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On location: Wichita State 73, Pitt 55, NCAA Tournament

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

SALT LAKE CITY — Looking ahead to tipoff …

Game: No. 8 seed Pitt (24-8, 12-7 Big East) vs. No. 9 Wichita State (26-8, 12-6 Missouri Valley)

Time: 1:40 p.m.

Site: EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City

TV, radio: TBS, 93.7 The Fan

Here is Pitt’s official page.

And here is TribLIVE’s Pitt basketball page. Kevin Gorman and I are on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. Let the madness begin….

    (I would link a Madness video but I don’t want to obstruct the thread. Feel free to hum “Baggy Trousers” to yourself).

  2. Check out Dejan’s tweet

    Betcha he doesn’t go to Salt Lake City again ;-)

    • Ha, I responded to your comment on the last thread after I saw that.

    • Yeah, DK can’t find coffee & Ron Cook says he can’t find beer.

      • Oh nonsense, Cook.

        The Bayou on State and Beerhive on Main are great pubs. Wasatch, Squatters, Uinta, and Epic Breweries all are based in Salt Lake Valley.

        They sell the damn stuff in gas stations for gosh sakes.

        • We think other states are backward 7 we can’t even get a 6-pack in a 7 eleven.

          • You can get single shots of hard liquor (airplane size) at grocery stores here. I’ve even been through a drive-through liquor store where the guy hands you the liquor through a window and you pay him right from your driver’s seat.

            Cook would love it here.

        • Most beer in Utah is 3/2, is it not? I know I can buy beer on Hill AFB with a warner sticker that says “strong beer.”

    • Awww, who needs caffeine for this–let the atmosphere of the tournament be your caffeine

  3. Vern Lundquist announced the most famous Valparaiso alum as Lloyd McClendon. Who knew ?

    • Easily the most famous alum for Gonzaga is Der Bingle.

      For Pitt, it’s a toss up between Jenna Morasca or Bill Cullen.

      • Kornheiser mentioned Bing Crosby yesterday, I did not know that. I’m the 2nd most famous Pitt alum in my house. Tony Dorsett is 1st.

  4. I think I saw Dejan on TV-if he is wearing that same hoodie.

  5. DK: The Bill Belichick of columnists…Nice hoodie

  6. Oh no, Gottlieb is part of the CBS crew there.

  7. Nothing to read over lunch so I decided to click one of JAL’s links from BucsDugout.

    What a sniveling, unsufferable bunch. Of all the things they decide to criticize, it’s spending $1.5m on a backup shortstop that can actually, you know, play shortstop. God forbid somebody get in the way of Bob Nutting and his money.

    Much like rubbernecking a wreck on the Parkway, I couldn’t help myself. I continued to read on. There I found an entire post criticizing Dejan, by name.

    This isn’t 1950. Good journalism can be found in blogs all over the internet. Often times better than in print. But my god, nothing says bush league and unprofessional like bashing a guy by name with your bunch of little followers. Those guys clearly read Dejan, clearly know his blog, and clearly know he doesn’t back down from anything, yet choose to hide wipe each others tears in their own sandbox.

    I don’t think anyone here would confuse me with Dejan’s biggest supporter(to put it lightly), but the guy has earned levels of magnitude more respect than what I just saw.

  8. I was going to do an over under on how long it would take Adams to be benched with 2 fouls & there’s 1 already.

  9. Is it a big crowd? Sometimes the 1130 game does not sell well.

  10. Is there any possibility that Dixon hasn’t been open to the USC position in the past because he didn’t want to have to recruit against his former boss Ben Howland?

    If Howland gets canned at UCLA it would be interesting to see if Dixon does go to USC.

  11. 3 turnovers in 4 minutes. Since when did Tino Sunseri play for the basketball team?

  12. Did you catch Taylor’s pass, Dejan?

    7-5 WSU at first media TO.

  13. The national radio crew says pit passes are week which is causing the turnovers.

  14. Pitt is so much better with Taylor than with Adams

  15. WSU falling in love with the three early but not much falling for them.

    Good lord, Woodall is having a sloppy start.

  16. How many turnovers can Pitt have? 6 already .

  17. Jaimie Maggio makes up for Gottlieb.

  18. Wide open 3… jeezus this is an ugly game

  19. Pitt honoring Stockton & Malone with their liberal use of the pick & roll.


  21. Three on one break in the pull-up for a three pointer? They haven’t made any all day. Need to drive to the basket. Adams needs the power to the basket not try fadeaway shots. Right now they couldn’t put the ball in Temple Square.

  22. 0-6 from 3pt land and 2 missed layups.

  23. Bucknell up on Butler by 6

  24. Woodall needs to step up

  25. Teams shooting a combined 56%. That’s when you add their percentages together, that is.

  26. There has been 1 made jump shot so far.

  27. 14-13 Shockers 7:53 left First Half TO on the court.

  28. Woodall doesn’t want this to be remembered as his final game.

    With Taylor and Adams-should be working the ball in. WSU would have problems with that.

  29. Dejan,

    Would you please tell them they’re not playing Notre Dame ?

    DK: They’d never hear me.

  30. What was JAL squawking about a few weeks ago-how there were no shooters in BB anymore? :)

  31. The reason no one on Pitt averages more than 12pts per game is cause they can’t shoot to save their lives.

  32. Bad call… that was a 3

  33. Does the NCAA have to let the winner advance to the next round?

  34. Best thing I’ve seen so far was that venture card commercial with Barkley

  35. 7 turnovers for Pitt.

  36. Lamar Patterson misses a layup….He is a big non factor for Pitt

  37. Are you kidding me… they called a flagrant foul on a drive to the basket? Unfreaking believable.

  38. I predict Adams plays for 15 NBA teams. Tall, timid, non-aggressive center needed to kill minutes during the 2 and 3 periods are too numerous to count in the NBA-and they all bounce from team to team.

  39. The wussification of sport in this country continues.

  40. Officials are absolutely horrible. That should have never been reviewed. You don’t even blow the whistle for a foul but review it and call a flagrant?

    Karma with the 1 FT and turnover

  41. WTF is Woodall doing. God Pitt is horrible. I hope Dixon is done

  42. Dixon to USC.. I hope so.

  43. WSU leads 26-21 with 1:38 remaining in half. Dixon with the time out.

  44. Woodall having worst game this season!


  45. And an ugly half ends 26-21 Shockers.

  46. Terrible last position by Pitt.

  47. I take back all the complaints I had about Pitt not being ranked higher

  48. Gotta laugh at the Dodgers… Crawford is hurting, Greinke has elbow problems and now they lose Hanley for the first 2 months of the season. They are slowly becoming the Washington Redskins

  49. Here is the crap on that flagrant foul call. It says contact above the defenders shoulder; the defender was leaning down and actually had his head below the shoulder of the Pitt player.

  50. WSU coach tells Maggio that good defense is reason for poor shooting pct.

    Puh-leeze coach. Both teams have had some good looks and taken some high percentage shots.

  51. Its time for the “just play ball” offense

  52. They are who we thought they were, unfortunately.

  53. Did CBS think this head of officials is going to say anything else?

    Dude just contradicted himself; he said they have to deem whether it was a personal foul or a flagrant foul. They didn’t call a personal foul how can they call it flagrant????????

  54. Steve Smith was one of the best collegiate players I ever saw play. Good dresser, too.

  55. Where is that Steven Adams Fan Club today??? He is pathetic–I said it before and I’ll say it again. Jamie to USC–hire Sean Miller–I am certain he knows you need shooters to win in the game of basketball.

  56. “I thought we executed well except for the turnovers”.

  57. God almighty; its like watching a train wreck but I can’t turn it off

  58. Great start to the second half

  59. National radio crew very very critical of Adams. They are saying he is not keeping eye contact with the ball.

  60. Something we missed last spring – Pitt bowing out of the NCAA tournament wearing their white uniforms. It happens year after year after year. Someone said the other day that Dixon has never beaten a higher seeded team in the tourney. They rarely if ever get far enough to play one.

  61. How about a flagrant on pretty boy there. Fair is fair.

  62. These incessant looks at TV replays by officials is killing sports.

  63. I’m going on record here. I hate video review in all sports. Let the refs make their decisions. If they are wrong-so be it.

    • At least WS got docked a TO for asking for the review.

      I can’t remember a Big East game where this came into play; and its the BIG EAST. You can’t tell me elbows aren’t thrown every time down the floor

  64. These officials are a joke

  65. Holy crap are they getting ridiculous with the elbow crap.

  66. 1 on 4 lets throw up a jumper. Nice decision.

  67. That was a beauty by Adams

  68. Get Adams out and go small.

  69. Another thing killing BB are the media timeouts. I know they need to pay for that huge contract. But the games just can never get into a groove-especially if you throw in the replay.

  70. Some young enterprising coach is going to revolutionize basketball by putting a team of scorers (gasp) together & playing like UNLV & Loyola Marymount used to.

  71. Time for Woodall to sit

  72. Dejan knows his hoops. So goes goes the Panthers.

  73. Radio crew says pit guards being totally outplayed.

  74. Woodall 1-9 shooting, 0-5 from three. 4 turnovers, no assists.

  75. WTF are you doing launching an NBA three point shot. Jeezus these guys have no concept of shot selection

    • Freaking dumb 3 point shot from Pitt and then give up a wide open 3.

      What time does everyone want to meet to help Jamie pack up his house?

  76. Gotta go get my kids at school. Enjoyed it gents. Hopefully, I’ll return home to a Pitt victory.

    Jandy-how about a basketball post while I’m gone. lol.

  77. Imagine that; someone else doesn’t understand what Jamie Dixon is doing

  78. U-G-L-Y

    Jamie Dixon can go and take his football team in basketball uniforms with him.

  79. Stick a fork in them they are done.

  80. They are giving little effort out there.

  81. Really not sure why Dixon continues to leave Woodall in the game; completely ridiculous

  82. They are playing like they can’t wait for this to be over. Come to think of it, neither can I.

    • I hope this is the end of the Dixon era as well

      • I’m on record as saying the next time he plays his little game to get another raise, I shake his hand, thank him for all he’s done & wish him well in his future endeavors.

      • I have been a Dixon fan, but I am tired of being embarassed to be a Pitt fan every year they go to the NCAA tournament. He was a good coach for the Big East,but he cannot coach in the tournament. Hoping he goes to USC at this point……….

  83. So you can’t make contact with a player above the shoulder with an elbow but you can slap them in the face. Makes sense

  84. Wort guard play I have ever seen.


  85. “Worst” also.


  86. Can Robinson EVER make a shot?? Where the hell does Jamie get these kids??

  87. Anyone notice how WS is pressing; being down 8 with 7:30 left and being supposedly 10 deep why isn’t Pitt pressuring

  88. Nightmare scenario for Pitt – Southern beats Gonzaga.

  89. Looks like another 1 and done.

  90. To a T. The script for a Pitt tournament L being closely adhered to. Not happy.

  91. In true Pitt fan fashion, I’m going to continue to wear my Pitt shirt the rest of the day so every time I pass by a mirror I can torture myself even more.

  92. HAHA; this commentator just said that Pitt faithful want Dixon to stay. They obviously have no clue about Pitt faithful

  93. Hmmm, maybe instead of criticizing Dixon or the players, maybe people should seriously start questioning the person who recruited and brought in these players…oh, wait a minute…

  94. Kind of hope this blows up to a 20pt loss

  95. At least the committee could have gave us the 10:00 Friday game….you know, to make us feel like we were in the tourney longer.

    I’ve had it with Dixon….he needs to go.

  96. The 4th leading 3 point percentage shooter in the nation is available. Already announced he’s transferring.

  97. This announcer is an idiot

  98. I’ll never learn, every year I pick Pitt in my brackets and get disappointed each year.

  99. The announcer just said if Dixon leaves Howland might come back to Pitt

  100. Got blowed aht.

  101. What makes people think USC would want him. I

    • Have you seen some of the people they have interviewed? They were considering bringing back a coach they fired a few years ago.

      If Dixon wants the job its his

  102. Jekyl and Hyde team all year long.

  103. I haven’t followed Pitt hoops closely and was out of town when the tournament seedings were announced. Do people think Pitt should have gotten higher than an 8 seed?

  104. Dixon has about 260 wins against 80 or so losses. The man’s winning percentage (over 75%) is better than 97% of the college coaches out there. He has led Pitt to more success than any other coach in any sport in Pitt’s history.

    Please, remind yourself first of the lofty standards the guy has set for this team. Plus the 7 straight appearances in the Big East tournament championship game.

    That said, someone needs to get hold of him at tournament time, hide him in his office, lock the door and let someone else run the team. It’s the same old tight, helpless five uniforms on the court every year. Sad to see for such an excellent, well-respected coach.

  105. If I blame Jamie for anything, it’s for sticking loyally to Woodall, who hasn’t played well in a big game in the last two years.

    Guards did them in. Robinson started the year looking very promising, but ended it with no apparent confidence in his own shot. Zieglar also faded in the end after a promising start. Woodall sucked big time.

    Lamar Patterson seems to lack the necessary effort. Really hope they don’t rely on him next year like they did Woodall.

    Still optimistic about next year, especially if Adams steps up. But then I picked them to advance past Gonzaga.



  106. Is this the Penguin blog?

  107. This replay thing is killing the tournament. Marquette just got a free time out to set up a play that resulted in the game winning shot for the Golden Eagles. But at least the Big East doesn’t see their regular season champ exit on day one.

  108. Gonzaga only up 3 at half. Nightmare scenario still in play.

  109. Can’t say I’m surprised by that final…

  110. C’mon Southern!!!!!

  111. Again, Jamie needs to tweak recruiting. Before season began, team lacked “nasty” on the front line and reliable shooters in the backcourt. Those missing specialties were never more evident than today.

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