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Thursday Wakeup Call: Jarome Iginla … oh, for real

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Morning, lunatics …

>> The weekly chat will take place today at noon, as always. There will be a difference, though, as the live chat platform will be moved right here to the blog. It’s the post right above this.

>> And it’s not like we won’t have much to discuss …

>> Wow.

While Pittsburgh slept, Ray Shero most assuredly did not, acquiring Jarome Iginla, nothing less than Calgary’s all-time leading scorer and franchise treasure, at 1:30 a.m. this morning.

One of the biggest trades in Pittsburgh sports history, and how many of us were awake?

There are all kinds of layers to this, obviously.

Let me start with this: The lifelong hockey fan in me is uncomfortable with Iginla wearing another uniform. He had a chance to be a lifer in one city, and I never like seeing that change, especially with someone who carries himself in the manner Iginla does.

That said, as Flames GM Jay Feaster told reporters in the wee hours, he approached Iginla because of his no-trade clause, and Iginla had to clear not only a trade but also a team. He’s never won a Cup, and he evidently feels it’s time to do that.

Obviously, a ton of ground here to cover, so I’ll bullet some random thoughts:

>> Lines are going to have to be determined not only by Dan Bylsma but also by a lot of the athletes involved. I’ll repeat that the locker room is going to need to be cool with all aspects of this, and that especially goes with the first line.

If I had to guess, I’d say Iginla goes with Sidney Crosby and Pascal Dupuis. That allows Chris Kunitz to move back alongside Evgeni Malkin and James Neal, like last year.

Brenden Morrow then moves into a complimentary role or as a fill-in on the top six if/when anyone is hurt.

>> Speaking of Morrow, might be worth checking with Elias to see if any NHL team has ever acquired two team captains in the same week.

>> For anyone who doesn’t know who this player is …

>> This team had better win. Everything.

>> Here’s a bunch of randomness from Shero’s middle-of-the-night conference call: “This is something we’ve been talking over the past couple of weeks. I stayed in touch with Jay the last couple of days. I talked with him this afternoon and later tonight. I was just waiting to hear back from him. … Jarome is a guy we looked at even after adding Morrow and Murray. With this increased cap space, we had options. … I just talked to him a little while ago. It’s a big change, obviously. No different than Morrow. A lot of emotion. …  Not any talks for extension. Nor have they brought it up. … The great thing about a guy like Jarome is he wanted to come to Pittsburgh. He said he is accepting of any role. … Dan has over a month to find that chemistry. Names on paper don’t mean much. It will be important to perform on the ice.”

>> Feaster said Iginla will remain in Calgary this morning to address reporters and the public there one last time. That means, of course, he won’t be arriving here today, but it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

>> I’ve interviewed Iginla a handful of times, including two one-on-ones in Calgary a while back. Total class, always smiling, friendly.

>> I’ve asked our beat man Josh Yohe to summarize the prospects the Penguins gave up, and he emailed this back to share with you: “Hard to explain how little the Penguins gave up for Iginla. These are not elite prospects. Not even close.”

Josh also wrote up these capsules:

Kenny Augustino, 5th round pick in 2010: A skilled forward who the Penguins thought might someday have a chance to play in the NHL. Scored 15 goals at Yale last season. Penguins liked him, didn’t love him, and never considered him to be anything resembling an elite prospect.

Ben Hanowski, 3rd round pick in 2009 draft: Numbers regressed noticeably during his senior year at St. Cloud State this season. Most goals he ever scored in a college season was 23. Has 16 this season. Penguins viewed him as a reasonably talented power forward prospect. Big kid at 6-2, 210. But, like D’Augustino, was not considered an adequate prospect, but absolutely not an elite one.

>> Cutting through it all: Neither of these two prospects ranked among the Penguins’ internal top 10. No kidding.

And a first-round Pittsburgh pick will be somewhere between No. 28-30.

Shero basically acquired a Hall of Famer for nothing.

>> Anyone else wonder if Iginla chose the Penguins over the Bruins?

I found it pretty striking in Feaster’s news conference that, when Calgary reporters asked about all the — amazingly definitive — reports that Iginla was Boston-bound, Feaster replied that it had had to be a joint decision.

Worth monitoring.

>> I covered this in Vancouver …

>> The Bruins must now hate Shero more than they ever hated Ulf Samuelsson.

>> Wonderful trade coverage in the Calgary Herald.

>> And in the Calgary Sun.

>> And, oh, yeah: The Penguins go for 14 tonight vs. Winnipeg, and they’ll do so without Kris Letang. I’ll be at Consol for the skate this morning, as well as the game.

Rob Rossi, Josh and I will be bringing you an awful lot more on this in the next 24 hours.

>> Wow.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. Dejan,

    Who do you feel are the best available candidates for the Pens fourth line? Obviously in need of a good face off guy, perhaps with some PK experience.


    and in the middle of typing that, I find out we acquired Iginla.

    Mind = BLOWN.

  2. And no sooner than 10 seconds after I typed on the previous thread, here’s the Wakeup Call. You’re fast, Dejan!

    Man, Shero is really going all in here. With due respect to the other top teams in the league, the Pens have to be a heavy favorite to win it all.

  3. This is so similar to the trades in ’91 for Ron Francis, Ulf Samuelsson and Grant Jennings. Would you agree? #ohmy

  4. Malkin, Iginla, Neal with Bennet sent down?

  5. what do you see the lines being?

    • Kunitz – Crosby – Iginla
      Morrow – Malkin – Neal
      Kennedy(Bennett) – Sutter – Dupuis
      Cooke – Vitale – Adams

      Martin – Orpik
      Letang – Despres
      Niskanen – Murray
      Rotating Eaton (really like him), Engelland.

      Probably could switch between Dupuis and Morrow. Dupuis bolsters third line, Morrow adds net front, gritty presence to open up space for Malkin and Neal. Those would be mine.

      • Naw . . . guessing its:

        DNP: Vitalie-Glass

        • Can’t scratch Glass for PK purposes. Bennett and Jeffrey will be scratched over Glass.

          • Dupuis, Sutter, Cooke, and Adams all kill penalities. Heck, I bet Morrow would do it just because he’s going to be on the 2nd PP at best. You can scratch Glass and make it work.

        • Kunitz-Crosby-Duper



  6. Great pickup for far less than what I thought he would go for….now what’s the chances of retaining the three newest penguins past this year?

  7. You just put up the blog about Iginla not coming here, and then to see Pens made the deal, and kept Bennett, Despres, Harrington, etc…. it was shocking… This team has a glut of talent now that is simply sickening, and they dont even have a healthy Malkin right now

  8. Duper get moved to 3rd line with Sutter and Cooke? Or does iginla go with Geno and Neal?

    • I was thinking over having Neal, Malkin and Iginla so the first line could stay the same. The only thing is that they keep saying Morrow is net front presence for Malkin. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of line tinkering in the upcoming games.

      • Iginla and Neal are both RW. Iginla goes on a line with Crosby and Dupuis. Kunitz reunited with Malkin and Neal and Morrow goes on a killer 3rd line with Sutter and Cooke. The 4th line will be interesting because Bylsma will have to dress Glass for the PK. Bennett will not see much ice time in the playoffs. TK goes to the 4th line.

  9. When does Ray Shero get a statue outside of Consol?

  10. So, top 6 forwards if all are healthy? Break up Sid’s line, or Morrow on 3rd line? Big ripple effect in the lines.

  11. … didn’t I just read in this paper that there would’ve been locker room problems in moving Dupuis off of the top line? Or would that go away when it’s someone with the rep that Iginla has? Or…?

    That being said… wow.

    • That can be avoided if you play Crosby/Kunitz/Dupuis, Malkin/Neal/Iginla, and Sutter/Morrow/Cooke

      • Agreed. I think Morrow is the “odd man out” of the top 6 at this point, though I think Iginla is more likely to play with Sid than Geno. Dupuis/Crosby/Iginla, Kunitz/Malkin/Neal…

  12. Shero absolutely fleeced Feaster here.

    Hanowski and Agostino are marginal prospects, and the 1st rounder is a late pick. The asking price for Iginla was that low? Wow…

    • There was a no trade clause, so the penguins had leverage here since it “seems” this was Iginlas top choice to go. Also the price isn’t as low as ppl are saying. He is in his last year of his contract with salary cap dropping nearly 7 million next year, and we traded our first round pick, and two avg prospects. Win it all or fail. I would say it is a fair trade. Lets go pens!!

  13. Pure, pure, genius. Last time Crosby/Iginla played together, that turned out pretty good for them.

  14. What do you know about Kenneth Agostino or Ben Hanowski? Sounds like another steal by Shero. I thought for sure if they pulled a trade for Iginla they would have to give up another defense prospect. But I didn’t see him coming here at all after the Morrow trade.

    New lines and solid second power play unit make this a very scary and complete team. Here’s my new lines.


    • I cant see them breaking up the top line in the NHL right now, im thinking he goes in with Malkin and Neal

      • I would agree if it was any other player but just remember the chemistry Iginla and Crosby had in the Olympics. Plus Kunitz-Malkin-Neal were very solid last year.

  15. As a life long Bruins fan, I cannot begin to tell you how sick to my stomach I am right now. Ridiculous.

  16. WOW. Just unreal. Forget best in Pittsburgh, how about best GM in ALL of sports!


  17. What does this mean for Dupuis? I assume Iginla plays with Sid, Morrow with Malkin. Dupuis to the 3rd line and Kennedy on the 4th with Bennett back to the AHL?

  18. I think iginla plays with Crosby. Played together in the Olympics should have chemistry there. Morrow plays with malkin and Neal.
    Wow what a night! Reading reports from TSN in Canada that the deal is done for iginla. To go to Boston and then I get an alert from that same sports channel that iginla was a penguin! Done deal. Press conference happening with Feaster to announce it.

  19. I think with the way the first line is humming, for the time being, the lines gotta be


    Odd man out, Glass or Kennedy if anyone is interested in trading for him for prospects/picks.

    I will go to battle in the playoffs with those combinations ALL DAY SON.

  20. Am I the only one concerned about the possibility of breaking up the best top line in hockey? Do you stick Iginla on that line with Sid and Kunitz? Second line with Geno and Neal and then move Brenden Morrow to the 3rd line with Sutter and Cooke? And how the hell is Tyler Kennedy still a Penguin?!?!?!

    • Best line in hockey can be better I love Duper but Iginla is a talent not even close to Dupuis. Keep Kunitz wih Sid and put Morrow with 71 and 18. It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  21. Hanowski is 6th in scoring for St. Cloud State…and he’s +1 on a team that’s +34 in goal differential.

    That should tell you a lot.

  22. Looks like Pirate attendance problems will last into June.

    • Not really.
      The Pirates have the market cornered on 70′s bands, b obbleheads, fireworks, and corndogs. Attendance will be fine. ;)

  23. So now what does DB do with power play? Good problem to have…

  24. I like the Kuni on the line with Geno idea. Plus Morrow, Sutter, Cooke is pretty sick for a third line.

  25. We’re so blessed as Pens fans haha got the most exciting players and without a doubt the most exciting GM! However, I’m a little worried going into these playoffs about one thing – if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. With this move, the Pens become heavy Cup favorites. Ppl will be saying we’re a lock to win the Cup. That’ll make me sick to my stomach since just about anytime everybody is certain of something, they turn out to be wrong haha my hope for this year’s Pens is that they have the leadership to realize they now have a bull-eye’s on their backs even more so than usual. We are going to get 110% from everybody. I believe this team is hungry enough to match that intensity night after night; certainly can’t wait to watch and find out! LET’S GO PENS!!!

  26. Can we clone Mr. Shero and send the clone to the Bucs?

  27. LOVE The IRONY that Joe Nieuwendyk was traded for Jerome Iginla!!

  28. Is this some sort of weird karmic twist for the Bruins ownership being obstructionists to the lock-out ending?

    Regardless: agree with all of your comments about the locker-room and personnel. If we can get the second line chemistry back, and a third line scoring threat…that’d be bonkers!

  29. I read your initial post about the Pens not being able to match the Bruins offer, but then I saw the Pens twitter account announcing the trade and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew the Pens were still in it for Iginla, but I thought it was a done deal with Boston. I can’t believe the Pens pulled this trade off giving up as little as they did. I guess this is the payoff for the Pens falling short this summer in getting Parise. It would have been a shame if the Pens left the $20 million in cap space they have unused. There’s never a dull trade deadline moment with Ray Shero in charge.

    I really hope Morrow, Iginla, and Murray mesh well with the Pens. It’s tough breaking up the lines they have right now considering how well they’re playing, but you can’t pass up a chance to add that much talent to the lineup when you have a chance to do so. The last couple of weeks have been amazing with the winning streak and now this. Hopefully they follow through and bring home the Cup.

  30. I’ve agreed all along not to break up the top line, but Iginla changes the game. The Pens won a Cup with Dupuis on the third line. He can play that role alongside Sutter and Cooke better than anyone. They will create offense together. Iginla has scored 30+ goals for how many years straight? On Sid’s line???


    My goodness. That is something. Before even considering the 6th D between Engelland, Despres, Bortuzzo and Eaton?

    More moves???

    • I like this setup. Malkin already has a sharpshooter on his line with Neal. Those two have worked together very will and Morrow will only add to that.

      Scary to think how many Iginla will score with Crosby and you know he’ll protect him while he’s out there too.

      That third line has a lot of potential as well.

  31. just read that iginla DID choose Pittsburgh over Boston….twitter @KDPomp

  32. Not to take away from Shero but give Crosby and maybe Malkin some credit for these acquisitions too. Guys like Morrow and Iginla were obviously much more willing to waive NTCs, leaving the only teams they’d ever known, with Sid back on top of the hockey world

  33. Totally stunned.

    I’d say there is no room for Bennett now, he would be better off in WBS for now.

    Seriously couldn’t this wait til morning. Now I’m wide awake.

  34. don’t understand why everyone thinks olympic hockey and pittsburgh penguins have anything to do with each other…lines will be tinkered with before playoffs…just because crosby and iggy played well together for a few weeks, doesn’t mean automatic chemistry years later….proven chemistry with kundoggy and duper

  35. It’s nearly impossible to imagine breaking up the first line right now, but doesn’t Disco HAVE to try Iginla with Sid? I mean…come ON! So freaking excited…

  36. someone explain where all this cap room came from….and is it here for next year?

    • Pens had the Cap Room from trading Staal for Sutter, and then Michalek contract going to PHX… they never replaced that income…. as the season went on, the cap room went up and up due to guys like Malkin and Letang being on IR, which does NOT count against the cap, and when they come back post deadline.. the Cap becomes a moot figure till next yr

      • do we have enough to resign these three AND geno?

        • No it wont happen.. Pens have a ton of UFA’s this summer… All three new guys, Cooke, Adams, Dupuis, Kennedy are all FA’s. and Malkin’s and Letang’s deals must be redone.. This is Shero saying.. we got one year of this core.. go for it, and worry about next yr, next yr

  37. Remember Bruins owner was a big er problem during lockout?
    Guess that’ being pd back now:)

  38. It still will all come down to Fleury playing better in the playoffs.

  39. As if we didn’t already know it, the Penguins are now officially the polar opposite of the Nutting Regime led Pirates.
    As a certain faction of bright minds continue to remind us…..Do not let Mssrs Lemieux and Burkle get their mitts on the Pirates.
    We wouldn’t want them to “mess things up” over at PNC Park like they have across the river at the Consol Energy Center.

    • Spot on.
      Great for the Pens, sad for the Bucs.

      And just imagine what the Bucs would be like with Lemieux/Burkle at the helm, eh?

    • Ha Ha Ha. The level of ignorance of the difference in the two sports you just showed there is amazing. So lets say Lemieux bought the team and did what he did with the penguins. He could play 2nd base for several years while drawing fans. But also make sure that the pirates get last place 3 yrs in a row and get the top cant miss no need for time in the minors game changing players. Threaten to move the team. Have 2 baseball strikes over paying players. Build a new stadium on land that he owns and charge the taxpayers for it. Can’t wait.

      Congrats you are now the Yankees of Hockey. Why play for anyone else but the Pens. They are the only team that can win.

      • JohnH, huge difference. The Yankees BOUGHT their Titles. The Pens have a cap limit to live under just like the rest of the NHL teams.

        • I am confused are you on my side of this thread or his? Do you think Lemuiex and Burkle would buy a world series title or force the other teams to institute a salary cap and then win within it?

    • Wow Daquido, you are just not digging TBMTIB at all, are you?

  40. He gets 3 proven commodities for some draft picks, 2 non-prospect college players, and Joe Morrow, and also DOESN’T GIVE UP A PLAYER ON THE NHL ROSTER???!!!!??? Ray Shero, super genius. Stanley Cup or bust, gentlemen. The lines should be Iginla/Crosby/Dupuis…..Kunitz/Malkin/Neal…..Cooke/Sutter/Morrow…..and Adams/Vitale/Kennedy. As long as Flower returns healthy, and they keep playing good team defense, this team will continue to win.

  41. Iginla should play with Crosby. If they can find the same kind of chemistry has Crosby did with Hossa, look out. Iginla has always been my favorite non-penguin player. Such a great guy and leader with a ton of heart. This team is stacked like no team has been since probably Detriot in 02 and Colorado in 01. We all know how that worked out for them.

  42. HaHaHa….found this gem on twitter that sums up my thoughts!!!
    Paul Bissonnette@BizNasty2point0

    “Ray Shero was the kid in elementary school that traded his apple at lunch to some other kid for their Dunkaroos, fruit snacks and Pringles”

  43. I read this and immediately got chills. Wow, just wow.

  44. I can’t believe what we have up for him….nothing. Here are my line combos..


    Bennett-Jeffrey as emergency players..rosters expand in April and emergencies happen. I don’t think we need Glass anymore.

  45. Iggy is a Penguin.

    A few thoughts come to my mind…



    New York Yankees. (Great assembly of talent, but no guarantee of winning a championship.)

  46. I guess the Penguins are the Yankees of Hockey. Congrats. I know I am Jealous of the Pens ability to acquire players. Are they able to develop players? How many current players that are on the roster were draft by the pens in the 2nd round or lower? Good luck hope you guys get the Cup. Doubt the Pirates will get the World Series Trophy this yr.

  47. But what about that fourth line winger??

    I hope it comes out what Boston offered. Dejan, based on what Josh and you have written, I’m buying the conspiracy. I’m guessing that Shero played a game of let’s-see-if-we-can-get-him-for-less-cause-he’ll-want-a-cup-more.

    Which sounds like a fun game to me, even if it has a weird name.

    Honestly I would have hated this trade if it included all-in prospects. I don’t know what Iginla has left.

    But at the price of this weirdly worded game? Love it.

    This is sorta the sideways-opposite of Hossa, isn’t it?

  48. Forget BMTIB. Ray, Mario and crew: BMTIS . . . (S=Sports)

  49. Whoo-Hoo!
    Can’t help myself – gotta brag about it – check my post at 7:17 pm yesterday in the baseball thread!
    Sieze the Day Ray !! Go Pens Go!!!

  50. What’s REALLY unbelievable about this…

    It’s blown the AJ-May-Retire-Next-Year scoop right off the front pages

  51. Do you think Shero could get the pirates a good pitcher?

    I do.

  52. Pirates are skidding toward the 21st losing season… :(

  53. “Dejan Kovacevic says:

    March 27, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    DK: Anyone still around tonight?”

    Dejan, did you know something was up then?

  54. Maybe Shero did learn something from Huntington… don’t trade Casey McGehee, or in other words, don’t mess with chemistry

    I think the lines will go down like this.
    Disco to Sid “Who do you want to play with”?”
    Sid’s answer will be the Pens top line.

    • I believe you are correct.
      And I believe Sid is going to say “Don’t mess with sucess”

      They got a month or so to sort things out and the way I see it almost any combo will work.
      Nice problem to have!-

    • I wonder if the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles realize that they are now heavy favorites to win the championship.

  55. >> Anyone else wonder if Iginla chose the Penguins over the Bruins? DK

    No wondering about it – He picked the Pens!

  56. Speaking of trades in Pittsburgh sports history, remember Jason Bay.

    Apparently he hasn’t yet secured a spot on the Mariners roster. He is in a battle for the FIFTH outfielder spot.

  57. Since so many like to parse and over-examine every word that comes from the people on Federal Street, what do people think about this from Shero:

    “Dan has over a month to find that chemistry. Names on paper don’t mean much. It will be important to perform on the ice.”

    No Cup = No more Disco Dan?

    • I’m not playing the parsing game. But I will say, if the Pens don’t at least go deep into the playoffs, Dan is on the hot seat.

    • Thunder, I don’t parse it that harshly but they do at least have to go deep , 3rd round or finals ,
      “important to perform on the ice” – Gives Dan a bit of slack.
      That said – if 2 out of the 3 “perform” – that team is gonna be scary good.
      Shero has given DB a “golden” tool box and I for one think he will use it well.
      GO PENS!

    • Disco Dan has been given pretty much all the assets he needs to WIN! I think this management group from Mario down will settle for nothing less than the Stanley Cup this year. If DD screws this up, there is nooooooooo doubt he will be looking for another job next season. And if he isn’t, he should resign. DD’s time has come to show that he belongs as a legitimate coach that can win it all (I am not giving him the credit for basically winning what should’ve been Michel Therrin’s Cup in ’09).

  58. TSN radio Toronto is speculating this could be a rental. I can tell you listening to Boston radio this morning they are plenty upset about this. Boston radio is blaming a particular reporter from TSN who was tweeting the wrong information during the night. If you look at you can see their original story saying trade to the Bruins and below that is the corrected story with the trade to the pens.

  59. The Cheap Seats 1994 Alabama The first major crossover band with success in country and pop. This song is about attending a minor league game.

  60. Typical Penguins. On the day the Pirates announce that J. Sanchez and B. Inge have made the team and Jeff Locke was named the 5th starter, the Pens go and make this trade….stealing the headlines again!


  61. “Take care of Iggy and get him the cup. You are getting a class act that will be missed in Calgary”
    Nice post on another blog from a Calgary fan.

  62. Hey Neal,


  63. Something to remember about line combinations and where Iginla might fit in. When the Penguins won their 1st cup, Bryan Trottier played on the 3rd line. So did Jaromir Jagr for that matter.

  64. And THAT one, which was typed in reply

  65. To say I am SHOCKED is putting it mildly. There are no words but:



  66. You broke it

  67. I hope they never fix the reply “feature”.

  68. Rumor is Shero is working on a trade for Cutch just becuase he can. Unreal, like many went to bed thinking Bruins had him. Woke up making sure this was true.

    1. Pens acquiring players from the West, smart becuase we don’t play those teams this year.

    2. I am sure Sid and the Bruins owner being a jerk did have something to do with it. We gave up so little. Shero set the market for everyone else. Brilliant. Also gave enough time for roles to be determined. Bodes well for future also.

    3. Feel like Yankess must feel every year.

    4. Close to Ulf/Francis deals. Shero is a legend.

    5. Canada media reporting Bruins signing defenseman Big Foot, an obscure player, slow of foot and rarely filmed. They are 100% sure of this one.

  69. OH MY! Have a day off today to do a family trip with kids outta school. Went out to only to see their link of NHL star traded to Penguins. Having read comments the past couple days to not expect Iginla to come to Pens anymore after the recent trades, his was the only name I could think of when clicking on the link. So, not really having the time to come to read about this today, here I am. I hope this is awesome. I can’t see breaking up the top line, and I have to believe that Morrow is now wondering what he was brought here for. But if they can get all these guys to possibly accept shifting or even elimination of roles, this team looks utterly awesome on paper all the way through the 3rd line with a potential of a good 4th line. No question if these guys can all mesh in the next month, and MAF wasn’t seriously hurt last night, we have to be the favorite to win the cup. Kudos to Shero for what he has pulled off the past few weeks, not only getting the players but it also helps that they aren’t going to a team like Boston or Montreal.

    LET’S GO PENS!!!!!

  70. (I’m afraid to post. Who knows where this will land)

  71. I can live with the links disappearing as long as JAL doesn’t.

  72. JAL have you contacted Dejan yet?

  73. Attention: The morning links have been aquirred by Ray Shero fox a two day old box of donuts in the Trib newsroom and an old pair of Rob Rossi’s glasses.

    We’re hoping the links fill in nicely between the predictor contests and Penguins Points App in promoting the Penguins online marketing campaign. It’s something we have been looking into for a few weeks now. We feel its a strong moe to bolster our already succesful online branding.

    We wish the donuts well, they are a good box of donuts, donuts that will be enjoyed for many weeks. Rossi’s old glasses worked hard while they were here, we know what a hard working pair of glasses they were and wish them the best of luck.

  74. Morrow on the third line….think about it, it’s sick


    Im gonna play him with sid and duper…and then…ooh ooh OOH no w wiat..i can have morrow and Geno and Neal for a second line if…NO WAIT WAIT!! SId, Kunitz and Duper stay the same and then Morrow can play with Sutter and Cooke…

    You know about this: Everybody plays on a line in alphabetical order. Or maybe we can assign lines by a spirited paper/scissors/rock tournament?

    Or maybe we can just assign them all randomly AND STILL GO OUT AND KICK THE !&!@!*# OUT OF THE REST OF THE EASTERN CONFERENCE!!

    Its like Christmas people!! We got a new toy!! The BEST toy!! PENS GOT IGINLA PENS GOT IGINLA!!


  76. Holy smokes. I left a post at a little after 10 last night when ESPN was reporting that Iginla was heading to Calgary. Even turned on the NHL network which was reporting the deal.

    Then I see this; I should go back to sleep and wake up again cause I must be dreaming here.

    To me it seems like we gave up less to get Iginla than we did to get Murray.

    All I can say is wow and wow and wow.

  77. I hope NH et al are watching because Ray Shero is putting on a clinic.

  78. I look around, i look around…i see a lot of new faces…

    …which means a lot of you have been breaking the first two rules of blog club…

  79. blog backwards feeling well not

  80. I wonder a couple things….

    1.I wonder how long it would take Shero to turn the Pirates organization around?

    2. I wonder how long it will take Pirate’s fans to realize you can see the fireworks from
    Mt. Washington without buying a ticket?

    • “1.I wonder how long it would take Shero to turn the Pirates organization around?”

      About the same amount of time it would take to get a salary cap in MLB.

  81. Man you guys and gals broke the blog. What’s up with that?

  82. Saw a tweet from a Boston reporter that said if the Blackhawks take a phone call from Ray Shero they will end up trading Toews for a 3rd Rd pick because Shero is a dark wizard.

  83. DK has his new Chat thingy up, I posted one there – seems to work ok.

  84. I’m looking at this roster and I have no idea what the lines or defensive pairings are going to look like. I am really interested to see what pans out on Saturday once all three new players are here. Going to be an interesting run to the playoffs.

  85. CNN is reporting that Ray Shero has acquired all of North Koreas missiles in exchange for 2 tickets to Jerome Iginla’s first game in Pittsburgh.

  86. Just a random thought here, this would be an excellent time for Nuttin to announce the new 5 year extension he has given to the BMTIB. It would be his way of showing he’s ALLIN

  87. I know this is Penguins Day in the ‘Burgh, but does it seem strange to anyone but me that a guy that hit 27 HR’s last season is batting 2nd for the 2nd day in a row?

    24/7 tweeted the lineup and Jones is hitting 2nd again.

  88. I wonder if Shero got up from his desk and did a Tebow after completing the deal with Calgary?

  89. New Blog (2013)
    New Coke (1985)

    Where is Max Headroom?

    I blame Larry Broadway. I blame Larry Broadway for everything. N Korea with Nukes? Larry Broadway. Bay of Pigs? Larry Broadway. Oprah? Larry Broadway. Cashiers who comment on products you are buying? Larry Broadway.

    • I’m glad you mentioned that cashier thing. Makes you a little uncomfortable, doesn’t it? I mean, even if it’s just carrots. Thought maybe it was just me. I avoid this one guy because of that. Well, in addition to his big black handlebar mustache and the fact he reminds me of a ventriloquist’s dummy.

  90. DK,

    WOW! I liked the Morrow for Morrow trade in the sense that we could use Brenden to win now, but did not like giving up a noted prospect (no matter what the team thought of his D play this year) for what will amount to a checking line forward.

    It seems like we stole Iginla, compared to the assets we had to give up for Morrow and Murray. I know he’s old and a UFA, but I thought Calgary would be able to fetch more… In Shero We Trust.

  91. OK let’s check this out again

  92. I’m so glad they “improved” this thing.

  93. The DK chats going to be crazy today. DK should extend it to two hours just to get in all the Iginla/line questions.

  94. I”M SOOO EXCITED!!!!!! I ALWAYS HAVE LOVED IGGGGYYYYYY. I just can’t wait until I can get to a game to see this eyegasm of a team!

  95. I believe my post about Jason Bay broke the blog.

    The software couldn’t process any post that didn’t include Shero or Iginla

  96. Imagine–the Penguins are doing this without “Cap Wizard” Omar Khan. How is that possible???

  97. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Can’t wait to see this team in person.

  98. Hot Diggity!!! Shero’s urinating on boston and telling them its raining! :)

  99. Sharks have a week for Shero!

  100. I’m ecstatic to welcome Jarome Iginla to the Penguins. I think the addition of a perennial 30-goal scorer, a proto-typical power forward, a tremendous competitor, and a gracious human being to the Penguins is a huge win for the organization. The Penguins are already at the top of the league in scoring, but Iginla brings so much more to the table than just goals: he’s a right handful on the ice. And, considering he is a UFA at year’s end, this may very well be his best and final chance at the Stanley Cup. I liken this to the Colorado Avalanche acquiring Ray Bourque…

    About the deal itself. Although Ray Shero may have earned himself a statue outside Consol, I think this deal had a lot more to do with Iginla than anything else. I haven’t read much out of Calgary, but I am willing to bet GM Jay Feaster had a talk with the face of his franchise and asked him to pick which team he wanted to go to. Feaster probably knew the offers on the table at that point and granted Iginla’s wish, irrespective of who presented the better offer (and I can guarantee Boston presented a stronger offer). Kudos to Feaster if that is indeed the way it went down.

    The pressure is all on Dan Bylsma’s shoulders now. With his team already playing outstanding hockey and surging on a 13-game win streak, so he has the unenviable job of having to fix something that’s not broken… or damaged. Since the Penguins gave up no roster spots in any of the deals, Bylsma has an increasing crowd of players to manage at the top. Needless to say, some players are going to find themselves on the outside looking in… and not very happy about it. The power play unit is another problem entirely. Thankfully, Bylsma couldn’t have asked for better character additions to the lineup with two more team captains added to the mix, so motivation and professionalism should never be an issue. Still, at the end of the day none of this matters: if Bylsma can’t direct this cast to a Stanley Cup it will be a huge disappointment.

    16W. At this point, that’s all that matters.

  101. Did anyone happen to check out They have analysis of the trade. If you scroll over to the 55 second mark you’ll hear the one analyst actually mention SEAL Training. I actually stopped the video and went back to make sure I heard him right. And sure enough he said he SEAL training.

    Also now that I look at this roster; I love adding Morrow and Iginla but I think your going to have to add a puncher to this team. You don’t want Morrow and Iginla having to drop the gloves despite their willingness to do so. They add grit but the Pens need to add someone who is going to be that protection for the rest of the season.

  102. Where will this one end up ?

  103. Just heard Shero’s getting Jagr for tanner glass…

  104. I’m just happy I didn’t sell my tickets for Saturday.

  105. Has Bowser checked in yet ? I’m waiting to hear what’s wrong with this. :)

    • +Pythagorean Theorem

      My Debbie Downer comment: 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers

    • I can’t explain why this is happening in any detail. But the first rule in software troubleshooting is “what changed”?

      Today is first time chat is on blog.

      Blog stopped working. Coincidence? I doubt it. From just perspective of looking at what’s occurring, it appears that linking the chat to the blog has a negative impact on links (JALs and Reply) and posts once Chat was up for taking questions.

    • LOL

      I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I wanted Iginla, Morrow, and Murray… so I’m speechless.

  106. Hey everyone,

    Everything seems to be working just fine on the chat thread and the discussion is the same.

  107. How about leaving the top 2 lines alone (when Geno’s healthy) and put Iginla-Sutter-Morrow together on the 3rd line?

  108. I just read that Shero just acquired Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth for a Van Halen tour. Only gave up Gary Scherone for both of them.

  109. Pens are nothing without PK and backchecking from there forewards!!!!
    Don’t forget last year.

  110. Is this the Pirates’ thread now?

  111. kunitz-crosby-iginla


    Flower in the cage!!!

  112. Just heard Mario’s working out to play left wing for Malkin…

  113. A little off topic, but I just read that the Senators owner is conducting a forensic investigation to prove that Cooke injured Katlsson on purpose. Seriously. My question, who’s the more insane owner Melnyk or Nutting (for not firing those 4 buffoons)?

  114. I’m not sure if anyone has asked this, but just a couple of days ago on his podcast, Dejan didn’t think Iginla would be a good fit while today he seems positively giddy about the trade.

    So what gives, Dejan? He wasn’t a good fit a few days ago but it’s a great move today?

    DK: I have no idea what the giddy comment describes. A future Hall of Famer was acquired by a local team. That tends to be a pretty big deal, and it deserves to be covered accordingly.

    What I said — and wrote — about Iginla was that the price was thought to be high and that, even if he were acquired, that might cause issues with bumping people off lines that don’t deserve it. Listening and reading are both fundamental.

    As it turned out, the price was laughably low, and the line issue remains. We’ll see how it gets solved.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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