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Final: Cardinals 9, Pirates 1

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (13-9) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (13-8)

Starters: LHP Jonathan Sanchez vs. RHP Lance Lynn

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Site: Busch Stadium, St. Louis

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Travis Snider, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Russell Martin, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. J. Sanchez, LHP

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel is moonlighting at the Bowling Hall of Fame.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. Let’s open The Window…What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have?
    As always this is just for fun and entertainment purposes.

    Max “wager” is 100 units on each separate line.
    All “wagers” must be divisible by 5.
    Play as many or a few as you’d like.

    Please put your replies in this dialogue box, makes it much easier for me to “book-keep” that way.


    Line #1
    Total INNINGS PITCHED by Jeanmar Gomez in tonight’s game
    Line is 2.25

    Line #2
    Total HOMERUNS hit by Pedro Alvarez against the Cardinals this weekend
    Line is 1.5

    Line #3
    Total WINS by the Pirates against the Cardinals this weekend
    Line is 1.5

    Anyone can play, and everyone should try!

    Thanks to all for playing and good luck!!

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    Fifth Place at the end of the season will win:

    • #1: 100 Over

      #2: 100 Under

      #3: 50 Over

    • Playoffs—

      I think you mean Jonathan Sanchez. But I do believe, sadly, he and Gomez are pretty interchangeable (and not in a good way)…

      • Oh, forgot my wager.

        Line #1: 100 spring tulips on the OVER

        2. Petey’s locked in. 50 on the OVER

        3. 50 on the OVER. Sun is shining. I’m optimistic.

      • Woops…I’m all messed up! Gomez is slated to clean up the predicted mess by Sanchez? Ehhhh…I’ll stick with what I said.

    • Line 1 – 100 UNDAH
      Lines 2 and 3 100 OVAH

      Thanks Playoffs

    • OVER on all 3 lines for 100 each.

      The only one to worry about is Pedro, and I’m hoping for some Daydro Sat. & Sun.

    • Awesome lines! Lets go for:

      Line 1 100 on the under
      Line 2 50 on the over
      Line 3 50 on the under

      Thank you Playoffs. Go Buccos! I will be happy to lose on line 3….

    • Well good afternoon to the window. Interesting note, this will be the third time this season the Pirates go for a four game winning streak, hoping tonight is the night they make good on it.

      On to the Three Play Friday. The first line centers on Jeanmar Gomez who has made four appearances and has gone over in three of them as he has pitched 2.1, 2.1, 1.2 and 3 innings in his four times on the mound. He is in line tonight to follow Sanchez who has been awful the entire season. However, Sanchez is probably pitching for his career tonight and has to be motivated to make it through at least five. I will side with a highly motivated individual who knows the writing maybe on the wall.

      Line 1 – 100 on the UNDER

      The second line is on hot-hitting Pedro Alvarez. Alvarez has hit 4 HR’s this season and they have come in the last two series, two against Philly and two against Atlanta. However those were both four game series. Add to that the fact El Toro failed to hit one versus St. Louis is the abbreviated set at PNC, and the numbers do not yet support the over. I like to play the numbers.

      Line 2 – 100 on the UNDER

      The last line is on wins in this series. Quick glance at the pitching match-ups tell you quickly who will be favored. In game one it is Sanchez vs. Lynn- Advantage Cardinals (heck anybody vs Sanchez is advantage opposition). In game two we see Wandy vs. Westbrook, the Bucs own Westbrook – Advantage Pirates. In the finale we see Locke vs. Miller who is 3-1 with a 1.44 ERA- Advantage Cardinals.

      Line 3 – 100 on the UNDER

      Thanks playoffs, and Let’s Go Bucs!

    • Line 1
      100 over
      Line 2&3
      100 under

    • Three Play is here!!!! Playoffs, I would like to do the following:

      100 on the UNDER for line 1

      100 for the OVER on line 2

      100 for the OVER on line 3

      Go Bucs! Pluck the Cards!

    • The window has not been kind to me this year. Lets see if we can keep this Bucco winning streak going, which unfortunately must mean I have to lose at the window.

      Line 1 – 100 UNDER
      Line 2 – 100 UNDER
      Line 3 – 100 OVER

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      1 over

      2 under

      3 over

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      line 3 -100 under

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    • Playoffs,

      Line #1–50 on the UNDER
      Line #2–50 on the OVER
      Line #3–100 on the OVER

    • At playoffs: I will take 50 on the underfur line 1. I will take 50 on the under for a line 2. I will take 50 on the over for line 3. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

    • #1: 50 over
      #2: 100 Under
      #3: 50 over

    • Mr. Playoffs,

      May I have 50 on the over for line 1?
      May I have 25 on the under for line 2?
      May I have 75 on the over for line 3?

      Thank you.

    • Mr. Playoffs,

      may I have the following……………….

      line 1, 50 OVER
      line 2, 100 UNDER
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      Thank You.

    • Line #1 – under 50
      Line #2 – under 100
      Line #3 – over 50

  2. -Last night on MLB Network, they did a segment on trading Stanton of the Marlins. They picked 5 teams that would/could/should trade for him. Pirates were one of the teams Dan Plesac picked and offered Marte and either Cole or Taillon to get the job done.

    -I would love to see G. Stanton in a Bucco uniform. Imagine him batting behind Cutch? I don’t see this happening of course, but it is always nice to see others predict these things outside of all of us.

    -BTW, my trade pieces preferences would be Marte and Taillon and yes, I would pull the trigger on that deal.

    • Between McCutchen, Stanton and Alvarez you would have the potential for 90-100 home-runs per season combined.
      Unfortunately you’d also have the potential for 600 combined strikeouts.

    • I’d do that trade, although I think it is woefully short on reality.

      Shin Soo Choo and Chase Headley were requiring more than that last year. Both aren’t nearly the player Stanton is AND come with at least half as many years of control.

      Add Polanco or Hansen plus another top 15 prospect, most likely.

      • I believe, according to DK’s sources, they could have had Headley for less last year.

        • An extra player, but not Marte AND Taillon or Cole and the extra player.

        • Possibly. Nobody knows what that elusive “third piece” actually was.

          And even that was just a rumor, of course.

          DK: No, it wasn’t.

          • True, but I thought DK indicated that they didn’t need to include Marte AND Taillon or Cole. Water over the dam.

            DK: We could have a “Water Over The Dam” thread every day and clear the way for actual discussion of actual current events.

            • I thought it was Lincoln, the draft pick, and a third piece.

              • Doesn’t it seem even a little funny that NO other team swooped in and got him if the price was that low?

                THAT was the best offer the Padres could get for an MVP candidate with 2 1/2 years of control?

                Doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

              • Sounds right. All I remember is it wasn’t Marte and Cole or Taillon. THAT was the rumor, which DK debunked IMHO.

            • Well DK this actual discussion started and is rooted in a current event: the story Nor Cal saw on the MLB Network last night about Stanton and what it would take for the Pirates to get him.


              • Yep. Isn’t this the game thread?

                DK: Sure is, but this stuff is everywhere. Every morning, Wakeup Call thread gets off to great start, occasional new contributors pop in, different topics … then about 9:30 a.m. or so begins to devolve into the same stuff. And everyone else gets drowned out.

                Not going to lie. That’s frustrating.

              • Do as I say, not as I do, AW.

                Check that. Don’t even DO as I say.

              • If people decide not to comment on the new topics is that the fault of anyone?

                It seems like people are free to offer up their thoughts and topics and then see where it goes.

                But how on a print blog do things get ‘drowned out’?

              • I said on the other thread if he was going to nail us, he would have already. Another time I’m wrong. :(

          • I’m late but I see i wasn’t missing out on much….eh…

  3. Can i have 100 units as follows:

    1. Under. He may go 2 but I think less.
    2. Under. I think he gets one. Happy tp be wrong.
    3. Over. 2 of 3 for the redhot BUCS.

  4. Wow. That’s an interesting trade. I don’t do it. Marte Is special and so is Taillon. Both are under control and affordable for a while.

    • I don’t do it, either, but check back at the deadline.

      • Here’s one reason why I don’t do it.

        Marte was signed by the Pirates – and the ever so great Rene Gayo.
        He’ll develop in the organization and as part of the Pirates’ team. When he nears or reaches free agency, I hope he feels a sense of loyalty and is comfortable here. This will help us in re-signing him.

        Stanton hates what is happening in Florida. If he comes here I think he just puts in his time until he can hit the open market and get as much money as possible. Which I think he is doing now anyway. (plus he keeps reading how great he is and how every team wants him)

        DK: Gayo has signed six of the team’s top 10 prospects, and he’s done so at a tiny fraction of the cost the draft guys have flushed down the commode.

        Your sarcastic reference up there is wholly warranted.

        You have a problem with me, take it out on me.

        Man, so, so sick of this stuff.

        • I write a freakin’ book about Travis Snider, the baseball player, seamingly defying the outdated scouting reports Dejan CONTINUES to reference and get no response.

          I make one passing comment about a trade rumor and Dejan jumps all over it.

          And he’s the one that thinks WE can’t let this stuff go. Look in the mirror, man.

          DK: Didn’t see post you’re referencing yet, NMR. Was with Penguins most of afternoon.

          Didn’t “jump all over” anything. Merely said it wasn’t a rumor. It wasn’t. It was fact.

          • Not calling you a liar at all, Dejan. Not even close.

            But you have to understand how somebody in my position questions that as “fact”, don’t you? How many trade proposals get floated every year compared to how many are actually real?

            Put yourself in my position. Doesn’t it seem the least bit fishy that you are the only one in the world who knew of that trade proposal? One that seems terribly low for a guy of Headley’s caliber and contract? One that every contender could’ve matched with their own farm system?

            You have to understand the skepticism, right?

            DK: Yes. I actually am, too, far more often than not. Let’s just say this was a pretty rare event. Absolute, hard fact.

            Meet me and TC for the coffee.

        • Sick of this type of stuff too.

          Don’t have a problem with you.
          Don’t have a problem with Gayo.

          DK: Then I owe you coffee. I’ll explain why that one struck a particular nerve.

          • I don’t have a problem with you either DK.

            I’d like a grande skim extra hot salted caramel mocha please.

            DK: You’re welcome, too. Drink will be waiting.

            • What the frik is THAT?

              I thought you were all drinking coffee.

              THAT sounds like some liquid they put in finger bowls in hoity toity dinner parties.

              I’ll toast you from afar.

              John Brandycorn Barley Wine Ale, vintage 2007, bottle conditioned, Mad River Brewing Company, Colorado.

              • Alright well I’ll just have a regular coffee if that means you’d show up Drew.

                Operative phrase there is, “if you’d show up.”

              • 1. Depends. When and where?

                2. Please respond.
                (I don’t want to have to write “21 hates me!”)

                3. Am I disqualified because EYE have a problem with Dejan, what with is beachphobia.

              • That does it.

                21 Hates Me!

          • Me, DK and NMR meeting for coffee.

            Not THAT should get a time slot on WPXI.

            (and yes, I feel like I need to include this: :-) )

        • Cool info on Geyo with the 6 of the top 10 prospects. But of course he’s famous for other reason on this blog. I won’t open that can of worms.

  5. You have to think there is a little voice in the back of Jonathan Sanchez’ mind telling him he’s pitching for his major league career tonight.

    Can’t imagine who would take him on as anything more than AAA filler after another failed start.

    Best of luck, Jonathan

    • That’s why I went Under on Line 1

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      4/26/2013 5:34 PM

      • I have no idea how you can stay on top of all this…

        • Well, to be honest, I probably don’t very well.

          I had to laugh today, I have to “mentor” someone on doing a task, we talked, she said, well I really want to pick your brain on how you get organized, I said, look at my office, there is no organization here, you fly by the seat of your pants

          But folks help me with the list

          And they do at work as well

          So the answer might be good people???

      • Hee Hee Hee !

        If any outsider looks at this list, and gets to Hippos Pond, they maight have me committed! (Not that that would be a bad thing………)

        America is Undefeated at Hide-and-Seek. :)

  6. -Looks like a hit a nerve…..sorry, all, just thought the Stanton thing was pretty cool info…

  7. Cumbaya.

  8. Shouldn’t you all set a topic of discussion for the coffee klatch?

    How about Chase Headley?

  9. Here is something to stir things up again.

    Take a look at Mr. Sawchik’s latest blog post. And then look who posted a comment.

    And is Sawchik really his last name?

  10. Crap, the blog is screwing up again, post wise

  11. I guess I feel this way. If you put a blog out there and invite everybody in the world to come and express their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and encourage conversations in the process, you are going to attract a lot of different personalities, and some with a one-note symphony: Even a troll or two, though that hasn’t been the case here very often.

    I appreciate DK’s efforts to moderate the blog and control the excesses. But having said that, I think it’s really an impossibility — human nature being what it is and all — to keep things from coming up again and again. When it does, I tend to go into hiding or to use the page down key until something I enjoy talking about comes up.

    In general though I think we have a comfortable place here where folks can drift off topic from time to time, joke around a bit, and even learn a few interesting things. I actually find myself fighting blog addiction at times because the general atmosphere in here so cordial and interesting that it keeps me from doing what I should be doing.

    I think credit for that goes to the moderator.

  12. Also, put me down for thinking that before the season is over Snider ought to be leading off and Marte hitting second. I think that’s Marte’s stated preference, and the adjustments Snider’s making seem to be turning him into a more prototypical lead off guy. It bears waiting to see if he sustains it though.

  13. Hey All,
    Driving 2 1/2 hours to go to the game tomorrow. I’m excited to see AJ pitch. Now to find tickets on stub hub… anyone want a ballpark gift?

  14. Any thoughts on who might step up to spark our Battlin’ Bucs today? The thing I like about these wins is that it definitely has been a team effort, with no one, two, or three people being solely responsible.

  15. Pedro hits well in St. Louis.

    I’m hoping that we’ll get a bunch of runs. (We may need them.)

  16. Another first inning base hit for Marte… get him over and knock him in.

  17. Marte breaks up the no hitter with an infield single.

    Dear Clint, please don’t bunt.

  18. Well, middle-middle and HR for Cardinals’ Carpenter.

  19. Forgot game was on, listening to the yakkers on the draft.

    Serious question here:

    Why on earth did we ever sign Sanchez???? I mean really?

    2 HR’s given up as I type this.

  20. Can NH go to the mound and just release Sanchez now? He was talking yesterday that he can throw any pitch to strike out a hitter because off all the movement he has. He’s doing a good job of moving the ball out of the park right now

  21. Sanchez starting is the reason we didn’t drive down to the game tonight. It wasn’t worth the risk. Wasn’t there ANY other alternative to him for tonight?

  22. Why are my comments awaiting moderation???

  23. I feel the end of the Sanchez experiment drawing near.

  24. Sanchez not going to last long tonight. And there it is.

  25. God, Timmons is an awful Ump…..

  26. Sanchez being ejected is the Pirates best opportunity for a comeback.

  27. Sanchez sucks.. now gets thrown out with NO outs… Hurdle tossed…


  28. Nice job Sanchez. PISS POOR JOB BY THE UMPIRE. WTF are you doing throwing him out of the game

  29. Line 1 is going to over now.

  30. Anyone that took the under tonight, myself included, that was a big whoops. With an assist to the home plate up.

  31. Guy has shown no control tonight and he hits someone; I think Dad might be right; could be the best thing that happens for the Pirates. Hopefully Sanchez will see a pink slip in his locker when he’s done with his early shower

    • He had to be tossed.

        • If he was trying to hit someone why didn’t he hit Holliday?

          • Why hit Holliday? Maybe Holliday’s hit was his breaking point?

            • Yeah, everyone gets really angry after line drive singles to center.

              • What happened before the line drive single?

              • So you wait two batters before hitting someone in response to giving up back-to-back homers? That makes ZERO sense. You either hit the next batter or one of the two guys that homered. Maybe he “thought” he could get away with it if he waited a batter, since we’re all about predicting “thought” tonight.

              • Looked to me like Sanchez threw at the head of a batter after he gave up 2 home runs and a single. Not sure how you throw at guys that already homered.

              • Aren’t those guys that homered going to bat again? Or are they going to go tell Matheny they’ve had enough for the night and are done? Seems to me that if you’re going to hit someone it’s either the batter immediately after the home runs or one of the two guys that went deep. Not randomly after you give up another single. Plus, you’re also ignoring the fact that Sanchez is not known for pinpoint control. Everyone assumes since it was a fastball, that he knew exactly where it was going and he did it with intent. With his control, I don’t think he knows where the ball is going half the time.

                No matter what, it’s become blatantly obvious that we’re going to disagree on this, so we might as well move on.

              • It wasn’t randomly after a single. It was after 2 homeruns and a single. And you’re assuming that Sanchez thinks like you do.

                It was a fastball right at the head. I don’t think he left Timmons any choice.

  32. This umpire just screwed the Pirates. Unfreaking believable that he tosses Sanchez.

  33. Time to release Sanchez, call up Bryan Morris to help the bullpen.

  34. Timmons is a jerk off. He was just as much at fault for that battle with Hurdle. Needs to shut his mouth and walk away. Hate power tripping umpires

  35. Does Gomez get tossed if he hits someone now?

  36. If Huntington doesn’t outright release Sanchez after this game, he’s clueless.

  37. Firstly horrible call by the Umpire who just flat out is unaware of the situation, a pitcher with zero command and zero outs in first…glad to see CH come to the defense of his team.

    But I would like to thank the umpire as he did the Bucs a huge favor, and Gomez gets out of the mess created by Sanchez. Stretch him out for next turn through rotation.

    Sanchez better be DFA’s right at conclusion of this game, get another arm up here, he has been nothing short of a train wreck an utter disaster.

    Time to come from behind again.


    At least he only gave up 2 runs on his way out the door…maybe he could get tossed in warm-ups next time

  39. Ok, I have accepted the fact Barmes may never hit, but he better field his position. Sloppy start.

  40. The Cardinals tv announcers do a very good job. We get a heavy dose of them in this area.

  41. Matte hit on the right wrist.

  42. Sucks Gomez gave up a run there, but these bats got to pick up the pitchers now with some hits and runs. Come on now, don’t wait till the last three innings like the last two games. Start the come back now.

  43. Timmons is making a mockery of this game with some of his calls. His strike zone is horrible. Would not be surprised if another player or two got tossed in this game. ZERO consistency

  44. Timmons is having a terrible night, but you can’t blame him for tossing Sanchez. Yea, a warning maybe should’ve been issued first, but back to back hr’s then the next guy gets drilled? There’s some very good umpires that would have tossed Sanchez too. Plus, he may have seen or heard something. Everything he’s done since throwing out Sanchez is an embarrassment to umpires and MLB.

    • It wasn’t the next guy though. He was the fourth batter. It also hit him in the shoulder. Cutch and Marte have both been buzzed high at the head twice tonight, and nothing.

      • Benches warned after Marte got hit.

      • Oops, back to back hr’s, then Holliday gets a hit, then Craig gets drilled. That’s what I meant to say.

        Either way, pitchers do sometime get tossed without warnings. That’s all I’m saying. His control (er…lack of) of this game is embarrassing. He’ll be writing a check when this gets reviewed. Not that that balances anything.

    • The next guy did not get drilled. There was a single after the back to back shots and then a hit batter. I don’t get the thinking; if he was going to drill someone why pitch to holliday and take a chance for a back to back to back? Drill him instead.

  45. We have another caught stealing. Nice.

  46. How about Gomez to the rotation? Pitching pretty nice since Sanchez got tossed. I think he used to start as well, so he won’t be devastated to move out from the pen.

    • You’d have to believe he will be the guy to take this spot in the rotation for the one or two starts needed before Liriano is ready.

      • Wouldn’t hurt at this point unless one of the AAA guys (not named Cole) is lighting it up down there. My pick would be Cole, but I do understand all the points on letting him wait till June. I do want to win games, though so I don’t care if that would make him a super two guy.

  47. Gomez turning in four very solid innings and keeping Bucs in game. Starting to hit some balls hard, need to start scratching out a few runs.

    I sure hope NH has a plane ticket for Bryan Morris to get here by tomorrow afternoon.

  48. These guys aren’t going to do anything until they take that wooden thing off of their shoulders and swing it. Can’t do much with always going 0-2.

  49. Ok why isn’t Lynn tossed? This is freaking ridiculous.

    We are not going to have a coach left at the end of this.

  50. Marte hit twice this time up in the shoulder and nothing….another Bucs coach ejected, just ridiculous this ump has no control.

  51. Guess Timmons has read Lynn’s mind and determined he had no intent; I want Gomez to drill the next batter

  52. Now it’s a fiasco.

  53. Are we amidst yet another illusion?

  54. This is effing ridiculous! Lynn should be GONE! This umpire needs to be thrown from the game as well.

  55. Just think we still play these Cardinals 16 more times, should make for some interesting baseball if we can stay in thick of it in Central.

    • Well 21 thinks the umpire did the right thing by tossing sanchez to get the game under control. I’d say he’s done nothing but raise the temperature in this game. I really don’t blame either team… this idiot behind the plate is causing this IMO. If he did his job he would have tossed Lynn; instead he’s let him hit 2 batters.

      • The first time Marte was hit was his own fault.

      • And that’s not what I said, btw. i think he tossed him because it was pretty reasonable to think Sanchez threw at Craig and it was a preemptive strike keep it from getting out of control.

  56. Seriously, what would happen if they left the field. Just walk off….screw it.

  57. If this ump’s performance tonight is not “reviewed,” or whatever they call it, then there is no justice in mlb.

  58. This thing is going to blow up. Timmons looks like he wants to argue.

  59. Martin should miss a fast ball — just kidding.

  60. Sorry to say if I was the pitcher I would thrw at the ump!!!

  61. Cutch does not seem right at the plate, trying to pull everything and most teams trying to pitch him away, he is going to need to make some adjustments.

  62. I would hit each and everyone one of them. Especially Beltran. Just because.

  63. Don’t forget that AJ did that shhhh thing the 1st game against the Card and Wainright mimicked it later. AJ apologized later for it since he though they were giving Russell crap. They are also still the Cards and will always get calls against the Bucs.

  64. Pirates don’t have the will to stand up to the umpire or Cardinals.

  65. I have been following the game on the play-by-play on MLB at-bat what the heck did the hitting coach do to get thrown out?

  66. This is what happens when an ump prematurely throws a player out.
    Warnings given after Sanchez tossed.
    Warnings ignored after Marte hit twice.

    Timmons should have warned Sanchez, then this crap wouldnt be occurring.
    But since I cant read minds, I guess I just will watch this joke keep repeating itself over and over.

    Is there any way the Pirates can appeal this game?

  67. This game feels like it’s taking soooooooooooooo long,

  68. Jones should have missed the ball and let it pelt Carpentier.

  69. Ok now time to hit the next guy. Beltran gave that one a watch.

  70. Gomez pitches to Beltran, he stands at plate, trots slowly and Pirates have tail between their legs… #cowards

  71. SHOULD have hit that jackars before he hit the two run HR. Gomez is likely spent, should have been pulled already.

  72. If Gomez is spent then have him plunk the guy and get it over with

  73. Gomez looks like he has hit a wall and run out of gas, can’t expect much more from him once again being thrust in a bad situation.

    Just reinforces the fact first news after tonight’s game needs to read: Sanchez DFA’d.

  74. Wonder if any of this happens if AJ doesn’t get them riled up last time.

  75. Gomez cannot find the strike zone; Craig was very kind.

  76. STL fans need to just shut the hell up. He wasn’t even close to being hit.

  77. Ok Bannister should be fired; double switch and taking out Cutch?

  78. McCutchen struggling… I don’t like the way he’s walking off… hustle and accept it.

  79. Turned on the tv for the home run. I am beginning to wonder about my mojo

  80. Cutch coming out in double switch…either protecting him,giving him a rest in game that has gotten away, or using this as opportunity to get head right.

  81. Well Cincy lost tonight, We may lose this one, but we can still take the series and be on top of these redbirds.

  82. I need somebody who really knows the rules to answer this.

    If the Pirates cut Sanchez NOW, can they toss him from the hotel and ban him from the team flight?



  83. Wow Cutch out double switch, maybe some fireworks coming soon?

  84. Double switch, new pitcher and Tabitha, Jose Tabitha (done on purpose).

  85. Who was the umpire in Cincy last year when Cutch was beaned by Chapman? Wasn’t it this crew with Timmons?

  86. Before everyone lights the torches and starts chasing Bannister down the street for removing Cutch, lets give it a couple innings. You never know what might be in the works.

    Anyone but Tabata!

  87. We could have had a line 3 over tonight, but alas Pedro just a few feet shy both times.

  88. Well, at least it isn’t a shutout.

  89. Why, when watching this game, am I reminded of Kabuki Theater of the Damned?

    I have not seen such a poorly umpired game, by incompetent unprofessional umps in a while.

    I will repeat, Timmons needs suspended.

  90. Would they have pulled Cutch because they plan on retaliating with another hit batter and want him out of lineup?

  91. I wish I had a scratch and win saturday.

  92. Yep they just repeated it. Last time Hurdle was tosed was last September and Timmons was the ump.

  93. Last time Hurdle was ejected was by Timmons last september. Obviously they don’t exchange Christmas cards

  94. Ha ha…somethings coming folks… on it.

  95. :-O hit him PLEASE

  96. BRAVO, Jared Hughes!!!

  97. Hughes is a guy you want on your side in times like these, purpose pitch delivered.

  98. Lynn hurrying back to the dugout to change his pants

  99. Now comes the guy that needs plunked

  100. Put a ball in Carlo’s nose.

  101. If your gonna walk him just plunk him

  102. Now we see if Lynn took the bait!

  103. Now we will see what kind of self-control their pitcher has. Could be an opportunity.

  104. Not one strike thrown to Barmes.

  105. Barmas is probably a good antidote. K before I could write this

  106. Let’s see if he hits Marte a third time and STILL doesn’t get thrown out of the game.

  107. So sick of this team not standing up for itself; no heart

  108. Another horrible strike call

  109. Just watched the replay of Sanchez hitting Craig, he totally deserved getting run. And not just because I don’t like him, because if he’s missing so bad that he hit him in the head then he doesn’t deserve to be on the mound. If it was intentional, so be it, but if it was because he missed then it was pathetic and he shouldn’t see a major league roster again before Ian Snell does.

  110. 3rd PIRATE to be hit and no one tossed?????? WTF

  111. Sanchez hit.

    No ejection.

    Great stuff.

  112. Again no one tossed. Horrible.

  113. you’ve got to be kidding…there’s no way they wanted to hit Gaby there, but come on….at least act like you want to keep control of this game. How many players can get hit after a warning and not get tossed?

  114. Garrett swinging at balls out of the zone again.

  115. HOLY SH*T. Are you kidding. Almost a FOOT off the damn plate

  116. Greg Brown didn’t even mention the fact that Gaby was the third hit batsman, it was like he was afraid to get tossed too

  117. Terrible strike call…borderline criminal

  118. Guess Timmons is running this game

  119. How about ejecting Timmons?

  120. Anyone recall why Timmons tossed Hurdle last fall?

  121. Can’t remember a time when an umpire was clearly, clearly biased against one team like this guy is.

    He oughta lose his job.

  122. Come on Pedro hit it FAR!!!

  123. Woo Hoo; one in our favor

  124. Not tonight…man that sucks

  125. The only thing that saves this game for me is if Mazarro hits someone. WTF is Timmons doing going to the mound

  126. Walker’s probably down for 7 days since he ran into Kozma’s leg with his head.

  127. Pedro killed PRNW with a double play

  128. Well, I am thoroughly ticked off at this game.
    3 hours of my life I cant retrieve.
    If I wanted to watch Umpball, I wouldnt need Root Sports.

    This team will never get over the hump, and compete for anything meaningful, until they stand up for themselves and get tough.
    AJ is one person, and one person is not nearly enough.

    Thanks to all for the conversation here tonight.
    This Hippo is heading back to the Pond.

    Long day tomorrow, wont be on the Pirates or Pens threads, so cheer the teams to victory for me.

    HIPPO HEY !!!!

  129. Game is over; just hit someone

  130. uh oh Inge….

  131. How freaking far back was Snider on that bloop single? I mean seriously.

  132. I give up since they have given up once Pedro screwed the pooch and killed another possible rally.

  133. All this means is that the Bucs will take 2 of 3. They never win the first game.

    If Playoffs will have it, I’d still bet 100 on the OVER on that Line #3 waaaaaaaay up there

  134. Pedro hits them far, but rarely when you need it, and more rarely against lefties.

    Would it have been sinful to pinch-hit for him with a right handed batter – just once – to see what might happen, as opposed to a very predictable K with PA

  135. Rock need to realize that these opposing hitters are always sitting on the outside since we NEVER throw inside.

  136. I hope this doesn’t happen, but welcome to the implosion of the 2013 Bucs bullpen as they have now taken too much of the brunt of this season so far. 9-1 and the bottom of the order up now. Really have a good night everyone.

    • Way too early to give up on the bullpen. We used Gomez and Mazzaro tonight which are not guys that will see much action once our team gets healthy

  137. I’m off to bed…disappointing that these guys can’t stick up for each other. Night!

  138. Good news is that Sanchez will be available to pitch tomorrow if needed. Now if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face nothing will

  139. Window chose to sleep in today, now The Window has a billion errands to run.

    Gonna put this up here and just need a kind soul to re-post it in today’s game thread.

    Let’s open The Window…What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have?
    As always this is just for fun and entertainment purposes.

    Max “wager” is 100 units on each separate line.
    All “wagers” must be divisible by 5.
    Play as many or a few as you’d like.

    Please put your replies in this dialogue box, makes it much easier for me to “book-keep” that way.

    Today’s Line
    Total STRIKEOUTS pitched by AJ Burnett in today’s game
    Line is 7.5

    Anyone can play, and everyone should try!

    Thanks to all for playing and good luck!!

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