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Cowher says return to coaching isn’t imminent


Bill Cowher returned to the sidelines Friday night, but it doesn’t sound like he is any rush to get back into coaching.
Cowher took in Steelers practice from Latrobe Memorial Stadium. He visited with Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin before drills and then watched the two-and-a-half hour practice.
During an interview with reporters, Cowher said he enjoys staying close to football but didn’t give any indication that he is anxious to return to the NFL as a head coach.
“I’m looking forward to get back in the booth,” said Cowher, an NFL studio analyst for CBS. “I take it year by year but I’m very comfortable with where I’m at. I’ve got a very good job with CBS and I’m enjoying everything and I feel very good and I like my job.”
Cowher, who coached the Steelers from 1992-2006, said he thinks the team will benefit from the lockout because it is so laden with veterans -– veterans that weren’t adversely affected by the loss of offseason practices.
“I think they’ve got a big advantage from a standpoint of it’s hard for young players in a very short period of time to gain understanding and experience,” Cowher said. “I think Pittsburgh’s done a very good job, signing their own guys. Getting LaMarr, I think, was great. You’ve got the backbone now, the two bookend linebackers. It’s always been done right here. You sign your own players, you groom your own players, you reward your own players.”

— Scott Brown



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