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Chat with Dejan Kovacevic


  1. How do you think this weekend is going to go for the Buccos? Think they’ll be able to get home field for the wild card?

  2. How is it over in London? I hope you enjoy your trip. I know they have Fleury right now but do you think at some point they may try trading him during the season if Vokoun is out for most of the season?

    DK: Cody, if you’re trying to put these in the chat, they have to go in the field above. Thanks!

  3. Anyone know who DK referenced in that “sappy” article? Can’t recall who that might have been. If it was a Steeler column, I probably didn’t read it, but if it was Pens or Pirates I know I read it. Would love to know who that athlete is.

  4. Dejan- I have to agree with one of the above readers’ questions. I, too, am struggling with the best writer in Pittsburgh covering an almost meaningless football game and not being assigned to the biggest sports story in the region. The Buccos deserve their day in the sun with the best covering them. Bad move by the Trib.

    Chris in Charleston, S.C.

    DK: Chris, I very much appreciate the kind words. Hope you saw the response I gave to that reader.

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