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On location: Bruins 1, Penguins 0, Game 4

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

BOSTON – Looking ahead to faceoff …

Game 4: Penguins vs. Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup playoffs, Eastern Conference final

Series: Bruins, 3-0

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Site: TD Garden, Boston

TV, radio: NBC Sports Network, CBC (Canada), RDS (Quebec), WXDX-FM 105.9

Here is the official live box score.

Here is TribLIVE’s Penguins page. Rob Rossi, Josh Yohe and I are covering. Not much at all to report from the skate. Paul Martin, who I think was the Penguins’ best non-goaltender in Game 3, was held out. Probably banged up, but he’ll play. The lines were unchanged except for Tyler Kennedy taking Joe Vitale’s place on the fourth. The pairings were harder to gauge because of Martin’s absence.

The mood in that room was … bleccccch. Really. Very down.

Here’s a quick question I had for Sidney Crosby

If you want some gauge for how others around hockey view Dan Bylsma, check out this report in the New York Post this morning on the Rangers’ coaching search.

And finally, here’s a podcast of my TribLIVE Radio appearance right after the skates.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. DJ says:

    As much as I disagreed with the column yesterday (premise of Jagr’s “greatness” being on display by a play beginning with a hook), I think DK’s column today is right on the mark.

    On Bylsma, while I like him as a person and have no doubt that he has the best interest of the team as his goal, I also believe he labors over the simplest of things, overthinking the obvious, to the point he ties himself up in a knot. This may be his greatest shortcoming. Why can’t Bylsma see what we all see?

    Iginla on the left wing? Not a good idea. Letang getting the majority of ice time on the PP when Martin has been outperforming him? No, we think not. Waiting until Game 3 to go with a line-up of speed and puck-handling / finishing abilities despite the Bruins’ vulnerabilities to these qualities as shown by the regular season and playoffs? Bad move (or non-move). Not demanding that certain players, whoever’s best suited, go to the front of the net . . . and stay there. Unconscionable. What does Bryan Bickell (Chicago) have now – 8 goals? (Note to Shero: 27 yrs old and UFA in July).

    Whether the result of Bylsma’s inability to meld an embarrassment of riches / player talents (is it possible he was given too many options by Shero?), or his over-concern for player egos, or a lack of objective input from his assistant coaches, or his own stubbornness, it is difficult for the average fan to know all the reasons. All we see are the results, which have been very disappointing.

    All that being said, still holding out slightest degree of hope for tonight and the very long shot of righting this ship. Go Pens!

  2. Sherry says:

    How is “very down” manifesting itself?…

  3. Kevin says:

    Guess we’ll find out in a hurry. I am assuming Vokoun is starting tonight. Hopefully, they can psyche themselves up for the game. This is it. Absolutely must win… need to come out with desperation hockey and will a win.

  4. Paul says:

    Coaching changes happen all the time in hockey. In many ways, it is an often needed step in the development of a coach. A blank slate can be the best cure for problems (Fleury also) Sometimes it takes being fired for coaches to realize their shortcomings and fix them. Even Therrien stated he learned from being fired from the Penguins. He said he wouldn’t be as tough on players and would open things up a bit offensively. The thing is that it worked, too. A non-playoff team was the 2-seed in the East this year. Bylsma has always been seemingly a very stubborn coach. Maybe getting fired will help him realize his issues in personnel, discipline and assistants. If he isn’t as stubborn as we think and is trying to make changes, he just isn’t getting through to the players. That can also warrant a firing.

    I like Dan a lot as a person and am sure he will figure things out and become a great NHL coach. I just don’t think it is here in Pittsburgh anymore. The Pens need a new vision and new direction. The city and fans will always be indebted to him for what he did in ’09. I really hope he gets a chance at the Rangers job. He would be a great fit there. I still fully support Dan to be Team USA coach in the Olympics next winter. Sometimes relationships just run their course. That time might be nine hours from now.

  5. Sherry says:

    Kevin, yes, we are about to find out.

    As for whether to fire Dan or not, maybe it’s the sentimental woman in me, but I’m not ready to write him off, for the Pens, yet (of course I was 100% behind MT too and firing him was the right decision). Paul, you are correct that sometimes it’s beneficial for a person to have to face the worst (ie get fired) to grow – I’m hoping that isn’t the case with Dan. He is stubborn, but he’s also smart, and has been, in the past at least, a good student, willing to learn. I guess I just really want the current team (as much as its possible to retain) to get one more crack at it. Ray has been a master at bringing talent to the table at the deadline, but maybe what’s needed most is a season (or at least most of one) in which the SAME guys play together and really have chemistry in place by the post season.

    Bottom line, I have unfailing trust in RS, Mario and Burkle – they are really smart guys who aren’t knee jerk reactors. So, whatever changes they deem necessary in the off season will be well considered and astute ones – and that will be enough for me.

  6. T.S. says:

    Top 10 things that won’t happen tonight or at the start of the 2013-2014 season

    • Iginla playing RW or on the 1st PP unit.
    • Iginla playing RW, period.
    • Depres taking Engelland’s place on D.
    • Eaton taking Niskanen’s place on D.
    • Martin manning one point on the 1st PP unit.
    • Bennett getting more than :30 of PP time.
    • Malkin getting more points than penalty minutes.
    • Fleury’s name plate on a Consol Energy Center locker.
    • Letang’s ” ” ” ” .
    • Bylsma.

  7. T.S. says:

    Knee-jerk isn’t what they need. Mario and Shero need to get in Bylsma’s ear and sternly advise him that the season is on the brink, and to make some significant personnel / game strategy changes (like the ones that have been recited ad nauseam on here and in Trib columns).

  8. DJ says:

    There is certainly something to be said about developing chemistry as well, giving players / lines the needed time to gel. Very rarely do you get a desired “plug and play” result.

    Our situation with our forwards — given the three additions at the deadlines and earlier injuries — has been one thing, and certainly a challenge for Dan, but only made more so because Dan did not immediately drop Iginla in at right wing and at the left dot on the PP, and then leave him there.

    But on our defensive pairings, considering only Murray was added, I wish Dan had those more firmly established headed into the playoffs. There has been too much mixing and matching there all year, in my view. I personally would have played Depres all year, and had him in the entire playoffs, and this series especially given his speed and skating / stick-handling abilities, qualities needed against the Bruins.

    I cannot see, for example, that Depres has not been a better option all year than say Engelland or Niskanen, just based upon what I have observed on the ice. So what’s the issue there? We hear about the “trust factor” with Depres. Is that code for “Well, you’re new and I’m more loyal to these two other guys just based upon their tenure?” And maybe if Dan had been playing Depres all along the trust factor (real or conjured up) would not have been an issue.

    My own fear is that next year, once we have seen Depres on a full-time basis, we’ll be looking back and wondering why he wasn’t playing all along. It would be a shame to learn only then that we had a potential difference-maker on this roster but never found that out in these playoffs.

  9. RobS says:

    I wouldn’t have as big an issue with Bylsma if this was the 1st time everyone who considers themselves a Penguin fan wasn’t wondering why this talent doesn’t preform in the post season, or why our regular season success and style doesn’t translate to the playoff’s.

    I won’t beat a dead horse here, you can read my sentiments posted the morning, and yesterday (poor horse).

    I will also add that a word of caution needs to be voiced to those that think the roster needs to be blown-up. If Bylsma is fired, I would want to know what the new coach thinks about the past post season failures and whether he and RS thinks the core players could and should have fared better. If a pair of fresh eyes believes the talent assembled should at the very least not have been eliminated in the 1st round twice, and the second round once, and if these eyes believe this talent has been utilized to it’s fullest potential.

    I for one baring a miracle comeback in this series, believes it has and is being squandered. Talent like this takes years to assemble and mature and the window of prime years is fleeting not to mention the financial acrobatics it requires to deal with salary cap.

    All the praise there is for 2009’s Cup, but don’t forget the lingering defensive fundamentals still fresh in the minds of those 09 Penguins from Michele Therrien.


  10. RobS says:

    Sorry for the typos, where’s the edit button, ugh

  11. Sarah says:

    Terrified that TV played above himself WEd and will not be able to get to that level again.
    Hope I’m wrong, but only another lights out performance will get it done tonight. This is not what we hired him for.

  12. Sarah says:

    Looks like Nisky back with Crankshaft.
    Eaton Letang.
    Martin Orpik.
    Really most maddening for me is Cooke on 2nd line not Bennett.

  13. Sarah says:

    NY would be great for DD and the Rangers. Good fit.

  14. RobS says:

    Could be, and if we meet the DD led Rangers in the playoffs we will know exactly how to beat them :-) Unless of course it takes a firing for DD to learn what the successful formula in the playoffs require?

  15. DJ says:

    I would start by rebuilding our defense. I know it’s not the area where, ideally, you would be looking for the most turnover, but that’s where I would start. And if there were growing pains early in the season — so be it. We’ve been slapped silly with the reminder these last few years that it’s not the regular season that matters anyway.

    I’d have Martin, Depres, Orpik and Murray (if he would sign for a reasonable number) all in the fold. I would have Domoulin, if ready, learning at the knee of Orpik. I would trade Niskanen. Finally, although very gifted and one of my favorites for some time, I would trade Letang, having only come to that conclusion in these playoffs. For all his skating and stick-handling virtues — and they can be mesmerizing — Letang is just too painfully inconsistent (keeping shots on net, inability to cleanly enter the zone, mental defensive lapses).

    Trading Letang would serve two purposes, ensuring we could sign Malkin and also bringing a nice return to boot. If possible, I would send Letang to a Western Conference squad like the Oilers who have stock-piled offensive talent.

    And who knows? Maybe if we had a stronger defensive corps then maybe MAF’s psyche improves and he recaptures what left him . . . okay, wishful thinking on that last score (oops, bad word choice).

  16. Sarah says:

    Oh trust me, apart from that we’ll likely hit a nuclear-hot MAF in some 1st round a yr or two hence, ugh…..

  17. Sarah says:

    Seriously, imagine NYI with an on-form Fleury instead of Nabby.
    Discos on the golf course right now.

  18. Kevin says:

    hoping Rask luck streak ends or Bruins have a mega-letdown. I could use a 7-1 laugher win to send it back to Pittsburgh. You know.. embarrass the bruins as much as they did in gm2.

  19. BillyBaduka says:

    I agree RobS on caution in blowing up the core.

    I would rather see the ‘core’ get a shot with a new coach than Bylsma get another shot with new players.

    Some roster changes are going to occur because of the cap going down and the depth of this roster.

  20. Sarah says:

    Rebuild the D? I’d call it Build the D lol!
    But whatever….re keeping Malkin, maybe RS needs to decide whether the Superstar Model works, or if it make more sense to build a role-oriented Team with few stars, and a superlative D.

    To me that is the interesting question.

    Do we keep trying to win Cups in a way that hasn’t been done for decades? Or do we accept reality?

    Just the fact that the refs swallow whistles in playoffs (never mind playoff OTs) is an argument to place less emphasis on skill.

    Hockey is the only sport that ignores its own rule book so obviously in playoffs, such that a 41 yr old can match up with and “beat” a 26 yr old on a game ending play.

  21. Sarah says:

    I hope. But DKs right, it’s about net front crashing and screens def elections rebounds.

    If I had to play a game where I only had to stop one rebound shot, I’d be delighted. Lack of rebounds is incredible. The HAVE to take the punishment, but they are so reluctant. Every year, not just this year.
    Halak enjoyed the same freedom Rask is now.

  22. Kevin says:

    “SAME guys play together and really have chemistry in place by the post season.” Agree fully. It would be nice we could get a seasonfull of a healthy Crosby and Malkin.

  23. Kevin says:

    I see several things on your list that are happening tonight (whether you like them or not):

    – Iginla on RW (third line with Sutter & Morrow)
    – Fleury & Letang obviously still on the team. I imagine his name plates still there for another couple months.
    – And of course Bylsma.

    hoping you are wrong on the following:
    – Iginla .. not only on 1st pp but scoring a powerplay goal from his go-to position.
    – Malkin getting more points than penalty minutes.

  24. Kevin says:

    OK, so why isn’t anybody saying “we need to make life more miserable for Rask”. We could definitely use a couple dirty Philly type goals.

  25. Kevin says:

    cant do it… cant imagine Fleury in any other jersey than a penguins one.

  26. DJ says:

    As to Malkin, he’s an untouchable for me. If we think Sid has been blanketed by the Bruins in this series, without Malkin, Sid would have even less opportunities (PP and otherwise). Every team in the league would be willing to take Malkin off our hands, to say nothing of less exciting hockey played all year, including the playoffs, if we were without him.

    As to refs swallowing whistles, I think much of it is situational. It seems to me you might get an extra call or two at home (a reason for having a home ice advantage) and then the calls stop for both teams after 2 3/4 periods, particularly if the game is tied. And while I don’t want this sound like excuse-making, in case anyone has not been noticing, the Bruins have become this year’s “feel good” story with the marathon tragedy followed by their resurrection against Leafs (again, situational).

  27. Sarah says:

    Well….I am saying that….and I think DK is alluding to it also w his criticism of Kunitz on the PP.

    But Bylsma is the one that has to be saying it , and it has to be heard, AND acted upon.

    I’m not even sure the first is true.

  28. Sarah says:

    Yah me either Kevin. Really sad.

  29. Dave G says:


    Let’s Go Pens?

  30. hockeymonster says:

    Rebuilding defense?!?! NOW we’re talkin!!!

    But as most of you know I’d start by trading PM and his 5M cap hit. You say you’d build around martin, depress, orpik and murray while trading Letang and Nisky. You see the problem there? All lefties and you just traded both right handed d-men we got in letang and nisky! Sorry DJ but that’s a non starter for any GM. And other than Despres they’re all over 30. And if you’re counting on right handed dmen coming back for letang it would be hard to see them having a higher ceiling than letang.

    I know a lot of you think PM is irreplaceable and playing really well…and he is playing better but at 5M he most definitely is replaceable. If he was making Nisky money that would be a totally different story but he’s making double.

    You bring in a coach like Alain Vigneault formerly of the canucks to teach fundamental defense and to coach up our forwards and letang, orpik, despres, Murray and whoever else we get in return for martin. And I do believe PM’s improved play would get us a decent return.

    Also keep your eye on Scott Harrington who will be with the baby pens. He’s got Scuderi like qualities and will be contending to be in letang pairing after next season. Maatta is a very solid prospect too but he’ll back in juniors next season. Pouliout from what I saw needs a lot of seasoning in the minors before we can count on him.

  31. Sarah says:

    Be happy to keep Malkin, don’t get me wrong.
    Be happy to lose Letang.
    They’ve mostly put Chara on Geno and despite it, I think Geno has been our best top 6 F.

    Whatever is going on with Crosby (and I hope he isn’t injured, heaven forbid another concussion…) but Bergeron has neutralized him totally.

    Who knows if there’s an extra call or two at home….to me, it’s just the HUGE increase In hooks and holds and grabs and interference that do not get called.
    It REALLY changes the game, as we saw on that last play.

    Why the NHL is still a garage league. Sadly.

  32. theplanisworking says:

    Yes, Lets go Pens.

    I will be rooting for them tonight, and as long as they are alive this year.

    But I will be keeping an eye on the offseason……………… changes are a-comin’ and they definitely need to be made.

  33. Sarah says:

    Dunno AV gives me the willies.
    Huge talent, huge underperformance repeatedly in playoffs.
    Choking dog for a goalie.

    I dunno.

    Not sold on Ruff either, too much of a players guy.

    Ron Wilson? Dunno, I really haven’t looked much into which coaches might be available.

    This team needs Nurse Ratchett.

  34. RobS says:

    The only caveat to moving someone like Letang, who is a rare talent, is to find out if he and all the offensive talent (1/3 of the roster) would be willing to adhere to a defensive style. I’ll submit that I believe a talented player, playing defense 1st within a sound defensive system should or could be better or more effective when that said defense creates offensive opportunities.

    However you could also argue that is why Michele Therrien was fired. They looked to be seriously in danger of missing the playoffs, and he lost the team. Supposedly they (team) was tired of his tactics, and defensive priorities. Haha, remember Books Orpik playing wing?

    Yet 3 and hopefully not 4 years in a row of falling short of expectations in the playoffs says its either the talent, how the talent is being utilized, or the overall game strategies employed during the playoffs. It seems except on this blog and maybe a few others that our approach to playoff hockey is just fine, and the talent/stars are just not shining. that may be true. But that means we have a team full of chokers, and I’m not going there.

    These guys are amazing players (stars), a better “system” I think gives them a better structure to demonstrate their talent. A better defensive scheme and appreciation of that as a goal (mindset) takes a little bit of the pressure of putting the team on their shoulders and doing it all.

    Imagine if you will the Penguins playing under Claude Julian’s system? Just an idea to ponder.

  35. hockeymonster says:

    AV took boston to 7 games…do I need to elaborate further? :)

  36. Brandie says:

    Amen to that.

  37. hockeymonster says:

    And i’m willing to give AV a break regarding underperformance. The west has been brutal for several years. Kings won the cup as the 8th seed. Overall even with crazy travel the canucks have been a top team in the west including a cup appearance…i’m willing to bet AV has learned quite a bit. And lets not forget how the Vancouver GM saddled AV with a messy goalie situation but the team still stayed together. Them losing in the 1st round this year was probably cuz of their roster being unbalanced with the goalie position eatin up so much cap space.

  38. Sarah says:

    Under CJ you would be told that you are just another part of the team with a role to play.

    Bruins are VERY happy being a bunch of guys that all contribute in different but equally valued ways.

    Gives a sense if one-ness or all in it together, which IMO makes a team MUCH more able to overcome adversity.

    If there’s one things thats obvious about the Pens, it is that they respond poorly to adversity.

    They spent 4 periods effing around after losing their composure in Game 1.
    In Game ONE.
    40 mins was all it took to upset the emotional apple cart with this team.
    That was the main disappointment I had after G1.

  39. hockeymonster says:

    I’m just trying to imagine trading letang and keeping martin…….:getting woozy: :room spinning:

  40. Sarah says:

    fair enough HM!
    I have not watched enough WEst to have a strong opinion.

    They need a coach who’s not so much of a players guy. IMO.

  41. theplanisworking says:


    The sunshine of my day!

    Sad Hippo this afternoon, need distractions. :)

  42. Brandie says:

    The Pens are not dead yet. I refuse to bury them until I see how that first period shakes out. I know the pulse is faint, the spirit is willing, and I am sending all of the good vibes I can muster. This series will go down with a deeper, more bitter taste if yhe Pens don’t play quality hockey now. Been a tough week for me, but I got good news, as many of you know. Looks like if all goes well, I will be starting in July if not sooner.

    Go Pens. Time for some redemption!

  43. Brandie says:

    Check post below. I know about sad…been tough for me to. Maybe we can commiserate some time.

  44. theplanisworking says:

    Without details……….
    I got a call 2 hours ago, my Mother passed.

    I have to do lots of stuff, but need the game tonight as a distraction.

    I will be “off the grid” Sunday thru Wednesday.

    DK: Deepest condolences …

  45. hockeymonster says:

    As much as anything this roster needs coached up all over the ice and tweaked. I’d look for the best tactician more than a type of personality. These guys are pros they don’t need to be buddy buddy with the coach but if they are its a bonus. Shero and Mario should be hell bent on winning by now…I think they’ll be fine bringing in a therrien type.

  46. theplanisworking says:

    Thanks DK.

  47. hockeymonster says:

    Sorry for your loss!

  48. Bizrow says:

    Things are bleak, not lookin good

    But its not over

    Folks, we could look back at this game and remember it as a start of one of the finest moments of our franchise

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    First Responders***
    20 countries
    46 states, plus the District of Columbia, missing 5 states, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alabama, and Kansas
    Two planets, at least confirmed, and the Space Station
    Honorable mention, England – London – Lisa
    “Terrorists will always lose in America, the sooner they figure out, the better”- truer words have never been spoken
    Asterisks denote confirmed hero’s, military, police officers or firemen/ladies
    6/7/2013 5:40 PM

  49. JohninOshkosh says:

    Hey, if Boston can take three in a row from the Penguins, then the Pens are certainly capable of doing the same to the B’s and forcing a decisive game 7.

    But first things first….

  50. DJ says:

    HM: True on the left-handed / right-handed. I was focused solely on a core and then hopefully filling out from there, either through trades (Letang/Nisky) or our system.

    On the “over 30″ factor, although I wish it weren’t the case, that’s just our reality right now. We seem to bring players along too slowly (e.g., Depres). Trading Martin, considering his cap hit, is certainly something to consider, but do you think you get an equally seasoned d-man in return for less salary? If we can do that, I’m with you because his value will never be any higher.

    Heard good things about Domoulin late in the season and view him as Orpik’s eventual replacement. On Pouliot’s development, saw him play in the Memorial Cup and thought he was the best d-man on the ice that day, even over Seth Jones. Very calm and quietly confident skater who enters the o-zone effortlessly, PP and otherwise. Very impressed and excited about his prospects. Haven’t seen or heard enough about Harrington, except that he was a little undersized, so I will take your word on him

    But enough about the future. Still hoping we can pull the rabbit out of a hat his year, beginning with tonight’s game. Let’s go Pens!

  51. Brandie says:

    Oh wow. Hippo dearest. You have my deepest condolences on your loss. She must have been a dear, special lady to have produced such a kind son.

  52. RobS says:

    Sorry to hear that TPIW, my condolences, hang in there

  53. RobS says:

    Agreed Sara

  54. Brandie says:

    You are very wise Abe Vigoda.

  55. RobS says:

    Love to see someone make a phone call to Scotty Bowman but I think he is consulting with Chicago. The guy is a master hockey tactician and was constantly matching his lines to negate the opposition. No body “liked” him accept when they hoisted the cup for the 2nd time. There must be modern versions of his genius.

  56. DJ says:

    Know what you are going through, Hippo. Keep the faith, my man.

  57. hockeymonster says:

    Between the return we’d get for PM and the shake up we need I think we can fill out a very solid roster including 6-7 very solid dmen. That would include despres, bortuzzo and maybe even nisky as a 6 or 7. But the team as a whole would still need coached up on d.

    No doubt Pouliot is solid with the puck but I saw that druoin kid make him look a lil silly on defense. But he did do ok against mackinnon. Either way I think Maata and Harrington are further along as all around players.

    As for tonight I just hope we see some pride and desperation! We cant go back in time but we can win the next shift…and then the one after that!…….

  58. BillyBaduka says:

    My condolences to you and your family Hipposter.

    I lost my mom in 2001. It is rough but it does get easier with time.

  59. DJ says:

    Hang in there, HM, you’ll get over it. In the meantime, would be interested in your thoughts to my Reply to yours above.

  60. Sherry says:

    Wow. So sorry for your loss. Hockey just isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, but I hope you get some comfort from tonight’s game.

  61. Pucknutz says:

    Been depressed , dejected and disappointed for the last couple days – so…..

    Today we are going to throw all that aside and become delightfully delusional !!! :)

    Pens are gonna win 4 straight !!! Hey they won 15 in a row this year , a measly 4 should be no problem !! Pens stars are gonna suck it up and shine soo bright its gonna look like noon at midnight ! Hockey Gods were on a little siesta, woke up and said “O my, wrong team gettin all the Mojo, lets correct that”

    Its been done before, not often to be sure, but it has been done!

    But first things first….

    GO PENS !!

  62. BillyBaduka says:

    Agreed. Fish was a very wise man. (I know it’s a Tessio reference and I’m a big fan of The Godfather but I always think of Fish first.)

    They can.

    One game at a time. Play the game with effort and discipline one shift at a time. Play smart, patient and make the simple play. Get in front of Raask and stay there.

    LET’S GO PENS!!!!

  63. Sarah says:

    So sorry Hippo…..

  64. BillyBaduka says:

    I was the same way. Well said.

    LET’S GO PENS!!!!

  65. Sherry says:

    My daughter is wearing her jersey (my handed down Armstrong jersey) in solidarity, so we got that going for us.

    We just need one, it begins tonight. Let’s Go Pens!

  66. DJ says:

    Not enamored with Bortuzzo.

    Also saw the one Drouin play (just one) on Pouliot and I’m cutting him slack in favor of his game performance.

    On Maata, I know it’s a stereotype but I find Finnish players to be hard-working and dependable. Haven’t seen him action though.

  67. Bizrow says:

    Focus on tonight, never know what can happen


  68. Brandie says:

    +2. Sending all the good vibes I can…

  69. Milo Hamilton says:

    Very sorry Hippo. Hang in there & we’ll say a prayer.

  70. Arriba Wilver says:

    Very sorry to hear that, plan. My deepest sympathies. Mine passed suddenly in 1988. I echo Billy’s comments. But you never forget.

  71. Arriba Wilver says:

    I think Im going to wear one of my Pens whiteout shirts tonight. Can’t hurt.

  72. Pucknutz says:

    “Folks, we could look back at this game and remember it as a start of one of the finest moments of our franchise” Biz above

    Biz I liked that one so much I hadda repost it !!!

    Just never know !!!

    I know i am insane but I am gonna stay so crazy positive till the last horn sounds !!!

    GO PENS !!!

  73. Sherry says:

    That’s the spirit – these things matter! :)

  74. DJ says:

    Well, DK said they were “very down” after the morning skate. That may be a good thing. Everyone may come out relaxed and playing their best.

    Then again …

    DK: Moods vs. what happens in a game are very, very hard to read.

  75. Bizrow says:

    Pull out all stops

    Good to win today, AW

    PBC wise that is

  76. DaveDigsPensCupRun says:

    They’ll play hard but won’t score.

    And Vokoun won’t be as good as he was in Game 3,

    Bruins 4-0.

    Season over.

  77. Sarah says:

    Don’t rate Bortuzzo high.
    Re PM know he’s taken a beating here, but in a more defensive scheme he has been consistently excellent, ie in NJ.

    If we keep Bylsma, not sure we keep PM given his salary.

    If we get a different coach who accepts that defense wins Cups, then PM could work out fine.

    And really IMO he’s had a solid season and had a great G3…

  78. Bizrow says:

    I believe that

    Never say die

    Courtesy of Bob Prince and the 1960 PBC

  79. Bizrow says:

    That could be the outcome

    I’m still gonna watch the game and pull for the Pens

  80. Sarah says:

    I was wearing my Malkin 71 Tshirt WEd!

    Shall I switch to my old school Rocky Bleier Steelers jersey????

  81. RobS says:

    Pretty good summary of the DD era:

  82. Thundercrack says:

    My condolences. So sorry to hear of your loss

  83. Thundercrack says:

    I’m going to call Drew’s wife and ask her to cover him in whiteout.

  84. Milo Hamilton says:

    I once heard Chuck Noll say he had absolutely no idea what to expect from his teams until they went out on the field.

  85. Bizrow says:

    Roger, now more than ever, you are in my thoughts

    Just take things a step, or a breath at a time, my friend

  86. Bizrow says:

    Try it, Bleier power is needed tonight

  87. Bizrow says:

    Do they sell that stuff still?

    Could you buy enough of that stuff to cover Drew?

    I swear, one time I had a report typed and the secretary had a quarter inch of that stuff on it

    Well, not really, but you couldn’t fold it

  88. DJ says:

    No question. From an athletic standpoint, being pumped is not always the best thing. Wears off very quickly. Have seen some outstanding performances from teams that have appeared “down.”

  89. Brandie says:

    U never know…could be our finest hour…

    Send Hippo some vibes if you can…tough day for him.

  90. DJ says:

    If Vokoun lets in 4 I won’t care as long as we’ve got 5.

  91. Bizrow says:

    Puck, watch Apollo 13

    Scott Glen, a burgh guy plays Chris Cross

    A defining moment in our history

    That being said

    Its applicable here

  92. JohninOshkosh says:

    God bless,dear Hippo.

  93. DJ says:

    Interesting to see again that quote by Brian Strait:

    “I’m getting a good opportunity here. It’s nice when you have a coaching staff that shows trust in you. It was a different situation the last couple of years, only playing for 10 minutes and not knowing if I was going to go back out for another shift after I made a mistake.”

    Wondering how Depres feels.

  94. 21sthebest says:

    I’m drinking something that has white foam on the top.

  95. BillyBaduka says:


  96. Eric Bowser says:

    I have an epic written… I’m hoping that I don’t have to post it tonight.

    If I do…. it will be long, it will drive Drew crazy, and it will make me very disappointed.

    Let’s Go Pens!!!

  97. MadTurk says:

    My condolences to you and yours fine sir.

  98. MadTurk says:

    + many

  99. 21sthebest says:

    “it will drive Drew crazy”

    Don’t flatter yourself. He’s already crazy.

  100. Drew71 says:

    You might be surprised about that crazy thing.

    I might be right behind you.

  101. MadTurk says:

    I heard they stopped selling it when the blonde’s loaded it up on the computer screens. ah forgive me all blonde’s.

  102. JohninOshkosh says:

    Dewars for me !

  103. DJ says:

    Uh oh, bad kharma.

    Clear your mind and imagine Sid, Geno & Neal putting in 2 apiece.

    Now imagine pigs flying all around . . .

  104. MadTurk says:

    + hundreds

  105. T.S. says:

    Nothing to do with whether I like them or not, Kevin. Just predictions. Relax.

  106. T.S. says:

    Final score tonight: Pens 6, Refuse to say their name 3.

  107. Eric Bowser says:

    Certifiable right?


  108. Eric Bowser says:

    Line will form behind me and I suspect, it will be long.

  109. Eric Bowser says:

    I’ve tried to ignore this game all day at work but I can’t shake the feeling that I have about the leadership on this team… players and coaches.

  110. Eric Bowser says:

    better than me, I can’t even muster a laughable prediction after thinking Iginla, Morrow, and Murray were going to be the final pieces this team needed to win another cup with this core.

    I still believe they could have been great pieces but… well… you know, I’m not the coach.

  111. T.S. says:

    LET’S GO PENSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. DJ says:

    I have a good feeling, actually. Of course, I’m an eternal optimist.

  113. Eric Bowser says:

    Tonight, I’ve taken the bedroom over and not allowing a certain someone back in until this game is decided. For my sake, this better be a three period game.

  114. T.S. says:

    No Eaton again. Bylsma is hard headed and just doesn’t get it.

  115. Milo Hamilton says:

    I ask only 2 things of you Bowser, but they are 2 things I know you can deliver. That it be long, and that it be scathing.

  116. Eric Bowser says:

    Dupuis tries to make tough play, doesn’t get it deep and Bruins turn it right back up the ice. That’s been the problem for Pens.

  117. T.S. says:

    Even if the Pens — by some miracle — come back to win this series and the SC, I do not want to see Dan Bylsma coaching this team next season. Like so many have said, this guy is just not a very good strategic/counter strategy coach.

  118. Milo Hamilton says:

    I’m doing what I do every season when it appears the season is lost. Sit quietly and appreciate Mike Lange.

  119. drwaido says:

    Interesting call

  120. T.S. says:

    Sort of reminds of the stubbornness of one Pirates GM.

  121. drwaido says:


  122. Eric Bowser says:

    great rebound chance, Kunitz can’t make a play…. story of this series.

  123. theplanisworking says:

    To all those who wished me good thoughts, and well wishes, I truly appreciate that, more than you will know.
    To any and all I have offended in any way the past month, I apologize. I have had so much on my mind, and since Hippos dont have much of a mind to begin with, well you see where I am going………………

    Let us get one win tonight, just one at a time.
    “A long journey begins with but a single step”.

    Lets Go Pens!

  124. Brandie says:

    The glass is neither half empty nor half full…the glass needs more cherry kool aid…Mmmm. Sweet Cherry Kool aid.

  125. JohninOshkosh says:

    You know how athletes don’t look that big on TV ?

    Not the case with Chara.

  126. Eric Bowser says:

    Crosby nowhere near puck is hit blindside… great officiating, no call…. unreal

  127. Sarah says:

    Sid blindsided….doesn’t like right….

  128. Sarah says:

    LOOK right. On the bench too yikes.

  129. T.S. says:

    Olcyk called the Crosby blindside “two ships passing in the night.” Poor Eddie still bitter that he got shown the door by the Pens.

  130. Ditto and ditto Milo above.

  131. Brandie says:

    My man, Plan!

  132. DJ says:

    Anyone who says that the refs are not favoring the Bruins in Boston is just dead wrong. That could not have been more blatant.

  133. T.S. says:

    or should I say missed the boat when it comes to coaching an NHL team.

  134. Sarah says:

    Here we go Hippo!!

  135. Barb says:

    I am going to get all my information about the game from this thread. I cannot watch.

  136. theplanisworking says:


    Boys look a bit off.
    And every time the Pens shoot the puck, there are 3-4 Broonz blocking the net.
    Gotta get moving!

  137. T.S. says:

    what’s wrong? don’t like waterboarding? :)

  138. Barb says:

    It’s not that. I don’t think my heart can take it.

  139. Bizrow says:

    Don’t deny the feeling that is stealing thru your heart, every happy ending needs to have a start

    Hang in there Roger

  140. Milo Hamilton says:

    It’s The Knitting Lady !!!

  141. Purple Moose says:

    Cant blame the refs when you miss the net time after time just like tonight so far and go 0 for on the PP for the series

  142. Brandie says:

    Gotta get the rearz in gear!

  143. Brandie says:

    Good evening Biz!

  144. theplanisworking says:

    Where am I going? ;)

    I get lost easily, so that wont be any more worry than normal…

  145. T.S. says:

    Series MVP for Penguins regardless of the outcome: Thomas Vokoun. Hands down.

  146. JohninOshkosh says:

    Dave G. when he was Dave G Mason, Ohio used to regularly do Pens p by p on the game thread. Many a night at work I followed the game on the blog.

  147. Barb says:

    At least he showed up during this series.

  148. theplanisworking says:

    Thanks Biz.

    When I said the journey begins with a single step, I didnt take into consideration that I am slow. My journeys take longer than most……..

  149. JohninOshkosh says:

    This was meant as a reply to Barb. Sorry.

  150. theplanisworking says:

    He looks like Yao Ming, everyone else looks like Muggsy Bouges.

  151. Barb says:

    Thanks John but I’m sitting in my living room trying not to click on NBCSports Channel.

  152. Purple Moose says:

    Two awful giveaways by Malkin so far. Wish they kept a giveaway stat on the Pens that they flash up a couple times per period.

  153. Sarah says:

    Garage league.

  154. T.S. says:

    Another dumb giveaway by Letang. Your favorite subject. :)

  155. T.S. says:

    I can’t discern any difference in the way the Pens are playing this game from the previous ones. Disagree?

  156. Kevin says:

    is it just me or did crankshaft just look like he was going to take on 2 bruins at once? I know its just me that 2 of them looked about the same size as 1 of crankshaft.

  157. Drew71 says:


  158. JohninOshkosh says:

    Ha! The Maltese Falcon is on TCM but, alas, it’s not the great Bogart version.

  159. Kevin says:

    I like the result better… (boston hasn’t scored yet)

  160. Brandie says:

    By the way, thank you for the dancing hippo this morning…priceless.

  161. Barb says:

    The cast is headed by the wonderful actor Ricardo Cortez!?!?!?!?

  162. theplanisworking says:


    Ghost said Dance like a Hippo, and I obliged………. :)

  163. Milo Hamilton says:

    I can’t remember a series as one sided as this one. 12 periods and the Penguins have never had the lead.

  164. Eric Bowser says:

    Good – Bruins didn’t score
    Bad – Penguins didn’t score

  165. Bizrow says:

    On the bright side, we’re eyeballing them so far

    Our eyeballs will persevere

  166. JohninOshkosh says:

    Somehow I can’t see Cortez delivering the line, “The, uh, stuff dreams are made of” like Bogey.

  167. theplanisworking says:


    Normally, when Plan A is destroyed, Plan B, while not as good, normally produces something.
    Not here.

    Julien has obviously studied the tapes of Montreal 2010, and Philthy 2012.
    Props to him.

    We just need to figure something out, but seem unable to do so.
    Here’s to figuring it out.

  168. Purple Moose says:

    This bum of a coach should be fired just for the way he has mishandled Despres all year. He plays Letang for 25 minutes a game in meaningless games in mid February against the Florida Panthers when he should have consistantly been playing Despres on a regular shift. He has raw talent and needed experience but Mr Regular Season plays guys like Letang every other shift and I have to believe that he is a little or a lot worn down at this time of year.

  169. Barb says:

    I agree. BTW the Bogey version is on at 2:30 a.m. Pittsburgh time.

  170. Kevin says:

    I’m still trying to catch up… Anyone notice anything different in penguins play?

    – more net-front?
    – paulie martin looking hurt?
    – I read up and we already have couple Genovers.

  171. DJ says:

    I can blame them when it should have been a 5 on 3.

  172. Barb says:

    Cortez’s real name is Jacob Krantz!

  173. Sarah says:

    Holy sh-t Milbury said that blindside on Sid should have been a penalty and 5 on 3 PP for the Pens.

    In related news, he’ll froze over.

    Film at 11!

  174. Barb says:


  175. Sarah says:

    How many shifts for BB? One? Two? Great stuff B.

  176. Kevin says:

    I know Boychuk was coming hard and Crosby didnt have time to get off a quality shot… I think I confident Crosby makes one move to his right and gets a better shot. Arm-chair qb-ing of course.

  177. Eric Bowser says:

    Time to stop this madness.

    Put Crosby, Malkin and Neal together and just attack the Bruins.

    They have nothing to lose.

  178. DJ says:

    I thought I saw that on one brief shift.

  179. BillyBaduka says:

    Maltese Falcon without Bogey.

    And no Peter Lorre???


  180. Sarah says:

    2:06 apparently.

  181. theplanisworking says:

    + many.

    I didnt think he had it in him.
    Being he is so full of……………………… ;)

  182. BillyBaduka says:

    Or the line (to Lorre) “when you’re slapped, you’ll take it an like it.

  183. Jandy says:


  184. Kevin says:

    If anything it was the Eaton signing that kept Despres from seeing the ice. Eaton was what.. loading groceries when he came in and played solid D for us in Feb? I know Letang gets lots of heat but him and paulie martin are our two “best” D. If you are going to dump on anyone, it should be orpik… had kinda down regular season.. but whatever.

  185. Jandy says:

    Hipposter, my dear friend, just saw your sad post above. You have my deepest condolences, and are in my prayers. HUGZ!

  186. Jandy says:


  187. DJ says:

    If we lose tonight and get swept it may be the first time in history where no one complains about the losing team’s goaltending . . . at least they shouldn’t.

    Now that I got that off my chest, let’s win this one instead.

  188. Jandy says:

    well said

  189. Kevin says:

    yes, just read up, sorry for your loss, hippo.

  190. Jandy says:

    I like Niskie standing up to Marchand

  191. Barb says:

    You got that….but the Bogey version is actually a remake of the Ricardo Cortez/BeBe Daniels version. :)

  192. Kevin says:

    except for gm2, totally agree.

  193. Jandy says:

    No Brandie in the house?

  194. theplanisworking says:

    Hi Jandy!

    Hooey was the nicest you could have come up with. :)

  195. Barb says:

    My condolences also. Nothing harder than to lose a parent. You’re in my thoughts Hippo. :(

  196. theplanisworking says:

    Thanks guys.

    Game is helping a lot.

  197. Purple Moose says:

    Agree with you Kevin. My point is that Mr Regular Season is playing Letang 25 plus minutes a game when he should have been playing Despres some significant minutes to get him experience. No doubt Letang was the best dman but now I believe he is worn out.

  198. theplanisworking says:

    She was here earlier………… maybe she is camping out?

  199. pattonbb says:

    Saying a prayer for you and your family.

  200. Jandy says:

    Yes! Keep your mind occupied friend.

  201. Jandy says:

    lucky her lol…I wanted to congratulate her “in person” on the new job :)

  202. Kevin says:

    This is getting a bit dirty, no? if this was the regular season, we’d see a fight soon.

  203. Kevin says:

    suddenly missing Max Talbot.

  204. Jandy says:

    say what you want about DB’s coaching decisions, but I highly doubt that Tanger is anywhere worn out.

  205. Jandy says:


  206. Jandy says:

    dumb penalty to take

  207. Kevin says:

    remembers when Max and Cookie were our only grit players (if you disregard our token enforcer that rarely played)

  208. florida steeler says:

    what a pathetic power play.

  209. Kevin says:

    can’t believe Krug’s back up and skating… he got hit by train and still somehow has his faculties.

  210. Jandy says:

    he’s a tough lil guy eh?

  211. T.S. says:

    Last power play exemplified how clueless Coach (and I use that word lightly) Dan Bylsma is. I was completely beside myself last night, but I don’t have the energy tonight. Shero shares blame in this as well. Maybe it’s me, but if Mario was playing, he would have told the coach things like the power play configuration needs to change. Mario, it’s time to say goodbye to Bylsma.

  212. theplanisworking says:

    Altough, I could have picked a better thing for a distraction, like maybe fire-walking?

  213. T.S. says:

    And everything the Pens throw at Rusk is from the periphery. Barely anything straight on. Like a basketball team allergic to the lane / taking it to the rack.

  214. Jandy says:

    you have a point lol

  215. T.S. says:

    Bylsma was just asked if he made an adjustment on the power play tonight. 3 seconds of silence, then an answer followed about some nonsense to the effect of “we thought we had a good chance. We’ll make an adjustment on the next one.” ‘Nough said.

  216. Barb says:

    Sounds like he needs to find a clue. Colonel Mustard in the Library with a candlestick.

  217. T.S. says:

    Let’s just call Letang what he is. A forward. Certainly no defense in that uniform.

  218. Jandy says:


  219. florida steeler says:

    Letang, Letang, Letang–enough said.

  220. Purple Moose says:

    Wonder how many PPs in a row we go scoreless before Mr Regular Season tries a different first PP unit out there?

  221. T.S. says:

    Sadly the game will be long over by then, Purple.

  222. RobS says:

    amazing i dont recall one sustained cycle in this series by the Pens

  223. Kevin says:

    am I the only one getting annoyed by the negative and most times nonsensical posting? you miss some good stuff if you just focus on the negative.

  224. Jandy says:

    use ignore :)

  225. Purple Moose says:

    Almost 13 periods now without so much as a point by any of our “star” players. Without that damn stretch pass which the Bruins took away the first game Mr Regular Season doesn’t even have a sniff of a Plan B.

  226. T.S. says:

    Pas-QUAL Dupuis. That is how Olcyk pronounces his name, and has done so since he has been an analyst. Every one else he’s called games with pronounce it correctly:
    Pas-cal Dupuis. What is that all about? One thing I can say is I’m proud of being blocked by him on twitter for telling him about it. Learn how to pronounce the athletes names Olyck. It’s your job. Either that, or take a cue from your colleagues who pronounce it correctly. I apologize for my rant, but this really grates on my nerves. Go Bucs.

  227. theplanisworking says:

    This game seems to be going in slow-mo.
    No flow, no rhythm.
    Just a really odd game.

    Nice answer by Bylsma earlier.
    In 12 and 1/2 periods, we have 2 goals.

  228. JohninOshkosh says:

    I wonder what Vegas would have put the over/under on total Pens goals in the series.

    I bet it would not have been 2.

  229. T.S. says:

    What good stuff do you speak of? I’d like to find a silver lining and be positive, but at this stage of the game, there is nothing. Vokoun has been great in the playoffs. Okay, there’s one.

  230. Kevin says:

    really wish there was an anti-trolling feature…

  231. Dadtackular says:

    Condolences Hippo.

  232. T.S. says:

    Glad I don’t bet. There’s a lot of people who have (and are probably about to) lose their arse in this scenario.

  233. Jandy says:

    i bet you’d be right

  234. Kevin says:

    the silver lining is that Boston hasn’t yet scored either. So something is clearly going right for that to happen.

  235. T.S. says:

    Whose trolling?

  236. Lad9 says:


    Just got caught up from above. My deepest sympathies – I have been there. To plagiarize a bit, tis a far better place she goes my friend. Hang in there.

  237. T.S. says:

    Yes. Vokoun.

  238. theplanisworking says:


  239. T.S. says:

    Bet your bottom dollar I’d be right.

  240. DJ says:

    Fun game to watch anyway.

    Now if only we could put one in the net.

  241. Jandy says:

    this game makes me nuts

  242. Jandy says:

    I’m upset too kevin, just as you are. We cheer on our team, are happy when they do well, and try to hang in there when they suck. But they’re still our team. We’re not fair weather fans

  243. T.S. says:

    What would the late, great Herb Brooks do in this situation?

  244. RobS says:

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    If your going to throw that out with a fish net, be specific, otherwise your casting an unfair and inaccurate inference, IMHO

  245. Jandy says:

    That was in reply to OshKosh lol

  246. DJ says:

    Maybe I should have said starting goaltending.

  247. Kevin says:

    I’m a fair weather fan… but clearly not as foul as some when the skies go dark.

  248. Milo Hamilton says:

    Good question, he never got this far.

  249. Jandy says:

    we just might :)

  250. DJ says:

    Anyone have any CCCP sweaters?

  251. Jandy says:


  252. Jandy says:

    Kevin is expressing his impatience with negative posts. He chooses to use the word troll. Whatever.

  253. RobS says:

    Call Scotty Bowman (I would too). actually this is just defense oriented playoff hockey. if we would have played this game in games 1 & 2, we might still be down, but I w3ould guess not by 3 games, there pulling it off tonight, and did it Wednesday, to their credit hard to just turn it on like this…kudos so far

  254. Milo Hamilton says:

    A great quote of his fits here, “This team isn’t talented enough to win on talent alone.”

  255. T.S. says:

    Gold medal in the Olympics is pretty damn impressive.

  256. Jandy says:


  257. Barb says:

    Last ten minutes of the US v USSR game he kept telling the guys, “Play your game. Play your game.”

  258. theplanisworking says:

    do NOT blame it on this game……………… ;)

  259. Jandy says:

    If there was, I’m sure it was the third or fourth line lol

  260. Jandy says:

    shhh! ;)

  261. Jandy says:


  262. theplanisworking says:

    Uh Oh.
    Was that re-directed?

  263. Lad9 says:

    I think so.

  264. Jandy says:

    I don’t think so

  265. Jandy says:


  266. Purple Moose says:

    At least Iginla put one in the goal.

  267. Sherry says:

    Why the hell was he putting his stick out there? Shot from the point, let your goalie handle it.

  268. drwaido says:

    maybe he has one more goal left in him

  269. Jandy says:

    We have no answers to solve anything the Broons do. Amazing.

  270. florida steeler says:

    We can yell at our guys and place blame wherever. But, we must admit that the Bruins are CLEARLY the superior team in this four game series. They don’t dink and dunk on offense; with clear structure and plays established. Plus, on defense–often times five guys are dropping back for the Bruins. Our defense, hard to see any of them attempting to play defense.
    Bruins coaching staff was totally prepared for the Pens. Changes need made and Shero should not be above the line. He is the one that brought in old and slow.

  271. Eric Bowser says:

    Fat Lady is in the taxi, she’s heading to TD Garden in Boston.

  272. JohninOshkosh says:

    Oh Letang….

  273. drwaido says:

    it has been a systematic dismantling of the Pens

  274. florida steeler says:

    Most over rated defensemen in the league.

  275. theplanisworking says:

    Well, the further you go in the playoffs, the more you need defense.
    Boston has it, we dont.

    If it wasnt for Vokoun, we would be getting beat 5-0 every night.

    I would have never guessed this team couldnt score.

  276. JohninOshkosh says:

    Kim Kardashian ?

  277. RobS says:

    there still in this game, only one goal, Boston isn’t going to get cute on this PP..just kill it and get the game tier

  278. drwaido says:

    need to score right here

  279. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    Bunch of losers wearing those Pens uniforms.

  280. Eric Bowser says:

    She’s pregnant… I think her name is Peggy….

  281. Jandy says:

    and I never would have guessed that TV would be such a stalwart…good for him.

  282. drwaido says:

    gotta hand it to the bruins back check

  283. Kevin says:

    that one just found the top corner. deflection or no.

  284. Jandy says:


  285. Jandy says:


  286. Milo Hamilton says:

    Is inept too harsh ?

  287. cosmo says:

    no shots on the short power play?

  288. drwaido says:

    they just dont seem to have an answer. even with better D they are unable to score

  289. cosmo says:

    13 plus periods of hockey and only 2 goals, who’d a thunk it.

  290. Jandy says:

    no..but out-coached is better :)

  291. RobS says:

    there gettin close to kitchen sink time

  292. theplanisworking says:

    well, the next step is comatose, so I think you are good………

  293. drwaido says:

    and outworked

  294. RobS says:

    not just the bruins, its hard to turn on defense, you can see their thinking instead of reacting

  295. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    Bruins are playing well but with the players the pens have you have to be able to adjust and make some plays and make some shots

    This is an epic flop

  296. theplanisworking says:

    That there is a microcosm of this series……………..

    Bruins send one player into our zone, when we get the puck, its a stretch pass to Crosby 1 on 4……… no hope.


  297. cosmo says:

    long distance shots, no traffic in front net. Don’t think I’ve seen any re-directs from Pens the whole series.

  298. RobS says:

    you need to start this at least 2 weeks prior to the playoffs

    We just need one

  299. Purple Moose says:

    Wow, just wow. Has any coach ever been fired in the post game press conference. Mr Regular Season has got to go.

  300. JohninOshkosh says:

    These Pens are like my high school report card.

    “Underachieving. Doesn’t work well with others.”

  301. cosmo says:

    Where’s the desperation?

  302. drwaido says:

    not yet…………

  303. Jandy says:

    not buyin that OshKosh lol

  304. CWalton_67 says:

    Unquestionably, the greatest choke job in major league sports history. This group needs to be completely disbanded. This is like something out of the twilight zone. They can’t score a goal on some historical footnote named Tuuka Rask? Unreal.

  305. Lad9 says:

    I have never seen so much open space in front of a net. It looks a quarantine.

  306. Jandy says:

    back in Pittsburgh?

  307. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    Cool suit Dan

    Learn how to coach you puke

  308. theplanisworking says:

    I think we had the man advantage………. but didnt look like it.

  309. Colonel Hogan says:

    Goodbye, Good Luck and Good Riddance continued…:)
    Let’s see The Fat Lady has sung, Dandy Don Meredith is singing “Turn out the lights the party’s over”, and oh by the way as Mike Lange would say “Elvis has left the building!”

    If these actors hit golf balls tomorrow as poorly as they attempted to shoot hockey pucks, it is going to be a very very long day on the links.

    The entire team including coaches should be denied boarding rights to the charter flight back home and should be told to find their own way back. Unfortunately Mr. Lemieux, Mr Burkle, are just to classy. Arguably the best ownership in sports and this is how they are repaid…What a shame.

  310. RobS says:

    good bye DD

  311. Purple Moose says:

    At least Mr Regular Season ended the game with a timeout in hand. Of course he would have just stood there with his arms crossed anyway.

  312. Davedigspenscuprun says:


  313. Ed says:

    Two goals in a four game series. Wow. Just wow.

  314. cosmo says:

    WOW ! Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Pens would get swept in 4 games.

  315. DJ says:

    All she wrote . . .

    Eric, let ‘er rip.

  316. drwaido says:

    TV deserved a lot better

  317. Milo Hamilton says:

    A tip of the cap to Tomas Vokoun & Paul Martin. That’s all.

  318. NastyNate82 says:

    As a Ranger fan who saw the Bruins pretty much steamroll my team, I thought they’d fight the Pens, but I never thought this would happen. This being said, I think a lot of people kind of thought the Pens played bad (and they did) but you miiiggght want to think that the Bruins had a lot to do with that. Rask is a helluva goalie, even though DK didn’t seem to think he was that good. Maybe he is.

  319. DJ says:

    Good point . . . maybe he can carry that over to NY.

  320. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    Hard fought series

    A lot to be proud haha

    0 wins
    Can’t score
    Totally disgraced the city
    Poor representation of Pittsburgh sports
    Star players exposed as overrated phonies

  321. Jandy says:

    for sure

  322. Naje says:

    For all the accolades the Pens front office received from this columnist… for all the incredible, great, unbelievable, “steals”, and moves Shero made…there was one thing this columnist and his love for all that is this “mecca”, missed: the fact that a bunch of guys who never played together before could possibly jell in about two months’ or less time and defeat a team that knew each other well and were committed to defeating an opponent rather than going through the motions acting like they were entitled to win.

    Paper champions.

    Were Crosby and Malkin on the same team? Sure looked like they worked against, rather than for, each other and the good of the team.

  323. Jandy says:

    hey it’s hateful Hogan :)

  324. dwf says:

    Wow! I guess the Pens are “All out” now!

  325. theplanisworking says:

    Thanks to all in here tonight.
    I have loads to do.

    This isnt the end of the world, just the end of the Pens line (for this year).

    Might see you guys for tomorrows Pirate thread, might not.

    Good night.

  326. Jandy says:

    Amen, I agree 100%

  327. Jandy says:

    I still don’t think Rask is that good. It’s they system in front of him…but that’s just my humble opinion :)

  328. drwaido says:

    enjoy coach bylsma

  329. theplanisworking says:

    Night Jandy.

    Hope to see you Tomorrow on the Buc thread………… but maybe not.

  330. T.S. says:

    Guys consoled Vokoun. That man has nothing to be ashamed of. Neither does Paul Martin. Time for Bylsma, Letang and Fleury to get the gate. And probably a few others.

  331. DJ says:

    It was bad, sure, but disgraced a city? It would take a lot more than a sporting event to do that.

  332. Ed says:

    A flameout of epic proportions:

    -First time swept in 34 years

    -Rask performing at a level not seen since Hoover was president — although I gotta wonder how much of was him and how much was the Bruins D and the enormous ineptitude of the Pens offense.

  333. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    See ya next year fans

    For all the dancing music and kissing cams

    That’s what the town has turned into

    Bunch of candies

  334. Jandy says:

    Take care Hipposter, friend. You’ll be in our thoughts. <3

  335. dwf says:

    My +1 was in response to Nasty’s initial comment. Just sayin!

  336. florida steeler says:

    I think you are 100% correct even by being humble.

  337. Purple Moose says:

    Voukun and Cooke were the only 2 who showed up this series.

  338. RobS says:

    Wouldn’t expect to hear much from upper MGMT for few days. But they need to make a change. Ether the GM falls on his sword and says the team I assembled wasn’t good enough (he says sarcastically) or Bylsma is gone.

    If this was game 7 maybe not, but sweeped? if DD stays something is seriously wrong.

    Sad day in Penguin history, too bad it took 3 seasons to determine DD doesnt know how to win in the playoffs………..

  339. Jandy says:

    Well, my agony is over. I’ll be rooting for the Western team. No way I root for a team with Marchand on it lol.
    Please, please, overwrought posters, keep your dignity. You’re ….nevermind.

  340. J Walter Weatherman says:

    I’m not even remotely angry about this game. It’s exactly what I expected. They lost the series 28 seconds into game 2.

    Bylsma is gone. Not even a question. Same with Fleury. I believe Letang will be traded – Edmonton would be a likely suitor. Maybe we can get the #7 pick and Hemsky for him. Bigger question is Malkin. We’ll learn a lot this summer. I’m not so sure he’ll want to stay on this team, even if the Pens are able to offer him a lot of money. If the Pens don’t have him signed to an extension by the end of this summer, that’s your answer.

  341. drwaido says:

    I gotta see this press conference

  342. Eric Bowser says:

    Title: Rotten to the Core

    When Sidney Crosby lifted the Stanley Cup in 2009, it was thought to be the first of a few for Crosby and the core for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Unfortunately, 2010 played out with disappointing results losing to Montreal in the second round as Jaroslav Halak stood on his head, Marc-Andre Fleury would give up a crushing game seven goal to Travis Moen in the second period, the results of which, I don’t believe Fleury has ever bounced back from. That series illustrated the ease in which teams could attack the Penguins and easily frustrate Crosby and Malkin. Fleury gave up four goals on 13 shots in the Penguins final loss and for the playoffs gave up 37 goals and a disappointing .891 save percentage in 13 games.

    In 2011, it was left to Jordan Staal and Fleury to help overcome the personnel losses of Crosby (concussion), Evgeni Malkin (knee), and Matt Cooke (suspension) and though the team managed to get to a 3-1 series lead against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. They inexplicably blew the final three games as the offense suffered to mount much of an offensive attack against the Lightning’s 1-3-1 trap and goaltender Dwayne Roloson made the easy saves.

    The criticisms of Dan Bylsma’s refusal to adjust the power play or other strategies began for the first time but many in the media and fans gave him a pass because of the injuries to Crosby and Malkin. Fleury struggled again giving up 17 goals with a lousy .899 save percentage in seven games.

    Last year, it was more of the same as the lack of composure, lack of patience, and misplaced exuberance sank the Penguins in six games against the Flyers. Crosby and Malkin were easily taken off their game by the younger Flyers and played as if defensive hockey meant little in the way of winning hockey. It was the third playoff series in a row in which Bylsma could not stop the negative momentum or find ways to adjust to the Flyers offensive attack. The total collapse by the Penguins was only made more surreal by the unbelievable 26 goals in 6 games given up by Fleury with an embarrassing .834 save percentage.

    Shero decided quickly to address the goaltending issues by acquiring Tomas Vokoun on June 4th from the Washington Capitals for a seventh round pick in the 2012 draft and signing the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent to a 2-year deal. Vokoun wasn’t brought in to take Fleury’s job, he was acquired to be a mentor and help protect Fleury from any fatigue, something Brent Johnson couldn’t do last season.

    Prior to the draft, Ray Shero offered a 10-year $60 million deal to Jordan Staal but he was unable to convince him to stay in Pittsburgh. Staal wanted to play with his brother Eric in Carolina, so at the draft in Pittsburgh, Shero made the deal sending Staal to Carolina for the 8th overall pick, defense prospect Brian Dumoulin, and center Brandon Sutter. The Penguins would decide to pick Portland Winterhawks defenseman Derrick Pouliot with the 8th pick and with their own number one pick, 22nd overall, selected another defenseman, Olli Maatta from the London Knights.

    Over the last few years, Shero has been criticized for failing to draft and develop another scoring forward since his very first pick in the 2006 draft (Jordan Staal). The Penguins highest scoring forward after Staal has been Dustin Jeffrey with 15 goals in 90 career games. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Shero’s draft philosophy, scouting department, or player development.

    The acquisition of Sutter made sense as he could easily slide into the third line role vacated by Staal and in some cases, be an upgrade. Defensively, Staal’s performance against the Flyers on the penalty-kill was disappointing and he was never one to have a great winning percentage on faceoffs. Sutter was expected to be better in both facets of the game.

    In free agency, Shero would sign 4th line left-winger Tanner Glass to replace the role vacated by Arron Asham’s free agency departure to the Rangers.

    During the regular season, the goalie tandem of Fleury and Vokoun was more than good enough as they finished with .916 and .919 save percentage, respectively. Fleury was once again back on track during the regular season and the team in front of him was playing some great hockey, no more so than the unbeatable March run going 15-0 and all but wrapping up their stranglehold on the number one seed in the Easter Conference ahead of the Montreal Canadiens.

    Just prior to the March run, Shero decided to sign Mark Eaton to help augment their depth on the blue line and while the team was winning games, they would make one monumental trade after another by acquiring future Hall of Fame right-winger Jarome Iginla, left-winger Brenden Morrow, defenseman Douglas Murray, and center Jussi Jokinen. The league just saw a team with a formidable core of Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Kris Letang, James Neal, Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin get an added boost of veteran leadership and important depth. It was as if the Penguins were telling the hockey world,
    this year’s cup is ours.

    Or so it seemed.

    For reasons only Bylsma could know for sure, Iginla would be forced to play left-wing on the second line with Malkin and Neal, not right-wing with Crosby and Dupuis. The move didn’t work as Iginla struggled to accept passes coming out of the zone or being able to chip the puck out of the zone along the left-wing wall and glaringly obvious, coming back into the defensive zone to pick up his man. Iginla said all the right things about his move to the left side and didn’t say anything about his lack of action on the top power play unit or his positional placement when he did get some ice time on the power play.

    One would wonder, how many coaches would want to mess with a future Hall of Famer?

    In Pittsburgh, you know the only one.

    Just as unsuccessful as the decision to move Iginla to left-wing was Bylsma’s decision to flip flop Morrow and Cooke on the third line with Sutter as neither has ever looked comfortable at right-wing and the acquisition effectively put the offensively inept Glass in the press box.

    The Jokinen acquisition was purely to provide depth due to Crosby’s jaw injury, he played sparingly in the playoffs.

    As for Murray, it was evident after the Islanders series the coaching staff didn’t have the confidence to use him, most notable during the team’s double-overtime loss to Boston in game three as he received just 17:08 of playing time. Murray’s lack of speed often resulted him losing the battles behind the net and in the corner, which it didn’t help he was often paired with Deryk Engelland or Matt Niskanen, neither player having played that well themselves.

    In the playoffs, Bylsma had an embarrassment of riches or did he have fool’s gold?

    That will be the difficult evaluation process for Shero as he was the person responsible to acquire the misused or quickly aging and slower players like Iginla, Morrow and Murray. It was Shero that decided to largely ignore a blue line that fell apart against Philadelphia the season prior and did little in the public’s eye to have younger defensemen like Simon Despres and Robert Bortuzzo get important development time in the NHL over veterans like Eaton and Engelland.

    But at the end of the day for Bylsma, he had more pieces and talent than any coach could have ever dreamed of having at his service and his decisions to have the Penguins play an aggressive style against a patient defensive team lik the Bruins in the first two games at home, did not help the team. It did not help that the team scored 1 goal in two games at home while playing a wreck-less stretch pass attack.

    It did not help Iginla was being misused while a power play couldn’t sniff the net.

    It was too late even after Vokoun stood on his head in game three as the team couldn’t get a second goal behind Tuukka Rask and lost in double-overtime because a 41-year old Jaromir Jagr was able to sneak a hook into Malkin and steal the puck.

    While much blame has been cast upon Bylsma for his stubborn refusal to change how the team moves the puck up the ice or maddening use of Iginla, he can’t help if his 28-year old star goaltender had a fourth consecutive playoff performance that has all but made one wonder, were the 2008 and 2009 playoff runs a fluke?

    And let’s not ignore the fact that as much as Fleury had a rally killing softie in game two, this team hasn’t exactly done much playing in front of Vokoun.

    During the regular season, Kris Letang played well enough defensively to get his name listed on the top 3 for the Norris Trophy but all he’s done in these playoffs is make that nomination a mockery for his soft play and wildly inconsistent positioning defensively. Letang and his free flowing hair woo the ladies but after another frustrating playoffs, you have to question whether he has the physical ability to take on the burden of being a number one defenseman.

    While the team hasn’t played good enough defensively, they are still considered an offensive juggernaut and against the Bruins, they were nothing of the kind. That blame lies on the shoulder of Crosby and Malkin.

    It is unfathomable to think both could go the first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals without a single point between them. Malkin played in stretches dominating the ice but for some reason, likely a bad shoulder, he couldn’t score a goal to save his life in game three with close to 10 shots on goal, a few blocked, and a few missed the net. Malkin also completely shutdown in the third period of game two.

    No composure, total frustration. Again.

    One would wonder how anyone could shutdown Crosby but he’s been largely ineffective, a virtual no-show on the ice. For being the best player in hockey, in moments of greatness, he’s been non-existent. Crosby wasn’t the star in game seven against Detroit to win the Cup, it was Max Talbot’s 2-goal game that won it. Since then, he had 1 goal against the Canadiens, missed the Lightning loss, scored 3 goals against the Flyers, and this year 0 goals against the Bruins in the conference finals prior to his beating up inferior opponents in the first two rounds with seven goals.

    Where are Crosby and Malkin during the team’s biggest time of need?

    If you answered trying to fight Patrice Bergeron or bump into Rask, you would be right. Teams have found the recipe to beat the Penguins, it starts with agitating them at the core.

    Now that the Penguins have lost again in disappointing fashion, it might be time to fix the team as they’re rotten to the core.

  343. DJ says:

    Agreed, plus Adams and Cooke.

    “Old 29er” mentioning on the radio broadcast that the Bruins come out of the zone as a unit, after support on the puck. Well, there’s a concept we might employ.

  344. Dave G says:

    “Pittsburgh: City of Collapses”

    Another fail of epic proportions.

    Time to dismantle.

  345. dwf says:

    I can hear it now “the Pens just ran into a hot goalie…nothing you can do about that”. Can hear all the excuses that are going to be made for this team…SAD!

  346. Jandy says:

    why, thank you! I believe this is one of the few times we agree ;)

  347. Jandy says:

    thank you DJ

  348. cosmo says:

    the system worked very well

  349. Jandy says:

    Adams and Cooke or sure.

  350. DJ says:

    Well, you did promise War & Peace.

    Now let me read this thing

  351. DJ says:

    Well, you did promise War & Peace.

    Now let me read this thing

  352. Jandy says:

    you’re right everyone needs to take a step back and a few deep breaths.

  353. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    This is pretty much it for the Pens.

    Nice little era but they had a good enough team this year. If their stars can’t deliver when it counts they won’t do it again.

    Doesn’t matter who the coach is. Or what changes will be made. They’ll come up short.

    Time to focus on the Pirates I suppose and the Steelers. Pens are finished as a legit team that should be taken seriously.

  354. Ed says:

    One more tidbit that I found:

    The only time that a team was more pathetic offensively than the Pens in this series was the Wild in the 2003 Western Conference Finals — one goal in a four game sweep by Anaheim.

  355. CWalton_67 says:

    Well. Done.

  356. drwaido says: does it get fixed

  357. florida steeler says:

    I know most of you will disagree but Malkin has to go. The Pens could get two quality defensemen for him. Then, we need a coach that knows how to play defense.
    Shero’s trades were horrible and Mario needs to put him on the carpet.
    The dink and dunk offense will NOT win a cup.

  358. Arriba Wilver says:


  359. Arriba Wilver says:

    Serena and Sharapova tomorrow at 9:00 am.

  360. Jandy says:

    that’s up to Shero

  361. dwf says:

    Didn’t DD guarantee a “WIN” tonight? I’ll bet he is still in denial that the game is even over :)

  362. Jandy says:

    That pretty much puts it all out there, Eric

  363. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    San Jose Penguins?

  364. Lad9 says:

    “Teams have found the recipe to beat the Penguins, it starts with agitating them at the core.” He whole piece was vey well written but that sentence really resonated with me.

  365. Jandy says:

    who’s buying breakfast?

  366. dwf says:

    Correction, Vancouver Penguins

  367. drwaido says:

    the pens showed they could play def in the last 2 games..not pretty d but relatively effective d. however, they were unable to score. not sure how trading malkin fixes that.

  368. Purple Moose says:

    This press conference with Mr Regular Season is almost laughable. He thought they played hard ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  369. DJ says:

    Well written Eric, but I’m not as pessimistic.

    On the fix, I laid mine out there with my 4:18 p.m. post. I now need to add Bylsma to that mix as well. If there were such a thing as firing all of the assistants and bringing in others who were much more influential (didn’t Chicago do that after last year?) that might have been a possible solution before, but now I don’t think so.

  370. drwaido says:

    guys in post game show have fired bylsma. hope shero is watching

  371. Arriba Wilver says:


  372. cosmo says:

    Milbury and Jones both say Bylsma has to go on post game

  373. dwf says:

    Seriously, what did you think DD was going to say? He had to say that. The sad part is that he ACTUALLY believes it!

  374. Sherry says:

    I am going to go drink heavily and watch a thoroughly distracting movie. This sucks, but Boston was clearly the better team. Pens have issues, they will be addressed. I still believe in the organization and the character of the team. More hard lessons were learned, from top to bottom, and all of them have a lot of soul searching and processing to do.

    Embarrassing yes. Stunning yes. Inconceivable yes. But maybe from this true low point a fundamentally better team will rise from the ashes.

    Nite all.

  375. Eric Bowser says:

    Thanks, I have more already well on the way. I’m full of hot air after this pathetic collapse… this epic choke job.

    Next column will focus on the moves the Penguins franchise must make to win another Cup.

    This franchise cannot lose with Malkin and Crosby on the team.

    One cup… will not be enough.

  376. Jandy says:

    Martin and Vokoun were their two best players on the ice.

  377. J Walter Weatherman says:

    He’s at least one of the three best offensive players in the world. You don’t kick a guy like that to the curb. Effective coaching should be able to cover for any defensive issues that he has, but you just don’t throw away a player like Malkin. The Pens should, and will, try to sign him to a long term contract. I just don’t know if he will want to stay on the Pens. Maybe he wants to be alpha dog somewhere else or maybe he just wants a change of scenery. We’ll know by the end of this summer, if he signs an extension or not.

  378. NastyNate82 says:

    Seriously, he might fit better with NYR than Pgh at this point. Think about it…the Pens went from a hard-boiled coach to a players coach and they won the Cup. What did the Rangers just have? Its just every coach has a shelf life.

  379. Eric Bowser says:

    I think there’s going to be pressure on Shero to fix some things and that has to start with how this team plays hockey. I’ll be writing about that tomorrow.

  380. DJ says:

    Agreed on Malkin. Keep in mind though that a lot of the “defense” over the last 2 games was Vokoun playing spectacularly, masking very, very poor fundamentals.

  381. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    Shockingly inserting Tyler Kennedy didn’t fix anything.

  382. NastyNate82 says:

    True, but the point is…its not just the Pens lost, the Bruins had a lot to do with it. Refusing to acknowledge the other team’s role in the Pens defeat is more than a little arrogant.

  383. Eric Bowser says:

    That was the first line I wrote… and from there I filled in the blanks.

  384. Eric Bowser says:

    A team that has Crosby and Malkin should be more than capable to win next year but they need to make changes.

  385. drwaido says:

    maybe they’ve been following this blog

  386. Jandy says:

    Night Sherry, drink one for me too …. hang in there!

  387. NastyNate82 says:

    Vokoun was great. Don’t know if I’d ship Letang out, although he couldn’t have looked worse in this series.

  388. Jandy says:


  389. Thundercrack says:

    I’m not sure if this the most difficult championship to win. But it’s almost unbelievable that the Bruins have one more series to play.

  390. NastyNate82 says:

    Lighten up, Francis. Its a game.

  391. Davedigspenscuprun says:

    They got humiliated by the Flyers last year. Swept this year. Two Game 7 losses at home to lesser teams. Come on folks. Save the optimistic bs. This team should’ve been as motivated as ever this season after the way last year ended and they’re right back in the same place. It’s just a crappy lousy collapse. The team is a huge failure. There’s nothing good to say to spin it around.

  392. dwf says:

    If wholesale changes aren’t made after this “Charlie Foxtrot” then. Mario/Ron/and yes RS are living in a alternate universe…one in which the Pens are playing for the Cup :)

  393. DJ says:

    . . . just to clarify, I mean keeping Malkin.

  394. drwaido says:

    is it possible there is heat on shero? his coach, his players, all the moves we laud him for have led to bubkus over the last 4 yrs.

  395. DJ says:

    I’m with you. I was fearful you were just packing it all in.

  396. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    I think the reason disco was only popular for 5 years or so was because it failed to adapt as a musical genre.

  397. drwaido says: was an adjustment, of sorts

  398. NastyNate82 says:

    And that “arrogant” comment wasn’t aimed at you specifically. Sorry, don’t mean for it to be interpreted that way. Its just tiring, and inaccurate I think to say that the only reason the Pens lost is because they beat themselves.

  399. Jandy says:

    Listen, sir, if i choose to be optimistic, or at least not totally depressingly a downer, that’s MY choice. Banging my head against the wall won’t change things. Besides, it’s sport, and there are more important things to worry about for real. Sorry, just the way I see it. If you wanna call it optimistic bs..that’s your prerogative.

  400. Jandy says:

    yup but it didn’t work…too little too late, ya know?

  401. Jandy says:

    I’m rooting for the western team :)

  402. DaveDigsPensCupRun says:

    That’s why we lose. Have to do everything it takes to win. Don’t look at it as a game.

  403. drwaido says:

    nothing worked this series

  404. Jandy says:

    I’m thinking he stays. Malkin is getting better at english and American ways, but I just don’t see him actively seeking to go outside his comfort zone again…but hey what do I know?

  405. T.S. says:


  406. Jandy says:


  407. Jandy says:

    Thank YOU for putting in words expressing what we all feel…without the vitriol and depression.

  408. Jandy says:

    that wasn’t the point, but it’s obvious you’re not in the mood to get it, so let it be for now.

  409. Jandy says:

    Tanger needs reigned in. out of control.

  410. pattonbb says:

    Since when did that idiot Milbury’s opinion become a ringing endorsement for doing the right thing? If he said Bylsma should be fired, then I definitely think he should be kept.

  411. drwaido says:

    after the last 4 years, 2009 looks like the exception that proves the rule.

  412. J Walter Weatherman says:

    Of course, I don’t really know either. I’m just kind of surprised nobody brings up this possibility when talking about Malkin. They just assume he’ll be traded or want to sign an extension.

  413. Jandy says:

    gotta think outside the box sometimes :)

  414. Jandy says:


  415. DaveDigsPensCupRun says:

    Fair enough. I stand by my narrative, too.

  416. Jandy says:

    OK I’m off to bed. Have lot to do tomorrow. I’m sad our boys lost, but the Pens are STILL my team. Night!

  417. Eric Bowser says:

    Yes, I’ll much to say on that very topic tomorrow as part of “where do Pens go from here” column.

  418. Sherry says:

    Kill Bill it is.

  419. RobS says:

    good night all,,,good to sleep on and or take a few days to analyze this, all though I have my leanings on DD needs to go. I just have a difficult time blaming the players. They have one approach for 4 years regular season and playoffs, it takes time to adjust to defensive playoff style hockey.

    IMHO is why it looked like they were out of place, thinking instead of reacting, and no idea how to deal with the adversity of always being down, never playing with a lead.

    They had no puck possession on the offensive zone, and never had a strategy to deal with Boston’s defensive coverage. 3 rebound chances in the 1st 3 games, would like to know how many tonight. Couldn’t have been many.

    Tomorrow is a new day it will be interesting to say the least how ML and RS decide to move forward…

  420. DaveDigsPensCupRun says:

    I’m not in the mood but I know what I’m saying is true. Not enough intensity in the arena come playoff time. Too many fans that don’t know what playoff hockey is all about.

  421. Sherry says:


  422. DaveDigsPensCupRun says:

    Aww. How wonderful!

  423. Sherry says:

    +many! Nite Jandy.

  424. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    Won’t be around much this weekend and it’s time to focus on the Bucs so here’s my DDD (delusional disco dan) rant straight from his headslapping presser…

    1. We never played bad.

    2. There was an invisible force field around the net.

    3. Rask is the next Patrick Wah.

    4. We had incredible scoring chances, but were undermined by forces unknown.

    5. You media people only THINK we didn’t adjust the PP.

    What an awful coaching performance. Again. There’s really not much more to say.

  425. Arriba Wilver says:

    Jones is worse. He’d be annoying if he was just reciting the Pledge of Allegiance..

  426. Arriba Wilver says:

    That’ll relax you. :-)

  427. Arriba Wilver says:

    See above.

  428. DJ says:

    Does anyone think Colorado would trade the #1 pick for Letang or Fleury?

  429. Brad, Indiana PA says:


    Did anyone ask Disco why on earth Matt Niskanen played every game? Just curious. Especially since that elusive one goal difference he kept mentioning was given up because of Niskanen in game 3.

  430. DJ says:

    Goal # 1. Goal # 2 all on Engelland, aided by a non-call.

  431. DJ says:

    Grover talking post-game radio that “no one has tuned HCDB out.”

    Wonder if he knows something we don’t know and that the word from on high is that while there will be changes in player personnel, there will be no changes in the coaching staff.

  432. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    Correct on 2. But without goal 1, goal 2 never happened. Final score: Pens 1 Boston 0 end of regulation.

    Niskanen was the playoff version of Tyler Kennedy in the regular season. Total doormat.

  433. DJ says:

    That’s sounding very consistent with DK’s pre-playoffs column.

    And if no one has tuned him out, wonder if he ever told anyone to go to the front of the net.

  434. DJ says:

    I would put him and Engelland in the same category.

  435. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    Did you hear DD’s post game? I know he’s probably emotionally drained, but he’s completely out of tune with reality. Coaches that can’t recognize their own team’s weaknesses don’t win many championships.

  436. Brad, Indiana PA says:

    I’d give Engelland a little less flack simply because he didn’t play as much. Not as much opportunity to screw up and play porrly. Plus I thought he was the better of the worst out of those 2.

  437. Constantin says:

    Wondering same re Letang. I’d be calling Colorado and Florida.

    I’m skeptical we could get anything of real value for Fleury right now at his salary.

  438. Brandie says:

    Well put, Mr. Bowser. This loss should go down like castor oil. When you fail, you fail. The Pens, whole organization, did that in spectacular fashion. Imagine, not being able to muster more than two goals in an entire series? Shameful.

  439. Sherry says:

    O-Ren is about to get hers… #catharsis

  440. Brandie says:

    Ugh, just simply Ugh!

  441. Timd says:

    I’m not in a particularly good place tonight, so excuse me, but I don’t know why I love this blog when everyone has the same old pet theories and themes and stories. Where’s DK and all others admitting Iginla was just horrible for all of the playoffs (and didn’t deserve what ice time he had), that Morrow tries hard but we rarely saw him clearing a puck from the half wall or actually skating his way into a reasonable scoring position, that Sutter falls down instead of being strong on the puck at all (the anti-Staal who had dead feet and dead hands). In case everyone is wondering, the NHL these days is all having the strength and foot speed to pressure the puck constantly and continually, eliminating all time and space with all four lines instead of two. The paper champion was created by the media who need hyperbole and twitter followers to get more readers – I actually thought that ‘burgh was the underdog of the remaining four teams. Again, I’m not in a good place so sorry to everyone for ranting.

  442. NastyNate82 says:

    So now its the fans fault. You’re just blaming everything in sight now, thats reasonable.

  443. BillyBaduka says:

    I can’t stand either of them.

    I think the point is, if even these two goobers can see it…

    Bylsma has to go.

    I’d much rather get rid of Dan than completely blow up this team.

    Why people want to see Dan get another shot with this group of players does not make sense to me.

    I’ve seen that movie before. It doesn’t end well. Same results, lapses, breakdowns, loss of composure.

    Time for a change. Some want to blow up the roster instead, ok I just think intakes a lot longer to assemble that new team than find a coach. This team is not that far away. Dicipline is all. I think if Dan would have disciplined anyone (beyond rookies) for turnovers and lax play, we’re not having this discussion.

    Dan (and injuries) squandered 4 years of the Sid/Malkin era. Time to see if someone else can get a little more out of this team.

  444. BillyBaduka says:

    Puck possession is a great goal.

    Gotta have a plan or when you’re not possessing the puck.

    Pens finally started to use some of the things one does to break the trap but not until game 3. Shoulda started that 4 years ago.

  445. Brandie says:

    See DK’s Saturday column.

  446. RobS says:

    Pretty good write-up on the history, the question is will they (Mgmt) have the honesty to see this too? Will be an interesting summer to see how this unfolds….good job Eric :-)

  447. DJ says:

    Since the start of these playoffs I have been emphasizing that we should go with a line-up that placed a premium on speed and puck handling / finishing abilities. I particularly emphasized it this series with Boston. (See my posts at 1:51 p.m. and 3:19 p.m.). Bennett played Games 3 (sparingly) & 4 (don’t have his TOI yet) and Depres none.

    HCDB, although having a reputation as an innovator when he first came to the team in 2009, instead elected to go with “old guard” philosophies and his favored players displaying perceived “toughness” over those quicker and more skillful. Sitting at Game 1, 1.5 periods in, it was clear to me (no expert) that was simply the wrong approach. While we were outhitting them by a wide margin, Boston players were smiling after a good number. Importantly, our hits were not productive, leading to turnovers and ultimately scoring chances. We wasted two games trying to prove we were tougher than Boston.

    On Sutter, while he is far down on my list of reasons why we did not fare better this series, he is simply not strong enough. The Pens need to pay his way to the Gary Roberts’ School of Off-Season Conditioning & Training this summer. And if there are 2 sessions, he should attend both.

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