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  1. Maybe Gregg Ritchie wasn’t the problem?

  2. Dejan numerous reports or rumors I should say. Telling everyone what the Pirates are gonna do at the trade deadline. Do you still stand by you earlier column? Believing they shouldn’t do anything. Or do you see some tweekin that needs to be done? Who would be on your radar if it does?

  3. Tabata right now is playing as he did 3 years ago, when we all fell in love w/ him. I say keep him in the lineup until he reverts (or gets hurt again). Maybe (just maybe) he will actually become what we’d originally anticipated. If so, right field is no longer a problem.
    What we do need, right now, are quality upgrades off the bench, to supplant Inge, the Fort, and Snider (and possibly Gabby), and I think appropriate players are available at reasonable cost on the market (Ibanez would be a nice left handed bat off the bench, for example) or in the farm (give Lambo a shot: for him, it’s now or never; and/or T Sanchez; maybe even someone like de Jesus). Make those small but solid moves, and don’t sell the farm…

  4. Any comment on another Pirates Charities event on another day off?

  5. Well, everything is fine as long as the starters are hitting and scoring runs, but when they’re not, and you need someone off the bench to deliver a hit or a sacrifice fly, we don’t have a good pinch hitter. We need to bolster our bench, even if it is a player from Altoona or Indy. They have got to be better than what we have right now. GO, BUCS!!!

  6. I’m still a fan of Tabata but 24 at bats is just too small of a sample size for me to think he is the solution to our problems in RF. I hope he keeps it up though

  7. “Yeah, he’s done some dumb things on Twitter but who among us hasn’t?”

    Well since I have a grand total of zero tweets on Twitter, I think I qualify for the hasn’t category.

  8. -Loved the window washer comment, although I’m not sure the poster would have this much confidence in Jeanmar if he was an Indians fan. Also think Charlie would be better out of the pen where his control issues and lefty splits would be more protected than in the rotation. Not sure I’ve ever heard an explanation of what would make him a poor reliever.

    -I think Dejan’s closest “national” comparison has to be Keith Law. Both guys are terribly smart, well spoken, and sometimes abrasive. And they both hate the Pirates :) .

    • I always thought that it was his control issues that would make him a poor reliever.

      • Isn’t that one of the main reasons guys are turned into relievers?

        Think about Justin Wilson.

        A reliever may average 5 BB/9, but there’s less of a chance that hurts him since he’s usually only pitching one inning at a time.

        A starter could never be successful with that kind of control.

        • I don’t like how it seems that Charlie doesn;t have an idea where his pitch is going to end up. And way too many times it floats back across the heart of the plate. For those reasons I don’t like him as a reliever.

          But then again, I think that if he has less time to think about things and not know exactly when he is going to pitch…he may be better off.

        • If Charlie just can’t get the job done as a starter when there are better options, I’d be all for trying him out in relief.

        • Nolan Ryan came close, averaging 4.7 BB/K, but I’ll be the first to admit that he was one of a kind.

  9. Alexei Ramirez left the game today with an apparent hamstring injury.

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