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  1. Dejan, Maybe I missed it and it’s been analyzed and covered, but what in the world was DeCastro doing on the Pouncey play? It looks like he just blindly picked a spot to throw a dive block no matter who, or what, was in his way. Is that the intent of the zone blocking technique? Just blindy diving to a spot you think the DL is going to be engaged. That play, to the uneducated in zone blocking, looked almost comical if not for the tragic ending.

    DK: You just summarized it yourself quite nicely. Missed terribly.

  2. Hi Dejan. I realize it’s way early, but will Bucs have a legitimate shot at signing Marlon Byrd? Have been so impressed with his presence on field and in club house.

  3. Do you think it is time for a new Steeler OC? The offense since Haley has been here is getting worse. After last weeks game I don’t see us winning 5 games this year. We may have a shot at the overall #1 pick in next year’s draft. What are your thoughts..

  4. Hurdle said on the MLB Network earlier this week that Grilli was getting the closer’s job back.

    • Did he say this before or after watching him get pulled , before he could finish the inning in St louis or Texas?.

      Trust me, any manager with half a brain(even Clint Hurdle) is not making that switch this season.

      I am more concerned with getting Marte swinging the bat in real game situations.

      Melancon is the GUY for the 9th inning, as long as the Pirates continue on , in 2013, case closed!!.

      • “He [Morneau] can hit a left-hander. He’s done it his entire career…We did acquire Justin for a reason and we’re going to continue to try and build off that momentum and that confidence.”

        What exactly has Hurdle shown that gives you confidence he wouldn’t make the switch you’ve mentioned?

      • Hurdle hasn’t pushed any of the right buttons this year.

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