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  1. Rich says:

    Hard to believe that Mike Milbury himself said that Babcock should be giving Crosby more time and give him set line mates. Do you agree? Also, does Sid look frustrated with lack of opportunities to you?

  2. Rico says:

    I think Sid’s played extremely well thus far and I’d lay odds that he’ll do something heroic (again) before this is all done. Also, I have the feeling that Canada is getting ready to break out big time vs the US. What say you?

  3. scapper says:

    So, the millionaire athletes really want to play in the Olympics. Fine. Then any participant should sing a waiver freeing up his team from paying him for any games missed due to Olympic injuries. And when a stud like Tavares goes down, all season-ticket holders get some sort of partial refund based on which player went down and for how long he was out.

    I know this will never happen, but it should. Fans give their hearts (irrationally, I know…I know…guilty) to their teams. Pens lose a game 7 and it stings for a good long time. U.S. loses tomorrow or Sunday in OT and people will be bummed for perhaps hours.

    But go ahead and indulge your ego trip, fellas, paying and passionate fans be d***ed.

  4. scapper says:

    Or they could “sign” a waiver. But singing one would be cooler.

  5. espo33 says:

    Anyone else notice Malkin taking bad penalties in the tourney? How he was the A for Russia or for us is beyond belief.

  6. It’s painful enough watching Syracuse and Duke losing this week since if Pitt only had any kind of scoring attacko, the Panthers could’ve beat them at least once. But then, it was nice to hear about Robert Morris coming from 16 points down early in the second half and Clarvel Anderson scored 26 points, all in the second half so the Colonials could beat LIUBrooklyn 73-64, granted.that LIUBrooklyn is only 8-17 while Robert Morris is 17-11 and 12-1 in its conference,, but then, Boston College is now only 9-17 and they beat Syracuse.

  7. It may also interest voters in Pennsylvania to know that JoePa’s son Jay Paterno is running for Lieutenant Governor this election year

  8. Chuck H says:

    I know Ben is an established fixture with the Steelers, but the Steeler’s offense is too predictable. The other team knows exactly what the next play is going to be. The Steelers need to draft a young qback who is quick and not afraid to run with the ball when there are no open receivers. Too many times, the Steelers have come up short on third down because of the inability of the slow qback to run with it. Result: punt it away.

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