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On location: Pirates 7, Cardinals 1, NLDS Game 2

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

ST. LOUIS — Looking ahead to first pitch …

Game: Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals, National League Division Series, Game 2

Series: Cardinals, 1-0

Starters: RHP Gerrit Cole vs. RHP Lance Lynn

Time: 1:07 p.m.

Site: Busch Stadium

TV, radio: MLB Network (national), 93.7 The Fan, ESPN Radio 970

Here’s the official live box score.


  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Marlon Byrd, RF
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  7. Russell Martin, C
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Cole, P


  1. Matt Carpenter, 2B
  2. Carlos Beltran, RF
  3. Matt Holliday, LF
  4. Matt Adams, 1B
  5. Yadier Molina, C
  6. Jon Jay, CF
  7. David Freese, 3B
  8. Daniel Descalso, SS
  9. Lynn, P

Here’s TribLIVE’s Pirates pageRob Biertempfel, Travis Sawchik, Chris Horner and I are on the scene.

Here was the Friday column, if you missed it.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. Let go Bucs! Jump on the Cole Train and ride it to victory today. All aboard!!!! Trail pulls out at 1:07 sharp.

  2. Well now. I guess it still is a platoon at SS.


    The Window will continue throughout the duration of the playoffs.
    September and October will be combined and all winners will be announced at the conclusion of the playoffs.

    Makes my job a helluva lot easier when I don’t have to hunt to find everyone’s “wagers”

    Max “wager” is 100 units on any single line.
    All “wagers” must be in multiples of 5 units.
    Play as few or as many lines as you’d like.
    As always, this is for fun and entertainment purposes.


    Line #1
    Total PITCHES THROWN by Gerrit Cole in today’s game
    Line is 99.5

    Line #2
    Total Combined HITS + WALKS by Jordy Mercer in today’s game
    Line is 1.5

    Line #3
    Total INNINGS PITCHED by Pirates Bullpen Pitchers in today’s game
    Line is 2.25

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Anything is possible if a person believes
    Mark 9:23


  4. Yesterday Rick Suttcliffe on MLB.COM was trying my patience with his tired analysis of AJ – BEFORE AJ’s meltdown – being unable to keep his head in the game when things went wrong. First inning walk. Barmes’ misplay. Two men on in the second. Yet each time in the FIRST two innings AJ didn’t come unglued. Suttcliffe seemed to be reading from his Yankees notes rather than watching the game.

    But Suttcliffe seemed to readjust from his memorized scouting report and eventually (I thought) got it right in the third. AJ couldn’t spot his breaking balls, especially his curve. That allowed a very good hitting team to sit on his fast ball.

    Wild or hard hit. Game over.

    At least that’s how it appeared to me. When AJ lost his curve, he lost everything. And that old New York Yankees Headcase story line had nothing to do with it.

    • Was Suttcliffe the one yesterday that said Morneau had great power in PNC Park with the short porch? Only to be told that he yet to hit a homerun since coming to PNC…

      • He kept saying that Morneau was a key to the series for the Pirates.

        Good thing Morneau wasn’t a key to the Pirates stretch drive or they woulda been watching the playoffs again this season.

    • Sutcliffe is so lazy. He arrived at all of his own MLB conclusions 15 years ago – just like almost every former player. Brenly Cowher did the same thing on TBS a lot yesterday.

      • And he comes across as a whiner.

        I’ll give him credit for not being stupid on top of lazy. He eventually picked up and reported on AJ’s REAL issue…control with his curve.

        He also raised the interesting point: no issue throwing AJ out in a later game because his hot and cold history makes it as likely that he’ll look like an ace next time out. He also seemed to make an even more interesting point that if AJ had been pulled when he should have been, he could have been considered for game four in Pittsburgh rather than his St. Louis house of horrors for game five. While I don’t think I agree but it is an intriguing thought.

        So I think you nailed it. Lazy. Rather than incompetent.

        • go check out the audio (i’m sure its on the web somewhere) of a drunk sutcliffe color analyzing a Padres game with Matt Vasgersian from a few years ago…. all-time classic… maybe Ernie Johnson can try drinking to improve how he sounds on a telecast….

        • NMR also tossed out the possibility of AJ giving us some quality innings in Game 4. I think that is an interesting thought. I would not start him in that game, but agree that AJ could benefit from the energy in the park.

  5. Yeah!!!! Morneau’s batting clean up. Why does this one single move seem to be the exact definition of insanity.

    The guy is getting on base but has hit for no power. Bat him in front of Cutch. Byrd 4th, Walker 5th. Or move Alverez up to 5 and bat Walker 6. It really doesn’t matter. Just don’t bat Morneau clean up.

    • I don’t think game 2 is the time to experiment. Maybe game 3. The lineup worked during the 4 games with Cincy, and Walker and Byrd have done well in their spots for a while. I’d be hesitant to move 3 guys around and I’m not sure if it would have any affect on Cutch or anyone else. If anything, I might just flip Alvarez and Morneau but that doesn’t thrill me either.

    • definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

      • I also agree.. morneau seems to still be good in OBP but clearly has no HR threat at this point. Why not put him in there to get on base in front of Cutch AND Byrd?

      • definition of baseball insanity – throwing the same lineup out there everyday and expecting the same results each day.

  6. I know it’s WRONG, but I’m a little happy that Bucs eliminated the Reds and that it helped lead to Dusty getting the boot. Didn’t like his “Managing style” and how it generally led to someone getting hit.

    • not wrong at all. DUSTY is a snake… and glad he’s gone. that said, Reds will be better with a better manager and there are plenty of those around.

  7. It was shocking to see A.J.’s game fall apart in front of our eyes yesterday. I couldn’t believe how fast it happened. Like a car wreck. The game plan obviously was to save A.J.’s slider for later innings, but when he couldn’t get anyone out in the 3rd, Searage came out and told him to start throwing it. He did, but that didn’t work either.
    Why Clint Hurdle left him in for so long is a mystery. It has appeared for some time that Hurdle has been walking on eggshells when dealing with Burnett during games when he was tired, especially with the threat of another childish tantrum. In terms that our manager understands better than most, it’s time to start showing Burnett some serious “tough love” rather than “east does it.”

    • I was a little concerned after the second inning. He just didn’t seem as if he was able to command his pitches very well. After the hard Holliday double and the hit by pitch I was pretty confident he wasn’t going to get out of the inning.

    • WarHorse: Hurdle has been doing that same thing all season long, with all starting pitchers, not just Burnett. I’m watching a game, either on Root Sports or on Gameday,
      and I’m screaming for a relief pitcher to come in, but it doesn’t happen until the enemy
      scores another couple runs. Hurdle is either not smart or stubborn as h—.

  8. “Easy does it,” is what I meant to type.

  9. This team better be ready to play winning baseball today….yesterday was ridiculous….

    • One thing we can usually count on from this bunch is they know how to circle the wagons. I think they will show up today. Part of seeming to not show up yesterday was that it was 7-0 heading to the 4th and a surgeon was dissecting them on the mound.

  10. The last time Lynn pitched against the Pirates was in late August (away) and he gave up 7 earned runs on 10 hits in 4 innings. The time before that, in mid-August (at home), it was 4 ER on 8 hits in 5 1/3 innings.

    • I think Lynn is a fastball- slider guy… much better matchup than the curveball of Wainright…. I expect the offense to come alive today…

    • You are right, War, that we have gotten to Lynn. I believe we knocked him around quite a bit last year as well. I don’t have Pedro’s numbers vs. him in front of me, and I could be wrong about this, but I thought he hit Lynn well.

      We have been able to work him hard and get his pitch count up. That is key today.

  11. Burnett was bad yesterday. Embarrassing. Awful. But Hurdle was worse. Sometimes athletes just don’t have it on a given day. But a manager who never learns from his own mistakes is not acceptable, ever. He had been burned by keeping AJ in too many times in the regular season to make the exact same mistake on a bigger stage yesterday.

    I wrote maybe 1,200 words on it last night, wondering whether the Pirates won 94 games in spite of Hurdle’s in-game management, and management of the lineup, which I think has been pretty bad for too long, definitely too long if it makes Pedro Martinez laugh out loud.

    Cole can tie this series today, I know it. But I also know he should’ve started game one. No reason he didn’t besides not wanting to hurt AJ’s ego…which, again, was another example of Hurdle making decisions based on something other than giving his team the best chance to win. And the last month, no pitcher has given the Pirates a better chance to win than Cole.

    • I too wanted Cole in for game 1. The kid just amazes.

    • Watching the verbal exchanges/body language between the two on the days of AJ’s starts throughout the season tell me that Hurdle is a bit intimidated by Burnett.

      • Then it’s high time CH put on his big boy pants and put him in is place :D

      • your eyes are better than mine. I definitely surmise Clint giving a veteran some leeway but i also see that for other players, including Cutch, etc. Not sure how to read ‘intimidation’ into it. but good for you that you’ve been able to diagnose that from afar.

    • You’re exaggerating to a crazy degree with that blog post. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Hurdle is an above-average major league manager who happens to make some odd managerial decisions now and then. (Kinda the same way Bruce Arians used to make some odd choices as Steelers offensive coordinator – but now the team would KILL to have him back in that role…)

      Hurdle is a fantastic fit for this group of guys. You want somebody else? Be careful what you wish for…

      • No one disagrees with you about Hurdle’s competence. It’s just that he does seem somewhat intimidated around Burnett. It’s a mystery, that’s all.

  12. My tickets arrived for Sunday. Was very fortunate to get them.

    That seals it for today. Gerrit absolutely will win this game, so that I can be at PNC with family helping RTJR for a 2-1 series lead at approximately 7:30 Eastern on Sunday evening.

    I take nothing for granted in sports. Even though I am very optimistic about the future of this franchise, I know anything can happen and we may not have this opportunity again soon. Go Bucs!

  13. My humble guess is that even though it has not suited him in the past, Pedro should bat 4th in the absence of Morneau’s production there.

    Here are Pedro’s stats for the past three games.

    Alvarez, P .444 /.545 / 1.111 (4 hits in 9 at bats and 3 RBIs.)

    For the last 10 games:

    37 AB, 7 R, 12 H, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 3 BB, 7 K .324 BA

  14. The definition of insanity—to keep bringing up the definition of insanity.


  15. My lineup options, select any of them:





    • I like line #3 out of your possibles eventhough it takes cutch out of the top 3. Is Walker in cleanup that much of a no-no? Atleast Walker has HR capability…

  16. This is for Bizrow. I was killing time reading Thursday’s WSJ, when I came across a sports article by Brian Costa. The article was a guide on who to hate in MLB playoffs. In the course of his analysis he said “. . .there is no “Bucco Nation. It’s just a bunch of excited people from Western Pennsylvania.” I thought Bizrow might want to send him the list to set him straight? We deserve as much hate as anybody.

  17. Not surprised to see Jordy in there, why not?

    The lineup switch is easy. Swap Pedro and More-no

    You need an actual power threat behind Cutch. Cutch will be invisible in this series if they keep putting JM there. Thus far he as shown zero signs of power. So why would they even give Cutch anything to hit? Won’t happen. Can’t win with em. (Sorry had might Mike Singletary voice going on there)

  18. MLB Network talking about NWs connection to Clemente.

    We’ve heard it. But its an amazing story. America needs to hear it.

  19. Jim Kaat. Great analyst. Good voice of the game.

    A face for radio

  20. For those that are lucky to have MLB network, Costas and Kaat are setting up the game…so smooth, so good. Embarrasses TBS, especially Ernie Johnson. Very prepared, good info, balanced perspective.

    Net: Baseball isn’t like other sports, losing 9-1 isn’t a death sentence. If Bucs get a good Cole start and a split, they head home with Liriano who is great at home and Cards are not good vs. LHPs on the year. So you can go from game 1 blowout to Bucs having an edge heading home. I think the blog (most of us anyway) have the same perspective.

    • Yea but I can’t stand Costas.

      • why? in terms of play by play, hard to find someone better prepared than he is… good pace and lets the analyst speak plenty…

        • Agree on his preparation, but I find his arrogance, constant reference to theYankees, and overall smug attitude too much.

          Also, I don’t think the takes a breath.

          • I’m with you, NorCal. He is indeed prepared, which is good, but he comes across with that “I’m Mr. Universe In The Sports World” delivery. I’d like something toned down a bit from Greg Brown, but more of an every man than Costas.

    • I agree. Around inning 5 yesterday I said to my son well it’s only one game, they will come back and get them tomorrow. He said but they are losing 7-0. I told him it doesn’t matter if you lose 1-0 or 7-0 it still counts as one lose. Both teams won about the same amount of games on the year so they are pretty close in talent.

      Hopefully they don’t lose 10-0 today. He won’t believe anything I tell him ever again.

  21. I find Byrd’s warm up swings unusual. If you haven’t noticed, watch.

    I think he was a Lefty in a previous life.

  22. Harold Reynolds: brilliant.

    Another reason to put Pedro behind Cutch in the lineup.

    I like it.

  23. DK agrees with my prediciton from yesterday that the Rays will be the WS winner.

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    It this is truly a magical season, then Gerritt changing the path of this series makes a ton of sense.

    Beat Em Bucs

  25. Biz, we have Dayton, OH on the list?
    A1C McG says:

    October 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Dayton, OH not too far from home but far enough to buy the sports packages so i can watch the home town teams

  26. This Bucco team needs to approach today as a MUST-win elmination game…going down 2-0 to the Cards, who know how to finish off an opponent in the playoffs, well…it would be disastrous…

  27. Harold Reynolds and Bill Ripken both predict a Bucco Win in game 2 behind a strong outing from Gerrit Cole…. LETS GO BUCS

  28. MLB Network guys picking the Buccos to win today. Have to say I agree. Feel very confident about the next 2 games. Charlie is the wild card. I don’t want a game 5.

  29. FYI – If you have a smart phone – you can download the ESPN Radio APP and listen to the game this way. Just thought I would share this with who can’t see the game.

  30. First two batters swinging freely at balls well in the dirt, have to force the pitcher to throw strikes.

  31. Morneau is a damn joke.

  32. Damon, thanks for that link, it works for me here at the office :)

  33. I keep waiting for Morneau to produce a big hit, and waiting.

    Cutch with three of the Pirates five hits in first ten innings of series, going to need some help.

  34. Poor at bat by Marte… offered a bunt at a pitch that he could obviously see was going to be a FOOT outside and low….. just dumb. dumb, dumb, dumb.

    On Morneau, he is so good at working the count, laying off pitcher’s pitches… but he thought he was gonna get 3-2 fastball and he got a changeup or curve at 83MPH, hence the weak fly out to right. Good on getting into a workable count, bad on not being able to do anything with it.

    • It is sad watching guys lose the physical ability to perform.

      Morneau should get all the credit in the world for trying to adapt, but the guys just doessn’t have anything left.

  35. Honestly, I’m more excited to see Cole pitch today than anything.

    I think the Buccos only need to get a couple to get the W.

  36. Nice start for Cole.

  37. This team has to realize that the Cards starters will keep feeding those curves and off-speed stuff as long as the Buccos will chase them….

  38. wow, holliday PULLED a pitch that was on the outside part of the plate???? in the air? with RISP??? what the hell is going on??

  39. nice job Cole….lets score FIRST TODAY Buccos… how about a Byrd single followed by a DAYDRO DINGER???

  40. Good inning…

  41. Whatever happens this season, this pitching staff is in excellent hands going into next year with Cole and Liriano leading the way…

  42. I need to start seeing some K’s from our pitchers. This is a bad sign. Pitching to contact doesn’t get it done in the post season.

  43. I really, REALLY could do without a 2:30 break in between each half inning of play. 150 seconds of commercials…every. half. inning. That’s 45 minutes of commercials, minimum, during every game.

    Turns a good two hour game into a barely tolerable 2:45 drawn-out affair… and that’s with no pitching changes/delays, etc….

    • Just got a call from a friend in the TV business pointing out the exact same thing. He already had it calculated into extra millions of dollars.

      • Unbelievable how terrible the product becomes with 45 minutes of commercials INSIDE the game. Nearly unwatchable… lulls fans to sleep.

        90 seconds MAX for those breaks.

        DK: Billion times worse in person, Naje. Just interminable. So awkward.

  44. Thank you Jon Jay and the sun…

  45. John Jay is a horrendous outfielder.

  46. Plate discipline, plate discipline, plate discipline…

  47. ground rule double…did it bounce and go over?

  48. El Toro another rip, double to put himself in scoring position, nice start to the series for Pedro!

  49. Come on Russ….

  50. Wow, Martin gets a second chance with Molina gaffe, need to make it count here.

  51. Good to see Martin swinging early at fastballs…. looked at two meatballs in his first at bat yesterday.

  52. Man, taking the Reds pitchers’ recipe… make this bunch swing at junk/off-speed stuff.

  53. Pirate batters just can not read a curve ball, making life too easy for Cards pitchers.

  54. Great! maybe Cole can hit a curve?

  55. I hope Cole whacks a gooe one and Alvarez comes in

  56. Time for Cole to help himself out…

  57. See if Cole can wave a magic wand at the plate.

  58. Steelag has it right. If we keep on flailing at the curve, we keep getting more.

  59. I was watching Marte catch that fly ball earlier and thought how difficult it has to be to readthe ball off the bat. Jay backed my thoughts up.

    Also, Lynn’s curve ball is nasty. At least for the 1st go through of the lineup, the guys aren’t picking it up.

  60. After today’s start, Cole will be the Pirates #4 hitter

  61. Bad defense leaves the door wide open.

  62. Yes sir, leave it to Cole to take matters into his own hands, helping his cause with big two out RBI single. This rookie quickly becoming a personal favorite.

  63. Now Marte,if Cole can do it so can YOU!

  64. What a break. Now Neal needs to make it hurt.

  65. Cole is dare I say, “Hershiserish”???

  66. UGH walker…

  67. dang… walker had a shot there to do some damage… and do in Matheny’s managing move to walk Mercer…. need to be just a smidge more patient Neil with bases loaded.

  68. Neil! Had to help the guy out by going after the first pitch.

  69. Scratch out one, had chance for much more, but overall good inning as they made Lynn work a bit.

  70. This may be all that Cole needs. ;)

  71. Cole! How many times has he done that, with his BIG BOY PANTS self! Watching on this SUCKAGE! They just give you four camera angles and a “quad” feature with no multiple cameras working together. $4.99! Last time I got burned that bad was when someone sold me a baggie full of oregano! LOL!

  72. Here’s a throwback name that I’d love to see Cole aspire to, at least in this postseason: the 1985 version of Brett Saberhagen. What a run he had through the playoffs and world series.

  73. Who’s Lawrence McCutchen?

  74. Damn it–Neil

  75. Kaat is a breath of fresh air, even if he has a pitcher’s view of where the outside corner of the plate is.

  76. 8 pitch AB for Jay but Cole wins the battle. Seven of those pitches were strikes, like how Cole is attacking the Cards hitters and mixing things up.

  77. Nicely done Gerrit…1-2-3 in the second. Through two innings Lynn at 40 pitches, Cole at just 27.

  78. Nice pitching by Cole so far.
    I say he gets the potential Game 5 start.

  79. Darn. Pirates have a pitcher up second this inning.

  80. Morneau with a base hit.

  81. inexplicable 0-2 fastball from Lynn to Morneuau and Justin gets a base hit.

  82. and Morneau is on…c’mon Byrd!

  83. see? you all have me to thank for that single.

  84. C’mon Petey!

  85. Byrd with a Homer!

  86. DAYDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUCCOS HAVE A 3-0 LEAD

  87. PEDRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3=0 Good Guys !

  88. PEDRO!!!!!!!

  89. Pedro! Having his way with Los Cardinales again!

  90. EL TORO with a two run bomb- quickly adding his name to Bucs postseason lore….his second of series, who doesn’t want that bat around for some time!

  91. Oh my…. Pedro getting hot at the right time!

  92. He keeps leaving that fastball up there …

  93. Big, Big 2-out thunder from Pedro…

  94. Is anybody getting a replay they’re talking about on the mlb network? Did I REALLY get burned worse than I thought?

  95. Cutch with 3 hits in series, Pedro with 3 hits in series….6 of 9 hits from those two superstars!

  96. here comes an RBI double from Jordy.. I feel it…

  97. Does Pedro have more homers than Barry Bonds did as a Pirate in the postseason? It’s a series now, ladies and gentlemen.

  98. Would someone tell Matheny it’s too soon to have someone up in the pen ?

  99. Just saw the score and was pleasantly surprised. A nice start.

  100. Playing for a contract. :)

  101. Does Lancy Lynn remind anyone BUT ME of Christopher “Alright, Think We’re Gonna Make It” Cross?

  102. Petey is hot at just the right time!! El Toro Grande!!!!

  103. Have to do the same thing we did vs the Reds…just keep adding on runs each inning…

  104. Kitty Kaat when he first starts talking sounds JUST LIKE the Reds color guy … Welch?

  105. Big Boy Pants! Cole!

  106. Whoa..

    Is that inning really over?

  107. Nice, Cole, nice :)

  108. Keep pouring it on Buccos!

  109. Cole like a hot knife through soft butter that inning.

  110. Wow Cole just erases Carpenter on three pitches. Through three 37 efficient pitches for Cole who appears to be in complete control.

  111. Wow….Cole doing what Wainright did yesterday after getting the lead…taking total control….the stuff of a true ace…

  112. We’re winning!

  113. 97 MPH!!

    There’s your K, Milo!

  114. Cole is going to be something special this post season….just have a feeling about it.

  115. Lance Lynn has already thrown over 60 pitches.

  116. The more I see Cole, the more I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. He has plenty of talent, but he also has “IT”. That shut down inning was huge. He thrives on big moments and that is what a true ACE is.

    The best part? He’s the leader of this staff for YEARS TO COME… and Taillon is on the way.

  117. Not sure I like this tag team they are doing on the radio.

  118. Adams gobbled up Marte’s grounder like a deep dish pizza…..

  119. When batting, pitchers never squawk at called strikes!

  120. *****ATTENTION*****
    Newbies and lurkers, we want to chat with you. If you post your hometown, Bizrow will add it to the list of Dejan’s Lunatics’ Asylum.
    Don’t be shy, we don’t bite :)

  121. Bob Costas repeats more of the same info more than anybody.

  122. I’m at work, and cannot watch the game. Has Cole been using his curve? I see he only has 2 K’s through 3.

  123. Let’s Go, Bucs! If you get it up to 8-0, I’m gonna make a peanut butter and soda run! It ain’t JINE IGGLE but it’s the next-best thing for down here!

  124. Wish I had the luxury of all of you in Pittsburgh of being able to couple a Pittsburgh radio broadcast with MLB Network video. Bob Costas is a legendary announcer, but he’s a St. Louis guy. So, is Jim Kaat. The first 2 innings today were brutal. Everything was viewed through the prism of Cardinals greatness. A couple of examples:

    1) Clint Hurdle has been in MLB for 40 years, but Costas boiled his career down to his one year with the Cardinals – and how it was unfortunate to be sandwiched between 2 of the many Cardinals pennants.

    2) Kaat telling us how the Pirates don’t have nearly as many Gold Gloves on the field as the Cardinals, who had the fewest errors in the league. Immediately thereafter, Jay mis-judged Pedro’s blast into a double and Yadi Molina lazily missed an easy pop-up. That didn’t stop them from telling us how great each of those guys are with the glove, though. Anyone who thinks the Cardinals are even close to the Pirates in the field is out of his mind. Molina is great, but that was awful.

    Plenty of other examples. Everything just seems to be coming from the perspective of how wonderful the Cards are. Fortunately, now that the Bucs have taken control, they have had no choice but to call it straight up.

    I don’t think this is really intentional on their part. They just don’t know much about the Pirates and they didn’t bother learning much. Makes it less enjoyable for 50% of the audience, IMO.

  125. Beltran smart hitter.

    Realizing the shift was on tries to lay one down and get on base. Solo shot there does him no good but add to his stats, which if you don’t know them by heart, you’re not listening to Costas

  126. Another nice inning :)

  127. The post season is all about pitching. Profound stuff, huh ?

  128. Cole just dominating, goes 90,87, 92 than 99 to get Adams to hit weakly to second. Having his way with Cardinal hitters and doing whatever he wants to them.

  129. The Cole Train keeps rumbling down the tracks….

  130. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that in each game that Cole has knocked in a run, he has won.

  131. Thought he had it there.

    More no is swinging the bat well today.

  132. Woah! Morneau with a double :)

  133. Morneau goes off the wall for a double, his second hit of the game, just missed getting it out.

  134. Morneau with a nice dubble…………..

    2 hits today. He must read those trashing him on this here blog………. ;)

  135. C’mon Byrd!

  136. Ok, Morneau has something to prove. He and Pedro need to both bat 4th. I don’t know what all you detractors were talking about the last few weeks. :-)

  137. RBI Double for Byrd.

  138. Byrd with another dubble………….

    4-0 Good Guys.

  139. wow, who is playing RF for STL? Was Beltran playing in the stands??? how did he not get Byrd’s ball in right center?

  140. Buccos have trouble hitting a curveball.

  141. Niiiiiice……

  142. Costas just can’t bring himself to accurately describe the drives to the gaps by the Bucs.

  143. Well, Mprneau must have been reading here. Finally delivers a solid double.

    And Byrd follows.

    Good lineup order. ;-)

  144. Y’all tell me what the WYRD is!

  145. C’mon Daydro….keep it hot!!

  146. Byrd ground rule double, brings Morneau home and the trade deadline duo gives the Buccos the 4-0 lead!

  147. We are seeing the other side of the Cardinals OF. You know, the part that is never mentioned? Their range has to be the worst in MLB.

  148. Matheny apparently missed learned nothing from yesterday’s game.

    PULL. HIM.

  149. On that fly ball by Byrd, did you notice how Lynn was waiting for Beltran to catch the ball? Beltran didn’t even run full speed and Lynn was shocked.

  150. Here comes Mr. Softstuff induce a double play guy.

  151. come on russ…long ball…or a single, too.

  152. WOO-HOO Russell!

  153. Ok, so who thinks Cole gets the start if the Series returns to St. Louis for Game 5? I am raising my hand…

  154. There’s that contagious hitting again – keep it going!

  155. MY FAVORITE MARTIN! “Doodle-Doo-Doo Doo, Doo-Doo Doodle, Doo Doo, Doo-Doo!”

  156. As some said yesterday, I’ll say it today.

    Ball game.

    Riding high on the Cole-train. This is almost what I expected. I didn’t think the Pirates would score this many.

  157. Wouldn’t it be wild if Cole got another hit??

  158. Martin has hit the Cards well this season with clutch hits…

  159. Thanks, Bob. The atmosphere in Pittsburgh will be great. Can’t leave out St. Louis. “Always top of the charts here.”

    Really? No one sits on their hands more than Cardinals fans. It’s just their way. I have never seen a crazy atmosphere in Busch. It is always full, though – even in April.

    • Always thought they had great fans in St. Louis. They do know their baseball there.

    • Jim, are you able to see the replays on your broadcast? I’m unable to on mine. I hear them talking about them, but I’ve got nothing coordinated here. Just 4 camera angles to choose from plus their “quad.”

      • ha! my sister was watching those.. I have the DVR’d version to look forward to when I finally get home from work at 6pm.

  160. Cole 51 pitches, 36 strikes 15 balls.

  161. This game would be 10-0 if A J had put a bigger hurt on Adam’s foot.

  162. Watching the game at work and lurking as usual. Nothing like reading all the good comments above to enhance the game.

  163. Who is the game 3 starter for STL?



    5-0 LETS GO BUCS


  165. I don’t know why these guys don’t play like this every day.

    Every day.

  166. Freakin Molina…Grrrr!

  167. Geez. As soon as I post, Molina goes deep. Back to lurking.

  168. crap…

  169. Molina takes Cole deep, let’s see if it rattles him……

  170. Ball is jumping. Molina had no business going deep on that one in normal conditions. I still say it favors our hitters, though.

    • Kind of disagree with that. Cole left it flat and right down the middle. Molina is a good hitter, made him pay.

  171. Cole says STFD Jay! Good recovery. Take notes AJ…….

  172. Cole’s demeanor helps make him. He’s a rookie with a veteran mindset.

  173. Cole did good, came from a 3-1 to strike out Jay…

  174. So similiar to yesterday…Cards big lead and Pedro goes deep…I think the end results will be the same, this time in the Buccos favor. ;)

  175. Cole or AJ, I think if we win today it will be a moot point. The nation will be in for another treat when we get home…. Liriano clap clap clapclapclap liriano

  176. It’s amazing how delay my SiriusXM broadcast is…Molina is just coming up to the plate.

  177. June Cole might have gotten a bit rattled. October Cole, not so much.

    • Well said, Jim.

    • Good point, Jim S. Cole has matured more over a few months than a lot of pitchers over a couple years. He’s strong mentally. Reminds me of a young Clemens.

      • Groat said this morning that Cole is one of those rare guys who developed quicker with the big boys than he probably would have in the minors. Spot on.

        • Imagine if we could transplant his head on guys like McDonald, Morton and Locke. While Charlie’s been pitching lights out, I always feel like he’s one pitch away unraveling due to his mental make up.

    • Remember, Cole was a big part of helping UCLA to the CWS…kid knows how to pitch in big situations….

  178. No harm as Cole settles right back in and gets three straight after giving up solo HR.

  179. Ahhhhhh, so it is possible to give up a homer and get the next 3 guys out, like that ooops never happened. Wow, I learn something new every day!

    5-1 BUCCOS

  180. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLAYOFF BASEBALL BUCNATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Don’t like to see Molina getting hot though….lol.

    • Cole left a cookie (no Adams, that ain’t for you!!!) middle -middle and Molina did what you are supposed to do with those… hit em hard and hit em far. Cole contained it and that’s huge.

  182. And marte with a walk :)

  183. Anyone see “Gameday” had Cole pitching to Walker…LOL.

  184. Walker hit that pop higher than the arch and it looked for a second like it might drop. Awful OF.

  185. Nice…Marte steals second :)

  186. Marte using his legs to get into scoring position, great opportunity here to get run right back.

  187. Great pitch to run on.

    Replay shows the big difference between Cutch and Marte.

    SMs jump is ridiculous.

  188. Marte steals 2nd. Cutch with an RBI opportunity!


  190. These announcers already took credit for Hurdle as a one year Cardinal in his 40 years of MLB. Now, they just swiped Dick Groat from us. I know he had good years in St Louis, too. But, they just can’t concede much good to the Bucs.

    Marte steals on Molina, and we are treated to how Molina doesn’t let anyone steal. Well, except for the guy who just did it.

    • Marte stole on Axford there Jim.

    • Bad enough the game is on MLB network.
      We have to listen to these asshats too.

      Just amazing some people want Cost-ass in the Commissioners office.

      • So basically, nobody should broadcast these games. 1st TBS is terrible and now MLB Network.

        • Im good with this crew for all Pirates games….

          • Compared to what else is out there, I agree.

            I can’t stand Costas, but I sure don’t want Joe Buck.

        • Lest see. TBS was putting people to sleep, when they werent butchering the telecast.

          Today we have 2 cardinal announcers……….. praising the cardinals water fountains, while ignoring the Bucs.

          And you defend this? How about some competent announcers that arent homers for the opposing team.

          • Don’t think I defended anybody.

            But considering what else is available. I’ll take these guys.

            • Your choice.

              As is my choice to not like them.

              Or are you going to insult again me like you did yesterday?
              If you dont like my posts, move along. Not hard to do.

              • Oh we’re sensitive again today.

                My bad.

                My choice would be Vin Scully with a decent side kick, but that won’t happen.

                Costas, who I can’t stand, is really knowledgeable of the game. Kaat as well.

                Agree that TBS absolutely butchered there telecasts.

                I thought Chip Carey usually does their games. He’s not bad.

              • I am sensitive when you insult me for no reason other than to cause trouble, which you frequently do.

                TYhe things you accuse me of, and insult me for, you do the exact same thing.

                Lets do each other, and the blog a favor, and not respond to each others posts. You dont have to like my posts, and I dont have to read you insulting me.

                What say you? Or is that request being too sensitive?

              • Extremely sensitive.

                I do not recall insulting you. Unless calling someone sensitive an insult.

                Pure disagreements, sure. It happens.

    • Thought the same thing on the SB.

      So as Kaat quipped about most SBs being stolen on the pitcher, which I agree with, shouldn’t most of Molina’s caught stealings go to the pitcher as well?

      • dont want to ruin a perfectly good rant on the announcers, I tend to like this pair, we could do a lot worse (maybe a 3-man booth of Chris Berman, Ernie Johnson and Tim McCarver???), but not sure I am in on the “Molina is not that good” bandwagon. He is very good catcher defensively, slowed noticably this year by the knee, but no doubt pitchers have a big part in the running game, but Molina is best in the bigs at throwing and footwork etc.

        • No argument there.

        • Be honest, cmat. You know I didn’t say anything close to that. All I said was the praise is so over the top that even when he doesn’t do well, like on the missed pop, they feel they have to reinforce his greatness. Are they doing that for any of the Bucs?

  191. woah..another walk :)

  192. Fun to see Axford struggle and get pulled after those years he closed on us in Milwaukee.

  193. Would you pinch hit Gabby here?

  194. Boo No more grounds into a DP

  195. Ok, is it time to start counting outs yet?

  196. Cole will keep rolling…

  197. Bob Costas will never need Cialis or Viagra.
    Just watching the Cardinals is puts him in the “mood.”

    I hope Jim Kaat has enough space in that booth.

  198. Don’t ask a guy to do what he can’t do. Justin can’t hit LHP. Thank him for doing a great job vs. the RHP and send Gabby up to do what he does – hit .300 with power and high OBP vs. LHP and see if he can put the game away.

    I know what Clint is doing. He figures he may already have enough runs and Justin is thought to be the better fielder. But, that killed a possible game ending rally.

  199. 64 pitches starting the 6th?


  200. Anybody think Beltran belongs in HOF after he hangs it up ?
    SI made a good case for it earlier this year.

  201. Per MLB Gameday: Gerrit Cole may be running out of gas after 71 pitches; his fastball has dropped from a high of 99 to as low as 87.

  202. Now Kaat is trying to argue Cutch didn’t showboat the catch. Next thing, you know, Costa will point out Cards have only two hits, but ram home the fact Molina hit a home run! Will he stop at nothing to promote the Cards?

  203. WOW 100 mph 2 seamer

  204. classic battle – Cole vs. Beltran. Cole pitching his ass off, Beltran battling.

  205. YES! Got him looking!

  206. BEAUT-I- BUCN-FUL pitch to strike out red-hot Beltran. Now keep this on Holliday’s hands and we’re done.

  207. Absolutely HUGE K of Beltran there by Cole, showing ice in the veins.

  208. 2 100 mph pitches in a row…a 2 seamer and a 4 seamer wow

  209. 100 two pitches in a row!!! Dude is a beast…Verlander-ish…

  210. WOW!! Cards just got run over by the Cole Train!!

  211. Cole bringing 100 MPH heat in the 6th and 83 pitches in, getting stronger as game goes on.

  212. Great point by Costas, saying that workhorses like Verlander and Cole can hit top speed as the game gets into the late innings. This kid can throw with the best of them deep into the game. I just worry about location.


  214. If the rest of the baseball world didn’t know who Gerrit Cole was before today, they certainly know about him now!


  216. Cole is cool.

  217. Cole and Liriano are doing the best job down the stretch by far.

    If there is a Game 5, Cole needs to start it.

  218. You betcha Gerrit Cole, gets out of the sixth and fires another zero on the board. Would not mind another run or two here.

  219. Very, very impressive. And a STFU to the crowd.

  220. Oopsy.

  221. Great hustle by Byrd to get to second on that, and the Cards defense strikes again.

  222. Freese is really cool!

  223. ok…is cole the number 1 or 2 or 3 guy come 2014?

  224. BYRD with the proverbial home run in an elevator shaft ends up on 2nd. HOOOOOAH!

  225. Oh my!

    Brutal sun, glad this has actually gone in the Pirates favor.

  226. come on petey…

  227. Petey moves Byrd to 3rd with a 4-3 ground out. Cards bring the infield in…….

  228. Very productive out by Pedro there against the LHP, gets Byrd to third with one out, great chance to scratch across the gift.

  229. Ok Russ…let’s do it again….

  230. Well done, Russ.

  231. My favorite Martin with a SAC fly to right, 6-1 good guys…..

  232. Cards make a mistake and everyone does their job in the Bucco lineup to move him over and in.

    Remember when we could not buy a sac fly for months?

  233. Big Sac Fly from Martin there, all he needed to do, Bucs have five run advantage once again.

  234. BEU-TI-FUL!!

  235. RUN SUPPORT!!!!

  236. MISTAKE by Cards… need to walk Martin there to set up the double play, not let Martin hit the sac fly…. 6-1 Bucs is getting dangerously close to 9-1 Cards… almost polar opposite of yesterday

  237. First guess managing time

    Cole to start the 7th? Or Wilson? My choice – Cole.

  238. Just got home. Listening to ESPN radio feed.

    Byrd scores on Martin sac. 6-1 Pirates!

  239. Watson warming in the pen? Sanchez in the on-deck circle. Let the second guessing begin if he comes in……

  240. Good job, Jordy :)

  241. Good game for Gerrit!

    • Only 86 pitches, 56 for strikes.
      Looked poised all game.

      If I remember correctly, wasnt there some disappointment when he was drafted? Didnt some people want his teammate bauer drafted instead? Or am I mis-remembering?

      • second guessing by pirate fans? nooooooo…can’t be.

        • Lol. I think every teams fanbase does.

          I just cant remember what happened at the time of Cole’s drafting.

          • Kinda went both ways. I think the other guy had a better record some crap like that.

            • and then bauer came up that very first summer and pitched for the dbacks and lots of folks moaned about (1) picking Cole and (2) Pirates slow progression of picks through the minors. Bauer was traded by the Dbacks because Kirk Gibson couldn’t stand his BS and I think he may be in Cleveland but not sure.

            • W-L Record? that meaningless stat???

      • I recall many a naysayer arguing that Cole wasn’t even the best pitcher on his college team, let alone in the draft. And of course, when Bauer hit the fast track to the majors, those same folks were quick to point out how they KNEW ALL ALONG that Bauer was a stud and Cole nothing special.

        And yet, here we are on October 4, watching Cole blow away the Redbirds.

        • Thanks Sean. I couldnt remember the details, but I did remember that Cole wasnt a slam dunk pick.

          Agreed, Cole is becoming an ace, where is Bauer anyway? (Doesnt matter). ;)

      • You are correct Plan. Cole’s record his last year at UCLA did not match Bauer’s, and there was noise about Dylan Bundy too. Even up to the last couple of weeks prior to the draft there was a contingent that did not want the Pirates to take another pitcher and favored Anthony Rendon. I think NH got it right…

  242. Cole is done for the day. Six STRONG innings…….

  243. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Let Cole in!

  244. Absolutely have no issue with Gaby PH for Cole here….Cole went deep into the tank in 6th to get out of inning, turn it over for last nine outs to one of teams strengths – back end of the pen.

  245. we have 676 posts today…

  246. 9 outs to go folks, buckle up folks. Watson gives up a lead off single to Adams.

  247. Watson was really shaky on Tuesday.

  248. Dang, I gotta go…home is 10 minutes away…hope I don’t get a speeding ticket :)

  249. are those gravy stains on adams’ uniform?

  250. too slow on Burnett with the hook…too early on Cole…imho

  251. Getting ahead of myself. But, does anyone think CH might be thinking he needs Cole for a possible Game 5 start and decided to bank an inning for that night?

  252. ok first out. exhale.

  253. 8 outs to go……

  254. 7 outs to go…… a K to J

  255. How many times has Costas missed a strikeout today not knowing the count? Not his best performance.

    7 outs to go.



      Pretty clear CH is going with Watson 7 – Melancon 8 – Grilli 9 approach with Wilson and Morris ready in the background…. Gomez and Mazarro if needed before the 6th and in extras. I think we are in good shape there. Need starter to go 6 strong.

  257. 3-2 changeup with a 5 run lead. Blech.

  258. Nice thing about when Pirates get to this part of order, not a lot of options on the Cardinals bench.

  259. Six out to go!!!

  260. I will say Watson had a bit of control issues there. But, other than the Adams liner to start it, he looked pretty overpowering. Maybe it is “shadows” time?

  261. And Watson wiggles out of it and gets his three outs for the day. Just six more to get.

  262. Descalso the drama queen!

  263. 6 outs to go, good guys 6 – them other fellers, 1.

  264. I am as nervous as cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I agree with you guys about not walking people this late in the contest.

  265. Crap, come on Bucs lets salt this away with a few more runs ;-)

    I’m getting too old for this stuff…..

  266. These announcers are a pleasure compared to that idiot Dick Stockton.

  267. The Pirate hitters are not giving one another the “Z” sign when they get hits.
    Does anyone know why?

    • they do it for doubles and RBI hits… haven’t even looked for it to be honest…. you say they arent doing it for doubles today?

      • I have not seen a single Z since this series started. Don’t recall seeing one against Cincy in the playoff either. The TV directors cut around their shots quickly, so I may have missed the signs, but not that I know of.

  268. Homer by Marte!!!

  269. 737 posts so far and the six I want most to see are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and Raise it


    7-1 good guys !!!!

  271. MARTE PARTAY!!!!!!!

  272. Marte Partay !

  273. Marte HPB, Walk, SB, HR!!

  274. Let’s have a Marter Partay!!!

  275. Its a Marte Parte, and Starling answers the question in one batter why Mathena elected to name Wacha his game four starter.

  276. Watch today’s game in the mirror, you will see yesterday’s game.


  278. I LIKE THIS KIND OF PARTAY – MARTAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  279. What a difference a day makes!

  280. Gotta love the Pirates response today. All starts on the mound.

    I felt yesterdays game was going to the Cards anyhow, but would’ve been bonus if the Pirates could’ve squeaked by them.

    Pitching wins, offense makes it exciting.


  282. The Pirates have scored in all but 2 innings. Good recipe.

  283. well we are getting a split…hopefully…and that i am very happy with…

  284. How do you spell 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates – R E S I L I E N C E

  285. Sunday’s game is at 4:37 PM

  286. Wong way…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  287. Ryota Igarashi is very surprised at the Pirates success this season.

  288. 4 outs to go!!!!!

  289. 3 outs to go and home field advantage goes bye-bye. :)

  290. Very encouraging 1-2-3 turned in by Mark the Shark…on to the 9th we go, 7-1 good guys.

  291. Will NH win GM of the year?

  292. Looks like Melancon is rested and ready. Morris in the 9th?

  293. Mark looking like his good old self.

  294. It’s almost JUSTIN WILSON time!?

  295. So that it doesn’t get burried up in the threaded stuff…those asking about the removal of Cole, the ESPN radio announcers are saying that they were told by Hurdle that he wouldn’t throw more than 100 pitches. I don’t know what his pitch count was but I know it was close and he left it all out there in the 6th knowing he was probably just about done.

  296. Assuming that Grilli puts his foot down in the 9th, I think it’s essential that the Bucs win both of the home games. We do not want to come back here and face Wainwright again. I think what happened today has been the difference between Cole and Lynn. Hurdle, by the way, has done nothing worth criticism, IMHO.

  297. Game 5, if needed will be next Tuesday.

    Cole needs to start.

    This isnt June. It’s the playoffs.

    NLCS rotation needs to shift as well. Move em all up 1.

    Liriano, Cole, Morton, AJ.

    • Wow that’s a little harsh on AJ. We know he is capable of putting his foot down. You would rather pitch Morton? I know he has been good down the stretch but I still have my concerns with him against good hitting. Good hitters can find a way to put that sinker through a hole.