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Final: Pirates 3, Mets 2

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (20-16) vs. New York Mets (14-19)

Starters: RHP Jeanmar Gomez vs. RHP Matt Harvey

Time: 1:10 p.m.

Site: Citi Field, New York

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Travis Snider, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Jordy Mercer, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Michael McKenry, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Gomez, RHP

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Beat writer Rob Biertempfel is on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. As JRay mentioned on the morning thread, Mercer batting 5th today.

    It will be interesting to see if he’s still here when they bring Walker back. I think he has to stay. But I still don’t think that he’ll play much shortstop – as a starter. They are going to stick with Barmes for as long as they think possible.

    But of course if Jordy goes 0-4 today we can fully expect them to say “see, he has more things to work on”, and then send him back to Indy

    • What type of defensive history does Mercer have at short? (At daughters college graduation this morning. Yes. On Mothers Day. )

  2. And lineup without John McDonald is one that needs to be made.

    Cut bait with him, please. There is no way Mercer should be going down for that bum to ride the bench.

    If he’d only ride the bench, that’d be something, Clint seems determined to make Barmes look good by trotting McDonald out twice a week.

    Snider is falling apart, again. Tabata has smoked yet another weak competitor, he’s the starter. Snider doesn’t need to be offered arbitration after another meek season.

    • There should be no doubt, the correct move when Walker returns, is bye bye to J Mac Donald.

      I can see a scenario where Mercer can get 12 to 15 ab’s a week.
      That limited amount of time, should provide the Pirates much more value than having a guy hitting under 100 , with very limited range, and pretty much an automatic out, when at the plate.
      If Mercer is sent down, after all the promise he has shown, this team is not all about winning, just the almighty $$$$.
      Maybe now would be a good time to shop Tabata for an extra arm?.

      • Wait a sec. If Jordy Mercer is sent down it will be because of the almighty dollar? Mercer was a 3rd round draft choice of NH in 2008. The money spent on McDonald is spent whether he is kept or not. Neal’s going to keep his own draft choice in AAA because of $1 mil spent on McDonald? Really? If they keep McDonald, the last thing it has to do with is money IMHO.

        • I don’t understand that either.

          I would think that Mercer has enough service time in the majors that his ‘service time clock’ has to have been started.

          And McDonald money is spent.

        • Doesn’t look good for Mercer according to Biertempfel twitter indicates Mercer most likely returning to Indy tomorrow…unreal. NH and CH need to wake up and play and keep best 25.

          Also Mortonmaking two rehab starts and could join Pirates on May 26…gives options for fifth spot in rotation.

          • Are you really surprised????

            Mercer deserves to stay.

            McDonald deserves to be DFA’d.

            • Greg Brown just said on the GM’s show that Clint Hurdle made it seem the other day that Mercer would go back down.

              But I believe that could have been before he hit 2 home runs yesterday

              • If Mercer goes down to Indy, it just re-affirms what many already feel about this “braintrust”.

                McDonald should have never been signed in the first place, let alone be guaranteed a roster spot with that uber-impressive .069 BA. :(

            • McDonald is about a .235 lifetime hitter. They knew what they were getting with him as far as offense. They got him for his glove – second and short.

              I think if Josh Harrison showed more with the glove at those 2 positions he might have stuck with the club and they wouldn’t have acquired McDonald.

              • Are we sure it wasnt because neal and Hurdle love veterans?

                Just another head-shaking moment from TBMTIB……..

              • There’s no room on this team for a defensive specialist.
                However….Neal Huntington is not one to back track on his moves.
                He’s always right, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks…..Period.

        • Believe me, I’m not disagreeing with the view Mercer should stay over McDonald. Just questioning the “logic” that it is a $$$$ issue.

          • Well i feel the best 25 man roster going at this point in the season, should have a guy like Mercer on it than Mc Donald.

            The bat , not the glove, should get the greater consideration here.

            It’s a $$$$ issue if Mercer is sent down, IMHO!!!.
            No way the 1 tool player should get the spot over someone who has SHOWN the potential to really help this team, in many , many more ways.

          • Yes, I agree, Arriba, though it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit to write that.

            This is not a defense of the move. It is intended as an explanation. I don’t know if I agree with the move, but I believe it will be made for different reasons.

            1. Walker is returning soon. When he does, the Pirates will need a backup who will not play as much as Mercer or McD would once the starting infield is intact. D becomes more important in that role, as well as the ability to play multiple positions effectively. Key word: effectively.

            2. Mercer is not an effective SS and his weaker arm would make him a joke at 3B. He is an effective 2Bman trying to learn additional players. With Walker’s return, his highest value position is not really needed and his greatest liabilities are not as needed.
            3. Pirates have shown the commendable guts to let dead money walk – more than what McD makes – in past seasons when Neal signs less than commendable, fading MLBers. No reason to think $ would make them keep McD when it didn’t make them keep (insert long, more expensive and pathetic list HERE).

            3. Besides, McD’s D is very good. Overbay and Aki, by comparison, were expected to contribute D and O. McD is contributing exactly what he was signed for. (Again, not justifying the signing, which did not excite me. Just explaining as I see it.)

            4. If the backup middle infielder becomes just that, with very few ABs, why have Mercer fill that role, especially when he has shown such hitting potential this season at the MLB level? Sitting in Pittsburgh can’t help nurture his stroke as much as hitting every day in Indy, and maybe getting better at SS D. It could be seen instead as a move to protect their investment, not limit it.

            I almost talked myself into it.

            Consider this from ANOTHER team’s perspective. If this same team was a perennial playoff team rather than the P’s, and they were near the top of the division and WC race, this move would go unnoticed. In fact, some would complain if the untried rookie was retained in a playoff race.

            But it’s not the Yankees-Rangers-FillInTheBlankets.

            It’s the Pirates. And we have our own filter for looking at these things.

      • Plan,
        That probably did play a big factor in their decision (veteran).

        I don’t think it was a bad move to acquire a veteran backup infielder in ST. Especially since the cost to get him was low.
        I just don’t think it is a big controversy that the traded for McDonald.

        Keeping him over Mercer maybe a little more of a controversy for me…but it won’t be surprising to me.

        • Agreed. McDonald is the “25th” type of player. I agree it was low cost. I just think he should be gone, especially when mercer has shown to be the better player, (although it is a small sample size) ……..

          • I have resisted having really any passionate opinion about things like the 25th guy and the long reliever, but I will be PISSED if John McDonald is kept on the team and Mercer sent back to Indy. I guess if the FO/CH want to opine that they want Mercer to get regular work vs. 2 days a week in MLB, then I won’t get mad about that part…but JMac needs to go no matter what. He was signed as Barmes insurance but Barmes is fine… he is what he is, low .200 hitter and slick fielder… Mercer has proven he can play if Barmes gets hurt…. so if they don’t want Mercer here (and I violently disagree with that), then at least recall JayHey as someone with speed/energy to plug in when needed and not the ancient one.

            • Mercer isn’t Ernie Banks …. he’s a .226 lifetime MLB hitter, with 93 AB. He hit .210 last year. Sutton hit well for a short time last year.I wonder where he is playing now? I’d rather have McDonald come in in a double switch to play short in a close game. hey didn’t get him, for his bat.

  3. What the heck is THIS???

    Where’s that wonderful Day Game “B Team” lineup from yesterday?

  4. Sitting on the deck of the Melbourne Crowne Plaza, overlooking the Atlantic. Love the smell of salt in the air. Not staying here; it’s about 25 minutes south of Cocoa Beach. Just stopped in to sample their locally famous seafood chowder and watch the surf crash on Kovacevic Beach.

    Big swells on a calm day. I think a storm is coming in.
    (No. That’s not a Terminator cue.)

    Singer about to warm up. Just met her. Any Idol fans out there? Maybe you have heard of her. Michelle Ottway. I don’t know much (anything) about her beyond the promo info they posted and our brief conversation. Friendly enough, and whatever the music, it’s a pleasant way to spend an early afternoon.

    Somebody call my wife and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

    Hey. She’s not MY mother.

    And to the other mothers out there, my all the love of all the children, expressed or otherwise, wash over you today and every day.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day.

    Happy Graduation to all graduating this spring as well. I did not go to my college graduation and I wish I had.

    Bud Selig is giving the commencement address today at a small Catholic school south of Green Bay. The news said tickets were scarce for the event. I understand all the tomatoes at the local stores are sold out as well.

    My favorite baseball writer had some of his column devoted to Liriano. Tom Haudricourt wrote in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    “”Sometimes I even forget I broke my arm,” Liriano said. “It doesn’t bother me at all, not sore or anything. It feels very normal, so I’m ready to go.”

    Command issues have plagued Liriano over the last two seasons (five walks per nine innings), but he switched to a more over-the-top delivery in the Dominican Winter League and believes that has made a difference.

    “I’m throwing a lot more strikes,” he said. “I feel very comfortable with the delivery now.”"

    I think he believes Liriano was a good pick up.

  6. Hey, everybody!!!

    The way neal acquires questionable pitchers (see J Sanchez), here is a thought-provoking development:

    The Astros today DFA’d Phil Umber. He of the perfect game last year.

    Just food for thought.

  7. It will be interesting to see if our marginal starter can give another quality performance. It will also be interesting to see if we can get to the Mets star rookie starter and knock him around like we did yesterday.

  8. This may be old news, but I just heard on the pre-game Sanchez won’t be activated because Martin will be available in an emergency, and they don’t expect him to have to go on the disabled list.

    • No, they will just play with a short bench for 4 to 5 games , until they realize Martin needs to be Dl’d.

      Smooth move, again, by the FO.

      • Tomp, are you saying that they should DL Martin now and forego his very important presence in the lineup and behind the plate for 10+ days to have Sanchez available off the bench? If Martin can catch today in an emergency, then he won’t be going on the DL… so Tomp, give me the call if you were the FO, not these buffoons…what move do you make?

        Easy to do the “Muppets Old Men in the Balcony” stuff, but I think the blog is more lively and interesting if you actually offer up moves that you would make as an alternative.

  9. Harvey is due to get rocked.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to all who come to this place, which is about so much more than the local sporting scene. We are very lucky to be able to come here and find friends that most of us haven’t even met AND get access to sports knowledge that sometimes blows me away. Thanks to all for the good wishes on my daughter’s college graduation yesterday, which was awesome. Believe it or not we have one more next Sunday in lovely Cleveland and then I get a year of no tuition until my last one starts. But more immediately, lets go Buccos!

  11. That’s radio is claiming that Harvey can also handle the back.

  12. The state of umpiring in MLB is deteriorating at a very quick clip….Marte was safe as he not only beat out ball but Davis was not even on bag when he caught the ball, horrible.

    • It would have nice to put the kid pitcher in a stretch position early – especially with Marte speed on 1st.

    • I thought it was a very close play, and not perfectly clear Marte beat the ball to the glove. Almost a tie. But I went back after you mentioned the 1B’s foot was off the bag when he caught it, and that does seem to be the case in the replays. No one seemed to be arguing that point, though. Usually you would see the player, coach and/ manager pointing to the bag in that situation, which I didn’t see, just complaining he beat it.

      • I think the issue with umpires, and I don’t think Bud Selig will do anything about it, is that MLB umpires are extremely arrogant (word is Angel Hernandez, the ump who blew the replay of the HR in Cleveland, had no intention of reversing his call regardless of what the replay showed because he is “against replay”)… I also heard that many veteran umps hated when Jim Joyce admitted he was wrong in the call on Galarraga’s perfect game because they thought that “umpires should never admit they are wrong”.

        Even on Jone’s HR, you could read Joe West’s lips the other day when Clint asked for replay…he was sure that “it hit off the top of the wall” and didn’t seem to want to review it at all.

        There are many close calls, and I’m sure the umps get their share of those calls right, but seems to me all would benefit if they’d dump some of the arrogance.

        In the NBA for example, it is very common for refs to reverse a call (usually an out of bounds call) when all of the players aggressively object to the call… that comes from a place of “close call we may not have seen it” and MLB umps are far, far away from that attitude.

  13. Gomez seems to be a pleasant surprise so far this year………..

  14. Pedro with double to gap, now 5-8 in this series.

  15. Scary when John Buck steals a base on you, his first since 2009.

  16. If they give up this 2nd run I think we’ll all be able to move on to the rest of our day.

    • Definitely big for Gomez to get out of it, however Ron Darling on Mets broadcast is pointing out Harvey fastball not near as electric today and not showing the stuff of his last start, so may have a chance to break through on him.

  17. While I was on the deck, nearly everyone stood and pointed To The Other Side Of The Hotel.

    At a dark swarm of love bugs, rising above a high rise hotel. Which, to our great fortune, swirled around a fixed position on The Other Side Of The Hotel.

    HaHa, I said quietly to my self as a lunched on my bug-free, um, lunch.


    It must be Torturous for anyone on The Other Side Of The Hotel.

    I finished, paid my bill and whistled serenely as I began to walk to my car…

    Parked on The Other Side Of The Hotel.

    • Poetic justice for regaling those of us in more northerly, culinarily challenged climes with these surf and chowder anecdotes. It’s 44 outside and I’m lucky if I can find a sausage with some seasoning in it, should I dare venture out in the 25 mph winds sweeping the featureless Illinois prarie.

  18. New York radio moaning that Harvey has no strikeouts to this point.

  19. Of all people.

  20. Brames with shot to left to give Buccos run back, just third HR given up by Harvey this season.

    Gomez robbed on shoestring catch on floater to center.

  21. Snider snaps out of 1-18 funk with single on hit and run, Pirates on the corners for Cutch, time for a crooked number.

  22. Andrew McCutchen’s mother sang the National Anthem at one of the games I saw in spring training. She was outstanding.

    • Must have been a nice experience, on of these days I need to get out to Bradenton, have seen the Bucs a lot of places, never there.

  23. Sorry for not posting a line today.
    Mother’s Day festivities stared early and ran late.
    Didn’t get a chance to get online until now.
    Will have 3 lines for tomorrow.

  24. Jones Sac Fly for his 21st RBI of year, plates Marte who has 29 runs scored near top of the NL, 2-1 good guys.

  25. Neil Walker singled in his first AB with Altoona today, has now hit in all four games played with the, during rehab.

    Nice and quick 1-2-3 for Gomez in third to protect lead just given to him.

  26. I was thinking, who do you think will pitch 1st for the Pirates this season ? Charlie Morton, Jeff Karstens or Gerrit Cole. Interesting. Maybe Playoffs could put a line on it, or offer up some extra credit.

    • Interesting question, Morton slated to be first one ready if no other setbacks, Karstens about four rehab starts away which is about a month and Cole who management will convince the rest of us still has few things to iron out.

      My question is what if rotation stabilizes do we necessarily see Cole or could management continue to delay his clock?

  27. Eight straight retired by Gomez who is showing he is up for the challenge opposing Harvey. One of the under the radar additions to the team this offseason.

    • Under the radar ? I laughed at it. But in some cases I’ve learned that crow can be quite delicious.

  28. I’m thinking it’s unnecessary to speculate about the rotation – FOR THE MOMENT. We seem to have unexpectedly (to me) found a reasonable five in Wandy, AJ, Locke, Liriano and Gomez.

    I’d say let’s run with that until. . . . . . . . . . we need refueling.

  29. Gomez at 65 pitches thru 5 innings.

    • And has retired 11 in a row….maybe Clint will let a starter go a little deeper when performance dictates.

      • Looks like he’s done. I have no idea why. Once again, it won’t be the starter’s fault the bullpen has to cover 4 innings.

        • What a difference in management styles, Mike Matheny of the Cardinals will let his starters throw 120 pitches or until arm falls off, and Cards pen has thrown least innings of any team.

          Clint forces innings upon his pen when starters are cruising, makes it tougher for them, to ever build up and get accustomed to owning 100 pitches, and seven innings.

        • Another strange & wondrous decision. A 65 pitch limit seems a bit stringent when pitching so well?

  30. Why is Mazzaro loosening in the pen?

  31. Well Steve and Tim will get their wish of seeing our bullpen work against their team early. Meanwhile, Harvey has now settled down and will probably pitch into the 8th.

  32. I am a fan of Clint Hurdle right up until the 1st note of The Star Spangled Banner.

  33. What a joke, this is on Clint Hurdle, Gomez cruising and he goes to pen and promptly they give up lead off walk, utter mis-management being shown.

    Our bullpen is going to wilt away this summer with usage the manger forces on them.

  34. He’ll bring in Wilson to face Davis & Duda.

  35. Starter covers 65 pitches and 5 innings, now there are two pitchers to cover 1 inning, and how many more to cover the last three? At least 2 with the 8th and 9th guys. Clint needs to be a little more trusting of some of these starters.

  36. Hey, at least he brought in a lefty to pitch to a lefty. Baby steps.

  37. Some reasonably that you can’t argue with results — but I will still argue these moves were not necessary!

  38. Barnes is a bum.

  39. Asleep on the base paths again. Senseless!

  40. Well, the good news is, Cutch won’t have to lead off.

  41. Just joining in. Spent the day landscaping my front yard.

    Ahhhh. just in time to see Barmes get nailed at second.

    At least the Bucs are winning.

  42. Are any of Hurdle’s antics explainable – IN LOGIC?

  43. The strawberry pie has arrived. I love Mother’s Day.

  44. The truly sad part, is that Barmes was having a great day.

  45. Maybe Clint is painfully aware that his boss is more adept at replacing fallen relievers than fallen starters.

  46. All you need to know, walk, wild pitch, cheap hit, run, tie ball game. Bull pen blows it when it didn’t need to be blown.

  47. What are the odds if the plan to use 5 pitchers in 4 innings, that one of them will have trouble?..

  48. McKenry still hasn’t thrown anyone out stealing this year. He’s a liability back there.

  49. Guys should not get that big of a jump against a lefty. Even if McHenry’s throw is there, he is still safe.

  50. He is now zero for nine throwing out runners. What is the book on Sanchez arm?

  51. Well, all I’ve seen since i got here is bad base running, wild pitches, stolen bases…

    Not a recipe for winning.

  52. Sad thing is that Jeanmar will get a two hit 1 run no decision out of this game and Harvey gets off the hook for the possible 1st loss of the season. Get this guy so he doesn’t get the freakin’ win.

  53. He doesn’t pinch hit for Snider, but he pinch hits for Jones. SMH.

  54. If that was called correctly as strike three, Cutch would have been out by a mile. Didn’t see if he knew it was called ball four, so shut it down, but still. I’ll take it. Come on, Jose!

  55. The Pirates say Gomez was removed because of the comebacker that hit him in the leg in the 1st inning.

    • Their just doing damage control since they know that question was coming in the post game. Now they can use that as an excuse. The way this game is going, the pen is going to pitch even more innings if Pedro doesn’t come through.

  56. C’mon. Get a five run lead. Then start plunking.

    It’s the freaking mets

  57. A big fat Mother’s Day apology to CH for all the awful things I said and thought about his pitching moves.

  58. Pedro delivers! Bucs up 3-2

  59. Amazin’.

  60. El Toro comes through against Mets closer with two out RBI and Bucs take lead back 3-2!

  61. Pedro coming through. Nice knock there Pedro!! 3-2 good guys.

  62. Just an observation: the tide of annoyingness has turned. “Defend the FO at all costs” partisans seem to have retreated from the field of play, and “find faulters” are unchallenged in the comment boxes. I’m reminded of financial markets. When every wage worker spends his breaks taking about the killing he made in Yahoo stock it’s timeto sell, and once there’s unanimous consent that things are going to hell in a handbasket, everyone who’s going to sell has sold, and it’s time to buy.

    This Pirates team is playing some excellent ball this year and looks like it may actually have an embarassment of riches once Morton, Karstens and Walker are healthy. (If Karstens can. get healthy). IMHO, they merit cheers from bottom to top, not derision.

  63. Alvarez now 6-11 in series, 2-4 today and has moved above Menoza line at .203.

  64. That is what PA needs to be calm, a contact guy who can keep a rally going.

  65. McKenry is absolutely killing them back there.

  66. Passed balls and wild pitches and walks kill you ALL DAY.

  67. McKenry is a defensive liability, can’t throw out runners and let’s too many balls get passed.

  68. Best walk of the year. Even if he steals 2nd.

  69. No more pink shoes for Melancon.

  70. Wow. What a final out.

    Very lucky to end the eighth.

  71. Melancon for President! Inge for VP.

  72. Nice back up by Inge there to save the run.

  73. Wow, big break there off the bag and Inge firing to Melancon covering, Houdini act to get out of that one….on to the ninth.

  74. Clint’s a genius. I don’t think Mercer makes that play Inge did.

  75. Grounding out to end the threat,
    Duda, Duda
    Grounding out cause he’s a met,
    All Duda Day

  76. That play, power hitting from Barmas & a clutch hit by Pedro . . . This may be the year.

  77. Well, as Neil Walker likes to say: “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!” Woo-Hoo! (And since when did our Pirates ever have “good luck?”) THIS year, BayBee!

  78. Hi Gang.
    Because I have the advantage of coming in late and being able to take in an afternoon of comments at once, it does appear to me that we’re a little bit impulsive here jumping on Clint Hurdle, or jumping on The Fort. Jeanmar Sanchez is not stretched out yet to go 100 or more pitches twice a week and it is prudent to pace him in the short term so that this pleasant surprise might be ready for us all the way through the summer. As for McHenry — no, he not a first string catcher. He has his shortcomings. Today, unfortunately, we saw many of them at once. But we also know that he usually plays better than this in addition to adding some nice pop to the lineup when he gets in there. He’s a nice piece to have and we shouldn’t forget that. Martin is our number one. I’m sanguine about both and what their roles are.
    Go Bucs! Close out the ninth and leave the Big Apple winners!

  79. Well, maybe Inge for Secretary of State.

  80. My mom just noticed the pink bats. She’d kill me if she knew what I was typing. :)

  81. Everyone holding their breath.

  82. Everything’s GROOVY.

  83. Raise it. Nice win Buccos. Lots of good stuff.

  84. Raise the Jolly Roger, Baby! Happy Mother’s Day victory and 3 of 4 against the Mets. Take it to the Brewers for the next four. Evening all!

  85. Behind another solid outing turned in by Jeanmar Gomez, a key two out RBI by Pedro Alvarez and a 15th save from Jason Grilli the Bucs take the series over the Mets, winning 3-2 and there was noooooooo doubt about it.

    With the win the Pirates have now taken three of four over three NL East teams this season. The win moves the Bucs back to a season high five games above .500 for the third time this season at 21-16. Pittsburgh is now 6-4 in the month of May. The Pirates head home to begin a 10 game home stand tomorrow night as the Brewers come to town. AJ Burnett will take the hill in the opener of the series.

    Let’s Go Bucs!

  86. Grilli may put all our catchers on the DL with that hug.

  87. Awesome weekend for those wacky Buccos.

    • Nice to see JMac’s replacement in the rotation keeping the Bucs in a position to win, keep it up, Jenmar. And Pedro looks like he is coming to life.

  88. …and there was nooooooooooooo Duda bout it!

    (Sorry, Drew!)

  89. A 3-2 win is quite delicious. Getting Inge, Melancon, and other non household names to steep up and handle their business changes everything. These BUCCOS will not do it with trumpets and fanfare, but under the radar suits me just fine.

  90. Plan,
    We have another enemy ballpark flag pole for you to bend! (True, you met your demise in Milwaukee. But we resuscitated you, fed you sausages, slapped some mud on you, and you never missed a beat. Dance on that pole till it’s horizontal!)

  91. Hurdle protects a young arm in the Dr. Andrews era. Go Bucs!

  92. Hopefully the poster named Milo Hamilton revisits his earlier outbursts.

  93. Tiger and Sergio in a great duel at Sawgrass with a couple players nipping at their heels.

    Tiger just played an extraordinary 16 and birdied to take the lead. Some remarkably gutsy aggressive golf.

    • Sergio gags away another with 2 balls in the water on 17. A Tin Cup moment.

      DK: He’s amazing. And to do that after chirping Tiger through the press.

      • It’s going to be Tiger or the “rest of the field” bets again at Merion next month.

      • And promptly rinses his tee shot on 18 also. The only thing missing is Rene Russo.

      • Sergio is only slightly more likeable than Tiger, but heavens, let’s not freak out about someone, anyone actually calling out Tiger in the press. The cheating in the Masters and today his drop was “borderline” as called out by johnny miller…and every other member of the ‘press’ jumped up to protect Tiger… i think Tiger needs more chirping in the press.

  94. I think I’m a David Lingmerth fan.

    He plays the way I would play…you know if I was good.

  95. These posts taking digs at Milo not appreciated here.

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