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  1. It’s a basketball day on the blog

    Duke lost leaving Michigan as the unbeaten team. Michigan has a tough one tomorrow, playing Ohio State

  2. Maybe Spunky should ask for a thread.

  3. Any news from Pirate minicamp?

    DK: Been over for a couple days, I think.

  4. TC, I heard all telephone poles arrived at the designated locations safely

  5. Is Rex Ryan still out of work?

    Its been a long 5 minutes

  6. OOPS, Rob Ryan?

    What ever brother that does not have a tatoo of his wife in a Tony Sanchez jersey.

  7. Biz, how do you know Rob Ryan doesn’t have a similar tattoo?

  8. Back from dinner. Ate at 3:17 (I checked).

    In other words, it took forEVER to get served.

    Hope I can stay up for the Dukes.

  9. You’re right, AW, we need that OSU-Michigan thread tomorrow.

    Go, Broncos.

  10. Two words.

    Fumble kickoff.

  11. 120 seconds. 36 yards.


  12. @pattonbb

    As Jandy would say, EEEEWWWW

    Or something like that

  13. LOCKOUT is OVER.


    Midnight league is open for business.

    Schedule has been released

  14. Thanks for the heads up on the schedule Eric

  15. Was SF that good or was GB’s defense also pretty bad? Even when Kaepernick sat in the pocket, he was hardly in peril.
    Do have to admire what SF got for devoting three No. 1 picks to offensive lineman. We’ve got a No. 1 and a pair of 2′s on ours — hope it all comes together, next year.

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