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Final: Reds 2, Pirates 1, 13 innings

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (42-29) vs. Cincinnati Reds (43-29)

Starters: LHP Jeff Locke vs. RHP Bronson Arroyo

Time: 7:10 p.m.

Site: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Russell Martin,  C
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B
  5. Neil Walker, 2B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Travis Snider, RF
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Locke, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.



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    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.


    Today’s Pick ‘Em Line
    Total INNINGS PITCHED by Jeff Locke in tonight’s game

    Less Than 1 (TRIPLE ODDS)
    1.00 – 4.00 (DOUBLE ODDS)
    4.33 – 6.00 (EVEN ODDS)
    6.33 – 8.00 (EVEN ODDS)
    8.33 and Higher (DOUBLE ODDS)

    Please Note – All games must be considered official games in order for line(s) to be valid. Any postponement, cancellation, or suspension of game(s) will void line(s).

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. I kinda like this line-up

    • Yea, except for Snider…

    • I know I said this yesterday, but seeing Mercer in the 8 spot just seems a huge change in terms of optimism.

      • I agree.

        Still liked seeing that throw he made last night even more though.

        Big league throw

        • That throw put me a lot more at ease with the fact that his quickness on grounders up the middle may not be nearly as good as Clint’s.

          Fact is, it sure looks like he does everything better at the plate AND is adequate at SS as a rook. Not bad at all right now.

        • I liked that play as well but he circled that ball and made it a more difficult play then needed. I would like to see him take more aggressive paths to the ball but I think he is doing what his skill set calls for and it still got the job done. It certainly wasn’t a routine play and he made it.

          • I only saw it once, but didn’t bounce over Pedro?

            • I’m just being nit picky. It did hop over Alverez but Mercer was really deep. He did this as well other night on a possible double play. He waited on the ball and it cost them the out at first. Alverez is very aggressive at charging the ball and obviously Barmes is realy good at this as well.

              All that being said I think Mercer should continue playing 75-80% of the games as long as his bat stays above .270.

            • Pretty sure that was the case Jim.

          • Clint (Hurdle) said the other day “Jordy is a guy who has to rely on angles on defense, and he’s getting better at learning how to do that… Barmes is that kind of guy too and he is teaching him”.

            Barmes charges balls aggressively, almost always throwing on the move off his back foot… Jordy will do that more and more as he goes along.

          • They want him to work on the angle’s. The hop may have adjusted his route.

      • Sure does make it legit, doesn’t it? No breezing through 2 straight batters. I like that Jordy has taken a couple of walks the last 2 nights. He is starting to get it. I like it.

  3. This just in, the Big Z has said no thanks to an Indy assignment.

  4. I heard that Lunch Box is inviting everyone on the team over to his house in Seattle for dinner while they are out there. I hope they are all giving him their per diem to pay for it. Imagine that tab – Big Z or no Big Z.

    He explained how he got that nickname last night. Something about going to an all you can eat buffet between HS football two-a-days, which he said was not the brightest decision he ever made. But, apparently it gave him cult status with the older players.

  5. By the way, next year when we’re going on and on about how well someone is doing in Spring Training –think of Zagurski.

    He pitched really well in ST

  6. Don’t want to open up the whole ‘beanball’ debate, but seems to me there is ONE team that people talk about throwing at players and it ain’t the Pirates, folks. Yes, the Bucs lead the league in HBP thrown but they have a stated directive to their pitchers to ‘pitch inside and take back that part of the plate’… I can’t recall any time this season that I felt like the Bucs were deliberatlely throwing inside except in retaliation.

    I have to say, as much as it is easy to hate the Reds (arrogant soles like Dusty, Brandon and Latos), but how can you not love how Joey Votto plays the game. He stayed in the box when he was pitched inside, no chirping, no tough talk… hate the Reds but got to like Votto.

    • I like Votto, too. One of those guys you’d love to have on your team.

      • Votto is awesome. But, I think I must have seen that pitch wrong because everyone seems to have a different take than I did. I didn’t think it was that far inside. I thought it was high and just off the inside corner, and not that close to him. But, after what Chapman had done the night before, maybe it caused everyone to be on their guard a bit.

        I had speculated that one of the possible ways to end this crap from Chapman, which was also an issue vs. Cleveland, is that one of their players, Votto for instance, might need to pull him aside and straighten him out.

        • Honest question, does Chapman even speak English?

          I don’t mean to come off as racist, only ignorant, but a Cuban defector doesn’t exactly seem like a “normal” teammate.

          Who knows what is going on in that guys head.

          • Language could be a possible barrier. I would think there are plenty of Spanish-speaking players, or even a club-paid interpretor.

            Just off the top of my head, though, the Reds don’t have an abundance of Latin players do they?

            • Many of the coaches act as interpretors. I believe for the Pirates, is the BP catcher.

            • Actually, none that I can think of. Wow. Very odd.

              I’m thinking more along the lines of relationships with other players, though. Again, could be ignorance on my part, but Aroldis strikes me as a guy who does HIS thing.

              I do not have a very high opinion of him, if you can’t tell.

            • I will throw in a quick “language story” from a Cubs broadcast a few years back. Pat Hughes and Ron Santo (may he RIP) were on the radio side. Anyone that ever heard much of Santo, knew that he was probably one of the most sincere, down to earth, great guys connected to the game. But, no one ever needed to review his application for acceptance to MENSA.

              So, the Cubs were playing and their catcher and pitcher had a conference at the mound. Both players were Latin players. Hughes loved to set Santo up, and he pounced on this opportunity by saying, “Ronnie, with those two Latin players conferencing at the mound, what language do you suppose they are speaking?” Santo, whether knowingly or not, quickly replied, “I guess Latin, Pat.” There was about a 10 second pause. Maybe so they could both regain composure from laughing. Then, Pat Hughes said, “I’m thinking Spanish, Ronnie.”

        • Good point Jim. That pitch was off the plate, but not under his chin.

        • Yeah Jim, the replay showed that it was actually just off the plate, maybe even caught the black. But since it was eye high, it’s close enough for these 2 teams to get excited about (or at least their fans to). But just from the height it was about 3 feet closer to his head than a normal pitch.

          I also loved the way he stayed in the box on that. Hopefully he does pull Chapman aside/slap him upside the head.

    • Votto, best hitter in the National League. Only guy in baseball I’d rather have at the plate is Cabrera.

    • I can’t stand Joey Votto.

  7. Have to like all the news recently that I have read on Wandy and AJ. Wandy set to pitch rehab Sunday at Indy and today it was reported that AJ Burnett told 93.7 that he hopes to pitch in the Seattle series at the end of the current road trip.

    Team continues to weather the storm and healthy bodies seem to be just on the horizon. Question becomes after one replaces Cumpton, who is the next individual to leave the rotation?

      • Agree Dom, though that would be hard. Cole can go back to AAA and be ready to come back when needed, though it might be really tempting to add him to the pen for the stretch run like the Reds may be doing with Cingrani.

        I cant see AJ pitching in Seattle, so Cole will have a few more starts… as will Charlie… if Charlie falters, then he goes, not Cole… it is about performance now, though it both are pitching the same, Cole goes.

        • I don’t see them dumping Charlie even with a couple of bad outings.

          • Off the roster? Never.

            To the bullpen? It would be really, really, reeeaaalllyyy hard for them to send Cole back down if he continues getting results.

            • I agree. But Charlie was more effective (right usage?) last night than what Cole has been. IMO.

              I see this trend continuing for him.

              Great midseason acquisition.

              • Between you and I, as long as nobody else is listening, I agree.

                Without using “luck” or any wonky stats, Chuck’s repetoire is far superior to Cole’s at this point, and I’ve yet to see Cole locate his fastball well enough to be a one-pitch guy all year.

                I expect that’ll change, but don’t necessarily think the team should just close their eyes and hope it happens.

              • Nobody else is listening, we got blocked yesterday…

                So its cool.

                In hindsight, signing CM for 2 mil is a cheap mid season pickup. If I remember correctly, NH mentioned something of that sort.

      • Very surprised, guys. Not disagreeing, just surprised.

        I think Cole has to show he has more than one pitch or else its back to AAA.

        • About 18 starts left for every pitcher assuming you stay on an every 5th day rotation. Cole threw 132 innings last year and he’s at 80 so far this year.

          See where I’m headed here?

          • That he’s on pace for about 140 IP by Hurdle standards?


            Very good find, 21. Very good.

            • I figured only 90 more to go

              • Great call. Right at that 170 mark.

                cmat’s bullpen stint idea makes a lot of sense, IMO.

              • As long as Charlie isn’t completely sh*tting the bed, of course.

              • I don’t mind the BP idea. I’ve mentioned that before as well.

                I saw how well David Price did in that role, though he was used as a closer before he stepped in the next season as a starter.

                Imagine the gas he’d bring for 2 innings of BP work.

              • So 170 innings would be averaging about 5 innings per start the rest of the way and do we think the front office will let him go almost 30% more than last year’s innings? And what if we’re playing in October?

              • Extend that limit!!

                No Nationals garbage here

            • I don’t know if Charlie is totally ready to give us 6 innings per outing for 18 more outings, either. That would be 120 innings, plus the rehab innings. Seems like a lot to me after TJ.

              Cole should be good for a 10% bump from last year, plus he is now more efficient. Maybe 160?

              • Rizzo was crucified for shutting down Strasburg at 160 last season.

              • It’s just amazing to me that Tom Seaver, for example, threw 251 innings his rookie season, then 10 consecutive seasons after than averaging 273 innings.

              • Men were men in those days, 21. Actually, young Seaver was before my time, but I know he was a beast. Everyone now talks about how great Clemens was (and he was, of course) before he cheated, lied, threw splintered bats at Piazza, threatened people, etc. Seaver was the real deal. Imagine a team with him and a young Ryan Express!

              • 200 innings used to be the mark…what is now?


        • Personally I think he can use more time in AAA and this will extend his arbitration by a year.

  8. Oh and my thought on lifting Chuck in the 6th last night, after only 61 pitches… loved it. Clint knew we absolutely needed that game and in that park, with a runner on and one out and votto/phillips/bruce coming up, you have to go with the pitcher you TRUST there… you can’t TRUST Charlie yet because you just don’t know when he’s gonna elevate the ball and get hit … and trust me, if Votto got on and Philips hit a 3run tying jack, you’d be angry that Clint let Chuck go too far….. got to play the percentages and go with what you trust.

    • Agree that CH made the right move last night, as he has nearly every time with pitchers this season. At some point soon, though, he needs to let young Ground Chuck flee the nest and throw more pitches.

      But, as you say, cmat, CH sensed how important that game was and did not want this series to slip away.

      Of course, Votto did go all Votto on Watson right away. Then, he buckled down and toyed with Wilson Phillips and Jay The Bruce.

      • Yep… seems to me sometimes folks overlook the need to win in May/June so you can be in a position to collapse in August (lol)… Clint is managing for today with an eye on tomorrow, not the other way around. Can’t say I’d have him do any different.

        I don’t see any statistical evidence the Pirates arms will fall off any more than the other teams… if anything, the STARTERS last year were sucking wind as much as the bullpen was.

        • Which might explain the (hopefully) brief stints on the CL for Wandy and AJ.

          • I don’t think it explains that. I think both being hurt explains it more. If they were doing it as a CL move, no way in hell they’d put them both there at the same time without reliable replacements ready.

            • You’re right. I was being a little facetious. But, as it turns out, maybe their rest and rehab period could turn out well by the end of the year when we need them strong.

        • But speaking of arms falling off, am I the only one that thought using both Melancon and Grilli in a 4 run game was stupid? We’ve come to the point where we need to plug these guys in just to get them some work and not get rusty (who’d a thunk that 2 weeks ago?), but MM pitched all 3 games over the weekend and could have used another day off. You know CH won’t use him today and tomorrow, no matter how desparately they need him.

      • It does illustrate how much experience equates to trust in Hurdles book considering he went to Watson, arguably the teams worst reliever this year currently on the roster.

        • Watson started out badly, but he’s been pretty darn good for a while now.

          • I was quickly eyeballing his WHIP last night on the screen (thanks, ROOT!), and it looked to me like his ERA was higher than his WHIP deserved. Some PRO-gression coming maybe.

        • Beat me to it….

        • Not sure I’d classify as “worst” reliever but better yet, who do you TRUST in that situation in terms of the current bullpen?
          in that case, Ryan Reid is the “worst”… I’d say Morris would’ve been a stretch… I’d have been ok with Wilson or Watson, but clearly Watson wasn’t the worst choice.

          • Reid is only up because of injury.

            Otherwise, statistically, Watson has the highest ERA and batting average against LHB of the relievers currently on the roster.

            Regardless, it was down to him and Wilson, and I unquestionably would rather have Wilson against the heart of the order.

            • But, with that being said, it means more to the team in the long run to have FOUR guys Hurdle can trust. And if Watson can use that experience to continue his rebound, as AW alluded, more power to him.

            • IMO, Wilson needed a rest from the night before. He needed to trust Tony there. Tony got it done. Clint has the magic touch so far this year.

  9. This here Thread will be pushing 150 posts very soon.

  10. Late to the discussion above, so breaking in here:

    Has Mercer become the starting shortstop? I took heart when Clint said it was “too early” to comment on that, BUT . . .

    Why is the guy with the .804 OPS batting eighth, because it’s the spot where the guy with the .496 OPS usually hits?


    If I’m managing or general managing (and no I’m not) — Cole stays in the rotation, Morton goes to long relief, and Cumpton and Ried go to Indy when AJ and Wandy come back. Another tough decision if Gomez makes it back, too. Definitely picking up some young bats for arms at trade deadline no matter where we are in the standings.

  11. I don’t think anyone posted this yet

    Beat Em Bucs

    Go like 60

  12. The Giants had their 200th consecutive sellout today. The walkup was 0.

  13. I guess I’m just in the mood for observations today — but a couple more.

    At the beginning of the season I would have been overjoyed at the prospect of 82-80, but if we go 40-51 from here on out it will be agonizing.

    It seems like forever that when we’re hot, so are Cincinnati and St Louis, and when we cool off so do they. One of the most interesting races — the three best records in the NL and 3 of the best 4 in MLB.

    The one game playoff is a farce. It depends on who has the best pitcher available that night. If we can play blizzard ball in April, we can play it in October.

    Standardize the rules. Get rid of the DH. Tell the union keeping an old guy on the roster is keeping young talent stuck in the minors.

    Bronson Arroyo, why does that name ring a bell?

    The Cubs are 22-18 outside of the division.

  14. Walker…wow…again.
    Gotta hope he has a big 2nd half this year.

  15. Nice end to a threat there…..

  16. whoa, whoa, whoa….I’m working overtime..that’s NOT cool.

    I’m out!

    Let’s Go Bucs!!

  17. One day they will move the statue of Neil Walker that stands in the batter’s box night in and night out to somewhere on Federal Street.

  18. Did these guys ever hear of protecting the plate with two strikes? Too many times they take very close pitches and K instead of just fouling it off. Pedro just misses a HR by a couple feet.

  19. Jerry Meals says he’s out.

  20. Great throw by Marte. Mercer almost hosed the relay, but we still got um to keep the game 0-0. Come on bats!!

    • Sorry, was actually Walker that almost botched the throw by throwing it too much on the first base side. Was listening to Rock 4 on that one instead of following my own eyes.

  21. Cozart is toast!!

  22. Ah nice call there Meals. Guy just get the call right at home plate

  23. Arroyo with the assist for us! ;)

  24. Oh the speed of Martin!!! Bucs lead 1-0 after a great triple by Marte.

  25. RIP James Gandolfini

    Sorry for the non-baseball news…..

  26. See, an MLB hitter can hit one back up the middle, cause the pitcher to boot the ball, and bring in a run.

  27. You know, you look at Locke, and one cant help but feel he is due for a relapse, or coming down to earth.

    I am glad he hasnt so far. :)

  28. Some great defense tonight so far, eh?

  29. I was listening to the pregame and Brown asked Clint what he thought of the report that Latos had told the media that he thought MLB should look into the Pirates because they had hit so many batters. Clint, who obviously had not heard the report, said, well, he thinks Latos should call Bud and ask him to look into it. I guess Latos is a good sport–NOT.

  30. When is Chase coming up? Who would take over 2nd base to give Walker a break? Jordy or Chase? Surely not Inge

  31. Nice pitch for Locke to get Cozart. 1-0 still, get some more hits – and RUNS!!!!

  32. Bronson Arroyo looks like a deformed Muppet.
    That is all.

  33. Here we go again…jeeze.

    I hate Dusty Baker more every day.

  34. Random stat. Cutch is 1-22 lifetime vs Arroyo. The 1 is a dinger at least.

  35. Pattonbb,

    Dusty Baker’s head is shaped like the poop emoticon. Just figured I’d share that.

  36. Adventures in baserunning. Starring Russell Martin.

  37. Today’s base running blunder brought to you by Direct TV and Hyundai. Sigh.

  38. There it is, our daily boneheaded base-running blunder.

  39. The Pirates baserunning mistakes make Who’s on First look serious.

    I think they need to implement a system where every baserunning goof results in a $$$ penalty given to charity.

  40. who’s at fault Martin or Leyva?

  41. The Reds are quickly approaching the Brewers for most bone-head plays

  42. McCutcheon and Walker are killing this team offensively.

  43. The more I see them play, the more I believe the Reds win IN SPITE of Dusty Baker.

  44. Very poor baseball there.
    Bases loaded, one out, no runs scored.

    This team simply cannot afford to leave any runs on the bases.


    • Bases loaded, 1 out. Pitcher up. It happens. And Locke had the right idea. I don’t see how that was poor baseball.

  45. A quick prediction. They’re going to need more than 1.

  46. Just saw that Jeanmar Gomez needed just 52 pitches to go five no hit innings down at Indy tonight…when has the team possibly had a surplus of pitching that it appears to have accumulated?

  47. Pirates have hit a couple of warning track shots tonight without much to show for it. Arroyo still dealing at 109 pitches.

  48. No justice if Locke is not selected for the All Star game. He has been wonderful, and consistently so.

    • If the selection is based on this season’s numbers and results he should be a lock…no pun intended.

    • I think you are right. And we are so used to just having one representative and even then it sometimes being a hideous reach (Mike Williams, Ed Sprague, Carlos Garcia) that we underestimate some of our guys chances. Grilli, Locke and Cutch should be representing one of the top three teams in the league!

  49. This Locke kid is pretty good

  50. Locke good through 7. Get him more runs so we don’t have any drama in the 8th or 9th.

  51. Scoreless inning for Contreras at Indy today.

    • Whatever became of that bear in your neighborhood, Milo?

      • Big news today around here. Sightings all over the place. The proper authorities have been alerted. We’re only about a mile from the Allegheny, maybe he was going for a dip.

        • I see em camping sometimes up north. Would be crazy to see one in an urban setting.

          Don’t leave your garbage out!

          • And impress upon the kids that just because it might look cute they call them wild animals for a reason. We’ve had plenty of deer but this was the 1st bear.

  52. I hadn’t been completely sold on Locke.

    I’m married. I’m used to being wrong.

  53. This is the problem with stacking Walker together with the 2 lefties. Makes it real easy for the opposing manager.

  54. Do these guys know that they need to do stuff in this league to be turned into statues after they are done playing. SWING THE BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Tweets scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Awesome.

  56. Another strong outing for Locke. I’ll have to admit I wasn’t sold on him coming out of spring training. Been a real pleasant surprise.

  57. Lets get some breathing room here for Cheese. Too close for comfort.

  58. Another really efficient an quick inning of work for Melancon who just needs 10 pitches tonight.

  59. Simon says, “HIT THE BALL!!!!!”

  60. I don’t think Nevrett listens when Wehner talks. (Rick just mentioned the 3 inning save!)

    I wish I didn’t hear Nevrett

  61. Is that 4 or 5 HBP so far this series?

  62. Well the Reds are 2 for 2 tonight on hitting our players.

  63. I hope Baker chokes on that toothpick.

  64. Someone needs to tell Latos it obviously isn’t just the Pirates who pitch inside, maybe he should report his squad to Bud while he is off flapping his gums.

  65. Who is our bunting coach?

    Fire him

  66. Another great piece of baserunning presented by youe 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates.

  67. Mercer picked off, inexcusable!

  68. Pirates baserunning sure knows how to mess up some innings, one thing that definitely will have to improve in second half…no excuse for Mercer to be sleeping.

  69. Bet Barmes wouldn’t have gotten himself picked off.

    I’m just kidding!

    Dusty knows Pirates won’t retaliate and put tying run on base. They’ve done this a few times.

  70. Grilli should just drill the next batter

    And maybe the one after that one too

  71. Neveritt had to mention Grilli tying franchise record with a save tonight.

  72. It was eventually going to happen to Grilli, more disappointed the offense could not generate bigger lead when it had chances.

  73. Great run by Grili but Hurdle cannot keep using these two guys night after night. But, the Pirate base running and lack of key hits is disgusting.

  74. Cutch is freakin due to have some good luck.

  75. sustainability

  76. Lets rip this punk right now!

  77. Cutch the clutch–this is starting to get old–earn your money!!!!

  78. Just think back to all the incredibly stupid things they’ve done tonight. Don’t deserve to win this one.

  79. The only runs the Reds have scored in this series are all solo HR.

  80. Funny, tie ball game and Chapman didn’t throw at anybody’s head this time.

  81. Maybe Jerry Meals will give them one tonight. Certainly don’t deserve the win with every stupid thing they’ve done, but I’d happily take it.

  82. Why isn’t Walker in there?

  83. Cue Tom Hanks “WILLLLLSSSSONNNN”

  84. Have the Reds run out of good pitchers?

  85. Barmes must go yard or this one is basically over given the Reds coming up.

  86. great at bat by Barmes there.

  87. The trainer needs to break out the smelling salts for these hitters. Jeez!

  88. Not looking good now Need a pitcher here, not a belly itcher.

  89. Someone needs to tell the Pirate batters that hits cannot happen with a bat on their shoulder. The hitting on this team is atrocious.

  90. Survive and advance to the next inning.

  91. Well, I was wrong. I am not all knowing and seeing. Okay, time to win.

  92. 12th inning rally cap. Remember Comerica.

  93. This Pirate offense is pathetic….not sure what is going on with Cutch…he has definitely taken a step back this year….

  94. Gonna bunt CH?

  95. Really Cutch, 0-6???

  96. We all know it takes a home run with this crowd.

  97. Last time Cutch was 0-6 was that other Jerry Meals game.

  98. Soon they’ll release Inge. Then he’ll go to Baltimore & hit .300 the rest of the season.

  99. Vin Mazzaro’s in for the reverse close.

  100. How many days has it been since Inge had a hit??

  101. Nice job Vin….

  102. 27 K’s in two games for this team??? Wow…

    • It’s the natural and completely expected outcome for a team whose manager says stupid things like “The Pirates’ biggest issue is they are not putting enough balls in play” and continues the failed approach of previous managers that swinging at everything is a sound approach to hitting. The lack of discipline and inability to control the strike zone that results from the approach has been the Pirates’ single biggest problem going on 21 season now.

      That Clint Hurdle can look at this teams results and point to the strike out totals as a problem but not recognize their dismally low walk totals as an issue tell you everything you need to no about the root of the offense’s troubles.

  103. That’s what I meant by the reverse close.

  104. Pathetic…

  105. Lower The Jolly Hippo.

    Poor baserunning, too many LOB, weak hitting.
    Hoping for better things tomorrow.

  106. As Donnie Iris once said, “It’s a tough world, ain’t it a rough world?”

    We’ll get them tomorrow.

  107. Locke pitched another good game. He’s not going to make the All Star team, but the idea is getting less ridiculous all the time.. (Hope I didn’t jinx him)

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