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  1. Tooty Stubeck says:

    50% of Penn State Football Committee: Two Chicks & a Soccer Coach?

  2. espo33 says:

    Dejan, I know everyone likes to talk about trades with the Pens. “get rid of Orpik, etc…” Do people not realize that he along with Jussi, Glass, Kobasew, Vitale, Nisk, Conner and Eng’s will be UFA’s at the end of the year? Most teams are not going to want them, unless we are trading with another playoff team looking for rentals also. Trading Jussi would be a big mistake since he can play in any of the 3 lines also. He would be a good player to have for next year also.

    Anyways, this team is very good, but at the same time is probably not ready or put together as a playoff team. The 3rd line isn’t good enough, while the 4th is pretty good. Who do you think they are targeting? Of course this year we would probably have to deal a NHL player because the cap cushion is only $970K. The only guy I can really think of is Despres and maybe Bort’s. When Martin gets back, they will be bumped from the lineup.

  3. espo33 says:

    Dejan, sort of just asked this question, but is Despres in the Pens long term future or are they looking to trade him for a winger? Him and Bort’s didn’t get playoff ice time last year, probably won’t this year with Martin/Orpik, Letang/Scuderi and Nisk/Maata there.

    Next year they are going to have to make some decisions.

    Martin will have 1 more yr left
    Orpik is a UFA. The team loves him, but does Bort’s take his spot. Bort’s should be more than a 6th or 7th D man.
    Scuderi is here for the next 3 yrs. Hopefully he will be better, b/c he hasn’t been good at all this season.
    Nisk is a UFA. If they don’t trade Despres, he should fill his spot to be resigned as a RFA.
    Bort’s has 1 more yr then a RFA
    Eng’s is a UFA and probably shouldn’t be resigned with all the talent we have unless we want him to be a 4th line winger, fill in on D.

    At WB
    Dum’s might be able to make the team
    Sam’s has shown he can play at this level
    Harrington is solid

    Pouliot/Ruopp need at least another year in WB.

  4. Jandy says:

    Espo, your comments and questions must go in the box in the chat above…not down here :)

  5. NMR says:

    Love the HoF comment, Dejan.

    I’ve also been lucky enough to catch a Pens game at the Air Canada Centre and was surprised to see the number of kids in Crosby jerseys next to dads in Leafs sweaters.

  6. espo33 says:

    Thanks and that sucks… They weren’t bad questions…

  7. Milo Hamilton says:

    Players allowed out of the box when a goal is scored is not an “Oilers Rule”. It goes back to 1956.

    Coincidental minors leaving the play at 5 on 5 was because of Edmonton (from 1985-92).

    DK: You’re absolutely right about the Oilers. Live chat and all. But I’m pretty sure the player coming out of the box was related to the Canadiens, and I thought it was because of the 1970s.

  8. macchamp74 says:

    Milo correct. Rule changed in 1956 because of Canadiens.

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