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Penguins bring back Scuderi … and chase out who?

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

The Penguins have brought back beloved defenseman Rob Scuderi — and beloved might be understating it — through free agency on a four-year, $13.5 million deal.

Here’s the Trib’s news coverage, by Rob Rossi.

Here’s Scuderi’s official page on

I’ll encourage your thoughts on what surely will be their top signing of the offseason in the comments below, but I’ll start off with a couple of my own …

>> Scuderi’s worth the money, even at age 34. The guy’s really, really good at what he does, so defensively sound and consistent, and that became even clearer after he left and helped the Kings to a Stanley Cup in the same way he helped the Penguins to theirs in 2009. He didn’t call himself — playfully — “The Piece” for nothing.

>> His style is built on steadiness and smarts, and those tend to last longer in the NHL than, say, speed or offensive skill. No questioning the value and, further, no questioning the affordability considering the Ray Shero mostly wrapped up the other players he felt he needed to keep.

>> The obvious placement for Scuderi is alongside Kris Letang, thus keeping Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik together. I’m fine with that, too, in isolation.

>> But team sports don’t operate in isolation, and Simon Despres again is left out of the top four, even after Shero and Dan Bylsma pronounced his belonging there next season. Todd Reirden can get creative, or Despres can find extra usage on the power play or through penalty-killing. Bottom line: Kid needs to play.

>> All of that goes just the same for blocking the likes of Olli Maatta, Brian Dumoulin, Derrick Pouliot and all the other defense prospects. Just can’t happen. Team needs to get younger.

>> Here’s guessing you’ve seen the last of Matt Niskanen, now officially trade bait.

>> Anyone know that Hal Gill just cleared waivers, too?

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. Kevin says:

    PIECE is back. Yes, I was one of those that lamented his departure 4 years ago. He’s worth the money for a year or two but four? It seems to me we are preparing for the departure of Orpik next summer. Maybe top 4 in 2014 will be Letang, Scuderi, Martin, and Depres?

    Oh.. and Gil’s old.

  2. JP says:

    Colby Armstrong and Ryan Whitney are available too, if the Pens are intent on putting together the 2008 team.

  3. Kraig K says:

    Great signing and agree on Niskanen.

  4. Jason says:

    Already some rumors on Pens blogs that Niskanen could be headed back to Dallas for Benn. Doesn’t seem right that it’d be straight-up, but rumors are circulating.

  5. Clint says:

    Team is all in on winning, which with 87 and 71 in prime, you have to. Scuderi makes MAF better, and can teach guys like Bortuzzo some tactics. Gives young guys some time to fully develop as well

  6. Sean says:

    It’s great for the current team and the younger guys can learn from him. Plus in the case of injury, depth at d always helps.

  7. Merrick says:

    I agree that it is a good signing although I am hesitant about the length. Four years will make him 38. Seem to be spending on players who will be old very quick. Dupuis, Kunitz, scuderi. That being said, he definitely upgrades the defense. Despres NEEDS to play now

  8. danno says:

    I’d rather have Despres over Scuds at this point. Plus, he didn’t have a great year last year and there is a good chance he keeps getting worse as he ages. In 2016-2017 Pens will have 37 year olds Kunitz, Dupuis, and Scuderi. Seems like Shero is acting like his job is on the line next year.

  9. @SteelersNasty says:

    All those early picks on D and they keep hindering their development, Irritating to say the least.

  10. Eric Bowser says:

    I am a Rob Scuderi fan, he’s a good defensive defenseman. He’s “The Piece’ for crying out loud but Ray Shero just a few weeks ago said the Penguins needed to get younger… so after re-signing Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis plus 8-years of Letang… where exactly is this team getting younger? Are they really going to pay Scuderi to play on the third pairing? Absolutely not. He’s going to play with Letang in hopes of settling him down and hopefully eliminating those wild inconsistent stretches he’s had come playoff time.

    Are they really thinking a Despres-Bortuzzo third pairing is good for either player’s development? What does this deal mean for Niskanen or Orpik, both of whom as UFA’s next summer. Or Martin ’15 summer as UFA.

    The Penguins still need a third line and a fourth line winger but under $1 million in cap space… so goodbye Matt Niskanen. Frankly, $1.1 million for Tanner Glass on the 4th line is too much.

    Not a fan of Scuderi getting 4 years or pushing Despres down to the third pairing. This also has to signal the end of any chance Martin signs an extension next summer as he’s an UFA in summer of 2015.

    In case you missed it earlier, older players are not productive or wise healthy investments…

    Players 19-29 last season
    Median ‘Goal versus Salary value’ was 1.0196
    Median ‘Adjusted Corsi value’ was 0.725
    Average Games Injured was 3.617

    Players 21-25 last season
    Median ‘Goal versus Salary value’ was 1.308
    Median ‘Adjusted Coris value’ was 1.58

    Players 30-43 last season
    Median ‘Goal versus Salary value’ was -.022
    Median ‘Adjusted Corsi value’ was -0.505
    Average Games Injured was 5.694

    Players 30-35 last season
    Median ‘Goal versus Salary value’ was -0.004
    Median ‘Adjusted Corsi value’ was -.58

  11. TJ says:

    Wow; never saw this coming. Didn’t Shero say he wanted to get younger?

  12. @SteelersNasty says:

    They need to let Engo go, too.

  13. Greg says:

    It looks like this will be Orpik’s last year with the Pens. I just don’t see any room after this coming season, even if he takes a huge pay cut. Also, I’m wondering if the Pens try to get a bottom 6 forward/pk man in a possible Niskanen or Engelland deal or a draft pick.

  14. If Scuderi’s influence can improve Kris Letang’s various mental errors at all, and I expect he can, it’s a great signing. GMs are clearly expecting the salary cap to skyrocket over the next few seasons, too, so the salary doesn’t bother me over the term.

    While I agree with the desire to see youth play a more prominent role on the defense, the way I look at things like this is with one question: Does giving a young guy more minutes help the Penguins win a Stanley Cup right now? Typically, it doesn’t. While I love Simon Despres as a prospect, Rob Scuderi gives them better odds to win now, and that’s what Ray Shero is trying to do. In that sense, I can’t fault him (and Bylsma) for going with veterans when the chips are down. I’m also of the Red Wings’ belief that you can’t leave a player in the minors for too long, but you can bring them up too early, particularly with defensemen. If the team keeps relying on veterans, guys like Harrington and Dumoulin aren’t going to get worse when they ARE finally called upon.

    That said, Matt Niskanen is on the block and Brooks Orpik’s contract expires next year. Space can be made for younger guys when the time comes.

  15. Kevin says:

    Since we need the forward help too, maybe they can convince Letang to play on Malkin’s wing. That way we can still have top 4 D as Martin, Orpik, Scuderi, Despres. I am being silly of course but what the hey.

  16. john in indy says:

    Solid signing, Not flashy, but willing to play solid D and do some dirty work. Will eat minutes and take some load of 44/7 pairing. Pens are not getting younger, though, as anticipated.

    One a side note, when you see GM’s throwing large $ and huge term length at slightly better than average players, it makes you appreciate pens management even more. I think some of these GM’s get together and smoke a lot of hippie lettuce before the free agent period every year.

  17. Michael says:

    If only Hal Gill was 5 years younger…

  18. @SteelersNasty says:

    I said they should move Letang to F the minute they extended him!

  19. Sara says:

    I LOVE Scuderi and was seriously upset to see him leave so I’m glad he’s back. He’s older, but he still plays so well. I’m with you on Desperes though. That kid NEEDS ice time – he’s talented but inconsistent, which would change to consistency if he got to play more. I definitely think Niskanen is gone, and could we be seeing Orpik out next year too? They need to make room for at least Pouliot.

  20. @SteelersNasty says:

    Great post Bowser!

  21. DemonDachshund says:

    Maybe Shero has something lined up to deal some of those young defensive prospects for young forward prospects. I would hope so, or I agree that this is kind of a head scratcher.

  22. TJ says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Armstrong return; would be a nice fit on the 3rd line

  23. Eric Bowser says:

    They say a lot of things… including Bylsma.

    Like I said, I really like Scuderi but that ship sailed and now this makes me wonder what the plan is by Shero. All those younger defensemen in the next year to three years.

  24. Eric Bowser says:


    I could see Despres traded, maybe even a younger D prospect to get a top young prospect at forward. THey need to develop a young forward in the NHL that can score with Sutter and Jokinen on the third line. That way, if Kunitz & Dupuis start to age quickly or Bennett doesn’t pan out (which I don’t expect), then they have someone.

  25. Milton says:

    Hal Gill available?
    Was that just a quip or is the man who in one sentence says we have to get younger really advocating for Gill in the next?

    If course, we could try to split that last $1.3M between Gill and BillyG to see if we can get the ol’ gang back together…

    But Scuds is a solid move; ironic we gave him the same deal now that we couldn’t give him before – I believe he never wanted to leave

  26. TJ says:

    Anyone that thinks the Pens over paid for Letang needs to take a look at the money being thrown around today. Horton getting 37mil, Clarkson getting close to 6mil per for 7 years. Ridiculous contracts.

  27. DJ says:

    Nisky is gone and doubt they bring Orpik back after next year. I would hate to see them trade Depres.

  28. TJ says:

    I like the move as well Eric; perhaps Shero was referring to himself when he talked about getting younger!!

  29. Aron Minkoff says:

    Scuderi is great, don’t get me wrong one of my favorite former Penguins, but I’m just not sold that he is any better than some of the other cheaper options. What happened to using Despres as a top 4 defender? Scuds is terrific and will fit in very well, but what does this mean for Matt Cooke and Craig Adams. I feel that the penguins need bth Adams and Cooke to contend, or at least bring Asham back to offset the two of them leaving. I feel that Ray Shero and Dan Bylsma better have this team at least reach the finals at least once in the next two years to save their jobs. I love Ray Shero, my favorite GM, but his lack of changing anything is alarming.

  30. Dan1283 says:

    This won’t be a popular viewpoint, but I say the guy to trade isn’t Niskanen or Orpik. I think it’s still Paul Martin. Look, you ever get that feeling when you KNOW a guy just had his career year? It’s the feeling we all had after last year when Michael McKenry’s magic carpet ride ended and we knew there was no way that would repeat in 2013. Paul Martin is a great guy and teammate. But they can trade him and free up twice the cap space they’d clear up by trading Niskanen, who I think simply had a down year after a goofy offseason. it happens. But the Penguins believe in him or they wouldn’t have given him that contract in the first place. He’s still young and still a guy who I think can develop into a force on the second power play and step up if Letang goes down.

    Martin to me is a guy who gave us a great season, but I don’t see him building on it. I also think his defensive prowess was overrated this year. But Martin could fetch back a decent third or fourth liner (or $ for Matt Cooke) as well as his cap room, while i don’t see Niskanen fetching much of anything. Give me Scuderi, Niskanen, and the return for Martin on top of the extra cap room, and ill take that over Scuderi, Martin, and Niskanen’s return of a 6th round pick.

    Remember, this team needs to get younger, cheaper, and at least not send young guys packing to retain old guys. Niskanen may still have a heck of a future. He’s worth another chance.

  31. Kevin says:

    I don’t like those stats to apply to defensemen though. D production is better measured by +/-.

  32. TJ says:

    Dan I actually agree with you. I’d rather see the Pens trade Martin while his value is highest. Last year he wasn’t going to bring nearly as much as he probably could now.

  33. Jon says:

    To get Benn, we would have to send Neal back…not Niskanen.

  34. Kevin says:

    You just needed to complete your sentence Eric and I’d agree totally…

    All those younger defensemen in the next year to three years… to fill in the holes left by departing defensemen Niskanen, Orpik, and Martin?

  35. Kris says:

    Sid could throw a party for Army’s return and have a legitimate reason to actually USE his new house. :P

  36. Eric Bowser says:

    stats above are for all skaters…

    +/- isn’t a good stat to rely, so I like using Corsi and other stats to measure a defensemen.

  37. Bizrow says:

    Over 201 million spent on FA so far, thats more than last year

    And the cap is going down, go figure

  38. Jefferson St. Joe says:

    There’s a chance Orpik is the one who they see as expendable and/or moving to the 3rd pairing.

  39. Scott says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to that, given Martin’s salary. As soon as the Scuderi signing was announced, my first thought was actually that Orpik would be traded. I think either Orpik or Martin could fetch a young, cheap, up and coming forward, which is exactly what the team needs. I’m fine with Niskanen/Bortuzzo/Engelland filling out the last D pair if it means freeing up cap space and getting younger up front.

  40. Dan1283 says:

    Thanks. And you brought up another good point. I’m curious what Dejan’s thoughts on this might be.

  41. Kevin says:

    oh ok I did a little homework… so Corsi # is to measure team possession while that player is on the ice. I guess that makes sense.

  42. TJ says:

    If its Orpik or Martin I see it being Martin for two reasons. First that Despres is more of a Martin like d-man and secondly Orpik is up for FA after the year. So by dealing Martin you could open up a spot for Despres and keeping Orpik you could resign him or let him walk and lower your cap even more. Martin and Orpik off the books would kill close to 9mil.

  43. Clint says:

    Defensemen are like pitchers in baseball… you can always trade it for hitting, and in hockey, you can trade for offense. This got the Pens Kunitz, Neal, and Morrow before. Rather have the depth as a commodity then a fully bare system

  44. hockeymonster says:

    Probably meant jordy benn…younger bro of jamie

  45. hockeymonster says:

    Mason Raymond is hopefully the target now…good replacement for cooke. With macarthur getting 3.75 per i’m hoping we trying to land Raymond for 4 years/10M.

  46. hockeymonster says:

    Oh so NOW we all wanna trade PM…

  47. hockeymonster says:

    Dejan will think you need committed for suggesting such a thing :)

  48. TJ says:

    Now? Someone has to go. Shero has stated he wanted to get younger; you want to trade 26 year old Niskanen or someone like Despres to make room for Scuderi?

    Come opening night you’ll have Martin at 32, Orpik at 33, and Scuderi at 34 to go with Letang as your top 4 d-men.

  49. Pens need youth, not re-treads says:

    Instead if getting younger, faster, and cheaper, the Pens WASTE 13.5 million on a 4 year deal to a 34 year-old who cannot skate, is not physical, and will be pushing 40 at the end of the deal. The only physical defenseman on the team, Orpik, will be a UFA next summer. I guess Despres will be the 7th defenseman…..STUPID!!!!!

  50. Pens66 says:

    Didn’t like the term and $ at first. Then I was reminded of the Streit deal….

  51. hockeymonster says:

    Ummm TJ…your preaching to the choir. I’ve been calling for that move since the middle of 11-12 season.

  52. Garrett Emch says:

    The Pens have no money for third- and fourth-line wingers.

  53. hockeymonster says:

    For what its worth I heard we shopped Martin pretty aggressively at the draft without much luck…not sure what we were asking for but maybe after a few days of free agency a deal can be made.

  54. Kevin says:

    A first round pick and a young forward prospect woulda been nice.

  55. hockeymonster says:

    I’ll take a 2nd and a 4th just to get the cap space. As far as getting younger goes now would be a great time to try to get polak and stewart out of stl. They got a bunch of high priced RFA’s and doubt they can sign them all. PM and nisky are from MN who just bout out Gilbert so maybe shero can place them there and free up the cap space to sign stewart and take on polaks 2.75 hit. Then if Bennett plays on 3rd line that’s only a plus for our depth.

  56. TJ says:

    have a hard time believing that when you look at what Streit got from Philly salary wise and Philly gave up just as much for a guy thats older than Martin. I would suspect the Pens will make their move once the FA shuffle finishes.

  57. hockeymonster says:

    Oops…bought out gilbert

  58. Jon says:

    They just signed Jordy to a 3 year extension, I believe.

  59. Dan1283 says:

    Exactly my feelings, TJ. Well said.

  60. TJ says:

    Pens evidently have interest in Detroit FA Dan Cleary; enough interest that the Pens had Crosby reach out and call Cleary. Sid has failed in talking players in coming to Pittsburgh before so we shall see but if Shero is looking to add more payroll he’s going to have to clear someone.

  61. Eric Bowser says:

    If Cleary is coming in as a third line winger, sure… but if he comes here, he’s probably going to want to play on second line with Malkin and Neal, which means Bennett would be pushed down to the third line with Sutter and Jokinen.

    If that happens (Bennett to 3rd line), this franchise is making a big mistake.

  62. chethejet says:

    Scuderi gives them what Martin can do defensively. Martin has value and clears cap room. Plus Orpik is gone after this year and the other young defense men Like Harrington will have a full year in WB. Letang with Scuderi gives them a top pairing and after that it is mix and match. The Pens need to keep Nisky as a RH shot and limit his minutes. He is pretty good at 16 or so but not 22 to 24. Also Nisky did have some injuries as well so hopefully he can rebound. Either Orpik or Martin have to go to allow cap room.

  63. Eric Bowser says:

    Wow… Brenden Morrow had a split knee cap during playoffs.. reported by ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun.

  64. Luiz Mello says:

    Agreed on Desprès, but the other D prospects shouldn’t be rushed. Scuderi’s experience helps the team now, by adding a much needed shutdown presence and mentoring to the young guys.

  65. hockeymonster says:

    I assure you clearly has no intentions of playing in the top 6. He’s intriguing but another mid 30’s guy and he was making 2.8M. Don’t think we can pay him 2.5-3M to play bottom six minutes. If we get in that range I’d rather bring in a younger player like mason raymond. How bout kickin the tires on Steve Sullivan? Maybe a decent replacement for kennedy on the cheap and big help on the PP.

  66. TJ says:

    Whats interesting about Morrow is that he along with Iginla and Murray who were the guys that were brought in to win the cup have not been signed. None of them. Not even Cooke; Adams evidently drawing interest from Vancouver and Iginla from Boston. But if you look at the ages of the guys still out there it shows you the NHL is changing its approach on players.

    Anyone happen to know; can the 2 buy outs that each team gets be used at any time during the current CBA or is this the final year for that option?

  67. Jandy says:

    Woah! I wasn’t aware of that, Eric.

  68. Jandy says:

    Wisdom! I love bringing back The Piece. Great move by Shero.

  69. TJ says:

    PG is reporting that Martin also played with a serious ankle injury; which about kills any possibility of trading him during the off season. Bye Bye Niskanen

  70. Eric Bowser says:

    NOT a fan…. Craig Adams signs 2-year deal for $700,000 per season with Pens.

    So much for change or youth….

  71. Eric Bowser says:

    I would have preferred a quicker player on the 4th line that would have brought a little more aggressive puck pressure on the PK than what Adams provides while short-handed and no doubt, wanted more skill too.

    Penguins can’t possibly be going into season with Jeffrey as the third line left-wing with Sutter and Jokinen? I’d be surprised after the last week of moves by Shero to rely on an unknown.

  72. Eric Bowser says:

    Today, Ray Shero is saying he has signed and kept the right players, so it is up to Dan Bylsma to win with these guys. I’m not sure that’s the best way to put a team together after four years of epic losses under Bylsma.

    Not a fan of this offseason.

  73. Scott says:

    Free agency is all of 15 hours old. Let’s see who they trade to get under the cap (an aging player?), and who comes back in return (a promising young forward?) before we decide whether it was a good offseason.

  74. Eric Bowser says:

    For those of you wondering what the team looks like at this moment

    1st: Kunitz – Crosby – Dupuis
    2nd: Bennett – Malkin – Neal
    3rd: Jeffrey (RFA) – Sutter – Jokinen
    4th: Glass – Vitale – Adams
    Extra: MacIntyre

    DP1: Orpik – Martin
    DP2: Scuderi – Letang
    DP3: Despres – Niskanen
    Extra: Engelland – Bortuzzo (RFA)


    Current cap space: $676,667 (still have to sign Bortuzzo/Jeffrey)

  75. Eric Bowser says:

    Maybe they’ll deal Niskanen+Jeffrey for a young winger to play on 3rd line but I’m not hopeful.

  76. Luiz Mello says:

    I also wonder if the Penguins wish to have minutes more evenly split among the 3 D pairings. If so, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

  77. Eric Bowser says:

    Pens need major help in AHL, so they’ve signed following players 2-way deals.

    Bobby Farnham, Nick Drazenovic, Chris Conner, and Andrew Ebbett.

  78. Eric Bowser says:

    Jarome Iginla goes to Boston

    Matt Cooke signs 3-year deal with Minnesota Wild.

  79. tim says:

    Great, a 30 something year old Dman picked up on an already long in the tooth team. I guess Shero is now following the Colbert philosophy. Let’s bring back anybody who was once here and had any modicome of success. Oh yeah, and I do seem to remember the D letting the team down in the series against the Bs. Let’s see, score two goals in four games with the so called 2 best in the game players. Now, how do we fix that? Oh yea, let’s go spend our last wad on a once servicable, not great, but servicable D man on the backside of his career. I guess I’m the only person not drinking the Shero is the greatest GM in the history of hockey kool aid and see his history as what it is: Some decent moves, some not so, and a failure to fix what obviously needs to be fixed. Coaching, grit, go to the net and risk bodily harm to get a chance or block a shot and risk a fractured leg to win when it counts mentality. Oh well, see ya next year in another loss of a series to a lower seed in the playoffs after lighting it up in the regular season. Off to watch the Buccos annual mid summer collapse.

  80. Eric Bowser says:

    Cooke got 3-yrs $7.5 million (2.5 per)

    Iginla…. 1-yr $6 million – wow that’s a lot of money.

  81. TK39 says:

    I dont think the deadline acquisitions were expected to be retained. There’s just no money for it with the raises to Dupuis, the addition of scuderi and I believe Sid’s cap number goes up next season. Would you really have wanted to keep any of them anyway? Bylsma refuses to use Iginla effectively, Murray doesnt have the speed (I’d rather have Scuds anyway, though I’d prefer to see Bortuzzo get a shot) and Morrow just wasnt worth the money he’ll likely get. He’s also aging and injury prone. This team needs to get younger.

  82. TK39 says:

    I dont think I’d trade Martin anyway.

  83. DJ says:

    On the buy-outs, this year and next I believe, split however the team desires.

  84. TJ says:

    Thats not a guaranteed 6mil. I think only 1.5 is guaranteed with the rest in performance bonuses.

    Wild traded Setoguchi to Winnipeg for a 2nd round pick.

  85. DJ says:

    . . . I think you need a little more Kool-Aid, Tim.

  86. Eric Bowser says:

    Yeah, just saw a few minutes ago that Iginla’s deal isn’t guaranteed, more bonuses.

  87. T.S. says:

    Good luck Jarome Iginla. It’s too friggin’ bad Miserbylsma didn’t know how to use a talented RW.

  88. Dave G says:

    THRILLED to see Scuderi back.

    Would be an outstanding complement to Letang. If paired together, it would change Letang’s dynamics immensely, in a positive manner.

  89. T.S. says:

    Letang is also more easily tradeable being signed versus being a free agent. And something tells me Depres is going to be better than Kris. Hope they don’t trade him.

  90. T.S. says:

    Engelland and Glass have no business being in the NHL. One dimensional players. Aka, enforcers.

  91. Jim S. says:

    I am thrilled Scuderi is back also. But, aren’t we supposed to be out of cap money? What did they do, pull up the couch cushions at Mario’s house and find some more dough? I like it.

  92. Dave G says:

    With Scuderi backing him on the ice, you can officially turn Letang loose.

  93. T.S. says:

    I bet Shero asked J Iginla if he wanted to come back for another year. Iginla then shook his hand, squeezed a little extra, and said, “Thanks Ray, but not as long as Dan is here.”

  94. DJ says:

    While guys are coming and going and we’re busy rounding out our roster, I would like to put in my request that we get rid of Tanner Glass. I know it is not a lot of money but I saw very little from him this past year . . . and very little may be giving him too much credit.

  95. TJ says:

    Didn’t Connor play for them in the past?

  96. Gary says:

    I read once that Ray Shero really likes TJ Oshie of the Blues. Said he could see him in a Pens uniform in the future. Wonder what it would take to get him or David Perron? I’m not familiar with their current salaries or cap hits. Just throwin’ that out there.

  97. DJ says:

    I guess we could all grumble about management paying minimal lip service to the goal of getting younger, but after seeing a lot of the signings today, one thing is perfectly clear:

    For their production — whether considered in relation to their ages or not — Dupuis and Kunitz were outright bargains.

  98. JLD says:

    What about the Steelers, they doomed also?

  99. Rick says:

    I agree. The difference between the play of PM & Niski is not as great as as the difference in return you would get between the two.
    Trading PM=$5M cap relief + usable NHL bottom 6 fwd. Niski=$2M cap relief + draft pick.

  100. Tim says:

    Get younger? People on this site would be whining about trading for a veteran body come the trade deadline next year. Scuderi is an awesome signing. The absolute right signing. If you are worried about signing Martin and what this means to Orpik, then you just don’t get Ray Shero. This makes their investment on Letang so much better. Scuderi is there to help with his growth, not just the guys in WB. I don’t know what the boner is with getting younger. They didn’t lose because they weren’t young enough. My god the most important stars on their team are still kids.

  101. WVStarship says:

    Of the 3 pro teams in Pittsburgh the Steelers are the most doomed, I’m afraid.

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