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Final: Pirates 6, Phillies 5

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (51-31) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (40-44)

Starters: LHP Jeff Locke vs. LHP John Lannan

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Jordy Mercer, SS
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Jose Tabata, RF
  8. Neil Walker, 2B
  9. Locke, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel is on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.



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    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.


    Today’s Pick ‘Em Line
    Total WALKS by Pirates Hitters in tonight’s game
    0-1 (EVEN ODDS)
    2-3 (EVEN ODDS)
    4-5 (DOUBLE ODDS)

    Please Note – All games must be considered official games in order for line(s) to be valid. Any postponement, cancellation, or suspension of game(s) will void line(s).

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Missed it by that much………..

    on my lineup prediction. Oh well.

    Hey, does anybody know if that is Clint’s pretty hand writing on the lineup cards?

  3. 100 on the 2-3 please!

  4. 100 on the 4-5 please.

  5. I love the Mercer-2, Martin-5 lineup. It puts Martin in the other half of the lineup, which yesterday was a disaster.

    • Garrett Jones caught the Adam Laroche bug; HR late in the game when didn’t really matter. Strike out with bases loaded.

      • I don’t know that the HR was that late in the game. It came with 2 outs in the sixth, right after McCutchen grounded into a double play. After the HR, Alvarez walked, so the tying run was at the plate. The go ahead run was on base in the 8th when they were loaded with 2 out. (But yeah, I was hoping for some RBI earlier in the game).

        • Yea, I know it wasn’t the AL 8th or 9th inning variety, but I was disappointed with that AB all together.

        • It took a great throw to nail Jordy on that attempted double, but it was that kind of night. That play really hurt, especially when it was followed immediately by a hard single. Ouch!

          • I missed it. that’s a tough attempt

            • The Phillly LF Brown went over near the line and grabbed the shot Jordy hit, and made a perfect throw to 2b to just get Jordy. In retrospect, down 3-0, you cannot go there. Took a perfect throw to get him, but you just can’t chance it. It was the kind of chance Marte takes, but we can’t have either of them doing it there. 1st run meant nothing.

              Or, am I wrong and it was already 3-1? Now, I’m doubting myself. Regardless, it was a bad decision by Jordy.

              • Clint was asked about that after the game. What he said basically was that to him it was the wrong thing to do in that situation. But, the aggressive way is what they teach and he wasn’t going to criticize it because it’s the way they play.

              • That’s when I found out about the play AW, I didn’t know who it was though.

              • I didn’t see the play, either.

              • the question is.. later in the game, if that hadn’t happened, does Marte try for 2nd… because that throw was right on the money and waiting for Marte too.

              • Jim, it was 3-1.

                I tried to reason with someone on here last night that Mercer made a bad decision. I understand Clint wont criticize it, but when down 2 runs, you simply cannot try to stretch it. If they were tied, I say go for it.

                Glad to see I am not the only idiot in this village………

      • His HR would’ve came with runners on base had Cutch not hit into another double play right before.

  6. Would love to see Locke put up another good showing before the all-star teams are announced. He needs another W on the resume.

  7. Going to game tonight and pretty stoked. Will be in section 113. Take care of the asylum tonight and let’s go Bucs!!!

  8. Anyone else see this article? I found it interesting.

    I don’t know if you will be able to link from it. Anyway, the writer basically said that the Pats knew when they drafted Hernandez that he was a very bad seed, yet they did it anyway because he was a good TE. Then, as evidence mounted that he was not a good guy (including a very damning quote from Matt Light), they showered him with a $37 million dollar deal to re-sign. Only after they found out he was going to be charged with murder and all of the gun violations did they “do the right thing.” The jersey buy back was an attempt to make themselves look good.

    • I liked the jersey by back idea.

      • ha ha, “buy” back…

        • I guess that was needed.

          But, you know the 4-letter network will protect their hometeam, and Goodell will also.

          Of course, when some teams have a player do something wrong, that certain network handles it a bit differently.

          This Hernandez stuff, and I don’t just mean the initial killing, is really getting chilling. They seem to be trying to link him to previous murders in Boston, plus some shootings in Gainesville while he was at Florida. Who knows at this point what is true, but this is sad … and also more bizarre by the day.

          • Everyday there’s a new link to this story. Who knows which is connected or not, but this guy is just bad news.

            Chris Rainey was a teammate at Florida too.

          • I posted another link below, about a second “secret” apartment, that police are getting a ton of evidence from.

            Interestingly, one of his accomplices ratted this info out.

            Mr. Hernandez is digging a deeper hole.

    • He was the best TE in the draft, but didn’t go until the 4th round. Every team in the NFL knew he was a bad seed. Somebody was going to gamble on him.

      New England tried to do what Florida did for a few years and “look the other way”. Didn’t work out. Now they’re trying to save face.

  9. and Pedro will need to get hot again to have any chance of being added as a sub/HR Derby participant – which I would love to see…

    • Why do you think that? I think he is in the top 4 in HR’s for the NL. He is part of the tremendous story that is the Pirates and he hits mammoth home runs which is always a crowd pleaser for these type of event. I don’t think he is a lock to do it but I think odds are better that he does then he doesn’t.

  10. While stuck in major traffic on the way home I was listening to a sports talk show (the hosts knows a lot more about hockey than baseball). The host was commenting on DK’s article and basically said that the players haven’t won anything so they don’t get a say in who should go or if there should be no trades.

    He then said that he would look to upgrade right field and get a reliever to help the tired bullpen.

    Now I can see the batting averages and power numbers to know that we could use an upgrade in RF. But why do so many people think this bullpen is tired!?

    I don’t see blown leads. I don’t see a lot of walks. I don’t see them giving up a lot of runs. Those would be signs that they are tired.
    They are not tired now ….and they may never get tired

    • “…knows a lot more about hockey than baseball.”

      You answered your own question.

    • Right. If you add to the BP, who do you get rid of?

      • INGE!!!!!

        Any roster move, at any position, should come at his expense.

        Maybe when Burnett returns, they finally pull the plug on this Jack#$%!!

        I just hope Hurdle finally realizes a great veteran presence , that can’t hit his weight, and comes up empty every time a big Ab is needed, is not what a playoff aspiring team needs.

        I am sure the rest of the guys would quickly get over his departure.

        Bring back Drew Sutton!.

        • Not sure why you feel the need to call him a jack*ss.

          But I do like your overall point.

          Again, IF you determine the bullpen to be tired – as a whole – then it stands to reason that an 8th man could provide more value than the last pinch hitter on the bench. Especially given the quality of said pinch hitter.

          • Good point about no need to call him a name. He seems like a good guy. But, he needs to go.

            My son has begun calling him “Cringe.” As in, dad, Cringe is pinch hitting again.

    • I think you are correct, Thunder. They have more guys, between Indy and Pgh, that are capable arms in their pen. They can handle more innings than most teams, as a result.

      • Great addition to the conversation, Jim.

        Even IF you were to believe that the bullpen is tired, and you could actually name said pitcher(s) is/are tired, why is it assumed that they must go outside the organization to find their replacement?

        Despite the narrative, the Pirates got good performances from three minor league arms last year after September callups in McPherson, Wilson, and Morris.

        Why not try Vic Black, Duke Welker, Jose Contreras, or Stolmy Pimentel?

        • Exactly!! Arms abound in this organization.

        • I think you’re right about our in-house answers should we suddenly need another middle-innings arm. But I personally wouldn’t mind bumping someone down (say, Gomez, into the bullpen) if the right player from another team happened to fall into our lap. Purely hypothetical, but say the Cubs offered us Matt Garza for a few of those AAAA arms we’ve been stockpiling between the parent club and Indy?

          • Barring injuries, the rotation is AJ/Locke/Liriano/Morton/Cole. The bullpen is Grilli/Melancon/Watson/Wilson/Morris/Mazarro/Gomez.

            If we are going to speculate on adding someone, let’s be accurate as to the corresponding moves… Gomez is already ‘in the bullpen’… Reid is about to go back to Indy when AJ is activated.

            The next move, either because Wandy is healthy or if they add an outside arm, means either Morris or Wilson is optioned (because they have options) or you have to DFA Mazarro or Gomez and risk them being claimed…and they will be.

            The other move would be CL, I mean DL…which is always possible.

            • You’re right. I keep forgetting that Morton is, for now, in the rotation. But — and I stress that I’m only talking about if we are offered a top-line pitcher (such as Garza) — I wouldn’t have too much trouble dropping Morton. He is to our pitchers what Tabata is to our outfield. Promises, promises; not much to show for it.

    • I heard that “host,” too. Traffic was horrible all over. I tried to get around it and would just run into a different bottleneck.

  11. Some interesting new being reported by 24/7:

    Pirates going to give Tabata shot to be everyday RF, if that is the case he probably has couple of weeks to make impression before team decides what to do with that position.

    AJ Burnett could pitch this weekend as Sunday is TBA after Liriano and Morton go Fri, Sat. Burnett says he does not feel he needs rehab as he did not injure arm and through 55 pitches Tuesday with no issue. Going to be great to insert him back in there.

    One last chance for Locke to make an impression before All-Star selection, I will say again based on numbers he is an All-Star.

    Go Bucs!

    • Interesting, about Tabata. But I like it. Basically, give him one last, all-out chance to show if he belongs around here or if it’s time to move on. Frightfully close to the trade deadline with this final road test, though.

    • Good strategy re: Tabata. But he MUST stay healthy. Any sign of muscle problems, gotta jettison him. He actually impressed early in the season. This will be a most interesting July.

    • Johnny Ray III,

      Thanks for sharing that info.

      I agree with Casper the Friendly and Love-ly Karen———give Tabata a shot. No one else has taken the position by storm. And 3 weeks should let Bucs know if they need to go out and get a rightfielder at the Trading Deadline.

  12. Won’t post the list tonight, but if you are a new blogger, please drop a line as to where your current location is, preferably a reply to this post.

    Thanks to the lunatic that saw DuBois listed twice, list is fixed.

    Beat Em Bucs

    Go like 60

  13. Hurdle says he’ll give Tabata a chance to win the everyday RF job. He also said he wasn’t “caught up in just numbers…wants to see some fire and passion”.

    Not caught up in just numbers? Somebody might want to remind Clint that his team’s in a pennant race.

    We’ve waited 4 years to see Tabata turn into that stud outfielder that the so-called “experts” claim he projects to be. What’s one more?

    Anyone but Tabata. ANYONE.

    • I wonder if it will be the same kind of an opportunity that Presley and McLouth received, or for that matter, Mercer until CH ran out of patience with Barmes.

      You ask “what’s one more” (year obviously); I will settle for one month. But be alerted, . His fielding MUST show he knows the importance of every play, and his base-running must show he’s been there before.

      Being a solid hitter is an important step however.

      • I think we all had seen quite enough of McLouth part II, if that is what you are referring to…. and I personally think Alex has had enough chances.. but I won’t quibble with those that think he deserved a longer look. I just think Tabby has more talent than any of the RF candidates including Snider…if he can only get it together…. that’s a big IF…and he may not be able to.

        • There was so much congestion in the competition for that spot – none of the three and include Gorkys if you want had received the chance that Snider, and now Tabata again may receive.

          Obviously McLouth had much more in his tank as he is showing in Baltimore. Presley has been a whipping boy. The minute his options are done and he is DFA’d someone or several will claim him.

          • Maybe you were the ONE who wanted McLouth to keep playing, but I seem to remember “torches and pitchforks” on this here blog regarding Nate the Great…. and as to Presley, that’s what roster limits are for… to give young guys like him a chance if his current team doesn’t have room for him… if he flourishes, then great… but I don’t think it would have been for lack of giving him a chance.

    • I think Clint is saying that “even if Tabata’s numbers are decent, if he doesn’t play with fire and go all out then he doesn’t get to play every day”. No issue there. We all know the talent is there, the issue with Tabby is two-fold…injury prone and lack of hustle at times.

      I LOVE this move. No doubt that Snider had a good , long look and didn’t seize the spot…. Gaby really can’t hit RHP well enough and GI Jones isn’t on fire enough to play in RF and have Gaby play first…. so let’s see what Tabata can do.

      If he fails, then the Bucs will HAVE to pickup an everyday rightfielder at the deadline… if he gets hot, then he can keep the every day job… if he is ‘adequate’, then perhaps the Bucs go for a lH platoon partner for Tabby,,,

      lots of options, but I like it

    • I didn’t interpret Clints comment as “show some fire” and we’ll keep you, but more a prod to Tabata that hitting is not enough, you need to play the right way. We won’t let you F Up what we have going here with your attitude. But that’s just me.

  14. Hurdle’s pre-game presser was fantastic. What a tribute he gave to this team.

  15. 35 on the 2-3 pls

  16. Oh goody!!!

    Blass is on the air.

    I will sleep well tonight. ;)

    • Interesting… per Neverett, CH has been talking to Neil about “continuing to hit right handed”….another example of the ‘new’ Clint Hurdle this year… I’m sure he will give Neil a chance to turn it around, but I don’t think he can keep hitting so weakly RH and continue to do it…..

      • I don’t know who he was talking to, but there was a big segment in the pregame radio show by Clint about that. Very interesting. If I get a chance, I’ll expand on that.

  17. I am at the game…and am not engulfed in a sea of red

  18. Let me be the first to say it:

    With that single I think Tabata seems to have finally figured it out

  19. Pedro rips one off the lefty to break his mini hit less string, and than Tabata with a shot thought the right side in first AB back. Is it just me or does Tabata look a little leaner as well?

  20. Hey this guy we have in right field tonight is now batting .280

  21. woot leadoff hits!

  22. bases full of buccos n no outs… lets see how they might possibly screw this up. gotta get atleast 2.

  23. And who says Walker can’t hit from the right side of the plate? Bases juiced time for a crooked number.

  24. Giving Tabata a chance before trading for a bat makes sense.

    • Yea, I get that. But they’ve been giving him chances for 4 years now.

      Maybe he’ll finally figure it out.

  25. wow bases loaded jinx for sure.. wtf :(

  26. UGH!!!

    Bases loaded, nobody out, no runs scored.

    You simply cannot leave runners on.

    Thru 2, Pirates 5 LOB.


  27. do they keep records for LOB (left on base)? 5 so far thru 2.

    • nine last night. This team is so offensively challenged it is wonderful they are winning but can they keep it up blowing chance after chance??

  28. Well have had a few chances with runners on this series and just have not manufactured the big timely hit.

    Would of liked to have broken game open a bit there, good thing Locke is dealing once again.

    • i’m actually encouraged we are getting on base….that’s far superior to striking out 12+ times… and not putting pressure on the other team….. Marte stung the ball but right at the SS…. seems the Pirates have been fortunate on the other side a ton, with our pitchers escaping jams with balls hit into our defense…etc.

  29. Nice feature on the couple who got married at PNC tonight. Lots of friends and family with them..

    Obviously, they had a groupon.

  30. That was an EXCELLENT play by Walker/Martin!!!!

  31. Neil Walker with a GREAT THROW and MVP Russell Martin BLOCKED THE PLATE beautifully…and the Phils are kept scoreless…. Locke thought he may have given up a HR and instead he escapes unharmed!

    • that was so many things all at once… we almost give up a run to their pitcher and instead he gets blocked at the plate and tagged out. I cried, then I laughed.

  32. Martin blocks the plate and the Bucs D shines again!

  33. Unreal, Martin blocks the plate and perfect throw from Walker saves a run and ends the inning. Thought that one was gone. Pitching and defense, pitching and defense.

  34. Holy Crap!!

    Russell Martin continues to make a world of difference behind the plate.

  35. Since Stuart doesn’t want me talking hockey on here…..

    nice play by Walker to throw strike to Martin, who had perfect block at the plate.

    • What do you think of the DoooPwee/Tanger signings?

      • Am I allowed to give my opinion on hockey?


        I’m fine with Letang deal, they’ll have to follow that deal by really getting the younger defenseman significant roles in the next two years. I want to see Bortuzzo, Dumoulin, Pouliot, Maatta, and Harrington get their fair chances by ’14-15 to prepare team for life without Martin and possibly without Orpik.

        As for Dupuis, not a fan of the 4-year deal. The team will now have Kunitz and Dupuis as Crosby’s wingers for the next four years, that doesn’t interest me. Sure Dupuis and Kunitz can slide down to the third line in the 3rd and 4th years but what are they getting at that point if they weren’t good enough to stick with Sid?

        Pens don’t have much cap space for this year to do much for the third and fourth lines, nor should they. They are making a big mistake resigning Cooke (3rd line LW) and Adams (4th line RW) but the problem is, team has no one in the minors ready for their jobs.

        The lack of talent at the AHL level is like the Pirates 5 years ago.

  36. That is the second perfect throw in as many days for Walker. :)

  37. Good thing Meals was behind the plate last night instead.

  38. He better check with Meals – Lannan might have been safe according to Meals way of umpiring

  39. Who was the guy on here earlier this week that was complaining about the crappy throws from the outfield…all over baseball

  40. Phillies announcers very complimentary of the Walker/Martin play. “Martin not afraid of some pitcher coming in at him.”

  41. yay another baserunner!

  42. Yep keep giving yourself the opportunity eventually you will cash in. They have Lannan pretty well measured up, should get few more shots.

  43. Full house tonight… Pittsburgh is ‘doing its part’… since DK’s article, 5 crowds 31K+, 3 sellouts.

    • DK —- the Pulse of Pittsburgh Sports. :)

      (and Groupons)

    • Certainly looks electric, can’t wait to be out there next Sat / Sun for Mets series, just a majestic place.

      Easy team to get behind in my opinion just the way they play and battle.

  44. Martin way way too eager vs. Lannan… he wasn’t going to give him a fastball… need to show more patience… especially if sac fly gets a run….

    • Better approach was needed, surprising that Lannan isn’t known as a strike out pitcher but certainly has racked up a few of them when he has needed them.

      • Phillies announcer says Lannan has “nothing” tonight but pitching like Houdini.

        • His escapability is definitely Houdini like tonight, it seems the hitters aren’t being overwhelmed and are pretty zeroed in. Lannan however is making pitches when he has to.

  45. 6 LOB in the first three innings.

    • Not good

      But getting chances, just need to cash one or two or three in

    • This is the type of pitcher that gives the Bucs fits…. lots of offspeed, junk in hitters counts…. if they can just be patient…stop lunging… Martin too eager and Pedro watched a HR ball go by on the first pitch..then got nothing he could drive the rest of the atbat

    • I think its 7 LOb. Cutch and Gaby were on in the 3rd.

      Just cant leaves ducks on the Pond like that. Just cant.

  46. It’s either ice cold or red hot with Pedro. No middle ground.

  47. Just a flare… a bloop… if only the Buccos can get one of those… not every hit has to be a HR gentlemen….

  48. Some teams get hits with runners on base. This is unbelievable but a familiar story with the Bucs.

  49. There is something missing from Locke’s game tonight – oh yeah I know what it is; it’s the 5 runs we should have scored for him

  50. a well placed curve K’s him,, but do they have the guts to do it.

  51. Locke is very, very good. His location is exceptional. Phils scratch a run by going the other way, not trying to do too much with each swing…. Pirates should do the same…. trying to hard for HRs.

    • This sounds similar to the exchange I had with Ryan (Nor-Cal ) this afternoon. Hit the ball where it is pitched. Pull in the hands when required and go the other way.
      You can’t presume the pitcher will hit your bat where you decide to swing – the objective is “to hit the ball where it is pitched” – IF IT’S A GOOD PITCH

      • yes, I agree that ‘good things happen’ when you think oppo field. Revere’s hit was actually a bit lucky, he swung way late and ‘inside-outed’ it to LF. But the other guys definitely just want the other way for singles….

  52. And Martin comes up with the big hit as Bucs finally break through on his 31st RBI of year…three straight hits and tied up.

  53. Bucs deliver this time. Martin RBI and it’s 1-1

  54. PEDRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. ice cold or red hot…..EL TORO!!!!

  56. Pedro says GOOD BYE – 3 run HR #21 and Bucs put up a four spot and finally get to Lannan!

  57. Pedro 3 run bomb to center!

    4-1 !!!!!

  58. This team…. they are going to do it.

    I mean, just watch this game… then this… this inning, those hits, and that HR.

  59. That Mr Nor Cal is exactly what I meant about Walker. Did you see how easy?

  60. Six hit inning, 11 total was only a matter of time. Glad to see Locke given the lead to work with here.

  61. As someone said earlier, Pedro “is what he is”…. says here he is a damn good third baseman, a HR machine, and a 2013 All Star.

    He will strike out, he will slump, and he will drive runs in in bunches. He has ‘game-changing power’

  62. much much better than the first 4 innings :D

  63. What about Delmon Young as a RF candidate if we go that way at the deadline? I think he’s had his moments where he’s been a butt-head, but he seems like he can hit a little bit…..

  64. Tonight on national TV and local TV and in this revered place, much talk about the Pirate BP holding up for the long haul.

    So here then is the rock and a hard place; if CH won’t let a starter go past 6+ innings or 105 pitches, how is that protecting the bullpen?

    • Last time out, Locke went 7 and 104 pitches. If your comment is about tonight, Locke wasn’t his ‘super sharp’ self… and this is the right move to remove him here.

      • cmat you just said a few entries ago how sharp Locke was

        • my comment wasn’t about tonight, it is in general. you saying that you didn’t notice tonight that locke wasn’t as ‘on’ as he usually is?

          • I was merely commenting on your entries. You may want to further explain – or just drop it.
            He wasn’t sharp he had no swing and a miss pitch and obviously was not who we saw many times before

  65. So nice to see a pitcher that doesn’t throw more than 92 MPH go inside so consistently…. I remember when Hurdle first got here and he told Pauly Maholm that ‘the book on you is you never pitch inside’…. too bad Paul figured it out after he left town…. why more ML pitchers don’t take back the inside part of the plate I’ll never know…..

    • I saw a theory lately that because in college they use aluminum bats they can turn on an inside pitch and drive it when they couldn’t with a wooden bat. So, many are gunshy. Not advocating it, just reporting. I also remember Snell saying it was rude to pitch inside. :-)

  66. Clint with a quick hook tonight.

  67. Geez he just made the point! 6+ innings and near 100 pitches, so the rest is on the BP

    • u dont think Locke wasnt as sharp as he usually is and was laboring some here? You think this is all about magical pitch count?

  68. That stinks… really wanted Locke to get through 6…

  69. What the hell was Tabata doing on that play??

  70. Oh No. error on Jordy

  71. That one hurts, routine ground ball booted costs a run…Mercer has to field that ball.

  72. Gomez warming up, I think that means AJ goes Sunday.

  73. Need to get out of this inning. NOW!

  74. Utley is taking like half swings it seems like ,just to stay alive.

  75. Nice K to end the inning

  76. Barmes starts tomorrow

  77. Huge K by Wilson who had to work a lot harder than he should have to ge that one out. Offense is going to need to add on and get to Phils pen.

  78. Cutch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Cutch with his first triple of year, and now 4-6 in this series and now hitting an even .300.

  80. …and Cutch is hitting .300.

  81. 2013 Cutch, meet right center field. right center, meet cutch. Pretty, pretty, pretty when Cutch goes the other way with authority.

  82. There’s the all-star….

  83. Martin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Martin hits Cutch in…sweet

  85. Russell Martin has to be the most clutch .250 hitter you will find, always seems to get the big hit in key situations or when a turn in momentum is needed.

  86. I can tell you, I love that swinging 3-0 in this situation. And it worked

  87. Pedro has them running scared.

  88. Wild pitches for a run work too. :)

  89. Ha! Their catcher looks jacked LOL

  90. Jones did it last night and now Gaby – and that is lobbing a lollipop to the pitcher.

    What happened to the quick dart throw lead ?

    • that was an outstanding play by Gaby to pick the ball, had to get rid of it quick, and pretty tough to judge the throw to the moving target there…. nice play.

  91. Yes! Nice K!

    • Just another of the many unsung heroes of this team…Jeanmar Gomez. He has done it starting, relieving whatever is asked of him and he performs well in that role.

  92. nice inning by gomez… now back in the pen, he gives us another guy who can go multiple innings and has good stuff. he can really keep the ball down, paint the corners…

    • have to say it, but the bucs pitching staff has come a long way… i like karstens as a person and he gives maximum effort, but his stuff is like 15th-20th on the staff. If our staff can go out and get people like gomez, we need not beef when they nontender someone like jeffy jeff.

  93. A lot of K’s on horrible pitches tonight

  94. wow, is that steve carlton on the mound now for the phils? has good breaking stuff and can hit 96 with the fastball. Nasty.

  95. Out of town:

    Reds 2, Giants 2, top of 7th
    Cards at Angels, 10:05

  96. PRNW is pretty dam good

  97. ho hum, melancon.

  98. Seriously, given their record, the Bucs should get multiple allstar slots….

    1.. Grilli (lock)
    2. Cutch (lock)
    3. Pedro
    4. Melancon

    And outside chance, Martin. At least IMHO.

    • Locke and Marte could easily be given consideration as well. Marte is 2nd in all of baseball in triples, 16th in runs, 5th in stolen bases. Locke 8-1 2.12 ERA, 1.11 WHIP and 12 of 17 starts allowing 2 runs or less.

    • I think 2 for sure, maybe 3. Cutch and Grilli for sure. Maybe Locke or Melancon. Could make the argument that they both deserve it. But both won’t get the nod.

      No way Pedro goes batting .240 – .245, but he should. Only David Wright is better.

      Molina and Posey are locks at C. Lucroy will get some attention there too. Would love to see Martin go, but won’t happen.

  99. uh oh…..

  100. Well now, that is not good!
    Dont want Burnt Cheese!

  101. Behind 13 hits including El Toro’s 21st blast of the year, and another decent Jeff Locke start to improve his record to 8-1 which was closed out for the 28th time by Jason Grilli the Bucs sink the Phils 6-5 to take the middle game of the set and there was nooooooo doubt about it.

    With the win, the Pirates return to 21 games above .500 at 52-31, are 29-14 at PNC and are 4-2 against the Phillies ensuring a season series win over their in-state rivals.

    The Pirates will look to take their fourth consecutive series and 17th of the year tomorrow afternoon when 4-0 Gerrit Cole takes the mound.

    Let’s Go Bucs.

  102. ….fear the Bones….

  103. RAISE THAT JOLLY HIPPO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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