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On location: Penguins 4, Capitals 3

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Looking ahead to faceoff …

Game: Penguins (33-12-2) vs. Washington Capitals (22-16-7)

Time: 8:08 p.m.

Site: Consol Energy Center

TV, radio: NBC Sports (national), TSN2 (Canada), RDS (Quebec), 105.9 The X

Here’s the official live summary.

Here’s TribLIVE’s Penguins page. Rob Rossi, Josh Yohe and I are on the scene.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. Brandie says:


    That is all.

  2. Well anyhow, it’s a great night for a showdown between Sidney and Ovechkin, and I intend to follow it tonight on NBC Sports.

  3. Brandie says:

    I hope Crosby and the gang play solid offense and responsible defense. It will be interesting to see how the newer players mesh.

  4. Brandie says:

    My name is Leblond…Pierre-Luc Letourneau Leblond.

    His uniform should be 007.

  5. Eric Bowser says:

    great…. another player that can’t play the game.

  6. Pucknutz says:


  7. Pucknutz says:

    Lets see how they look early, just might be a bit rusty , not played for 3-4 days.

  8. Eric Bowser says:

    Kunitz – Crosby – Sutter
    Jokinen – Malkin – Pyatt
    Glass – Adams – Drazenovic
    LeBlond – Sill – Engelland

    Orpik – Bortuzzo
    Scuderi – Letang
    Maatta – Niskanen


  9. I simply can’t understand why Duquense is trailing St. Joseph of PA tonight 42-11!

  10. Eric Bowser says:

    They must have asked Dejan to play point guard for them….

  11. Eric Bowser says:

    Major hockey withdrawal after tonight’s game… leave Friday for Orlando, won’t be back until late 26th…. this team better kick some major butt tonight.

  12. Brandie says:

    Hear that? Eric B. has given the edict and it better be obeyed.

  13. For planetoid:

    They better crack out the 1-3-1 tonight.

    For Jandy:

    That’s right Spunky.


  14. For Brandelita:

    You tell em Revvie!

    For Eric:

    Fire Donald Duck and Goofy!

  15. JohninOshkosh says:

    Jill St. John as Pucksy Galore

  16. Can Jill fly a plane like Puksy could?

  17. theplanisworking says:

    They were still fretting over Pitt’s non-conference schedule !!

  18. theplanisworking says:

    You are on a roll today, Reverend.
    Guess you gotta make up for the “cheap” comments today, huh? ;)

  19. Brandie says:

    The name of the movie…


  20. JohninOshkosh says:

    You need to schedule your vacation when ST games are going on, Eric. :)

  21. Eric Bowser says:

    Rebounds all over the place… Pens need to keep playing smart and counter attack against the stupid turnovers by Caps

  22. Eric Bowser says:

    some year…. some year.

  23. casper in a-town says:

    This feels like playoff hockey. Maybe it’s because it’s the Pens-Caps. Or maybe because it’s Doc & Edzo? Either way, this has been fun to watch so far. A lot of good chances both ways so far. Sitting on the edge of my seat. And for what it’s worth, I loved NBC Sports showing the standing O for Disco Dan. Great scene.

  24. Eric Bowser says:

    horrendous Letang…..

  25. casper in a-town says:

    Agreed, EB. Horrible.

  26. theplanisworking says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, your Norris Trophy candidate……..
    Kris LeTang !!

    1-0 bad guys thanks to Mr. Turnover.
    Thanks for re-signing him, Ray !


  27. aaron says:

    For as much as it has been said this season Letang should change his first name to “Damn it”…..

  28. theplanisworking says:

    Hiya Brandie!
    How are things in Brandimal Land?? ;)

  29. casper in a-town says:

    Unless he can play first base.

  30. Brandie says:

    Steady as she goes. Just trying to have some fun. Hope it is well for you my fine fabulous hippo.

  31. casper in a-town says:

    This is why I LOVE what the Piece said last week after the Edmonton game. Enough of the cute play.

  32. Brandie says:

    Or Coach Special Teams.

  33. casper in a-town says:

    Good one, Brandie!

  34. Brandie says:

    Hey there Revster!

  35. Purple Moose says:

    First Letang gives the puck away and then instead of simply play “defense” against the man, Letang falls down like he was shot and then waves his stick at the Capital like he is conducting the symphony.

    Trade this bum to the Oilers for Jordan Eberle yesterday.

  36. theplanisworking says:

    If things were any smoother, I would be walking on glass……….

  37. theplanisworking says:

    He wouldn’t find a spot on Coach Blundo’s team…….
    wait, scorekeeper !

  38. Brandie says:

    “Oh He!! No” is his middle name.

  39. aaron says:

    Hello? Is this thing on? lol

  40. theplanisworking says:

    Moose, I am afraid Mr. Turnover has little trade value…… who would want to take on that contract for that poor level of play??

  41. aaron says:

    This could get out of control in a hurry =)

  42. Purple Moose says:

    Edmonton is in a trading mood and they are desperate to make a splash.

  43. Brandie says:

    He would find a way to turn over possession in his own end.

  44. casper in a-town says:

    You are spot on, Plan! No room on the Canes bench for Letang.

  45. Purple Moose says:

    And interesting that Malkin did not hustle back as he could have broken up the play.

  46. Brandie says:

    Do you mean the game or the bloc? If you mean the blog, well, too late.

  47. Barb says:

    My only response to the turnover machine is…..”Smooth move Xlax!”

  48. theplanisworking says:

    I thought I was tuning to a Pens game tonight.

    I had no idea that the game was being sponsored by Pepperidge Farm Turnovers !
    I will be here all week, and don’t forget to tip your waitress. ;)

  49. aaron says:

    Yeah, I just saw the breakdown on the video on that one. Geno is missing the fulltime non-stop motor that sets Sid apart.

  50. casper in a-town says:

    Heck, he wouldn’t make Coach Ross’s team, or Sarandrea’s. Maybe Coach Stanley’s though.

  51. aaron says:

    Two drink minimum folks…..and no flash photography!

  52. Brandie says:

    Why, it is Bodacious Barb! Check out the Pierre-Luc Letourneau Leblond as James Bind and the loads of general witty repartee throughout our thread tonight to get ur smile on.

  53. theplanisworking says:

    He wouldn’t make Coach Germanski’s 7th grade team!
    Or Miss Park’s powder puff team ! ;)

  54. Brandie says:

    James Bond, not Bind.

  55. casper in a-town says:

    My guess is he’d have a hard time making your CYO team, Plan.

  56. casper in a-town says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blast from the past, Plan! Brought back some memories. Remember the Park Pinch?

  57. casper in a-town says:

    Here’s some memories for you. I played for Bill McNees in 7th grade and Pud Stevenson in the 8th grade at GW.

  58. casper in a-town says:

    And since I’m too old to have any pride, I proudly say that our best player was Lorri Johnson, who was a phenom at Pitt. I think she may be one of Pitt’s all-time scorers, if not #1.

  59. theplanisworking says:

    I don’t remember Stevenson.
    I played for Mr. Zumpella !
    Both basketball and band ! :)

  60. Barb says:

    I have been reading all these fine posts. Thanks for the chuckles cuz I certainly needed them!

  61. casper in a-town says:

    Bro, you are bringing huge smiles to my face. Names I haven’t thought of in years.

  62. theplanisworking says:


    Where is your Mom?

  63. Purple Moose says:

    Alright boys it’s okay to shoot somewhere else besides the middle of Neuvirth’s belly.

  64. casper in a-town says:

    I think you may have played for Larry Pugh. Mr. Pugh retired from coaching right before I had the privilege of playing for Tony Soukovich.

  65. Brandie says:

    If you mean my chocolate mama, she is in Pittsburgh. If you mean my he!!
    raisin’, sanctified, hockey mama, then I’m not sure.

  66. theplanisworking says:

    Mr. Pugh was football coach when I went there.

    I feel like I am in a time machine tonight………..

  67. casper in a-town says:

    Not sure if that’s a good thing. I’ll stop with the hot tub time machine.

  68. aaron says:

    It has been a while since we hit his chest protector, or fired one 8 feet wide of the post…. let’s mix it fellas…..plenty of ways to be inadequate.

  69. theplanisworking says:

    Pens being outworked, and outplayed badly.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, the Pens are playing at a -3 level tonight.

  70. Eric Bowser says:

    Oh my… what a play by Kunitz, then Sid to Letang

  71. theplanisworking says:

    And , as soon as I wrote this, Pepperidge Farm scores.
    Or Scires for Brandie.

  72. theplanisworking says:

    I knew the answer to #1, just haven’t seen #2.

  73. theplanisworking says:


  74. Brandie says:

    Jandstar must be working her mono somewhere.

  75. Brandie says:

    Mojo, not mono. Sheesh!

  76. theplanisworking says:

    Maybe it’s mono-mojo? ;)

  77. Brandie says:

    You made a time machine out of a Delorean?!

  78. Purple Moose says:

    Wow, is our third ine baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Could be the worst 3rd line we have seen in a long time.

  79. Brandie says:

    Makes her sound like a regular Typhoid Mary!

  80. casper in a-town says:

    Actually out of an old 1972 Buick LeSabre. A true New Castle classic.

  81. Barb says:

    I think Disco Dan hit his head on the mirrored ball when he set up the third line.

  82. Brandie says:

    Like Cleveland Browns Bad or Washington Generals Bad? Just wondering how much I need to panic and carp.

  83. theplanisworking says:

    And, this game is like the Winnipeg-Pens mess from a couple of weeks ago.

    Hang onto your hats…….

  84. aaron says:

    Goal! Break out your dacin’ shoes Disco Dan! I like the nightlife…..I like to boogie…..

  85. aaron says:

    Or dancing shoes even…..where is the annoying spell corrector when you really need it?

  86. Brandie says:

    Disco Kid Was a Friend of Mine.

    He Drank Whiskey Shero Drank The Wine.

  87. Barb says:

    You make me feel like dancin’, goin dance the night away. Yeah right!

  88. Brandie says:

    It is 70’s night on the biog. Stay Tuned for Charlie’s Angels followed by The Love Boat.

  89. aaron says:

    Nice! It was Paul Masson or Firebird, no doubt.

  90. Brandie says:

    Disco’s tribute to Paul Masson…

    “I will shift no line before it’s time.”

  91. casper in a-town says:

    Can you make it an early ’80’s night? Cause I think me and Plan might have something to offer. If you’re from New Castle. If not, then the ’70’s will do.

  92. theplanisworking says:

    What, no Starsky and Hutch?
    No Fantasy Island?

  93. casper in a-town says:

    De Plan! De Plan!

  94. Barb says:

    Give me some Huggy Bear!

  95. theplanisworking says:

    Well, this thread went down in flames fast. :)

  96. casper in a-town says:

    That’s why I only post on occasion. The wife doesn’t let me out much.

  97. Barb says:

    Well isn’t that just great. Geno in the sin bin!

  98. theplanisworking says:

    Yep, let’s leave Ovechkin alone in front.

    Classic quote: “Letang didn’t know what he was doing”.

  99. casper in a-town says:

    See you in April!

  100. theplanisworking says:


  101. Purple Moose says:

    This is feeling like a game winner from Crosby

  102. theplanisworking says:

    Now that is more like it !!
    Mattaa with hopefully the game-winning goal.

  103. Barb says:

    Scire Olli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Eric Bowser says:


  105. Eric Bowser says:

    Oh my…. what a finish.

  106. Barb says:

    What a flurry of a finish.

  107. theplanisworking says:

    Well, I’ll take it.
    Maddening watching this team play.
    But, it’s a W.

  108. Eric Bowser says:

    Great game by Fleury, not much being said about his performance.

  109. pauldia says:

    This was the game mark the date. Taylor Pyatt is there Penguins answer for the Malkin line. Also the Aircraft Carrier for the front of the net on the power play. He will be right up there for Ray Shero with James Neal. Finally a big man,and a guy who will finally flourish with a re-birth in Pittsburgh. I like what I saw tonight with number 17 and Malkin together.

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