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Final: Pirates 1, Tigers 0, 11 innings

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (33-20) vs. Detroit Tigers (29-22)

Starters: LHP Jeff Locke vs. RHP Doug Fister

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. Travis Snider, RF
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Locke, LHP

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel and Karen Price are on the beat.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.



    Max “wager” is 100 units on any single line.
    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.

    Line #1
    Total INNINGS PITCHED by Jeff Locke batters in tonight’s game
    Line is 6.75

    Line #2
    Total Combined HITS by Andrew McCutchen + Starling Marte in tonight’s game
    Line is 2.5

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Hurdle sitting Alvarez against RHP makes absolutely no sense. Especially for an over the hill has-been like Inge.

    • Re: Alvarez, his instagram account seems to indicate that he had some dental work done today.

      His account is ELMatatan196

      Regardless…Inge has been awful.

    • I agree. The guys last at bat produced a game changing two RBI double. I don’t care if he is facing a pitcher who he is 0-20 against lifetime with 15 strikeouts he needs to play in this game.

      • Pedro: “Hey skip, I finally came through with some clutch power. ”

        Hurdle: “Great job! Way to go”…”Now go grab some pine”

      • Pedro probably can’t go tonight after the dental work. But, how about Inge’s at bat last night? That was one bizarre play. Was that a hit & run that he missed on the 3-2 pitch? Cutch sure got hung out to dry, and suddenly a leadoff single followed by a 3-2 count on the next batter, which seemed to be setting up the possibility for burying the Tigers became 2 out, none on in the blink of an eye. That pitch looked a tad inside, but you have to swing there.

        • I’d forgotten about that with the win. It sure was strange, and Cutch, who rarely shows it, wasn’t happy.

          • CUTCH wasn’t happy because he BLEW IT. Must’ve thought there were either (1) TWO OUTS and the K was the 3rd out or (2) that the ump called ball 4 and he didn’t have to run. Either way it was HIS MISTAKE and nothing to be “MAD ABOUT” except himself. Come on, man! (as Steven R Smith would say…and boy do I hate ESPN for that crap).

            • My take is when Cutch looked back, he saw a combination of Inge taking the pitch and that ump’s somewhat delayed call and he thought it was ball four. That’s what I thought and that ump drove me nuts all night the way he called a third strike.

              • +1. Good analysis. Hadn’t thought of that.

              • I floated the idea last night that Cutch may have thought he heard the ump call ‘ball’

                But it seemed to have sunk last night

              • good explanations, but sorry, he needs to run to the base. I agree he likely thought it was ball 4, but it is wrong to wait for ump.

                even if it was a hit and run, which again folks, makes no sense on a 3-2 count, he needs to run to the base.

                Even if the throw beats him by a mile, he needs to run to the base…OR i suppose stop and try to get into a rundown.

              • That is logical.

            • How do you know it wasn’t a hit and run? If that were the case, Cutch certainly was hung out to dry because Inge doesn’t have the luxury of not swinging in that instance. I don’t know that for sure, but it sure looked that way. Why would Cutch, who just singled to lead off the innning, suddenly think there were 2 outs? And, if there were 2 outs, he would not have hesitated in the middle of it. Something weird happened.

              • Please find any baseball reference anywhere that you hit and run on a 3-2 count. There won’t be any. That’s how I know. Ask Cutch, I think he’d tell you it was his mistake.

              • It may have been Cutch’s mistake, but are you saying you never hit and run on a 3-2 count? Everyone runs on 3-2 with 2 outs. Fast runners are generally sent on 3-2 counts with any number of outs. All you are adding at that point is trust that a guy like Inge will put the ball in play. He didn’t even swing at a fairly juicy pitch. Why could it not be a hit & run?

              • No doubt, you can send the runner on a 3-2 count, but hit and run implies that the hitter MUST SWING AT THE PITCH no matter WHERE IT IS to protect the runner. You would NOT want him to do so if the count is 3-2, if the pitch is way outside, you’d want him to take the pitch.

                So, the runner goes knowing that the hitter isnt obligated to swing…now, chances are, the hitter will swing at a strike, but the ump could always blow the call and you need to run all the way to the base just in case.

                So it is not a classic hit and run where the hitter swings no matter what.

            • I’m not sure about this, but my impression is that Cutch thought that the ump had called a foul tip. Could be wrong, though.

        • Goodness we love to jump all over Hurdle. Pedro isnt playing as he had his wisdom teeth pulled today. And to blame INGE on the play and not CUTCH who absolutely, positively needs to run to the base regardless is beyond the pale. You don’t have hit and runs on 3-2 counts…the batter needs to be able to take ball 4… the pitch was a strike but I can’t fault Inge…the pitch was a very good one with late break on the tip of the inside corner.

          • Cutch was only halfway to 2nd when the ball was thrown. I don’t know who the guilty party was, but it seems a bit presumptuous to assume it was Cutch. The guy with the big contract always gets blamed. I’m just asking the question. It did seem odd to just stop, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. He was out when Inge didn’t swing.

            • what is presumptious, in all due respect, is assuming any criticism of Cutch is because “he’s the big contract guy”. I love Cutch, so glad he’s a Pirate for many years, and I don’t give two dumps who makes what.

              It also doesn’t matter if hustling or playing the right way would make a difference in the outcome or not. We (and Bob Walk) have correctly chided the Brewers for not hustling, etc. and we/he is right.

              • Three dumps? :-)

                Still doesn’t answer the question, with all due respect. I’m still looking for an answer, but so far 21′s makes the most sense.

              • I wasn’t avoiding criticism of Cutch. It just looked like his reaction was saying Inge was supposed to protect him and that it was not a normal steal attempt. Maybe I misread it, and Cutch was angry at the ump for the late call, or just at himself for thinking it was a ball 4 call and going into a trot.

              • Ok, but find me any player in the league who runs harder out of the box to 1b than Cutch consistently? Marte comes closest on the Bucs. I’m sure there are guys around the league who do the same, but no one runs harder that I see. So, it seems odd that he suddenly is taking it easy going to 2nd. But, as has been suggested, maybe Cutch was angry with himself or the slow calling ump.

              • Guys, I think we can all agree that hit and run or not, Cutch should have run all out and slid into the base…we see it all the time, players look back so they can see WHERE the ball is put into play… if the hitter swings and misses, then they haul ass into 2nd to try to beat the throw. They don’t just stop. Ever.

                So Cutch is wrong regardless. Is Inge also wrong for not swinging at a strike? Yes, but that doesn’t make Cutch any less wrong. And it doesn matter that one makes a lot of $$ and one makes a little $$. I love Cutch. I love his hustle. But in this case he was wrong. That’s all. Doesn’t make my love for him any less.

              • I don’t agree. If the ONLY thing you’re saying is Cutch should have slid no matter the situation, that wasn’t my question. What happened on the play?

    • He really should be playing Pedro all the time. Sit him against a Tier 1 lefty and that’s it. What I really like is Mercer being at SS.

      • They should play Mercer until he deserves to not be played. His bunting ability alone outweighs any small defensive upside Barmes might have over him. This platooning only works if one player matches up against another pitcher better and looking at Barmes splits, a case can not be made for him over Mercer in any situation.

        Time to let the younger, capable players get their shot and become the face of the team ASAP and let the older ones who have had their shot and have slipped in recent seasons contribute in a depth role and as a bench player. Making $5 million a year doesn’t mean you deserve to play. Of course Hurdle can stick Barmes back in their for no good reason and lie point blank to everyone again about playing the best 25. Not like it would surprise anyone anymore.

        • I agree – let Mercer be the man until he is not performing. Correct me if I am wrong on this:

          I think the last shortstops the Bucs developed through their farm system that had any sustained success in the big leagues was Gene Alley (mid 1960s) and Fred Patek (late 1960s). Frank Taveras & Mario Mendoza (early to mid 1970s) never had much success in the majors. And, Jay Bell came up in the Minnesota and Cleveland systems.

          Talk about a drought!!!

          • Not much of a list to hang a hat on is there?

            • Alley was pretty good then he hurt his arm and was never the same. Patek played for a long time with the Royals and was fairly successful. Taveras was a bum and Mendoza’s claim to fame was “the Mendoza line”.

              Let’s hope Mercer becomes another Dick Groat. If he ends up being 75% of Dick Groat, we’ll all be happy.

            • Rafael Belliard also feels left out.

          • Correct. We just cannot develop SS’s – ever!

            • Who knows, maybe they can but we’ll never know if they don’t give Mercer a real good look and see just like they feel obligated to give every other player who doesn’t have a $5 million albatross named Barmes hanging around his neck and begging for playing time. One bad game and it’ll be: “Oh well, see we told you. We have to put Barmes back in there because he’s clearly better…plus he’s a veteran and all that.” – NH’s thoughts via Hurdle’s mouth

              • True. I overlooked the obvious. We may have already developed our SS of the next 5 years. I actually like Jordy, and would love to see him take the position and make it his own for a half dozen years.

          • They never should have traded Groat!

            • +100

            • Joe Brown didn’t make many bad trades but, the Groat trade kinda stunk. At least, we got about 5 years or so out of Don Cardwell, a somewhat decent jouneyman starting pitcher.

              But Julio Gotay never panned out.

          • Craig Reynolds was developed by the Pirates and played 15 years in the majors.

          • What about Chad Hermanso…oh, never mind.

          • You are obviously forgetting about Sammy Khalifa.

        • Not sure where you’re coming from with the Hurdle mocking. I really have no clue how people can accuse him of not being honest. He’s probably the most honest person in a management role for the Pirates since Leyland of the 1990-1992 years. I guess if you don’t care what the facts are you can say whatever you want. If it makes you feel good. Agree with him or not, but he’s a straight shooter in my book.

          • Not mocking him. Words right from his mouth when questioned about having the best players out there after the loss to the Brewers when the clearly didn’t. And the very next day Contreras gets the convenient boot to the DL list with an equally convenient back injury .

            I’m a Hurdle fan, but the need he feels to BS everyone from time to time bothers me, like the press and the fans are his opponents somehow. Just be honest, or simply sidestep the question, don’t give me this “the 25 best men were out there” crap when you know that’s a boatload of you know what, just to appease the GM.

            • Don’t know what you’re talking about. How about a quote. How talking about the best 25 players affects who happens to be in the lineup a particular night escapes me without more detail. Easy to call someone a liar.

            • I think it’s right to challenge the way Clint answered that question but understand what asking the question is inferring….


              1) Clint is stupid and he is misjudging who the best players available are
              2) Client has no control and has players shoved down his throat by the GM

              So a defensive answer, in the heat of a postgame conference after Contreras pitched like crap, is forgiveable.

              Earlier, maybe even a few days earlier, Clint answered more honestly, in that sometimes roster decisions are made for reasons beyond the 25-man….to optimize options and depth, etc. He also probably would answer that he is giving vets benefit of the doubt because of (1) they have a track record, have been through the dog days of contending before, might end up regressing to THEIR mean, display leadership in ways not in the box score, etc.

              My guess is that depending on your opinion of Hurdle he could have said anything short of “you are right, Contreras bites, can you please get Red-headed Geek to agree with me and cut his ass already” you’d find reason to criticize. If he parsed his answer, he’d be toeing the company line and kiss his GM’s ass… etc.

              • He could honestly feel Barmes is a better player than Jordy right now. I don’t feel that way, but a lot of people actually do prefer Barmes’ glove and are willing to live with his weak stick. Doesn’t make Clint dishonest if he feels that way, right?

      • Mercer’s in there tonight and we’re still b*#ching. Maybe DK is right? :-D

        DK: Yes. You’re all evil.

        • Yup, do you think CH finally realizes CB’s defense, which hasn’t been exceptional, isn’t worth the automatic out? And since his offense fell off a cliff since that hot week or 2, it Jordy time. Hopefully he can handle it on a daily basis.

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  4. Maybe Hurdle is “showcasing” Inge, for a future deal.

    This guy should not be taking away at bats from anyone on this roster.
    Will all his defensive challenges, i would still prefer Harrison at 3b, if Alvarez is not going to be in the lineup.

    I think a better “over/under” would be the amount of times Inge reaches 1st base tonight.
    I would put it at 1, and bet heavy on the “under”.

    Most useless player on this team, and hopefully his paltry salary compared to major league standards, is not blocking the FO from dumping this guy.
    The sooner, the better, since he provides very little, especially on the offensive side .

    • The FO has proven repeatedly that salary will not prevent them from cutting a player. What has it been, 3 weeks since they flushed J. Sanchez and $1.5M of Nutting’s cash down the toilet? I think Aki was making $5M, and he was told to take his knee brace someplace else.

      Plenty of ways to bash the FO with more accurate speculation.

    • That’s a funny post, tomp, whether I agree with it or not. :-)

  5. Does Fister throw junk? That could be a reason to sit Pedro.

  6. Oshkosh b’Gosh,

    You have GOT to take that Diane Lane picture off your posts.

    We are only red-blooded American males you know!

    When her picture appears right next to Mother Theresa’s, it cause too many of us great conflict!

    How ’bout a picture of a Holstein or a Guernsey for “America’s Dairyland?”

    Michelle Bachmann from your bordering state would sure shut down the old testosterone!

  7. Another night of Mercer!!!

    • this is the first time Mercer has started 2 games in a row at SS, right? Another good sign that Hurdle isn’t coddling Barmes, he is giving the hot(ter) hand a chance to play.

      • also, danger alert, Johnny Mac is rehabbing and ‘ready’ to be recalled on Sunday… tricky, tricky….can’t see them demoting Mercer… please Lord don’t do that…. also can’t see them cutting Clint (nor should they)….. they don’t need Johnny Mac in that scenario… I guess he could be recalled and JoshyJosh get sent back, but why?

        That said, seems cruel to have a vet rehab and then cut him rather than call him up.

        Again, if I were GM I would cut Johnny Mac and see if he’d stay on at AAA if he clears waivers as injury insurance…

        • Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would not want to see JHay go if the alternative is John McDonald.

        • Not arguing with your conclusion, but I also don’t see how the situation has changed at all since since John Mc went on the DL unless Mercer is THE starting shortstop and Barmes takes John Mc’s defensive replacement role.

          The guy without a spot (other than Harrison) is Brandon Inge. Brings absolutely nothing to the team that Mercer cannot do better.

          • That’s how I am looking at it, NMR. Jordy starts to take 50%, then 67% of the starts at SS. Barmes is our back-up SS. Why John McD over JHay at that point? And, believe me, I gulp whenever I suggest keeping JHay. Certainly we can swing a very minor trade to get a better multi-position bench player than JHay. But, I think he has more value than McD as long as Clint and Jordy are manning SS.

  8. I see a lot of new bloggers around lately. We’re keeping a list of lunatic locations, if you haven’t posted where you currently reside, please do so.


  9. Will post this again tomorrow morning but just a heads up. Morning links going a well needed vacation after the past few months. Will have them tomorrow than not again until next Wednesday or Thursday

    DK: Enjoy, Joe! And thanks for everything you do!

  10. @ Playoffs

    Line 1: 100 on the UNDER
    Line 2: 50 on the OVER

    Frank Coonnelly (FC): “Now you be careful. Betting is not only illegal, it’s very addictive and habit-forming too.”
    Bob Nutting (BN): “Pshaw Francis. What’s habit-forming is constantly looking at my bank accounts to see how they grow.”
    FC: “Do you have any casinos, Mr. Nutting?”
    BN: –ignoring FC–hey Neal, there’s a really… er… well there’s just no other way to say it…”
    Neal huntington (NH): “I’m sorry Mr. Nutting?”
    FC: “Mr. Nutting, did you want this green-apple martini shaken sir?”
    BN: “Not now Francis, and please remove your nose from my rump. Neal?”
    NH: “Did you have a question about who our best 25 players are Mr. Nutting?”
    BN: “NO dammit! There’s a rather large man seated in my owner’s box. what the hells is going on here Neal? That’s MY seat!”
    NH, well Mr. Nutting, don’t you recall the promo we ran a couple weeks ago where one lucky member of the Pittsburgh media would win a seat in the owner’s box with you sir?”
    BN: “OMG! Is it that Dee-hawn Kov-vak-a-vick guy? I don’t like him.”
    NH: “No sir, that’s…”
    FC (peering over BN’s shoulder): “Man o man, that guy’s HUGE!”
    BN: “Step back Francis, you smell like a shot of Jaegermeister!”
    FC: “Sorry Mr. Nutting”
    NH: “As I was saying sir, the winner is Mark Madden!”
    BN: “That’s the guy who calls himself a ‘Super Genius’?”
    NH: “I believe so sir.”
    BN: “He appears to be eating constantly. Did we also give him an All-You-Can-Eat promotion?”
    NH: “No sir, but we were thinking of bringing him on our broadcast team for his rather singular perspective on things.”
    BN: “What the hell does that mean?”
    NH: “Well sir, he’s kind of rough around the edges.”
    BN: “Is he louder than that Hurdle guy?”
    NH: “I believe so sir.”
    BN: “Does Mario like him? If Mario likes him, we have to hire him. That’ll get Mario to increase his bid to buy the Pirates! Francis! Let’s all have a few fingers of Johnny Walker Blue and celebrate all the money mario is going to invest in the Pirates!”

    Thanks Playoffs!

  11. Not to swim upstream against the angry, torch-carrying, ‘get Brandon Inge out of town’ MOB…. but consider:

    1) The Pirates are a YOUNG team with few players who know what it takes to be in a pennant race….
    2) Teams like the A’s and Tigers have raved about Inge’s presence and leadership and contribution to younger players
    3) He has versatility and can very adequately play 3B, 2B and RF.
    4) With such sporadic appearances, it is hard to hit for high average, etc and we have a small sample size.
    5) I don’t think he hits worse really than Neil Walker or Pedro against tough LHPs.
    6) He is not as hopeless as Matt Diaz, Lyle Overbay, etc.

    I get it… we can’t live with ourselves unless we have someone like Inge to light to torches for, but I think it is a little overblown if you ask me.

    • I assume you mean the version of Lyle Overbay when he was a Buc? Certainly not this year’s version.

      I agree that Inge has performed adequately in the past. But, his OPS has been careening downward year after year, especially against RHP like tonight. He had a good power month or two last year. I just think there have to be better options than him and JHay on non-contenders. Eat a little salary, and give up next to nothing to trade for one.

    • I’m with you on this one. Don’t see the need for the fuss.

      I mean this guy’s making $1.25M (about 3x league minimum).I think his defense is worth that alone, not to mention the role HE SHOULD BE in as a veteran backup.

      My gripe is how Hurdle is using him. He’s started 17/52 games with 71 total plate appearances. That is on pace for over 50 starts on the season which is more than I want to see him. Seems like Hurdle is forcing ABs and starts for this guy. Let him rest Pedro once a week, or spot Walker and be done with it.

      If you intend to play him more, that might be where you can look to bring in a better replacement player.

  12. NMR…. run this through your very sharp noggin… what I’ve been harping on Alvarez about, well, it’s a whole team problem. What do you think? I’m not talking clutch stats here (whatever they are), I’m just talking about doing your job at the play with runners on base and, most importantly for those who are “run producers”, with RISP…

    From the site:
    “The Pirates rank last in the Majors in batting average with runners in scoring position (.214). The Cardinals are first at .333, and the Reds are ninth at .279. The teams are within three games of each other atop the NL Central.”

    With these numbers, aren’t the Bucs due to a reversion upwards towards a mean…any mean? (Not to be mean…)

    • At the risk of being called a cherry picking objective sabremetrist, yes, I believe the Pirates batting average with RISP is bound to go up.

      The whole RISP argument, as I understand it, revolves around the assumption that it is not a specifically defined skill. That over enough of a sample size, a players ability to get a hit with a runner at second or 3rd is no different than his ability to get a hit without men on base or a runner on 1st.

      Pedro may not be the best example since he has a low BA to begin with, but the team as a whole SHOULD see their average come up. What I can’t tell you, nor can anyone else, is how long it will take to happen and how high it will go. There is still a very real chance that this team ends the year with a poor BA with RISP.

      • Thanks for the response… I don’t think the Bucs can sustain a 13-game-over-.500 pace without improving their BA w RISP at least to the .240 range.

        • Sustain? You’re using “sustain?”


        • I like your question, Naje. My point this morning was precisely what you are saying. If our pitching performance is likely to decline, it may also be likely that our hitting performance improves. I can’t name one regular, outside of maybe Marte, who is hitting better than expected right now. I guess Snider/Tabata comes closest.

        • Did you to pick .240 because that is what the teams overall batting average happens to be?

          Last year, the Pirates overall BA was .243. Their BA w/ RISP was .240.

          • and if you want to study this further, open seperate windows showing last years team BA rankings and team RISP rankings.

            The largest delta I found at a glance was +/- 18 points.

  13. 100 on the under for line 1.
    100 on the over for line 2.



  14. Just read this. Don’t accuse me of jinxing this team. I’m actually hesitant of the potential backlash. 74 teams in MLB history have started 33-20. Guess how many of them finished the season below .500?

  15. I wonder if Hurdle was going to sit Pedro tonight anyway.

    But it does beg the question: Why couldn’t Pedro wait for an off day or the off season to have his wisdom teeth removed?

    • Because he was 0-20 with 15 strikeouts against tonight’s pitcher? :-)

      • 0-20 & 15 whiffs? Clint probably said “Get that handled today, Bull!”

        We would have nailed Clint if he had started Pedro, and he went 0-4 with 4 whiffs and was not available off the bench vs a righty reliever late. No beef from me for sitting him tonight, even if he didn’t have the tooth thing.

        Maybe Clint did show a little “wisdom” here.

      • Makes sense. I’m guessing that unless those wisdom teeth were flaring up particularly badly, Pedor (Hey! That’s a typo, but I kinda like it as a new name for Pedro now that I see it!)… anyway, I’m thinking Pedor ran it by Clint first, before scheduling today’s procedure. I’ve had all four of my widoms removed over a span of about 15 years. The last one was less than a year ago. Dentist couldn’t do it. Took a maxillofacial surgeon. You don’t get one of those procedures just by dropping in.

    • Maybe they were impacted. That can be mighty uncomfortable. Pain meds help, but he’d be in slow motion. (slower than that 2nd to home last night).

      Sooner the better with those things.

      • Slow motion.

        Lucky, did you seem him round third and score last night…..
        Pretty close to slow motion.


        • I did. And I wondered why Brown was saying he’d score when it wasn’t a given. The throw was high and Pedro had a nice slide or he might have been toast.

          Of course, I saw it on the highlights, so it took the thrill out of it so to speak.

    • Could have had abscessed wisdom teeth that had gone removed. I had all four removed at once…all impacted…gave me killer headaches…no joke.

    • Gone should be to be.

  16. I know this isnt Pirates related, but it shows the end of the world may be closer than we think…………….


  17. 1960, 35 years since a World Series

    The Bucs won game after game late.

    I don’t know what their WHAP was, their THWAP was, or all those stats stuff

    I think something special is happening


    Just don’t bet on what I do in Playoffs stuff

    Beat Em Bucs

    • Biz, I would like to give a THWAP to a few people, lol. ;)

      Thank you for the always-updated list of looney-ticks.

      Hippos have a difficult time riding………. too big for the car………… but I will look for a bigger vehicle. :)

    • I will tell you this; Elroy Face was the closer, with help from lanky Fred Green – a lefty.

      It was very common for Face to enter the game in the eighth in an attempt to save it, give up the tying or lead run, only to have the Pirates retake the lead in our half of the eighth (or ninth) and he would get the win.

      This was especially true in 1959, when Face started the season 18-0 (that’s right 18-0) and eventually finished 18-1 I believe. In 1960 he didn’t have those kind of stats, but yes as you indicate we won it all, with similar good fortune. There were other relief pitchers who contributed for sure, but Face was the face of our bullpen – pun intended.

      • Elroy is still ticked, he would have made gazillions if he was born 40 years later.

        I met him one time at a Bob Prince Charity Bowling event, he was great there.

        My son went thru some tough stuff, injury wise, he had to bowl with his left hand

        They gave him a trophy

        Don’t remember all that were there, but they all spent time with Chris

        Sorry for the babble, but it was just in response to a comment on Mr Face

        • He was (is) a carpenter by trade, and striding in from the pen he resembled a miniature bulldog. His fork ball was virtually unhittable most of the time

  18. Noticed there no comments that this Fister guys hit(11) more people than walked(10) them.

  19. Jandy,

    Greetings to you. Wishing you awesome vibes.

  20. Cutch is slumping. Just shows how long the season is.

    • Cream rises to the top

      He’ll be fine

    • He is slumping some, but he has also been hitting rockets right at people, so if he can get some of those to just fall in, he is good to go. I seem to recall this happening earlier in the season, and he started having some fall in or over the fence. He was 3 for 3 against Fister before that K. Would have helped if he swung at the other two balls before swinging at a ball outside.

  21. I am at the game. Even though they don’t outnumber Pirates fans, it sound like there are a lot of Tigers fans here. They are loud.

    Look for me on TV. I am the guy with the sign that says: “I am praying for sustaining”

    DK: I hope it rains on you.

  22. Greetings from Sec 108. Nice night and nice crowd tonight!

  23. Another one of those games tonight. Hopefully the Bucs get out of that K binge they have been in this series.

  24. So the record is 20 ?

  25. Ump just took one to you know where.

  26. Zzzzzzzzzzz 8.

  27. That should not have been a double, Cutch nonchalantly played that.

  28. Lazy throw by Cutch there. No way Cabrera should be able to stretch that into 2. I can out run him.

  29. Cabrera is a darn good hitter. And ballplayer.

    • Hard to believe he has a serious shot at becoming a back to back triple crown hitter. We are witnessing a great ballplayer.

  30. Cutch got lazy on Carera’s double. Watch his at bat this inning. I bet he kills it.

  31. Walker with yet another first hit for the team! Come on Cutch!!

  32. it is unbelievable to me how many pitches out of the strike zone they swing at and miss before they have 2 strikes on them.

  33. Nice hit by Cutch.
    He has been smacking the ball lately……….. for out.
    Lets hope this is the beginning of a good streak.

  34. That might have been a DP ball if Neil doesn’t get thrown out. Come on Jonesy!!

  35. Nice knock Jonesy. 1st and third now get someone or all of them in!!

  36. Nice AB by Jones, fighting off pitches and finally pokes one through a hole, chance to get on the board here.

  37. Locke is giving Fister the death look in the dugout! Hillarious!

  38. K number 8 on a BALL WAAAYYY outside.

  39. That pitch Martin struck out on, he couldn’t have hit it with a bed slat!!!

  40. Here at PNC Park I wish they would enforce the rule: you can’t return to your seat unless it is between at-bats.

    And I really like beer, but it seems like there are always two vendors in each row at all times

  41. The Tigers do not have a lot of team speed

  42. You know, Snider has turned into a pretty good defensive fielder.
    He plays the wall in RF well, and has a pretty good arm.

  43. I don’t think this tie can be sustained.

  44. That is why you don’t pussyfoot around with a pitcher hitting. You go after him and if he doesn’t know how to hit and is trying to bunt, throw curveballs – hard to bunt and keep fair.

  45. Dead duck at the plate…WOW!!!!!!

  46. Snider is dripping with defense.

  47. Great ups for Inge to get that second out.

  48. Good stuff by Locke.
    4 straight hits, and they didnt score!

    Now, how bout some runs?

    DK: Some of the stuff that’s happening with this team borders on the surreal.

  49. Awesome getting out of that jam!! Get the bats going again and get him some runs. He is being mentored by AJ, so let’s not give him AJ’s run support. His pitch count is up, so he may only have one more inning left at this rate.

  50. Love how the TV guys continually point out all the great athletic feats Brandon Inge can accomplish. Like dunking a basketball and kicking a 50 yard field goal. Too bad hitting a baseball isn’t one of them.

  51. Cleveland up by a touchdown on the Reds!! Keep it up.

  52. This will be the last inning for Locke.

  53. Did I see Kool and the Gang is going to be in the house Saturday Night ?

    This just in: Kool and the Gang still exists.

    Wonder if they will play “Celebration” ?

  54. Is that Colin Dunlap coaching the Pacers ?

  55. I did not know Samoans played baseball.

    I did know they played football.

    And did Professional Wrestling.

  56. Too Early Neil! Straighten the next one out and get it over the fence!

  57. That picture of Blass they’re showing. Free at ARCO gas stations with the purchase of 8 gallons of gas. 1971. Gas was about 35 cents a gallon.

  58. Jones swings at Ball 3 to K while Cutch had the perfect pitch to steal on.

  59. What will the pretty people do if the Miami Heat and LA Kings don’t make the finals ?

  60. Lead off walk again. Hopefully they can get out of this one too. DP Ball would be nice!

  61. The Houdini act this team is pulling tonight would make David Copperfield very jealous.

  62. NICE!!!! 0-0 still. Come on BATS!!!

  63. The Spelling Bee in on ESPN. Great flip to between innings. Twitching little freaks.

  64. 11 Ks now for Fister. and a 4th straight game with double digit Ks. HIT THE BALL!!!

  65. Snider didn’t retag second, so we may have gotten a call there.

  66. Fister with 115 pitches.

    Isn’t he tired yet?!?!

  67. Just back from an afternoon of golf and an evening of telling lies about our golf games.

    I won’t give a weather report.

    I don’t need to.

  68. Rally cap is on again! Come on JHay!

  69. JHay starting it off with a single to right – going with the pitch.

  70. Nice piece of two strike hitting by JHay to get aboard, bunted over to second, time to cash in.

  71. Cutch was robbed !

  72. Cabrera couldn’t be guarding the line there? If he is that hit goes through, but nice play.

  73. Go Bucs, If you are any kind of a baseball fan ya gotta apreciate Cabrera.

  74. 8-9-1 for them; 4-5-6 for us this inning.

  75. Here’s where I have a beef with my man Clint. I was at his first Piratefest, and he literally mocked how many strikeouts the 2010 team had. And it’s only gotten worse. That’s on him.

  76. Cabrera might be the best player alive. And I’m usually the guy that argues with anyone who throws that title around.

  77. McCutcheon needs to start stepping up at clutch time.

  78. Mercer looks like he can make the routine play just fine.

  79. Here we go boys! Time to end this thing!

  80. Another nine shutout innings turned in by the pitching staff, get them one run…one good swing of the bat.

  81. This is the matchup I was looking for. Coke vs. Gaby.

  82. Take advantage of the error, now!

  83. I guess that’s not an error?

  84. 13 Ks for the Bucs batters now.

  85. Reds lose, but the Cards are winning 2-0 again in the 4th.

  86. They show Melancon warming up

    Me: Uh-oh

    Mrs TC: He’s going to be tired.

    Really happened


  88. 8 measly pitches!

  89. The Pirates pitching staff has made Cabrera look pretty regular this series. Melancon only needs eight pitches to get through the Tigers middle of lineup including Cabrera and Fielder.

    Someone with a stock be the hero.

  90. Mercer needs to make his new title official

  91. I really love how Melancon plays his position defensively. He’s ALWAYS spot on.

  92. Mikey coming up!! How about one Fort!!

  93. Guess what — Walker leads off the bottom of the 11th!!

  94. Here comes Bryan Morris to walk somebody.

  95. Clean inning. How about a run!!

  96. Morris tells Melancon, anything you can do, I can do better…seven pitches and to Bottom of 11 we go.

    Walker did win it for the Bucs in 11 the other night.

  97. NH knows how to build bullpens

    Talk amongs yourselves.

  98. RISP !

  99. Two on for Gaby with no out. Base knock should win it.

  100. Thank you Clint for not putting the bunt on.

  101. Good call by Leyva. Do it Russell!

  102. Good call to not send him – too shallow. Deep fly wins it Martin!!

  103. I was worried for Bob Hasis’ health for a minute there.

  104. ….*yawn*….

    just another ho-hum, boring Pirates win.

  105. Just missed a granny!! Bucs Win and raise that beautiful Jolly Roger!!! Hello second place.

  106. Behind the stellar pitching of Locke, Mazzaro, Watson, Wilson, Melancon and Morris and an 11th inning run thanks to a Russell Martin GW RBI.the Bucs earn the two game sweep of the Tigers and take three of four with a 1-0 win in 11 and there was noooooooooo doubt about it.

    With the win the Bucs improve to a season best 14 above .500 at 34-20, 19-8 in May and move into second in the Central. That is now four 1-0 wins in last 12. The Pirates close out the home stand beginning tomorrow when the Reds invade Pittsburgh with Wandy Rodriguez taking the hill for the Bucs.

    Inredible….Let’s Go Bucs.

  107. Raise it! Wow what a series between -yes I will say it – TWO of the best teams in baseball.

  108. My fat ass is too tired to Raise the Jolly Hippo……………

    but a great gutty win again.

    Good night.

  109. How many 4 game series with losing game 1 and winning the rest is this, now?

  110. In the last 31 innings, the Tigers scored in one of them. That’s good work by the pitching staff, at any level, let alone a first place team that had (I think) 7 hitters over .300 in the lineup on Monday.

  111. Lunnie’s are you having fun watching this stuff,


  112. We just took 3 straight from the Tigers.

    I don’t want to hear about line combinations or power play units


  113. Just saw this great twitter to DK:

    @MDFitness1975: @Dejan_Kovacevic DK, I’m truly feelin for u man, figures the year u divorce the Bucs (not that I blame u), u miss the enjoyment of this ride

  114. Just heard Grilli do a commercial for mattresses

    Tired ?

  115. I know it’s got to be hard to come up with relevant questions to ask the manager after a game. But the first question was “how important was Travis Snider’s throw to the plate [in the 5th?].” Uhhh, if he hadn’t made the throw the Pirates would have lost 1-0 in 9 innings.
    Pretty important. (I’ll bet lots of Penguins know who Snider is—they’re sports guys).

    • Not only that, Snider’s from the upper part of the West Coast… near Canada… those guys SHOULD know him, eh?

    • I think a lot of Penguins are now finding out who Snider is. The kid is good at slipping under the radar, though. I saw him play several times when the Blue Jays had him in Las Vegas, and yet I can’t remember a thing about him except that his name was in the lineup.

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