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Final: Cardinals 6, Pirates 5, 12 innings

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (71-48) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (68-51)

Starters: RHP A.J. Burnett vs. RHP Lance Lynn

Time: 1:45 p.m.

Site: Busch Stadium, St. Louis

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. Garrett Jones, 1B
  7. Andrew Lambo, RF
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Burnett, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Karen Price is on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.



    Makes my job a helluva lot easier when I don’t have to hunt to find everyone’s “wagers”

    Max “wager” is 100 units on any single line.
    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.


    Line #1
    Total HOMERUNS Hit by the Pirates in today’s game
    Line is 1.5

    Line #2
    Total Combined STRIKEOUTS + WALKS Thrown by AJ Burnett in today’s game
    Line is 10.5

    Please Note – All games must be considered official games in order for line(s) to be valid. Any postponement, cancellation, or suspension of game(s) will void line(s).

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    71 Down, only 11 more to go!!

    Anything is possible if a person believes
    Mark 9:23

    KEEP CALM & BREAK .500

  2. Also, just a head’s up, I’m going to be on the road this weekend.
    So lines will probably be posted many hours before the game start in other threads.
    I will need some kind helpers to re-post them for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    - The Window

  3. Hoping the “Batman” can keep the streak alive!

    DK: Welcome to our forum, Beth!

  4. I just had to run down the hallway and boy were my eyeballs bouncing.

  5. Full instant replay accepted for 2014 except for calls on the strike zone.

    The replay will include up to three challenges that managers will be provided during a game, one in the first six innings, and two beginning in the seventh inning through the game’s duration. If a manager is successful with his replay challenge, he will not be charged with a review.

    If a manager exhausts his three challenges, and umpire crew can make a review of its own only to determine home-run calls, a rule that will be grandfathered in with the new regulations.

    Baseball, using its central MLBAM offices in New York, will be provided with replay cameras that will be monitored by men with umpiring experience. They will make the final call on disputed plays, not the crew chief.

  6. *****ATTENTION*****
    Newbies and lurkers….we want to chat with you!
    If you post your hometown, Bizrow will add it to the list of Dejan’s Lunatics’ Asylum.
    Don’t be shy, we don’t bite! :)

  7. Gang! THIS is the day Lambo really gets FREE!

  8. How idiotic.

  9. Nice to see that they’re in the game mentally. Three mental errors in the first 5 batters.

  10. Pop up behind the plate to the catcher, Molina. Did not use two hands, even with his catcher’s mitt.

    Hot dogging it.

  11. Through 2 innings, the Pirates have hit one ball in fair territory, Marte’s leadoff double. Since then, there have been three strikeouts, two foul outs and a caught stealing (plus a walk).

  12. Hmmm…wonder what I did to have my comment await moderation? Have I been sent to sit on the bench because I didn’t catch the ball with two hands?

  13. Did Drew’s eyeballs break the blog?

  14. At least he didn’t foul one off of his face.

  15. Cards fan eating a corndog. Who are the corndog eaters now?

  16. Maybe this is the game where stupid is playing all positions!!!

  17. Love day baseball games!

    Hopefully we get to go to the Toledo Zoo today !!

  18. Did I break the blog?

    All my comments say “waiting moderation”.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation!

      DK: No idea, guys. Suddenly found a clog of 26 comments needing moderation. Cleared them all as quickly as I could. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  19. I can see yours about day games, plan, but mine show “awaiting moderation.”

  20. The Yankess are throwing their stopper today, Phil Hughes. Unlike Liriano however, he stops their winning streaks.

  21. AJ pitch count very good. Lynn is getting up there. Hopefully that trend continues and we keep Lynn working hard to get him out of there after 6 innings or so.

  22. *blink blink* Pedro with an infield single to second and was safe?

    • Pedro worked hard this off season improving his overall athletic ability. Kudos to him. It seems to be paying of on plays like that.

      • I know Pedro makes his share of errors, but you can tell he’s trying harder and yes, you can tell he’s improved overall. Nice to give him credit.

  23. nice pitching by AJ there… guess the Cards couldn’t hit any 4 bouncers in the hole with RISP that inning.

  24. LAMBO!!! cue John Sterling… “Lambo LAMBASTES it off the wall… the Bucs lead 1-0″

  25. Let em fly punsters.

  26. What did I say this morning? Lambo’s the man!

  27. Welcome to the Show, Mr. Lambo

  28. LAMBO!!! WOO HOO!


  30. LAMBO…First Blood.

  31. Lambo makes mutton out of Lynn!!

    1-0 good guys!

  32. Now Barmes??

    Cool Beans

  33. Lambo drew first blood, huh?

  34. Wow. A Barmes bomb. Glad I am listening on the radio, because I may not have believed it if I saw it. Way to go Clint!

    • Ha all I have is the feed from Dejan’s game feed….I have nothing to see or hear lol
      Glad to see all the excitement here, it helps :)

    • I gotta admit, When I bet the over on the homers, I didn’t really have Barmes in mind. :-)

    • You should be glad isn’t announcing the radio. You still might not be sure if it was gone or just to the warning track.

      • i think he was waiting for fair or foul, to be honest… I too was wondering that based on the camera angle… but Barmes knew it was gone from contact.

  35. Lalala Bambino….gets his first major league double…then Barmes of all people homers…it’s a good day for the Pirates…and yes, someone PLEASE tell Mr. Bob Hasis :)

  36. Our shortstops are out homering the entire Cardinals team this series.

  37. First Lambo, now Barmes.
    The apocalypse is upon us !!

    3-0 good guys.

  38. LAMBO-ADA! The forbidden dance around the bases!


  40. This keeps up I will have to move my fridge-for-beer runs to the opponent’s bottom of the order. Great to see!

  41. Seriously not intimidated by any of the Cards pitchers at this point… Wainright, Lynn, Miller… and we know Westbrook is pretty much Kip Wells in a Cardinal uniform.

  42. The Pirates have hit for the cycle in 1/3 of an inning.

  43. Ha! Marte’s gonna hit for the cycle today! (probably minus the HR :\… but still awesome)

  44. woot sac fly.. pile it on buccos!

  45. I guess that dropped ball triggered a hitting spree for Marte :)

  46. Wow, miracles never cease!

  47. The Redbirds radio team could not be more complimentary of the Pirates.

    Said people should not hang their hats on another collapse. “They arn’t going anywhere.”

    Called Molina and Russell the best two catchers in baseball.

    I picture Buster kicking at the dirt somewhere with his head down.

  48. Matt Adams doesn’t miss many meals.

  49. I got a tweet that Marte didn’t hustle on his triple?

    Was that a joke or the truth?

  50. Lynn yanked this inning for a bat?

  51. Delmon Young DFA’d by Philadelphia. Anyone interested ?

  52. Another meltdown inning for Burnett after they take the lead ?

  53. Redbirds coming back, now 4-2

  54. OK AJ settle down. NOW.

  55. C’mon AJ dang…..

  56. Nothing good comes from bunts. lol.


  57. I have been impressed by Carpenter’s swing — ver smooth. And effectve.

  58. AJ coming up very small. Again.

  59. AJ’s location this inning has been poor. Adams soft-served his single to left (how that much mass can result in a bloop the other way is a miracle of science)… but the rest of the hits have been on pitches in very hittable locations.

  60. Carpenter…Pirates killer.

  61. I hope AJ is healthy….

  62. Nice shutdown inning.

  63. time for a double play by the inflexible wonder, Matt Holliday.

  64. Hit parade.

  65. Looks like AJ will get the hook before Lynn.

  66. Get. Him. Out.


  67. This is ridiculous…Burnett needs to get his head out of his butt…

  68. WTH’s GOING ON OUT THERE????? COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Not good.

    All these hits are going Lambo’s way…is he playing them well? I can’t view the game, just going off the feed Dejan posts.

    • Hurdle AGAIN lets a pitcher in too long.

      That is so frustrating. Best pen in baseball, yet not used correctly in middle innings.


      • are you serious? We are now advocating for CH to use the bullpen in the FIFTH INNING? Come on, this blog is entertaining but ….

        • When you see a pitcher in trouble, you dont let it blow up.

          A managers job is to use pitchers accordingly all 9 innings.
          If that means you use the pen in the 5th, so be it.

          I hope that isnt too much to understand.
          Hurdle has let pitchers in too long many times this year.

    • nothing Lambo has done wrong today… didn’t play the carom too well on Freese’s double but caused no harm.

  70. Uh, Clint. Are you watching, or do you want to let him give up 10? Finally, he pulls him.

  71. is Clint afraid to take this guy out of a game because he will get mad??

  72. At this rate, Lynn will bunt for the next out.

  73. You really have to wonder if AJ is healthy…

    • Physically, or in the head?

    • To your point about two starts in a row….bad 6th and then bad 5th…it would appear on the surface to be in his head or mechanical. I don’t believe he could be so dominant for a few innings if unhealthy.

      I’m not watching but by the tracker a lot of those hits were going the other way or up the middle. Imagine that a team that sits back and hits pitches where your supposed to instead of trying to pull 95mph fastballs.

      The unfortunate part is that Martin couldn’t get him out of it either time. He is AJ’s catcher for a reason….keep him out of blow up innings. But I guess there is only so much he can do.

      • Guys, we have to also give some credit to the Cardinals, who are a very very good hitting team. It isn’t like AJ is the only pitcher to have an inning like that against them… when they get rolling, they get rolling.

        to be fair to AJ, he did battle some long counts vs. Carpenter and Jay and kept pumping good pitches in..but when he made the eventual mistake, they pounded it. Great hitting.

        Hardly a reason to extrapolate this any further, folks.

  74. Very, very poor performance by AJ. When he gets a 4-run lead with the bottom of the order coming up he has to put up a 0. Or at the very least keep it at the 2 runs scored before the bunt.

    His location was pathetically bad. He couldn’t get them to chase his K pitch so he ended up throwing them some cookies.

  75. It’s not AJ’s year overall. The guy pitches some gems but offense gives him no support. Give him 4 runs in rubber game of huge set and he gets lit up.

    I really thought he was going 8 especially after the 4 runs, but now it’s the Bucs pen that is going to be raided first.

    It’s just one game, but not a good time for him to fall apart like that.

  76. What pitchers have passed through waivers ? Never mind the extra bat. SMH.

  77. Hopefully Mazarro doesn’t do his July 4th impression.

  78. NO!

    We’re going to lose!

  79. Does Lambo have a target on him today?

  80. You guys have got to be kidding me.

    It’s gonna be a long six weeks if this is the reaction to two bad starts.

  81. Deep breath maybe. After all of that, Pirates only down 1.

  82. Ought to be a crime for parents to give a kid the name “Lance Lynn”. ugh.

  83. martin with a single.

  84. Can anyone see if AJ is throwing a fit? lol

  85. Wow…and now we get Gaby the rest of the day…

  86. Another rotten umpire.

  87. *sigh* my mlb gamecast must be broken… just gave a called strike a foot out the zone.. what the hell it did it again. poor gabby.

  88. Sanchez phing for Jones against LHP Stan Freeman. Martin at first with one out. Went to 3-0 and then 2 ridiculous strike calls. On full count, Sanchez flies to leftfielder Craig. Two outs.

    • I will try P by P for all you working. Just like the old days on the blog across the river.

      Taabby batting with two outs against Freeman.

    • Don’t you know? It’s called all the Bud Light you can drink in the Lexus Club after the game. The Umps know the deal.

  89. A little perspective needed right now. The Cardinals which are a very good team with a very good pitching staff just gave the pirates a 4 spot with the bottom of our order hitting. We just did the same thing with the bottom of their order hitting. That’s baseball. Lynn and Burnett do not stink. The Pirates and the Cardinals do not stink. We are playing a very good team on the road and have a chance to take 2 out of 3. It’s not game 7 of a series. They get to play again tomorrow and then again the next day.

    • AJ needs to get his head on straight though…back to back poor outings…

    • Perspective? Who’s that? Does he have more than 10 HRs in Single A and play RF? #FREEPERSPECTIVE.

    • Your point is solid, but what just occurred is frustrating for two reasons….

      1. We were swept in Colorado…I could have lived with only taking 1 of 3 in St. Louis if that didn’t happen

      2. No one likes to see a big inning occur, but especially after the offense finally comes throw.

      But once again, you did have to give the Cards credit…like i mentioned in another post….lots of hits up the middle and the opposite way. If only someone we teach that to Pirates hitters not named Cutch.

  90. Craig slides to catch a ball in standard right field position. Cards defense is really really poor.

  91. And cue Tabata for Lambo…ugghhh

  92. Rightie Tabata vs lefty Freeman.

  93. This Cardinals lineup is really in trouble with their lack of power.

  94. Tabata is THE WORST EVER.


  95. LHP Seth Maness to face Clint Barmes…

    • Rare for Maness to come up in this situation. Barmes strikes out Pirates strand 2 at 2 and 3

      5-4 Cardinals

    • Maness is a RHP. Matheny LaRussa’d that inning, a bit early in my view, but c’est la vie. Barmes K’s on the outside the strikezone pitch that the crappy ump has called a strike all game long… too bad.

  96. come on Barmes… go crazy… go 3-for-3..

  97. we need a lil less stupid and some more insane please!

  98. Barmes is up? Anyone but Barmes!

  99. Another wasted opportunity….

  100. is it me or is the strike zone a foot wider today? (*curses ump under breath*)

  101. We move to the home half of the sixth.

    Partly sunny and cool 74 degrees at Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

  102. Vin Mazzaro vs. Matt Adams

    Adams flies to Marte in left.

  103. what in the name of danny espinosa has happened to david freeze? He is really have a poor year at the plate… I thought he was going to be really really good, and he’s just ‘eh’ at this point.

  104. You really make it easy for the other manager when you treat the 6th inning like the 9th & pinch hit for everyone in sight.

  105. Way to settle things down Vin……good job…

  106. Nothing like blowing a 4 run lead. Only positive right now is Lynn is out of the game.

    Lets see what this team is made of.

    And regardless of opinions on Morneau… What could he hurt?

  107. Pitcher batting and hits a single to center. Runners at 1 and 2

    First career MLB hit

  108. Dangerous Matt Carpenter…

  109. got to say, that pitch just now to Carpenter (called ball 1) was in the same spot that was called strikes when the Bucs were batting.

  110. I think I jinxed Mazzarro…ugghh…

  111. A TWO HANDED CATCH BY MARTE. discuss. I mean, please no, don’t discuss.

  112. Sheesh, even their relief pitchers can hit with guys on base

  113. Top of the 7th 76 degrees on my couch in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

    Kozma at ss now. Harrison phing for Mazzaro

  114. Harrison rips a double. Briefly overruns second. Might have had a triple but why chance it ?

  115. WHY ?

  116. CRAIG is an outstanding RFer isn’t he?

    HeyHey JayHEY with a leadoff DB….could’ve had but you never know where the throw is going to go.

  117. Marte sacrifices Harrison to third One out

  118. Actress Lisa Robin Kelly who played Eric’s older sister on That’s 70’s Show last night.

  119. What’s it gonna be for Marte here, single or HR?

    • Doesn’t Hurdle know that the cycle doesn’t include a sacrifice? What’s he trying to do, win the game or something?

  120. Taking the statistically wrong choice. Go for the old tie on the road?.??

  121. Walker batting left. Grounds to first. Harrison running on contact is caught bn 3 and home. Run down and Walker gets to second during run down


  123. The reason he can use Choate right here is because he doesn’t have to worry about saving him for Jones and Lambo.

  124. Now, CH can use one of best right handed hitters. Oops . . .

  125. if we could ever use a clutch hit by a power hitter… right now would be fantastic.

  126. Pitching change for the Redbirds. Walker at second. Cutch at first. Two outs. LHP Randy Choate pitching against Alvarez.

  127. Having one of your best hitters bunt a guy to 3rd as the tying run on the road in the 7th inning is ______.

  128. Wasted inning…AGAIN….

  129. Such a dilemna. The guy is a beast, but boy is he lousy in this situation. Time and again. But what Mgr. has the nerve to pinch hit for the HR leader?

  130. Pedro did the usual. Unbelievable.

  131. LHP Justin Wilson in for the Bucs. John Jay jumps on the first pitch and flies out. Holliday up.

  132. Maybe we’d be in the lead right now if they’d left Lambo in? #angelinHISOutfield

  133. yeah, but now they have a lefty in there against Martin, Gaby and Tabby. Or will they use a 4th reliever to start the 8th inning?

  134. Where’s Libido when you need him?!

  135. Top of the eighth.

    RHP Trevor Rosenthal in for StL

  136. I’m not calling for a collapse on this day … but it does make me wonder if they’ll try to resign Burnett for next year.

  137. Martin ties it with a home run on second pitch !!!

    We are tied at 5-5

  138. Russell Martin is fun to watch. To me, the true MVP of this team.

  139. My Favorite Martin!

  140. Gabby Sanchez to face Rosenthal. AJ will not get loss today.

  141. I’ve decided I’m not turning on the TV to watch – just following the game thru the comments here. The very LAST guy I want up there with runners on (especially on 3rd) or in a clutch situation is PETEY! That script is written in STONE. It’s getting to the point of ridiculousness.

  142. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  143. Tabata rips a double to left. One out. Runner at second.

  144. Martin is, if I can use the term, clutch.

  145. Barmes grounds out to Kozma in the hole. Two outs. Tabby stays at second….smartly.

  146. My favorite Tabata.

  147. Brown called it an “Opposite field Ding-Dong!” Really?

  148. Jordy Mercer pinchhitting for the pitcher’s spot. Tony Watson will pitch the bottom half of the eighth.

    Mercer flies out to left. Tabata is stranded at second.

    5-5 as we go to the bottom of the eight.

  149. The off season priority better be to get CH some more switch hitters to feed his strategy addiction.

  150. “You are the worst architect in the world”

    Old Spice commercial for you workers…

  151. LHP Tony Watson in for the Bucs against Yadier Molina.

  152. I’m an architect but not working much today. I guess that makes me the worst architect in the world. My family loves that commercial. My son watched it in slow motion to see how many things he could find wrong.

  153. Adams spits out his Bratwurst and grounds to Walker. Two outs.

    Pete Kozma up Love his name.

    • Kozma swimgs at a nasty pitch. Strikes out.

      That’s a wrap for the eighth. Still tied at 5-5 in the big city on the Mississippi.

  154. Let’s bunt some more.

  155. Hit it out, Marte!

  156. Marte leads off the Bucs’ ninth against Rosenthal.

  157. walker’s due for a hit today… doesn’t he have a 9 game hit streak going?

  158. Geebus…

  159. Andrew McCutchen hitting .241 in late inning / close situations.

  160. where’s the scouting report person? if this goes extras, who does St. L have in the pen?/bench?

  161. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  162. Another quiet day for Cutch….

  163. We go the bottom of the ninth. All tied at 5-5

    Tony Watson and Russell Martin the Pirate Battery.

  164. Just three more starts to go till Liriano is back on the mound!

  165. John Jay bats with two outs and one on…

  166. I apologize but I have to skedaddle to work. Thought this game would be over by now. Didn’t mean to Bogart the blog, but play by play on the blog hadn’t been done for awhile.

    Hope the Bucs can pull this one out. Have a good night all.

    5-5 going to bottom of the tenth…

  167. You would think you’d consider using Melancon against the heart of their order.

  168. Third inning for Watson…uh-oh…

  169. Hit it to Marte.

  170. Gamecast shows Craig should have been out after 3 pitches.

  171. Just watch, he’s going to bring in Melancon just to get the 3rd out.

  172. Nice job by Watson. I think he was out of gas for the last two batters.

  173. I need some of those antibiotics Joggin’ Joe’s on.

  174. Got him on. Get him over. Get him in. Win the game.

  175. Got him on. Got him over. Get him in. Win the game.

  176. Lambo = light under Tabata’s butt ?

  177. This ump is something — walks T Sanchez on a better pitch than the strike one on Marte.

  178. At least he spares Cutch some embarrassment.

  179. Once again, our supposed to be smart manager didn’t know when his starter was done for the day. He left him in 4 batters and 3runs too long. It’s not the first time he has done this. Most good managers act more intelligently in such situations. Why does he think that
    his starter is suddenly going to revert back to form? That doesn’t happen very often in the major league. That’s why they carry 9 or 10 pitchers on a team. Also, he doesn’t believe
    in matching lefty pitcher against lefty batter and vice versa in the late innings with the
    game on the line. GO, BUCS!!!

  180. This team can’t buy a run when they need it…ugghhhh…

  181. That my friends is all she wrote.

  182. Nevermind. Strikeouts and roll overs.

  183. What’s that? 16 LOB? This team continues to amaze, and not in a good way.

  184. Scary matchup to startbthis inning.

  185. Morris with excellent extra inning!

    • Shark tank with 6 2/3 excellent innings. Guess we need a solo HR because hitting with guys on base is obviously out of the question.

  186. 1-10 RISP & 9 LOB.

  187. Hope this doesn’t go 19

  188. This lack of hitting with men on base will be our biggest hurdle in the playoffs.

  189. Gamecast showed last pitch to Pedro was a strike. Any opinion about whether GC is better or worse than Root’s scanner?

  190. They have no Beltran, no Freese. The Pirates have had the advantage. But the offense is required to score a run.

    On Tuesday they had no Molina, no Holliday (Pitcher batting 4th), no Freese (Backup C hitting 5th) and that also required the Pirates to score a run.

  191. Gaby Sanchez must have 0 lateral agility.

  192. Nice road trip.

  193. Why no Melancon? Hurdled!

  194. why not intentionally walk Holiday in that situation?

  195. Bryan Freakin’ Morris……..

  196. Freaking Jason Bay

  197. The panic moves by CH are and have been under way. More to follow.

  198. With this incompetent offense there is no team we can’t lose to.

  199. They deserved to lose. Pathetic hitting team with runners on base and that includes ALL of them including McCutcheon. Hurdle did a horrible job today–leaving Burnett in the game–AGAIN and his absurd bunting all the time.

  200. Lost another heartbreaker!

  201. Hurdle was definitely outdone today by Matheny…

  202. KDKA reporting that the Clemente bridge will be closed this evening as the line of people preparing to jump stretches to and around Heinz field.

  203. Just what MLB needs… Expanded replay. Coaches to get 1 challenge during the first 6 innings and 2 during the last 3.

    Need to give that reliever a few more pitches to warm up… Call for a challenge! They are free!

  204. Pirates are now only up by 2 games in the Central Division.

  205. Might as well pile on… Top 2 steelers running backs hurt in practice today. Bell and Redman both injured.

    What makes this news worthy to me is that I did not know the Steelers had a TOP running back

  206. 4 for 5, 3 doubles, 1 R, 1 RBI from the right fielders tonight.
    Maybe getting production out of RF isn’t such a good thing???

  207. I have to look at the hitting in this series alone and then the Rockies series and ask a question….

    How is Jay Bell’s name mentioned as manager material for Washington but Ray Searage can’t get a sniff???? Do we need a Rooney rule?

  208. I still think if they’d have left Lambo in we would have won and … SHUT UP, BAY! :-)

  209. If we don’t make the playoffs, put down Hurdle as our weakest link. He has lost a lot of games this year because he doesn’t know when to take his starter out of the game. If we
    blow a 4 run lead and he leaves the starter in the game, then the loss is on him. With the relievers that we have, there is no excuse for this kind of managing. Fire his –s and get a smart manager.

  210. My hope was that the Pirates would exit St. Louis with at least a two game lead. So, mission accomplished. That said, the sweep was there for the taking. Could come back to jaunt us later on.

    • Lots of things could come back to haunt us, and more to come.

      I do agree, though, that the sweep was there for the taking, and at the very least 2 of 3. But I had the same initial thought as you. At least get one. They did.

      We do have a team, though, that I would not have said 2 months ago was better, but this series, oddly enough, cemented it for me– we are better than these guys.

  211. While I agree that Hurdle did not have a good day let’s not bury the lede here. They lost this game today because Mr. STFD had to. He spit the bit, plain & simple. Personally responsible for coughing up a 4 run lead today and a 2 run lead Saturday night. For all his histrionics and “leadership” he came up small. The guy that pitched last night showed what leadership is. This team is built on it’s pitching and it let them down big time today.

    • Wait, I’m supposed to be in full panic mode because Hurdle certainly is. It’s all HURDLE’S FAULT! AND THE WORST PLAYER IN THE WORLD TABATA… AND THE WORSTESTEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD BARMES!

      • If you don’t see it now – then you can’t see. And if you do see it, you won’t be able to comprehend it.

        Hurdle talks good and manages poorly. His decisions are easily countered, and when he needs to make a decisive choice – he doesn’t.

        Two games were lost to our closest rival in extra innings. Both games were ours to win and we didn’t.

        Blame any particular player you want, but it’s CH. Sorry about your myopic condition

      • Being in full panic mode is your choice; CH has been there ahead of you.
        Tabby didn’t hurt us today, Barmes had a very good game – we still lost.

    • Hurdle needed to remove him -he didn’t. Same as in Colorado – he didn’t. You are able to recognize Mr. STFD spit the bit, why couldn’t CH see the same thing.

      I’ll bet his post-game “fireside chat” was a masterpiece.

  212. Pedro’s first hit and RBI came on a double in his 4th game. Means nothing for Lambo, but that’s what happened. (I know this was Lambo’s 3rd game).

  213. Early in the year, Hurdle pulled the starters too early, leading to “their arms are going to fall off” discussions.

    Now Hurdle leaves pitchers in too long, resulting in blown leads and losses.

    I wish he would make up his mind.

    • He can’t make up his mind, but he’ll sell you a bottle of snake oil. Tune in to a post game session.

      What does “he’s in a good place mean”?

  214. I didn’t see the game – only listened to parts (most of it) on the radio. And I listened to the first 5 innings.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t believe people are putting out this notion that Hurdle should have lifted AJ sooner.

    Please name one manager that is going to take out a veteran pitcher without giving him every opportunity to at least go 5 innings and get the decision? There are none. We may not like and we may wish that a manager would do that – but they are not going to do it. I don’t care if this is a pennant race or not. Not going to happen.

    Hurdle may do that with a younger, less established pitcher like Locke, JMac, or even Morton. But there is no way he is taking out Burnett….unless he saw that his fastball had gone to 55 mph or his curveball was continually going to the backstop.

    • Your analogies are ludicrous.

      First of all you didn’t see the game – you said – so you are disqualified to evaluate AJ.

      Secondly your second paragraph assumes, presumes and fantasizes. I couldn’t possibly comment.

      Thirdly he fears AJ, and that is a sign of resigned weakness.

      Thus CH is a loser

      • Why can’t I evaluate based upon what I heard on the radio?

        And how exactly do you know that Clint fears AJ? Please do explain that one.

        • By my observation, he leaves him in well past a point that AJ should be removed, and the results speak for themselves. As to fearing him, my reference is fear of alienation and possible loss of the clubhouse – not a physical confrontation.
          If he loses the clubhouse, he will be gone.

        • If we win 90 games and don’t make the post-season, he will be gone.

          His post-game “charm and clichés” would be even more annoying

          • Forget the number of games, let’s just say surpass 82. and miss out on the playoffs – gone!

          • I am not ready to say we are now in Implosion III – but Hurdle is accountable for this in my mind. I don’t think he managed the series very well – and if Huntington thinks he did then they are both in trouble.

            The Arizona series is now much bigger than it should have been – but the Bucs are in first and that is better than the alternative.

        • TC, since you didn’t see the game, here is what I saw (I don’t know why CH didn’t); AJ began taking longer between pitches, his body language (usually a telltale yardstick) was screaming tiredness, and his facial grimaces.
          This was apparent on TV

          • I have been following the AJ/CH discussion and lots of good points….

            But here is my net – good managers – Danny Murtaugh – Tony LaRussa DO NOT lose games where they have 4-0 leads in the 5th inning…

            This manager did – and he wants to be at his home in Colorado in early October – I am so pissed off at this loss

    • AJ was getting battered worse than a mangy dog.

      A managers responsibility is to manage the pitchers correctly, not let his “friend” stay in for a decision. If Hurdle sees he is getting beaten around, it is Hurdle’s job to stop the damage.

      Pirates have the best bullpen in the game. Why leave a struggling pitcher in?

      And I am not going along with your “groupthink” mentality.
      Just because manager leave their friends in for decisions, doesn’t make that the right call.

      • That is an excellent observation. Did you get this TC?

        Please don’t accept my word.

        • Bob
          I always come around to your way thinking

          That’s your rule, right?

          • ONLY IF I’m right. I don’t intend to be some bullying lout, but rather present the issues differently than perhaps you are thinking

            • It sounded to me that AJ pitched well for 4 innings and he hit a very rough patch in the 5th. I think a veteran like AJ could settle down and get out of it and pitch another 1-2 innings.

              I give AJ the chance to do it

              • Agreed, you would think that a veteran like AJ could get out of that situation.

                But he didnt, and it was obvious he wasnt going to, so its the managers job to limit the damage.

      • So Clint and AJ are friends

      • Plan, you really think Hurdle left Burnett in because they are “friends?” That isn’t what TC said, anyway. And you think the fact AJ had been going good, with a low pitch count, for 4 innings didn’t enter into the decision? And they see lots more than we do, and sometimes they recover. And I’d imagine he got input from Searage also. He took him out in the fifth inning, and we’re complaining? Maybe he left him in too long, I don’t know, but the criticism, not just from you, seems overdone. JMO

        • Don’t invoke Searage – that sir, is a cop out. The decision is CH’s.

          • Ok, take Searage out. It was only mentioned in the context of them having more info than us anyway. It is Clint’s decision.

        • And he should be treated the same, for example as Cumpton, Morton and Cole? Not to me.

          • Agreed here

          • That is a goalpost shift.

            Of course there is a “pecking order” amongst pitchers. AJ, and Frankie, for example, have proven to be better in those type of spots than Cumpton, etc.

            But that isnt any excuse for letting any pitcher in the game when he is betting beaten around. Its the managers job, in a close game especially, to minimize damage.

        • AW, of course those things entered into a decision.

          But let me ask you this:

          if you have a pitcher in the game, and a team scores 3 runs off said pitcher, two more batters get hits, and said pitcher isnt getting any outs, would you continue to leave that pitcher in? Clint did, and what was a 4-0 lead very, very quickly turned into a 5-4 deficit. If the Pirates bullpen stunk, I could agree with Hurdle’s decision. They have a good bullpen, why leave any pitcher in to get battered around?

          Unless you are saying that Hurdle and Searage didnt see he was not getting the job done? Also, sometimes each inning has to be taken in a vacuum. Just because someone does well in a certain inning, that success won’t transfer to the next inning.

          Oh, and I never said TC said Clint and AJ were friends. I said that all on my own.

          • To answer your question, plan, who is the pitcher, what has he been doing so far, do you see he’s getting beaten around for something he can correct and lots of other questions? That’s my point, it isn’t as easy as “he’s getting beaten around so when to take him out is obvious.” i know you didn’t say that specifically, but that is my interpretation of a lot of the criticism, and it’s also possible Clint made an error. But it ain’t as obvious or simple as some are making it seem, including your question.

            The fact we have a great bullpen and they had a night off Wednesday obviously isn’t in dispute.

            • Correct, AW.

              Maybe I am making this a bit simpler than others, but if a lowly Hippo can see what is happening, I would think Clint could see it too.

              I am just a little sad that the Pirates had leads in all 3 games this series, and only got 1 win.
              And, sometimes I just dont understand Hurdle’s decisions.

              But, at least I have my Pond.
              Clint cant take that from me. ;)

              • Sometimes I don’t, either, but I’m on the side of the fence that thinks he’s right a lot more of the time than he’s wrong, and a key reason we are 71-48 and 2 games up.

                Think of the alternative— Neal has put together a team that should be running away with the Central Division, and Clint is screwing it up. Yeah, gave me the creeps just typing it. :-)

              • I need to take a cold shower with your last sentence.

                Ice in the Pond for me.

                And, thanks for the good conversation.

                Good Night.

              • Same to you, plan. Goodnight.

  215. Claude Giroux out 6 weeks with a messed up finger after a freak golf club accident. Why did I think of Jandy when I read that ? :)

  216. The St. Louis series was a major disappointment – we should have swept that series. Maybe some home cooking will help the cause.

  217. Watching NFL on ESPN. I had to Google Marc Trestman. Totally forgot who he was and why he had a head coaching job in the NFL.

  218. Didn’t see the game, but I didn’t like what I heard
    I’m afraid AJ might be tiring.
    It’s only mid-August……

  219. The only possible silver lining I can add about AJ is that the reason I picked the under on 10.5 totals of strikeouts and walks is because I saw a difference in his stats in the daytime and nighttime games. Could be he’s harder to pick up in the lights. Not saying it’s so, or the reason, just searching for something.

  220. In lieu of a stimulating baseball game on TV I’m watching SD and Chi. pre-season.

    I think when a pass defender gets beaten for a completion, over the middle, at the sidelines, in the end zone or anywhere for that matter, and the defender jumps up and waves incomplete, he should receive a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • There is a dude in this game for SD named Baker; he seemingly was the running with, or the understudy to our Le’Veon Bell at Michigan State.

      So far he looks good, and Bell can’t even get on the field because of a gimpy knee.

  221. There’s nothing wrong with your starting pitcher suddenly losing his stuff, but it’s up to the manager (Hurdle) to recognize this before you lose a 4 run lead. Burnett should have lifted when the score became 4-2, but no–Hurdle did what he always does–leave his pitcher in until after the opposition goes ahead. By this time in the game, the Bucs have quit hitting (not unusual) for the day. Even when Marte leads off an inning with a double,
    we can’t score him. That’s futility to the fullest extent, and the Bucs aren’t going to make it
    with just pitching. They need to hit with RISP, and I don’t know why, but wit us, it’s a disease. Another heartbreaker for Pirate fans.

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