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  1. aaron says:

    Based on the fact Kesler is 29 and close to done with his prime and Sutter is only 25 with a seemingly large upside, doesn’t it make more sense to keep our prospects and bet on Sutter improving, or is Shero convinced Kesler is the right move because Sid and Geno are hitting their mid-prime years and he thinks the cup window is only 2-3 more years? Lastly, would you trade Sutter and whatever is enough to get Kesler this Summer?

  2. Michael Koller says:

    How impressed are you with Stempniak’s play so far because it seems like a nice fit for so little and give Beau time to develop? Not to get too far ahead but do you see a scenario where he, Jokinen, Sutter and maybe Goc signed to solidify the first 3 lines with Bennett and Dupuis healthy next year?

  3. Brandie says:

    Aaron, you have to put your questions in the chat box so Dejan can answer them. Nice to see you today.

  4. DK says:

    Happy Felix Pi(e) day from one DK to another — How does Ian Rapoport still have a job with all of his wrongful reporting? I assume his “sources” are all deaf, dumb and blind, despite playing a mean pinball. I think it might be time to adopt his last name as a verb for when some really screws up a story citing non-existent stories. Rapoporting could spread faster than Tebow-ing!

  5. 6_Lombardis says:

    When Beau Bennett returns to the Pens lineup, where do you see him fitting in? I would personally like him with 71 & 18, allowing Jussi to move down and play with Sutter. They played on a line together in Carolina and would seem to be a nice fit for the Pens. What say you?

  6. 6_Lombardis says:

    The steelers lack considerable depth in many key areas. Most notably, Dline, Oline, RB, and WR. What do you see as there most pressing need to improve the roster?

  7. Brandie says:

    Michael…gotta put your questions in the chat box so Dejan sees them. BTW…I like the questions. Quite thoughtful indeed.

  8. aaron says:

    Hey Brandie, nice to see you as well. I figured out I was in the wrong spot after I sent it. Thanks! You excited for the home and home with Filthadelphia this weekend?

  9. Mike says:

    On my way down to Anna Maria Island for spring break. Thinking of heading to a game at Mchkenie Field the next few days. Any suggestions as to which one would be best? Thanks.

  10. aaron says:

    Just for the record, I was asking if they would move Snider to first if he was playing well and Lambo didn’t work out at 1b once Polanco comes up. I structured the question poorly.

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