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  1. joe hackers says:

    why is baseball so reluctant to bring up rookies? seems to me they would be less expensive. and how bad could they be when compared to a Morneau. and why is it when the;y do bring a rookie up,they have to wait until june?

  2. Matt says:


    It makes sense that Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli would want to downplay the incident in Boston. Chiarelli even said of Thornton, “This time he lost control a little bit.” But does it seem to you like their downplaying of the incident serves to help normalize that type of behavior in the NHL?

    Chiarelli quote:

  3. Dan says:

    Dejan, a couple of questions about the DBs:
    If the Steelers are planning to bring back Polamalu next year (perhaps a big ‘if’), should they stop giving him snaps at ILB? Surely the wear and tear from the extra contact can’t be conducive to his longer-term well being.
    And, even if Cortez Allen isn’t where the Steelers (and fans and media) expected him to be this year, he’s still ahead of where Keenan Lewis was after 3 seasons. Seems that the Steelers shouldn’t risk him having a breakout season in his contract year and sign him to a friendly long term deal this offseason – your thoughts?
    Thanks for your hard work – realy appreciate your insights.

  4. Piratefan13 says:

    Because baseball is a game of adjustments and a level of failure (at the very least 70%), a team needs to be sure a player can handle the failure and be able to make adjustments. The league catches onto players real fast.

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