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  1. Joey Y says:

    I’m worried about the top 2 lines burning out before the playoffs with only Bennett’s return providing any sort of potential skill set. Do you agree that the best Shero trade may not be the sexy trade, ala Kane or Eberle, but maybe 3 forwards that can help Sutter and offer 4 lines that can score which are needed in the playoffs. Maybe something similar to a Kumelin/Kassian/Clutterbuck trifecta? Players who would have a lower cost of return, play actual defense, and chip in a goal more than twice a season. Chicago doesn’t need big, slow players to win a cup. Not sure why the Pens think they do.

  2. Colin says:

    What do you think of this potential trade…both likelihood and whether you think it would be a good trade.

    Pens give up

    Tampa Bay give up
    2:Martin St.Louis

    Maybe a late pick on either side too

  3. DK: Hey, guys, be sure to put your entries up in the actual chat field, not here in blog comments. Thanks.

  4. brendan says:

    I’m more than ready to stop discussing Richard Sherman. However, the dictionary definition of thug is “a violent person, esp. a criminal.”

    Sherman meets none of those criteria. You could perhaps argue Shawn Thornton did, in that his actions were expressing violent and as they occurred outside of the bounds of actual hockey play perhaps criminal, although that might be a stretch.

  5. brendan says:

    “expressly violent” that is

  6. JP says:


  7. Stuart says:

    Good chat today Dejan. Always good to hear some Pirates chat in the bleak mid-winter.

    BTW, I’m not in the panic mode regarding the seeming inactivity of the BMTIB in the off-season. Mainly because I remember Patrick Moynihan who coined the phrase “benign neglect”. I see that as NH’s position. Don’t look to be anxious, let them come to you. Let Texas or the Mets make a proposal that might benefit both clubs. I share the view that things might heat up near the end of ST.

    Good luck in Sochi. Avoid women in burquas, and stay out of really large crowds.

    Personally, I’d rather see your reports from Mixons.


  8. espo33 says:

    I think this trade is horrible. The goalies are a wash, and the Pens would be getting someone with no real playoff experience and a player that is older (don’t we have enough of them?) and giving up a young D guy, while TB is giving up their captain (again).

    This trade makes no sense for either team.

  9. espo33 says:

    Every team wants 4 lines that can score and play D, why would the pens be any different?

    Move Megna to 1st line and let him be the Dupius of the line and be on the PK.

    2nd line is fine.

    Their 3rd line needs to be better then having Glass on it. He has no scoring touch or shot. Sutter loves to hit the goal square in the chest and needs a winger that can shoot it.

    The 4th line just needs to hang on and not get scored upon. If they get any goals in the playoffs that will be a bonus.

    Other option would be get a winger to be on the 2nd line, moving Jussi to 3rd to upgrade that line, even though Jussi has been good on the 2nd line. Or get someone to play with Sid and move Megna to the 3rd line.

    Bennett hasn’t played in forever and sense he has really never established himself in the NHL should probably play as many games in WB to get his timing back.

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