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Hampton players catch passes from Roethlisberger?


An article in USA Today makes reference to Ben Roethlisberger working out at Hampton High School, which has already been reported, but it also says “Roethlisberger threw to high school players.”

While suspended, he worked out at suburban Hampton High School, near his home in Hampton Township. He was tutored during the workouts by private quarterbacks coach George Whitfield Jr., who heads Whitfield Athletix in La Jolla, Calif.

Roethlisberger said of his routine, “I worked out for 2-2½ hours, longer than I would be if I was out here practicing, threw more balls than I would have if I was here.”

Whitfield told’s Peter King that Roethlisberger is going to come back “sharper and hungrier.” The quarterback will have a bye week to get ready for Pittsburgh next game at home against the Cleveland Browns.

Whitfield said Roethlisberger threw to high school players and former NFL receiver Devard Darling

The PIAA has strict rules against non-coaches participating in practice — a rule that landed Pine-Richland and Neshannock baseball teams in trouble last spring. So, if Roethlisberger did throw to Hampton players, it would have had to been away from practice for it to be allowed.

— Chris Harlan (



  1. Bill says:

    According to the Trib’s article,
    “Cardone added that Roethlisberger had called before using the field to make sure his workouts with new quarterbacks coach George Whitfield Jr. of California wouldn’t be conflicting with gym classes or practices on the field.

    ‘He’s a high-profile guy, but he was very humble and didn’t want to interrupt anything we were doing at the stadium,’ he said.”

    So he was not using it during practice time, which is not against the rules. Or so the school says….

  2. Jim says:

    Or so the school says…?

    C’mon man, they and he are not that stupid. He did most of his workouts early in the morning while school was in session.

    So it was exactly what the school said, end of story!

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