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Final: Brewers 7, Pirates 6

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (76-54) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (57-73)

Starters: LHP Jeff Locke vs. RHP Kyle Lohse

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Jose Tabata, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. Gaby Sanchez, 1B
  7. Andrew Lambo, RF
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Locke, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel is on the scene.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.: Here’s coverage of the Marlon Byrd trade, as well as a vid of my question this afternoon for Neal Huntington on that topic …

I was originally off but will now be writing a Wednesday column off this.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. I would assume the corresponding moves are Pie and Tony Sanchez, with Sanchez returning as September call up after 10 days. DK, sound right?

  2. Looks to be Lambo’s last stand. Who is going to be the PTBNL going to the NYM? Snyder, Tabata, Lambo, some minor leaguer? Thoughts and opinions please.

    • please oh please let it be Tabata

    • Guessing its a low level minor leaguer. MLB rostered players are very seldom the PTBNL.

      Though I would love to see it be Snider.

      • Since it’s a PTBNL, it is most likely a player on the 40 man roster who would need to clear waivers if dealt now. Thus, I doubt it’s a low-level player.

        • Sometimes it just means that they Pirates and Mets agreed to a list of 5-10 players and the Mets have time to see what their needs are and maybe scout the players on the list. I personally have rarely seen the PTBNL be a player on the 40 man.

          I could be wrong but I don’t even know if it’s allowed to be. Because that player essentially could be helping your current team win while the players you traded for are also helping you win.

          • You are probably correct Nate, but I think the only restriction is that the PTBNL cannot be on the 25 man roster (or the active roster when rosters expand in September) at any point after the trade is made. So, for example, if the PTBNL is Snider, he could not be a September call up.

      • I’m guessing it won’t be a name we are very familier with. Dilson is a pretty good prospect and we are only getting Bryd for 38 games + playoffs.

        I think Tabata still has value in a trade this off season. He hasn’t done much when healthy to hurt his stock. He is hitting for a good average and driving the ball well to the opposite field. He would be a nice third outfielder for a number of team around the league especially if they are getting power numbers from thier other two outfielder and corner infielders.

      • Moises Alou was a PTBNL.

        Just sayin’.

    • All of the names you mentioned are unlikely. Could be a minor leaguer and could be someone like JMac.



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    Tonight’s Line
    Total Combined RBI’s + RUNS SCORED by Gaby Sanchez in tonight’s game
    Line is 1.5

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    76 Down, only 6 more to go!!

    Anything is possible if a person believes
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    KEEP CALM & BREAK .500

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  5. Kyle Loshe is not going to be an easy opponent tonight. The Bucs will have their hands full with this guy. Will have to take advantage of any mistakes that makes, which are few.

    Jeff Locke needs to show better control than he has in the past few starts in order for the Pirates to pull off the victory.

    Can’t put guys on base and win consistently. Bring the walk totals down, Bucs have a good chance in this one.

    • I agree, Ryan. Seems like Baseball 101, but a pitcher just cannot walk people and expect to be successful. Pitchers who try to nibble too much just end up getting into trouble.

      • The problem with a pitcher like Jeff Locke is that he doesn’t have overpowering stuff. He can’t just go after hitters like Cole, AJ, or Lariano. Heck, even Frankie has to pick around the zone (most lefties do).

        So he has to pick the corners off, hope to get an umpire with a wide strike zone to be effective.

        Try to get a lot of swing and misses or off the barrel.

        • Niether does Kyle Loshe have great stuff, Nor Cal. I think his good fortune from the last few years is catching up to him this year. We need to rock him.

          • He is a lefty, correct? So he fit the category that I was referring too.

            How is his good fortune catching up with him? His ERA is 3.22. K/9 is 5.9, just down a tick from last year.

            Yea, his record isn’t as good as last years, by far, but look at the difference in teams.

            Put Lohse back in STL and you’re talking possible Cy Young candidate……nobody’s beating Kershaw for that this year.

    • Loshe is from Chico, CA. 45 minute drive north of where I’m at. Also the home of Aaron Rodgers and most importantly……Sierra Nevada Brewery.

    • I would have Gomez warming up in the first inning if a was Hurdle. If Locke is missing the strike zone and has little movement on his pitches get him out. I’m not seriuos but I am a little.

    • I heard on the FAN this morning that we have some guys who own Lohse. Forget all who, but Tabby I think was one of them. Not trying to jinx anything. And lots of small sample sizes. But yeah, he’s a good pitcher.

  6. 3:35 PM

    Still no announcement of Pirates/Mets trade on Trib Sports page or on Pirates part of Trib.

    Guess trade never really happened.

    • Oh it was on their mobile app.

    • Travis Sawchick posted a story on the main Trib page.

    • Dejan tweeted it a few minutes after we started talking about it.

      Dejan also tweeted that per NH, “The Mets are going to get a nice second piece” And then he said something about the Mets doing well with this trade.

      He hopes they will be in the burgh tomorrow

      • Wait, NH said the Mets did well in this trade? Not like he’s going to say that he blew their doors off.

        • I took it to mean Dejan thinks the Mets did well with this trade. I don’t think NH would say that even if he does think he overpaid.

          • The quote is this:

            “New York’s going to get a pretty good second piece. The Mets did a nice job.”

            That’s Huntington talking. No DK opinion.

            You say Huntington wouldn’t say that even if he does think he overpaid. I say, he’s not going to say, “Hey, we’re sending these guys some dogs that we don’t think will ever contribute,” even if that’s what he did.

            • I think he should say nothing. I’m disappointed if he even commented about what the Mets got.

              His comments should simply be about the players we got. Something along the lines of we are excited about adding Byrd and Buck to our team and look forward to how they can help this team.

              • ” I think he should say nothing”

                I have been advocating that for years.
                Stay silent and do no maore harm.

              • Nate
                That’s not very realistic.

              • So, you’re saying that if he was asked a direct question about the prospects given up – which I don’t know that he was, but whatever – his response should have been to clam up?

                Just want to make sure I understand.

              • Well he has been silent as to what/who teams were asking for at the deadline…and now what it would cost us at the waiver period.

                How did everyone like that?

                What is wrong with him giving his opinion/report on the prospects we gave up.

              • Could be he’s trying to get ahead of any criticism that may come later. I mean, if everyone thinks it’s going to be a no-name, and it ends up being someone more well known, this may soften the blow.

              • SeanAY he could still say he liked the players he gave up and wish them all the luck without saying he thought the Mets did really good in the deal. He could just as easily say we really like the guys we received and you have to give up something of value to get something you want in return. That doesn’t imply he feels one way or another about what he gave up or if he “won” or “loss” this trade.

              • I don’t think what he said is any different than the generic answers you presented.

              • SeanAY the original post I saw about NH’s comments was.

                “The Mets are going to get a nice second piece” And then he said something about the Mets doing well with this trade.

                The one you posted is.

                “New York’s going to get a pretty good second piece. The Mets did a nice job.”

                I don’t know if it makes any sense but the second one at least to me isn’t as bad. I read that to say he thinks the Mets ran a good negotiation overall. The first one reads more like they did really well when talking specifically about what the pirates gave up.

              • Nate,

                I copied directly from DK’s tweet. Verbatim.

              • He was asked a question, and he answered it. If he thinks that the Mets did well in this trade, his answer doesn’t hurt anybody. If he thinks that he totally ripped the Mets off, his answer doesn’t hurt anybody, and doesn’t offend the Mets, so he can go back and totally rip them off again some day.

                I don’t understand why anybody would care what a GM says in the first place. Any GM who gave honest answers to every question would be fired within a month, and any GM who refuses to answer questions from the media would be fired within a month.

        • Just reporting what I read, not making negative comments regarding NH. The guy on the chat at MLBTradeRumors said the same thing, nice pickup for the Mutts

          • I was just confused by who was saying the Mets made out, that’s all…….

          • Uh oh. But I’m not complaining.

          • The way I read Dejan’s tweet, NH was the one that said the Mets made a nice deal, but…..

            Look at my standing in the Playoffs Pool, I’ve been wrong once or twice before…..

            • LOL..thanks. That’s all I was asking about. Not bashing NH or anyone else on the situation.

              I expected NH to laugh and point the finger (index) at the Mets telling them how he pulled the wool over their eyes.

              Seems as though many are way to petty over certain things.

    • If it is on Twitter then it happened, right?

  7. Certainly a much needed trade by the Pirates.
    I just wish (for more reasons than one) it would’ve been done a month ago.
    I’m not huge on Marlon Byrd, but he is definitely better than the other options they have in RF.
    I remain concerned about Marte (though it’s good news no surgery is needed).
    I believe that is what pushed Huntington over the edge.

    • I am huge on anyone that can help this lineup. Period.

      Isnt that what trades are supposed to do??
      Isnt that why a GM gets his $$$$ ??

      I am just amazed , and shocked neal pulled any triggers.
      But, I am not complaining, and am happy he did.

    • I think that the Marte injury did push Huntington, and the Harvey injury gave the Mets a reason to give up on trying to win as many games as possible, plus Travis D’Arnaud’s recovery from his injury made Buck expendable. The realization that they weren’t going to win as many games as they’d like and the chance to unload some of Buck’s remaining salary made them willing to deal.

  8. Players will not just have to come off the 25, also the 40.

  9. Read that Starling Marte will not need surgery but will be two weeks before he can swing bat…ugh!

    Makes the addition of Byrd all the more important as it appears Marte will miss all six of the remaining games versus St Louis.

  10. I would like to be the first here to oficially panic about the 2016 team.
    Who is going to play second base now?

    Dear Lord, the .265 hitting at Low-A ball player got traded.
    What ever will we do in 3 years????

    - Playoffs Foo

    • Well, I won’t panic, but I admit I like prospects. But I also like this trade.

      We had a wonderful draft this year and we have some room to unload some for proven major leaguers.

      Hats off the Bobsey Twins for this move.

      • +1.

        Lost among this……. somewhere on the morning thread, someone posted that the Pirates gave up a high prospect.
        I dont agree with this at all.

        Last year, neal gave up Grossman, the # 8 or 9 prospect.
        Today, its Herreria, the #10 or 11 prospect.

        To me, a “top prospect” is Top 5.
        neal still hasnt come close to that.
        And, I am not saying he should, just pointing out a “top” prospect hasnt been traded yet.
        Good for neal for not giving up a true top prospect fop Byrd.
        And, I am not complaining in the clubhouse.

        • At least we got your definition of ‘top prospect’.

          I hope this prospect doesn’t turn out to be another Willie Randolph

          Actually I don’t care how he turns out.

          • TC,

            I thought I explained my top prospect criteria once before, but maybe not.

            I hope this isnt Willie 2 also.
            But prospects dont work out 75% of the time.
            I am in favor of this trade regardless.

            You have to give to receive.

            • I just thought you kept saying that he wouldn’t part with ‘prospects’


              • Oh, on some of my sarcastic posts, in response to other posters telling neal to NOT give up prospects, I did say he would never give up any prospects. Guilty as charged.

                I am not looking forward to some people complaining about Byrd’s performance in September, and screaming that neal gave up too much.

                Not looking forward to that at all.

          • Don Money for a HORRIBLE Jim Bunning?

            That, I still care about.

        • I agree plan. Herrera although a good prospect if very raw and young. I would not consider him a top prospect. Definately I nice piece for the Mets to get for players that they were not going to have next year. I feel it was appropriate for what the Pirates needed and got.

    • Sorry, forgot to mention that my original comment was

  11. Um — does the “trade” mean the front office has given up on Tony Sanchez? What does a .215 hitting catcher who doesn’t know the staff have that Sanchez doesn’t? I agree on Byrd but not Buck.

    • His 15 dingers would currently put him 3rd on our team. We just added 36 home runs to our lineup, when you combine Byrd’s 21 home runs, for nothing…….Also strengthens our bench when Sept. 1st call ups happen, you can carry three catchers.

      • I’ve heard that said before. I’m struggling to understand how we added 36 HR that already happened, and there are 32 games left in the regular season.

        • Ummm…because their stats are still current and can be added to our total team stats. No guarantee of home runs in the future, but we did “add them”.

    • No way they have given up on Sanchez, but an experienced, power hitting catcher over a rookie for the next couple of months is a not a bad thing.

      Tony will be the everyday backup next year and take over the reigns from Russell in 2015. Plus, he’ll be right back up with September call ups right around the corner.

    • The Mets could have insisted Buck be included, but more likely it just means they want a backup catcher with more experience. I don’t feel it means they have given up on Sanchez. I think they like him and expect him to play 50-60 games behind Martin next year. A pennant race is no time to give a catcher his first big chunk of playing time if Martin gets hurt.

    • I think that the Marte injury did push Huntington, and the Harvey injury gave the Mets a reason to give up on trying to win as many games as possible, plus Travis D’Arnaud’s recovery from his injury made Buck expendable. The realization that they weren’t going to win as many games as they’d like and the chance to unload some of Buck’s remaining salary made them willing to deal.

    • No, it means that they still have two guys who can catch for the playoffs if a catcher goes down with injury in September. If you give up on a young catcher you don’t go out and get an old, overpaid guy to replace him, you get somebody who will be around for a while. Buck will be gone from the Pirates forever on after the last game of this season, whenever that may come.

      I suspect that the Mets wouldn’t have traded Byrd unless Buck’s salary was part of the deal.

  12. So Marlon Byrd’s 50 game steroid suspension last year doesn’t bother anybody ? Just the other team’s cheaters suck. Just checking.

    • Forgive and forget. (cue music with angelic choir)


    • No, it bothers me.

      • Thanks for the honest answer 21. I haven’t heard or seen it mentioned once by the locals. I’ve been rooting for ARod for a couple weeks so I’m pre-conditioned.

    • Doesn’t bother me at all. He accepted the consequences of his actions.

      And just for the record, not all cheaters suck. Just the ones who play for the Brewers and Reds.

    • Milo, you bring up a good point.

      I dont think Byrd lied, covered up, or attacked the collector.
      His attorneys didnt hold a dog and pony show, and didnt smear others.

      It does bother me that he got busted, but he did serve his penalty without complkaining.
      For the record, all teams cheaters suck.
      Its how they handle it after serving their suspension that matters to me.

    • It is disappointing, but if he tests clean now, then why shun him?
      He did his time, so to speak, if he’s clean now then I’m fine with him.

      Think about it.

      How many guys on the 1979 team were putting substances up there noses?
      How many guys on the 1971 team were smoking and dropping various substances?
      How many on the 1960 team were taking “greenies”?

      Sports is fraught with players always looking to gain an edge on the competition.
      Get caught, take your punishment, don’t do it again.

  13. Neil Walker:

    “Are we happy? Can’t say that — because they’ll replace 2 current players. But, yes, (Byrd and Buck) should help.”

    STFD Neil and just hit the ball.

    DK: I just spoke with Neil. You’re totally, totally misreading what he said. I’ll clarify in column.

  14. “I made an inexcusable mistake,” the statement said. “Several years ago, I had surgery for a condition that was private and unrelated to baseball. Last winter, I suffered a recurrence of that condition and I was provided with a medication that resulted in my positive test. Although that medication is on the banned list, I absolutely did not use it for performance-enhancement reasons.

    “I am mortified by my carelessness and I apologize to everyone who loves this game as I do. I will serve my suspension, continue to work hard and hope that I am given an opportunity to help a club win later this season.”

    - Marlon Byrd
    June 25, 2012

  15. This could be inaccurate, but I just heard Casey Stern (afternoon host with Jim Bowden) on MLB Radio say that the Pirates caught a break in that Starling Marte will not need surgery. Well, we all heard that over the weekend. He went on to say that “he should be swinging in a couple of weeks.” If true, that puts him 2 weeks out + a week or so of rehab, I assume. That could be 3 weeks. 3 weeks = 60% of remaining regular season.

    I continue to say the Byrd trade was mostly about replacing Starling, and had very little to do with replacing Tabata.

  16. This just happened:

    My wife called me and said “I heard we picked up some bats”.


    World may be coming to an end.

    (and she was really worried they were getting rid of the Fort…which I said “I know you think he’s cute, but he stinks)

  17. Wonder how much more damage Marte did to that hand by having to stay in that game last Sunday against Arizona ? Remember, they ran out of players & couldn’t get him out of there to get it checked.

  18. Did we ever hear whether Wandy got to see Andrews, or whoever it was he was visiting that always gives you bad news?

  19. When reached for comment, Ryota Igarashi said he was shocked to hear the Pirates has traded away future hall of famer Dilson Herrera.

  20. Marte has been out for what almost a week. So he is in to healing now. The issue is Marte gave them speed, really good D, and occasional pop. He may well benefit from the time off and more importantly, Tabata is not quite the killer batting first than lower in the lineup. Byrd has gap power and that’s good news at PNC. He also will move everyone down a notch and that will make the lineup more productive as it pushes down Jones to seventh. If he get hot, then CH has flexibility to move him up. But the Alvarez/Jones back to back was killing this team. Martin is not a five hitter.

  21. Hey! Friends don’t let friends keep making comments on the other thread! I added a nice little new chapter for Mad Magazine’s biopic: “The Kelly Shopvac Story!” We need someone to leave a marker of some kind on the dead threads!

    • I made the Shop Vac comment, Bay. But, I don’t understand the Mad Mag reference. I just think Shoppach sounds like Shop Vac.

      • From what most people have said, he sucks, so Shop Vac isn’t too much of a stretch.

      • Sorry, Jim. You may not be old enough to remember Mad Magazine, but they were always taking movies and writing funny substitute stories for them, with funny titles. I remember for Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,” it was “Botch Casually & The Some Dunce Kid!”

  22. For Lad 9 and any other fan of Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 60′s.

    In honor of our newest Bucco.


  23. This just in:

    Neil Walker petitions MLB to let the Pirates expand their roster to 27 players…so that none of his friends have to be sent out to make room for Byrd and Buck.

    More to follow.

    • The latest craze by FO backers…..Neil Walker.
      Strange andy unusual…..

      • The Regime cannot be disrespected!

      • I said that his pouting about the lack of major additions last year seemed like just that, pouting. Spoke to the team being mentally weak.

        Then again, I also think that none of that means anything if 1) He’s productive and 2) His teammates hold him in regard.

        Not everyone is a conspiracy by the “mysterious,” “shadowy” Regime.

        • No ….Some choose to point in other “dimly lit” conspiracy directions via Neil Walker.

          • You/re really stretching, Daq, on a day when the “Regime” actually did something.

            How you doing, by the way?

            • I’m down on the Walker bashers here lately.
              Perhaps they should keep it up so that we can see more 3 run HR’s.
              Me?…I’m fine!

  24. John Heyman is now reporting the the Buccos have turned their attention towards Morneau….

  25. DK,

    What was NH’s response about expecting them both here tonight?

    Yay or Nay?

  26. everybody knows that the Byrd is the word!

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    Pennsylvania – Downtown, Hopewell, Indiana, North Wales, Franklin Park, Forest Hills, Lansdale, Philadelphia, Du Bois, Reading, Crafton, Arnold, Wexford, Mt Lebanon, Canonsburg, Lancaster, Huntington, York, Boiling Springs, Philly suburbs, Morningside, Harrisburg, Lawrenceville, Bradfordwoods, Norristown, Hanover, Clearfield, Sewickley, Plum Boro, Slippery Rock, Wilkes-Barre, Sharpsville, Bessemer, Greensburg, Washington, Imperial, South Side, Duncansville, Newville, Sheppton, Grove City, Butler, Allentown, Ross Township, Blairsville, Flood City (Johnstown), Overbrook, Danny’s Hoagies, Baldwin, Economy, Sharpsville, Erie, North Huntington, Bellfonte, West Mifflin, Kennywood, Pleasant Hills, Beechview (Mad Turk, No 200), Macgunie, Mechanicsburg, Uptown, Cambria County, Mon Valley, Salisbury, Coraopolis, Emsworth, Cranberry Twp, Garrett, O’Hara Township, McCandless Township, 115 Federal Street, Bethel Park, Harrison City, Penn Hills, Kittanning, Dover, Lebanon, Upper St Clair, Rennerdale, Oakland, Scranton, Moon (RMU), State College, Erie, Penn Twp, Stowe, Elizabeth, Hermitage, Easton, Carlisle, Finleyville, Belle Vernon, Madison, Sellersville, Waynesburg, Warren, Beaver Falls, Chambersburg, Green Castle, East Freedom, Leechburg, Banksville City, Ellwood City, Hollidaysburg, Bethlehem, Mars, Verona, Phillipsburg, Phoenixville, Hippos Pond, Oil City, Verona, Hookstown, Squirrel Hill, Greencastle, Natrona, Charleroi, FREEDOM, Denver, Midland (the home of good food and many bars), Selinsgrove, Dormont, Scott Township, Blawnox
    The Phillipines
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina – Duncan, Longs, Columbia, Bluffton, Greensville, Charleston, North Charleston
    South Korea – Seoul, Mike
    Tennessee – Smithville, Nashville
    Texas – Tyler, San Antonio, Belton, Houston, Katy, Plano, El Paso, Cedar Park, Pleasanton
    United Kingdom – Haslemere
    Utah – Salt Lake City, Provo
    Vermont – North Bennington
    Virginia – JAL, Hampton, Rescue, Richmond, Front Royal, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Warrenton, Springfield*, Virginia Beach, Fairfax, Arlington, Yorktown, Henrico, Aldie, Manassas, Newport News, Clifton, Glen Allen, Roanoke
    Washington – Seattle, Nine Mile Falls, Spokane, Sammamish
    West Virginia – Martinsburg, Morgantown, Wheeling, Mt Olivet, Huntington, Parkersburg
    Wisconsin – Madison, Oshkosh, Hortonville
    Wyoming – Caspar, Lander
    Unknown – killa_cam7*

    392 confirmed locations represented in the blog,
    Lunatic Nation Hall of Fame, people that have, in our opinion, made a difference, either thru talent or character or deeds.
    Nominations are always welcome
    Any Allegheny, Pirate, Crawford, Gray, Steeler or Penguin player in the League’s Hall of Fame, although if Jagr makes it some day, we gotta talk
    Stan “The Man”, from Donora
    Lemonade Guy
    The Gunner, Mr Bob Prince
    The Great One, he stays regardless
    Mike Lange
    Myron Cope
    The Honorable Mayor Richard Caliguiri
    Kevin Mcclachety
    Mike Emerick
    Commander Hadfield, courtesy of the Space Station
    Fred Rogers
    Mario Lemieux, ditto to the Great One, he stays as an owner
    Chuck Noll
    Eddie Johnston, aka EJ
    Badger Bob
    Chuck Tanner
    Dick Groat, the best darn multi-athelete and announcer from Wilkinsburg/Swissvale
    Steve Blass
    Danny Murtaugh*
    Rocky Bleier*
    John Challis – Courage + Belief = Life
    All Servicemen and women that have been in battle, ever
    Sgt Doug Vitale
    Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band
    Barney Dreyfuss
    First Responders***
    23 countries
    46 states, plus the District of Columbia, missing 4 states, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alabama, and Kansas
    Two planets, at least confirmed, and the Space Station
    Honorable mention, England – London – Lisa
    “Terrorists will always lose in America, the sooner they figure out, the better”- truer words have never been spoken
    Asterisks denote confirmed hero’s, military, police officers or firemen/ladies
    8/27/2013 5:22 PM

  28. We need a nice easy PBC victory to settle this joint down a bit ;-)

  29. First pictures of Byrd and Buck arriving in Pittsburgh………

  30. Just watched the Mission : October show on the Pirates.

    This is a nice little 1/2 hour show.
    Had players mic’d up.
    The show concentrated on the Pirates 4-game series in SF. Had some player thoughts interspersed in between game footage.

    Showed Martin is a true team leader, in the clubhouse as well as on the field.
    Nice pace, not too slow, nor too fast.

    Only bad thing in the entire half hour, was Coonelly had a 30 second bit in there. He appeared sober, and said Martin was a huge acqusition. He didnt embarrass himself.

    If they have a re-run of this show, I highly recommend watching it.
    I also recommend watching the other teams that will be profiled. Good stuff.

    • I recorded it, and just watched it as well, plan. Nice synopsis.

      • Jim, thanks.

        Sometimes I watch these shows, and they are a clunker because of the 1/2 hour time limit.
        They really did a nice job with this.
        If this is the quality of show the Fox1 channel will have, I will be watching more of it.

        • Agree. & it was up to date through Sunday.

          & I was thinking the same thing about FC. Was hoping he would not embarrass us.

  31. I went thru this whole thread.

    No one noted that the Mets had to throw Cash to the Pirates? That makes me hate the trade a little. That’s the old penny pinching that has haunted the Pirates forever. Does this mean we could have had them all month, if we’d just accepted them and paid up?

    Trying to keep positive, but Brewers in town makes me a nutcase.

    • Would you hate it as much of that money saved went toward another bat like Morneau?

      • I don’t think much money was saved, since the season is 80% over. It is possible the Mets insisted on adding money and getting better prospects.

        Let’s face it, they had the Pirates over a barrel. Marte is out a few more weeks, maybe more. The Pirates were desperate.

    • Buck makes $6 mil this season. They better have gotten money for him.

      • So, that’s $1.2 million for Buc kand less than that for Byrd. In MLB terms … heck, even Pirates terms, that is not a lot of money. I was thinking the Pirates would have taken on those salaries and given a lesser prospect, but maybe the Mets insisted on including the money so they could get Herrera rather than #20, for instance.

  32. Oh, and typical 24/7 reporting, talking of how Buck is a career journeyman backup. Buck has been a starter wherever he goes.

  33. Could the Pirates really pull off another trade and get Morneau?

    • They could, for sure. But, what I am reading, Nor Cal, is the Twins are not very realistic (according to the Pirates) in their demands at present. We have seen the Pirates stretch already today.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you Jim, but how did the Pirates “stretch” today?

        Just asking.

        • I think the consensus is they paid over market value for one month of two guys, Arriba. I could be wrong, but I thought they stretched. I am good with it, though. Although I am generally a prospect hoarder, I felt they needed to do this. Marte will not be back for awhile.

          So, I meant that if the Pirates are saying the Twins are unrealistic, they should know – having just overpaid, or felt they overpaid.

    • It’s silly to speculate on what is being written. There is still 4 days till the deadline. Based on the number of teams interested at this point I would bet the asking is high…. If it wasn’t I am sure he would have been dealt to someone by now.

  34. 40 man moves made:

    Russ Canzler – DFA (Russ, we hardly knew ye)
    Kyle McPherson – 60 day

  35. Canzler designated for assignment

    • Interesting, am thinking that would mean Pie stays and Lambo goes to the minors. Don’t think Pie has any options left

  36. Any media member / blogger that uses the term “the bump” should be immediately beheaded.

  37. Fantasy Football


    Dejan’s Lunatics

    Get a team, its something more for us to complain about ;-)

    Beat Em Bucs
    Go Like 60

  38. So who will be in the Byrd’s nest in the right field stands tomorrow?

  39. If everyone got this excited for Byrd and Buck, just wait until they announce the Morneau deal tomorrow. This place will blow up.


  40. A-well-a, everybody’s heard about the Byrd
    Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
    A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, the Byrd is the word
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    A-well-a, don’t you know about the Byrd
    Well, everybody knows that the Byrd is the word
    A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word

  41. You know, most of us dont like to admit we are wrong about most things.

    But I am very happy to admit I was wrong about neal getting a bat by moving off his butt.
    These guys may or may not set the world on fire in September, but a legitimate effort was put forth to upgrade the lineup and bench. As a fan, that is all you can ask for.

    Now if others here would share the “feel-goodness” of admitting they are sometimes wrong, well, we would be more like Lucky.


  42. Coming to you from behind Andrew Lambo at lovely PNC Park tonight. It looks like a great night to skewer the Brew Crew! And starting tomorrow night, I christen the right field stands… THE BYRD’s NEST!!! Lets go Bucs!!!

  43. Unreal two infield hits and what should have been strike three and instead bases loaded nobody out, is could get ugly early.

  44. Already in the hole in this one 1-0 and only two out and man on third.

  45. Locke limits the damage, considering. Time rough up Lohse tonight.

  46. You know why they scored ? Mr. Aoki, that’s why.

  47. Going to be a long game if they run the bases that poorly. They gave us a chance and we gave it right back. Heads need to be in the game tonight and the rest of the homestand.

  48. How could Leyva let Walker get thrown out at 2nd that way ?

  49. Rally caps out already. Come on bats!!!!

  50. Pedro says “shift this!” as he goes through the tight hole between first and second. Come on Martin your due buddy.

  51. wah, wah, wah…. what!!!!

  52. Wow! Are you lunnies hanging on every pitch like I am? More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Hit the ball!!!!

    Bo Buccos!

  53. 15 innings without a run, need to do better than that in a pennant race. Frustrating as Lohse does not even appear to have great stuff.

  54. One reason that winning the division is essential is that, with six of the last nine games with the Reds, those series could determine home field for the WC sudden death game. Also, if they haven’t clinched the division, they might not be able to get their rotation set up and could be limited to who they march out to the bump (just for you, Milo) for that elimination game.

  55. Nothing cheap about that one from Ramirez.

  56. Dave Littlefield strikes again.

    • I hope you are joking, or being sarcastic.

        • Either would work.

          Bud Selig forced McClatchy to dump salary due to debt ration in 2003.
          McClatchy forced Littlefield to dump salary to meet the demands.
          Kris Benson was the original trade target, I think, but he got injured.

          There are many things to make fun of Littlefield for, but this isnt one of them.
          He was forced to do this, much to the detriment of the Pirates for years to come.

          • Disagree completely.

            Arguably one of the worst trades ever made by this organization by one of its worst general managers ever.

            • Oh, agreed 100% on the worst GM, and worse trade.

              But, realistically, this wasnt Littlefields call.
              He was forced to do it.

              Many villians here.
              Selig, McClatchy, debt ratio.

              Like I said, bad trade by a bad GM.
              If he isnt forced to do it, it never happens.

              • No question he was forced to make the trade, but I’ve come to the conclusion over time that he panicked, and a competent GM could have made a better deal, even if forced. I came to this conclusion when he traded for Matt Morris, and ignored the Giant’s offer to pay some of his salary. This was confirmed when the Cubs hired him as a scout. (That last sentence is only partially tongue in cheek)

              • Good Point, AW.

                He did panic, probably because McClatchy was breathing down his neck.

                The 3 candidates to be traded were Benson, who got hurt, Kendall, who had that horrible contract no one would trade for, or Ramirez.

                Yes, Littlefield shouldnt have traded him to a division rival, but that is easy to see now.

                A trade that set the team back years……….

  57. 20-0 now! whoops, 2-0 after Ramirez CRUSHED that pitch by Locke. Might as well be 20-0 if this offense doesn’t wake up.

  58. Three games at home vs. Milwaukee. If you’re serious about being a division contender, you WIN three games at home vs. Milwaukee. No excuses. That’s all.

  59. Four infield hits for Brewers already, ominous sign.

  60. Aramis Ramirez…


  61. Keep. The. Ball. Down.

  62. They look ready for football season. Boring lifeless game so far.

  63. 89 mph fastball by Locke…

  64. That Aramis Ramirez is one heck of a player. The former Bucco has somewhat quietly put together a very solid career.

  65. 2-3-4, make it happen. 5-6-7 keep it going, 8-9-1 finish for the next round to start. OFFENSE!!!!!

  66. NH on ROOT just said the Mets got two good promising prospects. Has the PTBNL be named?

  67. I wanted to say something about the certain ornithological reference regarding mass awareness of a certain aviary variety…..

      • Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, the Byrd is the word
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        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, well, the Byrd is the word
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        A-well-a, don’t you know about the Byrd
        Well, everybody knows that the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word

  68. That was almost a Kovacevic shot

    Almost hit The Sign

  69. Man our ball girls are players.

  70. Great slide by Scooter. Lost art.

    And the Pirates are in a bit of trouble. Has that Byrd taxi made it to PNC yet ?

  71. The not ready for prime time players.

  72. Ball game.

    Jeff Locke needs to be removed from the rotation. He’s lost his mo-jo.

    By no means I think they should give up on him long term, just short term. 1st full year in the big leagues.

    • Agreed he was just beyond fatigued for going on 3 starts now and they really had no option but to run him out there until the call ups in a few days.

  73. Well game over, Locke can not make his next start versus the Cardinals.

    This looks like a wild card team at best.

  74. I think we can now call the Byrd era a failure.

  75. Locke doesn’t throw hard enough to go inside to Aramis like that.

    Fooled him in the 1st one, about all you’re gonna get.

  76. Locke is regressing to his mean.

  77. Maybe we should start keeping our young pitchers away from AJ

  78. Maybe Locke is the PTBNL and thought he was pitching for the Mets.

  79. I hope Byrd can pitch.

  80. Cumpton, or Gomez needs to replace Locke in the rotation immediately.

    Maybe Locke is hurt? He seems to have lost some MPH off his pitches.

  81. Since “The THOM” said “he sucks” about Jeff Locke…..

    7 starts, 33.1 IP, and 27 runs….

  82. Haven’t been on much lately, so if this has been said already I apologize……This year’s Jeff Locke is a carbon copy of last year’s James McDonald

  83. Ball game? Game over?

    Come on folks.It is a pennant race. I hope the players don’t have that wimpy attitude. Geez, act like ya been here before. Its tough but you hang an till the last pitch, Pathetic fans some of ya bloggers.

  84. We’re going to have a winning record….right

  85. Brewers have not lost any of their last 5 road series.

  86. Mr. Aoki with the blooper!

  87. we have a game!

  88. Division champs!!!!!!!!! This team does not quit!

  89. This team needed that HR right now.

  90. Walker absolutely CRUSHED that ball, maybe what was needed to wake this team up!

  91. game on, suckers!!

  92. I forgive Neil for his “not happy” comments. :-P

  93. That went right over my head. Crushed it. Neal!

  94. I am literally in shock. Great job NW.

    I usually don’t give up on the team that quickly, but the way things have been going I figures no chance.

    Way to go!

  95. Dang it!! I hate that fence.

    Pedro with 3 hits

  96. Man, Pedro cant get a break with those doubles!

    But, we just have to get him in !!

  97. Gosh that is the third time in past week where Alvarez hits a ground rule double that prevents run from scoring.

  98. terrible luck with the ground rule double.

  99. When Walker is in that groove, no one has a swing that is more majestic looking.

    I wish someday he finds that from the right side.

  100. Starting my Pie must stay campaign.

  101. I’d like to start a Gomez for the Rotation campaign

  102. C’mon Gaby! Lets go Bucs. Get a blog mojo going and magical things can happen. You write doom and gloom and you might get it. Not me. Lets go Bucs!

  103. I emailed Mr. Kovacevic this, and he thought some of you might enjoy this. It’s pretty personal.

    So here we go …


    I feel like playing Ode to Joy

    The sad part is just because we might try to win

    Today I spoke to my Grandfather ( basically my dad) you know the times and all (Gampy passed 17 yrs ago)

    I told him we might win this, they might care

    Gamp took me to Forbes as he did my mum ( he said she just liked to go to eat the cracker Jacks, cotton candy and have a pop and feed the pigeons)

    When I was old enough I said that I liked Bob Clemente and we sat on the right field line after that

    One memorable moment in my life was when Gampy was just getting a beer at a bar with Elroy Face and Mr Face came to the apartment and gave me a signed hat that was lost in many moons ago

    That’s one of the differences between the ballplayer now days and when they were just regular people ( do you have any of those memories?)

    My friend form Austria came over for the 92 playoff and we stayed at Gig & Gampy’s

    I took a spot next to the pipe in the dining room to sleep and gave Fil the couch (Hobart St near Murry Ave)

    Yea I’m a Squirrel Hill Boy but only Jewish by Proxy

    Sorry about this stream of consciousness but I thought you might like it or it might just be therapy for me

    My favorite memories on Hobart St or Forbes Ave listening to the Bucs with Gamp

    I am probably being too optimistic but I was brought up that way from my grandparents

    I was laid off <6 months ago so my faith has waned a bit

    The Buccos have helped me get through these trying times ( 2 jobs in 26 years and now they are mad that I'm unemployed and and think I'm old but I'mnot that old and have obligations) (really sorry about that one)) damm

    By the way this Ode to Joy isn't bad

    • Thank You for sharing this.

      And welcome !

    • Thank You for sharing this.

      And welcome !

    • Thank you so much. You have my best wishes!

    • Michael, bless you for sharing your special memories with us. These Bucs are making more of those. We’re all hoping for more of the good ones. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Hang in there…it WILL get better. Prayers for you.

    • Hang in there Michael. It will get better. They cant keep us Greenfield/Sq Hill boys down. Good stories. Thank you for sharing.

    • With all due respect to every entry ever submitted, none was so full of culture as this one. The Ode to Joy, which is the highlight to Beethoven’s beautiful Ninth Symphony, is one of my all time favorites, just a small step in front of Irish Jim’s Byrd Song.

      Thank you for this!

    • I grew up 2 blocks away from Hobart Street, Michael.

      • I used to hang with some guys from “The Run”, back in the day

      • I dont know how to reply to all
        Thank you very much for your well wishes and prayers
        that is not taken lightly by me

        I never intended to make that public even though I am a very open human

        the subject line in the email to DK was My heart is filled with joy

        I would love to come back to Pittsburgh but we will see

        Never thought I’d post Ode to Joy & the Ramones in one night

        They owe this ( the pirates to those like my grandfather and everyone who has been there from afar or dauntown.

        You never know when you will be back as we well know from the Pipers, Pitt, Steelers, Pens & Buccos

        But there is a tradition in Pittsburgh of sports and community
        There is no community anywhere is as it relates to sports other than there

        I have taken friends from Wales to the dreaded ST L to the Burgh and they have always been amazed at our generosity and friendship-ships even though they were only there a week

        You guys & gals make me proud to be from there and I miss it alot
        there is nowhere in the world like it

        Ok gotta be done now

        Hope to be back in the burgh soon (living there I mean)


  104. This crowd, while not overly large, has been steadily into the game. With the exception of when Locke just sucked the life out of it when he could not throw the ball over the plate, that is. Stay in this thing Loonies. Good things are coming. Like that Lambo leap the ball just took!

  105. Someday, I want AJ to hit Pie with a pie in the face.

  106. Pie in the face to you Mr. Loshe!!! 5-5 all in!! Come on more runs on the pond.

  107. Have you, or have you not heard?

  108. Pie new LF/lead off until Marte return?

    OK Ryan, stick to your 1 game at a time philosophy.

  109. Come on Jones! 3-1 and you swing at that crap. Here we go Walker, base hit scores the go ahead run!!

  110. planimal and Brandecita and Lad the Rad one. Our boys have tied it up. Lad is at the game, right? Send good vibes for our boys!

    • Hi Jandy!

      I think this trade for Byrd has made some batty! ;)

      • Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, well, the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a ,Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, well, the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, well, the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word
        A-well-a, don’t you know about the Byrd
        Well, everybody knows that the Byrd is the word
        A-well-a, Byrd, Byrd, b-Byrd’s the word

      • Slap happy forsure! Hope your day went well Hipposter

  111. Thank goodness Mercer is in the game for his greater .60 batting average and better glove work than Barmes.

  112. Shoddy defense tonight.

  113. What a play by NW. That is heads up baseball.

  114. Walker said, “you throw me out, I’ll throw you out.” nice save there.

  115. Crap

  116. Just freaking walk Ramirez with the base open. Killing us all night long.

  117. Turn a routine DP, they don’t score. Defense has cost them 4 runs tonight.

  118. The defense hasn’t been doing the job recently either.

  119. This is what is frustrating about this club lately…not being able to do the little things…

  120. I’m gonna guess Pedro doesn’t get much to hit here.

  121. If they rallied from 5 down I think they can manage 1 more…faith people!

  122. PEDRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Thank Willie that that ball hit the fair pole!!! tie ball game again 6-6!

  124. 4 hits!!!! PaaaaaYyyyyyyydrroooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  125. Pedro stinks. Lets trade him at high value. ;-)

  126. Hey Lad, pole get in your way ?

  127. El Toro with NL leading HR #32 and shows why you let him swing 3-0. Tied again this is one you have to find a way to pull out.

  128. I give credit to this offense tonight…they have picked up Locke and spotty defense..

  129. If anyone is going to the game on the 1st I would love to buy the Pirates ear buds off of you.

    I have a son that would love them.

  130. I smell a walk off

  131. We’ve only put up 3 zeroes tonight. And it’s been a collaborative effort. Gotta shut the door now. No more.

  132. Petey is hot tonite!

  133. Can we get Morris out of there please?

  134. No adult should be called Scooter

  135. Ugh.

    Need another comeback!

  136. Saw this at the bottom of the ESPN box score………….

    Jeff Locke (PIT): 4 2/3 IP, 5 ER; in his last 6 starts, he’s allowed 24 ER in 26 2/3 IP. He had allowed 29 ER in his previous 20 starts combined, spanning 121 2/3 IP. Locke had a 2.15 ERA through his start on July 26. 6 starts later, it is 3.22.


  137. As the commander of Bastogne said during the Battle of the Bulge to the Germans – “Nuts!”

  138. Before we blame the Pirates defense for their woes, we need to remember that this game would be 7-2 if it weren’t for Aoki’s drop.

    So essentially, 3-2 without defensive mstakes

  139. I seriously cannot stand Morris. He’s good for at least 1 walk per appearance; if not per inning pitched.

  140. We talk about all the wasted pitching performances. Even worse is wasting a night when they incredibly score 6 times.

  141. Morris not satisfied giving up the go ahead run, now he walks another to put another runner in scoring position.

  142. Mercer-Pie-PH coming up in the bottom half.

  143. Bryan Morris should be the long man/mop up guy out of the pen

  144. So why is Watson warming up, to keep the bullpen catcher loose ?

  145. Boy, the pitching sure does suck tonight.

  146. Tie game at home you use your 8th inning guy then your closer. It’s standard baseball.

  147. Too quick of an 8th inning for the home team. Bottom of the 9th will be 2-3-4 to hopefully tie this up and win it. As long as the guppie tank can preserve this one run deficit.

  148. They just showed Melancon’s entrance video & music and Watson ran in and is now pitching.

  149. After that foul pop dropped the guy in front of me said “Morneau would have caught that ”

    I am going to sign him up for the blog

  150. That is the 2nd time that Walker and Pedro have made a great defensive play!!!!

  151. Does not bode well for the next two games when they are lighting up our relief corps. Ex-Pirate going against us tomorrow and the man that always shuts us down on Thursday.

  152. Well. Don’t see that double play that often.

  153. Nice dp there! Hope the bats are louder in the 9th than the 8th

  154. Walker making some plays,

  155. Get some freaking runs and win this thing NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. OK. Ugly but effective Cutch.

  157. Come on Pedro make it even more memorable and bring Cutch home!!!!

  158. Stupid to pitch to Pedro.

    It was also stupid throwing him a 3-0 pitch in his wheel house earlier.

    Stay stupid Milwaukee

  159. Do they walk Pedro to put the go ahead run on base? With Martin not doing much, probably, but Martin has been big in the late inning heroics.

  160. That was close. Pitcher did himself in from being all over the place.

  161. Gaby looks good in leather

    Wear it!!

  162. One base hit, that is all we need. We love the long ball, but we just need a base hit!!!!

  163. Take one for the freaking team, Gaby!

  164. If Sanchez doesn’t walk he will make the last out, he is useless as a hitter.

  165. The win streak begins tomorrow…..

  166. Welp. That sucks….let’s go Reds

  167. STL up 4-1, so welcome to 1.5 out of first.

  168. Have said all season that this team as constructed has to win on pitching and defense, unfortunately tonight it did not get either this evening.

    Like the way they competed and made it a game but at the end of the day these are games you need to win.

  169. So now they’ve lost 11 out of 17 and probably 5.5 games in the standings.

    Last year over the exact same span they lost 12 out of 17 & 6.5 games in the standings.

  170. I don’t care what NH says….Locke needs to skip a turn in the rotation..

  171. 6-11. I hope they play good baseball soon.

  172. Tough loss tonight.

    Cant fault the bats at all.
    Some poor defensive plays cost us.
    Walker and Pedro made some good plays, but it wasnt enough.

    Horrible pitching tonight.
    Locke needs to go on the DL, or his spot given to someone else.

    As Milo said earlier, this team needs to swwep horrible teams.
    In there last 8 games, all against the worst teams in the league, the Pirates are 4-4.
    That wont win too many playoff games.
    If you cant beat the bottom feeders, how can you beat the better teams?

    Guess we just have to hope for the best for tomorrow.
    Go Bucs! With the new Byrd!

    • Locke should be optioned to AAA tonight, and recalled after sept 1st.

      It’s amazing a guy that was doing so well, has totally become the reincarnation of Zack Duke. Remember the guy who started out well, and turned into a batting practice pitcher.

      Bullpen has been getting torched lately, and i am afraid the division title is going to be a pipe dream, this time next week.

    • What plan said…

      Locke AND Bryan Morris need to go away.

      I am not happy. Good night.

  173. Who gets the pie in the face now, Bob Walk?

    What a stupid comment, by a stupid jackass!.

    I really hate when that guy makes his predictions.
    Seldom, do they come through.

    Put the horns of Martin for this one.
    At least this should be the last game he EVER bats in the 5th spot!.

  174. It’s time to readjust expectations. The goal is to get one of the wild card berths and win that play-in game. Anything beyond that is highly unlikely. Just too many bad signs, even with Byrd coming aboard. The saddest thing is they have to run Locke out there every 5 games knowing it will take 6 runs to even sniff a victory with him pitching. They just don’t have many other options.

  175. Gaby Sanchez, Player To Be Named NOW! I’m really kind of disappointed in him. The way he came out of spring training, I thought this was going to be a nice comeback year for him.

    • Don’t forget that nice effort by the dog (tabata), turning a semi routine catch into a 2 run double.

      I hope he is the player to be named later. Addition by subtraction, in my book!.

  176. Good job again–Gaby. Need to get Morneau tomorrow and let the “G” boys, Gaby and Garrett sit.

  177. Gaby sucks. And Jones sucks. Jones couldn’t hit a sac fly earlier and it came back to haunt us. And can the Locke 2nd half experiment end. Get him out of the rotation And get Jeanmar in. Locke killing the bullpen and the team. Good riddance

  178. Buccos are 25-25 since July 1st…

  179. Gabby sucks.

    Someone should drop copies of the very recent SI article in the lockers of Gabby, Tabata, Jones, etc. on the science of hitting which stresses the absolute importance of always keeping your hands inside the ball, as do the best hitters in the game like Cabrera, Trout, Votto . . . and throw Cutch in there too when he’s using the whole field instead of pulling the ball.

    Maybe then Gabby will get some real wood on one or two instead of constantly hitting lazy pop-ups to shallow center or 2 mph “liners” to infielders.

  180. 80-82 an absolute lock.

  181. Need this again, methinks from 1963.

  182. This team is just so frustrating…they should be playing their best baseball right now, not their worst….

  183. Good Night.
    Good Luck.
    Good Bryd.

    To everybody………….

  184. I think we’ll see a lot of towels thrown in here this time tomorrow night of Gorzelanny shuts us down!

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