trouble with the curve” today. Not bad. Could have done without Justin Timberlake, but what are you going to do. At least there was a tougher Clint and Amy Adams. There was also previews for a movie coming out in April 2013 on Jackie Robinson. Looks like it will be good. Night all!

  89. BuccoMike says:

    Its pretty low tonight. They got no hit by a middle of the road mediocre pitcher . Homer Bailey for petes sake. This is a .500 pitcher with a mid 4’s era before this year basically. How are the Huntington regime moving in the right direction the last time the Pirates were this close to the playoffs was in 1997 (Cam Bonifay era) faded in the last 3 ish weeks to finish 2nd 5 back of Houston. This was in 1997 , 15 years ago. Houston is leaving the central that’s 12 less wins that the pirates need to make up for Burnett had a career year this year and will regress in 2013 probably, Wandy comes back but this stage of his career is probably a .500 pitcher with a 4.25era maybe a little less. Gerrit Cole is a good 3 months probably from coming up. Jeff Locke and Kyle McPherson are better in the pen. Correia is a FA good riddance. So you have Wandy and a regressing AJ, a broken confidence james mcdonald , and 2 rookies who dont belong. All the makings for 21st straight losing season and many more after.

  90. JHadar says:





  91. Hurdled says:

    Direct from DK, “I love my city with a passion, and I do my job with a passion. I’ll never apologize for that. If you don’t want that, you have options.”

    That is a beautiful statement.

    This is exactly why your column is the ONLY one I read.

    Thank you DK.

    Thank you.

  92. Milo Hamilton says:

    Does this mean Cutch didn’t get any hits ?

  93. Jeff P. says:

    I’ve rooted for Boston my whole life, enduring years of dramatic torture before they finally won it, and am pretty shocked by the level of hopelessness here. Okay, so they’ll have another non-winning season. But this is two straight years the Bucs have found themselves in a pennant race in mid-summer, and this year for a longer time than last year. Isn’t that progress? Isn’t that something to be hopeful about? Anyone who says the entire franchise should get lost is probably not a baseball fan in the first place. You have Cutch and a beautiful park, which is more than a lot of teams have.

  94. Chris says:

    Absolutely pitiful. They are losers through and though. No wonder we can’t reel in big-name free agents. THEY KNOW WE ARE STUPID. STUPID. Leadership is backward, to say the least.

  95. Dan1283 says:

    By the way, DK, this is a little late but I loved hearing the Jack Wilson interview from Tuesday’s podcast/radio show. It was really good to hear from him, he has as good a perspective as anyone. Would be great to see him come on to the Pirates’ staff at some point, especially because of his apparent enthusiasm toward that prospect.

  96. Patrick says:

    Ok, set aside Sandusky if you don’t like that example. The point is that you can have sports “opinions” while remaining objective, but when you color those opinions with what seems to be disappointment with a team’s ugly losses, then that’s not really objectivity. There’s no rule that sports columnists need to be completely objective, as there is with reporters. And maybe you can claim that you’re expressing the city’s disappointments with the team. But at some point, this vicarious disappointment obviously gives way to your own feelings and the whole of your experiences. The Mariners, Twins, Cards, Dodgers, Astros and Rays were all no-hit this year. Undoubtedly, all of these teams could have played better (in some cases, much better), and in each no-hitter, the opposing pitcher had an outstanding game. But were these sickening or disgraceful? Would be they so even if they had been the first no-hitters thrown against these teams in decades? And would be they so even if they had occurred in the context of a second-half collapse? No, no and no. Even if you’re very closely covering a team and a city, the answer is still no. Objectivity is a value required of reporters — just ask the marketing people at the Trib, which contrasts “objective news” with “conservative views” in its radio advertisements. But columnists aren’t subject to this standard of purity, and in most cases their copy would suffer if it did. The opposite extreme would be if you were taking checks from the Pirates and transcribing PR. And Cutch was certainly out of line when he tweeted that you weren’t sufficiently supporting him. But let’s be real: when you are clearly pained by the Pirates stumbles and heartened by their triumphs, you aren’t simply acting as an neutral arbiter of team performance.

  97. Bill K says:

    20 years, numerous 5 year plans, and still nothing changes. Let’s give Nutting the benefit of the doubt and say he isn’t in this just to make money off the club. He doesn’t seem able to select leaders who can run a quality operation. Even Mario new when it was time to part ways with Craig Patrick, and all he did was win two cups…

    If Nutting fires Huntington and the next GM starts another 5 year plan, we will all know it is just about running a team on the cheap.

  98. Daquido_Bazzini says:

    The truth always rises to the top, and we’ve certainly seen that this year.
    I couldn’t write a crazy story that would match up with the current lunacy.
    I hope everyone has learned their lesson about the Nutting Regime….But probably not.
    It all depends on how much more you can stand…..

  99. Adam says:

    I was born in may of 92. I have always been a diehard Pirates fan. I’ve stayed with them with Tony Womack (my first favorite player of any Pittsburgh sport ever) Jason Kendall, Rob Mackowiak, Abraham Nunez, that Ramirez trade, Matt Morris, Craig Wilson, Brad Eldred, Mike Benjamin, Warren Morris, Jason Schmidt, Todd Ritchie, Adam Hyzdu, John Van Benschoten, Matt Morris, and Kip Freaking Wells.

    All I have ever wanted was a winning season. That’s it. No playoffs. Just a winning season. Last year, I was reasonable about their collapse. They weren’t that good. But this year I thought it was it. I thought they would get past it and win. So much to the point where I was gonna buy tickets for tonight’s game thinking it would be an important series. But no. My Pirates have ripped my guys out and just tossed them all along PNC Park. I have said in the past (even this year) that I would trade in a Steelers Super Bowl for a Buccos playoff run. But no.

    This collapse has been the most heartbreaking sports event I have witness. Worse than Super Bowl 45. From a college student who hasn’t seen a winning season. EVER. This hurts deep. I’ve gone to many games during their streak and this year was a blast. But I can’t go to any more. Next year they may be in the same position. But I won’t be able to believe. Not after this.

    Going down like this, they must be held accountable. I realize that Huntigton is at fault, but I think that Hurdle is the real problem. Fire Hurdle, who’s only been a winner for 1 year. Light a spark under Huntigton and stop the Nave SEALS b.s. and start bringing up real Bucco fans.

    Again, I’m the most diehard Bucco fan you will see but this has been the worst I have witnessed. At this point if rather ten lose 90 games thank what they did to the fans this year.

  100. MizzPenz says:

    Is it fair to say it was fun while it lasted? I know I will remember the highs of this season, but it won’t overcome this low. Not because of this no hitter, but because of The Collapse II.

    I am a season-ticket holder that now lives 200 miles away from my hometown. My husband and I are very emotional fans. I remember many games this season that we were in attendance that when it came down to the last 3 outs for the win, I would look over at my husband and he would have tears in his eyes. I would laugh and make fun of him in a way, but I totally understood. And then I would get a little teary eyed. Tonight, I had to look over at him while watching the end of this game and saw what I thought were the beginning of tears, but then I just saw anger. He kept his cool, but I completely understand his frustration and emotion.

    Maybe we are just pissed that we sold tonight’s game tickets because we couldn’t attend because of work obligations. We would have been there for #HistoryWillBeMade

  101. Tim says:

    Reverend John Hale: It is merely a baseball team. Not a very good, one, but a baseball team nonetheless. Spare us the crucifiction, for you have been carrying the cross most heroically all season.

  102. Ryno says:

    I know im just repeating what several people have already said, but this team makes me sick. After the collapse this year and the wasted hundreds of dollars spent taking my children to the games and buying merchandise, I can honestly say I’m done being a fan until changes are made. 20 years is too long for a fan to hold on to hope. I hope there are enough guys like me that stop supporting this team.

  103. Joseph says:

    First, props to Homer Bailey — even bad teams get hits off good pitchers, and spinning the no-hitter is a moment nobody can take away and that he will never forget.

    Having said that, each time I think the Pirates have reached a new low they amaze me with their ability to rip my heart out anew. Despite that, after being a fan for 50 years I always knew I’d stand by this franchise.

    Now, I’m not sure the current leadership deserves fans as good and passionate as everyone here.

  104. Dan1283 says:


    All due respect, you are clearly failing to grasp the context of this particular no-hitter and the way in which only a lifetime Pittsburgher can frame that context.

    Maybe some columnist who came here 5 years ago from some other city would cover this in a different way, but they would lack the perspective of covering and/or experiencing on a daily basis this exact same pattern of failure multiple times over. Dejan’s perspective is unique, and therefore the prism through which his viewpoints are formed are also unique. As he stated in response to #80, if you object to that prism, then there are multiple other options from which to choose.

    I’m not required to defend him, as he clearly does that well enough on his own without the assistance of me or anyone else on this blog, but through my own prism as a life-long fan of this team wherein his coverage and viewpoints happened to run parallel along the way, I think he is doing a tremendous job of capturing the emotions of this very fractured fan base.

    I hope you recognize, as I do, that there is a difference between having an unfounded personal agenda against a person/team/entity such as the current targets of DK’s recent columns, and separately calling a spade a spade.

  105. Andy says:

    I’m completely convinced The Streak is going to end at 21 years. It would just be so fitting for it to tarnish the most sacred number in franchise history.

  106. David Wilson says:

    Go Buccos! Cheer up everyone! Why so glum. It was fun while they were winning. This team showed strides this year. And…the losing streak might be able to drink next year!! That’s something to look forward to!!!

  107. Barry says:

    It’s a good thing that the Pirates went ahead and announced a rise in ticket prices for next season a couple of months ago before they had the worst collapse in the history of baseball. I won’t pay, but other people will and Bob Nutting will laugh all the way to the bank.

  108. Damn, I wish we could just have one winning season so my sons could beleive in this franchise even 1/100th that I do. I can’t believe I love this team (PBC) as much as I do. I will never give up!!! LET’S GO BUCS!!!

  109. Andrew says:

    I just want to echo the sentiments of all the other Pirates fans here who only have memory of the bad times. I was born in ’87 and my first real memories of the Pirates are from after ’92. I’m having trouble verbalizing my thoughts, so I’ll just post this Bane quote from The Dark Knight Rises that I think makes a nice metaphor for this whole situation:

    “Home, where I learned the truth about despair, as will you. There’s a reason why this prison is the worst hell on earth… Hope. Every man who has ventured here over the centuries has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom. So easy… So simple… And like shipwrecked men turning to sea water from uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying. I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope.”

  110. BarryVanBonilla says:


    Please share some names with us. Who are these brilliant lights around the industry who believe you’re doing a marvelous job? Since you’ve essentially called your fans know-nothing horses’ asses for their inability to appreciate your brilliance, and given that most of those who offer praise do not require anonymity as a condition, do tell…who are they? Because the ones I speak with thought the Pirates were daft to not only to hire you, but your boss as well.

    Mr. Nutting, the floor is yours.

  111. Zack says:

    Huntington has done himself in, and in the audio Brownie is supporting him, which might be one of the most annoying things ever. But he has to. Is there a law that says it takes 5 years to change how the organization runs? Someone could bring in a whole new group next year and start helping guys at AAA so they can help at the major league level.

  112. Zack says:

    Essentially, the Pirates have built their current fan base off of history, I mean I’m dedicated because of all the old greats that have come and played here. What’s the next fan base going to come from? 20 years of losing?

  113. Jcsteel says:

    Here’s the Pirates GM records during the 20 yrs of futility

    Bonifay: 616-775 .442%
    Littlefield: 442-581 .432%
    Huntington: 335-474 .414%

    I’m sorry what are we “accomplishing” here again Mr. Huntington?

  114. Jen says:

    I’ve been a very loyal fan since the mid-60’s, first seeing them play the Giants in Candlestick. My family settled in Nebraska in 1970 and I continued my love affair with the Buccos. ’71 and ’79 were so special, then the heartbreak a decade later. I have remained likely the biggest Pirates fan in Nebraska through this long streak. My fantasy league buddies have good naturedly hammered me over the years and I’ve been able to laugh it off and wait till next year. This should have been the year, of course. This year my buddies openly became Pirates fans but they’ve been able to abandon them. I can’t do it. No player plays to lose and no manager makes decisions with the intent of losing, but what has happened defies logic. Clint made many decisions this year that I questioned immediately. I can’t remember one of them working. He absolutely knows infinitely more than me about the game and his team, but this can’t just all be bad luck, can it? I just feel like my heart has been ripped out and trampled on. Guess there’s always next year.

  115. Scott says:

    Living 25 miles from Cincinnati, I have no idea how I came to follow the Pirates. They are clueless and Huntington should have just signed his own pink slip with his condescending remarks.. Go Reds.. We still love ya Marge..

  116. Jeff Kamovitch says:

    Mr. Nutting, Mr. Coonelly, Mr. Huntington:
    It became obvious to me when Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle made the pitch to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates several years ago that you aren’t interested in winning. After all, you knew that they would put the money and resources into the team to make them win, but for that to happen, you’d have to sell them, and rather than selling the franchise for a truly better tomorrow, you’re sitting back counting your income.

    Buccos fans, don’t put up with this.

  117. Patrick says:

    Dan 1283: I am a lifelong Pirates fan. I was at Game 7 of ’91 Pirates-Braves series, when I was nine years old. I live out of town, but I went to five games this summer at PNC. So I get it. My point is that it’s kind of a silly conceit to say that you’re only airing the grievances of Pirates fans. Patrick

  118. JRay3 says:

    @ BarryVanBonilla- my same thought exactly how narcissistic of Neal to validate the job he thinks he is doing by saying others in baseball think he is doing extraordinary even if the fan base he should be concerned with does not.

    I would say tonight should be embarrassing but it is expected, I would say tonight was sad, but this season turned sad long ago.

    I could say it is just baseball and these things happen but that would be giving this group of quitters too much credit.

    This is your team Mr. Nutting you should be ashamed, the team has tuned out your manager and your senior leadership is too busy patting themselves on the back to notice the carnage they have created.

  119. Hurdled says:

    This team will not win as many games as the 1997 Freak Show team did.

    This isn’t the best team of the past 20 years.

    Let that sink in a minute.

  120. Bobo says:

    Never again will I fall for it. There I nothing that these buffoons can do to ever get me the slightest bit excited again.

  121. Joseph says:

    I was born in ’87. Charter member of the Lost Generation. I love this team, and I put the emphasis on just that…The Team. I hate the management. From top down. I cannot understand why they insist on fielding a major league team that consistently falls below mediocrity.

    If I ever have a son, I don’t understand how I could even attempt to groom him to be a Pirates fan like I am. If nothing changes, what kind of father would I be to put my son through the same kind of torture that I’ve experienced over the last two decades? He should be able to grow up with a team that he can have hope for in April and games to watch in October.

  122. Richard says:

    I am looking forward to the end of the season. It can’t come soon enough. I am completely disgusted with the franchise.

    I cannot say this enough. I hope they move. Please move. I don’t care anymore. i am sick of the lip service we receive from ownership. They don’t care about winning. They care about the perception of wanting to win, so they can sell tickets. But ownership and the front office does not care about winning.

    P.S. Is it really a no hitter if someone no hits the Pirates?

  123. Cali Pirate says:

    Memo to Bob Nutting: hire Alicia Silverstone, the rest of your management team is truly Clueless!
    Watching this mess from 2,500 miles away, year after year for 20 years, is more punishment than any fan should have to take. If you don’t want to pay for a real mlb team, then go after Billy Beane, a guy who can judge talent and win with a miniscule payroll.
    Better still, sell to Mario or Mark Cuban, two guys who would never stand for this performance. You’ve made your money so now go away.

  124. Greg says:

    I’m looking for another baseball team to root for. I love everything Pittsburgh but I can’t handle the Pirates anymore. I’m 24 and I’ve never actually seen a halfway decent -let alone good- baseball team, and its even more unfortunate because I really do enjoy baseball. I’d honestly rather not have a baseball team than have this embarrassment. I wish they’d just leave.

  125. If you were a talented free agent would you play for this club? There is no way, which is why we dont get any. I hope people stop buying tickets until they show they are serious about winning. If they dont fire the front office pseudointellectuals then they are not serious and they wont get any of my money.

  126. pghboyinca says:

    I used to post regularly when D.K .was on the P.G. blog but when the secret extensions were revealed my desire to follow this B.S. evaporated. Want to know what type of fan I was? From 1992 when I moved to Ca until 1995 I saw every Pirate game in L.A. and San Diego and 3/4 of the ones in San Fran. Think about that, every game in Southern Cal and 3/4 of the ones in San Fran. (I owned a Semiconductore engineering business and had an office in Sanata Clara and one in Newport Beach).

    I was getting busy and my son was born so I had to taper off some but I still wnet to 10 a year out here and an annual trip to the Burgh during a Piratre hoemstand where I would go to 5-6 straight games. By 2004 I started realizing this team was really poorly run and it was an organizational thing and not a small market scenario. As my business grew I started to develop some serious wealth which led me to start having access to some of the professional sports mnaagement/ownership groups here. It gave me some really unique pathways to find out how the Pirates were viewed by their peers. To put it mildly, they are a complete and utter joke. At one point D.K. (who I repsect immensely) and i were trading emails and tried to meet at a few games and the Super Bowl in Dallas. I provided him with a little snapshot of some finanacial info so he could ascertain I wasn’t a raving lunatic. I see and expereince things that give me an insight that noone here has access to. Some of you have different insight and better access to the Pirates living there but I know have a prominent MLB G.M. that I have vacationed with, a huge MLB agent that I am friendly enough with to have his cell number and an opportunity to occasionally get insight into what I see, and a friend of my sons who played major college baseball and is now on an MLB team and has friends in the Pirates minor league system. In other owrds I can get unbiased access to how thigs are really happening and not the spin or crazy polar opinins that tend to be hurled here.

  127. BarryVanBonilla says:

    The no-hitter isn’t as significant as the reality that they could have just as easily been no- hit three times this season. The pitching is lacking, the offense is lacking, catching is lacking, the bench is lacking, and there is nothing in the farm system remotely sufficient to fill all of the holes. By flatly stating that a playoff-caliber team is the objective, Coonelly and Huntington have created a dilemma for themselves. If they eschew trades that make the team better now, they risk being evaluated next year on the basis of the performance of a team highly unlikely to be much better than this one. If they go out and try to sign one if the few free agents worth the money, they’ll continue to be challenged unless they are prepared to overpay by a significant margin. If they give in and trade prospects to improve the team, they’ve subverted the plan. Huntington doomed himself upon arrival by bungling several drafts and simultaneously neglecting the major league team. He may have bought a year, but his story has already been written. The most serious damage is yet to come: the potental off-season mistakes and another mismanaged draft before Bob Nutting yields to the inevitable and relieves them.

  128. Ed says:

    You know what I’ve been reduced to as a Pirate fan? I’m hoping the team can somehow pull out a win Saturday night so that I can witness the #20 clincher on Sunday. Yeah, I’m going Sunday, only because, like many others, I got suckered into buying advance tickets at a time (that seems like 20 years ago now) when the Pirates looked like a real baseball team.

    Unless Nutting wakes up, smells the coffee and gives this organization the thorough enema that it deserves, it will be the last time that I support this team in any facet. Not forever, but they will have to make the playoffs for me to become a fan again.

    As far as the no hitter, it seemed almost inevitable. It nearly happened twice earlier in the season. And for a team that clearly has quit (they’re just about coming out and saying it on The Fan postgame show), it was just a matter of time.

    You know what? At least the fans that were there tonight got to see something historic. I hope to do the same on Sunday.

  129. Brian says:

    The thing that distinguished this no-hitter in my mind is that I never, ever had a thought that we would get a hit. I truly think if the Reds hadn’t scored in the 1st, we could have played 18 innings and still lost 1-0 with no hits.

  130. John says:

    Where was all this talk in July? It’s easy to talk shit about management and ownership when the team is at its worst. So what? Maybe it isn’t best to build your hopes around fringey talent (except cutch) and realize that old guys and Jeff Karstens aren’t a sustainable rotation. It’s so easy to bitch and moan right now, when the bottom falls out.

    If your serious, stop watching pirates games. And don’t follow the next time they make a spectacular summer run. Complain when Cole, Tallion, and Herreda anchor the rotation and when cutch, marte, Alvarez, and Hansen are the heart of the line up.

    I won’t. I love this team despite my best judgment. Go pirates.

  131. pghboyinca says:

    To put it mildly, think of the worst case scenario and it is not nearly as bad as the reality of what is happening here. Agents of amatuers pray this team doesn’t draft their players, free agents won’t consider Pittsburgh unless it is their only option, and the rumor is that a lot of players feel the atmosphere is so toxic that players lose motivation once here. The G.M. told me in June that the farm sytem is a complete joke, a ton of draft picks and a boatload of money for 3-4 arms that may or may not pan out. He believes this team will get orose before it gets better. Think about that!!

    The agent has ZERO respect for Coonnelly and thinks Huntington is so over matched that any trade he suggests should be vetoed just because he (huntington liked it). The military nonsense is oen thing but another issue I haven’t heard enough about yet is the TOTAL lack of respect for the minor league coaching in place. Everyone one of the above mentioned folks thinks this organization is not equipped to develop the talent they can’t seem to find. The G.M. told me it is puzzling because the salaries to the minor league instructors so inconsequential to the baseballl operations budget that it is mind boggling to think the Pirates can’t identify good minor league instructors. (and for the record Perry Hill was THAT GOOD and left feeling this front office were a complete group of narcasistic idiots). Didn’t talk with him but one of my contacts knmows him really well. This team has quit, flat out quit and that is a bigger problem than no talent. This situation is toxic and this regimecomes out and says WE ARE STANDING PAT??? WTF is that?

  132. Ed says:

    You want to know what really hurts a longtime fan like myself?

    Admitting that guys like Daquido, BFD and Nutting Hostage have been right all along. Not because I have any sort of personal dislike for them — I don’t. It’s just become painfully evident that the ones in charge not only do not have the intellectual acumen to build a winner, but are brazenly in denial about it.

    I wanted to believe that this franchise was finally on the right track. It looks like this is a franchise that will always have a couple to a few good players, but never enough to be truly competitive for a full season.

    As much as I love baseball, it’s time to move on with other things in life that I can enjoy. I’ll probably be a pile of ashes before this team ever wins another World Series — that is if they don’t leave town first.

  133. PgherinLev says:

    Re. 86 and the poor plate discipline: it has to be a byproduct of the organization’s philosophy. They swing with reckless abandon, just like the Hell’s Angels.

    And it seems the #historywillbemade hash tag was right. We did break the streak after all. Just broke the wrong one.

  134. Ed says:

    I wonder what A.J. Burnett has to be “really” thinking after last night?

  135. Marty Starr says:

    I live in Bakersfield grew up in Johnstown. Been a Buc fan my whole life. I have bought the MLB package the past few years to encourage my wife and 4 children to be fans. I cried when Sid Bream scored that run. I make a drive to Dodger stadium every year because that is what I am supposed to do. This should have been the time to make a jump. Playoffs? We knew that was just a dream, but the entire PBC has just crushed my spirit for the future. My family had so much fun early this summer but the utter contempt I now have has overtaken all those great memories. We need more excuses or false hope. I am not sure that I can get up for another season. Just done.

  136. Mick says:

    As an Oregon State alum and fan, I had the pleasure of witnessing the end of an astounding 28 consecutive losing seasons for the football program in 1999. I don’t believe it was necessarily a historic run, like the Pirates is, but it was certainly its equal for ineptitude. While I’m basically numb to feeling much about the no-hitter, I do sense an odd faith that the Pirates’ results will improve significantly in the near future. Namely, when Nutting decides to hire a real baseball mind, and one who will appreciate the franchise’s great history and all the positives it can bring.

    In Oregon State’s case, Jerry Pettibone had a flawed product on the field, which was sorely lacking in talent overall. However, as poor as their record was the cabinet was not bare. Enter Mike Riley, who grew up going to high school in Corvallis, had a father who served as defensive coordinator for Oregon State at the time, played at Alabama under Bear Bryant, and also happens to have a very good football mind. He grew the foundation, Dennis Erickson added the finishing touches, and 1 year after ending their streak they were demolishing Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. They’ve fallen short of true national prominence, and came a game short of the Rose Bowl on more than one occasion recently, but with 9 winning seasons over the last 13 they now have at least a successful and well-respected program.

    I see some definite similarities there in comparison to the Pirates. While I think NH, etc. have ultimately been significant failures and they need to go now, I do feel there is more of a foundation to build on than his predecessors left. The most important part of the process will be Mr. Nutting replacing the current front office with truly qualified baseball minds, who will understand the importance of embracing the franchise’s rich history and will not merely offer it lip service. With the right people in charge I have no doubt the Pirates can put a winner on the field, somewhere along the lines of the Brewers an Reds, and they will do so within the next 3-4 years. Even within the financial constraints in place.

    I feel this no-hitter may actually expedite this process, so after a little thought I find it quite a positive development.

  137. jtp2106 says:

    I was born in 1985 and my earliest sports memory was Game 7 of the NLCS in 1992. I’ve been a Pirates fan through these last 20 years even though I’ve been in New York for the 8 years. I could have easily jumped ship and started rooting for the Yankees or the Mets, but I stayed loyal to the Bucs despite their perpetual mismanagement.

    I had this week’s games against the Mets at Citi Field circled on my calendar for the last couple of months, because I thought there might be a possibility that they would clinch .500. I wasn’t going to miss that for the world.

    Unfortunately, the Pirates gave up in August. That’s the part that makes me angrier than anything. I can deal with them falling out of the playoff race. They were playing way over their heads for the first half of the season, so I expected them to regress.

    I can’t speak to what’s going on in the locker room with these players, but do they not realize how important to us, the fans, that they end this embarrassing streak of losing seasons? I know management’s line is “.500 is not the goal”. If they weren’t good enough to make the playoffs, shouldn’t they have fought like hell to end the longest losing streak in North American professional sports history? I find it really hard to believe that a team that did so well in the first half of the season could be so bad in the last two months unless they we’re putting in maximum effort. It’s certainly not too much to ask as a fan, since we’ve put up with this crap for 20 years. We, as fans, have granted these players, this management, and this ownership more than enough patience to get the job done. This is unacceptable.

  138. J says:

    I’m done. (i’ve been done but still done. no hope of bringing me back. i hope the pirates move to anchorage AK).

  139. Eric Bowser says:

    I come home after another 14 hour day at work with a migraine, eat and go to bed. I wake up and this is what I’m greeted to, a friggin no-hitter.

    I’ve got tickets for Sunday’s game with my son.

    I have to seriously re-consider my plans to purchase a 10-20 ticket plan for next season with them keeping the leadership in place. This team has quit on Pittsburgh!

    Everyone from the owner, front office, coaches, and players. There’s isn’t ONE single human being who hasn’t laid down in the second half.

    I’m not going to say never again but I’m awfully close. I can take my baseball entertainment dollars and drive to Erie, Charleston or Altoona to watch minor league baseball or go to major league games in Cleveland, DC, Baltimore, or Philadelphia.


  140. T.S. says:

    Thanks for the audio, DK. Wow, Huntington is a donkey. Hoof in mouth.

  141. popsfan says:

    Truthfully, I am more surprised that this is the first no hitter of this season than I would be if they were no hit a few more times before 2012 is over.

    As for Neal, this child of the “high self-esteem” parenting school, I expect that he’ll never learn that real confidence comes from learning and practicing and sharpening one’s skills rather than some “team-building-in-a-bottle” snake oil salesman.

    Wake me when the self-congratulatory little s**t is finally run out of town.

  142. BFD says:


    Nutting is a horrible owner who is only in the business to make truck loads of loot!

    Neal sucks at his job

    Frank is a buffoon

    Most of the players on the roster are not MLB caliber players and the ones that are were deflated when the regime did next to nothing at the deadline to help the team

    Fans who attended last nights debacle are idiots

  143. Bradthedad says:

    Please, oh please Neal, keep talking to the public and the press. Eventually you will fire yourself.

  144. Tony V says:

    Just seems to be a real cognitive dissonance expressed by this front office soon year after year. ” We strive for championship baseball and nothing less is acceptable. We get terrible baseball. Well we are making real strides too bad you people don’t appreciate that.”

    This just feels like the lowest point of all 20. It’s just sad

    I think you said it best DK – only the Pgh Pirates.

  145. Mechanicsville Bill says:

    I really have to hand it to the Pirates. I’ve been a fan for about 22 or 23 years now. Last night was the first time (ever) that I actually felt physically sick over this team.

    I will always remember the Summer of Zoltan, but that memory will be forever tarnished by The Collapse II. I really hate to say this, but a part of me actually hopes that they get off to a terrible start next year and are out of it early so as to spare us the emotional roller coaster.

    Here’s to 2013…

  146. Crowe says:

    Neal said at some point the players on the field have to be held responsible for this collapse. 3/4 of that lineup are Double A players at best! He built this mess of a team.

  147. Jimbo says:

    Major League Baseball should do something like make the nuttings put some money up, or grt ouy. But the fact that they looked good for the first half means nothing will be done. It’s just pathetic it really is. A salary cap would truly be nice and would give the pirates no excuses not to semi-compete year to year. This whole season is just so discouraging. I don’t know who’s to blame for the collapse but I think McGhee for qualls was a bad trade. And Lincoln for snider wasn’t the right move. I like snider but Lincoln was such a big part of the pen. So bad trading and bad fa pick ups. Yeah the front office is to blame.

  148. Fred Apple says:

    Neil Hunnington back, check. Hurdle back, check. “21 here we come”, check.

  149. Pittsburgh Phil says:

    You want to end the losing streak?? Quit going to games. Hit ‘ownership’ in the pocketbook. Maybe he can lose enough money to sell to someone that really wants to own the team. Also, to Mr. Nutting, @$%& you. Thanks for killing baseball in Pittsburgh.

  150. Tim L says:

    This thread is breaking my heart. I’m actually a Phillies fan…from 1984 to 2006 we had one playoff appearance and only one winning season. When we finally won the NL East in 2007, it was incredible. When we won the World Series in 2008, I wept like a baby.

    Your day will come. 20 straight years of losing does seem unbearable. But don’t give up. When you will it all, there will be many people raising that Jolly Roger with you.

  151. Drew71 says:

    I’m not extreme on this. Also not saying I don’t care or think a no hitter, now, is kinda cool.
    – Dejan’s “lowest point”? Too much for me.
    – Announcers cheering it on? Too happy for me considering all the flotsam floating around the sinking ship. (Don’t worry Foo. I’ll explain this post, too.)

    Those are valid because we’re discussing how we FEEL about it. Everything is valid in that context. I’m just not in one of those extremes.

    (Dejan – My lowest point is when they hit 82 L’s. No matter the score or competitiveness of the game. Each year. Every year worse than the last. Don’t bother asking why. It’s how I feel not how I think.)

    So. What DO I feel about it? Sort of have to go through an algorithm.

    – If in a year with an obvious Pirates playoff team? I’m with the announcers
    – This year in July? Kinda cool but secretly worrying it is about to become this season’s Jerry Meals moment.
    – Three weeks ago, playing badly but still an even chance to beat .500? Before “Collapse II” was in use? Doubly frustrating but not a Statement Loss.
    – Now, for Loss 81 to extend ONE streak, one loss from the other streak, the wreckage of both a season and probably a management team floating in the oily, flaming water? Oddly, mixed feelings:
    1) Horrible last night. Not as angry as some of you. Let down. Personally let down.
    2) This morning, I realize that Robert Nutting may feel just about the same. It feels, um, let’s call it counterintuitive to put my hopes in Robert the Recluse. But I am.

    So that’s it, Dr. Kovacevic. Let down AND hopeful.

    Thank you for letting me use the couch.

  152. scapper says:

    Another Pirates internal memo has been leaked to the media:

    1. Although we will not sign any coveted free agents to any three-year deals, we WILL sign Steve Miller (or Millwer) to a three-post-game-concert deal. If you classic rock it, they will come.

    2. Although we will not add three solid bench players to our roster, we WILL add three more Skyblasts to our schedule. If you explode it, they will come.

    3. Although the pirogie races remain stupefyingly popular, we will add a second Crappy Regional Food Mascot race to the between-inning antics meant to distract fans from the quality of product on the field. Chipped Ham Charlie, Klondike Ken and O-Dog Otis will race in the inning break after Pedro’s second strikeout. If you race it, they will come.

    4. Give away Rod Barajas bobbleheads to the first (.)205 people through the gates. If its head bobbles and you give it away, they will come.

    5. Continue to give away rice-paper-thin garbage t-shirts every Friday night, even if it means they are occasionally sponsored by Cottonelle Toilet Paper, whose logo will be prominently displayed on the back of the shirt, which people will wear anyway, even though an ad for toilet paper is the back of the shirt! (Oh wait, we already actually did this on July 20 this year.)

    6. Instruct new players, when giving interviews to local columnists, to express their love and adoration for their new hometown, calling it the bestest city on earth with the bestest people on earth. Share an anecdote about a cab ride, the Fort Pitt Tunnel or a donut shop. Columnists will swoon, columns will be written, and fans will be smitten. If you say you love the city, they will come.

    As long as we keep dreaming like yinzers, the turnstiles will keep clicking. Hoka Hey everybody…it’s a good day to lie!

  153. Jeff says:

    I have been a diehard Pirates fan since I first learned that they were in the playoffs in 1991. We had some amazing talent in those years, and it annoys me that a guy like Neal Huntingdon thinks that the fans basically know nothing. We still have amazing talent on our ballclub now. Cutch is the foundation of this team. Burnett brought passion back to this city’s troubled franchise. How can WE not see that? This was my first year as a season ticket holder, and I got my money’s worth for the first 4 months, and them management screwed that one by sending them to charity events and calling up triple A talent while they’re in a pennant race. You all are gonna have some tough questions from fans at PirateFest this December. I’m hoping that 21 is the magical year that the Pirates can bounce back because Clemente doesn’t want it to continue!

  154. I am a born and bred Pittsburgher who has been a Pirate fan since the late 50’s. Since I no longer live on the area (much to my regret) I’ve had to follow the last 20 years from afar. That doesn’t make this collapse hurt any less.

    Every time I hear one of BMTIB’s commenst it makes me grind my teeth. I can’t believe the arrogance of these guys. I heard NH’s comment and was stunned. The arrogance of these guys is unbelieveable. You would think they were the Yankee’s front office.Do they even have a clue how despised they are by the fan base.

    Sadly, I don’t think anything will happen until Nutting realizes that he has to get competant and experienced baseball people for the president and the GM. IMHO neither of the guys in those positions should have been hired int he first place.

    Why I maintain my loyalty to this team when I can watch Strasburg, Harper, Machado and Wieters on TV every night is crazy.

  155. 1Mike2Many says:

    I would felt a lot better about all this losing if there were some kind of curse we could blame.

  156. J.P. Greenland says:

    Mr. Nutting, if it is true that you yearn for a winner as much as any fan, then you have a chance to prove it.

    PLEASE sell this team and give us a chance to have REAL hope again. Your selfishness and egotism is dragging down all Pirate fans.

    We beg of you….Let it go. Just let it go.

  157. Drew71 says:

    On the bright side I found a nice Irish pub last night that is walking distance from my new home.

    Did I mention I didn’t have to drive?

  158. km says:

    The pre-season predictions said that this team wouldn’t be as good as last year’s so relative to that, this is an ok outcome but relative to where they were in July heads should roll and not just in the management team. The late season problem is caused by a roster that just isn’t very deep or filled with mature talent. The management team didn’t add to it with the higher level offensive talent it could have used at the Trading Deadline so that’s on them. The only player on the roster who seems to have any real fire is AJ Burnett. What they let the Reds get away with this summer is directly related to their problems as a team and what they need to address. Next time someone throws at Cutch or challenges them to fight, they all need to stick together and they need to add a couple of guys who can add that but can also play the game at the ml level. That they didn’t this year is on the players and probably is a symptom of the attitude that had them swinging at everything to end the game last night and, in the process, helping Homer Bailey (who was great to start with last night anyway) acheive a no hitter.

  159. Drew71 says:

    There is NOTHING like singing Molly Malone as you walk through the streets of Cocoa Beach.

    It IS Cocoa Beach. I wasn’t the only one doing it.

  160. harry211 says:

    Rock bottom. As a Pirates fan, I thought we had reached that point after being no-hit last night and clinching a 20th consecutive season without a winning record. Than I woke up this morning and read that NH thinks I’m an idiot for questioning this team’s accomplishments. Worst collapse after being 16 games over .500…check; no depth at major or minor league levels…check; lack of fundamentals…check; batcrap crazy player development director…check; zero impact from MLB free agent signings…check. But what do I know. I’m only a fan that pays to take my family to games, buys hats and jerseys for my sons, and subscribes to to watch every game.

  161. keebbuc says:

    “The sun is shinin’ every day!” dooo Wwwaaaahhh boo boo boo boo boo booooo…

    Hey Neal, the other people around baseball like what you’re doing because they have to play against you. Here’s what you’ve managed in five years: a mediocre team of home grown talent plus a few non-factor trade acquisitions, a few gifted high draft picks, and a good latin american signing process you don’t really oversee. Maybe they under performed this year, maybe not. For me, the bottom line is that you could have the same quality pro baseball team (which is the ultimate goal anyway) by signing a bunch of has been, mid to low level free agents. How many on the team this year were even marginally above replacement level? Does anyone remember the team that had reggie sanders and he hit 30 homeruns? That was a decent team that under performed as well.

  162. Byebyebuccos says:

    Good thing President Franky came out with his statement showing such strong loyalty to his Hells Angels. It inspired this team to take their game to levels they never thought they could achieve. What a leader! These guys will run through walls for this management team.

    Nutting and the stooges. Please go away. You are embarrassing the residents of western Pa with that product you continue to display in our beautiful ,tax dollar funded, ballpark.

  163. Julie says:

    Complete lack of talent and development leads to history making collapse….Coonley’s and Neal’s “All is well” Animal House style comment is a joke. Organization is a joke. Hard to stay a fan!

  164. What is the opposite of “All In”?

  165. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    I’ve been saying Neal the SEAL, completely aside from baseball failures, is an A-hole for a quite a while now. Hopefully after his latest thanks to the fans for still coming to games after disintegration #2 people can see what a jerk this guy is. I can respect people saying he’s made some good moves. He has. But if…

    “There are a lot of really good baseball people in the industry that feel very differently than our fans do about what we’re accomplishing and how we’re accomplishing it.”

    …doesn’t bother you, what will? And if anyone thinks for a moment that Neal would defend any of you if the roles were reversed, I believe you’re sadly mistaken. Not being rude, I just don’t understand how a fan can support him when he doesn’t support fans other than those who think he’s been successful. He’s either lying or delusional, arrogant or stupid, irresponsible or nonchalant.

    Either way, this little prick is blatantly insulting the people of this city and everyone who loves and supports this team, i.e. everyone who gives this FO money to put a decent team on the field. If that’s not enough for No-Nut to can him, nothing except a contract expiration will be. I know that No-Nut likes to take a calculated approach in evaluations. This situation doesn’t allow him that luxury.

  166. Phil says:

    My dad got excited, my brothers got excited, my wife bought me a Zoltan shirt. I gave up on this franchise 3 years ago when I spent hard earned money on MLB Extra Innings just to watch putridity night after night. Awful. To this day, I haven’t spent one more cent on them.

    Enough is enough here. I don’t follow closely, but what has NH and Squad done other than draft the guys at the top that they’re supposed to? I hope this loss wisens some folks up who throw cash the Pirates way. They’ve taken advantage of REALLY good customers for years, now’s the time for the customers to say no more. This franchise is and HAS been a great embarrassment to our city.

  167. Stuart says:

    I didn’t see his no-hitter, but I saw Bob Gibson pitch several times. He was just so much better than 99 percent of all of the pitchers in baseball, that you really felt the inevitability of losing when he pitched. Didn’t have that feeling about Homer Bailey. It wasn’t like he was doing it with smoke and mirrors, but I don’t think he had overwhelming stuff. I know he was a #1, and he’s got the stats but he just doesn’t seem all that impressive to me.

    Our offense just sucks. This is a low point, although it could probably be topped if we were no-hit by some September call-up minor league r, a distinct possibility the way we are going.

    Not long ago, even while we were still in the “streak”, we would sign free agents looking to resurrect their careers, and some of them did. Now they come here to die.

    My personal lowest point was last night when my wife said to me “you know that next spring your hope will spring eternal and you’ll see reasons for optimism for the team”.

    I’d like to be right once about the post 1979 Bucs.


  168. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    At least when the Pens bow out early, their website is adorned with statements like “Thank you to the greatest fans in hockey!” What’s the over/under that happens on I’m gona say about the same as Frank the Dank passing a sobriety checkpoint on a Friday night.

  169. JoeBucco says:

    I blame DK for the no-no. After the players were *finally* relieved that Huntington and his cronies were going to remain in tact for next year, certainly lifting a huge weight off the minds of the players and allowing them to re-energize and re-focus on the immediate task at hand, DK had to go and interview Bob Nutting and plant that seed yet again.

    How are these players supposed to play this game while worrying about their fearless leader of a GM not having a job with them next year? It’s no wonder they were no-hit tonight with Huntington’s fate weighing over them. ;)

  170. JoeBucco says:

    @Brad – I wish there was a ‘Like’ button for your post on #155. I agree, and having had more than a few interactions with NH over the past five years, he thinks everyone on the planet is a moron not worthy of being in the very presence of his own supreme intelligence.

  171. Mike1971 says:

    I caught the end of Friday’s no-hitter on the way home from a high school football game.

    It left me speechless.

    My 6 year-old son was the first to speak and he said, “Dad, there’s no way I’ll root for the Pirates when I’m big like you because they’ll always lose.”

    I again didn’t know what to say.

    I wanted to tell him that the owner and management of the team is trying really hard to do everything they can to turn the PIrates around, but I don’t like to lie to my kids.

    He’s way too young to understand why I’m still a fan after all this.

    He can’t remember Willie Stargell and what it was like for an 8-year old boy in 1979 to listen to games on a transistor radio in the backyard; remember that most of the games weren’t on TV in those days? My kids can’t believe that they actually won 98 games that year!!! They even went 41-19 in August and September!

    He can’t know what it was like to watch Omar Moreno steal 77 bases that season. He can’t understand how proud I was to see Dave Parker throw out 2 runners from right field in the 1979 All-Star game. He’ll never know how much that Pirate team intimidated other teams to the point where they wouldn’t dare throw a baseball at the head of Phil Garner or Bill Madlock.

    He’ll never understand why his dad won’t give up; I guess maybe I just want to feel like I’m 8 years old again. I don’t want to jump off the “bandwagon” and then wish I hadn’t if the team ever turns things around. Unfortunately, the owners probably know this, and still keep selling tickets to people like me.

  172. Tom P. says:

    The no-hitter itself is not that big of a deal. The Tampa Bay Rays have been no-hit each year from 2009-2012, but made the playoffs two of those years and made the Wold Series in 2008. (This year, their playoff status is undetermined, but not looking great right now.)

    As #11 and #30 point out, two pitchers (Cain and Verlander) almost no-hit the Pirates earlier this year. Good thing we are not talking about the third no-hitter of the season.

    On July 4, we were celebrating a walk-off homer by the since departed Drew Sutton which capped a rally from a 6-2 deficit and was hailed at the time as a sign of a reconnection by the franchise with its fan base. Now less than 3 months later, we are lamenting an event that has happened to six other franchises this year alone.

    It seems to me that the Pirates have done as much do damage their fans’ loyalty in the past six weeks as they have in the previous 19 years. As has been said repeatedly, the second consecutive collapse is a symptom of what ails the franchise. In my opinion, keeping the same people in charge is not likely to instill confidence to bring the fans back for more.

  173. Randy in DC says:

    I’ve been a Pirates fan since my first game at Forbes Field in 1958 (George “Red” Witt pitched a two-hitter) and although I’ve lived in DC for almost 30 years now, I’ve never stopped following them. I’ve resisted joining the groundswell here for the Nationals, particularly this year…thought I could never switch loyalties. But the other morning I actually thought that maybe it was time. I can’t believe I had that thought, but hasn’t gone away, In fact, it’s growing. I really do want to believe the Bucs could be winners, but I also really would like to believe I can fly, and now I realize that neither is likely to happen in my lifetime.

  174. parrot deserves better too says:

    We need to quit going to games. I attended more games this year than the last 15 years combined because I had hope. I have no hope now.

  175. GAC says:

    Epic Herculean failure. Elvis may have left PNC Park last night, but Zoltan left in mid August. I was in the front row of the GA seats next to the old flagpole in LC of TRS for Gibson’s no hitter, and yesterday’s epic failure is IMO worse by a factor of 10. No heart, no guts, no fire. Abysmal and disgusting. Nutting needs to loosen the purse strings to get a catcher, another pitcher and OF. No depth down the stretch killed them.

  176. Diniboy says:

    This franchise needs rebooted from the very top all the way down, sadly it won’t happen. There is more effort put into promotions than actual baseball product.
    As long as there are fireworks,free t shirts,and bobbleheads people will go.

    Nutting makes a few coins, that all that matters.
    to think that he thinks he has the best management team in baseball says it all

  177. Brad, Indiana PA says:


    Maybe instead of a “Like” button, DK can get his IT guys to create a Hoka Hey! button on here…

  178. LuckyNKentucky says:

    All I can say is sad. Very sad. Like Steigerwald said, and I’m not as old as him, I’m getting too old for another 5-year plan. I want a winning team and this one sure ain’t it, from top to bottom. Keep the core, move forward, spend some Nutting bucks and get the job done.

  179. Burgher in NH says:

    I was actually surprised the Pirates had not been no-hit prior to last night. How many times this season have they come oh-so close? 8-10 games prior to last night? I lost count, but this serves them well. Complain about Coonelly and Huntington all you want. (I hope they go for the record) But none of it will matter as long as Nutting is there. As long as he still owns the team, he will hire a new bunch of stooges who will run this franchise further into the ground. I’m more angry at myself than I am the Pirates. This group has always talked like they are geniuses and have talked down to the fans. But after being talked down to by the three listed above, I continued to tune in to watch the games. Why have I bothered? DK … have loved all of your coverage of the Pirates this season, through the good times and the bad.

  180. Pat4Pgh says:


    Understand & agree completely!

    But, as long as this team retains and promotes guys like Kyle Stark (see below) the Pirates aren;t going to win……

    I copied this directly from his official bio….

    Stark is responsible for all aspects of the Player Development system, including the club’s six affiliates in the United States as well as academies in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The Pirates player development system is focused on helping all players reach their potential – personally, mentally, physically, and fundamentally – and develop as professionals. This is accomplished through a relentless, systematic, and cohesive approach involving structured, consistent, progression-oriented instruction throughout the organization and detailed, written development plans for all players.

    In addition, he provides recommendations to General Manager Neal Huntington regarding personnel, strategic planning and decision making for the Baseball Operations department.

    All this responsibility residing in a 34 yr old with NO BASEBALL EXPERIENCE! No wonder this team cannot hit, throw, run, catch…….no experience Kyle is teaching them these skills!!!!

  181. Arriba Wilver says:

    Neal still thinks Kyle’s real first name is Tony.

  182. 6-20 in September. That has to be some sort of record. 6-20 in September and not a single demotion, let alone firing? That’s beyond belief.

  183. Neil Parker says:

    #baddealneal is a joke. His team is filled with Dave Littlefield draftees and his free agent signing stink. He vastly overrated and overpaid for people like Lyle Overbay, Clint barmes and rod barajas. He acquired McGhee who has one of the most flawed swings in all of baseball. I can assure you, baddealneal, there are more people laughing at you that applauding you. In two years you’ll be a general manager for some independent league team running whoopie pie promotions.

  184. Mikeyp3258 says:

    DK, where is Nutting in all this, his face was platered all over the tv when they were winning, hes a ghost when they collapsed. I would say this is a 50/50 failure, definitely an onus on the players and the other half for not recognizing it and making further moves. I was at the no-hitter and was a little disappointed at the fans quite frankly, a no-hitter is history regardless of who is playing and the fans failed to recognize that. I started cheering for it around the 8th inning and the people around me were looking at me like i was a traitor. The new generation of yinzers just dont get it. This is the second no hitter ive been blessed to see and believe it is a great accomplishment

  185. George108 says:

    This organization lacks vision and they don’t have it.They try to sell everyone on their overrated farm system that produces average players who are not prepared or conditioned properly.Neal H,would rather get 3 players to do the work off one good one.He has wasted a great deal of money doing so and later has to release them.He rather overpay draft prospects than getting a real good FA.How could a GM and a manager be so unprepared going into a 20 game stretch,when you see your schedule before spring training?It was very obvious that our starting pitching was wearing down.Many of them have averaged less than 5 innings and were going out of their comfort zone.We have too many inconsistent hitters on this club.Trade Pedro,If you can get Chase.Get rid of Tabata,Josh,Presley,Clement.Get 2 durable starters,a real catcher,let Snider platoon with Marte.We need a corner outfielder than can hit.Nutting please sell this team or fire everyone.Clint you mismanaged your team once again.Never gave your players enough time off and proper time to heal from an injury.Never took out JMac when he was erratic,till it was too late.This team has internal dissension and that won’t change overnight..We went from a possible wild card birth,going over 500 and Andrew lost his chance for MVP and a possible Batting Title.No Hitter topped off another losing season. Baseball should force owners who get stipends to spend all of the money on parent team or forfeit money.

  186. Pat4Pgh says:


    If Tony Stark were involved, I’d be much more interested/excited about the future

  187. Drew71 says:

    That makes PRRFECT sense.

    It’s Pittsburgh.

    I Am IronHead

  188. Drew71 says:

    Admit it.

    You’re all humming and cranking the air guitar.

  189. Eric Bowser says:

    Everyone with that franchise failed.

    Nutting for not setting the standard and demanding results, none of this, ‘we have a plan’ baloney.

    Coonelly for losing any respect he may had in that organization and across baseball with his DUI arrest and attempts to hide it from the fans and media.

    Huntington for his horrible decisions in free agency, wasted millions in the draft, no development and not improving the roster at the deadline.

    Hurdle for managing a second consecutive second half collapse, no Pirates manager has performed this poorly in the second half like he’s done. Terrible bullpen decisions, putting pressure on McDonald to start second half, and playing Barajas over McKenry as often as he did all year.

    Players for striking out like they wanted to contribute to the wind energy program, booting baseballs all over the field, and pitchers for throwing balloons for opposition to hammer, inning after inning.

    How historically bad is this collapse, it has NEVER been done before.

    At the All-Star break, Pirates were 48-37
    Since the All-Star break, Pirates are 28-44

    If the Pirates would have went 1 game after .500 after the All-Star break that’s 38-39.

    Their record would have been 86-76 – A ONE GAME LEAD in WILD CARD

  190. BFD says:

    Updated Pirates GM records: Bonifay: 616-775 .442% Littlefield: 442-581 .432% NH: 335-474 .414%”

  191. harry211 says:


    Remember how bad last season’s collapse felt after contending in the 1st half. That team went 10-16 in September. That may be a little added perspective on just how bad this year’s team has played.

  192. HogLeg says:

    If companies fail then the Management pays the price.
    Management should include front office, and coaching staff.
    After that the worker bees ‘the players’ are evaluated and
    Changes are made.
    This team needs to clean out management and bring in proven
    Winners and pay for veteran players with playoff history.
    We have gotten ‘Nuttin’ out of the current establishment.

  193. Rob C says:

    I’m not even joking, I would 100% support management bringing back Doug Drabek for one outing like the Astros are considering doing with Roger Clemens. No way that he could be worse than James MacDonald has been in the second half.

    At least the Steelers have a good defense and we’ve got the Pens…oh wait.

  194. techrat_77 says:

    So sad….from the best to barely a heartbeat in a short time. Lost in all this is the fact (albeit a weak one) that this is the BEST Pirate record of this century. That is telling how sad this saga really is. I keep saying I want to see the Bucs win one more World Series before I die. That’s starting to feel iffy.

  195. George108 says:

    Eric B,both catchers are bad..Barajas has only thrown out runners at a 6% clip and Fort at about 18%.When Fort catchers,pitchers have a 4.02 era and Barajas about 3.57.Apparently the pitchers prefer Barajas over Fort,but it is kept quiet.All we hear is when AJ or Wandy pitches,Barajas catches.Agree on your good points.They need to start overpaying to get a credible FA,instead of unproven farm prospects.Now we have to worry about Walker and his herniated disc,Jeff K’s arm problems and JMac’s erratic pitching for 2013.

  196. JoeyBats says:

    ….the last 2 seasons feel like they’ve come out of a BAD, TRASHY comic book

    …very, VERY sad :-(

  197. Matt says:

    @techrat 77

    Your statement “i keep saying I want to see the Bucs win one more world series before I die. That’s starting to feel iffy.”

    With no disrespect, but unless your Methuselah, it ain’t gonna happen with this management team! :(

  198. JAL says:

    Some blog looks at the no-no

    JAL’s The Ghost Morning Links


    1- MLB Transactions

    2-MLB Trade Rumors-Pirates

    3 Go Buccos- Pirate News (from external sources)

    BLOGS and such

    4—Pirates Prospects

    Pirates Notebook: Bailey Tosses No-Hitter to Ensure Bucs Losing Season

    Marte Takes Big Strides in His Rookie Season

    5 Bucs Dugout

    Homer Bailey no-hits Pirates; CONSTERNATION blah blah blah

    Non-tendering Jeff Karstens wouldn’t make sense

    6 Rumbunter

    Hollywood Couldn’t Write This….Homer Bailey No-Hits Pittsburgh Pirates

    7 Bleacher Report

    Why Pittsburgh Pirate Fans Should Still View 2012 as a Success

    8 The Green Weenie

    No Hitter No Big Thing – Losing Big Is

    9 Raise the Jolly Roger

    The biggest gut-punch yet

    10 WHY GAVS

    Game 157: Reds 1 Pirates 0

  199. Willie says:

    So glad Nutting made $20 million this year…. Here’s hoping he spends it on getting a clue…

  200. RightSaidTed says:

    There are lots of real issues to talk about with the Pirates collapse, but the no-hitter is meaningless beyond its alleged symbolic significance. The Rays, Cardinals and Dodgers all been no-hit this year. So what?

  201. Jimm Deemer says:

    20 years! … my sons will never see a winner … I remember “71 …. ’79 … but they will have no memories … except the one from last night … yes… I made the mistake of taking my 2 boys to this game … we watched as Clint Hurdle disgrace our city and franchise … his line-up = a joke + his subs = a bigger joke! … Tabata batting 5th ahead of 30 homer Alvarez?? Jordy Mercer? … JEFF CLEMENT? BROCK HOLT? Did he think those minor leaguers could break up the no hitter? NO MARTE, NO HARRISON, BARAJAS? he actually his one on the ground … to go with a few other pop ups to left …. cant they work on his swing? little leaguers can spray the ball better. Cutch was asked if it was good the brass was returning for 2013 …”yeah …. long pause …. ” I guess” the poor bastard is stuck with the Pirates what more could he say? I had the good fortune to also attend the 7 ERROR DEBACLE … and don’t forget the brewers stealing 7 bases in one game … this team is now truly a disgrace. we had a winning hardworking core with chemistry … they overworked the core and then THEY RIPPED IT APART TO ADD FRINGE MINOR LEAGUERS AT THE DEADLINE! … have you seen one demotion since? any managerial outburst or pep talk? … Hurdle has NEVER WON as a coach and this front office is ranked lowest in wins over the last 20 years!

    Bonifay: 616-775 .442%
    Littlefield: 442-581 .432%
    Huntington: 335-474 .414%

    I am quite confident I could have managed this team better!
    Where will it end … when will an owner step up and do the right thing?

  202. Ron says:

    Angry and very sad. Last time I cried over the Pirates was when I was 14 years old and my Dad woke me with the news on New Year’s Day that Roberto Clemente had died. Last night, my Pirates died … no tears this time!

  203. JMRubes says:

    It’s amazing that on the day this team gets no-hit for the first time in 41 years, that isn’t even the main reason I’m appalled and disgusted. As embarrassing as that is, those things do happen — often to good teams.

    What truly outrages me is that there is no reason to believe the future will be any different than the present and even though we, the collective fan base, know it, the front office refuses to realize it or acknowledge it. And truthfully, I don’t know which is worse — ignorance or denial.

    Add in the fact that Huntington, who has been incredibly polite to me in the past, flat-out insulted ALL of us and I’m officially ashamed to be a fan of this organization for the first time ever, which goes back to when I was 8 years old in 1988.

    I won’t spend another dime or day at PNC until things change. That’s on Nutting. He needs to listen, read and believe our stance. This is the breaking point. I’ll always love and support the Pirates, but now it’ll be from a distance. Make changes or we’ll hit three decades before we blink. That’s not a request. It’s a Navy SEAL-type order.

  204. JAL says:

    Right said

    I agree, no-hitters happen to good and bad teams and thrown by great and average and below average pitchers. The team record in August and September is the big problem.

  205. luther16matthew says:

    I would like to express myself but can’t after my self imposed Pirates ban due to last nights game. It is hard being a Pirates fan and I especially feel for ones out of the area like me you really have to put in extra time and $ to follow the team on a daily basis. If they don’t care, why should I.

  206. keebbuc says:

    Good and bad teams are no hit but the timing of this is bizarre. The Pirates should’ve been no hit several times over the past however many horrible years. If the franchise were a kingdom of yore you’d certainly have to question their divine right to rule. It’s almost as if god himself is saying “OK this is ridiculous.”

  207. Chris says:

    The no hitter is just the icing on the cake. If Nutting wants to have fans and customers, then he needs to have the idiot comments and actions from people like Huntington to stop. Who runs a business and publically states that the customers are wrong? The Pirates always seem more concerned about winning an argument than winning on the field.

  208. Hurdled says:

    Neal has us on the right track.

    Why can’t you all see that.

    Others in baseball see that.

    Why can you all?

  209. Hankpsu says:

    One additional thought for the pirates marketing dept: at next year’s home opener instead of the ‘cute’ little interviews and questions they pre-record with players, I suggest they bring back Jason Kendall to address the fans with this message:

    Welcome to hell, volume 2013

  210. Leefoo says:

    Dejan……I don’t always agree with you (and your ‘sickening’ was a bit over the top), but don’t ever lose your passion or dedication!

    Even IF your opinions (and predictions) are wrong most of the time!

    InFallible Foo


  211. Dan1283 says:

    6-20 in September with a schedule that should have rocketed them to the wild card. The single most disgraceful sports collapse I’ve ever seen.

  212. Dan1283 says:

    And for the record, despite the agrenda of the apologist bloggers that this is some minor bump in the road of a season with an unusual amount of no-hitters, that was the team quitting on everyone, including the fans, in the most embarrassing and disgraceful way possible. That was flat-out nuclear.

    By the way that notion that this is some ridiculous year for no-hitters is a lame attempt by apologists to mask the truth. We just had SIX in 2010, including one by Dallas friggin’ Braden. This ‘Year of the Pitcher’ nonsense only crept up on those who haven’t been paying attention since MLB got serious about steroids. And if it is indeed the year of the pitcher, who forgot to tell the second-half Pirates?

  213. pattonbb says:

    @Dan1283 #212 – I was just about to say the same thing. For the first time in my 40+ years, I”m almost embarrassed to be a Pirates fan. Regardless to whether you’re “pro” or “anti FO”, there’s no defending the worst collapse in MLB history. This no-hitter is just salt in an open wound.

  214. 18nalax says:

    As a Pirates fan living in Ohio surrounded by Reds “fans”, this has been the worst season of the past 20. There is nothing worse than being nearly 20 games over .500, and then collapsing in an epic fashion, and hearing it from fans of a division rival.

  215. Piano Legs Hickman says:

    In fairness to NH, what’s he supposed to say? “You’re right; I suck.” Never going to happen. That’s why there is supposed to be a chain of command [leading up to the owner, one presumes] who reviews the operation of the team. Nutting did it once with Littlefield; I share Dejan’s hope that he will do it again. I also hope that this time, he’ll hire proven baseball people who will set the franchise in the right direction and, above all, will be able to figure out who can play and who can’t. The no-no, as Dejan likes to say, is a symptom of this disappointing season.

  216. jake says:

    I bought to watch out here in Tacoma, WA for this? No way. I cannot throw my money at this franchise any longer.

  217. Eric Bowser says:

    I laugh at any “fan” who thinks this organization is “all-in” and ready to “finish” the job and win.

  218. keebbuc says:

    How things have not changed: General Player Equivalence over “The Streak”

    1st Base: Jones = Daryl Ward
    2nd Base: Walker = Warren Morris with longevity
    3rd Base: Pedro = Aramis Ramirez (doomed to do his best work elsewhere)
    SS: Barmes = Abraham Nunez
    OF: McCutchen, Presley, Tabata = Brian Giles (early version), Chris Duffy/Tike Redman/every other flash in the pan outfielder, healthier Armando Rios/Jose Guillen with less tools
    C: Barajas = Keith Osik (He’s that bad IMO)
    SP: Burnett, McDonald, Karstens, Correa, Rodriguez = Jeff Suppan, Kip Wells, Steve Cooke, Brian Meadows, Paul Maholm
    CL: Hammer = Jose Mesa+
    Bullpen: Who cares
    Bench: Garbage = Garbage

    Walker and The Hammer are really the only two that don’t have a pretty similar player. Obviously Cutch profiles for more speed versus steroid era Giles.

  219. rob rowe says:

    Dear Bob,

    How does it feel to operate a professional baseball team with a vigor of incompetence so complete that your franchise is considered a joke?

    One supposes that if your phone books and travel guides were as bad as your baseball team you’d be suggesting that Canonsburg is the ultimate honeymoon destination and calling to make a reservation would result in reaching a fax machine.

    Rob Rowe, former fan

  220. George108 says:

    Notice how slick Bob Nutting was when he announced about playoff tickets and the price increase for next year.When it comes to the dollar,he wakes up from his hibernation.At the end of the season,he should apologize to the fans and take decisive action and not more rhetoric.Do it soon,so we can enjoy the upcoming holidays.

  221. Jackson1111 says:

    With apologies to Eric Idle…

    Neal’s Morning Shave Song

    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    And…always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    Always look on the light side of Bucs…

    If life seems jolly rotten
    There’s something you’ve forgotten
    And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
    When you’re feeling in the dumps
    Don’t be silly chumps
    Just purse your lips and whistle – that’s the thing.

    And…always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    Always look on the light side of Bucs…

    For baseball’s quite absurd
    And losing the final word
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.
    Forget about your sin – give the audience a grin
    Enjoy it – it’s your last chance anyhow.

    So always look on the bright side of death
    Just before you draw your terminal breath

    Bucs’ a piece of shit
    When you look at it
    Win’s a laugh and losses a joke, it’s true.
    You’ll see it’s all a show
    Keep ‘em laughing as you go
    Just remember that the last laugh is on the fans..

    And always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    Always look on the right side of Bucs…
    (Come on guys, cheer up!)
    Always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    Always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    (Worse things happen to Piates at sea, you know.)
    Always look on the bright side of Bucs…
    (I mean – what have you got to lose?)
    (You know, you come from nothing – you’re going back to nothing.
    What have you lost? Nothing!)
    Always look on the right side of Bucs…

  222. Sean says:

    Fans, myself included, need to stop blindly supporting the brand name “Pirates”. This is an organization/business built on a faulty MLB economic system that allows team owners to make money despite 20 losing seasons in a row. Bob Nutting, Neal Huntington, and everyone in the front office will continue to have a tight wallet when it comes to signing players, because they will continue to make money for the team by doing so as a result of profit sharing. I constantly hear people complain about why the Pirates can’t sign more quality free agents. But think about it, would you want to work for a place that takes ZERO pride in the quality of product or service they provide? I am finished wasting my energy, time, and money to only be disappointed year after year. If people stop watching and going to games, then maybe something will change.

  223. Mike says:

    Huntington’s statements are like those of a con man trying to sell the Robero Clemente bridge to us yinzers. In his mind we’re dumb enough to buy his self analysis based not on reality, but the fear of losing his job. I only hope Nutting isn’t buying this bull. If he is, we’re doomed to more of the same.

  224. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Trust us. We know what we’re doing.”

  225. Eric Bowser says:

    Pirates 2013: Dumb and Dumber

  226. Don Lancaster says:

    This summer with following the Pirates was a akin to dating and getting engaged only to be left alone and rejected at the alter the day of the wedding.

  227. Gamardo says:

    Finish…really???? FINISHED is more appropriate. Neal, please get on with your life’s work. There obviously was a reason for the demotion in Cleveland. Your arrogance and Greg Brown’s sycophancy have disgusted me. Lemon out!!

  228. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Ignore the results. It’s the process.”

  229. Gamardo says:

    PS: The emperor has no clothes!!!!!!!!!

  230. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “It can’t get any worse.”

  231. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Never again.”

  232. Mark says:

    The audio has been removed from the site, just another embarrassment.

  233. New Yankees Fan says:

    Im intelligent enough to know that the direction of this club is going one way and that is downhill. What arrogance! NH what have you accomplished that we should feel differently about? Losing? Collapsing? Overpaying for scrubs? Overspending in draft? Navy Seals training? Instead of raising ticket prices they should be giving them away and begging their true fans to come back. It’s hard to root for this team anymore, I feel bad for the players and fans. What a huge letdown, it will be interesting to hear what else comes out of NH mouth.

  234. New Yankees Fan says:

    Pirates 2013: ” Sons of AnarchY”

  235. Mark says:

    It is working, my fault, must be my mobile having issues retrieving it.

  236. Mike Emeigh says:

    Dejan et al:

    If Huntington and Coonelly truly believe that the Pirates don’t need changes, then they need to go – now.

    I don’t think the Pirates have drafted all *that* badly under Huntington, but the players that they have drafted haven’t grown at all. That speaks to the mess (there is no other word for it) that is player development under Kyle Stark – a mess which, by the way, has been recognized by many “good baseball people in the industry” long before the recent public revelations.

    DK: Draft and development is always a chicken/egg argument, one for which firm answers rarely are found. Bottom line is getting good players in the majors or on a solid path to the majors. We’ve seen that so far only for players with bonuses of $6 million or higher.

    Good to hear from you, Mike. Been a LONG time.

  237. Hurdled says:

    Pirates 2013: We Still Have Barmes

  238. Hurdled says:

    Pirates 2013: You’ll Be Back and You Know It

  239. Hurdled says:

    Pirates 2013: Consistency For 20 Years

  240. Hurdled says:

    Pirates 2013: Why Can’t You Be Smart Like Boston Fans?

  241. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Patience.”

  242. cosmo says:

    The no-hitter I can live with, games like that happen. What is hard to deal with is all of the games against young inexperienced pitchers who end up looking like Cy Young
    when pitching against the Pirates. How many games did the Pirates lose to a pitcher with a 6+ ERA. How many pitchers recorded season or career highs in K’s when facing the Pirates. How many former Frontier League Pitchers beat the Pirates this year. OK maybe only 1 but you get the point. Playing down to the competition or just that far below the competition.
    I’m sorry but to fall from 16 games over .500 and finish under .500 again in totally inexcusable. Even if the GM says that the team wasn’t really deserving of being 16 games over. WHAT ????
    I don’t like to see people lose their jobs, but isn’t NH in a position where results are a factor in determining his future employment. Just look at the results and lack
    of fundamentals.

  243. JuniataKid says:

    Late to the party here.

    My reaction is surprise that it didn’t happen before this to this team. Looking down the batting averages, this is really quite an atrocious team with the bats. And that’s the starting lineup. When you get to the bench… good Lord. Nolan Ryan would have no-hit this team every other time out. I hated to see it happen to our Bucs. But it’s not like it’s at all shocking.

    It’s the talent, stupid.

  244. J.M. says:

    I guess I’m in the minority. Even though the conclusion of this season is certainly disappoining, I’m kind of excited about the team’s future. Cole, Taillon and Vic Black are getting close. Hanson, Bell, Polanco and Dickerson are 2-3 years away. McCutchen is signed long term. Walker, McHenry, and maybe Tabata are solid puzzle pieces. Yeah, there’s still a lot of work to do — and I’m well aware that Nutting could easily ruin it all — but I’m still going to allow myself to be enthusiastic about the team’s future. I’ve been waiting for a turnaround for too long to give up now.

  245. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Downward plane before upward results.”

  246. CWalton_67 says:

    There is only one way to force any change on the PIttsburgh Baseball Club–boycott. Do it until Nutting is forced to move the team or sell to someone who gives a darn about wininng.

    Without question, the people in charge of the Pirates- Nutting, Coonelly, and Huntingdon, think you are stupid.

    Spend your entertainment dollars elsewhere, picket PNC park, but above all other things, do not give one more cent of your heard earned money to a man who thinks you cannot tell the difference between good and bad management.

  247. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Stay the Course.”

    DK: Pirates 2013: “If we fail, it’s JMac’s fault”

  248. Dan1283 says:

    First, a boycott is next to impossible. You can write the Pirates down for 750,000 tickets just for putting out a schedule. Second, they’re breaking even before any of those tickets are sold between the local and national broadcast contracts plus their revenue sharing checks. A boycott would only pin the Pirates into the corner of cutting payroll, hunkering down, cutting costs, and waiting for another fluke-y team to come along and spike attendance. This is the cycle.

    My prediction? Everyone is retained, and Nutting throws a bone to the fans by paying some big free agent to come here. Pitcher, hitter, whatever. Doesn’t matter. He’s gotta justify that ticket increase somehow and he won’t fire these clowns as much as we all want him to.

  249. 21sthebest says:

    Dan , they are nowhere close to breaking even before any of those tickets are sold.

    DK: Thank you. The 2012 Pirates had a ton of problems. But the only one related to money was how much was WASTED.

  250. Byebyebuccos says:

    Just think. The most popular season ticket package of 20 games has the largest price increase for next season. Good 4 Nutting does not care. It’s all about the caaaash.

  251. 21sthebest says:

    I don’t look at it that way Dejan. Every team takes risks. How did we compare on that front to other teams, as in what’s the average wasted money rate? Seems very subjective. You could argue the Phillies wasted a ton of money on Pence. If the Rays miss the playoffs, they wasted money on Pena. Look at what the Reds wasted on Madsen.

    IMO, the money we’ve “wasted” on Barmes, Barajas and others really shouldn’t hurt us financially moving forward when looking at free agents. To me, the bigger problems are how are we developing players in the minors and how we are preparing daily for the major league season.

    DK: Agreed.

  252. Reading says:

    Pirates 2013: “Lumber and Losses.”

  253. Joe Strummer says:

    I’m So Bored with the P.B.C…
    But what can I do?

    DK: “North Shore’s Burning!”

  254. Byebyebuccos says:

    “I’ve been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one. And I believe it could be someday it’s going to come. “. ……. Oops! Sorry about that! I was dreaming like a hippy. I guess it is better to dream like a hippy than it is to accept the reality that the Pirates will remain a joke as long as Robby Nutting, Frank the Tank, and Opie Huntingdon are in charge.

  255. Steven McHale says:

    I no longer live in Pittsburgh and yet its sports teams are one of the few things that maintain a connection to my childhood year round.

    I proudly sport black and gold on my worldwide travels and boast about Pittsburgh to anyone who has never been there. I am proud of the general class and passion we have concerning these teams. When I return home there is a certain nostalgia that I experience in seeing Steelers purses, Pirates hats, and Penguins sweaters on old women, young babies, and the like. The dedication of all of Western PA to support the teams is astounding and makes a few of the Pittsburgh elite very rich men.

    For one of those lucky few to willingly take our personal and taxpayer dollars and at the same time deride the consumers is disgusting. In my wildest dreams, I can’t imagine the Rooneys nor Lemieux ever publicly saying other than they are extremely blessed for what Pittsburgh has given them.

    This slap in the face should not and will not stand. I for one will no longer support the Pirates until they have made proper remedies. Whereas two years ago we were told to pony up our dollars before the teams does. Well, we did. Now it’s their turn.

  256. Hurdled says:

    Pirates 2013: Who else in town can you watch from June to August?

  257. Eric Bowser says:

    Prior to 2011 season, Bob Nutting said small bits of incremental improvements wasn’t good enough.

    So Bob, what is it after 2012?!?

  258. Dan1283 says:


    What is your definition of “not close?”

    And for the record, I agree with your #252 post wholeheartedly.

  259. Eric Bowser says:

    September 7, 2007 – Bob Nutting announces he has fired Dave Littlefield after 8 months researching the organization. Then says this enables him to find the very best candidates, to get in front of everyone and hire the best candidate.

  260. Eric Bowser says:

    SIX, count ‘em 6 days later

    September 13, 2007 – Nutting announces the hiring of Frank Coonelly as Team President.

  261. Gypsy Davy says:

    A wise man once said “You can change your clothes. You can change your political party. You can change your diet. You can even change your religion. But you can’t change your baseball team.”

    I’m a baby boomer. When I was born in New Castle, the Pirates were one of the worst teams in baseball, but gradually coalesced during the ’50s, reaching their first apex of my lifetime in October 1960 I still remember our third grade teacher Mrs. McKnight bringing a radio to class and let us listen to one of the games. They had their ups and downs after that. Then there was 1971. 1979. Even 1992 was amazing. But Great Clemente’s Ghost, what happened after that?

    No doubt you’ve already considered that a whole generation has grown up without a Pirates’ winning season. You know that there are adult voters, men and women in our nation’s armed forces, people in college, all who have never known the relative contentment of a Pirates’ team finishing a season above .500. Surely you realize the pain and suffering which has come of being a Bucco’s fan.

    But abandon them? Turn my back and walk away? Never! I know they’re not the same team that once fielded some of the greatest names in baseball history. I won’t invoke the players’ names. No need to cheapen their legacies by associating them with the Nuttings’ Pirates. (Navy Seal training? I mean, really!) Still, they’re still my team. My beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. The boys in black and gold. They’re in my blood, and Lord help me, I’ll always be a Pirates fan no matter how they have crushed my spirit for twenty years. I guess that’s my problem.

  262. Eric Bowser says:

    Hitler has a response to this historic collapse

  263. E Stevenson says:

    mid-july 2011: Pirates 7-8 games above .500 and in first place in NL Central! Surely this would be the year that they break “The Streak”. Collapse 1! Fool me once shame
    on you!

    late july- early august: Pirates 16 games over .500 and just behind the Reds for the NL Central lead, holding down the first wildcard spot! Without a doubt this is the year
    “The Streak” ends! Collapse 2! Fool me twice shame on me!

    2013: There will be no third time! I don’t care if the Pirates were to start the season 80-0 [Yes, I know no team could ever start 80-0. Just making a point. Now I won’t put 0-80 past the Pirates! If any team can accomplish that it’s the Succos!] I still won’t buy it. That would only mean they would lose their next 82 games in row and finish 80-82!

    Losing season #21 in a row, here come the Succos!

  264. Dirt Dog says:

    OK, I’m 52, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to see the Pirates win again in my lifetime. I started being a fan probably around 1967 or so when I went to my first game at Forbes Field. Willie Stargell won the game in the 9th with a home run on the roof in right field. I experienced the joy of Roberto Clemente carrying the team to win the 1971 World Series and Willie Stargell doing the same in 1979.

    I also experienced those moments of despair, crying after Bob Moose’s wild pitch to lose the 1972 NL Championship and a few months later when the news broke that Roberto Clemente had died. I sat their numb, watching Sid Bream slide across home plate, shattering the last winning season I may ever see. Living in Braves country now, I get to re-live that slide over and over, and I’m not sure the pain of it will ever go away.

    But give up? Quit rooting for the Pirates? No, I may be a glutton for punishment, but I won’t give up, even though the management team seems to be pretty clueless on how to build a winning team. I have a son at Grove City now, and I’ve made sure that I get to at least one game in Pittsburgh each year. I go to Turner Field at least once a year when the Pirates are in town. I still “watch” them every night on, suffering with every loss. I’m sure I’m the object of laughter and ridicule down here, but I wear my Pirates cap whenever I run and oftentimes where my Pirates T-shirt when I’m out and about.

    So, next February or so, when hope springs eternal for most baseball fans, I know in my head that 2013 won’t be the year. But in my heart, just maybe, if everything falls together, well maybe …

  265. Dan Finnegan says:


    There it is. Why being a Pittsburgh sports fan is unique. Highest of the highs and lowest of the lows. Experienced another lowest of lows when they got no-hit, then went back to the top when Andrew walked it off. Yeah this season when into the crapper in August, but what a ride the first part of the season was. Somebody in the Pirates FO needs to be held accountable, but we know that’s not gonna happen, don’t we??? Let’s see what they do in the offseason to get better for next year.

  266. Mike says:

    Try to imagine any of NH’s asinine sound bytes coming coming out of Ray Shero’s mouth and you see the difference between success and failure, a franchise with a chance every single year vs a franchise that is a laughingstock. They will never have sustained success of any kind behind “leadership” like this. What a joke.

  267. TJA says:

    I am just getting caught up on blog/email stuff from over the weekend. I was there Friday evening and witnessed everything in person. I truly was stunned and in disbelief. Wow…an amazing night to be at the park….for Reds fans. For Pirates fans…it makes one ill.

  268. TJA says:

    My favorite story recently is one I read on this blog a few days back regarding the executive who indicated that his organization will NOT renew their tickets for 2013. He shared his company has 81 games…4 seats…etc., etc. And now they will look to Pitt or the Penguins or wherever to move their money. I have not been able to get this out of my mind since I read this last week. If there are 4 or 5 or 6 or…other organizations that will do the same….think of the $$$ that would be? You could possibly be talking up to a half million dollars. Maybe that wakes them up on Federal Street?!

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