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On location: Bruins 6, Penguins 1, Game 2

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to faceoff …

Game 2: Penguins vs. Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup playoffs, Eastern Conference final

Series: Bruins, 1-0

Time: 8:10 p.m.

Site: Consol Energy Center

TV, radio: NBC Sports Network, CBC (Canada), RDS (Quebec), WXDX-FM 105.9

Here is the official live box score.

Here is TribLIVE’s Penguins page. Rob Rossi, Josh Yohe and I are covering.

And here’s a bit of what Chris Kunitz had to say this morning …

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.



  2. I’m nervous.

    • What’s got you nervous? The team knows what it has to do…time to come out fighting. Can’t wallow in what was, now that they know that the Bruins mean business. Time to put up or shut up.

      • I’m nervous we won’t come out fighting. I’m worried the Bruins will get the breaks and we’ll go into boston down 0-2.

        • Wait till the finals

          This year with the PBC, wait till September

        • Puck is in their end. We as fans can look at all the stats, make all the arguments, both cogent and not, and cheer our hearts out, but it is up to Pepto Bylsma and company to put themselves in position to win. That means playing hard, aggressive, smart hockey. Wear down Chara, keep firing pucks at Rask, and keep the puck out of your own end as much as possible.

          • Love your analysis Brandie!!!!! Simple and to the point!!

            I am not much of a stats freak, most of em glaze my eyes over.
            Your last sentence says it all ! :)

            GO PENS !!!!

    • I understand but I say keep the butterflies away until after this game.

      If Pens play like they did first 40 minutes and get any bounce they should win. If Rask and luck stand on their head and Pens get frustrated, this could be a long night.

      LET’S GO PENS!!!!

  3. LET’S GO PENS!!!!

  4. I say Pens win tonight easily. Why? Because they are too good of a team not to make adjustments, Too veteran to be panicky. And I still believe the Pens can exploit the Bears’ defense, despite the Saturday Night Massacre Shutout.

    • I hope you’re right John (love the image Abe Vigoda BTW)

      One thing that does concern me is their reaction to adversity/loss of composure/frustration.

      If they keep that in check and focus, they should win. If they let frustration get the best of them, ughh.

  5. The Pirate game is about to start.

    Anybody know when the Penguins play next?

  6. Final shameless plug of game 1′s issues for Penguins…

    Hopefully Bylsma addressed the issue with their defensive breakdowns, it was pretty bad coverage by Crosby and team tracking back into the zone.

    While they watched the video of those breakdowns, they undoubtedly saw Boston cream them in the face-off circle winning 2/3 of the draws, most of them because the Bruins just fought for the loose puck more than the Penguins wingers.

  7. Expected Penguins lineup

    Kunitz – Crosby – Dupuis
    Iginla – Malkin – Neal
    Cooke – Sutter – Morrow
    Adams – Jokinen – Vitale

    Orpik – Martin
    Niskanen – Letang
    Murray – Engelland


  8. Greetings! Same sitch for me tonight as Sat… I’ll be able to start watching the game this time, but will fairly quickly have to leave as my daughter has a band concert tonite (and I’m Prez of the Music Boosters to boot). So I won’t get to see the bulk of the game until about midnight Pgh time.

    So, do some loud cheering on my behalf tonight! C’mon boys, let’s keep our focus and TAKE IT TO THE BRUINS TONITE! Let’s Go Pens!

  9. Drop the Puck!!

  10. Gotta be kidding me!!!

  11. Vokoun….. didn’t really do much on that breakaway but what is Nisky and Letang doing and bad turnover on bouncing puck by Crosby.

    1-0 Bruins with breakaway goal by Marchand.

  12. Can I vote for Crosby as LVP of the series?

  13. I didn’t see the first 28 seconds. Did I miss anything?

  14. How do you sit Eaton and keep Niskanen in the lineup?

  15. Have to do better than this!

  16. Crosby sucking up a storm tonight.

  17. Maybe Crosby should put the jaw guard back on. I’m kind of serious. He doesn’t seem right – could be mental.

  18. The only net the Pens have crashed in this series is their own. Effing pathetic. Bawlz the size of gnats ladies and gentlemen…gnats.

  19. Bounces going Bruins way again. Will be another severe test to Pens mental toughness. We’ll know very soon if this is going to be a reprise of Flyers ’12.

  20. Hate Niskanen and Letang together… they play the same game and too small, Bruins are going to eat them for dinner around the net. Murray and Engelland are too slow.

    Crosby isn’t playing like the best player should be.. off his game.

  21. Power play for Boston

  22. Who wants to bet on how this PP will turn out for the Pens? I’ll take the minus. Bet Jagr scores.

  23. Pathetic. By everyone.

  24. I’m sorry…I meant Letang. That worthless joke of a Norris candidate.

  25. Niskanen blows it, then end of PK, Letang turnover…. just more stupidity by Pens

    DK just get out the stupid column…. re-run it

  26. No try looking good.

  27. Nice job Martin and Letang. Paul Martin stinks and why is Niskanen in there??

  28. If they offer that overrated a$$hat more than $5 million a year they are morons. Let him go be great somewhere else.

  29. I just do not believe what I am seeing!!!!

    • Ditto. In complete and utter shock. This is last year all over again…with a more talented team. I am EMBARRASSED to be a Pens fan today. Did NOT expect this insipid performance. Just WOW.

  30. Game, set, series. See ya next year folks.

  31. Fleury time for me.

  32. And the Norris candidate is on the ice again. Between him and Crosby they are lighting it up. Pens are a joke.

  33. where are the d-men.

  34. Not blaming Vokoun but…


  35. Wow.

    About as bad a start as we could ask for…

    They dug themselves quite a hole and aren’t showing much sign they can climb out of it.

  36. They could have 6 goalies in net, if they dont start playing better, it wont matter.

  37. Poorly coached team. Just what has Morrow and Murray brought to this defense. The best team, not the best talent, is winning this series.

  38. doesnt matter who the goalie is the way we are playing..we are getting our *ss kicked. Looks like Islander series.


  40. SUTTER!


  42. Huuuuuuuuge goal Sutter

  43. Woohooo! Too bad it won’t get them a win but it’s better than being blanked again.

  44. Oh well……

  45. Huuuuuuuuge goal Sutter

    Huger goal Marchand.

  46. Took it back. Get us to break now.

  47. And Elvis has just left the building. Eff this team. Eff em all.

  48. Wow.

    At least there are 2 periods to claw back. I’m trying to see the positives.

  49. nice job fleury

  50. TV honeymoon is ovah.

  51. How bad is Fleury???

  52. unbelievable 30 second later give it right back.

  53. Well that first period could have been worse…theoretically.

  54. at some point is letang benched for being careless

    • They love Letang and Niskanen. Letang for defenseman of the year is the biggest joke of the decade.
      Where is Crosby, Malkin and Iginla–superstars on paper????

  55. It’s time to panic!

  56. My head blew off when Sid gave up goal #1…still in shock. I’m drinking now. Heavily.

  57. thankfully we still have 2 periods left to “get to our Game”

  58. Ladies and gentleman…we have met the enemy and it ids us!

  59. Bylsma better have a freakin’ heart attack reading them the riot act during this intermission.

    3 goal deficit. 40 mins. Or your season is effectively over.

    If they lose this, they’re not going to Boston and getting both.

    • O, and a timeout call could’ve worked after the 3rd goal. Guess we’re saving it for later…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • should have read them the riot act before the game. came out flat and bruins look like they are on 20 min power play

    • FIRE BYLSMA! (Someone had to say it.).

  60. Perspective time. You are all watching Fleury’s last minutes on the Pens. We had some good times, Flower. Too bad there were no good times in the last 4 playoffs.

  61. And, to add insult to injury………………………..

    Bucs losing 4-1 to the Braves……….

  62. So they show all these fancy telestrator moves on the last Bruins goal but ultimately Fleury blew it completely. Nothing else about that play or how it developed even mattered.

    Pens need to play from lockdown defense mode from the opening whistle and Letang is the biggest liability on defense right now… Because he is never back there.

  63. pacers beating heat

  64. how much of this is on Bylsma? Where is the dump and forecheck

  65. Well…at least I have my son’s wedding to look forward to in a month. Hope it doesn’t rain. It’s inside.

  66. Pens should hire Granato–he has ten times the fire as Disco Dan. Or, how about Billy Guerin?? He would light a fire in these prima donnas.

  67. I hope next year Shero loads up on two-way players.

  68. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to be a huge Pirates fan than a huge Penguins fan; it’s easier to shrug off disappointment when your expectations are so low to begin with!

    On the optimistic side, maybe this is just a setup for a repeat of Game 1 of the ’92 finals.

    Can’t say I’m holding my breath…

  69. According to DK’s column, all that is needed is “a tweak or two”! Why is everyone worrying? :)

  70. I need to spike my lemonade

  71. Bylma’s highly questionable lineup changes to his defense looking very bad. Eaton is one of the most responsible defensemen on the team. Niskanen has done nothing in these playoffs that has earned him the right to be playing. I wouldn’t have had a problem with Engelland in for Niskanen, even though I think Despres is better than Engelland. Playing Niskanen over Eaton makes no sense whatsoever.

  72. I hope Joe Morrow doesn’t turn out to be good

  73. It looks like they are disinterested. How can this be when you are down a game, and down 3 goals???

  74. I just officially ran out of dogs to walk. It’s getting chilly out there.

  75. Second period is about to start. Go Pens!

  76. The only chance the Pens have in this series is if the Bruins wind up laughing so hard at them that by game 3 the Pens will catch them off guard and seize momentum. That and the Bruins plane crashes on the back to Boston. That might be just about enough…maybe.

  77. That damn stretch pass is nice an cute when playing these average teams which the Sens and Islanders were but it does not work against a well coached team and Disco Dan just doesn’t get it. He lets Letang freelance out there with absolutely zero responsibility for his actions. There couldn’t be a worse combo of Letand and Niskanen and what in the world has Engellend brought to any minute of these playoffs?

    Yes we are being badly outplayed and Crosby has to wake up but we are also being totally outcoached. Get Iginla with Crosby please and pretty much all of the dmen suck so get Despres in there, at least he can add a little offense.

  78. What is wrong with Crosby tonight? Giveaway after giveaway…offsides…?????

  79. Lets see…………………..

    The Bachelorette,
    Dr. Drew,

    National Lampoon’s European Vacation it is !!!! ;)

  80. Move along folks, nothing to see here!

  81. sandpaper hockey. they can’t do it. it can change, but nothing shows me they can.

  82. get letang off the ice. especially on the pp.

  83. malkin almost gets assist

  84. Wow, what a pathetic power play when they needed it the most.

  85. A lot of this is on Bylsma. The lack of structure on this team, especially when a couple things start going wrong, is a reflection of the coaching system.

    • Careful, DD is “bullet proof” according to DK. So, better get used to this type of “play” for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry looooooooooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

    • playoff hockey = tight, close checking hockey.

      It kindda looks like when the Devils shut us down

    • Burkle, Lemieux, and Shero are off the hook. Lots of blame to share beneath that. Not ready for sandpaper hockey.

  86. power play looked terrible.

  87. No doubt the Pens have the skill to come back in this series. What they don’t appear to have is the structure and mental fortitude to do so.

  88. Lemieux, Burkle, and Shero should be livid at this display of hockey.
    Losing is one thing………. beating yourself and playing with zero hustle and effort is another.

    Crosby should be the only one safe for next year.
    Many, many hard decisions must be made for next year.
    Shero will get the loafers on this roster out……… he is a great GM.

    But 19 positions, and the fate of disco Duck should ALL be on the table for next year.

    But we need to concentrate on this series.
    If we lose it, I am all in favor for a bloodletting of the roster and coaches
    Just one Hippos observations.

    • What is crosby in these playoffs? A -4? He has the talent to play playoff hockey, bit he gets too frustrated. Needs to grow up.

  89. Rask is NOT that good….but he IS that focused.

  90. Why is everyone shocked by this effort under Bylsma?? Remember folks, it is the playoffs and his “talented” teams never get the job done. I am not certain the talent is as good as we think. Morrow and Murray have brought little to the team and Malkin has not had a good year.
    Still believe Malkin needs traded for two fast, big defensemen. Letang and Niskanen are not getting it done and Paul Martin has been awful. Team speed needs to be addressed–the Islanders series really proved the point about speed and Boston is teaching Bylsma a thing or two about defense–the Pens have none. Skaters go up the ice untouched.

    • if DD is not replaced you will get same to worse results come playoff time regardless of player changes. Boston is putting on a defensive clinic

  91. Vitale and Morrow are playing well. Not the players we need to be playing well.

  92. The worst thing I saw after game 1 was all kinds of comments about how the Pens played well in Game 1 and felt it was some lucky and unlucky bounces. This told me that they felt that they had to do nothing differently or even play just a little harder after losing a game 3-0, and the results sure are showing tonight.

  93. Which goalie is to blame for scoring 1 goal in 5 periods ?

  94. Better come out in the 3rd and play with desperation

  95. Jerome Iginla…does he look like he wants a championship very much? Correction, does he play like he wants a championship?

  96. DD simply has no answers for Julien’s game plan and the Pens players know it! And the Bruins know it!

  97. I’m not sure what’s worse. Watching Malkin skate right by that guy with about 30 seconds left or watching Zagurski pitch?

  98. Well, at least its not a shutout, although it sure feels like it.

  99. Give some credit to the Bruins. They are a good team with an excellent coach playing perfect hockey right now. They watched a lot of tape of the Flyers 2012 series, clearly. Adjustments are the name of the game, isn’t that what we keep hearing? Any adjustments we made after game 1 are making us look worse.

    Also Fleury pulling a Thurman Thomas in the Super Bowl routine? Come on man.


  100. I usually am a big defender of Dan Bylsma, but I think Bylsma made a big mistake when he decided not to dress Kris Letang and put him in the Press Box. We could use . . . . .

    Wait . . . . . . what? . . . . . . you say Letang IS dressed and playing?

    Never mind!

  101. Seems as if the Pens try to do something they don’t like to do or do well, like aggressively forechecking and hitting defensemen, they get burned or they forget how to actually play offense.

    Wonder if we’ll read this in the coming days: “Don’t worry, the team is hitting the Boston defenders and Charra will feel all those hits later in the series…the team is wearing down the Boston defense.”

  102. We need three goals! That’s a lot.

  103. Boston will be in full shut down mode in the 3rd. What are you looking for the Pens to show to set the tone for the rest of the series?

  104. This pretty much sums up what is going on in the Pens locker room right now:

  105. It still takes four to win. Go Pens.

  106. wow….just wow

  107. DD: Pushed every wrong button imaginable in this game.

  108. Another great move by DD…Fleury to the rescue! 2 goals on what 3 shots…BRILLIANT!!!

  109. not many teams have the luxury of a backup goalie like Fleury. or a mobile defenseman like letang

  110. Time for some payback in Boston. Otherwise, epic flameout.

  111. So who goes back in goal for Game 3?

  112. The best team for two games has clearly been the Bruins. Take the rose colored glasses off and be objective. “Paper talent” wins NOTHING. We were fortunate against a far inferior team in the Islanders and Quebec is not a good team.

  113. Can we play the college kid we just signed in goal. In all seriousnes, who can he put in goal on Wednesday? If Fleury held them scoreless then he starts but he shows no improvement or indication that he can be trusted so it has to be Voukun………………..doesn’t it?

  114. Need Kevin Stevens to come in and wake up Pens for game 3

  115. Pens dont seem to play the first or last minute of the period

  116. Now here is our chance to get back into the game.

  117. Should’ve started Fleury. Vokoun played great. But you could just feel it . But seriously, the 5th goal, who stops that?

  118. If you think this series hangs on TV or MAF, then you’re asking the wrong questions. Which forward is going to play good defense? Why is iginla sitting on the PP while letang plays? And, who is going to fight and scrap for every inch of ice?

  119. I think I have seen enough of Jokinen this series as well. I think his 15 minutes are up. Lets see what Bennett can do.

  120. That said it all……………………….

    Disco biting his lip, looking lost and confused,
    Julien talking to his players, pumping them up.

    No wonder its 5-1.
    Can Granato coach game 3?

  121. One of the reasons I am certain Pens will do better in Boston is that Malkin has been giving the puck to the guys in the white shirts all night!!!

    That will work in Boston!

  122. No doubt. Not on goalies, still you could tell Vokoun had peaked. Team D? Sour.

  123. Watch Bostons team D collapse low around Rask? Watch the Pens do pirouettes in their zone. Boston 5 Pittsburgh 1

  124. I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding the calls for Fleury. Even Eddie O is throwing his hat in that ring. What has Fleury done recently in the playoffs to warrant any confidence in him whatsoever? I have way more confidence in TV.

    The bigger problem is the D anyway. Goalie doesn’t matter in games like the last 2.

  125. Crosby/Malkin, 0 points, minus 6. nuff said

  126. Earlier today I asked for 60 minutes of sandpaper hockey. They couldn’t even last a minute.

  127. Whatever Bowser has next is going to be long & scathing. And long.

  128. Both commentators said they would go with Fleury

  129. I say we play Zatkoff in goal Wednesday

  130. Fleury fricking STINKS.

  131. Pierre McGuire ” at this point everyone in the black sweaters are just sleepwalking”

  132. Now really, has Fleury shown any reason that he has changed? He has given up 3 goals and Boston has really been pressing for 40 minutes.

  133. CAN NOT wait to read DK’s column! That’s right DK, can’t wait to hear how you are going spin this ONE! :)

  134. If I am Lemieux and Shero, I get my scalpel ready.

  135. Gutless performance by a team which lacks any semblance of character. They possess the emotional maturity of 12 year olds. Going to be a very long off season for Mr Shero and company.

    • Letang and Fleury have all the talent and no heart. Malkin – he plays his game – but gets frustrated easily and has no dfense. Crosby is the real enigma. His game seems suited for a gritty playoff series. He should really dominate. But he also gets frustrated and starts with the no defense and the dumb passes.

      Need someone to step up.

  136. In honor of the Penguins I just tried to slit my wrists.

    But just like the Pens, I lost possession of the knife before I got to my goal.

  137. The Bruins don’t have as much skill as the Pens, but are a better team. What does that mean? A lot, and none of it reflects well on the Pens leadership.

  138. Kris Letang has been on the ice for more Bruins goals than either of the two goaltenders.

  139. WOW, what a BEAT DOWN by the Bruins! Now that is how a Stanley Cup contender plays at this level (take note DD and others!)

  140. Danch- punk statement. Letang, Fleury have no heart? Gutless, punk statement. These guys bring it every night. Doesn’t always work out their way, but heart? You should write for the New York Post.

    • Don’t know whether they have heart–I do not know them well enough to make that statement but they flat out–STINK and that is based upon real observation.

    • Whatever it is they bring, I wish they’d leave it at home.

      I realize that I am sitting at home watching while they are out there doing – but nonetheless when the pressure of the playoffs comes, they fold. Not trying to be a gutless punk, but this is more than just things not working out their way … this is them not playing with the intelligence, tenacity, maturity, and composure that makes champions.

  141. FS- Fair enough. I just see red when I hear people talk question an athletes heart. Total BS. Who they hell are they and how would they know. Lets see what happens Wednesday.

  142. The Pens have rallied for an 0-2 series deficit 5 times in team history, but only once when losing first 2 games at home (1996 vs WAS)

  143. Thats question an athletes heart. Doh.

  144. Pens can get back in series with a win in game three, It takes four to win the series so Pens have a chance. My guess which I called the Pens in five is not worth anything but players have to know this is it and respond. If not, major changes are needed from coaching to defense and now goaltending.

  145. Complete and total no-show by the Penguins and their stars in the first two games.

    Please check out this blog post on the illustrations breaking down the first 3 goals for Boston tonight.

    The Penguins defensive breakdowns in game 1 were even worse in game 2.

  146. Unsolicited note to HCBD on needed Game 3 changes:
    In: Bennett, Kennedy, Depres
    Out: Morrow, Jussi, Engelland

    We need more speed in this line-up. Bruins clearly have taken pages — if not the whole book — from teams that have given us difficulty. Julien simplifying it and outcoaching Bylsma.

    Let’s learn from Bruins-Toronto series and hit them with speed. Would trade perceived “toughness” and a few extra hits for actual skating ability and skill. We won’t have to worry much about the 7-game series pounding we had planned to give Chara, Jagr and company if we cannot get to Game 5.

    Hate the fact that we seem married to the 4 players we got at deadline. We should determine exactly what is needed and react swiftly — in this case, speed. Let’s not make same mistake for Game 3.

    • By the way, still believe we can win this series if coaching staff analyzes what is needed and makes the change to speed. At this point, doesn’t matter which goalie is in net — pick one.

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