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  1. Judy (flasteeler) says:

    Hey Dejan…..Penguins question. Is it possible to have “too much talent” on a team? All chiefs / no braves ? They seem to play better when they had just a handful of stars. Thanks to you and Trib Live for the great pgh. sports coverage you all do…I’m in NorthFla. it really keeps my informed…….

  2. tim jonas says:

    Why doesn’t Bylsma have the Pens watch Rocky 3? They need to get the eye of the tiger back!

  3. Mean Gene says:

    While Pens fans rightly praise Ray Shero to the high heavens, is it safe to say that drafting Joe Morrow over Brandon Saad was a major mistake? Morrow is gone, traded to rent Brenden Morrow, while Saad is a Calder candidate.

  4. Bill says:

    Given that last week was free comic book day have you had a chance to read 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente by Wilfred Santiago yet? It’s pretty incredible with amazing artwork.

  5. Dante says:

    Why does coach disco insist on playin iginla with malkin. Square peg round hole. Does he want to be right rather than win. That mentalality gets coaches fired.

  6. George Contis says:

    DK: Likely the question du jour: Do you see Vokoun’s start between the pipes today – a one time deal a la Frank P in ’91, or a changing of the guard for the balance of this year’s playoff run?

  7. Virginia is for Yinzers says:

    Dejan you da main!

    After seeing the Pens lines for today’s morning skate, Im curious to know why Bylsma is so hestitant to move up or at least TRY Iginla on Crosby’s line and Kunitz down to Malkin’s line. To me it makes the most sense. It has been said Iginla is more comfortable playing on the right and Neal is a 40 goal scorer from the right and had a beauty of a one-timer in game 4 also on the right. With Dupius capable of playing both sides on Sid’s line, I would try to maximize 12 and 18’s potential by keeping both on the right. 9-87-12 and 14-71-18. It seems so simple which is why I am so confused that it hasn’t happened yet. What is your take?

  8. SJB says:

    Nothing worse than watching a home town kid get skipped over in a draft only to go on to be successful (sometimes very) somewhere else. Saad, Umberger, Marino…hell, Unitas.

  9. SJB says:

    Is that why I saw kids lined up outside a rinky-dink comic book store early one morning?

  10. SJB says:

    Yup. That’s his problem and a common problem with coaches in most sports…arrogance.

  11. SJB says:

    I’m thinking they stick with him until the next series if he wins out, then give Fleury another shot in round 2 (but on a very short leash), but if TV has a bad showing this game and loses, they go back to Fleury for game 6.

  12. AL says:

    Good choice but I would vote for “Miracle”. They even play the Russians in New York!

  13. Kevin says:

    the penguins are the russians? or.. the penguins are the all star team that gets blown out by the better russian system?

  14. Coop says:


    What do you think was the deal with everyone falling on themselves in Game 4. Seemed hardly a Penguin was spared from the terrible ice. The Islanders didn’t seem to have as much trouble?

  15. AL says:

    Oh I just love the ambiguous English language.
    The Penguins are the all star team that rises to the occasion to beat the Russians in Lake Placid which is in New York.

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