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  1. Duquesne and pitt are opposite images.

    One (very) young man is carrying Duquesne.

    And pitt has one (v) young man who they are carrying. That’s not really fair. Because if he blossoms…Look out.

    But it’s pitt. I don’t WANT to be fair.

  2. The difference between Pitt and Duquesne is that Duquesne’s administration effectively stripped away every asset Duquesne had when it let Everhardt and his recruiting class go.

    I feel bad for Jim Ferry——he is starting from scratch. Good teams on the Bluff are at least 2 years away.

  3. Who thinks Russell Martin will have an All-Star season?


  4. Pitt’s keys the game:

    1. Don’t turn the ball over.
    2. Put points on the scoreboard.
    3. Control the line of scrimmage.
    4. Establish the running game.

  5. Oviedo is far from Bradenton…northwest of Cocoa Beach (where I live during the week), outskirts of NE Orlando.

  6. DePaul inexplicably continues to press.

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