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Morning Java: Building stadiums on top of hospitals 101

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Morning, Lunatics …

>> The Friday column assesses Pitt’s chances of ever again having an on-campus football stadium … and summarily dismisses it within a couple of paragraphs.

Here’s Paul Chryst’s answer to my question yesterday about the Notre Dame game …

I’ll welcome hearing from you on this, especially students and alumni of the university.

Oh, and since this always comes up with a topic like this, no, I have no vested interest in Pitt of any capacity. Went to Duquesne, and I didn’t even like that.

Here’s our Pitt-Notre Dame game preview by beat writer Jerry DiPaola.

>> What’s wrong with the Steelers’ safeties? Alan Robinson wonders.

What’s wrong with Dick LeBeau? Ralph Paulk wonders.

Here’s our full Steelers coverage.

Here’s Bills news from the Buffalo News.

Here are official game highlights from

>> The Penguins are tired of these multiple-goal losses. Josh Yohe reports.

Here’s our full Penguins coverage.

Here’s Blues news from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Here are official game highlights from, including another Philadelphia shutout. And if you haven’t been tracking this, Sidney Crosby’s 23 points are more than the Flyers’ 22 team goals. And Claude Giroux, who has contributed to all but 22 of those, walked out on reporters last night.

If you’ve missed any of the Flyers’ offensive highlights this season, here’s a summation …

>> It’s tipoff day for both Pitt basketball teams, with Suzie McConnell-Serio’s debut with the women this morning, then Jamie Dixon’s men facing Savannah State tonight. Both are at the Pete.

>> Quality off-the-court W for Duquesne with three-point ace Micah Mason  cleared to play by the NCAA. He’s a Highlands grad. Chris Harlan reports.

>> The weekly chat begins at noon, though you can submit entries as soon as the post pops up. Would love to have you on board!

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and more, including his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the top four columnists in the country -- highest circulation category -- by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the top three columnists in the country by the National Headliners Awards. For 2013, he was named top columnist in the state by the Keystone Awards and second-place by the Pennsylvania AP Managing Editors.


  1. Who’s Bill?

  2. Ah, the “put a stadium back on campus” stuff is up again. Good times. Let me get out the wayback machine, and remember some of the “great” Pitt stadium ideas of the past……….

    There was a plan to build a stadium down in Panther Hollow, just like some people want to do now. This would have drained Panther Hollow Lake, and put it there. Never mind the fact that there would only be one road in and out of there, and there wouldnt be much room for parking. Or Joncaire street hill would be worse than cardiac hill……..

    Alequippa Terrace projects demolished was another stadium idea. This might have worked, but the traffic issues would have been worse….. putting all those cars on side streets, not to mention the bad PR that would have occurred……. it would have been a situation similar to demolishing the Lower Hill in the late 50′s…….

    There was a plan to build a basketball arena on the parking lot between the Carnegie Library and Hillman Library………. then the University would demolish Fitzgerald Field House, and trees Hall, and build the stadium there. I have no words for this idea…… I think Ed Bozik might have been imbibing when he floated this idea………..

    But my favorite was the plan to put an inflatable dome on Pitt Stadium, like the Carrier Dome……… and double it as the basketball arena also. I think this would have worked, but it would have been so costly, not to mention the fact that for a basketball game, binoculars would have been needed. Remember, the track was around the field, so the basketball court couldnt have been close to the seats.

    So there have been many goofy ideas for an on-campus stadium, but in Oakland, there just wasnt, and isnt any room.

  3. In 04-05, Savannah State failed to win a game. Finished 0-28.

    In 2008, Savannah State scored 4 points in the first half against Kansas State.

    Last year they were 19-15 in MEAC conference.

    They are staying in Pittsburgh to play Robert Morris on Saturday night.

    I sure hope Pitt doesn’t have any trouble with them tomorrow night at the Pete.

    Great to have basketball back. America’s game.

  4. That’s a hilarious YouTube video.

    10 hours. Hahahaha. Very Warholian. Kudos on the find.

  5. Re Steelers D: a recipe is only as good as its ingredients, and LeBeau has been given Spam and a lettuce leaf to work with.

    • LeBeau is the one who keeps the customers waiting for ever as he impossibly tries to whip the spam up into an elaborate 7-course meal. Coaching can and does make a difference. Just look at KC: 2-14 last year under Romeo Crennel; 9-0 today under Andy Reid.

      • Do you think Kansas City’s new quarterback is helping?

      • Yes, Ghostie, but that 2-14 team had 6 Pro Bowlers. There are some 14-2 teams that dont have 6 Pro Bowlers. So I agree with you on the coaching……. Crennell has been a bust wherever he coached. He is a great co-ordinator, bad head coach.

        Throw into the mix of Alex Smith managing games for them, instead of losing games for them, new schemes that reid brought with him, and the fresh air of hope he brought with him, and you see the results. Think Philthy regrets letting him go?

        As an aside, I like Spam, especially grilled with eggs. But I would never try to pass it off as Filet Mignon with a wine sauce…………. like the braintrust of the Steelers are trying to do. Spam is not the Standard.

        • Paul Bunyan,

          Very, very wise response!

          6 Pro Bowlers not Spam, just uncooked filet mignon and raw mushrooms.

        • Living in Philly ‘burbs, no I don’t think they are sad to see him gone. This tune played here many times before, and it got him to the SB once in all his years. Many losses to much lesser teams in the playoffs, all because he was too stubborn. Not that Kelly is the answer, but Reid’s time here was over. He got into a good situation going to KC, plus picking up Smith. But even a friend who is a Chefs fan isn’t ready to predict a SB appearance this season. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Reid finds a way to not make the SB.


          • Thanks for this response. It is always good to hear from the lions den, so to speak. You raise good points.
            Where I live, 3 out of 4 Iggles fans were sad to see Reid go. Just have to wait to see how it all plays out.

        • Chiefs have played 2 teams with winning records in their first 9 games. Might that be contributing a little to the 9-0 start also?

          No doubt coaching makes a difference, as does a competent QB. Steelers defense is bad not because of schemes or strategy it is bad because the players can’t play well enough. In fact it can be well argued that the complete lack of speed of the secondary forces Lebeau to play some sort of prevent defense scheme and against a QB like Brady that is lights out, party over.

          If I were running the Steelers, both coordinators would be gone (Haley fired and Lebeau to retire) and Tomlin would be given one chance to right the ship in 2014. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Tomlin were fired also, it is a results league, but I think he has earned one more shot.

    • You throw in some teriyaki and a bed of rice and you have a spam sushi that is available at every grab and go convenience store in Hawaii.

  6. Ha! Giroux couldn’t face the music? That’s not good behavior for the ‘best player in the world’.

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  10. GREAT to have Micah Mason back @ home…and playing THIS YEAR for the Dukes.
    Shoo – shoo….Rah – rah.
    Let’s go Dooo-cain !!!! ;-)

  11. I thought you were going to title this column…

    If Giant Hospital Walls Could Talk.

    And by the way…

    “Rocky Horror Picture Show” isn’t playing anymore”.

    Take it back, you bitter anti-70s iconoclast

    - Dr. Drew Frank N. Furter, a bitter 70s iconoclast

  12. So what we thought would be a big night for the two conferences playing, PAC 12 and Big 12, turns into a HUGE night for a conference not playing.

    The ACC.

    And if they win out, Florida State.

  13. Good Morning, All. A question for a quiet Friday morning. This blog has been tough on nationally recognized sports broadcasters – we’ve easily named those we don’t like. So, my question is, who’s really good in our opinion?

    I’ll offer a first one – Jay Bilas on college hoops. But who do you think is good? Any sport will do.

    • Mike Emerick, hockey.

    • I’ll pick a couple old timers who still call games: Vin Scully and Dick Enberg.

    • My favorite college football announcers, both P by P and color guys:

      Kirk Herbstreit
      Brad Nessler
      Todd Blackledge
      Verne Lundquist

      These are not in order, other than Herbstreit, who is my favorite. Nessler and Blackledge have made a great P by P – color team and would be my pick for favorite team.

      Herbstreit gets a special blue ribbon for working with Musburger for so long.

    • You mean I cant go with the old 2-9er on Pens games? ;)

      I would go with Brent Musberger, and Dick Stockton.

      • actually, yes you can :)

      • The only place I want to go to with Musburger is his retirement party.

        Historically I haven’t disliked him as much as many others. I once thought he was good but annoyingly over the top. Now I think he’s, um, slipping and still annoyingly over the top.

        • Yeah, he does have many detractors, thats for sure.

          But when I think of a big college football game, he is still there calling the action. When he isnt fawning over young college girls, that is………..

  14. Called the Pirate Offices yesterday to find out the dates of Spring Training. It officially has not been established yet . . . . . it will be later than 2013 because of no World Baseball non-Classic. They said it would not be established until after Thanksgiving.

    Two teams HAVE announced their start: one Feb 12 and one Feb 15. If we take the latter date, yesterday was exactly 100 days. So . . . . .


  15. “I had another college administrator who was at our Florida State opener tell me that was one of the best college football atmospheres he’d been in all season,” Pederson said.

    It was LABOR DAY !! It was the ONLY game ANYONE had been to all season…

    Geez Stevie. And with a straight face, I bet.

  16. As a small tie-in to the continuing Martin-Incognito mess………. I volunteer at a local food bank. We see all kinds of people there…… including people from shelters, etc. Common theme I see each week…… people being bullied, abused etc. People going back to the bad situation they are in. People trying to reason things away. Being I see this on a regular basis, I have a little different take on this whole Dolphins mess. I feel anytime that this type of thing is brought into the open, our society as a whole has a chance to improve. Not that we will, or it will be easy, but we have a chance.

    • Thanks for your work, plan. Good man.

    • Whitlock’s article is good take on the whole situation. Martin uses his mind, therefore he didn’t fit in with the mentality in the Dolphin’s Locker Room. So, is it better to be stupid to be a brutal football player?

      • Absolutely not.

        And I also don’t believe Incognito and his supporters are inherantly stupid. I believe their actions demonstrate a learned ignorance. They’ve been taught that this is how football players are supposed to act. Which is complete bullsh*t, of course.

        I don’t believe Martin is inherantly more intelligent than Incognito, or at least I don’t believe Martin’s actions demonstrate superior inteligence. Martin just refused to be dragged into the muck with the rest of the sheep. More a matter of character than intelligence.

        • ::smile:: I expected this, and seriously, thank you, NMR. I was being rather sarcastic with that question. But, that does seem to be the mentality in that locker room, if not ALL locker rooms. I’m not sure how bad this really is.

          I DO believe Martin is more intelligent, and that he was RAISED to be a better human being. But yes, a lot of that mentality IS a matter of choice. As I said yesterday, lines that shouldn’t be crossed, WERE crossed.

        • Thank You for this.
          Nice to see someone get it…….

          Also, I would like to give huge props to you, NMR. When I first came on this blog, you and I butted heads (a lot). But you gave Daquido and I respect after a while when you didnt have to. I just would like to thank you for this, and apologize for not mentioning this before.

          I think a certain clique of posters who start crap with me could learn a lesson from you. That is all.

          • Ha, we certainly did! I really think that it was a matter of just getting to know you all and realizing that you’re good guys, regardless of diferences. Still think Daq’s a little nuts, but nutty people make the world more interesting, and I’m sure that is mild compared to what a lot of people think of me.

            I also probably know the guys you’re talking about and like them, too. I have a feeling we’ll all end up going down the same path. We’ll learn from our little spats and come out the other end better because of it.

            Now about that Jandy character… :)

          • Oh goody. The innocent victim routine again.

            • Speaking of routines, at least you came right out and said it this time instead of feigning objectivity with the whole “lets wait for the facts” or “two sides to the story” act.

              • Are you going to jump Jim S. for having the same approach? And what does objectivity have to do with this?

              • 21, you know d*mn he’s jumping you for being an azz….just like you were an azz yesterday.
                I love chatting with you, but like *EYE* said yesterday, sometimes you guys need to know when to shut the H*ll up.

              • How was I an a** yesterday?

                ” sometimes you guys need to know when to shut the H*ll up.”

                Right back at ya!

              • I’ve already jumped on Jim S, and Arriba, and Jandy, for having the same approach and that was unfair of me. I assumed, wrongfully, that those phrases really just meant that they didn’t believe Martin but wouldn’t come right out and say it.

                You on the other hand, I absolutely nailed.

                Objectivity has EVERYTHING to do with this. If one doesn’t OBJECTIVELY care about the facts of the story, then all they really care to find out is anything that supports the story they WANT to believe.

                Really blows my mind that one can’t see the cognitive dissonance in searching for facts without objectivity.

              • How did you “nail” me NMR? And why don’t you go ahead and tell me exactly is my opinion on this whole issue?

                Seems like there’s a lot of ways to analyze any issue NMR. But to you, the only way to analyze it is the way you analyze it. And I still don’t understand your point about objectivity. And Jandy is right. It’s all black or white to you.

              • Are we still talking about Martin and Incognito?

              • Claiming that Martin was using the “innocent victim” routine tells me that you’ve already made up your mind that he is at fault. For something.

                Therefore, wanting to get the facts straight, or hear both sides, really just means wanting something to justify your opinion.

                And sorry, I cannot accept any method of “analyzing” this situation that places blame on Martin. Haven’t seen a shred of evidence to justify the actions against him other than that he wasn’t one of the guys. And as adults in the year 2013, I’m pretty sure we should all understand that it is ok to be different.

              • Adults. exactly.

              • NMR, I never claimed Martin was using the innocent victim routine. Never. I claimed Plan was using the innocent victim routine.

                I haven’t blamed Martin for anything. Not once.

                Please check your facts.

              • Honestly thought you were commenting on plan’s post, not plan personally.

              • “Therefore, wanting to get the facts straight, or hear both sides, really just means wanting something to justify your opinion.”

                I haven’t expressed an opinion on this issue yet. But I will now. And I have several opinions.

                I think Incognito has been way out of line. I agree with suspending him but I don’t think he should be thrown out of the league yet. I think the Dolphins/NFL should approach him about going through an evaluation. Based on that evaluation I think possibly he needs help whether it be therapy or whatever. I’m not an expert but I think he should be given a chance and possibly professional help to change his behaviors to something that is more acceptable. And I’m just talking in general terms here. And I also would like to seem him change because I think people who have gone through tough times whether it be addictions or behavioral problems like maybe Incognito has have a lot to offer those with the same problems.

                As to Martin, I don’t feel like he has done anything wrong to this point. That has been my position all along even though I don’t think I typed it on the blog yet. But I will say that if he didn’t, I wish he would have tried to talk to the players, coaches, etc. to communicate his concerns and see if the situation can be dealt with that way before he walked away from the team. But I don’t blame him for walking away from the team.

              • What’s causing your sigh Jandy?

              • A lot of things cause me to sigh, 21.

                but, I want to say, love your post on what you think of the Martin/Incognito mess.

                I do feel Incognito has issues. He’s been with several teams, I believe. But I don’t feel those issues are ALL his fault. I feel it’s been fed and pushed along by his experiences at each level/place he’s played.

                it’s a sorry mess to be sure. And another black eye on the NFL.

              • Like I said, I thought your innocent victim jab was at Martin, not plan.

                I love your thoughts on Incognito getting help and emphatically agree on the good it could do.

                I admitted yesterday that way back when I had hair and played sports I was as big of a jock as they get. I’m positive I treated people poorly because of the entitlement I took from that status.

                I don’t know anything about Richie Incognito’s personality other than his history of poor behavior that has centered around football. I don’t assume that he is an inherantly bad person. I think that being broken of the NFL mentality could definitely allow him to open his mind and would love nothing more than for him to become a role model because of it.

                And I also agree with your thoughts on Martin. There’s definitely a lesson to be learned about dealing with bullies before they break you. I don’t have a shred of faith that going to anyone in the Dolphins organization would’ve helped, but talking with someone outside of the team could have.

              • Agree with you on this topic 21.

                Though I don’t think I’ve really disagreed with anyone on the subject.

                It’s very much opinion based, I think.

                I personally think Martin should’ve handled it in house, but believe he felt that he couldn’t.

                That’s his right and I’m OK with that as well.

              • “Like I said, I thought your innocent victim jab was at Martin, not plan.”

                Sounds like an innocent mistake NMR but the post of Plan’s I responded to didn’t even mention Martin and wasn’t talking about that issue.

          • It seems as though none of the “certain clique of posters who start crap with me” which I’m sure I fall into, never are actually the ones that start and said crap. It’s comments like these that start the nonsense.

        • + a bunch.

      • Yes, Whitlock’s piece is very good at describing the mentality that can exist.
        Desmond Howard this morning echoed many of Whitlock’s points.

        Sad part is, there are 2 distinct camps here, each blaming the other player. This is quite sad, as the investigation should be getting top priority, not a media circus.

        • it’s just another reflection that the players in the locker can’t THINK FOR THEMSELVES and figure things out.

        • FWIW, I do think Whitlock can have a tendancy of driving an idea to the point of coming off a bit sanctimonious (I know, I know. Takes one to know one.), and I can see where pulling in racial and judicial issues could turn people off in this case.

          But I think the underlying issue of mentality and culture he highlights is spot on. Like you rightly say, this shouldn’t turn into a finger pointing match. This goes so far beyond the two central characters. Anybody that says Incognito is a bad guy, case closed, or Martin isn’t cut out for the league, ’nuff said, is actively choosing to ignore or care about what lead to this situation developing in the first place.

          And like I said yesterday, my passion on this issue doesn’t stem from caring about NFL players feelings as much as the example and precedent that is sent down the ranks. We’re lying to ourselves if we think this same culture doesn’t exist down through the lowest levels of the sport. If we can get all indignant about the example steroid users send to kids and teenagers, we better damn well care about the lessons learned from this case as well.

          • I know Whitlock can be a sanctimonious azz, as you pointed out, but he’s not afraid to call out another black man for using the color card. He calls a spade a spade. That’s one of the reasons I read him.

          • I have a problem with Mr. Whitlock’s assumption that being biracial is an automatic identity crisis. Personally, I do not struggle with my own identity. I struggle with other people thinking I am “not black enough” or “not white enough”. My struggle is exterior, not interior. I wonder if believing that Mr. Martin was not being black/white/whatever enough was a factor in the mind of Mr. Incognito (and his enablers) during the bullying… How sad on so many levels.

  17. TONIGHT . . . . . . . 7:00 PM . . . . . . . ESPNU . . . . . . . DUKE vs. Davidson Wildcats

    College basketball is BACK!!!

    • St. John’s vs Wisconsin at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Same time as Pitt and Duke.

      Is Parker starting?

      • Rodney Hood (sophomore transfer from Miss St. named Team Captain after one redshirt year) and Jabari Parker were the leading scorers in the 2 exhibition games.

        K has instituted a quicker tempo this season with these two playing 3 & 4 and handling the ball a lot. Gonna be fast!

        I love college basketball!!! St. John/Wisconsin a legitimate game.

  18. Just read the stuff about Giroux. Good thing he’s better than Sid or he might really have a problem in Philthy.

    No misery is sufficient for that team. Goons-R-Us can’t score? Who’da thunk it?

  19. I wish Pitt could have a nice on campus football stadium too. I look at what Minnesota has done and think how nice that place would look in Oakland – if there was anyplace to put it of course. That said, I think someday it will happen. Probably just not in my lifetime. Dejan hit on a great point in his column that never gets mentioned, more students go to games now than used to at Pitt Stadium.

    The real point should be that Heinz Field would work just fine if you put a quality product in it. Steve Pederson’s problem isn’t that he tore down Pitt Stadium, it’s that he can’t hire a quality coach. Watching Paul Chryst bumble around the sidelines makes it clear that they’re really going to need a lot better players than they have now to overcome his deficiencies. Recruiting doesn’t seem to be going so well going into year three & that ain’t the stadium’s fault.

    Something else that’s not Heinz Field’s fault. Pitt hasn’t finished in the Top 10 since 1982, Foge Fazio with Jackie Sherrill’s guys. Since then, 58 different schools have finished in the Top 10. Give Pederson another extension.

    • As a casual observer of Pitt, I think Milo has this exactly right. It’s not a stadium problem at Pitt, it’s an AD and coaching/recruiting problem.

    • Steve Pederson makes Ed Bozik, and Oval Jaynes look good.

      • Ouch. You know, he seemingly has gotten everything else right. He just can’t seem to get the football thing. And that football thing is the #1 priority because that’s where the money is.

    • Gonna be any Pitt recruiters at your game tonight, Milo ?

      • Sure. TJ already has a guy committed to Michigan & their coach, Bill Cherpak, was an outstanding offensive lineman at Pitt in the 80′s. He hated Todd Graham so much, he wouldn’t even wear any Pitt gear until he was gone.

        • Ha. Nothing more important for recruiting than a college coach and his staff’s relationship with the area’s high school coaches. Makes or breaks a college football program, really. Sounds like Graham was real good at that!

    • I don’t think Pitt fans (or the administration) realized how good they had it with Wannstedt. No it wasn’t perfect. They lost some games they shouldn’t have (OK, maybe more than some). But Wanny was the consummate “Pitt guy” who was good at schmoozing alumni/donors and at least had the program winning 2 out of 3 games most seasons.

      As for Pitt building a stadium of it’s own, I don’t see the point. Sink a few hundred million bucks into a new stadium while likely reducing your growth potential for things like luxury box sales and overall seat capacity. It’s not like they’d go build a 100,000 seat stadium when they can’t fill at 65,000 capacity one in a better, more well known location. Schools waste enough money on football already anyway. No sense in cutting the academic budget further in order to subsidize another money dump. What sane university president or chancellor would go this route?

  20. As a Pitt alumni from the early/mid 1990s and a life-long Pitt fan, I have mixed emotions. I remember walking up cardiac hill with my dad and grandfather to watch my favorite team. As a kid, it was special to be on a college campus. Seeing the Cathedral of Learning, college kids on the porches in Oakland, and getting some fries at the O. On campus venues can be a recruiting tool for non-athletes. How many times does a college have a chance to welcome/host thousands of strangers and potential students on a Saturday afternoon?

    That said…yesterday is gone and Heinz Field is the best option. The only way to make it special is to do special things on the field and WIN! Everybody loves a winner.

  21. Claude Giroux…isn’t he the best hockey player in the world? Seriously, there is very little that is more fun than watching the Cryers writhing painfully at the bottom of the standings. So glad that Max Talbot is out of there.

  22. “….win games in the process and, hopefully, when it’s all said and done, we’ll be popping champagne and having a good time.” – Lloyd McCLendon, yesterday

  23. This is a great website dedicated to “the best hockey player in the world”

  24. If I were an NFL team, I would hire David Shaw in a nanosecond. All those soft guys that go to Stanford. Yeah right.

  25. Someone told me that we’re supposed to get accumulated snow in the Pittsburgh area next week. Is that correct?

  26. Eh, Pitt football.

    There’s a subject that is uninspiring. Kind of like the team itself.

  27. Was looking at bottom 6 forwards i believe could help us out and came up with following list:

    Brad Richardson and Jannik Hansen(Van)—speedy, skilled and gritty role players. Thought richardson would be great pick up from LA as ufa.

    Dwight King, Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis(LA)—king is a big guy with hands and would be ideal for LW on sutter’s line. Clifford is the ideal 4th line LW and lewis is having a down year but is a very versatile and speedy center who could be had cheap.

    Steve Ott(buffalo aka titanic)
    Ryan Reaves(stl)–big RW with mobility

    Roman Polak would be welcome addition to our defense but dont think stl will trade him. And with my guy Stewart having a down year we can probably get him at trough value but he makes too much. Everyone else i found to be intriguing makes too much or isnt attainable.

    Thinking ahead to playoffs were we’ll be playing teams with depth on defense it would behoove us to make sure we have enough punch on offense to withstand our top 6 being stymied. Sarah mentioned that dupuis’ hands and skill are a liability late in the year and as much as i love duper i tend to agree. Would be ideal to have enough depth were duper is moved down to 3rd line or if not than players like richardson, hansen and king could provide needed offensive depth.

    P.S. yes i had some extra time on my hands :)

  28. Didn’t go to PITT, never made it to a game at Pitt Stadium, but I wonder if those yearning for a campus stadium for the purposes of getting the college atmosphere/experience really just need an easier way to get from Oakland to the North Shore.

    PSU’s Beaver Stadium is “on campus”, people rave about the atmosphere. But in reality, the stadium is set off in a cow field surrounded by parking lots and other stadiums. You gotta walk a couple miles to get to the heart of College Avenue where all the pretty video of shops and tree lined streets is shot.

    A safe, fast, and reliable transit connection from Oakland to Downtown is mutually beneficial to the City and the University, and football doesn’t even make the list of reasons. But as an added benefit of something that is already long overdue, you could hop on a trolley car outside Heinz Field and be standing on the lawn outside the Cathedral quicker than you could walk from Beaver Stadium to Old Main.

  29. Wow. Missed a lot in the last few hours. Biggest revelation was Hippo telling us that Holmgren’s well hung – with Laviolette’s ties. Giroux web site also fun.

    Here’s hoping my Golden Rams give TJ all they can handle. My current location, Selinsgrove, ran into TJ a few times in the last decade in the state AAA playoffs. Cherpak has a good program there.

  30. What’s up, 21?

  31. I’ve seen use of “advanced metrics” cited in articles about basketball and football recently.

    Is there the same level of animosity in those two sports as there is in baseball?

  32. Given as much as we know about the Martin/Dolphins situation, and given that I believe he’s a LT, if you are the Steelers do you offer Miami a late round draft pick for him? And at this point do you think Miami would be motivated to accept? I know I would at least me looking into it if I were the Steelers GM.

  33. Opened my Sports Illustrated to read that Larry Lucchino says that David Ortiz is the most beloved athlete in Boston history.

    I love baseball . . . . . but Larry Bird, Doug Flutie, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, heck, even Ted Williams might stand in the way of the veracity of that statement.

    And don’t forget Babe Parilli.

  34. How can Geno Malkin have only one more goal than Deryk Engelland?!

    Someone should ask Mike Tomlin if Malkin is “quitting”?
    Maybe Antonio Brown taught Geno his routes to the goal.

    • One possibility is that teams bother to defend Malkin.

      • wait till Nealer is back, Geno will come alive.

        • If Geno can only work well with Neal, doesnt that look really bad for Geno?He needs to learn to work with others players…… after all, thats what superstars making his type of salary are supposed to do.

          Geno is great when he is “on”, not so great other times.
          He needs to get busy being great again.

  35. Gotta get some stuff done, so I can go home.
    Be nice to one another. Share the love

  36. So I found this story to be rather funny and right up the alley of the current blog conversation and since I have some time on my hands, I thought I’d share. You’re welcome.

    Yesterday, some of us decided to play football after work. Obviously not tackle, that wouldn’t be allowed, but we played ulitmate football.

    Some on the other team were giving others a hard time because they weren’t exactly doing well. I believe the term “linemans’ hands” were used quite often. A few got a little butthurt over getting their butts kicked by my team. It happens….a lot.

    Anyhow, some were not pleased with the ribbing that they got either by the winning team (mine) or by their own teammates.

    I don’t think anybody went to the hospital complaining about it though.

    Does that make these guys non-adults because they made fun of somebody for lacking athletic ability?

    I thought it was funny myself.

    • Your question at the end reminds me of the old question, “Do you always beat your wife with a stick?”

      You lose either way you answer.

      • A stick?

        Interesting. Just heard on the news today driving into work that a guy got 6 years for killing somebody with a stick, AFTER they ruled that the victim was the aggressor.

        I don’t get that one at all..especially how you can kill somebody with a stick.

    • On the non-adult scale, the dudes who actually care enough about losing to get butthurt are kneck and kneck with the dudes who actually care enough about winning to inflict said butthurtness.

      Does it make you kids feel manly-er to call it “ultimate” football rather than two-hand touch?


      • Ha ha. I’ll assume that was sarcastic.

        No, its a differnt game, supposed to be “safer.”

        Can’t even touch!!!

  37. Bad news. Stanford QB Marcus Mariota has an MCL sprain. This will hurt our chances of obtaining extra picks for our first rounder.

    • Oregon QB

      • Right. I got confused as they’re playing Stanford.

        • Was he rated high?
          Havent followed player rankings that much…… I know that Bridgewater kid, and Matthews were rated highly, but thats it.

          Good Luck with your tires……. to prepare for our foot of snow…….. ;)

          • I know you don’t want me to respond, but I will anyways.

            Mariota is a redshirt sophmore that really knows what he’s doing. Great command on everything.

            He’s compared to Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick.

            Early predictions had him in the Top 10. Great athlete, by far the best athlete on the field.

            He was also the front runner for the Heisman Trophy this year.

            Who knows how this will play out for him.

            • Why wouldnt we want you to respond?

            • I read your lies up above. Really tired of you doing it also.

              If you know I dont want you to respond to me, and you do it anyway, why do you do it? Only reason I can come up with is you want to keep causing the trouble. Unreal.

              To respond to your lies above……….
              I gave serious congrats to NMR for being adult enough to stop the crap between he and I from a long time ago. I also made a comment that your clique could learn from that……… has nothing to do with differences of opnion at all……. that is your default lie. It has to do with the fact you just attack and jab, and attack. Many people disagree with me on here, but only a small clique takes it to the next level. Then, when called out for it, I am always the one responsible for YOUR behavior, or I am “too sensitive”, or whatever you decide to come up with for a particular day.

              I try to reason with you, and you cause trouble. I ignore you, and you still cause trouble. I go back to question I posed earlier…. why do you keep responding to my posts, when I clearly dont want to hear your troublemaking? Then, you go an brag about it.

              One more time, just dont respond to my posts.

              Besides, since you lie and say I am always at fault, wouldnt it make sense to ignore me, then, since I am always the troublemaker, the trouble would go away?

              But that doesnt fit your cliques goals.

  38. FOUR hours until Duke University basketball!!


  39. Groat should be happy, Dook winning big.

    I tuned into the Pitt game on ESPN3, Pitt winning very big, but I cant listen because Tim Neverritt is announcing the game. Oh well.

    Shout out to Milo, hope he has good eats at the game.

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