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Final: Padres 2, Pirates 0

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (87-62) vs. San Diego Padres (68-80)

Starters: RHP A.J. Burnett vs. RHP Andrew Cashner

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: PNC Park

TV, radio: Root Sports, 93.7 The Fan

Here’s the official live box score.

Here’s the Pirates’ lineup …

  1. Jose Tabata, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Marlon Byrd, RF
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Russell Martin, C
  8. Clint Barmes, SS
  9. Burnett, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates page. Rob Biertempfel and Travis Sawchik are on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


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  3. Baywatch says:

    Good afternoon, fellow LOONIES! Anyone else in the bin?

  4. Dom says:

    #1 75 OVER!!!
    #2 75 OVER!!!

  5. Dom says:

    I’m moving the wrong way.

  6. Jandy says:

    I dunno ’bout that bin, but I’m here!
    Congrats on the new job, Bay :)

  7. Baywatch says:

    This boy Kashner is one of these professional pitchers. Just doesn’t give up much. His last 10 starts? ZERO games giving up more than 3 runs! He’s from Conroe, TX, about three hours down the road from me … about an hour north of Houston.

  8. Baywatch says:

    Thanks, Jand. I’m still in wait mode until they arrange the training. It ain’t bad though, as I’m getting a lot of work as a FREE AGENT pizza delivery guy for Pizza Hut!

  9. Jandy says:

    Keep on keepin’ on, Bay! Meantime, keep the pizza’s rolling :)

  10. Jandy says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Bay….he’s a tough cookie then. Dang.

  11. Kevin says:

    So, Marte’s pretty much out for the year at this point, right? Relegated to late inning pinch run or pinch-hit opportunities. I heard over the weekend that he’s taking BP but still has a lot of pain.

  12. Jim S. says:

    Does your delivery radius extend to the Chicago area, Bay? If so, you could put us down for a large with pepperoni for tonights’s games.

  13. Jim S. says:

    The Cubs gave him up to get Anthony Rizzo. I believe there were some mechanical issues that hurt his control in the past. But, he appears to be putting it behind him now. He was tough on the Bucs in San Diego, and he has a great arm. Feels like another 3-2 game tonight.

    Well, as long as we have the 3 …

  14. Jim S. says:

    Maybe not, Kevin. Hurdle says it depends on Marte’s pain tolerance.

  15. Baywatch says:

    Why not, Jim! Us Pirates fans have been dreaming big for a LONG time! Let’s see, if I can just click these heels together … There’s no place like Jim’s. There’s no place like Jim’s … Auntie Em what chou doin’ here! :-)

  16. Thundercrack says:

    If runs and RBIs are still important, I hope we have more than the Padres tonight.

    And please let me add: :-)

  17. Baywatch says:

    Boy stands up there most of the season leading the league in HBP. He just might be a pain tolerance kinda guy! Of course, Tabby’s been fairly good!

  18. Jandy says:

    Nicest :) I’ve seen in a while

  19. NMR says:

    I found a way to agree with and challenge DK in the same post.

    He really must hate conversing with me.

  20. Jim S. says:

    I was thinking that, too. But, this hand thing must really be bad. He’s been out over a month, right? And, he’s wearing a friggin’ oven mitt on the bases.

  21. JaxBuc says:

    Please sir, no more wagers for me. I’ve done enough damage. If Biz didn’t have such an insurmountable lead (to the negative side), I might keep wagering.

    Go like 60!

  22. defil21 says:

    Motrin and water, and tell Marte to quit hanging out with Walker.

  23. Jim S. says:

    I promise a big tip if it’s still hot! :-)

  24. Baywatch says:

    LOL on the oven mitt!

  25. NMR says:


    That is exactly why I hate seeing a Manager go the “pain” route with a player.

  26. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  27. Baywatch says:

    :-) We likea de BEEG teeps!

  28. Jandy says:

    C’mon Jax, you can pass me up, go for it ;)

    Stinkin’ Germans ;)

  29. Jandy says:

    hey now, this blog is G rated!!!

  30. Jim S. says:

    They showed a graphic on the Cubs broadcast from PNC yesterday of the NL strikeout leaders among hitters. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but Jay Bruce had a very slight lead over Pedro, I think. Or, Pedro may have been 3rd. The other 3 guys in the top 5 were Uggla and the Upton brothers. So, Atlanta had 3 of the top 5.

    Atlanta seems pretty dependant on the HR. They lead the league. But, they are also 2nd in whiffs as a team. The Bucs allow the fewest HR in MLB by a pretty wide margin as of last week. If we play them in the playoffs, something’s gotta give. I wonder what it would be.

  31. cmat0829 says:


  32. Jim S. says:

    Are you implying that Hurdle can’t just say, “Hold your hand up for me” to Marte and be able to instantly tell whether he can play through the pain, NMR?

  33. Jim S. says:

    So were our comments, Ma’am!

  34. 21sthebest says:

    Hurdle said yesterday Marte is going to play in this series.

  35. Kevin says:

    ah yes, but are the bucs catching up at all in the HRs hit department?

  36. Jandy says:

    Nuh uh! :P

  37. JohninOshkosh says:


  38. JohninOshkosh says:

    Ah, that old traditional mid September foe: San Diego.

  39. 100 on both – under

  40. blazer says:

    Line 1 100 on the over
    Line 2 100 on the under

    Thanks Playoffs!

  41. NMR says:

    No, I’m explicitely saying that openly stating the only reason a given player cannot play is “just” pain opens said player up to criticism from tough guys like defil21.

    He’s injured. He’s recovering. He’ll play when he’s ready.

    ’nuff said.

  42. 21sthebest says:

    I need another placeholder for Drew:

    Drew, how many Thundercracks does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  43. TCB says:

    50 under for both lines. Thanks.

  44. Jim S. says:

    I sense maybe CH is a little frustrated with Marte on this. But, I agree with you that it does no good to mention it to the press.

    And, FTR, I really don’t believe Hurdle has much idea how much pain Marte is experiencing. I was being a bit facetious there.

  45. National Mart of Records,

    Exactly! Very appropriate comment!

  46. Nate83 says:

    Line 1 – 100 on the over
    Line 2 – 50 on the under.

  47. Jandy says:

    You forgot the ;) Jim

  48. Jandy says:

    Is that like the one for the field goal?

  49. Thundercrack says:


    If he’s tall enough

    One to screw it in, one to calculate his percentage

  50. 21sthebest says:

    From listening to Hurdle yesterday, I really didn’t feel like he was frustrated with Marte, but all he was saying was this is now about Marte seeing how much pain he can handle. He said the medical staff has said Marte can’t make the injury worse.

    Personally, I’m predicting offseason surgery. Probably not a stretch.

  51. Jason81 says:

    100 on the OVER for both lines, please!

  52. Thundercrack says:

    I get the impression that Clint is getting frustrated with answering questions about it.

    I’m sure he just wants to say ‘he’ll play when he can play’. But of course the media is still going to ask for updates everyday.

  53. Jason81 says:

    Almost as titillating as the upcoming series this weekend between the Giants and Yankees.

  54. defil21 says:

    Sweet my first call out. I was basically joking about the whole Marte thing, but I do consider myself a tough guy so thanks brother!

    I love Marte BTW and hope his hand heals fine for October baseball.

  55. theplanisworking says:

    Nationals game cancelled tonight…………

  56. 21sthebest says:

    Braves/Nationals game postponed due to the shooting.

  57. Nate83 says:

    I couldn’t comment this morning but implying that Morneau has been as valuable as Bryd in anyway seems a little crazy. Bryd has consistently contributed and has been a threat to change any game with one swing of the bat. Morneau except for 2 games where he went a combined 7 for 9 has done almost nothing. Jones has actually had more RBI and runs in way less at bats then Morneau.

  58. Jim S. says:

    Actually, the Bucs are a pretty good HR team. They are 7th in the NL overall, but 3rd in road HR’s hit. This weekend was an anomaly for PNC. It suppresses HR’s big-time.

    The Braves have hit 83 road HR, and the Bucs 80.

    Interestingly, Cincinnati has hit only 67 on the road and 81 at home.

    Just for fun (at least, fun to me):

    Pitching HRs allowed for those 3 teams:

    Bucs – 32 at home (Wow! – next closest is 48); 62 on road (4th best in NL). Bucs have hit 141 HR overall, and allowed on 94. That is an awesome ratio! Best in MLB.

    Reds – 91 at home (Hitter’s park); 62 on road (same as Bucs and basically facing same schedule)

    Braves – 52 at home; 65 on road

    Atlanta is a pretty similar team to the Bucs in a lot of ways.

  59. Jim S. says:

    Nothing matches the Seattle-St. Louis rivalry that was rekindled this past weekend.

  60. Jim S. says:

    But, will he bat with the oven mitt?

  61. toochca says:

    Considering the Braves are playing the Nationals…

    Who is rooting for the Nationals so that the Pirates can catch the Braves for Best Record?

    Who is rooting for the Braves in order to reduce the playoff Magic Number?

  62. Baywatch says:

    LOL on Nuh Uh … although I believe it was more like NUNH Huh. Now, we always gotta argue about SOMETHING on the blog!

  63. Baywatch says:

    LOL! This oven mitt thing … Why is it reminding me of that old baseball movie Gary Coleman was in? Oh, that’s right, set amongst the early ’80s Padres!

  64. Thundercrack says:


  65. NMR says:

    And Hasis.

  66. Jim S. says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Jandy. I’m going to toss in an extra one.

    :-) :-)

  67. toochca says:

    You will be on a list soon at the rate you’re going!!

  68. Jandy says:

    impossible lol

  69. Jandy says:

    HAHA, see and the Loonies say *I* bite…well, now you all see who bites ;)
    (Pun not intended :)

  70. Jim S. says:

    We have to be rooting for the Nats in that one. If our lead over Washington comes into play in the next 2 weeks, we don’t belong in the playoffs.

  71. Jandy says:

    Jim you’ve got it now :*

  72. Chuck H says:

    Hope we have our hitting clothes on tonight. I can’t take many more of those 2-1 or
    3-2 games. Let’s give A,J, some run support. GO, BUCS!!!

  73. Sorry I missed this morning’s discussion on Morneau. Sure did work out well having Gaby bat against the lefty yesterday, especially with guys on 2nd and 3rd and only one out!

    Blah, Blah, Blah to small sample size. I already hear your excuses.

    I like Morneau’s swing, I like his approach against righties and lefties, and I like Bucs playing every day. That will pay off the highest in the long run, I believe.

    My only problem is I DO believe in “The peripheral stuff such as runs and RBIs … aren’t we past using things like that?” But Dejan says that stuff doesn’t matter!!!

    My eyes tell me [not NMR’s stats] that Morneau’s swing and approach are better than Gaby’s. I’d give him the next 10 games to break out . . . . . then go to inferior Gaby if he does not.

    My #4 batter HAS to DRIVE IN RUNS!!

    By the way, the only time my TV will be on ESPN tonight is between innings.
    If the Steelers are going to run the ball as much as they say, there will be nothing to watch on ESPN anyway.

  74. toochca says:

    I agree. I just remember DK saying something to the effect that he couldn’t believe people were rooting for the Reds when they were playing the Cards.

  75. Thundercrack says:

    I can’t get past those things either Groat.

    Also, I do like Gabby.

  76. Kevin says:

    very interesting, Jim. Thanks for this!

  77. Kevin says:

    definitely rooting for the Braves… we control our own destiny against the Nats, only have to win 6 more.. but we need the help to catch the braves, obviously.

  78. Kevin says:

    +1. SECONDED! #FREERUNSUPPORT… although I do wonder if the pirates are leading the category of runs scored on wild pitches.

  79. Arriba Wilver says:


  80. NMR says:

    FWIW, I was less fond of what you insinuated about Walker.

  81. Kevin says:

    +1 and agree with most things. Morneau is due for a HR but I’ll be plenty happy with some more singles.. especially if one of those is with a fast runner on 2nd.

  82. kr70 says:

    1 and 2 100 on the over on both…thanks

  83. JohninOshkosh says:

    I sure hope our friend, Biz, is much better at real wagering this week in Vegas than he is with the fake stuff.

  84. NMR says:

    Remember the good ole days when DK personally hated Neal Huntington and never said anything nice about the Pirates??

    Poor guy just can’t win. :)

    DK: I’m getting all my various vendettas confused.

  85. Naje says:

    It’s not like Morneau is in an .050 slump… the guy is hitting. Our No. 4 hitters have produced horrible numbers in general. Cherry picking a 13 or 14 game sample from Alvarez or Jones or G. Sanchez at their low or lower moments of the season would be hazardous to your health.

    Give the guy some time… he’s earned that much.

  86. NMR says:

    Funny how some people become MLB Scouts when the numbers don’t back their predetermined opinion.

  87. Stickyweb says:

    I was going to pass until I saw my name (barely) on the leaderboard for Sept. Only one way to fix that…start betting on Barmes.

    Give me 100 OVER line 1 and 100 OVER line 2 (AJ stops glaring and actually pitches the whole time he’s out there.)

  88. The Gunner says:

    Line 1 – 100 on the under
    Line 2 – 100 on the over

    AJ is due to pitch a gem tonight, let’s hope the offense scores 5 or 6 runs quickly!!

  89. theplanisworking says:

    They will play a DH tomorrow 1:00.

  90. Kevin says:

    does the oven mitt work with the glove he fields with? or is there just more padding in this fielding glove? guys got me all curious now about a oven mitt wielding Marte.

  91. Kevin says:

    it will certainly change the connotation of the “Marte Parte” signs in the ball park.

  92. Thundercrack says:

    the original ‘debate’ this morning was if Morneau has been as wonderful as Byrd.

  93. Jim S. says:

    I think the injury is to his right hand. Or, is the oven mitt on the right hand just a decoy?

    I did make the observation late last week that we seem perfectly fine with him playing LF and making throws in key situations, but he needs an oven mitt to run the bases. Just seems a little strange.

    All kidding aside, this is really too bad. We could really use his glove, bat and wheels back in the lineup by playoff time. The longer he sits, the riskier it is to have start taking live batting for the first time in playoff games.

  94. Naje says:

    Ooops… sorry about that. Yeah, that comparison was a little bigger than the reality, but I think he’s our best option at first. And while G. Sanchez wields a mighty fine glove, I also think Morneau has made some difficult plays that Sanchez probably doesn’t get… maybe just two or three (some pop ups behind 1B and into short RF), but enough to widen my eyes. And those were definitely plays Jones would not make without a ton of luck.

  95. Thundercrack says:

    I think Gabby is our best defensive catcher.

    And of course I would have to go and check the stats, but I think his bat is pretty good too. With all of our first baseman it could be better…especially more power.

    His pop-up late in the game yesterday did frustrate me. (and by the way he slammed his bat, he seemed frustrated too)

  96. Kevin says:

    +1 on the defense.

  97. Kevin says:

    #1 – 100 bloop singles with RISP on the OVER.
    #2 – 100 swearing AJ STFD’s on the OVER.

  98. Jim S. says:

    But, isn’t the practical debate about how to utilize Morneau vs. Gabby at 1b?

    Byrd plays RF. He has been a very good pick-up. Huge HR on Sat. Great acquisition. Case closed.

    The question is, should Morneau play everyday, including vs. LHP? Or, should Gabby play vs. starting LHP and Morneau vs. RHP only? Keep in mind, we have faced more than 80% RHP this season. Of course, the extension of the argument is, do you pinch hit Gabby for Morneau at a critical late inning juncture of the game when a LHP is on the mound? I think we are all agreed that Morneau should be facing all the RHP opponents.

    To me, it has been proven over a fairly large amount of at bats for both players that Gabby hits better vs. LHP and Morneau hits better vs. RHP. I thought the entire point of getitng Morneau was to avoid having to keep putting Gabby in the lineup vs. RHP, while allowing him to keep raking against LHP. So, I say why have Gabby growing stale on the bench, when we absolutely need him locked in for late PH in many games? But, like I said this morning, Hurdle is a smart guy. I trust him to figure it out conclusively this week.

    As Arriba often says, ICIT.

  99. JD says:

    100 on the over for both please.

    Go Bucs!

  100. Karen22 says:

    100 each on the OVER!

    Going for broke again…oh, wait, I already am!

  101. Karen22 says:

    I took a nosedive last week. I empathize!

  102. Lad 9 says:

    He has lights out stuff, but for some reason does not get many strike outs. He can be dominant though.

  103. NMR says:

    Clint is absolutely a smart guy, Jim, which is why his explanation as to why he is playing Morneau aginst lefties (“he has hit them his entire career”) is nothing short of willfull ignorance.

    Justin has NOT hit lefties his entire career. That is a fact. One that can be easily determined.

    If Clint had said he sees some change in Justin that he thinks will allow him to better hit lefties, I’d defer to his baseball judgement, as it far surpasses mine.

    But you can’t tell me the sky is green when I can look out the window and see it is blue.

  104. Lad 9 says:

    100 on the over for both please. Apparently I am trying real hard to catch Biz. Thanks Playoffs. Go Buccos!

  105. NMR says:

    And above all, I just don’t see what there is to gain by forcing Morneau into lefty-lefty situations.

    Platoons are not a foreign, advanced, or untested concept. Many of this year’s playoff teams employ them. The Pirates themselves had one prior to Morneau’s arrival.

    Morneau fixes the half that was broken.

    Why mess with the half that didn’t need fixed?

  106. Jim S. says:

    I think that is what he meant when he said he called people in Minnesota who he trusts. Their judgment became enough info. for him to go on, I guess.

  107. Jim S. says:

    That is precisely what I have been trying to say all day.

    And if he loves Morneau for other reasons, well he’s still in there 80% of the time.

    All we are saaaa-ying is give platooning a chance.

  108. JRay3 says:

    Good afternoon to the window. T Minus 13 games left in the season as each day becomes increasingly more important.

    Line 1 – 75 on the OVER

    Line 2 – 50 on the UNDER

    Thanks and GO Bucs!

  109. Brandie says:

    May I have 50 on the over for both lines? Thank you!

  110. Brandie says:

    Good evening all you Posters, Postettes, and Pop Tarts?

  111. Brandie says:

    This is why we can never have anything nice for too long. Peace, prayers and vibes to all that have been affected by today’s events. Until we can rid ourselves of those who are here for look at me moments by reaching out or letting justice be swift and just, we must keep on keepin’ on. Luv ya Loonies!

  112. Nate83 says:

    Naje in this case we championed picking the guy up based on a small sample size of a 20 game hot streak instead of 2 and a half years of mediocre play. He has for the most part played to that mediocre level during his 15 games with the Pirates. It is absolutely fair. We picked him up for 30 games. A small sample size is all we get, nothing else.

    I was against getting him but when we got him I said it was a good move because we didn’t give up much of anything to get him. I thought it was worth a shot to see if we could get lucky but I also warned that I personally didn’t think he would have a dramatic impact.

    The notion that his addition to this line up is as valuable as Bryd is an insult to Bryd. I still hope he contributes but I’m not holding my breath.

  113. Jim S. says:

    So, I decided to look up what each guy has done vs. LHP this year.

    Morneau – 165 ABs
    6 2b, 0 3b, 2 HR, 7 BB
    slash line: .212/.253/.285/.538
    Even worse than I thought.

    Sanchez – 96 ABs
    8 2b, 0 3b, 4 HR, 20 BB
    slash line: .323/.441/..531/.972
    Even better than I thought.

    Clint has these numbers. I believe it will work itself out soon. If not, I really don’t get this one.

  114. NMR says:

    At least nobody is accusing us of being Gaby’s boy!

  115. NMR says:

    Please allow me to add that Morneau is striking out 25% of the time while walking only 4%, just to nip all the “but his approach…” comments in the bud.

    And I’m not even Dan Fox!

  116. JHadar says:

    How many guys are on the playoffs roster that were on the opening day roster?

  117. NMR says:

    The fact that anybody thinks what Morneau has done this year is competent for a 1B is more of an indictment on Garrett Jones than a compliment.

  118. NMR says:

    But, regardless, he does seem to be an improvement.

  119. Lad 9 says:

    Good evening Miss Brandie. How the heck is the resident ray of sunshine this evening?

  120. Bob Hasis says:

    Yeah, contusion or jammed finger, my royal posterior

  121. Bob Hasis says:

    NMR, I knew I was right all along. It was a very serious injury, that those in the inner circle were reluctant to divulge. And surprisingly enough, Hurdle ran out of words.

    Imagine that!

  122. Brandie says:

    Quite busy so I have not been able to post as much. :(

    Hope all is well with you Lad-Daddio!

  123. Bill Born says:

    1oo units on each line Please

    Line 1 over

    Line 2 Under

  124. Bob Hasis says:

    Hurdle has said a lot of things, most of which is empty rhetoric; boy is there a lot of that going around these days from much higher places!!!!

  125. cosmo says:

    100 over on both lines.

  126. Bob Hasis says:

    Wow is this going to be a painful evening – Barmes at SS and Blass on color.

    My mute will be working overtime

  127. defil21 says:

    FWIW like I said in the Saturday baseball thread we all have our whipping boys my tends to be Walker.

    As far as you guys biting or telling me to go pack sand about my opinions so be it we all have a right to our opinions. It’s all in good nature, and above all we are all FANS!

    In my opinion Walker has been banged up and a little injury prone over the past couple years. Again I said it all in fun and wasn’t trying to upset any of you lunatics.

  128. Irish says:

    50 on Under on Line 1
    50 on Over for Line 2
    Let’s Go Bucs!
    Thanks, Playoffs.

  129. Frankie says:

    100 on each…..both under

  130. defil21 says:

    Leyva still at 3rd too dang it.

  131. Bob Hasis says:

    and of course you would be incorrect.

    Be in happy in your Alice in Wonderland existence

  132. Brandie says:

    We could bring back John Russell or Jim Tracy just to muck things up!

  133. Bob Hasis says:

    Thanks for the reminder

  134. Bob Hasis says:

    Let’s hope he does a lot of handshaking and NO decision-making

  135. bman says:


    Line 1: 25 on the OVER
    Line 2: 25 on the UNDER


  136. Lad 9 says:

    Same here. All is well. Just leaving the office to head home for a sports fest evening! Will be on later.

  137. Bob Hasis says:

    Thankfully, no we can’t

  138. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Line 1: 100 over

    Line 2: 100 over

  139. theplanisworking says:

    You would have to wake Russell first…….

  140. pattonbb says:

    This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble.”

  141. theplanisworking says:

    I wood like 50 Hippos on each line OVER

    GO RATINGS !!!!!

    +8.3 :)

  142. Bob Hasis says:

    Now the question on the table for Kent Yo Tekulve is, do we keep Melancon as closer or try to re-incorporate Grilli there? My opinion is GO WITH MELANCON.

    But unfortunately I see CH has other intentions. I would say, are you kidding me?

  143. theplanisworking says:

    Look at the bright side…….. with that oven mitt, Marte can cook the post-game meal.

  144. theplanisworking says:

    You know whats funny? I dont remember the other number in this debate.
    Of course, I dont remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

  145. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    me too

  146. Bob Hasis says:

    Maybe some genius here can tell me why CH is taunting AJ by playing Barmes. You know, the out-of-position Barmes.

  147. Bdhumbert says:

    I am over my funk…

    100 smollians on the over on each ;-)

  148. JRay3 says:

    Can’t get more efficient than a six pitch 1-2-3 inning to start from AJ.

  149. defil21 says:

    Lloyd can fire them up and steal another base.

  150. theplanisworking says:

    I think Clint reads this here blog, and he did it just to make you upset.
    It worked.

  151. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Playoff number, screw the record, except for the best in the division.

  152. pattonbb says:

    Bucco game is again the free game of the day for fellow out of towners.

  153. John Lease says:

    He’s not taunting AJ, he’s taunting me. I can’t stand Barmes starting.

    He can be a late inning defensive sub, after a lead has been gotten, IMHO.

  154. Brandie says:

    Raging narcoleptic.

  155. Brandie says:

    Ah the memories. That’s what a temper tantrum looks like on a grown man, folks!

  156. defil21 says:

    LMAO. Poor Lloyd. Mans got to know his limitations.

  157. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    That’s exactly what he’s doing……..taunting AJ, because that’s what he does.

  158. Brandie says:

    I like you. I will probably give you a nickname at some point.

  159. theplanisworking says:

    Raging Muppet, how are you?

  160. Bob Hasis says:

    Seeing Barmes name in the lineup is enough to make me upset, irrespective of who is pitching.

  161. When did the Padres acquire Cy Young? Going to be a quick long night at this rate.

  162. Jandy says:

    defil, you’ve made it, man :)

  163. Jandy says:

    uh huh ;)

  164. Jandy says:

    defil, I’ve been down on Walker myself a time or three, even going so far as to call him a p*ssy! ;)

  165. Bob Hasis says:

    For those of you – and you know who you are – inquiring about Mercer’s ability to play up the middle, what about that coverage by slew footed Barmes?

  166. John Lease says:

    Barmes hits on off the pitcher, deflects to the second baseman who lays out on the ground, and STILL beats Barmes by more than a step on the throw.

    Yeah, he’s great.

  167. defil21 says:

    Jarhead works.

  168. Bob Hasis says:

    When CH decided his “B” team was adequate to win tonight – you know Morneau and Barmie

  169. Jandy says:

    dejarhead? I dunno ’bout dat one!

  170. Brandie says:

    I’m okay Plando Calrissian.

  171. Milo Hamilton says:


  172. Jandy says:

    Brandicita! You’ve been a busy girl like I was over the weekend..but good to see ya sistah!

  173. Jandy says:

    Milo’s sucking the paint off the walls…

  174. Milo Hamilton says:

    I’m enjoying the AJ part.

  175. defil21 says:

    You think about it and let me know. I’ve been called lots of things in my day so nothing would/will offend me.

  176. Bob Hasis says:

    Great play by Barmes, but there you saw it – the weakest arm in the league among shortstops

  177. defil21 says:

    Yes Sir, he is dealing so far. Wake up bats we got a division to win!!

  178. Brandie says:

    I have all three threads up at the same time. It has been interesting to see all of the varying and sundry ways certain denizens on this here blog bash Mr. Barmes. He just can’t win for losing.

  179. Steelag70 says:

    Hopefully Cashner will now struggle…haha.

  180. pattonbb says:

    Alex Presley sucks.

  181. Brandie says:

    Preach on , Brother!

  182. Jandy says:

    I don’t bash Barmes, I like the guy.

  183. Steelag70 says:

    Brandie…I guess you can add Morneau to that list too…he has become the new “Barmes” for some on here…

  184. Milo Hamilton says:

    As hard as it may be to believe, the Pirates are actually scoring fewer runs since the trades (3.5 per game) than they were before (3.9 per game).

  185. defil21 says:

    ++ IBWT

    In Barmes We Trust. I like the kid he’s got guts.

  186. Brandie says:

    Good evening defil21, Jandecita, Lad 9, Hipponkadonk, Revvie Baby, Mr. Hassis, Rarin Karen, The Justice Avenger, Drew-k Of Earl, Jimster, Bodacious Barb, the Professor and Mary Ann…

    Here on Gilligan’s Island!

  187. Patrick(ri) says:

    Another day, another “extremely impressive” performance from an unknown pitcher. Amazing team, the Pirates. Put fans trough the wringer, but somehow get 86 wins???

  188. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:


  189. Brandie says:

    Meet the new Barmes,

    Same as the old Barmes! :-)

    Won’t be fooled again!

  190. defil21 says:

    Whoot, Whoot. Can I be the professor?

  191. florida steeler says:

    They just cannot hit.

  192. 87.

    And Kashner is 9-8 for a mediocre team. ERA just over 3.

    Still not Cy Young, though. You’re right.

  193. Jandy says:

    We’re all shipwrecked at the Fountain in Pittsburgh ;)

  194. Jandy says:

    defil Professor…whaddya think Brandecita??

  195. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    I’ve said it time and time again: if Pedro could hit .250/.260 he’d easily be a 40/100+ guy.

  196. Milo Hamilton says:

    Traded for Rizzo. One trade responsible for ruining a perfect homestand thus far.

  197. theplanisworking says:

    ………….and DK gave us a bold reaming for doing so…………

  198. Patrick(ri) says:

    Oops, left one out. I will bet even Cy Young didn’t get through 5 perfect innings all that often? Keep the faith, so to speak.

  199. Jandy says:

    Barmes isn’t zactly a youngun…he’s more of a veteran…but yeah, he stays in there,..and
    dayum, nice SO by AJ there!

  200. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    In 2010 the SF Giants won the World Series. This team reminds me a lot of that team. Their announcers dubbed their baseball as torture, however torture never felt so good.Lets Go Bucs!

  201. I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again
    No, no!


    Meet the new Barmes Same as the old Barmes

    By Brandelita, accompanied by The Whom

    (note the line about prayer)

  202. Jandy says:

    I know, I know, just don’t call you late for dinner, right ;)

  203. florida steeler says:

    Martin needs a little break.

  204. theplanisworking says:

    Maybe he is “Preacher” Roe? ;)

  205. Brandie says:

    If you can make a radio out of a pierogie, be my guest Professor Punishment!

  206. Milo Hamilton says:

    Should walk Headley here.

  207. Patrick(ri) says:


  208. Brandie says:

    Ain’t no reaming like a bold reaming!

  209. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Good idea

  210. Yeah, look how fast Frankie fell apart yesterday, but his pitch count was high due those 20 or so walks.

  211. Drew71 says:

    That’s cause Neal and Thunder kinda look alike.

  212. Brandie says:

    Revvie! My holy back up!

  213. Patrick(ri) says:

    I just love watching AJ pitch!

  214. Jandy says:

    Hot dang, Spunkster Revvie, that’s good stuff :)

  215. Gotcha covered, B-girl.

  216. Patrick(ri) says:

    Kudos to the lunatic who said this team din’t have a personality until AJ arrived.

  217. Jandy says:

    Bring it!!!!!

  218. Milo Hamilton says:

    We’re not losing. Just feels like it. :)

  219. Brandie says:

    0-0 Tie is like kissing your sister. Time to rock the small ball and score some runs!

  220. Jandy says:

    Better do something…

  221. JRay3 says:

    Barmes has been best hitter of the night, has absolutely stung two balls and has nothing to show for it.

    Good old fashioned pitchers duel tonight.

  222. pattonbb says:


  223. Kevin says:

    If kashner pitches 9 perfect innings and it goes to extras will people still consider it a perfect game?

  224. Jandy says:


  225. Kevin says:

    Bah nvm, I think i just jinxed us :(

  226. Brandie says:

    You thwap because you love!

  227. Jandy says:

    shhh! Don’t be letting the secrets out ;)

  228. Brandie says:

    Wash your mind out with Iron City!

  229. Milo Hamilton says:

    Very poor fundamentals by Cutch there. Never, ever want to catch that flat footed when you have so much time to get your momentum going toward home plate.

  230. JRay3 says:

    Would have liked to see Cutch not as stationary camping under that high fly, would have rather seem him get a one step running start leading into throw.

    Going to need the bats to muster something on third time through.

  231. theplanisworking says:

    Hey Doofus!

    Patton was doing the RIGHT thing, trying to jinx Kashners no-hitter.
    Quit watching that hockey game !!!

  232. JRay3 says:

    I see we were thinking the sakes exact thing.

  233. JRay3 says:


  234. Brandie says:

    That’s Mother Superior Do of us to you, Plan!

  235. The Gunner says:

    Why can’t this team ever get any runs for AJ?

  236. theplanisworking says:

    No, I was right.
    Mother Superior Doofus !!!


  237. Thundercrack says:

    We need to get a bat !!!!

  238. Steelag70 says:

    I will say it again…this team plays to the level of competition…

  239. Steelag70 says:

    Ok…AJ is done…you can go get him CH…

  240. Jandy says:

    LOL! I shoulda thwapped Kevin…darn…and I’ll let you know I’m going between all 3 games :P

  241. irishjim says:

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Hurdle leaves a pitcher in too long.

  242. JRay3 says:

    One batter to late again with AJ, after he lost Amarista that should have been it. AJ gives team competitive start but offense has elected to take night off with him on hill once again.

  243. Kevin says:

    Missing you marte.

  244. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    That’s basic. Missed the play you’re talking about. How deep was it?

  245. Jandy says:

    that should have been 3 batters ago..,.smh

  246. theplanisworking says:

    Padres 28-10 all-time at PNC.
    That is staggering.

    And, do we need another bat??
    After all, Halloween is right around the corner………..

  247. theplanisworking says:


    Thats ok, we still love you
    (except when you bite newbies)….

  248. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Steelers up 3-0.

    Can the Pirates kick a FG here?

  249. theplanisworking says:


  250. Jason81 says:

    Maybe an exorcism.

  251. Steelag70 says:

    Damn…come on now….get the freaking bats going!!

  252. irishjim says:


  253. Jandy says:

    ha! I dont bite, I kick ;)

  254. Brandie says:

    I have all 3 threads listening to the baseball game and watching the football game.

  255. Patrick(ri) says:

    It does not seem difficult to see when A j starts to lose it. 6+ innings is his late season limit, it seems.

  256. theplanisworking says:


  257. JRay3 says:

    Middle centerfield, good on line throw has Cedeno.

  258. Jandy says:

    Hubby just switched it to the STEELERS

  259. Lad 9 says:

    Said the same to my son.

  260. JRay3 says:

    Tabby with a rip to start things off, maybe that will wake the offense up.

  261. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    That’s a start Tabby. Cashner only at 70 pitches, but looks tired. This is the part of the order we want up.

  262. Steelag70 says:


  263. Kevin says:

    Yes, THAT. Now break it open.

  264. irishjim says:

    Unless your name is Clint Hurdle.

  265. 21sthebest says:

    My son said that to me. Gotta get behind the ball.

  266. Brandie says:


  267. Jandy says:

    UGH Cutch grounds into a DP :/

  268. Patrick(ri) says:

    Pop fly and DP — argh!,

  269. Steelag70 says:

    This team seems to not know how to handle prosperity sometimes…

  270. Chuck H says:

    Who the h— is this Cashner, the second coming of Bob Feller? Of course, when this
    team can’t hit, they can’t hit anybody. This is ridiculous -playoff team? I don’t think so!!!

  271. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    New 7,8,9 guys: Farnsworth, Grilli, MM.

    3 RPs with closing experience.

  272. Patrick(ri) says:

    This will be a bitter pill, to lose due to Cedeno’ s hitting.

  273. Kevin says:

    0-for-3 tonight Martin? Not enough going our way tonight boys.

  274. Lad 9 says:

    Lifetime .360 hitter against the Bucs believe it or not

  275. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Calm down Chuck. Its one freaking game.

  276. Patrick(ri) says:


  277. Patrick(ri) says:

    Just the pitcher, but that was nice!

  278. Brandie says:

    Gotta be man enough to rock an oven mitt. Are there little roosters on it?

  279. irishjim says:

    I don’t think Grilli is worthy of the set up role yet . Still shaky every appearance.

  280. kr70 says:

    he had the over on 6.5 innings

  281. Thundercrack says:

    Morneau doesn’t even have warning track power

  282. Patrick(ri) says:

    A positive premonition, influenced more by Zinfandel than rationality: Pirates win on a walk off hit by Jones.

  283. Jandy says:

    Instigator!! :P

  284. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:


  285. Steelag70 says:

    What a lousy friggin’ night for Pittsburgh sports…

  286. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Neither does anyone else tonight

  287. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:


    Needed that hundo

  288. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    Piss poor defense then.

  289. Jandy says:

    Loonies, I am shutting down the laptop and heading up to catch some zzzz’s. Will turn something on up there, just not sure what…
    Go Pittsburgh!

  290. theplanisworking says:

    With all the eggs the Pirates and Steelers are laying, I can make omelettes for everyone!!

  291. The Gunner says:

    Man!! What in the hell is wrong with that damn Pedro???

  292. Lad 9 says:

    Good night Jandy.

  293. theplanisworking says:

    Night Nunsense………

  294. Milo Hamilton says:

    What day ?

  295. Lad 9 says:

    CH took the over on Barmes!

  296. Patrick(ri) says:

    Alas, not tonight.

  297. Milo Hamilton says:

    Shouldn’t even have to wash the uniforms.

  298. Patrick(ri) says:

    Back to Storage Wars.

  299. Nor Cal Stlrfanrtc (Ryan) says:

    What a pitchers dual tonight. Tip your hats to Cashner for that pitching performance.

    Barnes starting, Hurdle leaving AJ in too long, neither are the reason for the Bucs loss tonight.

    That’s baseball. Pitching wins.

    I like the pirates chances on the next 3 games.

    Let’s Go Rockies and now its time to get disappointed from the Steelers.

  300. Lad 9 says:

    +1 Cashner was dealing. Not a complete surprise – the dude has really been coming on and he has the #1 pick pedigree. Get em tomorrow.

  301. Arriba Wilver says:


  302. John Lease says:

    Ooh, he’s hitting the ball HARD.

    Yep, let’s lower expectations for the guy hitting under .220

  303. Jandy says:

    Uhhh..Mr. Lease…did anyone else hit the ball last night? I mean…c’mon…

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