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On location: Bruins 2, Penguins 1, 2 OTs, Game 3

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

BOSTON – Looking ahead to faceoff …

Game 3: Penguins vs. Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup playoffs, Eastern Conference final

Series: Bruins, 2-0

Time: 8:10 p.m.

Site: TD Garden, Boston

TV, radio: NBC Sports Network, CBC (Canada), RDS (Quebec), WXDX-FM 105.9

Here is the official live box score.

Here is TribLIVE’s Penguins page. Rob Rossi, Josh Yohe and I are covering.

Here’s the coverage of the morning skates, by Yohe, as well as a couple conversations I had in a rather intense room with Pascal Dupuis and Brandon Sutter

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. I think Rob Rossi might have been waiting to see if Vokoun was starting. Didn’t he call for MAF?

    Or is that like calling for Iggy on the RW, or on the PP, or Depres, or…..


    • yes he did.. I think those were Rossi’ steps for win though. They’re not the only steps. Although I do hope they mix things up a bit. It bothers me to think that the bruins might have the penguins and more importantly both MAF & VO solved.

      • I just meant it was interesting that DKs Tweets implied there was never any question.
        Quote : “No one’s really waiting to find out if Vokoun is starting tonight, are they? Come on. ”

        It seems there were ‘someones’ waiting, and in fact expecting/hoping for the opposite, at least at the Trib. (and at PG too, and on The Fan, and on Savran….and on NBC….)

    • Well, the decision is made. I hope the guys all made the decision to play disciplined, defensively sound hockey in front of Voo

      • Yep…it really doesn’t matter WHO the goalie is. This team needs to play UP to its own talent level. Gotta SCORE as well as stop the bad guys from scoring.

      • Spot on from Boston (from PG)

        Bert Durand · Stoughton, Massachusetts

        (from Boston) Do you Pens fans think Fluery is really that much of a lost cause? A few of us Bruins fans were talking and hoping that Vokoun would play. I don’t think you can judge Fluery coming in cold in game 2. With the vulnerability of the Pens D, I’d think you’d want to take a chance with a goalie that can steal a game or two. To Bruins fans, that’s Fluery much more than Vokoun. Vokoun is solid, but they need a bit more than solid right now with the step up in competition, don’t they? If I were a Pens fan, I’d want to go with the home run hitter in net. It’s kind of the theme of the Pens roster, no? High risk, high reward?

        SPOT. ON.

        With the way they’re playing, their ONLY chance is a lights out performance in goal.

        As I have been saying, they bet the farm they could win a CUp with Steady/Solid/but not elite goaltending in Vokoun.

        He’s a safe bet cos he won’t melt down, saving mgmt from criticism.

        But at this point it looks like that is all they are interested in.

        • +many agreed

          I can see going with Vokoun if they think Fluery is rattled.

          They had a chance to see where Fluery was against Ottawa. They didn’t take it.

          And now here we are. As you have been saying – What a shame.

        • Wow Sarah you really have thing about the goaltending.
          MAF has flopped before in the playoffs and has flopped again this year. But that is what you want over a steady but not spectacular goal tender when we can’t aford to lose another game. All for a chance that he may have a good game. I just don;t understand that thinking when our backs are against the wall.

  2. LETS


    PENS !!!!!!!

  3. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MAKE A HIPPO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hate to be a downer but I really cannot see us wining this series.

    I know the Bruins just did this to us but I don’t see us going into Boston and winning two straight games. Right now our season is on life support and if we lose today it’s over.

    • We can do it.Doom, er I mean Dom :)

    • one game at a time… thats Iginla’s other favorite words. we are going to focus on just winning ONE game. If we win tonight, I can definitely see us winning the series. Just like Chicago coming from 3-1 down and Boston coming from 4-1 down in a gm7, anything is possible in the SCP.

    • Hate to be gloom n Dom, er Doom too.
      But my worst fear is the choice of Vokoun is RS/DB packing it in (and I don’t just mean on MAF’s future with the team)…

      I mean they’d rather lose with steady but insufficient goaltending, than risk a meltdown w MAF but possibly steal the games they need to right the ship.

      I guess I need more meds LOL!!!

      • No you don’t need more meds. They just painted themselves into a corner by not playing Fleury until game 2.

        Since he didn’t look good, they are going with the “safer” option. I expected it and with way Fleury looked I don’t blame them for this particular decision.

        There is a lot I blame them for that got us here.

        I hope your wrong that they are packing it in but you could be right. I think it’s evident some changes are needed no matter the result of this season (yes even a Cup). Losing with effort is one thing but these meltdowns have to be addressed.

  5. Normally I think Barry Melrose is an ass, but he did say something yesterday that was spot on……………………..

    He said most fans drool over the “hits” stat, but for the Pens, he said that is the worst thing to win it. He said that if the Pens are winning the “hits” stat, that means they are not controlling the puck. If they arent controlling the puck, they cant score.

    That, more than anything, is your wrap-up of the first 2 games this series.

    Oh, and for all the Fleury fans out there………

    I am glad Fleury was our goalie for all these years. He is a good goalie, very athletic, but he is also a very mentally fragile goalie. When Disco pulled him in the Islander series, that signaled the end of his playing time in Pittsburgh. Meltdowns in 4 consectutive years playoffs after the Cup win in ’09 sealed his fate. I think management was MORE than patient with him sticking with him all these years, giving him numerous chances.

    Sadly, he will be gone this offseason. Great guy, but he isnt being paid to be a great guy.
    And, the Pens better right the ship in this series, or about 9 or 10 other players will be shown the door this offseason also.

    And dont get me started on Disco Duck.

    COME ON PENS!!!!!!!! LETS GO !!!!!!!!!!

    • Was that you talking about Fleury or Melrose? Couldn’t decipher where Melrose-talk and Hippo-talk endstarted.

      • Sorry Kevin. Melrose talk was the first paragraph, talking about hits and puck possession.

        Hippo-talk was Fleury.

        Sorry for the confusion.

      • I like Fleury but the point is moot. Fleury’s not a good backup goalie. Vokoun is a good backup goalie. So basically, right now, we have no backup.

        I just do not understand why you would do the 60/40 Fleury/Vokoun thing during the regular season and not continue it in the playoffs. That just irks me to no end. And I am fully irked.

        • Kevin I guess it comes down to they have so completely lost confidence in MAF that they cannot put him in. If that’s the case, then heck, dress Theissan or whoever as the back up.

          You’re right, they don’t have a backup on the bench. He’s in goal.

          • I shudder to think what would happen to MAF’s confidence if he were to take the ice in Boston as the crowd starts chanting his name in that sing-song fashion. Heck, it makes me nervous hearing it while sitting and watching at home!

            As for a new backup goalie, why not? Perhaps it would take the Boston crowd a while to figure out the guy’s last name before the personalized chanting commenced. Ideally, the backup goalie would have a last name with a lot of syllables that is very hard to pronounce. that would make a catchy chant hard to create, let alone share with the rest of TD Gardens in a timely fashion.

            • I dunno Joni in some ways there mightbe less pressure on the road chants or not!
              I always liked playing in front of hostile crowds.
              Shut’em up LOL!!

              • True. You expect people to taunt you on the road. One would assume that after a while it becomes white noise. Kinda like what happens when Sid is playing in another building.

        • What I meant to add was, no idea who they could replace MAF with in regular season where he’s been very solid playing 55-65 games. That type of performance is not easily replaced.
          But you can’t pay the guy 5.5 mil or whatever to sit on the bench.

          It will be a task for RS to see if it is possible to get rid of him and get something worthwhile in return.

          Ryan Miller maybe? Dunno. Haven’t looked much. But don’t touch Luongo, he might actually be more of a potato chip than poor FLeury!!

          • Not sure about Miller, seemed like for a “contract” year he didn’t do himself any favors. Not sure if he Sabres ever made a run with him in the playoffs, but the main thing with anyone you bring in is a proven playoff performer.

            My optimistic side keeps trying to rear its ugly head. I was thinking of DK’s video earlier and his inserting the mind set the Bruin’s have at the moment. There is no reason to think any major strategy changes are going to happen.

            So the Bruins now have 2-0 series lead, going back home for a game in front of their crowd. That adds some pressure to repeat what you have done in the 1st two games at home.

            The other thing is just that, which is expectations. The Pen’s clearly were going into this series and the entire playoff’s as the clear favorite, at least in the east. Now their the in the unenviable position of having to explain another debacle, and live with it over the summer, through next season, and for some maybe the rest of their lives.

            This is only hockey for God’s sake, and when these guys are good they can be very good. It might take a fluky goal, or bad line change by the opposition, but if they could gain little bit of momentum for an extended period of time, well, who knows. Stranger things have happened, and even though I thought that team we saw the last 2 games was going to be thing of the past with the additions this year, at least on paper there is absolutely no reason these guys can’t perform better.

            LETS GO PENS!

            • As many a Buffalonian (that’s what we are called, I kid you not!) will tell you, Ryan Miller was the sh$@ for quite some time. He was one of the main reasons why people attended a Sabres game.

              Miller helped the Sabres get to the Eastern Conference finals in 2006 and 2007.

              Let’s not even talk about the Winter Classic in 2008, when the Pens/Crosby won in a shootout. or the Winter Olympics when Sid scored the golden goal on Miller.

              Honestly, I can’t even walk around in Penguins gear here. I have been heckled numerous times for wearing things that say “Crosby” on the back. The best was when one lady said, “we don’t serve your kind here” at a local grocery store. Charming!

              But I digress…

              Now, Ryan Miller’s name is mud in Sabreland. He is not shy about calling out fellow teammates (recently Patrick Kaleta) on their less than stellar plays and ways. Miller definitely lost cool points with Western New Yorkers as he became more vocal. Even though he said what everyone else was thinking.

              Interestingly enough, at least for us, Ryan Miller’s play went downhill after he got married in 2011. Weird! Miller does not live full time with his wife, Noureen. She is an actress and lives on the West Coast. Some Sabres fans speculate that Miller might be saying unfortunate things and sometimes flailing about in net because he wants to get out of his contract and live closer to his wife. I think that’s malarkey, but there you have it.

              And that is the ballad of Ryan Miller, Rob.

              • Great info Joni!
                Well I think the Pens D could use a talking to frequently! Though apparently Vokoun will call them out when needed. I’ve always thought Miller was solid and could be great too.

                I dunno about the trade situation. I’m not up on cap rules either, but if they buy out MAF does his 5+ mil go back to the cap?

                Bottom line we’d need a G who can play 50 or more games with excellent nbrs.

                That won’t come cheap unless it comes from the farm system and I don’t think they have anyone really ready yet.

              • Small world so to speak Joni. My Mom is from Buffalo and we spent most of our summer vacations with my grandparents in the 60′s, early 70′s up there. I think West Seneca area, Bocci Pizza was the 1st place we stopped once we arrived (Leonardi’s i think also), plus Niagara Falls (also her name Noreen).
                Anyway thanks for the insider take on Miller. I knew he was good, didn’t really have a feel for the playoffs, sounds like he could use a change of scenery but sounds like he would prefer the West Coast.

              • Ya Sara, I think the MAF situation is really a shame. 50+ games during the regular season is not easy to replace, and when he is on can steal games. Too bad all these issues in the playoffs, which is really part of his responsibility. As TV said they left him out to dry way too many times. Would be interesting to see what his stats would be if he played for a more defense 1st team.
                You never know, he could get the call again and stand on his head and that might change everything. Plus RS may not be thinking on the same lines as us. Who knows.

        • Actually, I’m afraid we have no starter.

  6. Sign in for luck, we need to get something going

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  7. I agree that if we are getting close to doubling the Bruins up in total hits it is a very bad sign, regardless of whether Melrose said it (even if one of his underlings fed him the comment). If we don’t win the puck possession battle, we’re done.

    On our goaltender, I don’t think it will be the deciding factor this evening. If we cannot put up 3 or 4 tonight, we’re cooked.

    This blog is eerily quiet for a game night . . . as if waiting for Bergeron to put it in off the opening face-off.

    Now that we’ve gotten all that negativity out of the way, let’s go get it done tonight! We CAN still right this ship. Keep the faith!

  8. The Pens need to play hockey and knock off the cute stuff like fancy passes and everyone trying to get it done on their own. On how many of the goals that were scored on Vokoun was he hung out to dry because of lack of defense? How many goals went unscored, how many chances were not created due to the Pens having no solution to Boston clogging the lanes?

    Not to discredit the Bruins, who have played well, but the Pens have made their own mess. Time to dance with those who brought you this far, and, for Pitty’s sake…Jarome Iginla is RIGHT WINGER! LEAVE HIM THERE! NOW!

  9. In the midst of my own hand-wringing, I forget to appreciate the hard work and composure of Craig Adams, two time Stanley Cup winner. Thank goodness for that guy!

    I wonder how long it will take Pierre (if he is a commentator tonight) to mention that Adams went to Harvard this evening. I’m thinking by the end of the first period…

  10. Greetings from the west coast – I am on time all the way today! So, my day so far, found out I have to have a filling done (rare, for me), broke not one, but two glass bowls (shattered!), dog not only chewed up the hamper but peed right by my desk (with me here!) and I splashed salad dressing on my SC T-shirt. But guess what, I have a good feeling about tonight.

    Been wearing my SC garb all day and will go to the lucky socks right from the get go. The boys have their heads in the right place, we’ve got Alcide from True Blood on our side and Billy G is in da house! Boys get it done tonight.


  11. Well its the end of MAF in PGH, if he was going to stay he would be in the lineup tone. It just says MAF will not be with the Pens next year. No biggie and I hate Boston however I read I column that I totally agree with. Pens have no goalie! You can’t win a cup without a great goalie and please don’t bring up 09 that’s a lifetime. In hockey.. but go Pens

    • Dejan was on the radio, kinda said the same thing, MAF is on shaky ground

      We’ll see, the series is not over yet

      • Well for my money, if they cannot get a really solid G in return, I’d invest in a goalie coach for Fleury. He has actually regressed in several categories since 2009 when he worked a lot with Ty Conklin.

        Meloche has done nothing to correct deficiencies in MAFs game, and seems like your typical Penguins legacy/charity/hire. I.e. Useless.

        Heck, maybe hire Conklin! Couldn’t hurt!

        • Yup, he has to be replaced, can’t go into next season with only TV and I don’t think there is much in the minors that could help next season

          A FA? That costs and the cap would be a challenge as is

          • Yeah. They may wind up keeping him for his red season nbrs and go for a G at the deadline before the playoffs. Don’t put anything past RS lol! But it’s clear the wont want him in net next spring….

  12. I see a fair amount of doom & gloom above and frankly, who could blame you. I’ve got to see one more period. The strangest things can turn a series around. Something stupid, like a comment from an airline pilot. Who knows ? One more period to show me that they’re not willing to do the dirty work necessary to win in the playoffs. That’s what got them last year & it’s getting them again. The unwillingness to do the hard work necessary.

    Frankly, if the answer is no it won’t even take 20 minutes.

    • Good point Milo – I agree.

      • Bruins should come out on fire, Pens have to weather that storm

        BTW a baseball note, heard Wandy is on a plane back to the burgh

        Don’t know how to read that

    • Spot on Milo.
      Yes I heard that JetBlue pilot remark.
      If that doesn’t make them want to rub Boston’s noses in it nothing will.

      But it still takes hard work, and we’ve not seen that yet this series.

      First goal is huge.

    • Great post Milo.

      I haven’t lost all hope yet but they aren’t giving us much reason for optimism. I agree that we should know in the first 20.

      LET’S GO PENS!!!!

  13. I wonder if they took a poll again and asked if Lemieux is 100 then Crosby’s a _ ?

  14. The penguins are built like a fine swiss watch…they are put together fantastically and usually work great, but when 1 thing goes wrong with them, they totally fall apart. Tonight is NOT about goaltending or line combinations… Getting back in this series requires a sound, disciplined game plan and willingness to commit to defense and manage the puck.

  15. We we really want to be down about the game we can watch the replay of todays Pirate game on ROOT.

    Otherwise I look forward to the game tonight and hope to see a vast improvement and to keep hope alive.

  16. About an hour or so until the puck drops. Would love nothing better than to see us walk out of TD Garden with a win tonight . . . any . . . way . . . possible. Like the Isles series, need something like a Bennett or other unexpected goal to get us kick-started and take the pressure off the big boys.

  17. Well, we’ll see what this team is all about tonight.

    I know it looks bleak but most of the time when a team goes onto win the championship there is a point during the season or during the playoffs or in the final game where it looks like it might not happen…then something changes…and if they go onto win it all we remember them forever and we remember how amazing it was they way that they did it.

    A lot of people didn’t think they would beat Detroit the second time around, all the way up until the closing moments of Game 7. The Steelers fell behind the Cardinals on Fitzgerald’s TD and then had to answer with a clutch drive of their own. They were 7-5 in 2005 before winning out and taking the tough road route. Pirates came back from 3-1 against the Orioles…we can go on and on…

    Is this one of those teams that rises or falters when it’s truly on the line?

  18. I do like Vokoun starting tonight. Fleury is more likely to be influenced and rattled by the road crowd. Vokoun is not a great goalie, only a solid one, but he has a calm demeanor.

    We have to score some goals, though, and rather quickly. Kind of amazing to think scoring goals is our biggest problem with the offensive resumes that these guys….Crosby, Malkin, Iginla, Neal, etc. It’s not like we don’t have capable players.

    • If I told you we’d be down 0-2 in a series, you’d probably predict we were not getting anything from our third and fourth lines. The fact that our first two lines don’t have a point is unbelievable. In many ways, this is actually worse than last year against the Flyers. At least last year we were scoring.

  19. Cooke has replaced Iginla on the Malkin line. Iginla joins Sutter & Bennett on the 3rd line. We’ll see how long those last. Jokinen a scratch.

  20. Just got home, my apologies…

    Kunitz – Crosby – Dupuis
    Cooke – Malkin – Neal
    Bennett – Sutter – Iginla
    Morrow – Vitale – Adams
    Orpik – Martin
    Niskanen – Letang
    Murray – Engelland


  21. Congrats Boston…. your flag is upside down…

  22. Ran court couldn’t lick jimersons butt

  23. We can’t afford to let up a goal early.

  24. ………………………………………………………………………….

  25. Bylsma – let’s play Letang-Nisky against the big line of Krejci, Horton and Lucic. Unreal Letang is abused.

    • The mere fact that Niskanen is playing is damning evidence that Bylsma has given up. That he’s playing him with Letang is even further proof of that. How can anyone with a lick of hockey sense believe that is a good idea?

    • these puck moving, no defense defensemen are killing us.

  26. Letang not stepping upon blue line O-zone, then we go other way, then Letang does not take puck carrier on his own side. Norris trophy anyone?

  27. The pens are picking up where the pirates let off.

  28. Bylsma should be fired for his refusal to play Depres over Engelland, alone. What a waste of a great talent.

  29. Holy crap does Boston ever have some jump.

  30. We get the next one and just maybe…

  31. Hey, but at least he’s playing Bennett (finally) and keeping Fleury where he belongs: sitting on a folding chair.

  32. Why are Boston fans booing Iginla? Don’t they realize they’re better off with Jagr?

  33. Did you see the goal. All Volcoum there.

  34. Bend but don’t break Pens – stay calm and focused, and patient.

  35. Pens are totally out of it.

    Not skating, can’t take a pass or control puck

  36. Holy cow.

    I can not believe I would ever see the day when all Boston had to do was just play keep away from the Pens, then just pounce on mistakes.

    What did they discuss and practice on the off-day?

    Dan Bylsma == great regular-season coach, bad playoff coach.
    Odd defensive pairing, misuse of Iginla, bad matchups……….

    I want to believe, but he makes it difficult.
    They should be playing for their jobs, but it is hard to tell……….

  37. We’re on the power play. Boston is getting far better shots on goal. TV made some good saves.

  38. Good thing they played Vitale. Another guy to take dumb penalties.

  39. someone tell malkin that hooking isnt defense

  40. What is f-ing wrong with VITALE?

  41. Bruins taking tape-to-tape passes in rhythm and shooting in wheelhouses. We’re chipping 75% of our pucks at Rask.

  42. We need to do better on the face offs and get some rebounds. Their goalie is covering everything knowing their success rate on the FOs

  43. Shoot the puck.

  44. Someone hand Kunitz a longer stick.

  45. Are you kidding me

  46. TV may have just saved the game

  47. Big save by TV.

  48. Sitter got undressed. Wow. TV saved his bacon

  49. No excuse to be beaten to a loose puck, when 2 Penguins are the closest players.

    Outhustled, outefforted.

    Sickening display of hockey.

  50. I wonder if anyone will tell Crosby during the intermission that the series started.

  51. Crosby is nowhere to be found. And I think we could be looking at a sweep.

  52. Paul Martin is by far the best Penguin tonight. It looks like he actually cares about this game.

  53. Jagr pulled Neal offside, no penalty called for hooking…Really?

  54. If Fleury is in there, we’re down 3 or 4 to nil. Nice kid, helped win a Cup, but his days in a Pens uniform should come to an end.

  55. OK, I asked to see one more period. My conclusion ? We’re one goal away from the season being over.

  56. I’m almost content goin into inpermission down 1-0 as it could have been much worse. Boston had the far better chances.

  57. As should Letang’s.

  58. I cant recall a team blocking more shots and passes

  59. It’s like the guys can’t be intense without being out of their mind stupid, so they are over compensating the other way. Not a lot of will being shown out there – have to start to wonder if they are as healthy as advertised.

    And. That. First. Goal. Was. A. Killer.

  60. Stick a fork in this team. Can’t score. Can’t win.

  61. Lets face it–Boston is the better team in these three games and Julien is making Bylsma look like the a_ _ he is. This is what happens to “player coaches” after a few years. Players don’t listen or respond.
    Some blame goes to Mario for selecting “players coaches” and poor offensive defensemen. Did anyone watch Scuderi last night?? He was awesome.

  62. And Sid seems likes he’s out of gas – mentally more than physically. He’s been a liability – what is up with that?

  63. What hurts the most, is that there seems to be no passion.
    I can accept a team beating the Pens.
    I cannot accept the out-working, out-hustling, out-everything.

    Julien is so badly outcoaching Bylsma.

    • Hippo my friend, the players play the game not the coach. They need to step it up and play, bad passes, stupid penalties not shooting, is not on the coach. They are on the ice. They have to get their minds into the game and do what was taught and execute the game plan. Blame the coach if you want for the lines and defense pairing if you don’t like them. That would be your opinion just like anyone else’s. I am sure each of us would have different line-ups. It all comes down to the players playing and that is not happening.

  64. Vokoun is the least of our problems at the moment. We need the offense to step up.

  65. They’re playing hard tonight. Just not accurate enough and good enough finishing against a good goaltender. They won’t score in this game.

  66. 80′s Bears & Giants

    90′S Jazz & Braves

    00′s Phillies & USA Mens Hockey

    Just a few great organizations that were great but could not win more than one or less (Jazz) championships.

  67. Silver lining – things WILL get fixed in the team, system and organization if the Pens get swept.

    • Sherry,

      Shero can trade, cut, sign all the players he wants……… if he doesnt get a new coach with a new system, he will get the same results.

      If Bylsma wants to keep his job, Shero needs to tell him to get a new system, or else.

      • And this is the system that can score 5 or 6 goals in a game when the players feel lie playing?

        • When facing good opponents in the playoffs, they cant do it.
          Havent done it for 4 years now.

          • I must have missed the islanders?

            • or that team up north

            • Fortunate to beat the Islanders.
              They did look good against Ottawa.

              Please refresh my memory……. when was the last time they reached the Cup Finals, or won it?

              I must have missed that.

              • you said the playoffs…

              • all I am saying is we have a system that alows the players to score many goals when tey play it right. Trouble is they have not and looked sloppy in the first 2 games.

              • Mr. Turk…………

                2010 — eliminated in the second round by the 8th seed.
                2011 — eliminated in the first round by the 6th seed.
                2012 — eliminated in the first round again, by the 5th seed.

                How is my statement untrue? They have failed yearly since ’09. Look, I am a huge fan, but I am just stating truth here. Sorry if it offends you. This team is built for Cup runs, not 1st round exits.

              • You don’t offend me at all we were talking goals in playoff games not how the series turned out. Unfortunately we all know how the last few years have gone.

  68. They’ll get the next pp and score and that will be all she wrote.

    Pens will lose their cool and play frustrated and stupid.

  69. I have a feeling that this period will decide the fate of this series.

  70. How many times are we going to wiff

  71. 3rd pp…not gonna get the next call

  72. Can’t get any bounces.

  73. Penguins best player tonight: Vokoun.

  74. Good pace

  75. Does anyone now think the score would not be 4-0 if Vokoun were not in net?

  76. I think Dejan is wrong about Quick being only goalie left that can steal a series. Right now Rask is getting it done. Although our “superstars” are not very super

  77. let’s see what happens

  78. FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEED TO KEEP THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!



  79. I re-up my earlier post that Martin has been the best Penguin tonight.

  80. Paul Martin did all the dirty work

  81. Nice goal, Kunny.

  82. Now, no stupid penalties. The Bruins get the next PP.

  83. Finally… great play by Martin.

  84. Fantastic.
    Next goal is huge…..

  85. I think we should stop talking about Shero being untouchable. He’s assembled this team of “superstars” that are largely invisible when it counts.

  86. Now we got to go on the power kill.

  87. seriously…too many men on ice..another Penguin boneheaded play

  88. A short handed goal right here would be nice!

  89. Ok. Now they can’t even count to 5. Can’t afford stupid mental mistakes at this point.

  90. The last pp we didn’t score but made it crazy and drew Boston into a frantic game temporarily losing their fundamental edge.

  91. Whoa! We’re on the power play?

  92. Commentators completely screwed up that penalty call.

  93. Can’t score if you don’t shoot.

  94. Horrible horrible. Essentially a two-man advantage with the guy limping, and the Pens are like deer in headlights. Ughhhh.

  95. 0-4 on the Power play

  96. letang has gotta go.he is god awful

  97. Great PP 5 on 3 for a minute. Cindy and 71 are so small when it counts

  98. Vokoun sparkling. Reason Pens have a shot in this game.

  99. we do have 5 guys on the ice..right?

  100. Vokoun is the wall.

  101. I think the Pens need a triple TO to catch their breath after that shift.

  102. Good guys win, book it

  103. Dominating in face offs PP chances shots chances and only tied. No chance this goes past 5 games.

  104. Neal being a bull I like it

  105. AND, I think Sid has come out of his trance…he’s skating again.

  106. Incredible turnaround on faceoffs, ESP for Sid. Wow.

  107. Until Cindy makes some plays and quits whining like a little girl taking shots at Rask between periods. She’s Cindy.

  108. Hey Brandie, how’s it going girl?

  109. They don’t have as much traffic in front of Rask. But we need the next one soon while the momentum is about even

  110. Bennett has played well.

  111. How do you go from 33 to 73 in face offs in the span of 4 days.

  112. missing J Staal. he is a playoff performer

  113. Tripping. This is not good.

  114. Well. At least now we know Iginlia has in fact dressed for tonites game

  115. We escaped the period.

  116. Think I need to see another period.

  117. Put in MAF or stick with Vokoun? haha

  118. 6-1 now if not for Vokoun.

  119. Actually good that the penalty at that time bridging the second and third period.

    If they were going to get one which they were due that’s not a bad time if the Pens kill off the rest of the time.

  120. So…looks like Geno knocked Campbell out of the game eh

  121. They were cycling and had the puck in the zone most of the time. At least we get the new faceoff at center ice.

  122. They need to take one shift at a time in the 3rd period.

    One shift at a time.

  123. This is going to be a pretty intense period. Kind of a lot riding on it.

  124. Got to get the lead . . . just once.

  125. QUIT! GO WATCH THE THIRD PERIOD. Root like heck. One sentence blogs in the minds’t of the game? Common Lunnies. Before this blogging thing started we watched the game and talked about it after. Go give some positive vibes to our guys.

    Heck, do what you want. I’m going back out and digging in for the third and believing this is going to be a series changing period. I’ve got my lucky shirt on, in my lucky seat with my black and gold dogs laying close. Hope to scare the heck out of ‘em a few times this period when I go nuts when we score.

    GO PENS!

  126. friggin Marchand

  127. Off the post again!

  128. how many posts are they going to hit?

  129. I might have to eat my words. Rask is looking good tonight…better than the first two games

  130. right? need to score on one of those. marchand be damned.

  131. If tim Thomas comes outta retirement sign Rask

  132. Looks like the goons are getting a little upset out there. This could be good for us.

  133. Paul Martin continues to amaze

  134. What the heck, what was the penalty?

  135. Pinch get caught interfere ugh

  136. ^- disagree with that call.. :|

  137. This PK is HUGE …………

  138. crankshaft got corkscrewed..

  139. terrible call..embarrassing

  140. Wow what a bad call at thi point in the game. sad sad sad

  141. how was that slashing ?

  142. now would be a nice time for that shorthanded goal

  143. friggin dorktards

  144. I’m getting a feeling that Kris Letang is about to do something spectacular.

  145. At the beginning of this series the Pens said they have to win 8 more. Who knew they meant “in a row”.

  146. Doc emrick is losing his mind lol

  147. Oh gee another one

  148. Another penalty

  149. Excellent play there.

    Refs with another bad penalty.

  150. What crap. Bodies flying everywhere and they decide to finally call the 4 th penalty.

  151. Broons getting another PP sheesh

  152. Terrible call. Fall down and throw your leg in the air.

  153. good job Dupuis–you moron

  154. Hopefully we get the next PP. Wow what calls here late in the game.

  155. Duper can’t do that…stupid

  156. Embellish much?

  157. You knew this was coming. Pens got the calls early in the game.

  158. bennett’s hurt?

  159. could definitely use a duper shortie right here

  160. omg I thought Cookie would run over Rask… anyone else feel the same?

  161. Cookie playing like he wants to win the game. Good to see someone doing it.

  162. that ref needs to get his carcass out of the way

  163. Is that 7 posts tonight?????????????????????????????????????

  164. another fucking post :(

  165. another post

  166. We’re at OT. Next goal wins

  167. C’mon Pens, end this in regulation!

  168. All these posts, I hope Big Ben’s not striking midnight.

  169. Malkin with a number of great chances tonight. Just missing them. Good effort from him though.

  170. Engelland playing a strong game

  171. Wow so close yet so far.

  172. Rask is pulling these Malkin saves out of his bum.

  173. When do we get our first bounce of this series?

  174. 16 seconds with a face off in Boston’s end.

  175. oh come on.. if there was any time to pull a Malkin-f/o-Neal goal.

  176. my nerves are shot

  177. Yikes hope to be back for the rest of the game.

  178. The most frustrating thing about this game is that it’s hard to figure out why the Pens couldn’t play like this in the first 2 games. Now a bad bounce of the puck essentially ends the season. Should never have gotten to this point.

  179. I hate OT…. hate it.

    Pens much better in 2nd and 3rd pd, 39 shots in regulation and just 1 goal to show for it.

  180. Like we’re not going to lose this one haha

  181. Can’t stomach seeing Boston go delirious again . . . c’mon boys.

  182. actually just played a live online bet

    $50 on Bruins scoring in OT

    either Pens win and I’m happy season is not over

    or Pens lose but I’m up $50

  183. Misskanen is awful. Maybe worse than Tyler Kennedy. Does Crosby know what a shot is?

    PK looking good. Real good.

  184. Pens: Letang
    Bruins: Marchand

  185. I have no booze. This sucks.

  186. No matter the finish. 9 periods 2 goals. Zero points for the 2 9 million dollar “superstars”. No excuses. They’ve gotta get it done. Period

  187. Although, they do say.. those who can’t do, teach.. so maybe in hockey its.. those who can’t score, assist? D:

  188. Pens are now 9 periods into this series and have an amazing…. 2 goals.

    That 3rd goal would look huge right now.

  189. Will not miss a lot of these ads once the playoffs end. I’ve seen some of them a million times. Still don’t know what that Cuba Libre thing is.

  190. Lucic should be tossed

  191. holy hanzel wtf happened there.

  192. Oh. My. God

  193. Vooooo!!!!!

  194. How does that happen? TG for TV!

  195. Letang is AWFUL

  196. Backkkk now let’s win ths game so I can go to bed.

  197. Horrible turnover!

  198. Horton looks awesome. ringing post aside. He looks like he wants to score the gw.

  199. Bennett on the ice

  200. Well there’s our lucky bounce…..

  201. YESSSSS now score and get it over

  202. We desperately need to break our scoreless pp streak right now.

  203. Good penalty call. Crazy period so far. Mostly Bruins, but I gotta a feeling here …

  204. We are looking slow to the loose pucks. Come on boys step it up and get it over.

  205. So frustrating

  206. Gee even Crosby stands and watches as they are fighting for the loose puck.

  207. Iginla needs to be on the point

  208. omfg bennett with the toe drag. thought he had it :|

  209. The space were allowing in our own zone is terrifying

  210. My nerves are on edge

  211. My cardiologist warned me.

  212. I think I need to double my heart meds tonight………..

  213. Unbelievable

  214. short short short handed goal please

  215. wtf cray-chee had open net, didnt shoot.

  216. they’re killin me

  217. I friggin HATE Marchand

  218. TV looks gassed

  219. duper had that, right?

  220. When was the last time we won a faceoff?

  221. friggin refs

  222. Voooooooo!!!!!

  223. Letang, no concept penalty expired. Clueless.

  224. Come we need a faceoff win here

  225. any kind of win would do

  226. are you kidding me

  227. Looks like we’re slowing down.

  228. *ugh* great shot by duper and better rebound.. just couldnt finish.

  229. Now Lucis is the ahole

  230. absolutely love that hit by Engellend on looocheech.

  231. WTH happened? We dominated the third period and now were getting killed.

  232. Pens are happy to take icing on that one.

  233. ANOTHER faceoff loss. WTF?

  234. Night of the skating dead.

  235. Jagr just got shafted twice.

  236. too much time in own end

  237. This doesn’t look good.

  238. This is not good

  239. no way geno.

  240. Unreal.

  241. now it got worse

  242. You’ve got to be kidding me. The Pens with an utter fail this entire OT period at getting puck out of own end … culminating in that. I smell doom

  243. here we go…again

  244. nice flip Geno

  245. Am I the only one that thinks they’ve missed their chance ?

  246. Unbelievabe

  247. bruins already have momentum and now they have pp.. need a gigantic pk. hope to go to OT2.

  248. Bogus penalty. Change the rule!

  249. Lordie I’m agitated

  250. Feed them some pizza during the break

  251. I’m going up to bed to watch it. Catch you loonies in the morning.
    :sending good vibes:

  252. And this right here.. is why I hate 8pm game start-times. Go frog yourselves, NHL.

  253. Now that’s what I call getting saved by the bell.

  254. If Pens win this game, Vokoun should unquestionably be in net the rest of the way. Fleury should not see the net, barring a Clint Malarchuk incident. Just my opinion.

  255. I’m done need to go in the other room for the finish of the game. Carry it on and bring it home people.

  256. Rask greatest goalie ever

    • he’s certainly done a good job getting his body and posts in the way of the puck. if that makes him the best goalie ever? nope. I don’t even think he’s the best goalie in this playoffs.

  257. So do the Pirates have a basehit yet ?

  258. Best chance to score for Pens…nobody

    They won’t

    • I’ve decided I don’t like your postings, Dave. Why don’t you chill out a bit? Take a couple deep breaths. Maybe splash a lil ice water into your eyes. All it takes is one good shot and this games over.

  259. TV is needed to make too many good saves.

  260. Too many men for Boston.

  261. Oops. It’s time.

  262. Claude is pissed. Please please lets take advantage of this chance here.

  263. Come on Malkin.. bury one of those.

  264. come on pens! does orpik know where he is right now??

  265. another post. totally unbelievable.

  266. Wow. Game for the ages.

  267. Man, 53 shots on goal and only one goal for the Pens. They gotta get some people in front of the net for those rebounds.

  268. Pens spent a long time in the huddle. I’m smelling a gadget play.

  269. Pens coming on strong!

  270. wow. Crosby lidless rage mode.

  271. Are you kidding me?

    Great effort tonight.

    But it just isnt meant to be.

  272. And it’s Jagr who makes the big play. Of course. Great game at least.

    • Say what you will about Jagr. Guy’s still a beast at 41.

      • He’s still a tool. But yeah he’s still got skill.

      • I have a lot of respect for Jagr. Think he gets a bum rap in Pittsburgh for all the good times he gave us. Just funny that the guy who the B’s “settled” on after Iginla has been head and shoulders better than Iginla during the whole playoffs.

  273. Well, it’s over now.

  274. dammitall.. I think thats it. I don’t think the penguins could have fought any harder. Vokoun made the saves he shouldn’t have made just to give us a chance.

  275. You are watching the greatest choke in major league sports history.

  276. What a bunch of phonies. Fire Bylsma.

  277. Engelland makes a blind back pass to center ice. Why? Because no ability to skate and control the puck, turn, and then make a clean pass. Picked off, goes the other way, game time.

    Next year everyone will be wondering why we were not playing Depres. Question will be whether HCDB will be wondering the same thing as ex-coach.

    • . . . incidentally, liked all of Bylsma’s other moves tonight except the one not made: Depres for Engelland. (See post at 8:04).

  278. Good Night everyone.

    The Penguin team you saw tonight will be completely torn up.

    The HC, and about 9 or 10 players need to go.
    Mr Shero will be very busy this offseason.

    • And, Shero better do a better job than getting the old, slow men he picked up this year.

      • Knew about Morrow and Murray and so wasn’t surprised by what we were getting speed and skating-wise. But hadn’t seen Iggy for several years though. Was surprised his speed dropped off so drastically.

  279. Well that couldn’t have sucked much worse.

    • They could have lost 6-1 again and got laughed out of the building. Atleast they fought for it. That was easily the penguins best game of the series all around. If I’m the only one in this room that still believes they can come back, so be it.

  280. All the “fire Bylsma” people will get their wish. Take it to the bank. He is gone. The series was lost in the first 2 games and there were some highly questionable coaching decisions made in those games. Pens went all in and are all out.

    With the turnover expected on this team over the next couple of years, I have to wonder how much patience the fans will have with it. Wouldn’t surprise me to see attendance and ratings start going down. Also, fans can only take so much of underperforming teams.

    • Bylsma’s not leaving. He’ll be here for the next 3 years easy. Even with all the changes. Even if they have a losing record next season.

  281. Tuukka Rask….The greatest goalie that ever lived!….This week.

    • He was terrific. But most of his saves were straight shots. No cross ice one timers, no rebounds. Mainly shot-save-rebound cleared.

  282. Wish I could stay up and catch DK column. Too tired… looking forward to reading what you sleepless bums put in the blog tomorrow morning.

  283. This is one of the biggest chokes ever.

    Playing hard doesn’t cut it. Pens had the best record by far and they were the consenus favorite. About to get swept.

    Just an awful job by the Penguins and everyone associated with the organization.

  284. Bylsma gone easily.

    But even worse, how do you even take this team seriously? All the excitement generated during the season…all the goals and points…nothing but a big fraud.

  285. You know, we hit what 6, 7 posts, and 3 or 4 in Game 1? We had NO puck luck in all 3 games and the Bruins got a lot (not to mention some suspect officiating that didn’t go the Pens way). It really seems like advancing isn’t meant to be for the Pens this year, for reasons unknown.

    And the Bruins have played well and are well coached, and Rask has been on his head. That along with the Pens self-inflicted wounds looks to be too much to overcome this year. Lessons learned, again.

    At least the boys put up one hell of a fight tonight, and can hold their heads up. And, in Ray we, ok I, trust. I know that once this is over there will be a lot of thought (once the initial emotions are past) about how to proceed moving forward, and I still believe that the organization will find the right path. And next season, there will be no lockout and hopefully we’ll have healthy, motivated players, and a good coach (who I still believe can be Dan) and it will be the Pens time again.

    • They made a lot of moves this year to improve the team. This was the most talented team in the conference. No. 1 seed. It’ll be the same story next season. Great regular season. Crosby and Malkin scoring a bunch and then flopping when it matters most.

      • Unless Bylsma realizes that run and gun does not work in the playoffs. He must realize that defense first. Gritty, sandpaper hockey wins playoff games.

        • Exactly, the playoffs are different – and I think the worst transgression is the inability of the coaches and players to get, that, thru, their heads. They truly are a stubborn lot.

          Yes Ray stacked the team, but you don’t win on paper and in the end Iginla looks slow, Murray is one dimensional, and Morrow and Jokinen have had limited impact in the post season. I think what the Pens really need is one effing season without major upheaval or injury to their stars and to enjoy some cohesiveness over a season. Talent, system, chemistry, heart – it really helps if all those things are established when going into the post season.

    • Yes, I normally don’t come down on the refs upon reflection but this game was simply silly. Murray’s penalty? Cooke’s penalty? It was simply egregious. But, while the Pens PK was terrific their PP was a no show, yet again. Twice they essentially had a five on three and could only muster 1 shot. Pathetic.

      Martin and Iginla on the points. Period.

  286. Sad, sad night. I thought they had enough mojo to get this game won. Would’ve changed the series.

    Couldn’t catch a break. How many posts? No off-defensemen-redirections in to the net? Of course, not many rebounds either. Their one goal had to be perfect in every respect.

    They played a tough game, but give it up to the Bruins, they did, too. Vokoun was outstanding. So was Rask. But, not many rebound chances or clean passes through the crease for the Pens.

    I’ve been hard on Letang and I was even asking for his immediate retirement sometime in the first period. But, once he committed to a defense first game, he was very, very good.

    Seems like the series is over. But they did outplay the Bruins tonight in the 3 periods (not in the overtimes). Maybe they can mount a miracle. Best game of the series for them. As long as they are still skating they can win. Likely, hardly. One shift at a time.

  287. Saw the OT goal again on YouTube. Started with the horrible blind pass back to blue line by Engelland that is immediately turned over, but how does Orpik not prevent giving inside position to Bergeron for the redirection? Equally horrible. Small fundamentals, but always game-turners.

  288. DK: Bruins played a sound game and Rask was especially terrific but it’s really a stretch to laud Jagr’s hooking (not called) as the start of a great play by him — hardly.

    All I saw was Engelland sending a blind pass back to the blue line under minor pressure from Marchand, followed by a turnover, a hook, a wave of a stick by an out-of-position Engelland on Marchand, and then Orpik failing to take away inside position on Bergeron to prevent a redirection.

    I also thought that Malkin (all game) and Sid (mid-Period 2 on) gave great efforts, as well as Martin, Cooke and Vokoun. Sure Sid and Geno did not score, but sometimes others have to step up.

    • . . . and yeah, it’s still unthinkable the Pens would ever part ways with either Sid or Geno. Letang, I’m sorry to say, is a different story. I used to love him but now he has to go for the good of the reconstituted team.

    • . . . maybe Sid and Geno should be striving to circumvent the rules so their greatness will become firmly established.

  289. Disco Dan did what he had to to maybe save his job tonight. Think he will still get fired though; not prepared enough, and game three is too little too late.

    Shame. Showed some grit tonight. A few inches, this series is a series again.

    Welp, anything can happen.

  290. Ouch … DK making the comparison between penguins greatness past and penguins greatness (or not) present. He rightly called out Crosby for being nothing more than pedestrian this game. When was the greatest player in the world ever pedestrian at these critical mpments? Last year about this time. Before that? Jagr, Lemieux, Gretzky, bossy, Orr, Richard … All played big at big times. That what makes them great.

    • Still expect that Sid will be great when it counts, and Geno too. And Letang. They are all young and will have to develop the maturity and “craftiness” that can be the difference in the playoffs. It’s a diff game now from when “greatness past” played it too. They’ll learn what it takes.

  291. what a bummer. that was one hell of a game. they fought like beasts. i can’t believe they only score one goal. malkin played another outstanding game. not to be a bad loser, but man the officiating has sucked this whole series. jagr hooked malkin on that last play, but he’s right, you can’t make that call. they gave it their all. I’m stunned they have two goals. Damn.

  292. Dave, don’t bother, its average.

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