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  1. Mike P. says:

    Might sound strange to say, but is the Grilli injury exactly the kind of adversity this team needed to rally around? Something they can fight through and use as fuel keep the 2nd half on track?

  2. Tim says:

    Hey DK, I know you don’t necessarily get into names, but do you think the PBC will actually go hard after Brian Wilson? I think he would make a wonderful addition to the shark tank especially with 2 titles to his credit.

  3. Bizrow says:

    You folks have to go into the chat room to post these topics

  4. Patrick(RI) says:

    History Test: Compare and contrast AJ with B. Bohreigner — seems to me AJ’s reaction(s) are much more “justified” at least yesterday)?

  5. Rick gagliardo says:

    Dejan. Love your work. Question: why is it always assumed that when fans ask about a major move, that its always for a rental, or an aging prospect for our top ML prospects? Not everyone is suggesting “mortgaging the future.” What about a young pitching stud for a young position player stud? Are those kinds of trades ever made? Finally, I haven’t found the chat transcripts posted for the last few weeks?

    DK: All that stuff is updated on my page on the main site.

  6. Chuck H says:

    I agree with Rick on the Pirates acquisitions. Not since we got Brian Giles, have we been able to land anyone who made a big difference to the team. Also, in Thurs. game, why did the Bucs not bring in a lefty pitcher to face Harper? The opposition does that when
    needed to counteract and go with the percentages of lefty against lefty.

  7. AJS says:

    The Bucs don’t play that game. Not clint’s style. and with Clint in the room watching my guess is banister probably did what Clint would have done. The Bucs think that there pen can get anyone out regardless of which arm they throw with. And with an extra innings game potentially in the making you may not want to burn an extra arm there.

    Preferrably Grilli wouldn’t have been hurn and Melancon would have thrown the 9th, or my preference Melancon would have been availale period and thrown the 9th(not likely to happen even if he was healthy, see comments in morning java thread)

    Basically they were looking for a set up man type performance from Morris there and they didn’t get it.

  8. Chuck H says:

    I think pitchers are being babied too much. Back in the forties, in a double header, the same pitcher pitched both games and won them both. I forget which pitcher it was and which two teams. Now, it’s asking too much to ask a pitcher to come in and pitch to one batter, if he pitched yesterday.

  9. AJS says:

    Back in the day they didn’t give players $10 million dollar contracts per year for 5 or 6 years. It is about protecting your investment.

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