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  1. Is the team that the Penguins have on paper right now capable of winning the Stanley Cup? If not, what would you like to see Shero add before the deadline to make them Stanley Cup contenders?

  2. Dejan, a strong third line has been invaluable to the penguins over the past number of years but how effective do you think they can be this year? Assuming Jokinen, Sutter and D’Agostini make up the line. Also considering how a full 82 game schedule will no doubt result in injuries at key positions how will the 3rd line hold up as players cover injuries on the first 2 lines. Jokinen has the ability the support the best players but I don’t see D’Agostini providing that quality needed at crucial moments. Even if they sign Kobasew I still feel the 3rd line is no longer the asset it was in years past.

    Darragh, Ireland.

    DK: I’ll respectfully disagree — or at least abstain — on the third line, Darragh. Next time, please put your entry up in the chat field, not here in comments.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I love what Chuck Kobasew brings to the table. Although not a top-six forward, where do you see him fitting in the Pens’ lineup? Dustin Jeffrey’s position on team in jeopardy? Keep on Keepin’ on DK!

    DK: Thanks, Randy, but next time to use the chat field above!

  4. How do you think the Pens will get under the cap? Why haven’t they moved Niskanen yet? Not enough interest in him to get a decent return? Or Shero wants to find a way to hang on to him?

  5. oops…looks like I was THAT guy that posted in the comments section and not the chat :-)

    DK: You were that guy, Tom, but you weren’t alone!

  6. OMG, that Tomlin imitation…spot-on perfect!

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