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WPXI, Trib teaming up for new Sunday sports show

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media


WPXI-TV and Trib Total Media is teaming up for a new Sunday night all-sports talk show: The Final Word.

The first airing will be this Sunday, 11:35 p.m.

The discussion will be lively and informed, built on a rotation of WPXI and Trib personalities, but it also will be very heavy on contributions from you. We’ll be taking questions from viewers, including one per show through a video feed. We’ll have a nonstop Twitter stream to get your views even while we’re giving ours.

We’ll also have a live online stream, as well as video podcasts available on both outlets’ Web sites, because we want Pittsburgh sports fans everywhere to be able to see this.

I could go on here — if it isn’t showing here, I’m pretty excited about this — but suffice it to say it won’t be like anything you’ve seen on local TV, based on the plans I was shown this afternoon up at WPXI’s headquarters. First-class stuff all the way.

The WPXI personalities participating will be Richie Walsh, Bill Phillips and Alby Oxenreiter. The Trib will have a couple of us each week, and that will rotate based on areas of expertise, beat coverage, etc. We’ll also have other participants, including some that might surprise.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. Maddamma says:

    Exciting. Thanks to the Trib and WPXI for involving us expats through the live stream. Much appreciated.

    The format seems like a good way to involve a younger demographic and, hopefully, make them newspaper readers.

    Best of luck on the new venture.

    DK: Thank you! That demographic also is welcome to read us online, obviously. Those very much count as readers, too.

  2. TJA says:

    Good luck to all on this new project. Cool!

  3. Jason says:

    Exciting news, DK! Congrats and best of luck.

    I can never stay up that late on Sundays, and my wife has a bit of a monopoly on the DVR as of late, so the podcast is much appreciated.

  4. Ghost says:

    Groovy cool

  5. 21sthebest says:

  6. Thundercrack says:

    I may have to sign up for Twitter.


  7. 21sthebest says:

    You mean you’re not Twitter legend Suckmeter?

  8. Thundercrack says:

    No. And I have standards

  9. Kraig K says:

    I’m excited to hear that it will be available online. I will definitely tune in.

    DK: We’ll bring it to you on every imaginable platform, actually. You’ll see. This is one of my favorite aspects of it.

    One platform: Right here on this very blog.

  10. Brandie says:

    Best of luck on the new venture, Double Kool (DK)

    DK: Thanks, Brandie!

  11. JohninOshkosh says:

    Dejan’s quest to become Overlord Of All Media nearing its completion.

    Sounds like a great thing. Bueno Suerte.

    DK: Gracias, Señor Oshkosh.

  12. Kevin W says:


    Congratulations in the new gig. This sounds like a really interesting format. The live feed, Twitter integration, and calls should make for lively debate. I’ll check it out Sunday.

    DK: Thanks, Kevin. Don’t think calls will be part of it, actually. Twitter feed constant, viewer contribution through submitted video on social media. We’ll see. It’s fluid.

  13. Arriba Wilver says:

    Are you suggesting DK is Pittsburgh’s Howard Stern?

    I can’t wait for the book—Private Parts-Pittsburgh.

    DK: Who will play Robin?

  14. Brandie says:

    That is two days of love from you. I am honored.

  15. JohninOshkosh says:

    I saw this interview once with the great Chris Rock. He said that everything he did-movies, television, books, talk shows, etc was to support his stand up. That stand up was his enduring passion, and that all the other stuff was so that he could continue to do it.

    I think the same thing about Dejan. He is a newspaper man to me, and everything else he does his ancillary support for me reading his column.

    If that makes any sense at all.

    DK: Does to me. Everything, everything, everything is aimed at the column, whether it’s read in print or online.

    But Chris Rock also was the voice of a zebra. Not expecting that opportunity to arise soon.

  16. Arriba Wilver says:

    It does. I was just being a wiseacre.

  17. Bizrow says:

    Dejan, it’s not going to be live, is it?

    I can’t wait, for many reasons, until I retire, then I might be awake at 11:30 on a Sunday night.

    DK: You mean how it’s recorded?

    Some taped, some live.

    But again, EVERYTHING will be available online, too. That includes video podcasts for all platforms, including this here blog.

  18. JohninOshkosh says:

    I know. I thought it was funny-didn’t take it wiseassy at all. :)

  19. Excellent! Love the idea of streaming online for expatriates.

    DK: Look forward to you feedback.

    And really hoping we can get people behind us on this online. Never been a show like this and need the support/promoting/word of mouth from everyone.

  20. Arriba Wilver says:

    I’ll try harder. :-)

  21. pattonbb says:

    Wow, sounds very cool. For transplants like myself, this digital media makes me feel like I’m back home.

    Looking forward to the new show.

    DK: Thanks, Patton.

  22. Arriba Wilver says:

    Who will play Robin?

    Colin, of course.

  23. @suckmeter says:

    Sucks that must mean that I don’t have any. **lowers his head in shame**

  24. Bobbo says:

    Very cool DK. Thinking about the large volume of personalities that could engage in this also. There’s lots.

  25. radio wave says:

    DK: if we cannot catch the show Adare time will there be an archived version available?

  26. Eric Bowser says:

    Where’s my invite? just kidding… I have a face for radio…

    Anyway, couldn’t make the Pens thread tonight because of work duties, which actually still have me otherwise engaged but I needed a minute of sanity (lol) and came here.

    Pretty much missed the whole game … argh! I’m so in the wrong job …

    DK: Save it up for playoffs, bud. Long grind ahead.

  27. Karen22 says:

    WOW, you really are going to need DK clones! The ubiquitous Dejan Kovacevic!

    Seriously, congrats! Hope I can stay up some time and catch the fun.

    DK: The clones don’t get to make the Manitoba trips.

    Thanks regarding the show, Karen. But as you’ll see in that blog entry I link, the show will be video podcasted, including right here on this very forum.

  28. NotMatt2Nisk says:

    Someone really needs to put an end to KDKA and that #cbsripoff job they did to you.

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