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  1. Terry says:

    Do you think the Pirates would have any interest in signing Vernon Wells? He could prove to be a valuable commodity to have coming off the bench.

  2. Alex T. says:

    DK, I’m very much looking forward to the World Cup this summer. Has it been confirmed that Highmark Stadium is going to host viewing parties for all USA matches?

  3. Jeff Gallagher says:

    Hi Dejan, my thoughts on BO’B as I live in the HOU area but am a long time Penn State (& Steelers) fan:


    – Great coach overall, his work with Matt McGloin is proof. Really enjoyed his interviews and body language on the sidelines.
    – Did a great job immediately instilling his program and keeping the team intact, even excited about the changes he would implement and how they would help them individually and collectively
    – Really appreciated that he held onto the traditional Penn State values of “Student Athletes” in that order, he stressed academic performance as well as on the field performance


    – While it seems today the narrative is that he was using PSU as a bridge to the Pros, that is not what he spoke of when joining the athletic staff; I believe he should have stayed longer than 2 years, perhaps a minimum of 5 to really establish his mark on the team and University and to mirror the commitments his team gave him by staying.
    – His comments to a reporter about the “Paterno Whatever” — he knew going in that he was replacing a legend who the Penn State fans by and large appreciated, I found it naïve of him to seem suddenly surprised that there were folks who were unhappy with what happened at Penn State and there would not be collateral affects on his program. To use that as any part of his departure seemed weak-minded to me as everyone knows the truly successful run to opportunities, not from. Meanwhile everyone I know appreciated his coaching and persona and were thankful it was BO’B who succeed Coach Paterno. I know the HOU Penn State chapter which is rather large were all big fans of his. Glad he subsequently apologized but of course, that was minimally reported compared to the original story.
    – While BO’B really does deserve accolades for keeping the team intact, the WSJ article reported how Mauti & Zordich were the real leaders of the team efforts to keep everyone at PSU and committed to the new staff. I’m seeing reports where BO’B lead this effort when he himself, lauded the players which is the case.

    Your thoughts on the above? BTW, the greater HOU area is pretty well jazzed about BO’B in town; while I wish him well and believe he do great work here, if/when he plays the Steelers I hope he gets destroyed (OK, maybe that was bit harsh…).

  4. fatboy1271 says:

    Thanks for the reply Dejan! I truly appreciate what you do and how you help keep me close to something I dearly love: Pittsburgh Sports. Be safe in Sochi and thanks for the handshake :)

  5. Jandy says:

    Guys, if you want an answer in the chat, you have to post it in the chat window above ^^^

  6. The Pirates have no arbitration worries right now, thank heaven, especially since Neil Walker has just been signed for $5.75 million and Pedro Alvarez gets a 60% raise to $4.5 million.

  7. Dom says:

    I sure hope that DK doesn’t let some of these chatters get under his skin …

    DK: Did it appear that way?

    Honestly, Dom, that stuff is really tame compared to a lot of what I usually get. All I did in this case was have a little fun.

  8. Daquido_Bazzini says:

    Yeah….I couldn’t help but to notice that Pirate front office propaganda attack dogs were out in force today.
    It’s mandatory to back up ridiculous acts of treachery like conducting Hoka Hey maneuvers with prospects like Gregory Polanco AND fibbing about rotten TV deals that assist that never-ending low payroll the Pirates house in the bottom six of MLB teams.
    Not many folks will endorse that kind of activity…..But there’s always a few that will do it for a smirk or a perk!

  9. Arriba Wilver says:

    Ridiculous acts of treachery?

  10. NMR says:

    Haha, classic Daq.

  11. Dom says:

    You certainly didn’tn’t seem aggravated, DK.

    I did get the impression that they wanted to accuse you of something, you were never guilty of.

  12. Drew71 says:

    Benedict Nutting.

  13. Stuart says:

    The chat box contained in the blog won’t scroll on iPad. Only got to see one Q and A. Is there another way to get in outside the blog address?


    DK: There’s always a straight transcript available, too:

    Thanks for asking, Stu.

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