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Sitting Ringside

Welcome to my new world


When I posted on facebook that my job description was changing from Pitt football beat writer to a sports enterprise role that includes a weekly column, one Trib reader wondered what the heck that meant.

Your guess is as good as mine.

And I mean that in all sincerity.

Instead of knowing exactly what my schedule is and doing my own planning for stories every week, I’m going to be involved in covering everything from the Steelers and Penguins to Pitt football and basketball to boxing and beyond. Job description: anything and everything.

Flexibility is the key to this new job, I guess.

To give you an idea of what my first week was like, play the links:

For Friday, Sept. 4: My first column for the Trib, High school football at the heart of it all,focused on the father-son bond developed by going to games.

For Saturday, Sept. 5: Covered Mike Tomlin’s news conference, where we expected the Steelers coach to announce cuts for the final 53-man roster but instead were told that “Willie Parker’s our runner.”

For Sunday, Sept. 6: Instead of covering Pitt’s season opener against Youngstown State at Heinz Field, spent the afternoon at Pauline Park in Beechview, where Penguins president David Morehousetook the Stanley Cup for his childhood friends to enjoy.

For Monday, Sept. 7: Wrote a feature story on Woodland Hills graduate Ryan Mundymaking the Steelers’ 53-man roster after spending the 2008 season on the practice squad.

For Tuesday, Sept. 8: Spent Labor Day working, first following Penguins captain Sidney Crosby’s visit to the Castle Shannon home of long-time season-ticket holder Alice Kilgore, then writing a column about the Ventrone brothers.

For Wednesday, Sept. 9: Wrote a feature story on Steelers backup offensive lineman Ramon Foster, an undrafted free agent out of Tennessee who is one of four brothers to play professional sports.

For Friday, Sept. 11: Wrote an A1 story (that’s the front page for you Internet-only readers) on Pittsburgh celebrating its return status as City of Champions with the Super Bowl XLIII Steelers playing in the NFL opener on national television, the Stanley Cup Penguins visiting the White House and Downtown preparing for a visit by President Obama this week and the G-20 Summit the next week.

Also covered the Steelers-Titans game, and was pressed into action when the game appeared to be headed for overtime. To plug the space of the game story for the first edition, I wrote a story about Troy Polamalu and his knee injury.

My first week ended in the wee hours of Friday, interviewing rookie receiver Mike Wallace, whose 22-yard catch set up Jeff Reed’s game-winning field goal, for a Sunday story.

Not your typical work week, but who’s complaining?



  1. kieran stenson says:

    Just read your bio and could not help but notice that you had the good sense to name your son Kieran. I am a native of Pittsburgh (grew up in Brentwood and went to South Catholic) but have lived in Dublin Ireland for the past 20 years. I work as a Social worker with homeless people. Every morning I check out the Tribune-Review before I go to work and I have always enjoyed your writing. Aside from the fact that you went to Penn State (Cow College) you seem like a good guy. The name Kieran translates in Irish as “little dark one”. Traditionally in Ireland the name Kieran goes to the oldest boy in the family. You should check out the stories of the two Saint Kierans, one was a great scholar based in Clonmacnoise, County Meath who was very afraid of women and would climb up trees when he saw one. The other came from West Cork and was a real ladies man! Just thought you might be interested.
    Kind Regards, Kieran

  2. Daniel Rush says:

    This missive is from one of Kevin’s 100 cousins. You won’t be running into me though. I live in Phoenix…

    Well Kev, maybe I’m not reading this blogpost in the spirit that you intended but it sure sounds like you are complaining. I know it is your right and bouncing all over the city with its potholes and its constant threat of rain at all times of the night while conjuring up adjectives is the Devil’s work. You are also missing Kieran’s formative years and precious face time with your lovely wife. However, I don’t think there is a sports fan in the city that wouldn’t take that arduous hardship that you call work and sacrifice a day at the mill to hobnob with Coach Tomlin, Steelers’ rookies, Penguin Presidents and Sydney Crosby and complain! I mean, sure, the laptop gets heavy, the Thesaurus doesn’t always satisfy and news conferences don’t always play out the way they are supposed to but come on! Isn’t there times when Evgeni Malkin slaps you on the back, encourages you to drink another Vodka that you realize that you are appreciative that you do not have to cover politics! I know watching Steelers games from the Pressbox with its tepid clam chowder and lumpy gravy can become old hat, but isn’t there times when you say to yourself, “Gee, at least its warm in here.” New superlatives for Big Ben’s exploits are getting decidedly thinner and going to the Super Bowl on a regular basis can be a real downer but aren’t you just a little grateful when Dave Wannstedt slaps on the back and jams a cigar in your mouth after his team wins. Well Kev, I am sorry that I can’t feel a modicum of commiseration in your chosen career path but if apples were oranges we’d all be bananas! So take heart from the words of Arnold Harrison and cinch that chinstrap and buck up, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” And when you get a chance, write me sometime! Well, back to coppermine…

    Chin up!
    Cousin Dan on your Mother’s side…not Barbie’s son, the other one!

  3. D. M. Beatty says:

    Why a company would alter the performance track of one of the hardest workers in its company is beyond my imagination.

    Fortunately, I’ve worked with Kevin in the past and have grown very fond of him and his writings.
    May I be biased in my response? Sure.
    But I also know that KG takes great pride in his work and what he does and is fulfilling part of his dream job.
    If I had that guy working for me, doing what I do, I’d let him work hard on his focus and not force the move.

    I hope your finding less stress Kev.

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