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  1. This new format looks GREAT!

    Will Mark Aguirre be at the game today?

    H2P !

    • I wish we had the post numbers back. And also a refresh at the bottom of the page. Then all would be right with the world.

      • I wish the morning links would show up when I post them instead of sitting there waiting for moderation. Only did 3 basketball links this morning and they still did not post.

        DK: They will. It’ll take time.

        • Yes, I noticed your song explanation flying out there and figured the links were trapped in an alternate universe.

        • and for that matter, wouldn’t it be considerate for you and nice for us if you had a separate, dedicated section for morning links to the right, amidst Archives, Recent Posts, Recent Comments? Where you could post them once per day and have them appear on all threads? In which you would not need all those separate emails?

          Ah. Just a dog’s dream.

        • Dejan’s up this early?

          The Mayans were right.

          Or his plane just landed.

      • And since I am in my cantankerous poodle mode, i’m the contrarian who DOESN’T want +s and -s.

        Never liked them. Intellectually lazy.

        If you agree or disagree, SAY so. Explain WHY. That is what a blog is FOR, for Dog’s Sake.

      • And since nobody is asking, just number the first, independent post in each thread. That is the only way to keep the #s from constantly changing. Unless walt posts. And disappears.

  2. And automatic refresh. I want that too. And pancakes.

    • Now why do some posts have a reply button and some don’t?

      • They are all there. If we are replying and imbedded in another post, it is ABOVE. If it is a reply post, it is BELOW. If it is my wife, it is ANNOYED.

      • So why do you have Roberto as your avatar above and gray man here? Could you be on with two different email addresses?

        Or did we already break the new toy?

      • I remember that once in the “old old place” I took a picture of Dejan, painted it orange, drew horns, and an evil looking mustache and used that as an avatar for awhile.

        I took it down. Too confusing. People couldn’t tell us apart.

        Ah. The good old days.

    • DK is not up, Drew. That was an auto-reply.

      • Lucky, Do you know if there is a place on the new blog that I can go and nominate your post for POST OF THE DAY? (the post about auto-reply, I have to say that because there are no more numbers)

        • Don’t worry, TC. I’ll receive the honor right here in the field. Like getting a medal on the battlefield. Thanks.

  3. Have we figured out that if we pick an avatar, will it follow us to every site that we use the email address attached to it?

    So if I use the same email address for this and facebook, will they be the same avatar? Which will not be good for hiding and protecting our identity. Gotta go, I think the cops are at the door……………

  4. Does anyone know where i can get a picture of Liraino’s right arm for my avatar?


  5. I’m a little surprised JoeyBats’ avatar (Hoka Hey) got through the sensors.

  6. Penguins defense is struggling big time.

    The breakout system doesn’t make sense for the majority of these defensemen… well it just doesn’t make any sense.

    The defensemen have been weak in the hitting department as you’ll see below and clearing the net as usual is a problem.

    Orpik -9
    Despres, Engelland, Niskanen – 3
    Letang, Lovejoy – 2
    Martin – 1

  7. I think I uploaded an avatar

  8. JAL’s links are much appreciated. When I first saw them I thought there were from a trib employee

    • Ah. Another employee accusation.

      If Pepperidge Farm = Pirates, Trib must be Town Talk.

      Who makes moldy bread? We have to employ Thunder.

  9. I use Google Chrome and I keep getting “page unresponsive” pop-ups on this site now.

    Trib server guys might want to take a look.

  10. My pregame comments for Pitt-Depaul… just for Drew and under 9,000 words.

    *Will Jamie Dixon adjust and start letting his young players run the floor. When Steven Adams is moving, he plays well. Go Pitt!

  11. Found this story interesting

    11 Sacramento Bee

    Baseball mystery — How did bible with players’ signatures end up in library bin?

  12. I likes the new format!

  13. Dejan. Special request for a Duquesne thread to go up sometime before halftime
    (this time)

  14. I’m moving over to the Duquesne thread.

    That was offered as a public service. So you all can stay here and avoid me.

    And talk baseball and stuff.

  15. “DK: I have no idea what you’re getting at, Groat. If it’s about baseball, can it at least wait another couple months?”

    Dejan, you are an intriguing fellow. You are obviously intelligent, and your wordsmithing is a beautiful art . . . . . but your reading comprehension is extremely poor. Maybe it’s the caffeine! When you snap at someone, it is almost always because you become defensive or take offense at something the person here has NOT said. A second interesting observation is the infrequency of you backing down from your misreading, even when it is pointed out to you.

    Let me exegete my comment to you yesterday. I complimented you on your writing of a HOCKEY story that I actually remember reading back in the 90′s in the P-G. I complimented you on getting to the “heart” of the story and not falling prey to the negative peripheries of the situation. I complimented your sensitivity in portraying not just an event (last game, foolish NHL) but capturing a spirit of a community. I complimented you on spending your own money (“on his own dime”) to endeavor this quest. As you shared the incident in the “Wakeup Call” without your readers necessarily being able to engage or point to your actual writing (until Pitt—Michael came through in locating the article via google), it obviously was a watershed moment in your life. I complimented your “heart,” your courage to do all this.

    I used brief words YOU WROTE in another article to inject humor into my maudlin congratulating you for a job well done. And I encouraged you to always hold onto that zest and beautiful approach to writing and life.

    Now where is the “baseball” in this scenario? What am I supposed to wait a couple months about? To compliment you? To congratulate you? To use your own words?

    In the last 3 weeks I have made comments at this site about NBA basketball, college basketball, high school basketball, NFL football, college football, hockey, Minor League baseball, Major League baseball, Pitt, Duquesne, the Pirates, soccer (only derisively!), and marbles! Do you only hear my voice talking about baseball?

    This negative attitude you’ve taken toward baseball the last 7 weeks or so——let’s wait for another time to discuss that. You mention so often, too often, that you haven’t written anything about baseball for __ weeks. Has your editor told you to lay off baseball? Has the Pirate Front Office gotten to the Trib. Another time, another place.

    Staying just on this issue you do not need to apologize to me for snapping injudiciously at me, but I do think you owe Jandy and Lucky, and maybe Arriba Wilver, an apology. They were just being “Good Samaritans” to help you catch the truth of a statement, and you jumped on them too. I’m man enough to stand behind my words, but they were innocent bystanders trying to correct a situation and you barked at them.

    Let me try to say in unadorned fashion—in Pittsburghese—what I wrote to you yesterday:
    . . . . Dejan, ya done good! Now do it again!

    Is that clear enough for you?

    DK: You’re right, I’m wrong. Simple as that.

    As for baseball, it’s not baseball season and, more to the point, the offseason hasn’t exactly generated a wealth of news lately. Karstens re-signing might have been about it, and I wrote about it.

    When there’s baseball news again, I’ll write about baseball. Moreover, when the local team is in Bradenton, I’ll spend a week there in early March. No holds barred, as always.

    For right now, my focus has just been elsewhere. Like where things are actually happening.

    • It was reported today that an Egyptian judge sentenced some unruly soccer fans to death.

      And all WE do is talk baseball on hockey threads.

  16. Pitt leading 14-10 with 13:48 to play in first half.

  17. Villanova and Georgetown win again.

  18. officiating in this Pitt-DePaul game is horrendous… my goodness.

  19. Dante Taylor with two nice shots at the free throw line…

  20. 32 points with 8 minutes left in first half, might be a record. Triple digit blowout time.

  21. Once again Panthers getting balanced scoring as Johnson, Moore, Taylor Wright contributing from off bench. Dixon is starting to ise hos depth to his advantage gettimg lots of combinations on the floor.

    Very good start in game that could turn into blow out.

  22. Nice to see Ziegler getting more comfotable in his role on team, asserting himself much more and starting to become a nice offensive piece.

  23. Looking at the cascading-rhomboid reply boxes might be seizure inducing.

  24. Half a hundred in play for first half.

  25. I’m thinking that the alternating khaki/olive drab text boxes signifies a Hoka Hey mentality.

  26. That is as dominant a half of basketball you will see. Panthers get out to 23 point lead with all 10 players scorig, seven with 5+ points, a 29-18 rebounding edge and holding the opposition to 27% from the field while Pitt shot 50% from the field.

    This team is showing improvement as the season goes along and has the definite look of an NCAA tourney team that will be a tough out with as deep as this team plays especially if the offense starts clicking to go with this shutdown defense employed.

  27. Pitt with a 38 point victory, its most dominating performance of the year. They out rebound DePaul 50-29 hold them to 26% from the field and get four players to score in double digits.

    Panthers 2-0 in Big East play in the gold uni’s keep them coming! Pitt moves into sole possession of third place in Big East play at 5-3.

    Quick turn around as Panthers head to Louisville for Big Minday than return to te Pete to face top team Syracuse, great opportunity to make a move!

  28. Impressive win for Pitt as they took care of business against a bad team.

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