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  1. joe swager says:

    Is it just me, or are Penguins being outplayed most of the games (even though they are winning). And I am disturbed that they are consistently failing to hold leads late in the game to everyone.

  2. Zach says:

    It took me 2 days to read.. but after finishing Scott Burnside’s article on espn and the backlash from it you’d have to imagine this is the last time for a while that us “outsiders” are going to get such a great inside look, no?

  3. J.R. says:

    Do u think the Steelers should consider drafting 90% defensive players in this upcoming draft they are old and thin on that side of the ball

  4. scapper says:

    Another excellent Q&A session, Day-JAN!

  5. scapper says:

    I know what you’re saying. Seems that way despite their great record. On a positive note, what we’re not seeing is a slew of two-pointers gained through shootouts. Those are always deceptive and a bad sign. Sure, it’s nice to get the two points no matter what, but even though they seem to relinquish leads, it’s not like they’re weaseling that second point in OT or the shootout.

    But this is from a pathetic, unrealistic fan who wants to see 5-1 wins every night. (Which would allow me the added bonus of checking out fan comments on blogs like this one to read even more pathetic rants about why a better coach and a better goalie would have resulted in a 6-0 win instead of that too close 5-1 final.)

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