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  1. 1313MckingbirdLn says:

    Hey, DK! Is something going on at the ballpark tonight???

  2. 1313MckingbirdLn says:

    oops… wrong spot

  3. DK, do you think that El Coffee can make an immediate impact in the Pirates lineup? Let’s Go Bucs!!!!!

  4. waitingfor13magic says:

    Now that Polanco is in the house, what’s next on the faithful’s “kick Huntington” list?

  5. Lcipreps says:

    Hey D.K, who’s the odd man out now that GP is up?

  6. mike says:

    Aren’t all the reasons you mention James neal is trade worthy, just bigger reasons to keep him?

    What about trying to get a guy like yakapov….he’s seemingly out of favor in edmonton. they’ve needed a veteran presence on D for some time….assuming they aren’t on martin’s NTC list, could he be the start of a deal?

  7. KING says:

    I think if Marte has options that he has to go AAA for a week or two. I think trading or DFA Snider or Tabata a mistake. Both players are only 25 & have delivered some big hits in 2014 & over their careers. I like that Tabata has contact & strikes the ball more than people think. Marte will be 26 in October not as young as Pirates fans believe.

    Enjoyed Polanco’s first night. I would take a .312 BA17 HR 59 RBI over half a season.

    Give Huntington credit. Pirates have good depth bringing up Cumpton & Locke to start on short notice. J-Hay & Gabby also provide great at bats.

    2014 has shown me Pirates have many good players. They should hover around .500. Playing the Brewers already 13 times should help. They can make a run with that series against slumping Reds & Cubs in later June.

    I think the Polanco attendance tonight is much to do about nothing. Not bad for a Tuesday night & threats of storms. 30,000 + pretty solid considering. KING

  8. anthony faris says:

    can we get some pitching? Our rotation,….Wandy released, Morton 2 wins,, Liriano hurt with one win, and Cole
    on the Dl….. Polanco might draw comparisons to Strawberry,,, and that’s great,,,, but our rotation is barely holding on!

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