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  1. Drew says:

    What does Pitt need to do to pull off the upset tomorrow? What are you predictions for the game?

  2. Drew says:

    It looks like Pitt basketball is starting to recruit a lot of length with Wilson, Rowan, Luther… which reminds me, how many of these guys did Barton recruit? They say the 2015 class is suppose to be his year but he hasn’t shown one recruit yet. How much longer does Jamie keep him around?

  3. Drew says:

    Where do you see the Pitt basketball team come march? Safely in the tourney? Bubble? NIT? I see them between a 4-7 seed and hopefully win their first game. Thoughts?

  4. Jerry says:

    Hi Dejan, it seems (to me at least) that the formula for beating the Penguins under Coach Bylsma’s tenure is becoming apparent. If you can weather their initial offensive push with solid patient defense and quality goaltending, while tallying one (or even better two) of your own, you can and will frustrate them into deviating away from their game plan. They quickly devolve into risky and ill-advised stretch passes and questionable defensive decisions, in an attempt to even the score-sheet on every shift. This plays right into the opponent’s hands and leads to even more quality scoring chances for the opposition. Josh Yohe wrote an excellent piece on this yesterday when he discussed how the Penguins often let goal deficits get out of hand.

    In their post-game interviews, the players will readily admit it when they’ve become impatient and allowed themselves to be pulled away from their game. My question is: why does it continue to occur? I realize that knowing and doing are often two very different things, but this issue would appear to be one that both the players and coaching staff should be able to control through leadership both on and off the ice. I like Coach Bylsma and his staff, but their Achilles’ heel does appear to be the inability to make effective in-game (or in-series) adjustments when the players have allowed themselves to become frustrated. Your thoughts?

  5. Burgh Steel says:

    Hey DK,

    The revolving door the past few years on Steelers O Line- never seen a position so consistently injured. Poor drafting, training or bad luck? Also favorite comic book hero.

  6. Ben says:

    Is THIS the year Jamie Dixon and the Panthers make the Final Four? (No, definitely not) but in all seriousness how good can the Panthers be this year?

  7. Jon says:


    Do you know the cap hit the Steelers face if they cut any of their top-7 salaried players in 2014? I’m not suggesting most of them go anywhere, but Taylor and Woodley (not be, but not $10 million+ good) would appear to the be on the chopping block. It certainly doesn’t help the team pay an $8 million cap hit for them not to play, but clearly $40 million to pay 46 players isn’t in the cards.

    Also, thoughts on Ben signing an extension this offseason?

  8. Bill says:

    How do you see Pitt-ND turning out?

  9. Terry Martin says:

    Dejan, What have you heard on Bucs resigning Marlon Byrd?

    What about the possibility of James Loney being the 1st baseman?

    And any rumors on possibility of Josh Johnson being NH’s pitching project for 2014?

    Pirates Fan in Altanta, GA

  10. Jandy says:

    People, you ALL NEED to put your questions INSIDE the box under the chat…it says “send questions or comments”

    Dejan thanks you :)

  11. Carl Stock says:

    Listen, Folks. It’s my fault the Steelers are having a bad year. My wife left the cellar door open, my cat got curious and climbed the shelves in my Man Cave. She took out my Big Ben and Fast Willie figurines. Fortunately, she didn’t get to Troy or Lambert.

    Either that or Oscar the house ghost is angry again.


  12. Hopefully, it’ll be good to be home and the Steelers will thus get a much needed, much welcome win over Buffalo, so the fans at Heinz Field can have a certain measure of faith restored in them.

  13. It’s an event whenever Pitt beats Notre Dame, although the Panthers nearly pulled it off last year. Maybe they’ll beat the Irish this time although I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

  14. No doubt they’ll likely make it to the sweet 16 and maybe to the final 8, but beyond that is forever a good question.

  15. Unfortunately, the Irish are 7-2, while the Panthers are 4-4, and it doesn’t look as if you can trust the Pitt defense, although they’ll hopefully play better than they did versus Georgia Tech.

  16. Cobra39 says:

    So, Dejan is still hating on Joe Paterno. Nothing new there.

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