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Chuck Noll, 1932-2014

By Dejan Kovacevic | Trib Total Media

Charles Henry Noll, Pittsburgh’s greatest coach, football’s greatest coach, died Friday. Jerry DiPaola, who covered Mr. Noll, has the obituary. There’s also a career appreciation, by DiPaola.

Below is the Trib’s front sports page for Saturday …

Here is Mr. Noll’s tribute on the Steelers official site.

Here is Mr. Noll’s bio on the Pro Football Hall of Fame official site.

Here is Mr. Noll’s coaching ledger from Pro Football Reference.

Here is Mr. Noll’s obit aired early this morning by our news partner WPXI-TV and Alby Oxenreiter

WPXI-TV also will air an hourlong special Saturday, 8-9 a.m., and the Trib will have continuing coverage throughout the weekend, with much, much more in print and online.

This forum is yours. I’m inviting all readers to share their thoughts on Mr. Noll and the Super Steelers, with a special invitation to all of the Nation’s many bloggers to link to pieces they might write. I’ll work to call special attention to them in the comments section.

I’ll also ask that, in this post alone, we respectfully stay on the topic of Mr. Noll.

Deepest condolences to all of Mr. Noll’s family, friends. In addition to wife Marianne, he is survived by son Chris and grandchildren  Katie and Connor.

Author: Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic, a lifelong Pittsburgher, is an award-winning sports columnist for Trib Total Media covering the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Pitt and, recently, his fourth Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He also appears on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word’ and hosts a weekly show on TribLIVE Radio. For 2011, he was named one of the country's top four columnists by the AP Sports Editors. For 2012, he was named one of the country's top three columnists by the National Headliners. For 2013, he was named the state's top columnist by the Keystone Press Awards and top columnist in Western Pennsylvania by the Golden Quills.


  1. hockeymonster says:


  2. DJ says:

    On to his afterlife’s work.

  3. Rock Ain't Dead says:

    All hail the Emperor.

  4. May Charles Henry Noll rest in peace. He won 4 Super Bowls for us, and there will no one else like him ever again in the NFL or with the Steelers. And he’ll certainly be missed.

  5. Thomas Sapper says:

    Chuck Noll, great coach, great man.

  6. LadyOfWells says:

    Mr. Noll, I remember watching you with the Steelers in the 70s. You will be missed. Blessings to the Noll family and to all of Steeler Nation. We will never forget you!!! Thank you for all the memories.

  7. wvstarship says:

    RIP and thanks for the memories, Chuck.

  8. Erik Kulick says:

    Never forget listening to Coach Noll speak to our second grade class at a special event we attended. He just keep reiterating how important “teachers” are. Seeing how well prepared his teams were this makes sense. The ultimate “teacher” at his craft. RIP Coach Noll #steelernationforever

  9. Brian Rhodes says:

    Chuck Noll willed the Steelers to win the 1974 AFC Title game, their most important win ever. He made them Champions.

  10. Tom Groff says:

    To me Chuck Noll was an iconic figure. He was smart, intimidating and a true historical figure in not only the Pittsburgh scene but the whole NFL. He took an NFL franchise that was a bottom feeder for so many years to 4 Super Bowls in 6 seasons. He is spoke fondly of by past players and by my generation and the one before mine. The guy knew football and any other subject you could think of. I love the fact he wanted out of the spotlight. As a hockey fan he was much like Herb Brooks to me. He let the team do the talking and he was very much the man in control of the team. I respect and try to emulate the kind of man he was. RIP Chuck Noll you will be remembered fondly.

  11. Stewart Rowland says:

    Can still recall visiting Latrobe as young kid in late 70s and watching Coach Noll stare through players as the squatted weights. Unbelievable presence without saying a word. RIP Coach Noll. Stewart

  12. Danny says:

    The standard is the standard Bc he set it.

  13. The Chief says:

    The man whose leadership and teams made me a fan. Lived a dignified, successful life and will always be remembered.

  14. Cobra39 says:

    Thanks for all you did for Steelers football, Chuck Noll. You were a private and often-misunderstood man, but without a doubt the greatest coach the Steelers, and Pittsburgh, has ever known.

  15. Brian Igou says:

    Chuck Noll was the molder of men. He was tough on his players but everyone of them respected him if not then but later in life. Chuck brought the toughness to the team that we still pride ourselves on 40+ years later. All hail the emperor.

  16. MiQamp says:

    RIP to the greatest football coach of all time.

    I was born in the middle of the Super Steelers dynasty of the 70s, and Coach Noll seemed like a mythical figure growing up. We knew the Steelers were something special.

    Thank you for blessing our city and our team with your class and your coaching abilities. God Bless.

  17. Daquido_Bazzini says:

    Chuck Noll was the greatest coach in charge of the greatest team in NFL history.
    He leaves us with the greatest memories……Thanks Chuck.

  18. David says:

    Pittsburgh is the Steelers and Noll is the man who defined the Steelers. A big part of the city’s identity will forever be gone. Go in peace

  19. Mike says:

    What a loss for Pittsburgh and football. We will miss you, Chuck. RIP.

  20. I was in high school/starting college when the Steelers started winning Super Bowls…smoking the voluminous amount of pot that we were smoking back then (1971-God, we never stopped), Chuck Noll, we would be like, “Man, imagine if he was your father!” Watching him prowling the sidelines, with that classic Chuck Noll scowl on his face during Steelers games back then…To Pittsburghers from my generation, he meant so much to us…annat…

  21. Brian says:

    Chuck Noll was before my time, but as someone who follows the history of football, especially in this city, I wrote about what Chuck Noll means to the city of Pittsburgh.

    Blitzburgh Blog: Chuck Noll passes away at 82

  22. Thanks so much for participating, Brian. Please pass word to other Steelers bloggers on how and where to do this so I can help call attention to your work.

  23. Tim Clark says:

    Without any question at all, the greatest coach of my lifetime(I’m 47). And he did it without flash, gimmicks, or any attention seeking. Makes me feel old when people I watched as a kid pass, but also makes me happy to remember fondly guys like Chuck Noll who helped mold and enrich my love of sports…oh, and gave me one heck of a team to root for!

  24. Eric Bowser says:

    “Whatever it takes” hangs in my office as a sign that it takes a team and Mr. Noll knew that it took a collective to be successful in any walk of life.

    A legend on and off the field.

  25. Greg says:

    Simply put, the man represented a team, a city, and a sport with a dignity and knowledge that will never be seen again. He changed the way the game is played in so many ways. Steelers nation is a somber mass tonight. We honor you and thank you for so much! Godspeed sir!

  26. Skip says:

    Chuck Noll and the Steelers teams he led brought a tremendous amount of joy into my life. I will always be thankful to him and all of those great players for that.

    He was a great champion, and the way he carried himself was a wonderful example for us all. RIP.

  27. Stuart says:

    I remember at the end of the 1 and 13 season, the absolute conviction that things with the Steelers were changing for the better. Chuck Noll fostered that quiet but certain conviction.

    Rest in peace to a good man who never sought the limelight, who taught his players to be better men.


  28. David says:

    RIP. So sad. Another legend gone.

  29. Bill Eggert says:

    A class act all the way. Coach extraordinaire.
    Master teacher. Family man. Everything from pilot to guitarist. Work ethic. Whatever it takes… Seen him occassionally at Mass at my uncle’s church in Bethel Park (St. Thomas Moore) whenever we got to visit Pittsburgh.
    I’ll never forget him going after Jerry Glanville after that game of cheapshots by Glanville’s team. The anger on Chuck’s face could be felt by those watchibg on television. Will write a tribute in my column for next Sunday, Dejan.

  30. Bill Eggert says:

    One final comment:
    All hail the Emperor Chaz…

  31. Joanne Rae Hatfield says:

    Chuck Noll did more than revive a losing team; he revived the whole city of Pittsburgh. His leadership and resulting success launched a bigger team… a nation of followers… Steelers Nation. Chuck Noll, a great man, created great memories for us… and his legend will live on as a part of us. Let us celebrate his life and be thankful for the experiences we enjoyed and shared from his “whatever it takes” team-building life lessons.

  32. Thank you Chuck for giving birth to Steeler Nation. You turned perennial losers into champions.

    Chuck Noll should not just be remembered for the four Lombardi trophies he brought to Three Rivers Stadium. We should reflect on what he brought to the city of Pittsburgh when their steel industry was in decline. He brought hope, confidence and certainly pride.

    Chuck Noll symbolised the City of Champions that Pittsburgh became in the seventies.

  33. JOHN GRIBAS says:


  34. Jim says:

    Best coach ever and more importantly a class act. Never bragged or boasted about himself. My heart goes out to his family. RIP coach

  35. dennis g says:

    I remember the 1-13 season differently. As much as I loved watching Terry and Mean Joe I never dreamed there would be a Super Bowl in the Steelers’ future, let alone four before Chuck retired. I am eternally grateful that Mr. Noll never felt that way. What a winner. What a career. What a treasure for the city of Pittsburgh and Steeler fans everywhere.

  36. chethejet1 says:

    He came into a losing team and told them most of you will not be here when we start winning. Then traded Roy Jefferson to set the tone of his coaching career. It is my way or the highway.

  37. John Lease says:

    The greatest coach in Steelers history, and a better man than that. I’d heard that Chucks later years were very pain filled, and it is a blessing to be released from that. But someone of that immense character, and humility won’t be gracing the world again, and that is very sad. He made the Steelers the Steelers. The Emperor is a name he never would have chosen for himself, but that’s how I’ll always remember him. Rest in Peace Chuck, and condolences to your family.

  38. Denny says:

    I was not yet born when the Steelers dynasty ruled the 70’s. However, understanding the positive impact those Steelers teams Chuck built had on a city that lost so much more in that era gives me a great sense of pride to be a Steelers fan today. Rest in peace Mr. Noll. And thank you.

  39. theplanisworking says:

    Man of few words, man of many accomplishments.

    Had the conviction to stay true to his vision for the Steelers.

    Great teacher, which is what he valued more than any aspect of coaching. When asked which season was his most rewarding, he replied 1987, a strike year. When asked why, he said he loved teaching the “replacement” players, because they were so willing to learn.

    RIP Coach Noll.
    Great coach, better man.

    And, Thank You, Marianne, for sharing him with us.

  40. JoeyBats says:

    Thank you so much for everything you contributed to the franchise Coach Noll.

    All the words of this BLOG can’t adequately express our sadness and our gratitude …… :-(

  41. Hopefully, the Steelers will rise to the occasion next season and play up to snuff the way Coach Chuck Noll always expected them to, since that would truly be living up to his legacy.

  42. Rishi Puran says:

    RIP Coach Noll. Legend. Inspiration. Architect. Emperor.

  43. scapper says:

    I know this is a TV term, but here’s to Chuck Noll never “jumping the shark.” No hocking Big Macs or Gatorade. No trying to out-shout 17 co-hosts on one of those unwatchable, interminable NFL pre-game shows. No drumming up controversy on some silly, eponymous radio talk show. No bitter post-retirement interviews bemoaning the state of today’s NFL.

    He was a man of dignity his entire time as coach and that never changed once he retired. Here’s to the way he did all so right. He belongs on the city’s Mt. Rushmore of sports giants.

  44. DJ says:

    Well stated.

    A man’s man in every way.

  45. Vette60 says:

    My wife told me this morning that Chuck Noll passed away. Very sad to hear that.

    What a great coach and person. It’s interesting to read about the clear separation from football and life that he had and his many interests. My folks bought me Jim O’brien’s “Doing It Right” a few years ago and the chapters involving Coach Noll were very good and really conveyed the type of coach and person he was.

    While I was a little guy during the Super Steelers years, those teams formed the foundation for the fan that I am today and Coach Noll was a huge part of that.

    Whenever something wasn’t going right, you would see a shot of Coach Noll on the sidelines and my folks would always say his jaws were tight – you just knew he was steaming but wasn’t ranting and raving.

    RIP Coach and God Bless.

    Randy in RVA.

  46. So many of us grew up as Steeler fans and never saw a championship. The old “Runner-up Bowl” was the best we’d ever seen and the Steelers were drubbed in that one.

    Chuck brought excellence and turned the franchise around with those 4 Lombardi trophies and never took any credit for it himself.

    Thank God for people of character like him.

  47. Wild Bill says:

    There never has been a coach like Chuck Noll since Chuck Noll, and that’s an irony, given the level of success he had in coaching. I also remember there were people who wanted to see him fired after his first season. The patience of the Rooneys was rewarded; I don’t know that anyone would survive a 1 – 13 start in today’s NFL.

    Even more irony: this week, while back in Pittsburgh, my wife and I accidentally found a Thursday book signing appearance by Jim O’Brien, who published “Chuck Noll A Winning Way” recently. I bought the book, which he kindly signed for me, and last evening started to read it while watching the Pirates. An hour later, news of the Emperor’s death was on the web.

  48. George Labecki says:

    The twittersphere suggested bad news was imminent: sad night for Pittsburgh; really, really, really bad night; etc. Then the humbling news: Chuck Noll had passed away.

    To appreciate where you are, you need to look at where you were.

    Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 60s, you just knew certain things about the Steelers. You knew that they would play tough, nasty defense. You knew you could walk up Cardiac Hill on a given Sunday and easily buy a ticket to see that tough, nasty defense. You pretty much knew that the hometown team would lose.

    You should have been around in the 60s to hear what people were saying about the Rooneys. They were cheap; they were more interested in horse racing than football. One year the Steelers beat the mighty Packers in a December contest that was meaningless in Green Bay. The game ball was auctioned off on the Children’s Hospital telethon like it was the Lombardi Trophy – a trophy that could easily be called the Noll Trophy, Mr. Noll owned it so often.

    And then the Rooneys hired Mr. Noll and all that changed.

    It didn’t change immediately. And the memory of a then fourteen-year-old tells me it didn’t change easily. Mr. Noll was from Cleveland. Yes, he was the Steelers coach, but he had been a Brown. Could anyone really trust him to not just provide the Same Old Steelers?

    And then the Steelers beat the Lions for Mr. Noll’s first win. I recall walking home the following Monday from the bus stop. My cousin and I were sure that the Steelers were going to be really good. And then they lost the next thirteen games.

    Yep, get a guy from Cleveland, and what do you expect?

    It didn’t take long for all of us to realize that you should expect things were going to be different. Mr. Noll put his heavy stamp on the laughingstock of the NFL, sort of like today’s Browns, and brought what we always felt was the very heart of Pittsburgh to the Steelers.

    Yes, they still played tough, nasty defense. But the Steelers just flat-out outworked everyone else. The linemen literally rolled up their sleeves. Teamwork, hard work, fair work: the Pittsburgh way. That’s what we came to love about the Steelers.

    And it was all conducted by Mr. Noll.

    The expectations that we have for the Steelers, that the Steelers perennially have for themselves, is due in no small part to Mr. Noll.

    The Cleveland guy came to Pittsburgh, gave us a reflection of ourselves, and long before Mike Tomlin said, “the standard is the standard,” well, he created that standard.

    Rest in peace Mr. Noll, and thank you.

  49. Donna says:

    RIP Mr. Noll. You will be missed by all of Steeler Nation! You were a rare breed who truly cared for your players and made them better people on and off the field. God bless your soul and your family.

  50. Bob says:

    I had an incredible opportunity as a young radio announcer to get a chance to do a one on one interview with Chuck Noll some 20 years ago. Chuck was speaking at a function in Mercer County as a favor to a friend. He and I sat for probably 30 minutes at a table inside the Courtyard of the local hotel. He was an incredible man, leader, coach. Safe to say he came to Pittsburgh at the exact right time. I hope a statue is in the works, even though I’m sure he would have never wanted one.

  51. Rick H says:

    Having just learned of Coach Noll’s passing this morning, I am truly shocked and saddened to the point of tears. All of us from Pittsburgh and Steeler Nation worldwide, surely must be feeling the same. I am grateful for the spirit of hope and accomplishment our legendary, Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steeler great — Coach Chuck Noll — gave me I realize now…and gave us, when hope and strength seemed to be ebbing away. He gave us something we were lacking. He gave us something to find strength and hope in. And that was winning. As an individual. As a city. As a people. We built our lives on that winning foundation, no matter what field of endeavor we choose.

    Coach Chuck Noll’s distinguished record of excellence has driven us all to some degree and I pray God’s blessings on the Noll family and our kindred brothers and sisters in the City of Pittsburgh.

    Surely, our gifted, potentially outstanding Steeler team of 2014 need look know further than this for motivation.

  52. likeabugonarug says:

    Thank you, Chuck. RIP. And pain free.


  53. Mike Buckiso says:

    Lombardi, Wooden,Gable, Bowman, and Noll. The greatest of all time and Pittsburgh was blessed with 2 of these legends. “What ever it takes” was spoken in every high school locker room from 1972-91 and it was because of Chuck Noll. His achievements w the Steelers are the greatest coaching job in history. It is the reason we can call our town a football town. Noll could have been on the board of of Westonhouse or US Steel and I think he would have had the same impact on those industries.He brought pure class that leaders in our country today should if they could emulate today. All Hail The Empeorer Chas.

  54. Rick H says:

    Thank you, Scapper. Succinctly stated!

  55. JOHN GRIBAS says:

    This is a very very very sad day, Emperor Chaz is dead. He was a Great Man, Great Coach, and Great Person, and will always be in my heart for what he did for Pittsburgh, The Steelers, and all the people of Pennsylvania. I am so happy I was at the Crybaby Seattle game at Heinz in 2007 to give him another, but sadly the last, standing ovation as he walked onto the field at halftime. God Bless and Keep you Coach Noll.

  56. Rick H says:

    Agreed, Denny.
    Pittsburgh is ‘someplace special’, as the old KDKA bumper stickers touted. Coach Noll was one of the main architects!

  57. Brian Tigges says:

    Like many, I became a Steelers fan in the 1970’s when I was a young boy. Living in Iowa, where the majority of people are NFC North fans, I became a fan of the Black and Gold. Now 40 years later, I remain a Steelers fan living and dying every Sunday with the actions of players over 1000 miles away. My admiration for Chuck Noll has increased as I went from a young boy to a grown man. Time has allowed me to learn about his humbleness, his desire for privacy, his hatred of the limelight, and his love of his family. Learning about his passing last night touched me so I watched where ESPN included it in their coverage. Just like Coach Noll would have liked it, he wasn’t first and it was subdued. RIP Coach, there will never be another one like you.

  58. Sarcastic Sword says:

    Chuck Noll is the most important figure in Steelers history. If he wasnt hired they dont win 4 Super Bowls. Classy intelligent modest.

    Someone previously mentioned the standard is the standard bc he set it – I can tell you this, Chuck Noll may have set the standard but was way above a corny phrase.

    Its great that he still is the only coach to win 4 SB’s- he deserves that distinction alone.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  59. Lamar lovelace says:

    My greatest Father/Son memories were forged through Mr. Noll’s genius. Being from Pittsburgh sometimes we fail to see what his great team did to revitalize a dying town, and resurrect our positive thoughts and emotions. His leadership of the greatest sports franchise and Dynasty did just that. I was 2 yrs old when my dad started taking me to Three Rivers. And since then Chuck Noll’s face has been a permanent memory and silent member of our family. I hope that as much as we memorialize the Chief, Noll is done in the same manner. No doubt in my mind, he is the greatest coach the world has ever seen. I pray for his family during this time.

  60. Pucknutz says:

    All of the above.
    Rest in Peace Mr Noll.

  61. Bill mayfield says:

    I was watching hockey game and all I can say was wow. but when I heard the passion of Chuck Noll I was lost for words. Chucks a Legion in the NFL with four Super Bowl more important he is a legion in life. And now he going to be a legion in heaven. My thoughts and prayers go out his family.RIP Coach

  62. Lee Karr says:

    In 1995 in my home town of Savannah, GA I got to meet the legendary Chuck Noll. It was early one morning while I was working pt at Service Merchandise. I was walking down an aisle heading to the back stock room when I saw a gentleman looking at wine sets and I thought “That looks exactly like Chuck Noll”. I approached him and sure enough it was. He was living in Hilton Head, SC at the time and had just dropped a friend off at the airport so he decided to do a little shopping while he was out. He was such a gentleman and took the time to talk with me and we actually talked about the Steelers(this was in November of ’95 right when the Steelers were making that second half run that would eventually take them to Super Bowl XXX). I’ll never forget how exciting it was meeting a true NFL legend right there in the middle of a retail store in Savannah, GA! It is still to this day a cherished and fond memory for me. As far as I’m concerned he is the greatest coach in the history of the NFL. Rest in peace, coach Noll.

  63. Brandie says:

    Charles Henry Noll brought accountability to a franchise desperately in need of some. It was not easy, it was, at times, painful. It was necessary. As I work to get myself on track, I will use that lesson to guide me on my way.

    Thank you Coach Noll. Thank you to the Rooney family for taking a chance. Thank you to Mr. Noll’s family for sharing such a wonderful human being.

    Not bigger than the game, Coach Noll embodied the game as student and tea

  64. Patrick(RI) says:

    Not only was he successful, utilizing admirable coaching skills, and a man to admire, he really put the hurt to those of us who were Raiders & Cowboy fans. Different kind of memories, but no less respectful.

  65. Brandie says:

    Teacher. RIP Quiet Warrior. You will be missed.

  66. Thomas Roper says:

    Here is my piece on the late, great Chuck Noll, for UK-based football website

    UK End Zone: A Few Words For The Emperor Chaz

  67. JAL says:

    One of the great coaches of all time in any sport.

  68. JohninOshkosh says:

    All one can ask for, hope for, really, is to live long, face the end with dignity and hopefully have positive impact on the world and people around you while you are here.

    Job well done, Mr. Noll. RIP.

  69. tjgarrow says:

    Still remember going to pittsburgh national bank to open an account and get a steeler shirt, the one chuck wore in his only commercial endorsement ever. And learning years later that he hated that add that was poted all over the burgh.

  70. Gabe says:

    Unfortunately I am too young to remember Coach Noll much. He retired when I was in Kindergarten. I’ve heard it said that the greatest thing a man can leave is his legacy. Nobody in the history of Pittsburgh sports exemplifies this better than the Emperor himself. He built the foundation that allowed younger generations like myself to experience a top notch organization with high standards both on and off the field.

  71. Bill Voltz says:

    Ever greater man than coach. My favorite ‘life’s work’. Least favorite ‘Franco who?’

  72. Jay says:

    Let’s be honest. Um, I loved the Chuck Noll Steelers of the 1970’s, but clearly remember the 1980’s teams that he coached. 1986 was 6-10 season. 1988 was 5-11 season. How does that reconcile with all the talk of his character and team building?

  73. Arriba Wilver says:


  74. Arriba Wilver says:


  75. Arriba Wilver says:

    I forget who introduced him at his HOF induction?

  76. Breakthestreak says:

    Thanks for the memories of the greatest team with the greatest coach who has ever existed in any sport in any country. Rest In Peace Mr Noll. You will be truly missed by the worlds greatest city and greatest fan base!

  77. Bizrow says:


  78. Arriba Wilver says:

    He created “Steeler Football” and the “Steeler way.”

    Even though he probably wouldn’t have wanted it, there should be a statue outside of Heinz Field.

    The NYT is reporting he had Alzheimer’s. Terrible disease.

  79. Bizrow says:

    Yeah, I had heard he was not in good shape.

    And yes, he deserves a statue

  80. DJ says:

    Nice, Thomas.

    Thanks for contributing.

  81. BillyBaduka says:


    Well said Osh.

  82. DJ says:

    I thought it was Dan.

  83. Joemoe says:

    Chuck Noll taught the Steelers how to win. His greatness made the Steelers what I’ve known for the past 40 years of my life. I still have the newspaper article from when he retired! Black and Yellow runs through my veins and now through my sons veins as well. A part of Steeler Nation has passed on, sadly there are plenty of “his guys” already in heaven. Thank you Coach Noll!

  84. Lamar lovelace says:

    Try 4 SB titles and completely dominated an era. There have been none that compared in his ability to build a team and define the culture of a franchise well beyond his coaching years ended. Sure, all coaches have down years, but his was due more to FA and the transfer of greats to younger influx of players after retirements. Remember greatness and don’t try to create a name for yourself off foolishness.

  85. pattonbb says:

    It’s sad when you outlive your heroes. Like so many others, Chuck Noll was one of mine.

  86. Stephen Powanda says:

    C Noll and Art Rooney Sr are the faces of the Steeler franchise! Great Role Model!

  87. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Mr. Noll for all the great memories and championships. The Steeler Nation is heartbroken with the loss of our great emperor. May you and Myron enjoy your front row seats from heaven to watch our beloved Steelers win our 7th championship and so on…. No one will ever forget what you did for our city and the Steelers’ empire. God bless and rest in peace and tell the “CHIEF” to stay this time until the end of the game.

  88. Barb says:

    Chuck Noll was a Renaissance Man who revived a mediocre to bad football team into a powerhouse. Thank you for bringing your knowledge about the game of gladiators to our team. You will be missed. (I also share a birthday with Coach Noll.)

  89. Bernard Byrne says:

    A great and humble man. May we all strive to emulate him,

    May the Lord grant him eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon him.

  90. Arriba Wilver says:

    That’s what I was thinking, too, but wasn’t sure.

  91. Mike Batista says:

    I’m a 79er, meaning I started following the Steelers in 1979 when I was 8. I didn’t know a fullback from a halfback when the Steelers won the Super Bowl that year, but fortunately I’ve read up on their history in recent years and came up with this:

    Steelers Addicts: Noll’s Teaching Legacy Changed History

  92. Thank you, Tom. That’s well done and appreciated. Love to hear from across the pond.

  93. Thank you, Jack, and thanks to BTSC.

  94. Wonderful, Mike. Thanks for sharing that here.

  95. Mike says:

    I’m late to the game here but let me say this:

    There’s a better chance of surpassing Mario Lemieux as a player (good luck with that) than there is of surpassing Chuck Noll as a coach.

    That’s what I think of Chuck Noll.

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