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Final: Rockies 6, Pirates 4

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (70-45) vs. Colorado Rockies (53-64)

Starters: RHP A.J. Burnett vs. RHP Juan Nicasio

Time: 8:10 p.m.

Site: Coors Field, Denver

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. Garrett Jones, 1B
  7. Jose Tabata, RF
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Burnett, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel is on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. OK all you rotten Pirate fans, let’s talk some baseball!

    • I was going to talk Academy Awards because I saw a couple of nominees for Best Actor by a Drama Queen in a different thread. :-)

    • Perspective is different up here, I think. The morning paper has a headline about how worried the Red Sox are about the lack of production from their #5 hitter. He(Napoli), has only 3 HRs since the All Star game. Not sure how that compares with the Pirates, but I had the evil thought that Napoli may be matching our 4 and 5 hitters??

      • I am scared to death that our starters may be
        wearing down. I can’t go through a third year
        of this nor do I think many other fans can. It
        is horrible always waiting for the other shoe
        to drop. Tell me I’m wrong someone! Please!!

  2. Does anyone know how the magic number works? I tried to explain it to my wife the other day and I miserably failed at it.

    • (# of games remaining – # of games ahead) + 1

      So for the Pirates it would be 47-4=43+1=44

      If they go 44-3, St. Louis can’t catch them.

    • It’s a combination of wins for us and losses by “them” which now is St. Louis. If we win and they lose, the magic number goes down by 2, if we lose and they lose, it goes down by one, if we both win, it goes down by one. If we lose and they win, no change. You can do it with other teams, too, and it works the same way, but it’s kind of early IMHO.

    • I believe Magic’s number for the Lakers was 32. I’m not sure what you guys are talking about.

    • Add 1 to the number of games remaining, then subtract the number of games the Pirates are ahead in the loss column for the team in second place. There are 47 games left counting tonight. Add 1, that gives you 48. Subtract the difference between the number of losses that the Pirates and Cards have. Right now 4. 48-4=44. Pirates Magic Number to eliminate the Cards is 44.

      The Magic Number is reduced by onw with each Pirate win and Cards loss. If Cards lose tonight, the Magic Number lowers to 43. If Pirates win and Cards win, the Magic Number lowers to 43. If Pirates win and Cards win, the Magic Number lowets to 43. If Pirates win and Cards lose, the Magic Number becomes 42.

  3. Is this where the baseball talk is?

    (An oldie, but a goodie). :-)

    Hi Frank.

  4. I hope AJ throws a complete game again. I also hope Liriano comes back from his dismal start to regain his Cy Young form. These guys really deserve good things to happen.

  5. Let’s hope that the Bucs improve greatly on their hitting with RISP and cut down on the Ks

  6. I like baseball.

    And this looks like a winning lineup for tonight’s game. Especially against Nicasio.

    Nicasio has never beaten the Pirates(in a mere 2 games), and is a first ball, fastball pitcher.

    Something that everyone on the Pirates whose first name isn’t Pedro likes.


    Makes my job a helluva lot easier when I don’t have to hunt to find everyone’s “wagers”

    Max “wager” is 100 units on any single line.
    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.


    Tonight’s Line
    Total HOMERUNS Hit by Pirates Hitters in tonight’s game
    Line is 1.5

    Please Note – All games must be considered official games in order for line(s) to be valid. Any postponement, cancellation, or suspension of game(s) will void line(s).

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    70 Down, only 12 more to go!!

    Anything is possible if a person believes
    Mark 9:23

    KEEP CALM & BREAK .500

  8. Tampa Bay successfully pulled off the old hidden ball trick a few minutes ago. They caught Juan Uribe at 3rd. It was pretty slick. I’d hate to be Dodger 3b coach Tim Wallach. There’s no way that should ever work if coaches are doing their job.

    Lets Go Bucs!

  9. I have a question. Looking at both Ali Solis and Lucas May(our 2 catchers in AAA), I don’t think either one is getting a September call up. Both have had a September in the bigs, and neither one can hit. May was up with the Royals in 2010, and Solis last year for the Padres.

    Carlos Paulino in AA hasn’t hit this year either, btw.

    So I think the Pirates need to get this very fillable slot for a third string guy in September. Go with May, or pick up some one else’s trash?

  10. I just realized that it’s ROCKY COLAVITO DAY!! I was madly in love with him, as were many kids who grew up in Cleveland during his glory days. I actually remember watching (on our black & white TV) the game in which he tied the four home run record. That’s a flashbulb memory for me – was on pins & needles when he came up for his 4th at bat.

    HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY…and DON’T knock the ROCK!

    Thanks for the memories…

  11. Anybody have any info on how long the game may be delayed for an out of towner?

    • Nate it actually just started to rain and looks ominous. No estimated start time. At least an hour I think.

      • drat I was looking forward to watching the game…friggin rain!

        How the heck are ya Rad Lad?

        • Doing good Jandy. Home from Virginia, watching the Steelers and waiting for the Bucs to start, and planning our menu for next week with these new recipes. How are you tonight? :)

          • had an off day today, pressure from the weather in my head…so just enjoying a glass of wine and now enjoying the Bucs. And the good company here :)
            It’s nice to go, but it’s nicer to come home…

  12. So, since the game is in a delay, should we all share our favorite recipes? Or is that not allowed in these here parts? ;)

    • Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug


      1 Tablespoon Butter
      1 Tablespoon Granulated White Sugar
      1 Tablespoon of firmly packed Dark Brown Sugar
      3 Drops of Vanilla Extract
      Small Pinch of Kosher Salt
      1 Egg Yolk (discard the egg white or save for different recipe)
      Scant ¼ of All Purpose Flour (slightly less than ¼ of a cup)
      2 heaping tablespoons of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips


      Start by melting your butter in the microwave. Butter should just be melted, not boiling.
      Add sugars, vanilla and salt. Stir to combine.
      Separate your egg and add the yolk only to your cup. Stir to combine.
      Add flour, then stir again. Measure a scant, slightly less than full, ¼ cup of all-purpose flour.
      Add the chocolate chips, and give a final stir. Now your mixture will look like cookie dough.
      Cook in microwave 40-60 seconds, start checking for doneness at 40 seconds. Mine takes 50 seconds. Do not cook past one minute, just like a regular cookie, this will continue cooking as it cools. If the cookie is dry or cake like, try less time.
      Serve warm.

      I make these all the time.

      Oh, this is a sports blog. Make them for a snack while watching your favorite Pittsburgh sports team.

    • Buffalo Chicken dip:

      2 cups Ken’s Buffalo sauce marinade,
      4 cups light Ranch dressing,
      1 teaspoon ground basil,
      1 large can Swanson Chicken,
      8 slices of your favorite cheese.

      Combine Buffalo sauce, Ranch, and basil in an oven -safe casserole dish.
      Rinse and drain chicken, add to liquid mix.
      Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven, and bake for 20 minutes.
      Remove, add slices of cheese on top of mixture, put back in oven, cook for 5 minutes.
      Remove, and serve,

      Great for football season.

      :D :D ;)

    • +1

    • Prime steak

      Ice and cooler
      Open cap
      Drink while eating and watching game

    • Guinness Stew


      2 pounds stewing beef
      3 tablespoons oil
      2 tablespoons flour
      Salt and freshly ground black pepper
      Pinch of cayenne
      2 large onions, coarsely chopped
      1 garlic clove, crushed
      2 tablespoons tomato puree, dissolved in 4 tablespoons water
      1 1/4 cups Guinness
      2 cups largely diced carrots
      small sprig of fresh thyme


      Trim the meat of any fat or gristle, and cut into 2-inch cubes. Toss beef with 1 tablespoon of the oil. In a small bowl, season the flour with salt, pepper and cayenne. Toss meat with seasoned flour. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil in a large skillet over high heat. Brown the meat on all sides. Reduce the heat, add the onions, crushed garlic and tomato puree to the skillet, cover, and cook gently for 5 minutes. Transfer the contents of the skillet to a casserole and pour half of the Guinness into the skillet. Bring Guinness to a boil and stir to dissolve the caramelized meat juices on the pan. Pour over the meat, along with the remaining Guinness. Add the carrots and thyme. Stir and adjust seasonings (salt and pepper). Cover the casserole and put in 300 degree oven until the meat is tender, about 3 hours.

    • NEVER FAIL Fruit Cake Recipe
      1 Cup of Water
      1 Cup of Sugar
      4 Large Eggs
      2 Cups of Dried Fruit
      1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
      1 Teaspoon of Salt
      1 Cup of Brown Sugar
      Lemon Juice
      1 Bottle of Whiskey (High Quality)
      Sample the whiskey to check for quality. Take a large bowl. Check the
      whiskey again. To be sure it is the highest quality, pour one level cup
      and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer. Beat one cup of butter
      in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar and beat again.
      Make sure the whiskey is still okay. Cry another tup. Turn off the mixer.
      Break two leggs and add to the bowl and check in the cup of drier fruit.
      Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers pry
      it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the whiskey to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of sale, or something. Who cares? Check the whiskey. Now sift the lemon
      juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Spoon. Of sugar or something.
      Whatever you can find. Grease the oven. Turn the cake tin to 350
      degrees. Don’t forget to beat off the turner. Throw the bowl out of the
      window. Check the whiskey again and go to bed

    • Awesome…all of it. But now I’m hungry, just not for fruitcake or anything with nuts.

      Let’s go Bucs!!!

  13. Looks like it will be a full house in Seattle as the M’s induct Junior into their HOF. Geez, I still remember him as a rookie with his whole career ahead of him. One of my favorites.

  14. I Guess there was a troll last night

    We can talk about absolutely everything here

    Thumbs up for Lucky

    Thumbs down for the troll

    Another reason (the troll) we note two planets represented in the Lunatic Nation

  15. Good evening everybody. On late tonight due to being at a cookout. Had coleslaw, pasta salad, smoked pork, and sausage. All the food talk in earlier posts sounds wonderful! Yum! Or, am I not allowed to talk about life?

    • Brandie!!!
      Welcome !!!
      The “Big Bad 3″ is now in the house !!!!!

      How about a Curve report from last night?

    • BRANDIE GIRL!! Sounds like a great day and cookout. You talk about whatever you want here. You make many people smile daily!! :)

    • we talk about whatever we want here, trolls can wear ear plugs and eye masks :)
      Yes, how was the game last night? Did ya get wet??

    • I will try my best to set the scene…

      We had great seats on thee third base line. Ethan Hollingsworth was our starting pitcher. Has iffy stuff. Maybe it was the fact that he had just been called up. Harrisburg teed off for a few home runs on him due to a few pitches he left up in the zone. He likes to pitch down and away. Decent off speed stuff.

      Gregory Polanco did not set the world on fire. He tagged a few pitches hard, but right at the opposition. He needs to practice a bit of plate discipline, but as he rises in the ranks, that, hopefully, will be straightened out.

      Alen Hanson also needs to practice plate discipline. Seems to me that he wants to be the hero and knock the cover off of the ball every time up without realizing the necessity of putting the ball in play. Did okay defensively.

      Oscar Tejeda pinch ran then played outfield after the benches clearing brawl. Decent speed.

      Watch out for Zack Thornton. He could be a nice addition to the bullpen. Struck out his side in the 6th. Threw strikes and worked quickly.

      Funny story…Where we sat, there were kids behind us. The Harrisburg Senators had a player named Jared Head. Every time Mr. Head came to the plate, the kids would comment…

      “Look. It’s Jared Head. Stupid Jared Head! Hey Jared Head, you’re a Jared Head!” I had never laughed so hard in my life, until the drunk lady told my father in law he should sit next to her since it was his birthday. This proposition came in front of his wife, who was highly amused.

      The night was kind of like Gordie Howe Hat Trick…

      • Stuff like that is what makes minor-league baseball so fun!

        Thanks for the update on the Curvies.

        Hope you had a blast!

      • LOL Brandie! Out of the mouths of babes eh? Gotta love kids….and your FIL getting propositioned? priceless lol

        Thanks for the run down…what caused the brawl?

        Hopefully hubby and I will get to a game soon….he’s been working his tail off…worked today too….

        • Many, many hit batsmen. But, you know baseball brawls. A whole lot of slap fighting because no one wants to break a hand. Go to The August 30th game as Pascal Dupuis will be there!

          • ahhhh yes, the hit by pitch fights lol.

            Ehhh I dunno. i went to the James Neal game, and waited over 3 hours…and they let the season ticket holders all jump line. That rather upset me.
            I’ll just go to watch a game :)

  16. For those bummed about the rain delay, and dont want to watch preseason football…………..

    NHL Network has Game 7 of the 2009 SC Finals at 10;00.

  17. It’s about time that Root Sports has shown a Danny Murtaugh commercial.

  18. SD leading the Dustys 3-1 in the 9th.

    Cubs leading the LaRussas 5-4 in the 8th.

    This is good news.

  19. GO PIRATES! (go cubbies)

  20. Been off line, just want add that from the perspective of a long-term observer, and a relative newcomer participant, that much of what makes this blog attractive is often not relevant to baseball. Fun, even nonesense, is good for the soul.

  21. Then I heard JHay pitched last night. I thought of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where it was him versus the Gashouse Gorillas. I just wonder…can JHay play every position as well as coach? Can he also be a GM? if so, Coonelly better be shaking in his boots because JHay’s coming to steal his crown!

  22. Reds and Cardinals both lost.

  23. For those of you who miss the city or never been there… a day in Pittsburgh.

  24. Nice play by Petey, and he holds the runner at third. One more out…

  25. Well another day, and another deficit early in the game. Bucs down 1-0 after 2. Come on Offense!

  26. We need to take advantage of the Cardinals tank job. Hopefully they are the team to choke down the stretch this year.

  27. The Bucs need to take this game tonight. They need put some more distance between themselves and the Red Birds before heading their this week. We all know that St Louis won’t continue this downward spiral the rest of the way and the Pirates cant keep allowing these opportunties to pass by them.

  28. Jordy makes up for the flubbed tag out

  29. Really glad the Reds and Cards are sucking right now because I don’t like the way this team is playing in Colorado.

    Real nice bare hand scoop and throw by Mercer.

  30. Does the high altitude also affect base stealing?

  31. AJ…25 pounds of s#%t in a 10 pound bag. Now, that’s hubris!

  32. And we have a tie ballgame….TY ballgame ;)

  33. The John Wehner baseball card with Bob Walk in the background.

  34. The speed of Cutch leads to 1-1 tie.

  35. Does anyone here use “vine” app on smartphone?

  36. This game is a gravy game

    The two clubs chasing us lost, or so I think I’ve read

    Only good things can happen from here on out

  37. AJ is dealing tonight. Offense, this would be a nice time to kick it up a notch or two and get the man a few more runs. Don’t make AJ get the runs too, like you have made Cole do a couple of times this season.

  38. These bats are whiffing way too much…

  39. couple nice K’s by AJ

  40. Jones with a gift triple to knock in Martin.

    Pirates lead 2-1

  41. Jonesy with a run scoring triple, FINALLY!! 2-1 Buccos!

  42. Jones joins the party with impeccable timing.

  43. 3-1 good guys!!!!! About time these bats wake up a little bit this game.

  44. Here we go. Wake those bats up.

  45. Tabata beats out a play up the middle for another run scoring hit. 3-1 now!

  46. Tabata grounds to…



    the middle and gets an infield RBI single.

  47. Enough run support for AJ? How many pitches is AJ sitting at?

  48. OK I’m gonna go to bed…turn the game on up there….night loonies….hold the fort!

  49. Well, crap…

  50. Burnett doing his best Paul Maholm in 6th inning after Pirates got 2 runs in top of 6th. Argh.

  51. Can’t make anything easy can we? 3-3 now that the Rocks keep tattooing doubles all over the place.

  52. Cone on Man!!!! They get you the lead, and you get hammered and give it right back. Where’s the hook?

  53. We have the best bullpen in baseball.
    Why isnt Clint using them?

    Shakin my head…………..

  54. Should have taken AJ out after they tied it up. Though it was a close play, Cutch not getting momentum behind that throw that let Cuddyer tag up has led to all of this – that and AJ running out of gas. 5-3 now.

  55. I believe the Rockies just told AJ to STFD!

  56. Another golden opportunity wasted. Should be going for a six game lead tonight. Instead a loss last night, and probable L tonight, and the lead temains 4.

  57. Wheels are off.

    Dexter Fowler gets one in his ribs next at bat. That’s a cheap play.

  58. From bad to freakin worse now that Pedro may be hurt, or at least spiked. 6-3 and likely more to come with guy on third and STILL two out.

  59. Well… this got out of hand quickly….

    Rockies 6-3 now

  60. This got real bad, real quick.
    Fowler looked like Cobb sliding into 3rd there.

  61. Fowler might have to take one for the team next AB.

  62. Just knew two run lead was not safe, hopefully a three run lead isn’t either.

  63. What a great name for a reliever.

  64. Time for Pirates bats to start smashing the ball.

  65. Gloves are off now. Rockies are going down.

  66. Alvarez gets spiked, Marte now beaned in left wrist…. just wave the white flag, this game means nothing and those two are too important.

  67. Now Marte takes a pitch off the wrist. This one may be bad due to his reaction. No breaks what-so-ever.

  68. Marte, Alvarez, and Martin will all get tomorrow off.
    I look forward to hearing the moaning and groaning.

  69. Well, Marte’s hurt now.

    This is going from bad to terrible.

  70. Do not like the looks of Marte’s injury.

  71. With all this doom and gloom,
    is now a great time for more recipe listings??


  72. Good for Clint. Spit on him again. They blew that one.

  73. What else can happen? Horrible call.

  74. Foot off the bag and they get the DP, Clint gets tossed and we now have two out and man at third.

  75. “If you knew you were gonna hit into a double play, you should have just struck out.”
    - Earl Weaver

  76. Just don’t get McCutchen’s approach on pitches to outside of zone, he’s constantly opening his hips up and trying to pull the ball.

  77. Aren’t most neighborhood calls given when the receiver is crossing the bag and not when he is standing on it?

  78. Last time they lost 2 in a row, they won their next 5.
    They do that this time they’ll have a nice lead in the division.
    RELAX people.

  79. Tulowitzki shouldn’t have gotten a throw off because he should have been destroyed by Presley. Presley chickened out. He needs to go back to AAA.

  80. Fowler will bat in the 8th.

    Just throwing that out there…..

  81. I’m thinking the way these last two games have gone that the AAA lineup will be playing tomorrow. Not a great way to start off this road trip 0-2.

  82. If Marte is going to be out for more then a few games does this mean Mr. Lambo finally shows up?

  83. Night all. Done with this pitiful game. Hopefully they get hot and either tie it up or win it in the ninth, but not feeling it after the horrendous play the last two nights and the constant falling behind against Miami.

  84. It looks like the Rockies are playing much better than they did when they were recently in Pittsburgh.

  85. Boy Pedro really stinks since the all star game. He doesn’t even hit the ball hard any more. Most of his at bats are either strike outs or weak roll overs to second.

  86. OK, here comes Fowler.

    Will he catch one in the hip?

  87. If Martin makes it up, this game will be tied!

  88. It looked like Cutch swung at 3 balls

  89. Those were two of the ugliest at-bats by McCutchen and Alvarez to end the game.

  90. Time to go jump off a barstool.

    Need to win tomorrow.

    Hope Marte, and Alvarez arent hurt.

    Now that we fired all the announcers above, tryouts at Drew’s place at 10AM.

    • Hurdle tried to save face with Burnett, instead of doing what’s right for the team.
      After walking that guy who he can never get out, he should have been pulled.

      2 of the worst Ab’s by Mc Cutchen and Alvarez i have ever seen.

      Didn’t look like Mc Cutchen did not swing at 1 strike, and Alvarez vs a lefty is not going to work.
      Maybe it’s time for this Pedro should hit cleanup experiment, to end , once and for all.

      Very surprised at Burnett for not being able to stop the bleeding. He sucked tonight, in that regards.
      I think Marte is going to be out longer than they are letting on.
      He had to break that hand!, and until i see him playing again, i will stick to it.
      Just a terrible game, offensively, defensively, .
      This is not going to get any better for awhile, i am afraid.
      Unfortunately, it looks like the Pirates are going to get swept in this series, and the Cardinals will be on their A game when this gang of over achievers come to town.
      I will say by next week, the Cardinals just may be back in 1st place.
      Losing 2 games, to one of the worst teams in baseball (I don’t care what their home record is), is unacceptable!

  91. This offense isn’t good enough to come out and just bludgeon the opposing pitching and score runs. They let pitchers off the hook. They let bad teams hang around. That is what happened tonight.

  92. I can’t believe that I have not read this yet elsewhere, but I have a theory about the Rangers stealing Alex Rios off waivers for 1 million! I don’t believe that the CWS, as much as they wanted out from under Rio’s contract, would have ever agreed to a PTNL and/or 1 million. They wanted a prospect in return. It is my belief that CWS placed Rios on waivers as they had a deal worked out with the Pirates; however neither the Bucs or the White Sox predicted that the Rangers would claim him 1st! I’m very glad that the Rangers did take Rios as him stats really do mirror those of Bucs G. Jones. The Bucs would never really have seen much more run production with Rios, so the arrangers may have saved the Bucs from doing something stupid!!
    ….just my opinion on what went down with Alex Rios.
    Hopefully, the Bucs now may focus on obtaining a bat with some real worth (or at least try to do so) or obtain a strong bench bat who may provide some help with PH duties!
    Curious to read if anyone else believes that the CWS had placed Rios on waivers cause they too believe that it was trying to consummate a deal with the Bucs?

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