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Wakeup Call: Nutting on deck now

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

>> If it’s Thursday, it’s chat day. We’ll get going at noon, but you can begin posting entries at 6 a.m.

>> Down below is the final out of 2013, fittingly a strikeout …

>> Remember what Bob Nutting told me last week about how no jobs are safe?

Well, he reiterated that to KDKA-TV’s John Shumway for their newscast last night, adding that, “We’re reviewing all sorts of alternatives.”

The “we” in this case, I can tell you, is one guy. It’s Nutting. It has to be. He’s not going to get much done by walking into people’s offices and asking if they think it’s a good idea to be fired. He’s got to get his hands dirty, ask hard questions, ask them up and down the system.

As I type this, I believe he will.

I made the case in the column last Friday, and I’ll repeat: The collapse is a symptom, not a cause. Some of those running the team have talked about wanting to take a close look at the collapse. I’ve even heard it described as “September,” as if that’s when it began. Both of those are bunk.

It’s about the cause. The cause was a lack of depth related to terrible free-agent signings, negligible trades, poor drafting depth and ‘Hoka Hey’ development. This team wasn’t built to weather a single rain cloud, let alone a storm.

Time to find out why.

>> Remember what Neil Walker said on my radio show Tuesday about players being dissatisfied with management at the trading deadline?

Announcer Greg Brown, a team employee, further confirmed on The Fan.

Brown also was asked if all jobs should be secure: “Honestly, no. … Personally, I think something should happen. As I’ve said before, I’m not smart enough to know where that lies. Is it in the front office somewhere? Is it in that clubhouse or on the field? I don’t know. But something should happen when you don’t achieve a goal, and they didn’t achieve a goal. They collapsed. For the second straight year. There’s no doubt about that. I think something will happen.”

Good for Brown. It’s not easy for someone in his position to be that candid. I respect that.

More people seem to be feeling more comfortable in that regard.

Stay tuned.

>> The Steelers have been talking an awful lot this week about effort, leadership, focus and all kinds of intangibles. That’s the topic of Alan Robinson’s report this morning, as well.

Man, they’d better hope that’s their issue.

The alternative is pretty scary, not just for this season but for the foreseeable future, given what looks to be a couple of dubious draft classes developing.

>> Again, hope you join in for the chat.

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