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Saturday column: Not about Rutherford

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Morning, Lunatics …

The Saturday column takes no issue with Jim Rutherford, in large part because he really isn’t the issue.

News coverage of the big day, by beat man Rob Rossi.

Rutherford and David Morehouse sit for an interview with Rossi. This took place after the main press conference, some snippets of which you can see right here:

Dan Bylsma is finally fired, by Josh Yohe. So who’s next? And when?

Here’s TribLIVE’s Penguins page and our Chipped Ice blog.

There also was much coverage in the Raleigh News & Observer, as you’d expect, including excellent material from Peter Karmanos, the Hurricanes’ owner and longtime friend, expressing concern about Rutherford’s stress level.

Look for even more from our hockey guys in Sunday’s Trib.

Here are official Stanley Cup final highlights on

Thank you, as always, for reading. I’ll be off today, back at it tomorrow at PNC Park, then much later in the day at WPXI-TV’s Subway Final Word.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. Cobra39 says:


    ^ I hate that.

    So do Pens fans like this guy? Seems a bit uninspired but I’m nowhere close to a hockey expert.

  2. Poole says:

    The “sit down interview with Rossi” is just a transcript of the press conference?

  3. Poole says:

    I feel similar to what DK and others have said about the hire. Mixed feelings. I think his recent track record is spotty in all aspects….drafting, free agents, trades, etc. But I feel more confident with Botterill staying onboard. Really didn’t think he’d stay after the circus. You have to worry a bit about FOUR GMs….may be too many cooks in the kitchen. I do like Bill Guerin and his role as player liason. Perfect guy for that.

    I also really liked his answers in the presser. Really. He echoed exactly what the fans have had issues with for a long time (lack of depth, better locker room chemistry, bad fourth line, use of analytics, etc)

    Lastly, I think an experienced GM on a 2-3 year term will have the balls to make some big changes. I think a young hot shot looking to be GM for 10 years would be scared to do anything too drastic.

  4. Bizrow says:

    I really have no idea what the heck is going on with the Pens and that worries me.

  5. Sarah Young says:

    All I can say is this: After the owners’ firing of both the defending GM of the Year and the winningest coach in Pens history in order to ‘make changes to the organization’, the players better be ready to bring it ALL next year. With the talent in that room, and the bending over backwards to pick a GM *team* with good chemistry, the Pens have got to attack next year with killer attitudes! Pens fans *know* our team can win.

  6. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    Hi, Sarah! Welcome!

  7. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    I really don’t have that answer. I wrote the above description based on the intro therein. I had a different focus at Consol.

  8. kr70 says:

    Boy, Can’t sleep. Pedro hit a shot last night. Should have been at least a single, instead he was thrown out by what Greg Brown and Steve Blass called “the rover”. When did we ever have a rover in Baseball? Blass complains about instant replay, Walk complains about the “DH.” How come know one is complaining about “the shift”? I always heard it added a 100 points to a batters average when they brought the infield in (don’t know if that’s true). What about the shift? How many points come off a dead pull hitters average with “the shift”? Is that where we want baseball to go? How about a rule, 2 players on each side of second base and no one deeper than the dirt. Baseball purest would cry foul, Well, how about instant replay, the DH, no aluminum bats, and the infield fly rule??? Each has changed the game. So what do we do with “the Shift?”

  9. Cobra39 says:

    If the shift works, it isn’t going anywhere. Just Google the Ted Williams Shift to see how absurd it can get.

    As far as Pedro, copy and paste the link below into your browser to see his spray chart for the last 3 years. You’ll see that the vast majority of Pedro’s ground balls are pulled to the right side. That’s indicative of a guy who pulls outside stuff and it usually ends up in a ground ball to the right side for a left handed hitter. But if you look at his outfield spray shot charts, you’ll see he spreads the ball around a lot more and is nowhere near a dead pull hitter. In fact, I’d probably shade him a little to the opposite field with my defense. So shift the infield for him to pull but play straightaway or shaded to opposite field a bit in the outfield.


  10. twentytwo22 says:

    16-10 when Martin starts.

  11. Rob Scott says:

    I’m astonished how much coverage this is getting. Glen Sather is 70. The age of the man doesn’t matter as all that does is how they play in Mid April. The penguins have done a masterful job of trying to make the regular season relevant when in reality it’s nothing more than entertaining exhibitions with stats counting.

  12. Poz says:

    I don’t understand why you would think this wouldn’t get coverage.

    As Dejan noted, the entire issue resembled a Ringling Brothers production. Then the Pens hire a guy who reportedly became tired in his last job and was replaced after years of failure. Heck, Shero took Rutherford to the cleaners on a number of occasions.

    Doesn’t sound like “new and fresh” to me. And lots of questions remain.

    It’s a sports blog and this is a major sports story. I can understand the coverage. That you don’t is perplexing.

  13. Brandie says:

    Thank you Sarah.

  14. chethejet1 says:

    Pens Management wanted a fresh set of eyes. JR gives them that. For Shero and perhaps Bylsma, the hockey operations were more homey and is everyone happy. I just don’t think they were as detached as they needed to be. JR on the surface appears to bring a it’s about the hockey stupid. Pointing out the obvious as to the issues we see as fans is step in the right direction. The next coach will be brought in to do three things. Play with fire, play with purpose and play to the max. Tell me who fits that description on the Pens roster right now? Not many.

  15. Sarah says:

    My guess is Botteril was a backup plan and they preferred someone else (I would hope Brisbois and not Brisson, or perhaps Maciver, and of course they had eyes for Babs as possibly both GM and coach…)

    When they couldn’t get their preferred guy after weeks had gone by, they decided to get a mentor for Botteril, and at the last minute called JR, who apparently had worked his way out of his Canes GM spot either because of exhaustion or incompetence or both, but was presumably willing to mentor Botteril for a year or three. Oh and put up with all manner of interference from the Marketing suits.

    There is simply no way that JR was on their short list (he wasn’t on ANY list until Saturday for cripes sake) no matter what spin Morehouse wants to put on it.

    And I wonder how much the rumors about Morehouse interfering in Ops made that GM list a whole lot shorter than it could have been. Who wants to work for a circus? Clowns, maybe.

  16. Sarah says:

    Well….if the Canes fit that description, I’d be more confident.

    The ONLY thing that gives me a bit of wiggle room for JR is he will have more money and resources here than he did in Carolina.

  17. Sarcastic Sword says:

    1. Here is why there wasn’t sweeping change as promised – the Shero firing was more about his “personality conflict” with Morehouse than bad draft picks, lack of orgizational depth, or playoff flameouts. While these issues I mention had a minor role in his dismissal, even they were the only reasons, then all hockey personnel ( Guerin, Fitzgerald, and Botterill) would have been left go as well as no one would have escaped the firings as all of them would have some fingerprints on the last 5 yrs of failure. While this theory was mentioned by Mike Prisura on DVE and in a column by Jim Matheson of Edmonton Journal, I seriously doubt this gets investigated further by the local media.

    2. Josh Yohe posted on his twitter last night the press conference transcript but identified it as “Rossi sitdown” same as what was posted here- does the sitdown transcript exist?

  18. Ben says:

    I like this move if they make the right hire in two years. It’s exactly what the Phillies did with Pat Gillick. Had Amaro and Arbuckle on the staff but didn’t think they were ready. Won a world series within a few years. Just wound up hiring the wrong guy as GM.

  19. Wild Bill says:

    This is a good take, Sarah. The only quibble I might have is that it might not have been a matter of not being able to get a preferred guy, but one of not being confident that any of them were better than Botterill, while also being too nervous about his age/experience to give him the keys to the Cadillac yet.

    Then, with an elder man they felt had the experience, they saw he needed lots of help. I’m not savvy on how the marketing side might or might not be an issue.

  20. Wild Bill says:

    Yep to both you and Chet.

  21. Wild Bill says:

    Interesting analogy, Ben.

  22. Wild Bill says:

    How refreshing to see the Bucs open up a can on the Brewers last night. There is a growing arrogance to the Brewers, which, along with the presence of Roidin’ Braun, makes victory especially sweet. Keep it going, Bucs!

    Got my tickets for Wednesday and Thursday vs the Cubs, and I’m still holding out hope of seeing He Who Must Not Be Called Up while my wife and I are in the ‘burgh.

  23. Wild Bill says:

    In the Raleigh Observer article, Rutherford is quoted as saying the the business model of the Pen and Canes were quite different.

  24. Today, we’ll see if California Chrome can win the first Triple Crown in ages, since the odds certainly favor him this time at Belmont.

  25. Wild Bill says:

    This time is his first time there, James, but I know what you’re getting at. Go Chrome!

  26. Arriba Wilver says:

    My understanding is he was head of the business and ice side with Carolina. He has one focus here, and lots of help. Could end up being a brilliant move.

  27. Arriba Wilver says:

    Anybody know what time the actual race is going to start? I don’t need to see all the blather. Either he wins it or he doesn’t. ;-)

  28. Arriba Wilver says:

    Sports fans love a “personality conflict” narrative. Couldn’t have been actual issues.

  29. Wild Bill says:

    Don’t recall exactly, AW, but it was between 6:45 and 7.

  30. Wild Bill says:


  31. Arriba Wilver says:

    Thx. I set the Preakness on my DVR and it quit recording before the race was over. ;-)

  32. Thundercrack says:

    Clearly the business model between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Penguins is different, OK? You’ve been around long enough, you can figure out what I’m saying

    I don’t follow the NHL close enough to know what exactly he is referring to. Is it that one team has a billionaire for one of its owners and will spend up to the max of the cap ?

  33. Wild Bill says:


  34. Wild Bill says:

    Part of it is what AW said above, Tc, that Rutherford was both President and GM. I think they spent far less on front office. There were rumors that they didn’t spend to the cap, either.

  35. David says:

    From the transcript:

    “But from a character point of view or a leadership point of view, I really don’t know until I get through training camp and get into the season a month or so and get up to Thanksgiving. Give it a little time.”

    Rutherford said a similar thing about waiting until after training camp and the season has started when Starkey, on his radio show, asked him about Letang. Sounds like we shouldn’t expect any major roster shakeup like moving Neal or Tanger before the season starts.

  36. Wild Bill says:

    Just saw Ryan Kesler still wants out of Vancouver, and has 6 teams he’d like to go to. Hope we are on it; always liked him.

  37. Nate83 says:

    So let me get this straight. The Penguins like all their internal options for GM but not enough to actually hire one of them at this point. So they decided to go out and get a 65 year old mentor that has failed for the last 5 years with another team to mentor those men hoping one of them will look better to them in 3 years. I forgot to mention this is being done during the prime years of arguable the best two players in the world. 2 generational players on a team at one time and they are going to waste 3 years.

    There are plenty of very good teams throughout the league with current assistant general managers that would jump at the opportunity to GM the Penguins. Guys that where just like Bortelli and Guarin 4 years ago but are now very established and ready to lead a team. For the love of god get one of those guys and if they are awesome and you have to watch some of the current assistant GM’s leave to go elsewhere well so be it.

  38. David says:

    Just found link if anyone wants to hear. Quote I talked about is roughly a quarter way into it

  39. Stuart says:

    Sarah, I really like your explanation. I especially liked the last sentence about the possible conflict with Morehouse. I suppose a case could also have been made that Morehouse didn’t interfere enough, given the problems with cap space.

    I think he biggest evil in most pro sports is the huge contracts without enough ties to actual performance. How many pro baseball, football, hockey, and basketball players have performed less well after they sign for the big bucks? We need more incentive clauses in pro contracts,

    I’m in “wait and see” mode about the Rutherford era. I do have an uneasy feeling about “too many cooks”.


  40. NastyNate82 says:

    Incentive clauses…yeah, because in the major sports leagues the owners screwed the players for 60+ years with things like reserve clauses. Look at it this way…Mike Trout in his first two years made roughly $400,000. He’s obviously worth far far more then that. So should he come in the league basically starting at a flat $10,000,000?

  41. NastyNate82 says:

    I know, right. Let’s go with the explanation that has exactly no proof to it because it’s more interesting!

  42. Pete in Dayton says:

    I saw that about Kesler too, I just think we can’t devote that much money to a third line center and still expect good line mates for Sid and Geno.
    As for the business model in Carolina vs Pittsburgh, the Pens make buckets of money, the Canes do not. They have to compete with college basketball in the Raliegh Durham market for sponsors, eyeballs and dollars in probably the top college BB market in the country- they will always be second fiddle to Duke and UNC. Any secondary markets in NC competes with NBA for television revenue.
    If the Pens really thought that the external candidates were no better than Botterill, then this makes sense. I’ve been talking myself into this move for the past 24 hrs, right now I’m more worried about the coach, since a good coach might get us there in the next 2 years.

  43. hockeymonster says:

    For Jandiskova:

    It’s not about JR. It’s about whether or not we do the following:

  44. Arriba Wilver says:

    Those first 2 furlongs looked great, though. ;-)

  45. Maz in Iowa says:

    Kingham and Glasnow both pitching tonight.Plus keeping track of He Who Must Not Be Called Up will make for an interesting night in the minors

  46. Maz in Iowa says:

    Obviously not a Pittsburgher,BUT u guys sure live in a soap opera type world.BTW it’s not a rip,just an observation

  47. Maz in Iowa says:

    Josh Harrison RF
    Neil Walker 2B
    Andrew McCutchen CF
    Ike Davis 1B
    Russell Martin C
    Pedro Alvarez 3B
    Jose Tabata LF
    Jordy Mercer SS
    (Edinson Volquez P)

  48. Sarah says:

    Well they need to fish or cut bait on Letang before his NTC kicks in July 1st, so if he is on their list to investigate trading, they will need to move quickly. No waiting for the fall with Letang….

  49. Wild Bill says:

    If only you had some opinions to share, Hm. :)

  50. DJ says:

    Looking forward to The Belmont. Nothing more awe-inspiring than thoroughbreds vying for a Triple Crown.

    Hope Cali Chrome gets it done. Majestic horse and fantastic backstory — stuff of legend.

  51. JohninOshkosh says:

    Love the expression “fish or cut bait”.

  52. Wild Bill says:

    And a very accurate one lately, Maz. Not always this dramatic, though.

  53. JohninOshkosh says:

    Good stuff, Dawson. Agree.

    And your love is Joey. Always has been, and always will.

  54. DJ says:

    Nick Cotsonika was just on Pompeani’s radio show. His tone was not negative.

    Saw your comments yesterday and up above. I’m not as down on Rutherford assisted by Botterill / Billy G / Fitz. I think it will be a nice bridge. We certainly don’t need on-the-job training at GM. I’m willing to give him a chance.

    One down and now on to head coach.

  55. Sarah says:

    If JR makes aggressive moves to get line mates for Sid and Geno, ie Letang, Neal, Kunitz, MAF, I will agree with you. But the sense I got was not really that.
    Though in fairness don’t expect him to tip his hand.

    If he follows through on his remarks re 4th liners by putting Gladams on a bus out of town, I’ll gain some confidence.

    I guess we’ll see!

  56. Sarah says:

    If the only interfering Morehouse ever did was to quash the Letang trade, he has done enormous likely irreparable damage.

    I hope that rumor wasn’t true but it explains a good bit.

  57. State College PensFan says:

    Like the comments. Especially Sarah and Nate83. Maybe JR is just a placeholder for the position until somebody is available or promote-able like other people said. Why would Guerin have to talk to Shero to make plans for how to proceed in his new position? I found his comment to be almost intolerable. Shero is gone-isn’t he?
    Things JR absolutely must do:
    1)Trade Letang before no-trade clause kicks in. I know this is arguable but he is not worth 7.5 mil. Other defensemen that get paid that much can actually play defense.
    2)Sign Niskanen
    3)Sign Orpik but not long term
    4)Get out of Scuderi deal
    5)Promote some defensemen from within but not Despres-he will never make it. He has had enough time to develop and isn’t.

  58. DJ says:

    He’s got a rep of not being afraid to pull the trigger on trades. A newbie GM might.

    I expect Rutherford to be aggressive. Rutherford pulls trigger with input from Botterill / Billy G / Fitz who know our personnel and what needs to be done. Rutherford will have have no fear. What are they going to do, fire a 65 year old guy near retirement? Perfect cover guy for bold moves.

    I’m optimistic.

  59. Sarah says:

    Hmm…I’m in no way an expert on JRs moves….I know him for being fleeced a couple times by RS….still paying a third of JJs salary (!!!) despite his budget….

    I know his hands were tied a bit by that budget, in fairness. (though they will be tied by the cap and RS’s disastrous last couple years here also).

    What bold moves do you know of that JR has made? I really only know him for the Pgh deals, and he got skinned. Bad.

    But what has he done for Canes to really help them?

  60. Sarah says:

    Well….I was with ya until Orpik!!
    IMO he is well past his sell by. More so with the injury, and the depth on D…..

    And I have more confidence in Despres than you do…though to be clear, he’s not played enough under Bylsma to be really sure. But I think he will be a solid NHLer.

    Scuderi just needs to be placed in a rocket ship and fired into the sun. I’m with ya there!!!

  61. Wild Bill says:

    I have no problem with Rutherford being reluctant to talk much about changes he might wish to make or even with him sounding like he’s not planning to make many at all. If he sounds like he’s gonna clean house it can make other GMs tougher to deal with and current players more hyper. Why say much at all until you do something?

  62. Sarah says:

    And re Scuderi, I should say I still think he can fit in the bottom pair in a sufficiently D-oriented system (as can Orpik, assuming his knee is reparable).

    Just not here.
    The Scuderi signing was simply idiotic by Shero. No other way to describe it.

  63. Sarah says:

    Yup, agreed.
    And really what he said yesterday was just a rehash of a lot of what fans like us have been complaining about for….a long time….
    (And it’s a mark of how stubborn Bylsma has been I suppose, that even ordinary fans like us are b***tching about it cos it has become SO obvious… adjustments…..awful 4th line … apparent vocal leadership in the room…..)

    But you’re spot on.
    Easy to talk.
    Harder to walk.

    So let’s see, and really “hope” that Botteril has his shite together, cos my sense is JR is mostly here for the ride.

  64. Zico says:

    How about we all wait and see what Rutherford does before rushing to judgment on whether the move to hire him, and create a quartet of GMs. Everyone is bashing the move, or cautiously optimistic at best, it seems.

    Just because Rutherford wasn’t leaked as a candidate doesn’t mean he wasn’t an original candidate(or added later after previously thought he was unavailable.) It is a folly to read into every little bit of “information” that surfaces, as I’m sure half of it isn’t even accurate. Crossing sports once again, but everyone in an uproar because Polanco was rumored to be up Friday night is a perfect example. Some sports analysts/opinion types suggested it was happening, but you shouldn’t listen to anything but what the actual management team of the Pirates/Penguins/whoever says.

    I have faith in the hiring of JR, the re-structuring of the front office, and the potential to mold this team into a Cup winner once again.

  65. Maz in Iowa says:

    Leaving “he who not be named because he ain’t been freakin promoted” is hurting Indy(he would be more help batting 3rd) and it sure ain’t doing much for the Pirates either.Groat has to be stomping around and might be the “most unhappiest fan in the world”

  66. Nate83 says:

    I’m from Toledo which is her hometown. It seems as if her entire family is well respected so when the whole Tom Cruise fiasco was going on you kind of felt bad for her and her family. They said all the right things but I’m sure a fly on the wall in their house probably heard a lot of things.

  67. Sarah says:

    By his own admission he never spoke to the Penguins prior to Saturday.
    He was obviously available, having “retired” from the Canes GM spot to sit on his porch.

    Bluntly – There is no chance IMO that JR was ever on the Pens’ short list. Or any list.

    This smacks of Plan B, C, or worse.

    And if people are “cautious” , well…..that might be because the Canes, under his stewardship have not made the playoffs for 5 years straight.
    We fired our GM/HC for arguably far less.

    I think all things considered, the reaction has been quite positive, to a candidate that no one can reasonably believe was high on anybody’s list.

  68. Zico says:

    He was still in a position of the Canes’ front office, Sarah. As President in fact. He wasn’t removing himself entirely from the Canes organization. As I said, the Pens may not have known he was open to hire, or willing to take that move. You’re once again assuming this is “Plan B, C, or worse.” Unless you are in the Pens’ front office, you have NO idea what their list looked like in it’s entirety. As I stated, if Rutherford wasn’t originally on the list, then it was because they didn’t think he was available, and not because their Plan A didn’t pan out.

    Once again, I am re-iterating I am waiting to see what happens with JR at the helm as GM before passing any judgment whether or not this was a good hire or not. The changes have only begun.

  69. hockeymonster says:

    My crystal balls have spoken :)

  70. DJ says:

    Staal for Sutter, Dumoulin and pick was bold move. Knew he wanted to unite brothers and went after it. Wasn’t universally panned at time, many citing the old saw that whoever gets best player wins trade. Staal was best player. Time has shown we got the best overall value, so good for us.

    Rutherford’s not going to be an island here is my point. I like the assembled team and believe they will have much influence. Let’s let it play out.

  71. DJ says:

    Sarah: Rutherford said he met with Mario and Burkle last Saturday, not that it was his first contact. I’m sure they spoke over the phone before the meeting.

  72. DJ says:

    Zico: I’m more than cautiously optimistic. I’m optimistic.

  73. DJ says:

    SCPF: You should have stopped after #2 and then jumped immediately to #4.

  74. DJ says:

    Good observation, WB.

  75. Sarah says:

    I think you’re seriously reaching.
    It wasn’t a secret the Pens were in the market for a GM.
    Do you really think, after three weeks, they suddenly discovered JR was available, and said “wow! what a catch!”

    Come on.

    I’m certainly willing to see what happens, because there is no other choice.

    But there is no way you make me believe that the Pens had a) NO idea JR was available or b) had him anywhere on their list.

    There is a reason JR was NEVER mentioned by anyone in the media, even TSN who routinely scoop what passes for our own local insiders like Rossi.

    It’s because he was never considered until the last minute.

    And that was NOT because the Pens somehow didn’t realize he was available.

    Seriously, come on.

  76. RZ says:

    I believe I heard o The Fan today that the Canes dont spend the cap.

  77. Sarah says:

    Sure possibly….like….”if we can’t get a deal done, would you be willing to come in for a year or two and polish Botteril?”

    That I could believe.

    But seriously can anyone make an argument for JR based on his history/bold moves/changing the direction of a team?

    On the merits, he is not high. He got taken to town by RS multiple times.
    He’s still paying the Pens a third of JJs salary.
    He hasn’t made the playoffs for 5 years straight, and nobody here can say with a straight face that would be acceptable.

    He by his own admission was stressed out in his GM position and was gently moved up to a cushy front office job.

    Does anyone seriously think this sounds like a guy ready to transform the Penguins??

    I’m no expert on his record in Carolina, but name a deal on the level of the (multiple) deals he will need to make here….SOON, like trade Letang prior to the NTC on July 1st, explore moving Neal, Kunitz, Duper, MAF, find a way to save a penny on the Scuderi Disaster… what with Orpik,….and on and on…..

    Does he have a record even approaching this level of aggression?

    This is why I think we have to hope Botteril is a) in charge and b) has a sack…..

    Because it’s another year of Sid and Genos prime we are ready to flush unless we do a LOT, SOON.

  78. hockeymonster says:

    I see Sarah is in mid season form. Tlusty trade worked out good.

    Carolina has E. Karlsson and Di Guiseppe in the pipeline. Skinner and lindholm are quality players but don’t think we should give gold stars for top 10 picks. So far the Tlusty trade back in 2009 and Faulk draft pick look like the shrewdest moves by JR in recent history pending how EK and DG turn out. He’ll have more at his disposal here so lets see what he does.

    I think you know the moves i’m hoping to see.

  79. DJ says:

    As I posted at 3:43 up above, Rutherford’s not going to be an island here. I like the assembled team and believe they will have much influence.

    Again, let’s let it play out.

  80. Zico says:

    How in the seven layers of..well you I reaching? You have no facts to back up your claims that JR is a last minute, last ditch effort to hire a GM. I’m stating, one final time, that no one but the men in those interview rooms know who was contacted when, nor who was Plan A, B, C, D, or Z.

    You act as if a candidate must be on the list originally to be considered the best. If after 3 weeks of searching for a GM, Stan Bowman decided he wanted to leave Chicago and interview for the Pittsburgh job, would you be against hiring him because he was late to the pizza party?

  81. Zico says:

    Same here DJ, I just tend to take a reasonable approach to all things until I see how they begin to play out. I don’t like to jump to conclusions, and instead look for results(good or bad) to analyze.

  82. Jandy says:

    As soon as the JR announcement was made, I had it pegged for a short term “interim” thing. I see many others, including yourself, think the same. I can live with it in that case. I love the addition of Billy G to Associate GM.
    Now, if they just get some of the players you’ve been touting for along time, we’ll be ok. I’ll ride this out (like any of us tried and true fans have a choice) and see how it goes. Love all your input, and I’m checking into some of the names I’m not familiar with.

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