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  1. Good morning DK – If the Pirates pull this off, how long before the canonization process starts for Roberto?

  2. I say Tabata should start essentially every day (does he have a notable righty/lefty split?), assuming he can stay healthy, which is a big assumption. I also think he should be spelled on occasion by Lambo, against righties, who should bat seventh or eight when he starts; otherwise, use him as a pinch hitter, weaning him in slowly, see how he does.
    Tabata originally looked like a keeper, a building block, and I think his constant injuries have stolen both his confidence and aggressiveness..maybe that’s his destiny: is there perhaps some conditioning program that would better limit his susceptibility to injuries?

  3. How significant is the injury to Plaxico Burress in the overall offensive scheme?

  4. Even though Liriano is under contract for next season, will his agent try for new deal & should the Pirates consider it? Of course this is contingent on him staying healthy.

  5. Hey DK. Pens have locked up a lot of skill for the future. At what point do they get the ice at Consol up to the same level?

  6. DK: Guys, the entries have to go INSIDE the field above, not in the comments. Hope you can add those because I can’t on my end. Thanks!

    • I see this all the time DK and it’s an easy mistake to make but it just begs the question………..why do you have to have a comments section under the chat screen in the first place???

  7. DK….Is “tonight gonna be a good night?”…..HA!

  8. Interested to learn that Mike Adams is going to start at left tackle as a totally green rookie. I guess those 10 games & 6 starts last year don’t count.

    • I’ve thought about that myself.
      Obviously people are basing their thoughts around the fact that those games last year were at RT, but certainly they should count for something.
      When we drafted Adams, I was under the impression we drafted him to be a LT.
      I think Adams can do the job IF he stays injury free AND he stays out of trouble spots in his life.

  9. The Penguins today have added the most overqualified assistant coach in the game, one of the most overqualified in sports.

    That reminded me that I saw Perry Hill coaching first for the Marlins. At the game on Tuesday I sat on the first base side and he looked good.

    • The Pens don’t have too look very far for a new head coach if the Pens pull up lame in the playoffs again. Maybe DD should ask MAF how that kinda pressure feels.

  10. Just heard that Alex Rios went to the Rangers on a waiver deal.
    A couple janitors from the Texas organization were sent over in return.
    Rumor has it that Texas will pick up his 2014 salary.
    I think we know what the deal breaker was with the Pirates.
    Not prospects….Dough.

    • Ridiculous. You have no idea what the White Sox were demanding from the Pirates. All you know is what they settled for when it was too late.

    • “The Rangers will send the White Sox a player to be named later – minor league INF Leury Garcia if he clears waivers – or cash. The White Sox will also absorb some of the remaining $17 million left in Rios’ contract through 2014. If Garcia doesn’t clear waivers, the deal would change with the Rangers likely taking on more, if not all, of the remaining salary commitment.”

      Garcia has already spent time with the Rangers at age 22, so he’s no bag of balls, and the Chisox had to throw in $1M for the Rangers as well.

      So much for your invented rumors.

      • I didn’t invent anything.
        Rios went to Texas for a bag of wet hair….And the Rangers picked up a decent amount of salary.

        • Haha, interesting interpretation of the word “decent”.

          • Well…I could’ve stated it as “much more money than Bob Nutting will pry from his rusty wallet”…But I thought I’d be more diplomatic.

            • The “wet hair” comment should’ve made your intended diplomacy obvious. :)

              Just jaggin’ you, regardless. I happen to agree that salary had to play a role.

  11. “DK: Been saying all along the Reds are the team to watch, not the Cards.”

    Funny. Here in Cincinnati, the baseball media are still fixated on battling the Cardinals for first place.

    Gaining due respect seems to be a long, hard climb.

    But I’ve gotta say the view is great from the top of the mountain.

  12. Have a good weekend all and a great Friday night.

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