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July 15, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive PSU show ep. 49: Recruiting news from Rivals’ Adam Friedman



Enjoy the Nittany Lion Nation show on TribLive Radio while you can. Wednesday morning was this week’s edition, which featured Adam Friedman. He’s the Mid-Atlantic recruiting analyst for, and he had some insights on Penn State’s stellar 2016 incoming class, as well as who’s coming to visit campus on a big recruiting weekend for PSU.


Listen live with one click here:



Have a lovely week.





June 29, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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From Penn State to the Steelers




On my most recent weekly Penn State TribLive Radio show, I talked to Miles Dieffenbach and Jesse James. The guard and tight end, respectively, are on the Steelers training camp roster.  As a bonus in the root-for-them department, each is a native of greater Pittsburgh: James, a fifth-round pick, is a South Allegheny High School alum, and Dieffenbach is from Fox Chapel.



It got me to thinking about how often Penn State products are brought in by the Steelers. Of course, two of the 18 Steelers players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame are PSU alums – Jack Ham and Franco Harris – so the legacy runs deep.



I didn’t go back too far, just a decade. And I’ll even allow that I might have left off a name or two: My research consisted of the list of Penn State alumni who played in the NFL. My list takes into account anyone who just so much as appeared on the Steelers roster (be it 53-man roster, practice squad, or training camp). So, in theory, there is somebody I am forgetting who went to Penn State, signed as an undrafted free agent with the Steelers at some point but never appeared in a game for any NFL team. (This loophole is also why did not attempt to compare PSU’s ratio of Steelers with any other school, as I had originally intended).



Anyway, I found 14 players from Penn State over the past 10 seasons who collected a playing check from the Steelers. Excluding James and Dieffenbach – rookies who, of course, have not had a game to appear in yet – six players on that list never appeared in a regular-season game with the Steelers. Four were drafted: James, WR Justin Brown (sixth round, 2013, albeit out of Oklahoma because he transferred, but he did earn a degree from Penn State and played three of four years there, so I count it), OG A.Q. Shipley (seventh round, 2009 – never played for the Steelers but has made 19 starts over three seasons in the league) and TE Matt Kranchick (sixth round, 2004 – he played in four Steelers games in 2005).



The Pitt football program likes point out it shares a facility with the Steleers. But interestingly, they have never drafted a Pitt player since the UPMC facility opened. The most recent Pitt player drafted by the Steelers was cornerback Hank Poteat in 2000. The Steelers, it seems at least anecdotally speaking (although this could never be proven these are their intentions) like to bring in an undrafted “local product” when they have a chance.



Over the past quarter century, eight former Penn State players have been drafted by the Steelers (also, FB Jon Witman, third round, 1996; LB Eric Ravotti, sixth round, 1994; FS Darren Perry, eighth round, 1991; RB Leroy Thompson, sixth round, 1990). In that same time span, only two Pitt players have been drafted by the Steelers (Poteat and QB Alex Van Pelt, eighth round, 1993).



As far as West Virginia goes… from Terrance Garvin and Will Johnson on the current roster, to Ryan Mundy from 2009-12 and Amos Zereoue from 1999-2003, to guys such as Wes Lyons and Mortty Ivy who were invited to training camp over the past half-decade, the Steelers have a recent history with Mountaineers, too.



Here’s a list of Penn Staters to the Steelers over the past 10 years…

  • *-Jesse James, TE, 2015
  • Miles Dieffenbach, G, 2015
  • *-Justin Brown, WR, 2013-14
  • Derek Moye, WR, 2012-14
  • Levi Brown, OT, 2013
  • Justin King, CB, 2012
  • x-Derrick Williams, WR, 2012
  • Jeremy Kapinos, P, 2010-11
  • x-John Gilmore, TE, 2011
  • *-x-A.Q. Shipley, OL, 2009
  • x-Eddie Drummond, WR, 2008
  • x-Scott Paxson, DT, 2006
  • x-Isaac Smolko, TE, 2006
  • *-Matt Kranchick, TE, 2004-05


*-Denotes was drafted by the Steelers

x-Never appeared in a regular-season game with the Steelers (2015 rookies excluded)




Anyway… also on my wildly-popular Nittany Lion Nation show, we talked to Dan Duggan of He covers Rutgers for NJ Advance Media, and he was quite informative and entertaining as we continue our tour of the Big Ten East Division rivals for PSU, having a beat writer from each team on to give kind of a state of the program.



Once again, click here to give it a listen.



I have my new gig now, as I have written about before. But I’ll keep checking in here at Penn State Sports Blog, as news warrants (the Dieffenbach and James stories made for some nice crossover)…


Take care.



May 6, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive show ep. 38: guests PSU defensive coordinator Bob Shoop, PSU football historian Lou Prato



The newest episode of the Nittany Nation Show on TribLive Radio features our favorite guest, Nittany Lions defensive coordinator Bob Shoop. It also includes unofficial Penn State football historian Lou Prato – he of the seven books written about the program and five decades spent around it – and an update on the commitment level of Woodland Hills running back Miles Sanders to the Nittany Lions program.



Shoop provides a position-by-position breakdown of his 2015 defense, talks about what it’s like being from a Pitt family while growing up in Pittsburgh and now being a coach at Penn State, breaks down the NFL prospects for some recent PSU graduates and even provides his analysis on the Penguins’ — and Pirates’ recent struggles!



Listen to the episode by clicking here.



Shoop, coach James Franklin and defensive recruiting coordinator Terry Smith are in Pittsburgh on Thursday recruiting and making a stop on the Penn State Coaches Caravan in Cranberry.



Here’s where I thank you for listening and wish you a blessed day.




April 16, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive ep: 35: Blue-White Game preview, chat with (parody) Evil James Franklin



With the Blue-White Game upon Penn State this weekend, we spend this week’s show looking ahead to that — both in a serious way (via’s Nittany Lions beat writer Bob Flounders) and in a not-so-serious way (via the “fake, darker, arrogant, egotistical” wit and wisdom of the Evil James Franklin parody).


Flounders discusses the predicted emergence of defensive ends Carl Nassib and Garrett Sickels, the strength of the PSU secondary, the battles along the offensive line and the state of quarterback Christian Hackenberg.


Evil James, well, he discusses Penn State football in a way only Evil James can.


Give it a listen, please. And follow Bob Cohn’s coverage of Saturday’s game for the Trib.


Thank you.



Click here to download the podcast via this link.







April 8, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive show ep. 34: Spring football talk with columnist Mike Poorman, plus longtime men’s volleyball coach Mark Pavlik

facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail columnist Mike Poorman shared his unique insights and perspective not only onto the current Penn State football team but in more than three decades of covering the program during this week’s Nittany Lion Nation show on Trib Live Radio.


Mike and I discuss Christian Hackenberg and the Nittany Lions’ defense’s chances of being as good as last year’s – as well as his experiences teaching a “Joe Paterno and the Media” course at PSU.


Our guest for the second half of the program was the head coach of the highly successful Penn State men’s volleyball program, Mark Pavlik. In addition to talking about his current team (ranked in the top 10 nationally) and the state of his program (has made 15 consecutive NCAA final fours), Pavlik discusses how Penn State’s new “cost of attendance” initiative affects his program.


Download the podcast here:






A sincere thank you for listening.


April 1, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive show ep. 33: The Voice of Penn State, Steve Jones, joins us, as does baseball coach Rob Cooper



No joke – the April Fool’s edition of the Nittany Nation Show on TribLive Radio featured The Voice of Penn State, longtime basketball and football play-by-play announcer Steve Jones. Jones talked Nittany Lions spring football, the long-dormant basketball program, his personal experiences in falling in love with Penn State and on the future of the football team behind James Franklin & Co.


Cooper’s team had won five consecutive and seven of eight when he came on, so he talked about that as well as the perceived challenges in building a “sleeping giant” of a program and in recruiting baseball to a “northern” school.




Listen live here with one click:




And click here to download the podcast link:




As always, thank you for listening.


March 4, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive ep. 30: Penn Staters heading to the NFL, plus how Scranton holds the key to the Lions’ ’15 OL



This week, talk on the show revolves around two things: The nine Penn State players prepping for the draft and an NFL future, and the prospects for who will provide the reinforcements in 2015 for the Nittany Lions’ woebegone offensive line.


Since the top three candidates for the latter all previously played in Scranton, we had the Scranton Times-Tribunes’ longtime Penn State beat writer, Donnie Collins, on as a guest.



Listen here with one click:


And download the podcast here:



Thanks, as always, for listening.




February 25, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive ep. 28: Breaking down the Penn State defensive depth chart, chatting offseason news



Midway between Signing Day and the start of spring practice, my Penn State TribLive Radio show spent this week’s episode going down the Nittany Lions’ depth chart — position by position – on defense.



The defensive line has gone from the deepest unit on the team into a group (particularly at end) that has a large void and plenty of question marks. The linebacking corps at Linebacker U was thin last season and lost its heart and soul in Mike Hull – what young players could step up? In the secondary, the apparent move of two-year cornerback starter Jordan Lucas to safety helps clarify that position, and there is an abundance of young talent at cornerback. Who will fill critical roles?



Longtime York Daily Record Penn State beat writer Frank Bodani joined me over the final segment of the show to assist in the defense breakdown and also to talk about signing day, spring practice issues and the Nittany Lions’ schedule this fall.



Worth a listen?



Listen here with one click:



Or download the podcast link here:




Thank you for listening.





February 11, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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TribLive ep. 26: Exclusive interview with basketball coach Pat Chambers, recruiting talk with Adam Friedman



With signing day having come and gone, we go back to our tour of Penn State’s other sports (there is life beyond football) – and what college sport (other than football) is bigger nationally than men’s basketball? For this week’s TribLive Radio show, we were joined by Nittany Lions men’s basketball coach Patrick Chambers.


Chambers discussed (among other things) the NBA debut of former PSU player Tim Frazier, the status of the program as he approaches the end of his fourth season, the reasons for Penn State basketball’s traditional struggles, recruiting in Pennsylvania (and Pittsburgh) and the development of Shaler’s Geno Thorpe.


The second half of the show was devoted to Mid-Atlantic recruiting analyst Adam Friedman, with whom I discussed Penn State’s newly-signing 2015 incoming class, whom Nittany Lions coaches are targeting for the 2016 and ’17 classes, where PSU under James Franklin sits in both the national hierarchy and the new-look Big Ten East Division hierarchy and who are some of the WPIAL’s top juniors and sophomores.



Worth a listen?



Do so here with one click:



Or click here to download the podcast:






If you’d allow me to indulge in a somewhat-personal note that I’ll try to make as brief as possible…


I am officially off the Penn State beat, so I will not be making any more substantive blog posts on here. From now on, this is the domain of new PSU reporter Bob Cohn. Assuming he allows, I intend on hopefully continuing to post links to the weekly TribLive Radio Penn State shows on here. Yes, that show will continue on a weekly basis year-round, and I am happy and honored I was asked to stay on as host.


I thoroughly enjoyed humbly working my best to provide PSU coverage over the past two years, and I met scores of wonderful people – players, coaches, staff members, PSU sports information personnel, fellow writers/media members and many fans. Far too many individuals to single any out by naming names.


Nittany Lions fans, I’m sure you’ll enjoy and appreciate Bob’s coverage. He’s a far finer and more accomplished writer than me; Bob is a veteran journalist and true pro. But I’m off to a new full-time role joining Ralph Paulk in assisting Mark Kaboly in the Trib’s Steelers coverage. So I’ll be blogging over at The Steel Mill henceforth.




As always, thank you for reading and listening.




February 6, 2015
by Chris Adamski

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‘We’ve been ahead of the curve for years,’ negative recruiting, ‘kids see through everything’ and ‘awakening a giant’


(((Programming note: Check out this week’s special Thursday edition of the Nittany Nation show on TribLive Radio. I talk Penn State recruiting with Greg Pickel of and We also have Chris Peak, publisher of, on for the final segment to touch on Pitt/Penn State alleged animosity. Download the podcast link here:




STATE COLLEGE – Throughout the entirety of a 35-minute signing day news conference Wednesday at Beaver Stadium, Penn State coach James Franklin mentioned “Pitt” one time. The context was, “the last five, 10 years, most of the western PA kids were going to West Virginia and going to Ohio State and going to Pitt.”



During about 10-15 minutes each while Nittany Lions offensive recruiting coordinator Josh Gattis and defensive recruiting coordinator Terry Smith were holding court with media and I was listening, I never heard “Pitt.” Later that night, when Franklin was addressing a crowd of about 1,500 at Rec Hall who were celebrating PSU’s newest players, he did utter “Pittsburgh” several times but only because he, while talking about each new signee, listed the players other scholarship offers.



But just because Penn State’s coaches weren’t going to publicly talk about Pitt, that doesn’t mean they weren’t asked about it. Gattis’ tweets from the previous day ensured that.



Tuesday was the day that defensive end Kevin Givens from Altoona “flipped” (I hate that word) his verbal commitment from Pitt to Penn State. Late that morning, Gattis sent out a tweet that has since been deleted (apparently at the behest of Franklin):


Gattis Tweet


It was followed by this:



Now, a few things here. First off, the theory has been floated that Penn State “flipped” (there’s that word again!) Givens just to, and I’m paraphrasing, “stick it to Pitt.” The great Chris Peak of, a good guy and reporter, relayed it (paraphrasing) on my TribLive Radio show this week.



I can tell you from conversations I have had with multiple people at PSU that they never once cited spiting Pitt as a reason to add Givens to their class – and I feel confident that if that was a reason, they woulda told me. (Though to be fair, odds are extremely likely that if they did in fact tell me that, that I wouldn’t have been able to relay that information… that said, I’ll assure you that if that indeed was the case, I wouldn’t relay that it *wasn’t* brought up at all, as I have. Make sense?).



When it comes to Givens, his first scholarship offer came from Smith about a year and a half ago – when Smith was an assistant at Temple. That relationship goes back longer than, perhaps, even what Givens had with any Pitt coach. Secondly, we know that Penn State had recruited Givens, at least to some extent, for a long time (although it had never offered a scholarship). He’d been to campus – a campus that is only 40 minutes away. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – Penn State was notified by the NCAA within 48 hours of signing day that it was permitted to use three extra scholarships than expected. PSU always had an interest in Givens; the coaches just saw him as too much of the classic end/outside ‘backer “tweener” type. Now that they had three extra scholarships to give, it’s not unreasonable to believe that Givens was next on their list – especially considering the importance of re-establishing the Nittany Lions as an in-state recruiting power. (The Givens-as-a-pawn theory is more believable if it was a “let’s build more goodwill with programs across the area by taking a local kid” type of thing that seems to happen a lot at a lot of places).



Anyway… make no mistake, Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi – from his time as Michigan State’s defensive coordinator (a conference rival of Penn State’s) – rubbed some people in Happy Valley the wrong way. Like him or not, whether he earned the right to talk or not (and let’s not forget, Narduzzi was in charge of what was arguably one of the best FBS defenses over the past decade in MSU’s 2013 Rose Bowl-champion edition), Narduzzi has a confidence-that-borders-on-arrogance (or at least he comes across as he does) that can irk some opposing teams. Witness his quotes from this 2014 feature that didn’t go unnoticed by Narduzzi’s peers:


“I don’t think there’s a team in the country that does what we do. We’re more cutting edge [with] zone pressure. We’re cutting edge with how we play our quarters [Cover 4] coverage… We do a lot of things people don’t do and to be honest, people are trying to copycat it all over the country.”


“We’ve been ahead of the curve for years.” 



Take that all as you wish. Confidence – or cockiness? Taking credit away from the players and heaving it upon yourself – or crediting your assistant coaches? Either way, that is some context as to Narduzzi’s repute (real or perceived) among his peers in the Big Ten while he was in the conference.



OK… you might be asking… What does this have to do with negative recruiting? Well, maybe nothing. Or, maybe it paints a picture of Narduzzi’s personality and style (one that, from the outside, is similar to how many also perceive of Franklin, by the way) and how he might relate to potential recruits. It also, perhaps, could explain why some opposing coaches might be less willing to give Narduzzi the benefit of the doubt if they catch word he is “negatively recruiting” against them.



The world of recruiting is a strange one that I don’t fully understand myself. What are the lines that can’t be crossed? Certainly, there’s plenty of gray area. The Trib has reached out to each of the four Penn State signees who were either previously-committed to Pitt or were being heavily recruited by Narduzzi to Pitt over the past month. Supposedly, some or all of these kids would have been the ones who were turned off by Pitt’s negative tactics and relayed these to PSU’s coaches. However, be it aversion to the media, a desire to take the high road or not get caught up in the middle of this (after all, it should be a happy time to celebrate after signing) or – just maybe – because there is no truth to any of this, none of the four would go on the record to expound on any negative recruiting by Pitt.



So, that leaves it to be a he-said, she-said kind of thing. You could argue some at Penn State misinterpreted things, or player(s) gave them bad information/exaggerated, or that they are blowing things out of proportion. Any of those are reasonable positions someone might take. But make no mistake, people at PSU were miffed.



So that leads us to Gattis’ tweets. Franklin was asked about them Wednesday, and if Gattis was targeting Pitt:


“No, that was a general statement. There’s an aspect of negative recruiting. Guys are competitors and guys want to do a great job of representing their university and getting young men to come, but there’s a fine line to it. You just have to be careful, and Josh is as competitive a guy as there is. But we just want to make sure that we’re always representing Penn State the right way and we’re selling Penn State – we don’t need to talk about other schools; we need to sell Penn State and our education and all the things that we can offer. And every once in a while you’ve got to have a conversation with the assistant coaches as well and say, ‘Let it ride. You don’t need to go on Twitter.’ I love Josh, he’s the best… But, you know, we’ve got a competitive staff, and they believe in doing things the right way and representing this school the right way.  But the competitive juices get flowing sometimes and sometimes you feel like you need to strike back. That’s not always the case.  We want to take the high road.” 



Pretty clear that Franklin was who muzzled Gattis’ original tweet, no? Also pretty obvious (if thinly-veiled) acknowledgement that PSU perceived that at least some unnamed institution out there is “negatively recruiting” against it.



So, after Franklin was done at the podium, next came Gattis. He was asked point-blank if his tweets were directed at Pitt:


“No team specifically, but we just want to sell our product here. As coach stated, recruiting is competitive, we’ve had a number of teams try to compete with us and we’re fortunate enough for the kids — especially in-state kids that we have offered – we’ve got. We sell our product, we sell our relationships, we sell everything we have to provide. So those kids see through everything and they know how much a Penn State degree means and what Penn State offers as far as an opportunity to be playing in a prestigious program can do for them. So we’re excited about what we have to sell. Obviously in the recruiting process, there’s a lot of things that go on from other different universities and other different angles, and as long as we stick to selling what we can provide for a kid, we truly believe we can get any kid in the nation — and it showed this year.”



Whoa. A ton of coachspeak and clichés there to wade though, but also some subtle juicy nuggets: “We just want to sell our product here… We’ve had a number of teams try to compete with us… kids see through everything… in the recruiting process, there’s a lot of things that go on from other different universities and other different angles…” And, finally, the equivalent of yelling “SCOREBOARD” via the “We truly believe we can get any kid in the nation — and it showed this year” touchdown-spike ending.



Gattis is an intelligent guy – both in football and in proverbial “street smarts.” He was just named the Big Ten’s Recruiter of the Year by I see him as a future head-coach type, and he has an ease in speaking with the media that already shows it. But he also is a young guy, and he’s a fiery competitive guy. It’s fascinating how that all comes through when talking about this – 2/3 of politically-correct coachspeak with just a few slight jabs that are subtle enough that they can be denied. You almost have to admire the skill.



Anyway, there’s only really three or four PSU beat reporters from the Western side of the state – the majority of the PA media doesn’t care about a Pitt-PSU potential beef. But us Pittsburgh/Altoona reporters weren’t gonna let Gattis go without another question or two to clarify his tweets.



Gattis was asked if all these Pitt “flips” and the “negative recruiting” talk (not that anyone mentioned Pitt, of course!) was going to “stoke the fires” of a rivalry that’s been all but dead for almost a quarter century but will renew with annual games from 2016-19:


“One of our hashtags is #PSUnrivaled; we truly believe we don’t have any rivalries. That’s anybody. You look at this recruiting class; we had a number of different players who had committed to different universities all throughout of our conference and out of our conference, so we go out and find the right kid that fits what we want and whether he’s previously committed somewhere or not, we’re going to sell the product to get him here and build relationships to get him here.

Our rivalry is whoever wins the national championship; that’s who we want to rival, that’s truly what we want to believe in and that’s what we want to build or program around. So we don’t have rivals. We’re looking to build them in as far as being in national championship contention and playing for Big Ten championships.”



OK, mostly speaking like a well-trained politician (or veteran head coach) there. Not much to glean, except for a vague “Hey, we ‘flipped’ kids from several other schools other than the unnamed one you’re referring to – we’re equal opportunity that way!”).



I gave it one last shot, asking Gattis, “in general terms” (so as not to explicitly make this a “Pitt” thing), where the line is that can’t be crossed in this 50(yard-line) shades of gray that is so-called “negative recruiting”:


“You just focus on what you have to sell. That’s all I ever do, that’s all we ever do as a staff. Unfortunately it’s not always like that in the recruiting world; there’s some situations where kids tell you certain stories of coaches are saying this, saying that. But we just sell what we have to sell: A world-class education and an opportunity come to a prestigious and storied program and an opportunity to play in Beaver Stadium, which provides an unbelievable atmosphere for any college football player and an opportunity to chase your dreams at the highest level. It gets no bigger than Penn State, so we’re proud of where we are, we’re proud of what we have to sell, and you can tell by this recruiting class the kids believe in it. They believe in the direction we’re headed in at Penn State, and we’re excited about the future.”



Again, reading between the lines, Gattis’ message he was trying to get across was clear: “We just sell what we have to sell… Unfortunately it’s not always like that in the recruiting world; there’s some situations where kids tell you certain stories of coaches are saying this, saying that.” Yet another subtle-but-obvious takeaway that he is saying that some players have told PSU coaches that (unnamed) “coaches” are “saying this, saying that” (re: negatively recruiting).



What does all this mean? Who knows? We do know that people at Penn State believe that Pitt was recruiting negatively against PSU. We don’t know exactly what was said, or if this crossed any sort of line or violated any kind of gentlemen’s recruiting agreement that’s widely held and adhered to. We also don’t know if Narduzzi – a first time head coach (and coordinators, as he most recently was, typically are LEAST involved in recruiting and are least important to recruiting than any staff member) – has “learned a lesson” from it. Or if he needed to. Or if, perhaps, this was blown out of proportion (by stupid beat writers composing 2,500-word blog posts!?).



The only tangible impact of any alleged negative recruiting would have been if any prospects were so turned off by it that they picked PSU over Pitt as a result (even partially). None of the possible candidates for this will go on-record saying that publicly. However, all four did, in fact, sign with Penn State, and Pitt ended up with the worst-rated recruiting class among any Power 5 conference program in the country. Even forgetting any player recruited by Paul Chryst, Penn State got all four prospects that they pursued that Narduzzi was also after. If this was Round 1 of an alleged longterm recruiting match, if it wasn’t a knockout, it was certainly scored heavily in favor of PSU.



In the end, this is all very silly. But I understand why it’s a fun and conversation-starting (argument-starting?) topic in these parts. If you’re a Penn State fan, you have to be pleased with the recruiting class, by any reasonable measure. That’s all that matters.



With a full recruiting cycle to work as a staff, we’ll see how Narduzzi & Co. do at Pitt, and if it has any impact on Penn State’s efforts. The Nittany Lions are off to a good start in 2016, getting a player generally accepted as the top junior in the WPIAL – if not the state – in Woodland Hills’ Miles Sanders. Is there a recruiting rivalry to be had? Is real animosity between the coaching staffs?



We know there is between some fans of each. Either way, Sept. 10, 2016 at Heinz Field, an actual football game will be played between the schools.



Bless you if you made it reading this far.



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